Golden Age reKneWeD

sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. the featheredsleep..
also known as Candice.. and Candy
as i remember too.. now..
yes.. A fAce oF old.. renews..
mY Great Aunt Jettie too..
94 years old last decade2..
wrinkles.. caNyOns
but does
thE LeatheRed
sKin of outdoor
Bonobo young darken
liGhts of LoVe iN eYes..
weLL no.. as
openS heARt..
EmoTioNs.. SeNses.. noW
liGhtS inNevery peptide receptor
iN cell from head to toe to face of Love
Trillions of Connections and Neurons
liGhts A sKy.. A gRound .. A soUL
of We.. wHo sTiLL FeeL..
sEnSe A touch oF loVe..
ageless.. timeless
A hidden
and open
core of Love..
comes form oF aFFect
Essence oF LoVe sMiLeS now
so BriGht.. wE hUmans aS even
science sHows are lovers more than
haters WiTH A HeARt.. A SpiRiT oF EmoTioNs
And SenSes iSREaL.. OpeNinG A miNd and BoDy SoUL
BaLanCinG sTar BriGht oF eYes aliVE and WeLL to tOuch..
wHeRever thErE iS abundance iN sharing.. giving.. and enough
to eat and shelter given.. this Love reigns and grows new as Golden
Age from child to old reNews.. Fearless as SmARt as wE are iNnatELy..
iNstinctuAlly.. and iNtuitively liGht.. Positive Energy comes form comes
essence comes sMiLes as Face oF liGht young or elder SpiRit groWs when iLLuMiNaTinG..
MoVinG.. ConNecTinG.. creaTinG as sMiLes withiN spReaDinG Masterpiece oF liGht A flAMe..
OtHeR than thaT..
Hi Candy..
Love you
FriEnd.. and
Hope you are
Doing WeLL WiTh sMiLes God oN..:)
Facebook FriEnd.. Rafiah.. wiTh
WiNks.. questions if the alWays
SmiLinG couple.. Fred and
Katrina ever
like we
are too
as a perfect couple hehe.. per se..
and sure as fire and ice we are.. haha..;)
So.. i say..
He.. he..
Not me..
Too Happy
To argue.. noW
am me.. i say.. yes Dear..
When Dear argues..
i could now
Tolerate A
Demon.. witH
A sMiLe.. but yeah..
i did customer
service.. then..
With about
Folks for
Over two
Decades of
Working with
The public.. therefore..
i then LEarned Sympathy
For the Devils.. to securely
Keep my Job.. and sTiLL.. now..
Meanwhile.. then.. i stayed trUe to
Married.. so in other ways of FeeLinG.. FormS and
Words.. Katrina argues almost constantly but that
Was part of hEr environment shE was raised in.. so..
i understand and accommodate the difference of temperament..
And sure.. at times.. it makes her even Angrier that
i stay so calm.. i lEarn and FeeL most from the DArk
oF liGht and eNjoy liGht oF LiFe FReED..
but anyWay.. iT iS oNly that Katrina..
FeeLs Free to express all of
her EmoTioNs.. dARk..
and liGht wiTh
me.. for the rest
of the general public..
only Angel’s eYes is what
they find of pure liGht.. sHe.. and sUre..
every real Angel has a spot of what ‘they’
saY as Yang DaRk.. within Yin LiGht or now..
however.. they metaphor that in Reverse too..
mY FriEnd Rafiah.. i don’t forget
the dArk as Ark thaT bRinGS mE
iN LiFE to greater liGhts of
breathe.. and ease aS
WeLL my FriEnd..
as the Waves
oF Ocean
wHOle that have
seen depth.. shallow..
fELt RAge and cAlm seAs..
AnyWay.. the TrUth and liGht
i’Ve seen says.. women have alWays
rulED.. the race of BeinG hUman.. and those
wHo trUly Love Women.. WiLL let them rule noW
unfettered.. Free.. hehe.. as Donald Trump iS even
Slowly lEarning tooo.. with his RUNNING FOE.. Hillary.. