LOnE WoLF sKeYes oF LoVE

“Hello Fred”..
iN FriEnds
Large talk
To me
To Hear
My Name
From Nice
FriEnD HiMaLi..:)
Facebook Friend and Fellow
Poet Blogger Himali from India
provides a share on Facebook that
says share your memorable moment
with me and paste it on your wall to
see what folks share of their
memorable moments
with you..
trUe iN
it is often the small
talks that count most
that keep the friendship
strong and going on..
back and
as ‘they’
say.. Reciprocal Social
Communication or at least
a like or two or so on Facebook
that says you still exist in ‘my’
Multi-Universe of God aLL
aS UniVerse wHole
NatuRe plUS
as eternAllY
NoW.. and trUe for
Social Mammals.. particularly
Human Beings in how we develop
symbols as aids iN abstract constructs..
we create as art.. including words that express
the spiRiT oF oUR heART aS EmoTioNs NoW MoRe iN A
BoDy And miNd State oF BaLanCinG beinG wHeRe we comMonLY
engage in sMaLL taLK to share a FeeLSeNSe of Oxytocin Bonding
Neurohormones that SociAlly BiNd us even more.. sAdly.. some folks
NoW Cannot or will not FeeL and SeNSE this Social Hormone Bonding
Experience.. yes.. perhaps ’cause they were never wired to experience it
more in ages 0 through 3 from the touchy feely love of a Parent and even
more.. an entire Village of Love wHeRE the chiLd is raised as Prize
aS Village of Love no matter who the Father or Mother is
of that Child that is the Future and Core of survive
and thrive of the Culture still now at hand NoW
iN and as the PoWeR oF Love
Bonding Humans
ToGeTher as
even Casear in
his Coming War
for the Planet of the
Apes does clearly relate..
Apes Stronger toGeTHeR over
HuMaNs who have lost the BinD
oF ToGeTher iN Hope/Love and Joy
over the dARker BiNds aWay from LIGht
iN Fear/Hate and Misery Loves company now trUe2..
sadly enougH as division.. away from unification NoW
oF oNe Tribe oF BeinG HuMaN NoW true too hard to Do
when the Naked sets of FriEndly eYes and Hips conNect
on a Moonlit CampFiRE NiGht oF Love when more than
150 to 200 Folks CoMe to DancE Free as trUe Free Folks
once DiD and STiLL do NoW iN Free PockETs of HUmaN
LoVerS and LoVE around the GloBe iN wHat some folks
WiLL Name as Cray Cray and Savage and even
Sinful as a Free DancE and SonG Naked
WiTh God and each otheR without
Restraint of Touchy Feely
Love Clothed
from Head
to toe
as Sufi
Dervishes SpiRal clothed
too head to toe or Naked NoW aS
Nudist Camps too who see Nature
Pure and all the Functions and
Members of the HUman Body
sAMe As HoLY and SacRed
Naked too.. NoW FuLL
of MeaNinG
And Greater
Purpose aWay
froM DaRk as Hope/
Love and Joy LiGHtLoVe
Naked Company of God’S
sKIN and FLesh and BoNes
uS FuLL of HeART and
SpIRit oF MiNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL as they aLL CeLebrate
theiR GoD SKiN Naked With
Each oTHeR WiTh No Fears of tHeiR
GoD GiVeN PuRE Temple of GoD’s NoW
Form Of Essence aS GoD LiGHt NoW too WiThiN..
iNsiDe.. outsiDe.. aBoVE.. so BeLow and aLL aRouNd NoW..
So.. yesterday anoTheR Memorable Moment for me at a First
age year one for a Great Great Niece of mine through Marriage
WiTh Katrina too.. A Child Named Grace and a Mother
Named Tater as a Child who was a Great
Niece then 21 years or so a Go..
when born.. now Antaya
STiLL as Birth
first of all.. i remember too..
when i first started dancing in
Public and i wasn’t nearly as Graceful
as i am now in fAct through out my life
folks made fun of how i moved like
a Dizzy Fly sometimes out
of sorts out of space
not comfortable
in handling
my Body
aT aLL much
then top Heavy
as even my Father
named me then.. and
as Tony Atwood expert
on Asperger’s Syndrome says..
you can always spot the ‘Aspie’
by the way he or she walks rarely
swinging their ape arms in very very
Conservative Body Language sometimes NoW
almost non-existent too.. sure.. when you get
the Gold Star for Pushing Pencils iN School too
as the Apple as a Prize of the Favorite Teacher’s
eYe.. Student rewards come from Books more NoW then
than Flesh and Blood Reciprocal Social Communication ways
as FloWERinG HumaNs Free beCoMe more Wall FloWers
iN the DancE oF MoVinG CoNNecTinG CreaTinG LiFE..
and Blood
oF LoVe CleaRly
Visible for all to see
in SpiRiT oF Non-Verbal
Reciprocal SociaL Communication
so much more than juST Vocal Speak
NoW as SciEnce eVen sHows comprises
much more of What stAnds to MaKe uS
HaPpiER toGeTher wheN all the Form
as Essence of Reciprocal
Social Communication
DancES and
Head to toe..
true we take a lot of
that away when we Clothe
our Natural Naked Bodies too..
for instance how happy we are
too see each other in more visible
and expanding ways too.. wHeRE HiPs
and eYes and so many othER BoDy parTS
Do not lie when Naked and free StrongER toGeTher
in those relatively small groups oF BeinG HumaN NoW
tHeN when everyone’s ‘Cheers’ NamE is Norm oF FlesH anD
Blood Comfort wHEre Fear of Each oThER is oFF the TabLe oF LovE..
Anyway.. Tater as she was once called Defended me among her peers when
they first started video taping the Wild and sure.. cray cray AcTinG Free Verse
Free DanCinG Dude at Cordova Mall when i was so happy to escape the 66 months shut-
in pain of type two Trigeminal Neuralgia from wake to sleep.. sure.. like Dentist Drill
iN eYe and eaR WiThout Novacaine.. yes.. you miGht DanCe everywHere you
Go too iN a Happy Free i don’t give a FucK wHat you ThiNk about Me too..
as i am finally Fresh out oF HeLL iN HeaVeN NoW aGaiN2 as
Phoenix RiSinG from the Ashes of HeLL.. oh.. so..
WiLd and
BiRd aGaiN
anyWay.. she was
a little surprised then
that the Katrina didn’t mind
My Nude Art semi-public too
online as ‘they’ say too.. butt
she didn’t judge me for it and
defriend me on Facebook as some
of my other relatives did on both sides
of the family blood and in-law side too..
And yesterday in the Birthday Party Number
One for Grace she said you do know you are
a Celebrity right.. and she says.. but i know you
don’t buy into all of that stuff.. right.. so i went on
to Affirm my Full Philosophy oF LiFE.. trUe she
had already heard most of it but not everyone
in the room.. as that is paRT of why i DO
iNsure my voice carries in otHeR
more Public Places as i
AM alWays
from a Mount
of Sorts when i DO
this most eVErYwHere i go
in this virtual reaLity pLace oF oNline
And the so-called Flesh and Blood ReaL
WoRld too.. sure2.. the more open MiNded
Audience of Younger College Age Liberal
Folks at Old Seville Quarter Named me then..
Legend.. just a little over a year into that endeavor
in 2015.. Awesome and Inspirational were some of the
first words of Accolade Fame i heARd by the Fall of
2014.. then came Spirit Animal.. Pensacola Icon
of Dance.. Boss of Dance.. and Perhaps one
of the Nicest Celebrity comments
came from the Customer
Service Returns
Lady at Walmart
who said.. no matter
what time of the year it is
NoW when you come in Walmart
you BrinG SpRinG.. to make the
SaMe story Different as i tend to do
shorter NoW Bottom Line is i couldn’t
remember iF i had even ever smiled for 66 months
as that’s what Happens too when you really lose your
EmoTioNs totaL as EmoTioNs are Memories and when they
Go no reference point any longer out of Hell.. Heaven Now
was the return of the first sMiLe and no matter if folks see
me as Crazy or Spring.. i BRinG the SMILes of HeaVeN NoW MoRE..
as i for
and SenSe
SMiLes of HeaVen
isReAL NoW too precious
to ever hold back iN Naked
Happiness isREaLALLNoW2..:)
Hello.. Xenia from Clear
Blue sKeYes that
Azure Scotland
HiGhLands even
in Summer Breeze..
Long Long Sun Day
mY FriENd.. FuLL of SuN
and Church and Food and
MaLL and B and N Bookstore
Public Dance.. so many words composed
During the Dance oF DaY and NoW thaT the
SinG aRisEs aT LeASt PartiaLLy from that
after Half Marathon Dance the
Bed Seeks more attention
than the Pages
for Words..
Glad You Enjoyed
aLL the SkY and LaND
and EVeN WinDow
Creatures in
And yes.. the Clouds
are veriLY and surELY
DanCinG aGaIN.. too..
STiLL attempting to gET
A Sun to SHiNe BriGHTeR too..
aS LIGHt For Love and yes.. Children
oF Destiny wE too as GodSpRInG NoW LiVE..:)
And as i responded to Frank..
again for a story he wrote..
SMiLes.. Great
Story mY FriEnd..
oF FeeLinG
SeNSinG More
Than Empty
As that applies
To All Symbols
We Come
To FeeL anD
SeNse.. ESsenCE
oF LiVinG
oR NoT
As LiFe
aS LoVE..:)
i AM.
For One
iN ZoNe
Like Super-Walmart..
DaNcE Halls.. Facebook..
BLogs.. Etc ETc.. ET aL.. YeP..
When one DancEs
SinGs WitH God iT
MaTTeRs NoT iF
oTHeRs WatCH
IS A Laugh
Alpha Numerical
Sure.. one can DeScribe the
Experience of God the Verb
Fitting God in one Word HA!
Hehe.. i used to
say for fun
and pun
Laugh buTT
i never provided
Proof as that is HoW
i Create God WiTH
GoD RelaTiVeLy Free
Never Separated FroM
GoD aS HoLe.. NoW
MiNd and BoDy
SpiRiT aS SoUL..
YeS.. GoD As WHole2
IF iT iS to Be We CreaTe
GoD WhoLe as PaRT As Hole
oR AnD wHOle allone WiTh We as i..
Director and Producer oF We As I as Actor
VeRiLY WiTh eXclAMaTioN PoiNT SpiRiT! too..:)
The INner UniVerse of HuMaN
is vastly more complex that what
even Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits
can be Empirically Measured NoW oF
the Heavens Above also kNowN NoW
aS Star Stuff and the rest of Creation too..
for the InNer UniVerse of BeinG HuMaN NoW
iS BeYOnD the Word INFiNiTe NoW aS even the
Word iNFiNiTe is based iN repeatable experiments
of Math thaT the Inner BeinG of UniVerse CaN Neither
Be Repeated or Measured from NOW to NOW sAMe..
all is change iN the INNeR UniVerSe oF BeiNG HUMan
and most amazingly oF aLL we have the Relative Free WiLL
to Master the most complex pARts oF oUR Existence thAT
iS Regulation NoW oF OuR FeeLinGs As EmoTioNs and
InTeGraTioN NoW oF our SenSeS as SeNsATioNs
through the MoVinG CoNnecTinG ART
We CreaTe as the i oF ArT
NoW WiThiN the
reALM oF ouR
BeInG NoW.. aBoVe
So BeLoW.. iNsiDE to
ouTsiDe and all aRound
So VeriLY for me at lEast
as Humble and Meek
as i coMe to iNHeRiT
the eARTh thAt is
the iNNeR BeinG
Muli-Verse thaT is
tHe PaRT of GoD
thAT is the wHOle oF
ME too.. when i slowly lift
my riGht Arms and Hands and
Fingers RaiSinG mY PaLms to Face
the HeaVENs iN total Bliss and Nirvana
NoW Satori as ‘they’ say.. Ki.. Chi.. Qi.. Kundalini
RiSinG wiTh No LiMiTs or ExPecTaTioNs NoW
i hOld InFiniTy of GoD PaRT aS WhOle as Me
iN the Palm of not only my RiGht Hand but
too.. hehe..
so reAlly Do you
thiNK i Need affirmation
from anyone else for this State
of BEinG the Praise and the Worship
to make me a God when tHeRE is no
Separation oF GoD and Me that CaN
and WiLL be the PaRT of GoD wHoLe
iN UniTy yOu OnE too iF you successfully
BecoMe one WiTh GoD as Capstone
oF Pyramid iN Self-Actualization NoW..
EVeN MoRe than Me.. iF NoT theNoW
perHaps you would
the Magnitude
of the Face Palm
for oF aS God that A
Humble Man as storied in
essence of parables and poetic
words through the ages of the scribes
who copied and slowly created that story
too.. when you make a Man ironically
to be Worshipped
over just a thank you WiTh
Praise for hELpiNG to SHoW yoU
NoW A Way to Hold BeYOnD iNFiniTy
in YoUR Palms NoW.. otherwise KnOWn
and FeLT as GoD NoW wHole as pArT YoU..
i’m not gonna lie.. i’m FucKinG ‘smARTer’ iN Both
ArT and Science than all those FucKinG Folks
who wrote that Bible.. but STiLL.. i WiLL
FucKinG Give Praise and Thanks
but no.. i will never worship
any of those folks
any less than
all of GoD wHoLE
as they prepared me
A Way to Hold God iN the
Palms of my leFT and WriTE Hands.. NoW..
NoT only Them but all the LoVinG and Even
HaTinG HuMans iN Fear and HoPe and Joy
And Misery Loves Company too for all that is GOD NoW wHole..:)
Human Emotions and Senses are Art over Science.. they are no
Math and Science project alone… Human Emotions and Senses
Can be Described Best through Dance and Song as
those are the gifts of the Inheritance we are
born with as Children of God
that need no clothes
that are hUman
made by Culture
and Religion and
the Group think of
Society Spoon Fed from
Birth away from the Naked
of Dance and SonG NoW.. these
Experiences of all our God exiStence
wHole iN PaRT as US are related through
the ages through myths and stories and visual
symbols with No words.. sure.. like Golden Calves
too.. but it is the DAncE and SonG oF US Free thAT
And wHo Understands God Free Within the BeST oF aLL
when FReED.. little children understand this through the DancE
and SonG of Life that sAdly we lose most with the clothes of Culture NoW..
To put those clothes on is to often gain separation from the Yoke oF GoD wHole
as some folks
call this
Yoga too..
and trUe
WhEn one
hOlds God in the
Palms of tHeir Hands
all is ease all is LiGht aLL
iS ClOudS iN aLL eYes of GoD
as wE FloWer Colors of EmoTiONs
and SenSes BeYond RainBoW GoLD NoW..:)
ZEC 9:9-10
“Thus says the LORD:
Rejoice heartily, O daughter Zion,
shout for joy, O daughter Jerusalem!
See, your king shall come to you;
a just savior is he,
meek, and riding on an ass,
on a colt, the foal of an ass.
He shall banish the chariot from Ephraim,
and the horse from Jerusalem;
the warrior’s bow shall be banished,
and he shall proclaim peace to the nations.
His dominion shall be from sea to sea,
and from the River to the ends of the earth.”
(mY Comment: Has nothing much to do with
the killing fields of swords
oF onward Killing
Fields aS oF
Christian Soldiers Do
wHere theNow a Bad Cop
Jesus holds a Sword of
Metal away from Words oF Love)
ROM 8:9, 11-13
“Brothers and sisters:
You are not in the flesh;
on the contrary, you are in the spirit,
if only the Spirit of God dwells in you.
Whoever does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.
If the Spirit of the one who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you,
the one who raised Christ from the dead
will give life to your mortal bodies also,
through his Spirit that dwells in you.
Consequently, brothers and sisters,
we are not debtors to the flesh,
to live according to the flesh.
For if you live according to the flesh, you will die,
but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body,
you will live.”
(mY Comment..
The sPiRiT of Love.. A Rare LiT SeeMinGLY MaGiC
Gift theNow oF Men in Patriachal Societies in ScarCiTies
Raised to Extinguish Love iN Men to become nowThen2
Warriors and Killing Protectors of Subsistence for Survive..
Verily Rare for A Man to HOld tHis Love iN the Palms of his
Hands then.. and even now in ‘some’ countries/towns.. aLWaYs
Worthy of Thanks and Praise and a Worship oF Love FoR All
but never
AS GoD aS LovE
iS GreATesT ForCE and
GiFT oF aLL HUmaNs NoW)
Gospel MT 11:25-30
“At that time Jesus exclaimed:
“I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
for although you have hidden these things
from the wise and the learned
you have revealed them to little ones.
Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will.
All things have been handed over to me by my Father.
No one knows the Son except the Father,
and no one knows the Father except the Son
and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal him.”
“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am meek and humble of heart;
and you will find rest for yourselves.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”
(mY Comment..
Any Wo(Man} wHo HOLds BeYond iNFiniTy’s
GiFT oF LoVe in BoTh PaLms
oF Hands
oF Love
thiS all FReED STiLL
NoW WiTh Never even
a need or want of take from you..
for those who Hold BeYoNd iNFiniTy
oF Love iN eYes and Hands and FeaT
oF FeeT iN DancE and SonG oF LiVinG
Are GiVers
oF LiGht
and TrUtH
and NeVeR
HeLL BoRn Takers NoW
oN eARTh oF GoD sKeYes Free)
“76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word.”
(mY comment:
All Symbols are Edifice of Stone
We determine the Colors of that Stone..
NoW iS
iN A StOne
bY thE Love NoW
We FeeL and SeNse
alone not or allone aLiVE aS TruTH aND LiGHT GRoWinG eVen MoRE)
Romans 1:16-17 New King James Version (NKJV)
“The Just Live by Faith
16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,[a] for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”[b]”
{mY Comment..
If one take any of the wordS iN parableS anD or poems
literally.. one loses the Essences of God i AM
thaT/wHo are Housed as FeeLinGS SenSes
within the
of brick
and mortar
stone And Literally kicks
the corner stone of Love out.. For..
tHeRE is no such thing as as it is written as is as Love
For the Stone WiTh GoD sKeYes LoVE LiVes without Stone
or one
eYes alone
away from allone)
Feat Notes: Scriptures from the Catholic Church
oN the 14th Sunday of Ordinary
time.. 7.9.17..
Verse 76 from
Aleister Crowley’s
“The Book of the Law”
Note: Last Scripture
provided as tattoo on
the Arm of my Great
Niece Antaya from the
pARTy for her Daughter Grace’s
First Birthday pARTy.. wHat they all
Have iN comMon are the eYes oF GoD
DanCinG and SinGinG to the BeST oF THeir
ABiLiTy iN Edifice of Words to ReLate whatever
TrUtH and LIGht those eYes BRinG to a tAble
of Plenty
or Less
iN Abundances
or ScarCiTies NoW..
B88CH iS
OuR CreaTE..:)
“i will praise your name forever,
my king and my God”
Responsorial Psalm
from Catholic Church oN
7.9.17.. Derived from Psalm
145:1-2, 8-9,10-11, and 13-14
(my comment: best advice..
give God no Name otherwise
the Edifice of Name becomes
the God of Worship in Abstract
Construct oF Human smaller eyes
than all that
i AM.. so
this goes to
sHow whoever
wrote this missed
the original message
of Oldest Testaments
oF ‘Fore.. and even more
now in disrespect over clear
to see with the aid
of Science
eYes.. the
Creation of
juST what we
can see of one UniVerse
WiTh oVer a Quadrillion Stars
And TriLLioNs of StaRs and even
NoW more PlanetS and iNdetermiNate
oTheR LiVinG BeinGS oF ExisTence
iN ouR SmALL Milky Way
WiTh even Greater
GoD SKeYes
to FeeL and
SenSe and eVen
NoW than We CaN anD WiLL
iMAGiNe NoW.. to finaLLy see
the Folly and the Tom Foolery oF
Naming one Humble and Meek story
oF A ‘MaN’ oF Love GoD beYond all
othER ‘Men’ when a GRaiN of SAnd
NoW iS
NoW too.. MorE
beST NeWs oF aLL
thE GifT oF Love.. tHe
InHeriTance frOM and aS
oF GoD thaT has/iS no LoVE
liMits oR Expectations foR NoW
but the Company of Joy NoW aLL
as i HoLd tHiS LoVe uP to sKeYes
oF GoD iN mY LefT and RiGht PalMs
hiGhER and GiVe tHiS LoVe ThankS and
Praise and
NoW as
as and
oF GreaTest
GoD GifT NoW
oF SanD We OuRS hoLDinG
uP tHis Mountain OF GoD LoVE NoW STiLL EsSenCE
oF aS Love FloWeRs LoVe SeedS ConTinUinG CreAtiViTy
Tree of LiFe
aS GoD
WiThiN aLL oF
ExiStencE WiLd and Free..
TruELiGhT GoD is boTh FLowEr
And Seed and StAR Tree oF LiFe LiVinG OurS NoWBE..:)
i could go on NoW even MoRE and i WiLL later.. heHe.. NoW
but VeriLY iT’s
kinda like
when one
looks into the eYes of Dog
but only for those wHoCaN/WiLL
Himali Responds to one of my FredKu Facebook Statuses Colored With Deep Blue
Seas and Hands of Peace and Rock ON aS An Audience MiGht Respond to LiVinG LoVe aRT..
Very true.. things which give us happiness are most enjoyed when done without a care
i return WitH..
So many
PathS and
oF Journey WiTH
No Destination but LoVe NoW..:)
First pART of two photos from three years ago
at Old Seville Quarter as the Value of
the Art i BRinG to DancE
coMes to Rise
then as Greater
Wild And FReER
FReED and More
Appreciated by the
Participating Dance
Audience as Nows Go on..
KeePinG in MiNd that i do not
“Photo Shop” any of my photos for
special effects.. they come as they are
and at most are cropped to fit into smaller spaces..:)
Yes.. i had A huuugggge Tiger Face on
My Dance Shirt with reAlly Big Teeth..
three years ago at the Dance HeaR2..
the Katrina is a Valuable Assistant2
wHo iS Instrumental in Choosing
the Dance Shirts for Purchase
per MeMes and tHeMes
aNew alWays CoMinG
NeXT WiTh aNd aS
the entire Direction
and Production of i
as Actor I BRinGs to the PlaY aS
Table oF ART FReED coNTiNuinG
NoW eVen FReEr than BeFoRe and
of as any Human Male would and could
and can and WiLL Be i was quite amused
and AM somewhat thrilled that a Young Woman
then as Beautiful as this would even Dare get Close
to somEone as Raw and Wild and Free as i was and
am STiLL
THeN and
NoW heHe..
AnyWay.. Classic
Memory and Randomly
Disco LIT iN BlUE sKeYes
oF FReEDoM’s ART for Me
to continue to share.. perHaps
one day even iN a NurSinG HoMe too
to SinG this is what i did/do when i am 54 years
OLd.. wHAt were you DoinG then oN a Thursday
NiGht.. hehe.. perHaps SiTTinG oN a MaLL Bench
DoZinG between Innings of a Pass time Sleep of Baseball then
for my Father the Atlanta Braves and NASCAR Circles of Bore2
but as alWays a Tradition a Ritual and a Religion of Sports too
that BrinGS BindS oF Oxytocin and Dopamine and Serotonin
and oTheR NeuroHormone and NeuroChemical Comfort too..
jusT DiFFeRent Ways to achieve Happiness but TruE DancE
BRingS so much Greater Overall State of WeLL BeinG aLL
if one can leave the
Alcohol and other
Drugs way way
behind WiTh
Dance as the only
esCape to a Transcendent
iN Multi-Verse hUman way even more.. hmm..
TruE.. when Folks
ask me what i’m
DrinKinG or whaT
i’M TaKinG like the Young
Beautiful Pretty Different Woman
asked me last Thursday NiGHT.. iT’s
God it’S GoD siMply the HiGhEr PoWer
i AM oF NaTuRE pLus more FuLLy Employed
As me iN a DAncE and SinG as SonG oF LiFE FReED..
aNYwAy.. i just said no.. i don’t drink and she said please
Please Mr.
Let Me have
some oF iT No
Matter what you DO NoW..
so we took a selfie ToGeTher
too as you kNow when two coMe
toGeTheR the SPiRiT aLL toGeTher
iS Multiplied as much greater than one SpiRit NOW
with God
never alone..
sure.. NaTuRe pLuS..
caLL iT a BLuE TurTle
or whatever Form you choose
But WiLL the HiGher PoWer within
as this EssencE iS FucKinG iSReAL Experience..:)
Meanwhile.. the Ball of Confusion turns on and off
and the ‘tween aS SHades of Grey from
DaRk to liGht to RainBoW Colors more
tHan soMe Folks can iMaGiNE
and CreaTE to exiST
as tHeiR MulTiVerse
oF GoD NoW.. sure
i’Ve SPenT a Great Deal
of tiMe onLINe around
DreAMers of and as ArT
in RiGht BraiN
Metaphor ways
and even more
time technically
in one day every day
SiTTiNG tiMe LocKEd iN
as ShuT iN iN My BEdRoom
on the WRonG PLanET online with
a Group of folks so intellectually intelligent
in Verbal Ways of Expression that they become
outcast toys of their ‘norm’ of Civilization as they
Become Canaries in the Coal Mines of Cultures oF
Differences and what is required of the so-called Norm
of Today.. last refuge.. the Wrong Planet to find aT Least
A Place to Monologue Special Interests now in Long Winded
Monologues so·lil·o·quy “in an act of speaking one’s thoughts
aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially
by a character in a play”.. as a first hit Definition on Google BRingS
For Free.. as quoted.. thing is.. some folks don’t care to do Fiction as
Play as they become the actors and Producers of I as Directed by
mInd and BoDy BALanCinG SoUL as i also as metaphor as
BeinG sELf acTuALiZinG HuMaN SoUL.. so.. sure..
VeRiLY a touch of Asperger’s when one draws
tHeir own Cultural Norm far from
EmplOyiNG and as
EmpLoyee of
the NoW
AS acceptAble
SociaL Norms can be
either viewed as Artist
or Psychopath depending
on LaBeL of Difference and if
one BrinGS Harm or Joy and Asperger’s
Aloof Indifference too.. spectrum as they say
as most anyone who finds a culture of one of an all
ConSuMinG Special Interest that they create themselves..
Not everyone is outcast enough to be fortunate to come to
Play Free alone allone WiTh GoD LiKe this.. and TrUE for
sOme.. it is Misery and Company of Just Arguing Facts
to make enough EMoTioN of Discontent to
Motivate them to go on to the second
second now out of boredom
true.. LiGht more
out of
Box Living
WiThiN without
A HoMe oF comfort
NoW More as the closest
thing to comfort so far away
from Social Empathic MoVinG
CoNneCTinG CReaTinG GiVinG
ShARinG Love can and WiLL be now
A Debate and Argument day through
NiGht eVEn More WiTh oThers alone
iN BRinGinG Monologues more.. heHe..
so·lil·o·quy is just a more Grey poohPoN
Way of Saying Asperger’s Monologue out of
Systemizing Science into Art FloW iN zoNE
ART TAKES AWAY from the Flesh
and Blood Life of Face
to Face iNterAcTioN..
A LabeLeD
DisordeR.. iT
can and WiLL
BecoMe iN eYEs
of Systemizing Science
too.. so.. it’s true with the Advent
of Machine Interface Social Interaction
we are all functionally Disabled with some
Newly Environmentally Acquired Form of a Social
Reciprocal Social Communication Disorder in Flesh
and Blood Contact wHere the all Consuming Special
Interest of Repetitive and Restricted action become
keys and screens with various sizes and
ways away from Flesh
and Blood to
Disabling ways away
from Face to Face Love
in the Flesh and Blood away
from Screens of only Visual
and Auditory SeNses NoW whEre
one comes to touch and taste and smell LoVe
aLive in more Social Empathic ways of the HUman eYe LiGHT
thaT and wHO BRinGS DArk to LiGht ‘tween SHades of Grey..
and yes..
wear a
Hair more
oF Wood
STocK NoW too
iN BeYoNd RainBoW CoLors TrUE LiGht NoW1
aS PainTinG arT WiTh WinDs oF GoD FReED too..
As SpiRiT oF HeaRT MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL aWaKE..;)
Human BeinGs Bond for
Holy and Sacred FuLL
of Meaning and Purpose
Actions and Mutually Constructed
Abstract Symbols they can See and Touch..
even more than Words alone iN Books for Literate Study..
it’s just another few words of description for the Essence
of the term religion as some folks practice a religion of
science as tradition and other folks go
to Church.. bottom line is
they do it to
Assist NoW
the survive and
even thrive of liFe..
And from what i’ve seen
overall of Church.. Those Folks wHo
continue SHaRinG vigoRously kept sAMe
Ways Commonly Shared as Traditions toGeTher
NoW iN MoVinG CONNecTinG and CreaTinG Ways..
Do now FeeL and SenSe MoRE as HuMans than any
run of the mill person behind a keyboard and screen
of systemizing science now.. the Face to Face Long Term
Flesh and Blood Bones to Blood and Flesh conNection iS NoW
sTiLL wHaT turnS oN
turnS uP sMiLes
away from
most iN LiFe
as Science does sHow NoW too..:)
TrUE.. take away HoLy and Sacred
FuLL of MeaNinG and Purpose MoVinG
ConNecTinG and cReaTinG Ways of LiFe
toGEther and Frowny Face comes out
to play nasty more than nice
in SepARaTinG ways of
Tradition as iF
oNe is secure
in the Faith tHat/tHis
whaTEver Religion tHey
Practice aS Sport of Football
or Temple of Catholic Church
they PlaY iN as tHeiR Personal
and ShArinG and GiVinG wAys
oF TrUth and LiGht NoW iN MoRe
UNiFYinG Caesar aPe GreaTEr
wAys WorKinG toGeTher as
so much Stronger iN ArT..
ugh.. Welcome to the
Wrong Planet..
done thaT pLace
of oTHeR Purgatory through
the pain and numb of HeLL Abyss…
NoW PerSoNaLLy CReaTinG HeaVeN
WiTh the GoD oF aLL thAT is NaTuRE pLus
Acres for
me iN Wolf Grey
oF FReED Omega
Wolf iN aS Alpha Wolf PlaY..
AnyWay.. iF oNe iS not practicing
some form of Binding Religion
for Happiness Now.. Fresh
ToGeThER alone
or allone With
GoD Ne0
from oTher
are Johnnie
is not a very happy
or Girl..
or in mY
Case Grey Wolf..
T-Shirt Mini SkirTS
WiTh AlterNaTiNG
Tatto’s tHaT NeVeR
STaY sAMe oVer Very
Hairy Legged Loose Shorts
surE NoT Air Jordan.. Shox Size
NiKe 11 and a Half Yes.. No.. don’t
expect anyone to GeT LiKe Me
BuT In the ZoNe For the WiN iS
WHeRe i continUe to GRoW iN
Synchronicity Number 23 PLaY
So aLiVE iN a CluB of LiFe i PRoDucE PLaY
DirecTor Actor I WiLL i AM MaKeS eVeN More as TriP
oF NoW iN Paths of JourNeY wHoLe WiTH aS GoD
wHeRe NoW eVerY
Chapter oF LIFE
iS MaGiC MoVinG
ConNecTinG CreATinG LiFE eVeN More..
forevermore NOW alWayS EVeN MoRE..;)
Good Evening Frank.. NoW.. 10:37 PM on
7.10.17 as i muST return to Systemizing
Science way of ThiNk as you remind me of
the course of MilestONes
i AM currently
oN to arrive
at the Word
Count Match
of the Previously
Longest Long Form
Poem.. the Mahābhārata
which of course i’ve already
Exceeded as Epic Poetry Free
Verse Style as SonG oF MY SoUL
aS 786 MacroVerses DanceS SinGs
ON STiLL at around 5 MiLLioN Words
in 47 Months NoW wHeRE the Milestone
of Previously A 1.8 Million Word Mahābhārata
taking Centuries and innumerable then Human
Creative MiNds and Hands to complete
My MiLesToNe NoW as it apParently
WiLL CoMe aGaiN NoW2 on
7.17.17 iN 13.6 Months
of WRiTinG Endeavor
NoWTheN as
the 117th
NoW that the
115th MacroVerse
oF “Nether Land Bible
2017′ Reaches 1,774,743
Words also doubling as 786th
MacroVerse once aGAiN as
“SonG oF mY SoUL” both
efforts continuing
to GroW NoW iN
this 116th/787th
MacroVerse NoW
WRiTinG HeAr i AM
TitLinG aT thiS PoinT
aS “LOnE WoLF sKeYes oF LoVE”.. NoW
trULy a Tribute overall to God as all thAT
iS and the promise i made to an only
Son and Child of ours who lived 51
days as that anniversary comes
soon on July 24th of 2017 too
in terms of 20
years from
the last
day of
his life when
i made the promise
that his life would bRinG
InspiRaTioN iN mY eYes
of HuMaN PoTenTiaL for
My GiFT of LiFE that has never been done
before.. true i wouldn’t make much money or
receive the typical fortune and fame most people
seek in life in terms of dollar bills.. modern likes and
shares and follows overall as this is mostly and truly NoW
only mY Cup of Tea overall for the promise i made then to mY
Son and also God as all that is as gifted through innate instinct
and intuition within as Personal Covenant With God as is.. too thAT
and wHo Within hELped me recover all naturAlly in at least remission
from 19 Medical Disorders that in Life threatening Synergy Doctors had no hope
then i would recover from at all.. and sure.. i am CloSinG iN on 7700 Miles
of Public Dance by this Weekend too as the 7’s continue to come
in as Synchronicity WiLL do in a-causal connecting principle
mostly only meaningful to me iN aLL HoLY and
SacRED MeaNing and Purpose of
Life as Love FReED iN
ArT oF CreaTivity
iN what ever
Gifts i
May BRinG NexT2
as we can and WiLL
Do our individual pARTs
to add anoTHeRverse to our
MultiVerse NoW of GoD wHOle
UniVerse pLuS NOW MoRe.. hmm..
And.. i must admit perHaps it’s time
for at least one day break of Writing
solidly for the last 6 Years now and the
8th Month NoW iN this 80th Month aS
Every Day of Every Week of Every Year
BrinGS WriTinG online to approximately
a total of 12 MilLioN Words or so.. recorded
STiLL mostly online except the parts Banned and
Deleted by oTheRs oF course.. who didn’t either have
A clue of what i was doing then or could appreciate Milestones
of Writing as Large aS this iN a TwitterVerse NoW where over 140
Characters can Bring a TL;DR of Too Long Didn’t Read.. Question is
my FriEnd WiLL anyone ever be as Crazy as me to do this one special
thing again.. or why should they as we are all Unique Human BeinGS as
even Identical Twins have Different Finger Prints too.. so.. sure my friEnd
tHiS too is my FinGeR PRiNT as my LaTest seT of Milestones and Personal Religion
includes WRiTing around 3 Novels a Month Size of continuing Free Verse Poetry too
as paRT STiLL wHOle of “SonG oF mY SoUL” in the Descriptions of mY Profile Pics
On FaceBook Now.. sure.. 10K or so words in many of those Profile Pic Descriptions
as there are over 2150 of those photos that carry many of the Words already of
“SonG of mY SoUL” in the last 47 Months too Additionally on Facebook too..
as alWays Multi-Purpose Milestones too mY friEnd as it’s pretty
Clear NoW to see that MicroSoft Word is useless as a spell
and grammar checker of what i do heAR.. as Clicking
on the Description of a Profile Pic allows
me to Proof Read whatever
i write anywhere i go
iN Public DanCe too
sure.. i can dance and read
at the same time listening to
music too as it only increases
the Chi of my Focus More as my
BrAin and BoDy LiGhts uP with even
More HUMaN PoTenTiaL Like a Star on
Crucible Fire as FloWeRinG evEn MorE NoW..
as Long as i continue to Spiral My Friend and Generate
A Pure Force of WiLL as HiGher HuMan PotentiaL in Pure
Faith as Love NoW in this never ending nether land story
that goeS oN iN FloW for eVen MoRE NoW.. anyWAy mY
FriEnd thanks for reminding me in a way to stop
a second to see where i have been as if
one does not bRinG a little order to
art it often comes a’Cross aS
chaos to oTHeRs or
as Convoluted
as increaSinG
FOlds on a BRaiN
or Fibers of an OiL
Painting that are too close
uP to See for the Beauty
of the entire wHOle oF
whaT God and wE
can and WiLL
Do Be if
NoW wE
Leave Fear
Behind and Let
ArT GroW WiTh NeVer
LiMits or Expectations NoW MoRe..
trUly it’s all Fun My Friend as a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
that never ends now and a Forrest Gump Box of Chocolates
as a New Flavor alWays reliably CoMes NexT from dARk to
LiGht.. ‘Tween SHadEs of Grey and BeYond RainBoW Colors
of what
i curRently
continue to Enjoy
as Lord KNows and
FeeLs and SeNSeS NoW
i’Ve tasted those
OthER Colors
oF AiR
NoW aS
i continue
to Paint WiTh
all the unseen Colors of the Wind..
So far no one has been able to cut this Sycamore Tree DoWn..
trUe..they have tried very very hard in some avenues of LIFE than i expected
from Decades aGo2.. And i AM STiLL StanDinG mY FriEnd WiTh DancE and SinG FReED..
Like A 12 MilLioN Word BiG BLuE Gorilla that most folks do not entirely See.. eVeN MoRE
wHolE in thiS Room NoW WiTh HiS aRms RaiSed to the HeaVeNs aS A NeWCross WiTh No NAiLs..;)
11:17 PM
The Secret is Clear.. 100% Faith as Pure
Love/Grace that and wHo iS the paRT
MiNI-ME who LiVes
WiTh iN
ME as
a Greater
Force than Systemizing
Science WiLL ever be able
to replicate as this Force iS aLReady
Proven as Art oVer Science that has no
waY of Repeatable Experiment alone
MeasuRinG aLLoNe WiThiN NoW
forevermorenow with no
tiMe LiMITs or
to tie hOld
and all that is
Within aka GoD
Down aWay froM a
FloAT.. oF AiR NoW
thAT kNoWs and FeeLs
and SenSes No Bounds oF
LiMitS or ExpecTatioNs MoRe
OR Less tHaN NOW MoRE whOle
as PaRT We oF and as all that is too..
so yeah.. i reviewed that ‘Secret’ Book
aGaiN from 2006 as when first read
then the Vise Grip of WorK Related
Chronic FiGht or FLiGht Stress
was Verily and surELY
KiLLinG aLL of the
SpiRiT HeLd
witHiN the
Temple oF GoD
thAT is the HeArT
oF mY MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL then more..
and for what made kNow SenSe
FeeL then was almost impossible
to employ at the Bottom of Maslow’s
Pyramid that can and does and WiLL
MoVe uP to Pyramid Capstone of sELf
acTualiZaTioN CreatinG Free but truly NoT
Possible iF all stuff related to Fear as Greed
and Jealousy and Hate too snuffs the HUmaN
PotEnTiaL at the top of Fowler’s Pyramid oF Faith
aS Pure Love too.. away from the Dogma that holds
a Much Larger God Within at bay in Chains and PRisons
of Words oF OLD of a GoD oF Lesser Human BeingS iN
Fear and Hate and all StuFF reLaTeD to the dARk OF LiFe
aWay from the TruTH and LiGht of Love wHOle NoW iSREaL..
NoW thAT pain and numb took my organ effective siGht and HeARinG
for 66 Months of Phantom of the Opera and Hunch Back of Notre Dame
and John Nash Like Vacation from Humanity and all of culture and religion
then.. as far as the Dogma of mY LiFe oF FeeLinG and SenSinG erased
from all of mY HUMaNity then.. i AM Forced to beCoMe Reborn aGaIN
on or about July 22nd of 2013 when waves and sands and emerald
water and dunes and seagull winGS become Spiraling Me as
one WiTh Beach and GoD aS sAMe and DiFFeREnt too..
yes.. Pyramid Capstone sELF actualization and
Capstone of aGaPe LoVe foR all that
exists as Creation theNOW
as LiFE oF BeinG
LoVe iN
Wisdom LiGht and
TrUtH even More Evolving
SoUL in one lifetime NoW iN yes..
Epigenetic and Neuroplastic affect and
effect that sure systemizing science can measure
in terms of word count.. miles danced.. 100K photos
Plus taken and Given and Shared along with poundage
and tonnage of lifted weight.. but you see within the experience
of God aLL WhOLe is so much more than i WiLL ever be able
to put into either science or art of PoeTry MoRe.. but anyway
something as iSreal and Beautiful as the God all that is
thaT and wHO Lives within me.. is worth a stab
of Words as GoLd Standard
oF Love
me NoW..
iF i were to giVe
God a Pronoun it would
never be he and always be
HeR as moreover than ever more
the DiViNe Feminine Grace is so much
Greater than the DiViNe Masculine WiLL
a Home oF
Love and Grace
WiThIn as sHe i caLL heR GoD2..
sure.. with a dAsh of reaSon and
WiLL too as Strength
and ends
WiTh Love
and Grace for
whAT Humanity’s
HiGheST PotEnTiaL
iN GiVinG and ShaRinG can and WiLL Be NOW..:)
As listed on
Driver’s Licenses
like my 6.6.60 BD where
periods have come into
Fashion in a new age of
Dot coms aS Such.. anyWay
pARt oF A Practice of Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy as Seeing the World as a BriGht and
Happy Place as the Ink Blot Test we create in
what some folks name as ‘Rorschach’ is finding
one’s personal Holy and Sacred FuLL oF Meaning
and Purpose Experience of LIFe by Creating Life as
Art over Science.. in other words out of text Books of
Literal Black and White Concrete Analytical Reasoning
thought that is just another Ink Blot Test Result that is fostered
by just a Different method of Brain Washing the Human Mind out
of the Dream Time of Lucid Waking Guiding Creating Life as who we
care to see Life in all Feels and Senses that Be as us.. either in a Heaven
We Create or the Hell we do help make in many Nocebo over Placebo ways
of our own Brand of Voodoo that Opposes Personal Hopes and Wishes and Prayers
oF LIGht iN Words that can and will become what is written WiLL Be DoNe.. iN oTheR
Words of FeeL and SenSe don’t wait for someone else to come again to Create Heaven
NoW when only Nature within you WiTh WiLL and Strength under the Power of Love
and Grace wHerE Grace is a Force of Peaceful BaLanCinG MoVinG ConNecTinG
and CreaTinG we Make and Hell no not a gift alone without a practice oF LIGht
iN aLL wE Do.. the Number one and seven Meme is clear and present in most
all of Culture as once there were 7 Visible Celestial Bodies Visible in
the Sky as Planets not Visible in Day and Sun and Moon and
Planets that are Visible at Night.. as far as the Naked
eye of Vision could See for literally Hundreds of
Thousands of years for our Ancestral
eYes of LiGhts that are larger
than oTheR Star LiGhts
that sHiNe and
LiGht Bright
the Hope of the
Sun to alWays come
back to Give LiGht and
Warmth and Life to all that
Lives in Sun for the nourishment
of survive and thrive.. and of course 1
is first need i say more for a Holy and
Scared 1 where 1 is also last and all the
‘Tween Never Separate alWays Unity ToGeTher
as aGApe Love for all we experience in LiFe iN short
the answer that comes in FeeL and SenSe when this
statement is more than juST empty Shells of Words without
the ReaL LIFE EmoTioNs and SenSes as associated with Neuro-Chemicals
and Neuro-Hormones that flow iN More LIGht of Positive Ways inspiring Neurons
and Astrocyte waves and Trillions of Peptide connections throughout the Body as
the ChrisTmaS Tree BeCoMes uS isREAL as Light as LiGht yes Positive LiGHT as
Metaphor for Happy FeeLinGS and SeNses as we jump for Joy as metaphor
within when the number date of Five to Six Digits separated from dots
comes with all 7’s and 1’s like 7.11.17.. as we associated abstract
constructs with the real FeeLinGS and SenSes We Experience
as our Core reality of LIGht or DArK tween sHades
of Grey and BeYOnd RainBoW Colors of liFE
that we viSuaLize in IMAgiNAtioN and
attach to abstract constructs in
way of bio-feedback now..
and Create our HeaVeNs
as a practice oF LIFE in Day
to Day LiVinG wHen More of LIFE
BecOmeS HoLy and SaCred we Make
More and More FuLL of Purpose and Meaning
and oh my God that’s not all.. no not just the Bio-Feedback
of Cognitive Behavioral therapy where we create our FeeLinGS
and SenSEs through the Feedback of Holy and Sacred Symbols
attached to those FeeLinGS and SenSEs.. yes there is also Holy
and Sacred Full oF Meaning and Purpose MoVinG iN An Art
oF DanCinG LiFE in new ways of MovinG as little children
will Naturally do when trapped in Stores out of Play
Grounds with tHeir parents or in Church Freer
to twirl and move in New ways continuously
as a practice and play oF MoVinG LiFe
as Art over the Science of Sitting
Still with quiet Hands and
Feet where we like
any Mammal
are STiLL
evolved to
Create continuously
New ways to move to
become Invisible Mammals
to both predator and prey to both
better Capture Prey and Escape Predator
for a survive and even thrive of life without
the real life pain of being eaten alive as such
by a predator.. when you don’t have any guns
big enough to defeat teeth and claws larger now
than yours or perhaps a python or two too.. hehe..
in the Everglades too.. yes.. a Balance of Left Foot and
Right on the Rice Paper oF Life that makes no tears Making
WalKinG oN Water so much more than a myth on Land NoW..
a Gravity of Center Balance Necessary by art of movement when
one becomes more a Cloud of Float or a Surf Board riding the Wave
of Life without falling off or down out of balance more.. what did you say..
Athletes are just dumb jocks well perhaps you don’t realize you have more
Neurons of Mind OF Body out of Central Nervous System into Peripheral System
NoW.. jusT WaiTinG to come Greater into Action with Trillions of Peptide Cell Receptors
from Head to Toe more as a MoVinG Celestial ET Body on the Planet eARTh as Invisible
Clouds on the Ground NoW.. TrUE we are BeinGS of LiGhT on the continuum to dARk
depending on how Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose all we Feel and
sense of LifE we do create too BeCOmES NoW as our REaLiTies More.. and
yes as that applies to the aRT of Movement in regulating our emotions
and integrating our senses when a whole new area of intelligence iN
Proprioception comes into view where our body
sees the world as our eyes do too.. so many
more feels and senses of life than
most folks experience
in stagnate
behind Screens
and Plastic keys albeit
the art we can and will create
with digital tools iN Positive LIGht
suRELy LiGhts Up the Brain iN Happy
ways of BeinG too.. trUe.. Happy is both
ArT and Science too.. understanding that you
are an Animal and Human too and when you growl
Deep when you work out for strength you release the
same Dopamine and Neurohormones that a Big Blue Ape
called Fred and Caesar WiLL Do when leading a Planet
of Apes to stronger togETher iN a Primal Scream for
survive in life at core of reptilian BeinG
too like a Crocodile Deep throat
rumbling growl
more too..
sure.. employ
your reptilian Dragon
of Snake Brain out of chaos
into Will and Strength too in much
Greater Ways of getting in touch
with the old Dragon inside
that says survive
or not
just survive
and make it alive
to the next moment
with something to eat
and an attractive mate..
and true in Visual and Mamalian
and Reptile way porn is the Evolutionary
Gold that says.. you are a successful alpha
male and choose what you like as female too..
in moderation of course as instant gratification
is not something we are evolved to do as Happy
Days are here again comes with Intermittent Gratification
and even the boot camp we must create if it doesn’t come naturally
as a couch potato way of life with all you can eat fats and sugars too..
it’s True our Nature doesn’t always optimally match the Environments we
are born in to day.. and Jesus F iN Christ as far as the Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 in some countries the naked and human body is considered an ugly
thing to wear free under the Sun of Life without shame in front of others too..
Garden of Eden Stories to relate with shame for being human too with
knowledge that says different than wild and free naked with
appropriate intermittent reinforcement when
consensually and mutually desired in
all the ways that comes of
course then
still now..
yes.. aGaiN.. Happiness
is an Art and Science and
if you are going to wait for
Heaven until after a dirt nap one
thing for sure in Nocebo impact of
Voodoo expectations fostered by illusory
fears and empty promises is you will never likely
find Heaven now if you don’t believe you will no different
than if you believe you are gonna get sick or something bad
is going to happen with the real evidenced Science assessed
impact of the Nocebo effect you are much more likely to fall ill with
a negative attitude now.. and of course while some scoff at the Placebo
effect like it’s just a sugar pill and not a real cocKtail of Neuro-Hormones
and Neuro-Chemicals that come as just another real time Cognitive Behavioral
Feed Back in LiGhTinG the HuMaN BeinG up Like a Christmas Tree of Hope
in literally Trillion of ways of connections in peptide connections as many
Stars as there are in the Milky Way and all the Connections of
the Human Body in LiGht to DaRk tween sHades of Grey
through poTEnTial BeYond RainBow Colors
mixed in with appropriate levels
of DARk aS Struggle
to keep
power of
Gratification in
check now for BaLanCinG
Nirvana and Bliss in a Chocolate
mix of Vanilla LiGht with dARk Chocolate too..
yes.. the Placebo effect and affect of EmoTions
and SenSes is a real Deal that goes much farther
than just the sweet taste of a sugar pill sure as
far as the Universe of Stars in terms of
A Quadrillion number of points
oF LiGht of Happiness now
as each Human Being
is not only like a Star
or a Milky Way Galaxy trUe we are
DAnCinG and SinGinG UniVerses
in MultiVerse Way Standing TaLL
in more than a Quadrillion Stars too..
iNFiniTy OnE PlUS as 81 alphanumerical
Standing Tall 8 INFiniTy PlUS 1 now.. more
HuMaN BeingS NoW as Above So Below mOre
inside outside and all aRound now.. trUe.. we are a
more complicated Measure than what Science can
possibly make out of the Visible UniVerse Above but
Never the less we are Gifted and Make Relative Free
WiLL a REaL Deal NoW through the Art and Science
of Happiness in greater Productive and Creative ways
oF LIfE NoW.. trUe you miGht say i am somewhat of an expert
on both pain and pleasure as i have sEEn fELt and SeNSEd both
experiences of liFE in the Extreme as many Bi-Polar Folks do.. i venture
to empirically measure in terms of repeatable results that experiencing the
worst pain known to Humankind for 66 months from wake to sleep numb
without any emotions shows me one of the DaRkest Human PotEntiaLs
of Hell on eARTh.. i KNoW and FeeL and SenSe the value of Pain
and Numb for it brought me as a Believer and experiencer of
Heaven NoW iN BaLanCE of LIGht and DaRk BeyONd
Rainbow Colors away from the Stagnate
of a purgatory aS sHades of Grey too
and away from the abyss
of HeLL Now more
than ever Now
more forevernow IN
HeaVEN as reAliTy GreATeST
LiT for Me as BaLanCinG oF HiGher
PoWeR of GoD as Nature all that is
Gifted to BeinG Human Within NoW MoRe
that i create as art one with the Force at Hand
available to me as relative will free in mastering
Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration as
a continuing practice of Heaven NoW.. true it’s a simple
as a first step of BaLanCinG NoW 1 LeFt Foot with 1 Right
Foot for a Center BaLanCE of 1 LiFE NoW and without any of these
Words LiGht of BeinG NaturALLY Follows neXt and sure if one tries
hard enough they can put a little bit of the paths to Heaven in Abstract
Constructs of Art including words.. a life long Journey to BrinG LIGht
to OtheRs too.. iN perhaps Just a SpaRk of a YouTube SonG
where both Pain and Pleasure
makes you
a believer
7 days a WeeK
iN the PotEnTiaL
of Heaven on Earth NoW
so far away from a Dirt NaP iSReaLHeAr..:)
Hmm.. A Science of Heaven..
ArT True Beyonce in the last 711
Video LiGht Effort i provided sHows how
NoW heAR HeRE to obtain this ‘Fresh’ State of BEinG
in arT oF MoVinG/SpiraLinG and STiLL Yoga Pose
of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG StATe
oF beinG too wHeRE yes..
her left or right foot
as it were is
one she
can trust
to BaLancE
with the otHeR
to Bring this Fresh
State of BeinG HUmaN
NoW in Animal Homeostatsis
that most other Animals without
the curse of Great Memories of
DaRk and Forecasts of dARk
for the Future Naturally
Receive as Peace
after a fight
or flight
for the
oF LiFE NoW..
including shelter too..
and territory and mates
to come to pass now as
Success in the present
Moment of Now that
is alWays NoW..
for those
trapped iN A
NeoCortical State
oF BeinG Stuck between
the ears like a Gun thaT/wHo threatens
Never Peace iN MINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
souL NoW FReED hehe.. like me.. but you see..
it’s really not necessary to mock the masses as
Beyonce does heaR making fun with an empty cup
that will never need alcohol or other external substance
drugs to obtain this transcendent state of ecstatic experience
oF LiFe CoMinG From the Meditation of MoVing Dance and
sure.. whatever Zen FloW iN ZoNE provides this sTate
oF bEInG hUmaN MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force souL of Animal Homeostasis Now
iN ReLaTiVE Free WiLL of
REgulaTinG EmoTioNs
And IntEgrATinG
tHAt can
eVeN be done
al LeASt between
the ears and two hands
oF Typing Free Verse Poetry
in a FloW of Harmony of Dance
in 10 FinGer way on a Keyboard NoW2..
and before a lit uP Dopamine increaSinG
Screen of Virtual reALiTy too.. anyWay in her
own way Beyonce too shows one how to come to
the state of Being where Palms are raised up on both
right and left hands as inFiniTy plus ReLaTiVE Free WiLL
of StaR duST SenTienT pLuS uS.. BorN as resurRecTioN
oF Crucible Fire of StaR DEAth Burst Gaseous DuST NoW
conTroLLinG the literal and metaphorical Bright sunshine
SouL or alternatELy the potential
in negative Epigenetic
Neuroplastic NoCebo
affect and effect
of BLack
too.. Once
AGaiN NoW.. Star
Seeds and FLoWeRs
of Creativity we Can
and WILL Be too
WiTh the
PoWER oF Relative
Free WiLL iN Strength
oF Love and Grace iN a
BaLanCinG aCT of Divine
Masculine WiLL and Strength
and Divine Feminine Grace and
LoVe as PuRE WiLL LiGht NoW
iN Love and Grace as BaLanCinG
AcT conTiNuInG Practice of Relative
Free WiLL Force and PowEr as Stength
oF Positive Human Sunshine LiGht NoW.. too..
so.. sure that’s where the symbolism then.. of the
Grey Male Underwear the Women are wearing now
comes too to show they have this Power of WILL
and Strength to go along with the blow dry hAir
of Love and Grace left foot right foot all Fresh
as HeaVenLY NoW.. and sure.. Kale just a
metaphor for Kali as the dARk
Force of Destruction come
to Light and a
Victory Dance
over dEath as
LiGht as LoVe and
Grace Now iN WiLL
and Strength too of LIFe
NoW iN HeaVeN too.. and
yeS at the end of that Video now..
not unlike Kali she sticks her tongue
out in party Gag Device at the Year of
LiGht designated as the year.. 2015 too..
and yes.. she sticks her tongue out at you
too for thinking what she is doing is either
woo or religious generated Illusory fears
of what is transcendent and pure
in ecstatic way that the
OTheR Animals
Breaks of past and more
future constantly experience
after the fight and flight for life
breaks for thrive of LiFe More too…
as hey it feels good so do it again
when LiGht oF HeAvEN coMes
to Pass again for the
of Life
who can find
Heaven in Nuts
everywHere they coMe too..
but true there is always a certain
Level of Struggle to find the next NuT oF Heaven
too.. for too Much LiGht to FeeL as Darker as HeLL too
oN eaRth of Course this Miracle of Home that is surely
and verily tolerable enough as HeaVeN and HOMe for
those who walk and be a BaLanCE of dARk and LiGht
Star Seed Flowers wHOle away from BlacK Hole Star Abyss..
repeat class as above… so below.. inside outside and all around
Heaven HeaRT NoW SpiRit of MiNd and BoDy SoUl is what we make
as Heaven
or Break
aS sHades
of Purgatory more
Grey to the poTenTiaL
Abyss of the DArk NiGht
oF the soUL that last forever HeLL
in a second now where all tHeRe iS
iS time as opposed to HeaVeN whEre NoW
time is only iLLusioN and NoW iS Forevermore
NoW eTerNaLLy So When WiTh Relative Free WiLL
WE Create.. the StATe of HeaVeN in Countries that
allow within the limits of the Law.. Avenues of SeeK
and FiND in Freedom of Expression that beCOmeS
SPiRit isReAL ExpreSSinG HeArT oF MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL NoW..:)
Group Think Wins over Beyond..
sAMe Story SAMe Characters
sAMe Play only the
Actors Change
aS the Cultures
alWays relying on
the perceived order away
from Chaos that Group Think
Brings and true the Definition of
Chaos varies as the answer for what
some males see as the Naked Freedom
of Women choosing their own mates is resolved
by the order of Dowries and even Female Genital
Mutilation in the extreme.. and sure.. for other folks
in Fundamentalist Christian ways the Genetic and
Environmental anomalies of Variety that are a
Natural God nature way of ensuring
BaLanCinG ForCE Greater
as when stress comes
in overall Cultural
way and Stress Hormones
rise in Womb way of Developing
Fetuses or there are already enough
Males in the Family to reproduce as innately
understood but the body as whole in instinctual
ways of Bio-Chemistry too.. sure.. offspring are born
who and that may be not much interested in either
having sex with the opposite sex or nurturing
Children much at all either as life goes
on more childless too so what
may seem as chaos to
some in Cultures
that continue
to grow NoW
in disputes over
differences and same
ways of doing stuff too is the
Larger Voice of Nature aka God
all that is thAT WiLL Naturally BRinG
Chaos to make order in BaLanCE.. the
way as Nature tends to do when LIVinG
NoW.. no.. not just the HUmaN Race.. the
entire Circle of lives that make the Ecosystem
Work iN BaLanCinG Force including the resources
down to a gRaIn oF Sand that HOld uP a GreATest
HuMaN Force of Fearless sMaRt Unconditional
aGaPe Love for all of Creation in Faith and
Trust and a HeLpinG Hand of take no
more than give when iN BaLanCE
out of Balance and Chaos
comes aGaiN..
WhILe God as Nature
may NoW enjoy the HuMaN
Experience in all the iMAgiNaTiOn
of CreaTivity of BeYond RAinBow Colors
thaT caN and WiLL BrinG to HUmaN NatuRE
NoW.. but on the othEr Hand theRe is othER pain
to be fELt as huMan Cultures Become Virtual Cancers
uPoN the eARTh in take way more than GiVinG NoW..
so.. yeah.. the HuMaN Race as rather dumb overall Act
of Cultural BaLanCing FoRce WiTh NatuRE/GoD now and
surely not a real Apex Predator as this HUman
Species stands better to destroy itself worse
with Nuclear Fire over the eARTh
and the rest of LIVinG liFe
thAT and wHo WiLL
Recover back
to Environmental
BaLanCinG ForCE
of WeLL BeiNG more after
300 or so Million years after the
disgrace of the human race leaves the
planet if and when a wake of Destruction
Humans Create as Suicide Waves wHere a
same effect of just another Asteroid of 66 million
years makes way.. for us Mammals in a common
Rodent Ancestor back in them days.. we too could
pave a path for a much greater species than we are now..
perhaps.. just the fACt that what we.. the overall Cancers of
our Cultures on the Planet eARTh are gone gone gone where once
again it is a Planet of Loving Bonobos aS Apes over Cruel Human Greed..
all naked as such Loving each other IN Peace fighting Aggression and any
potential for Violence with a Bonobo Loving Touch and a Cool Dip in a Pond STiLL then..
splashing Bliss once more in clean fur of Loving eyes and arm touch even moRe as Love..
it is what it is we are what we are and what we can and will do next WiLL Be Apes stronger
toGeTher iN Harmony and Peace of LoVinG each oThER WiTh Hope or the other way of
Group think of Fear and Hate as Misery Loves Company enough to destroy each
other dead
no longer
coming back
as Human Species
at all for around 300 Million
or so years more or a similar
species then on another Planet
with A Chance aT A BaLanCinG
BeinG ForCe NoW With the rest
oF A Mother Earth-like Scenario
aS the Miracle oF LIfE iN
A REaL PoTenTiaL
oF EdEn
all BaLanCinG
ouT iN Survive and Thrive
alive.. as the key is consuming less…
Dance of Steps and Poetry of Words all
given free with hardly any take at all is surEly
mY Path as psycho-naut explorer as some folks
see as psycho-nut more.. hehe.. but never the less
the FeeLinG and SeNSinG oF Heaven alWays NoW
forevermore now this BrinGs to me is as real and surely
more free than a Big Mansion and Shiny New Cars that take
Resources of LIFE iN Bio-Diversity away from the rest of our
Home as Natural God made eARTh without the killing tools
that Humans make words of write into language and
collective intelligence into tools of swords and
guns and now Nuclear weapons as
Suicide makers for the entire
Human Race and other
LiVinG BeingS oN
eARTh with no rights
to complain over the true insanity
now that the Human Race aS wHole
BRinGS to the PlaNeT EaRTh as Cultural
ByProducts out of BaLanCinG ForcE ALiVe now
away from WeLL BeinG for all who and that are
Concerned with a Survive and even thrive for life now..
the Greatest tool now we have is the Free Flow of Information
in Art and Science True and while tHeRe are GroWinG Pains
in a new way of communication that does not include flesh
and blood breath on each other’s BeinG in ‘REaL LiFE”
NoW.. HoLDinG these Hands and better understanding
what makes us DiFFerEnt and sAMe is sTiLL forM
oF Essence aS Apes Stronger toGeTher in
Synergy Force of HoLDinG Hands
And ShARinG a Diversity
oF HuMaN Collective
ArT and SciencE that
Continues to GroW iN Leaps
of Logic too iN synergistic total impact
of just in one hUman BeinG the Rational metaphor
oF LeFT Brain thinking as pArt of a K11 alphanumerical
symbol as two ones side by side Join Hands in HemiSpheRe
of BRAiN as left and right Brain metaphor of Social Empathic
ArT Life to join Hands.. yes.. WitH LefT BrAiN Metaphor of
Science Systemizing ReAsoNinG MiNd NoW too.. Bridging
the Middle of 11 BrinGinG H8 INFiNity TaLL StAndinG
HUmaN ToGeTher too in synergistic potential
of the sum of the pARTs as GreaTer Force
than the pARTs of the HemispHeREs
more separate away from
Unification poTeTenTiaL
oF BeFore and when more
folks Self-Actualize Farther up
the Maslow Pyramid iN Capstone Way..
the eASt and WesT HemispHeRes of Neuron
HuManS HoLDinG Hands toGeTher as StaR
Points NoW.. aS UniVerSe Galaxy WHOle
iN MiLky Way BeinG HuMaN Too.. in
North to South laTTiTudes iN
MoRE Positive FeeLinGS
and SenSes JoIN
YES.. Apes Stronger toGeTheR iN Greater
Positive LiGht iN Global way may Neo come true too..
but meanwhile i break out of the Matrix and be the change i can and
WiLL BE i AM now too.. aS sure this Peace WiLL last as LonG as iT CaN and WiLL
overALL as THe PlaNeT oF eARTh HUMaNs SinG liGht or toward dArk forevermorenow..
true though iT sTarTs FirsT at the Individual Level.. wHeRE we Greater Explore places
within as INNeR enTiRE UniVerse we have never gone and been before.. NC 17 sTiLL as
‘they’ say StaR SHiP Destination Inner UniVerse hUmaN Free to expand moRe NoW..:)
Red or Blue Pill?
Green Pill For EVoLVinG
(Reference: Matrix)
‘God’ is Art and Science
God Without Intuition
iNtuition iS ARTeverChanGinG
iNtuiTion CreaTes Anew
Systemizing Religion
Is ‘Science’
Systemizing Science
Is ‘Reason’
Religion Without Intuition
Is ‘Science’
Art Without Intuition
Is Science
HanD iN HanD WitH/As GoD
Reason and Sacred
Binds for Survival
Religion of Reason
Religion of Sacred
Reason Binds
Sacred Binds
Hello, again, techstepgenr8tion,
“The Rational Delusion in Moral Psychology”
Jonathan Haidt, like Jordan Peterson is looking more toward a Green Pill Solution to the Existential
Angsts of Life in expanding Cultural/Political/Religious views of life away from just a Blue Or Red Pill
Solution that comprises both the divides of Human Minds and the Globe as Whole as well;
‘tween East and West Hemispheres and North and South Latitudes that of course we
can apply to the large and small of our individual potentials as well as the Global
Potential of Human Beings either Holding Hands together or separating in disgust.
More than ever before, it’s apparent that Human Beings are far from core as Rational Beings. Sure, a hard thing
perhaps for folks to hear who are not very much in touch with their Emotions and other overall Intelligences of
Intuition but a Truth and Light that Neuroscientists have been steadily proving with the Scientific Method since the
90’s; and in part, explains why ‘analytical’ Philosophy is so short sighted without the Human Colors of Emotions and
Senses and other Intuitional Intelligences overall added to the mix of the Human Cocktail of our Inner Universes
that as leading Astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson readily admits now is impossible to measure empirically
with the same repeatable results that come with the exploration of ‘outer’ space. Never the Less, and increasingly
More; the Fields of Neuro-Science and the Art and Science of Psychology are finally seeing more of the Inner Universe
of Human that only Religions and Philosophies and the Arts in General have more fully addressed in Centuries Before.
Of course, anyone who has been around a rather large block of life already intuits that and hehe; that’s still now
the Catch 22 Situation of folks who have not sought/found/used their ‘hidden’ potentials of Physical, Emotional, Existential, and Overall Intuitional other Cognitions from head to toe as the Central Nervous System Mind Moves on
out to the rest of the Body in many more Neurons of Peripheral Nervous System ways of
‘seeing’ existence as is and of course how we relate with others who are more similar
or different from how we perceive ourselves in all areas of life. And there goes the
Metaphor of North and South Latitudes of our Individual Minds away from just the
Metaphor of Left and Right Brain ways of thinking and feeling and sensing the experience
overall of life in our day to day existence, ranging from misery loves company to joy holding hands,
both inside and outside with the rest of Nature too. What a great era of human existence this is now to
greater understand who and what we are, not only alone but together too in more Green Pill ways of Seeing Life.
The Globe Holding Hands in terms of individual Neurons as Metaphors of Human Beings as Apes working now
Stronger with Will together with Love and Grace; that’s a hard one for sure. Considering that at core Human
Beings are NOT Rational Beings as Reason only as after effect of what we intuit more and less first in Emotional
and Sensory ways from Head to toe as Mind and Body whole down to the highest finger tip and lowest toe now we
raise in awareness greater of the World around us; true, Rationality continues to be in the mix of rules in Governing
Societies and the World at Large to insure the Red Pill Does not Disappear for order and the Blue Pill does not bring
Chaos either and of course I’m improvising in metaphor way here away from the Matrix Reference as the Red way
was the way of Truth there as opposed to what many so-called Blue Liberals name Red Conservatives as more
a way of Cognition as Ignorance led by Emotions. Well; sure; it is. The Delusions as fostered by higher
education to this point is we have the potential to be rational beings which Science so far now shows
we are not. And haha; therein lies the truth; there is no such thing as fuller rationality without the Intuitive
Mastery now of one’s own Emotions in Regulation and Senses in Integration that is almost entirely
Art away from Science at its best in Free Verse ways of life in looking within and
Feeling and Sensing the answers that work best for a Balancing life of both survive
and thrive where in a sense and feel when a Yogi or such accomplished individual slowly
Raises their Palms to ‘the Heavens’; yes, literally, Above; they Hold Infinities in the Palm of both
their right and left Hands and can see the entire Universe in a Grain of Sand. Of course a great
Artist named ‘Sting’ and other Poets have already experienced this in intuitive ways of Feeling and Sensing
Life and related this in the metaphors of Poetry as all the World’s Truly Great Religions have attempted to share
this wisdom of Greater Potential in Essence of survive and thrive in life where Eternity lasts for moments instead
of looking/dreading forward to something better/worse in the future or looking back on what was better or worse before which of course is Feelings and Senses of Life too that we tend to associate words and other so-called Holy and Sacred
Symbols as the abstract constructs we come to make or imagine out of Nature that already exists Full of Meaning and Purpose too, as well.
Anyway; just common sense my Friend and Feel. The ’12 Million Word Blue Gorilla’ in the Room is that we are still
just animals no different really than Bonobos other than the fact that we tend to convolute the experience of life
with all our shared and divorced Cultural Artifacts that we make in terms of words, collective intelligence, and
all the stuff that makes a very disjointed cultural experience now; including guns and atomic bombs.
Jonathan Haidt, speaks in terms of Care/Harm; Fairness/Cheating; Liberty/Oppression; Loyalty/Betrayal;
Authority/Subversion; Sanctity/Degradation for the Psychological Moral Foundations of Life. He also
suggests that so-called Liberals don’t worry nearly as much about Loyalty, Authority, and
Sanctity as so-called Conservative leaning folks per innate factors who move in that direction
in Neuro-Hormone and Neuro-Chemical Motivated ways; namely, they are more cats than
dogs as common metaphor too.
It’s kind of like the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, and I’ll have to do the Wiki Cliff Notes to get up to speed
on the ‘Twin Peaks Show’, you reference. There are ‘two kinds’ of folks in the World; those who Dance;
and, those who do not. And neither one of those two basic types of Humans are going away as long as the
Species exists as evolved today. And it’s true, people who do not dance tend to avoid the potential of falling
down early in life until they get older of course and lose their balance earlier. Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity
suggests that Humans can change these propensities of Dance or not; with appropriate Environmental Challenge.
So, as always, some will ‘Matrix’ unplug and some will not; that’s up to each individual.
Some folks will create their own sunsets and sunrises of reality and some folks will not.
Whatever Peace and Harmony of Getting along that exists will last as long as it will now.
And as always, those who Dance Freest, Will do their Best to Help others Learn to Dance too.
“The Powerful Play goes on”;
Same Characters;
Different Actors/Dancers/Singers.
So.. after a Day Long of Activity outside
of four walls and a key board and a ceiling
and a screen of virtual reality and writing
and creating other Miscellaneous ways of art..
excluding of course the morning spent
doing just that.. as never does
a day go by.. no.. in the
last 80 months of writing..
including this month..moving
past these walls of writing
outside in a much bigger
Blue room into walls2..
from Psychotherapist
Office for both of us..
now.. yes.. the Katrina
to better deal with all
of me in Elephant
Huge way of hearing
all i have to say and do
and what i do to listen too..
not always attending to small talk
as most always larger talk of the creative
process going on upstairs as ‘they’ say when
writing and downstairs more as ‘they’ SinG
when DanCinG in public.. next stop Walmart
to do just that and next stop after
a Quick Dinner.. then Picking Peas
on a Farm as i continue
to Proof Read what
i write in the
Morning and
Art and continue
to research areas
from Science to Art
to Music and More online
on YouTube.. eTc.. Resources
for so much more iMaGInATiON
and CreATivity by me to cOme NexT..
as of course the smART PhONe iPhone6S
goes picking peas with Katrina while i
dance on the Highway by the farm too just
waiting to capture the neXT Beauty of Nature
with the smART Camera Phone too.. Creativity
Never ends for me in all the ways it can and will
come now as long as i enjoy it this way and don’t
move on to another special interest pursuit
of life as i’ve surely done in the past
like when Forrest Gump said he
was of tired of running
and retired from that
and RE-TiReD his
Wheels to anoTHeR
all Consuming
too to fulfill his
HuMaN PotEnTiAL to
New Avenues of LiFE wHeRE
no one had ventured BeFoRE otHeRS even
assuming that he had all the answers
then to life as he felt like doing it
as it made him happy albeit that is now
A Meaning and Purpose of LiFe for those
who have any common sense of How to make
Happy NoW HaPPeN iN dARK to LiGht ‘tween
sHAdES of Grey as Forrest Gump Verily and
Surely did in Fictional way as i do it going
down for isReaL NoW too in Auto-Biography Rover
ways2 as “Mr. Flo Rida” Sings too..
BeYonD RainBoW Colors too..
Anyway.. Second Cousin Terri
shares another Facebook
Ego Booster test and
quiz site that
in this case
show cases
what an Exhibition
of Profile Pics oF a
Facebook Page WiLL LooK
Like in an Art Gallery Now..
so.. i go on to remark with my Gallery
of Body art as algorithmically Produced
for Free by the EN Name Test thingy with
some of my Profile Pics..
Hmm.. i already
Thought this IS
A Purpose oF
Don’t lET
ThE FredBugs Bite..;)
AnyWaY.. just to say i alReaDy
NoW do not hold back any of the
Art ReaSoN of me wherever i go in Public
Dance or Online Song and other Associated
Art Activities now and Even Science too in
ReaSon ways of MiNd oVER BoDy too ‘tween the
ears as ‘they’ say too more restricted in bind aS Such..
away from a Free Verse DancE SonG oF ArT LiFE IN TRutH anD LiGht NoW…
And as always Katrina says you can’t shut up and the Psychotherapist
relates that what i BRinG to her table is a Fountain of Knowledge as
Different Strokes and Sizes of Elephant Ears for all associated..
some get a little too much with a Fredache and some can
fit it all in wanting so much more that even time
in the Psychotherapist Office gets away from the
Therapist enjoying the rain/Storm
i BRinG iN from
of ReSEARch
MoVinG eVen MorE
as of course she shares
what she kNows and FeeLs
and SeNsES about my favorite
current special interest of the
the overall all encompasSinG
StaTuS and PoTenTiaL
oF the HUmaN
BeinG way
oF DoInG iT aLL
NoW and So Much
BefoRE too and in the
PoTenTiAL Future.. although
i don’t worry much at all if
anything about that as it makes
zero sense to worry about what one cannot
control to make the Best of LiFe NoW
alWays iN eterNiTy oF HeaVeN NoW as
Folks who have the Throne of
and SenSoRy InTegRAtion
regularly do alWays NOW
as a Practice oF aRt LiFe
in common sense reason that
is the best rationality oF aLL
iN feel and sense of fullness and
comfort and serenity of Happiness NoW
as JoY Intermittently with a Healthy MiX
oF dARK too to avoid any chance of LiGht Poisoning too.
so.. sure.. considering in some ways and times in my life i’ve
fELt like the loneliest boy and man and even human ever..
i listened to the Song ‘Lonely Boy’ by Andrew Gold and
cried my eyes out just for dARk FuN MoVing
BAcK iN LIGht.. then captured some Sunset
photos on the Farm
and then jumped
out of my car
to do the
twice on the
Side of the Road
on the Ride home by
other Farms losing my
Ear Buds out of my lap
on the first jump out of the
Car and forgetting to put the car
in park on the second jump watching
my car slowly move on the tall grass
on the side of the road with the Katrina
inside of it as i jumped back in to put it into
park realizing i lost those ear buds.. no problem
just buy another pair but the Katrina insisted on
Looking for them about an hour where we had already
been.. then arriving at Walmart again tired as heaven
purchasing the wrong connector ear buds and laughing
when i got home knowing i could just use Katrina’s
Android ear buds after she got over the germ
aPhobia that they would be used in my
ears that encountered some
sweat earlier in
the day
in Public
and on the
Side of the Road..
still.. i’m not a lonely
Boy anymore so i can lose
a hundred pair of ear buds
and just replace ’em as only
Material goods.. but true
sometimes i don’t
pay enough close
to general
stuff oF
to either
let my car
or the katrina
leave the big art eYes of me2..
anyway.. i dreamed my Mother called
me last night and the sound of her voice made me
cry again and now i smile as i am human and that is enough for me..
i can’t remember now what my Mother said but ‘you’ FeeL iT was just the Sound of her Voice.
A day or so ago.. Facebook Friend Rafiah
relates she goes kinda crazy over her
favorite song but doesn’t sing it
like it’s supposed to be
sung.. on the ‘radio’..:)
And i SinG..
Matters not as
Long as You FeeL iT..:)
Matters NoT how one Looks or
Sounds when one Dances and Sings..
It’s JusT YoU NoW Do iT WiLL And Live
Good Afternoon.. from Florida.. FriEnd.. gigoid.. glad
to see your Computer made it out of recovery and now
the Court Case is put on hold for another day of issue..
Hmm.. rather spread out still over here and almost
ready perhaps for a little writing vacation of at
least 30 minutes.. hehe.. with Sand and
Sun Free
Fun too..
but for now
i’M STiLL DanCinG
And SinGinG and A Riffing heAR..;)
“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion;
it is easy in solitude to live after our own;
but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd
keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
Sure.. it’s much easier being a Yogi
in the Mountain tops of Separation
away from the ‘mundane’ of life
but as ‘they’ say
Fun too
NoW2 iS
eYes more
into the SuN
oF LiFe without
Restraint as Winds
of CaLmer EYes of
Hurricane NoW aLiVe
WiTh no exclusions for
the rest oF A Human
Race in all
the way
that floats
or sinks now
to Millstone ways
of Deeper Shallower Seas..:)
“Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens.”
[Against stupidity the very gods contend in vain.]
~~ Friedrich Schiller, “The Maid of Orleans”, Act iii, Sc. 6 ~~
The ones
who live
now no
matter works
they do it and live
for the ‘reason’ ‘it’ works..
Intelligence only flies as
far as it Dances
aLiVe.. mY FriEnd..:)
“A single event can awaken within us
a stranger totally unknown to us.
To live is to be slowly born.”
~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~~
time tested
iN Billions oF Years..
No Book ends.. no Page starts..
not even any words WiTH LiGHT..:)
“And can you teach me to how to dance real slow?”
~~ Don McLean, “American Pie” ~~
Only DanCinG
SLower when
And Flies eVen HiGher..:)
“The world is what it is, no less and no more,
and therein lies its entire and sufficient meaning.”
~~ Edward Abbey ~~
CreaTinG bY WiLL
aNew and neVer sAMe..:)
“Change can be exhilarating, joyous, liberating.
But it can also be terrifying,
because, in a deeper sense,
you are questioning your very identity and sense of value.
But take the risk.
It’s worth it.”
~~ Dee Hock ~~
“Let it go”
as Frozen
Ice Princesses
BeCoME Queen of the Snow Blind..:)
“Do not seek death; death will find you.
But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.”
~~ Dag Hammarskjold ~~
When OnE LiveD
“If I don’t meet you no more in this world
Then I’ll see you in the next one.
Don’t be late”
~~ Jimi Hendrix ~~
FoR NoW..:)
“There will come a time when you think everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.”
~~ Louis L’Amour ~~~
See you.. around.. gigoid..;)
Hmm.. Wonder if Fred Art
iN SonG will ever reAlly
take off.. hehe..
sure.. the Dance
iS NoW at the
of Video
Voyeur sMarT
Phone Artists as
i encourage them to
Create in turn by Creating
Art of Dance for them.. thing is..
things are when one fulfills their
Human Potential in both Arts
And Sciences without even
any regard to Commercial
Success.. let’s just
say ‘they’ have it
all as long as
they Do Love
and Eat and
Drink under a
Substantial enough
Shelter to protect one from
elements that miGht otherwise
detract.. from yes as Google
replies in first hit way NoW
self-ac·tu·al·i·za·tion as
‘the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities..
especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone’.
So.. yes.. in ways of Empathy.. Compassion.. and the Altruism
oF GiVinG and ShaRinG iT iS only Natural too to hELp BrinG
this Capstone of Maslow’s Pyramid and Fowler’s Capstone of
Agape Love for all of Creation Unconditionally to
everyone else in John 14:12 ways and
Matthew Beatitudes at least
in Chapter 5.. 1 through
11.. Verse Numbers too..
So.. sure.. you can call
‘me’ the Candy Man too..
while i move on now to
Xenia and Frank’s Place
of Poetry too as i really gotta
get this 116th/787th MacroVerse
E-LiNe Published soon if i am gonna
Celebrate a 1.8 Million Word Match of
Longest Long Form Poem titled something
like that as accomplished on 7.17.17.. in the
117th/788th MacroVerse that also.. yes.. serves
as A Number 788 MacroVerse for.. ‘SonG oF mY
SoUL’.. exceeding around 5 Million Words Now too..
During the Course of 47 Months/7700 Miles Dance2
in much Longer Long Form Poem already exceeding
what is continuing to at least seem like a rather small
‘Mahabharata’ as long as what i continue to art is rather
effortless and Free in OMG so much MaGiCAL ArT Fun
as CamEL and ELephANT below the skin.. of mY Aware
Conscious Mind comes out to Play More in Intuitive HoLy
SpiRiT CreAtiVE Way as heART LiGhTS uP even More
WitH EMoTiOns and SeNsATions WiTh a MiNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL Up Up and Away Now iN
BeYOnd RainBoW BiG BaLLooN Color Ways
oF ClOUD FloAt iN Ecstatic
Transcendent wAYs
of Experiencing
And it’s like the
Cat who was once Feral
and aLWAYs SeaRches for
A New source of Water and
Tender Vittles never taking any
thing for Granted.. Stay in Boot
Camp from the end of the beginning
of a true Adventure of Life away from
stagnate sitting now.. spoiled and rotten half
eaten and never finished apple.. NoW to Nourish
the SoUL eVeN HiGher as Apple of ArT and KNowLedge
under the Force and Power oF Love and Grace of course yes..
with some Strength and WILL oN Course to Power the Entire
Masterpiece oF HUMaN BeiNG TEMple of ArT and Science2
aka the Verb of all that is NoW that is the Nature LiVinG aLiVe
within us that some folks restrict to only a three letter word named GoD..:)
Hmm.. Before i head on over
to Xenia and Frank’s
Place.. wonder if
‘you’ get some
kind of
for Creating
the Longest Long
Form Poem exceeding
1.8 Million Words twice
in 47 Months and just around
400K Words overall from doing
it againx3.. anyWay.. Like BriTney says..
“Longest Long Form Poem coMes aGaiN”
yes.. Oops.. i Did/Do iT aGaiN CoMinG on Monday 7.17.17..
And Now.. i have a title for ‘that’ 117/788th MacroVerse NoW2..;)
Thunder.. Hay.. Buck..
Goodness.. i missed
all three Nicknames
And Holy and Sacred
Full of Meaning and
Purpose Names of
the Full Moon
of 7.9.17
but never
too late to Celebrate..:)
Thanks for
the rEmiNder
As Howl togETheR
alWays SearcHinG for
More Packs oF FuN..;)
iNnate iNstinct
iNtuition Verses
KNoWledge iN Skills
And Abilities MosT
Dogs KNoW
Books oF hUmans
iN FeeL and SeNSE
aS Most Humans Forget..
CaLL oF WiLd Free HeRitAGe..:)
SMiLes.. Xenia.. as Dogs
BRinG Experience as
Run of Return
oF BaLL GaMes
STiLL to
Play of
LiFe away
From Stress wHeRe
A onLY Goal aWay from
fight or flight liFe aGainst
Predator and Prey is NoW
A Life oF BaLanCinG PLaY
WiTh ReST oF NoW
LiVinG NOW.. So.. NoW2
Other than that as alWays
Nice to drop by and Visit
yoU FriEnd.. my output is
Dropping a little bit with
A Big Blue Sky out thEre And
surEly YouR DoGS are MoTiVaTinG
more to get out and play More outside
of walls.. ceilings.. keyboards and shiny screens as
A Sun Shines so Bright oF LiGht as i bask more iN thAT Morn NOW..:)
sMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
Pain and Pleasure
War and Peace
Over Lays
Closely Related
Emotional and Sensory
Places of the Mind And
Body for Survive and Thrive..
alWAys Good to Remember A
Tribal Animal Inside to Never
Forget A Price Of Love and Free
iN War and Peace
aS Passion’s
Wolf CaLLs
FuLL MooN NiGht..:)
Mud PuddleS noW
Reflections oF endless
Shimmer aS iNFiNiTy
DayS iN Asphalt
uP Mud
Worry AwAY
Cool Refreshing
PooL.. ReSort from dARk..:)
Moves oF Emotions
Emotions Of Senses
Art iNFiNiTies
No Limits
or Expectations
As New Moves oF
LoVe arT aS DAncE
SonG ForEVer LiVes aNew..
Then the Poetry coMes aLivE..:)
Hi.. Frank.. Wonderfully
Inspiring Poetry you
Create as alWays
mY friEnd
as thiS eveN more..:)
EvilivE Hidden over
Guise oF BelieF
MoRe apParenT
As Days Go oN iN dARk…
Anyone around the Entire
Globe with any Common
Sense of Empathy and
as Love
can see this
as Love awakens
Greater now for those who see EvilivE.
The Declaration of Independence
and the Constitution of the United
States is surely a Force of Freedom
to STiLL laud and applaud as a much
better way of life than what came before
but the heart of selfish and greedy men is
what has come since the Vietnam War and
Nixon and Reagan and yes the ClintonS and
yes BushES and now the Trump of all of that
who hopefully inspires the antithesis of all those
administrations that sully the Face of Honor and
Integrity and Character NoW of Men upon Granite
Mountain Stone of
great STiLL for
Freedom’s LiGht
STiLL.. yes.. the
Constitution of
the United
the Declaration
of Independence is
the only Lamp Left
of a Foundation more
than Selfish Greed away from Free.
For one who understands that God is all that is wHole NoW
and we are pArT oF GoD as Equal Partners of Existence
ExpresSinG GoD sKeYes Differently as Finger Prints and
Art of the Entire Master Piece of God WiLL surELy do
unfettered and free.. i discount no source of Existence
as no less than what will bRinG a Master Piece paRT
of Me Greater to Fruition NoW as the Words above
are haha.. seriously inspired by the Facebook
EN Name Test thingy.. yes.. i realize the
EN stands for English but that
too in Acronym way as
a symbol of beauty
inspires me too
for i see NoW aLL
God in all of Existence
in the number 1 and
the Letter Z and
the Grain of
yet to
be seen
by hUmaN
eYes that comes
NexT iN the heArT
and SpiRit oF MiNd
and BoDy SoUL iN BaLanCE
that goeS wheRE no one has
gONe beFoRE but GoD aLL
NoW PaRT wHole in
GoD sKeYes even
more iN
of Love and Free..
Fearless of course as
Dance and Sing with no
Paint by number instructions
for the NoW of Free as just anoTheR
SonG and DancE to hit a print of paGE..
So.. anyWay.. the Ego Booster Facebook Tester
Brings 7 Songs suggested from my Facebook
Profile History as all about me.. ranging
from Alice Cooper’s Poison to Alive by
Pearl Jam as the list moves on to..
My way by Frank Sinatra to Wild
Heart by Stevie Nicks to
Back in Black by
AC/DC to the
Subject SonG
HeAR oF Inspiration
of Belief by John
Mayer to finally
Here i go again
by White Snake
as Lone
Creativity will
Continue to Howl at
the Moon to find the
Omega Outcast Wolves
wHo continue to rise to Alpha
Star More.. As Freedom aLways
Dances and Sings on With Wings
Unfettered by Group think of Belief
No matter how harmful that Belief comes
to even those who Believe.. Catch 22 as they
‘say’.. for those afraid of Being outcast NoW from
Group think to Go where the Risen Phoenix as outcast
of Before has already been in ashes and conquered in self actualization
wHOle WiTh God as all that is.. so in other words.. sure.. i understand
what Group Think Fears.. Literally the potential oF Social Isolation
even if people
Laud the
from Highest
Leaders of their
Pack.. the Omega
Wolves FeeL and
SenSE Better for
they escape Ignorance
of Pack.. FReED and enJoy
NoW the HOwL of the MiDniGht
LiT MooN and yes.. of course.. A
Call of the WiLd thAT God BRinGS
to those who set themselves Free now
from the Fear NoW of literally losing
the Neurohormone Oxytocin and feeling
that lonely Numb within.. Omega Wolves
Already conquer that numb WitH ALiGHT oF GoD FReED..:)
WeLL iT’s TrUe.. A Karmic Eye for “LOnE WoLF sKeYes oF LoVE”
is back aGaiN.. matter oF faCT tHaT and wHo never leFT
the Stage in Exit way.. juST.. a Curtain Guise CoVeRinG
A Wizard oF oZ as Metaphor of course for the
HeaVeN of RainBoW GOld LiVing WiThiN
as FeaRLeSS smART UnCoNDiTioNaL LoVE
Never Beginning
or Ending
Yes.. Forevermore.. Yes.. sort of the opposite
LiGht RaveN Poe TaLe aS DaY oF GolD Always NoW..
so.. if the Jesus of/that the Fundamentalist Christians
really does come back now as ‘they’ are wishing so hard
in an Apocalypse that ends the world now in Fire wHeRE those
who did/DO not clothe the least among them were told to pull ‘those’
BootStraps up with Mental Illness on the Side of the Road
and taunted for being FreeLoaders without a Money
Changing Temple Cent of Sin inside their
pockets.. yes.. if those so
Called Christians
Age Jesus
who actually
had/has the Fire of
Love within his eyes now
how would they excuse the
great need to extinguish Health
Care Potential for 22 Million Folks
that could lead to somewhere between
100K to 200K DeathS in Disability and
other ways of Pain and Misery Suffering
more.. not unlike those Innocents killed
in Sand numbering more than 100K to
tear a country down and rebuild
it for profit for small
and selfish men
of Greed
with tiny
hands of
HeART and
Spirit and
BLacK HolE
heaRTless Chainy
BRinG oF deViL SoUL..
sure.. could this man Jesus
have Mercy even on someone
like the Dick Chainy then or even
the Trump of current dARk whOle
SoUL.. i WiLL say even yes now too..
but if they hold true to what their
Book says they are going down in
the Fire of the sAMe Ship
in the
already exist iN..
done deal as they
say.. the cards they
Bring as Reap of Sown
is the SouL they already LiVe..
so clear for those oF uS who live the promised
reward as simply a reap and sow oF Heaven NoW..
soW in other words.. i don’t have to lift a least piNky finger..
for ‘they’
they do
as Karma
as either BeacH
or B88tcH within one
creates as Love or Hate Now
in other words of course Jesus
F iN Christ it’s Common SeNse and
FeeL.. tHeRe is No esCaPinG MoTHeR
NaTuRE pLuS as GoD For Wonder WoMaN
aS Such BRinGinG you/them/us/ours the choice of
Sword or Bread of Life.. Manna as ‘they’ DanceSinG
too in eYes of LoVe and Grace and WiLL and Strength
TrUe LovE FearLess smArT FReED Wonder WoMaN Lives Within aLiVe
with no restraint
As Nature within
YoU NoW eVEr NoW..
FucK yoursElF uP2..
it’s reaLLy As SimPle
aS the Human Nature
Capstone of Pyramid that is LoVe
So one didn’T geT ‘the mEmo’?
Hope and Love in Company oF JoY is Heaven.
Fear and Hate in Company of Misery and Suffering is Hell.
Do any of those folks
who have a hand in
‘that’ really seem
Happy.. Does one
why Misery
Loves Company
so much with Fear
and Hate.. Look to Heaven
if one can and WiLL NoW and
jUST do Hope and Love iN Company
of Joy or Reap what one sowS in tHaT OtheR
Place often flavored with empty power and status.
Now that an appropriate Tribute
is done for the dArk
and liGht
of LiFe
yes.. the
AC/DC as
‘they’ Dance
And Sing too..
NoW.. off to all Free
Facebook Algorithm
Provided Memories
from year to date
in MacroVerse
ways too as Free
Verse Poetry Dances
And Sings on loose in
whatever FeeLs and
SenSeS in LiGht
of eMoTioNs
SenSes NoW..
But First to line up
all the Memories in Multi-tabs
of iMaC Big all in one Screen
and Computer Brain of 27.1
Diagonal Inches oF LiGht MoRe NoW..
as i continue to BrinG thE LiGht of Love
out of the touch of mY heaRT and
SpRinG sPiRiT oF GoD soUL paRT
wHole WitHin SuNShiNe MoRE NoW2..
sure otherwise kNoWn aS mY sELF..;)
“When the Architect MEETS THE ORACLE”.. MacroVerse Memory from
three years ago.. just another AC/DC Duality of Life that stands
to be BaLanCinG FoRcE Better from K11 to H8 per
Architect and Oracle out of “Matrix Trilogy”
Lore again where ArTist of InTuiTioN
cOMes OnE WiTH Science of
Systemizing Reason too
oNe ALL.. and
a classic early
New Age
Pose with Wolf
Grey not so whitie
tighties as ‘they’ say..
as what better Artistici
iNTuiTive ExpreSsinG SpiRiT
oF HeART Force iN MiNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL than
the scantily clad Middle Nude Age
Male NoW to express thAT NoW2
more fully with
less on
i must say
for those Non-
Victorian Folks unafraid
of Vicki’s Secret.. yes Vicki
gets all sensual in her undies too
aLIVe and WeLL eVen ViBrAnt as ‘they’ say..
oTheR than that it’s kind of Hilarious overall
and sort of a parody and sort of not too as with
enough practice even an ‘older’ Dude can become
a ‘David’ in the Flesh too.. practice practice practice
posing for a Mirror in New Age Selfie way cutting
the Middle Man or Woman oF Sculptor out of
an ArT Project of jUST one MaN or WomaN eTc..
ET aL.. yes.. all OTheRS too in GoDNeW Variation oF aRT
or naked nastiness day as the Wife Katrina often gigs it on Thursday2..
LasHinG me with Giggles as Man wHore and sLuT and such as thaT..
like Jesus
said in Verse
37 of the Gospel
of Thomas as reported
by whoever wrote that..
i didn’t fall asleep in Class.
and if one does NoT Dance
the SonG oNe withers away and
sure.. so does God within in Terms oF LiGht toward dARk..
seT yoursELf Free per the CaLL oF GOD as Born or NoT..Y..NoT..;)
Is it time for another SonG..
aPPeaRinGlly NoT QuiTe YeT..;)
“The Quest for UNdomestication!”.. sure now we are in Parody Land or
Blurred Lines as Robin Thicke once reported in Dance and SonG way
with Legs of Lamb Fresh and Domesticated and jiggly firm Breasts
of Young Models in topless way too on a mainstream YouTube Video
albeit with an unrated caution clearly visible at start for those
who might be offended of what’s yet to come.. and that
in turn is in paRT what my input and sure a ‘little’
output is about in this MacroVerse from three
Years ago too.. pushing the edge of
blurred lines i surely did and
still do in some ways
albeit all legal
to Local and
State and U.S. Federal
Laws regarding the First
Ammendment Rights to Freedom
of Expression and sure.. local community
rules that can vary a little bit in blurred lines too..
Particularly in the Poetry World as Female Nudes
A oK in even erotic Nude ArT view to accompany
Poetry for folks to share and view butt when
it comes to much less scantily clad
Males than this as this is surely
not something i would
include to share
intently with
an older
Group of Elder
Poet Ladies.. the Hypocrisies
are clear women traditionally
have been sold for commercial
art in the ways of Nudes and Men
went out of vogue about the Days of the
Victorian Age where the Bust of Apollo standing
upon my Desk from Chest Up along with Hebes
the Goddess of Female Youth also Known Now
as the “Age of Adaline” and Katrina too still
Pea Picking at age 47 in shorts of Eternal
Female Age LooKinG Youth.. yes.. the
Full Sculpture of Apollo had
his concrete sculpted
Penis Chopped off
as for some reason
folks still fear the Male
Penis in works of ART.. too.. sure there
are reasons for that that i clearly understand
as men traditionally in physical Strength have a
Certain Privilege of Unfair advantage to take advantage
of non-consensual situations but Jesus F iN Christ i am
a Married 57 year old man now and 54 years old then.. IN Nudist
Camps you often find folks my age there too as they have gotten
over adolescent fears of who is gonna do what when they get all naked as such..
and sure with the rage of Puberty Hormones those fears are surely valid but much later
in your 50’s if you haven’t seen it all and are used to it by now.. i guess you haven’t lived..
and ever got comfortable in your Naked Skin.. i think that’s sad but i surely understand
as i could have never stood Naked in front of the World until i truly became fearless and
God and
yes this is
the reason most
folks do the Nudist
Camp thingy to become
one with Nature and God
sAMe as it’s been a Long time
since the Pacifier of Diaper to keep shit in
and all the cultural and religious and other
lies of separation from God of Nature anywhere
else but within the Temple of God we FeeL and SeNsE BeST..
when Free
all the clothes
of Culture with
no shame as treading
on them as such not unlike
what the Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 clearly relates..
Good advice
for those
FeeL and
SenSE GoD wHY NoW as iS..NoW..:)
Time for
Will NoW too.
“Re: Hi… I’m Back”.. Need i say more.. perhaps the SonG
by George Burns says iT aLL as when one Focuses
iN FloW iN ZonE in Ecstatic Transcendent FLoW
oF ZeN-LiKe BeiNG iN aLL ArTs iNCluDinG
Free Verse PoeTry DancE and SonG
and MuSiC and sure even
Arts like Photography
and of course the
Tantric arTS
of Flesh
and Blood
Temple of God
WiTh and aS GoD
allone paRT wHole WiThiN..
iNside.. outside.. above.. so below
iN SpirALinG FloW eVen MoRE NoW2..
anYWay in the Archetype of the Human
Hero Story it’s true as usual the Hero
coMes BacK From DaRk Into the
Light and does his or her..
eTc’s.. BeST to ShaRE
what i LeArned iN
the dARk toward
eVeN Greater
Light NoW WitH
OtHeRS and the
true ignorance is
relegating an actual
Archetypal experience
to just one person as favorite
Quarterback or whatever as this
is the potential Inheritance sTiLL
as the Meek Inherit the EaRth as Givers
instead of Takers as the Heroes Do come aGaIn
this way.. it’s pretty simple.. if ‘they’ take instead of give
they are more likely to be a villain than a Hero.. particularly
if all they do is lie lie lie to build up a self that has never even
come once in this lifetime now as self actualization to give more than take.
Yep.. time for another Song for “66 Weeks of Neo Green Rave Dance”.. 66 weeks
of Rave-like Dance with all the Cool College Age Folks and more time in front of a
toughest Nihilist Audience perhaps anywhere online on the Wrong Planet Site..
And dealing still with a Poetry Pub online too that couldn’t take
as much Free Verse Poetry as i was still to bRinG
iN LiterAlly MilLioNs of more words then..
too big to fit in.. too big to see..
STiLL heAR as this
Sycamore Tree
to shrink
to the size of
expectations and
limits of others who
are not quite Luke Hot as
i AM about pressing and expanding
the Borders of Human Potential away
from Walls of Stagnate paint by numbers art
in forms that have already come that and who
refuse to break out of what is done before.. true..
some folks are more conservative as Social Scientist
Jonathan Haidt on the cutting edge of this Human Science
does relate will naturally be more disgusted at a work of Art
of David than someone with a more open mind for the Art of Change..
it’s hard to go it alone in any area of life as that is antithetical for a
so-called Normal Social Empathic Compassionate Animal like
Human Beings on Average Naturally are when Naked LoVinG
Free in a Village of a relatively small number of Human
Beings who share and give with the child as the
prize of all no matter who the Father and
Mother are as integral pART
of future
and Thrive
of the Entire
Village as a present
of Love to be Natured and
Nurtured same as WiLd and
LoVinG Free.. so.. anywaY as the
so-called Sacred and Holy Numbers
continue to FloW iN zoNe FuLL of Meaning
And Purpose as the Longest Long Form Poem
identified on Google anywhere i am aware of as
Match for the Mahābhārata in size of Free Verse
Poem of 1.8 Million Words as coming again on
7.17.17 in Terms and photos and Youtube
Music Videos and other links too..
in this New Transhumanist
Electronic Age assisting
all of hUmaN PoTenTaL
as Caesar Apes WorKinG
Stronger than Ever toGeTher
iN Fearless sMaRT UnConDiTioNaL
Love as trUly a War of Words of Love agAInsT
overall hate.. tonight is my 169th Dance Week
with all those Cool College Age Folks at Seville
Quarter since 66 weeks of doing that 2 years ago..
Missing three Thursday Nights often made up on another
Day of those Missed Thursday NiGht Weeks too.. and surely
made in many other places of public too as 7700 Miles of Doing
that in this 47th Month along with all 5 Million Words or so of “SonG
oF mY SoUL” Ocean wHole Poem that with itself as one LonG Form
Poem of which this Current MacroVerse Writing is 787 MacroVerses
Long Housing NetherLand Bible to surpass 1.8 Million words to birth
a Second Child of Long Form Poem as Large as the Centuries taken
Effort and Innumerable Creative Minds of WriTing in just a period
of 13.6 months by 7.17.2017.. and as surely as Osiris
and Isis and Horus make up one of the oldest
Archetypal Myths of the Hero Story
i as Actor For GoD also
Ocean wHole as pART
as Wave continues
that tradition
of BeinG
that is not only
cultural abstract constructs
but an innate Human Construct
too as evolved genetically through
the struggles of all our ancestors in
Literally Billions of Years too..sure.. down
to the Ancestor aS STaR DuST in Gaseous
Clouds that we STiLL cOme FroM as senTieNT
StAR duST PLuS stAndinG H8 TaLL inFinity 8
as two ones Bridge as the 11 to symbol H
in alpha Numerical K11 way NoW too
too sure2
11 iN 7 NoW
Even MorE NoW
as the 7 Celestial
Objects once only
seen with the Naked eye
as Bright Moon and Six Planets
too.. are now an entire Science Aided
eYe of more than a Quadrillion Points of
LiGht in what can and WiLL bE Seen of
NatuRe whOle as UnivERse in Numbers
of StaRs AboVe all with the PoTentiaL
to fire burst in crucible of Star
Death iN Resurrection
come again aS
aS SuN
to FloWeRs
as SenTiEnt
StaR duST PlUS
Essence of LiVinG
GoD aRises in oThER
ForMs oF BEinG Ways..:)
“Napoleon Syndrome’.. Could StaRT with a T but in My
Case an F of no Limits i Men Jesus F in Christ
DoU tHiNk ‘they’ were just kidding
about John 14:12.. anyway..
considering last MacroVerse
two years ago has me pictured
with an absolutely Gorgeous
Young Woman who in less
than two years into
my Journey
assessed me then
as a Pensacola Icon
as such after i literally
was a Shut-in in my Bedroom
for 66 Months just four years ago too..
ending for Miraculous Recovery then when
i told the Nihilists at the Wrong Planet that there
would not even be a sky for limits for me as there
are no limits with ART beyond the Word Infinite as
there are measures that can be truly made for pure
original Creative ArT of BeinG HUmaN NoW iN FLoW
iN ZoNe wheRe as Katy Perry says in her SonG
ET every move becomes MaGiC and sure
Months earlier i had already been
assessed by the viewing audience
as MVP and Legend of
Dance then and even
an awesome inspiration
by a Lovely Young Lady
in a Mall Store more excited
to meet me than i would ever
imagine anyone to be after what
i had been through before already
in 66 months of literal Hell on eARTh..
you See Napoleon Dynamite Developed
his Special Interest of DanCing FictioNaLLy
Lone as obviously someone clearly somewhere
on at least a Broader Phenotype Spectrum of Autism
too.. as a Human Far beyond what folks name as the
Norm of Being hUmaN too.. he then didn’t let it get him
down either and sure.. the ‘gentlemen’ in the Crowd were
not impressed much by my dance either until they saw how the
Female Audience responded too in greater adoration greater still..
A trULy Fearless Original Creative Person not afraid to Dance in Public
is as rare and even more rare than a snow flake in the LA Lower Alabama
Florida Panhandle of FLoWErs STiLL as it does not look like we will be soon getting
anymore snowflakes at the current warming rate of Flowers year round without a break..
i Live on a Mountain top of sorts of not only Emotional Regulation butt Sensory Integration
too.. i’ve surely and verily prepared my self for the Environment Still to come as Change..
i suggest
the same
in more than
little Trump man ways
of course as only metaphor
as trust me.. the most powerful
Love comes in relativELy smAll ‘packages’..
sure.. big bangs and all of ‘that’ too STiLL oN CourSe..;)
Yes.. now for a Song Change again.. and someone get ‘that’ phone please.. investigate
the noise hehe.. as ‘they’ say.. Be Free Be WiLd and when the most beautiful Girl
in the Club comes up to Dance with you Three years ago smile and sure
smile again when she comes back months later and kisses you
on the cheek for no other reason but respect in respect
of your Artistic Freedoms unleashed as any
Call of the Wild
of NatuRe
pLuS as GoD
too WiLL SuReLY
Do WiLd and FReED
too hand iN Hand
as Champion(S)
oF LiGhT
pART wHole
Ocean one so do
i have a personable
relationship WiTh GoD
TRUE iN LiGht inseparable
Ocean WhOle wE aRE and
So Are You iF you ROAR too
wiTh the eYe of the HumaN TiGeR
SeT Free as UnCoNDiTioNaL SmART And
FeaRLeSs Love NoW From the Grain
of Sand thaT and WhO hOlds thAt
MounTaiN ToP of GoD’s GifT
oF LoVe to and
NaTurE NoW
sure another Kiss
for a WiLD cAT NOW aS
CapStONe Pyramid CoMeS bAcK aGaiN..
“Dancing with the EYE of the Tiger and Sleeping NUDE!” ..;)
“God is a Hamster”.. Hmm.. i thiNK thAT iN ParT
iS whAT ‘they’ nAMe as Click Bait but never
the less paRT of and aS GoD wHoLe
as hAMsters CoMe
aGaiN too..
two years
ago too in
this MacroVerseToo..
with oh Lord.. more ‘fun’
with the Nihilists on the Wrong Planet..;)
“Constantine and Palestine”.. For one.. just a reminder
that there were a few MacroVerses i made…
particularly three years ago
where Daily publishes
were the norm
where no
photos were
included too in this
short Discussion among
Muslim Friends about God too..
yes.. the God of Nature and not words/books alone..:)
“HopE LoVE ISraEL” and sure.. Starting in May of 2016 most
every MacroVerse is somewhere around 15K words.. but
that’s what you do if one is gonna create a Full
Pyramid of Words in the Golden
PHI Mean of 1.618 Million words
in precisely one
year from
Day of 2016
through the
Next Memorial
Day of 2017 too..
in a ‘PHI Bible’ isREaL2
a SonG2 to kinda relate
how the Sun of that is
Shining again too NoW sTiLL..
WitH more fUn Deep Forest Nature
Photos and Dance photos that accompany
every MacroVerse from Old Seville Quarter
continuing NoW since May of 2016.. Muse
of Dance alWays iN huMaN Flesh and Blood too..:)
“Time… Love… Will…”.. PreMacroVerse with ‘Revelation 66’
CoMinG after thiS iN PArT and WhOle and linked again in
the 117th MacroVerse of Nether Land Bible 2017 too.. to be
A “Longest Long Form Poem Bible coMes aGaiN”
as also 788th MacRoVerse aS “SonG oF mY
soUL” once again in number way of
1.8 Million words and
5 Million or so words
oF LonG ForM Double
Team Effort in World Record
Way too as recorded in Google Way now too..:)
“Catching 711”.. again from two years ago.. Biloxi
Beaches and Casino Trip on the Catholic
Church Tour Bus.. as well as more
Wrong Planet
as i come
to the Finish point
of this “LOnE WoLF sKeYes oF LoVE”..
116th/787 MacroVerse to try to get in some
Holy and Thursday R and R Activities although
it’s almost 3:13 PM and running a little
behind with Write over flesh
and blood R and R Activities
alBeiT CoMinG SooN
CulMiNaTinG too
at Seville
Quarter on this
169th Dance
Week Night with
all the Cool College Age
Folks there with Photos CoMinG
heAR in the wee hours of Friday Morning too..:)

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
5 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 44,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked
MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)
PHI Bible.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)
Memorial Days Bible 2016-17.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)
SoN oF Google NoW2..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)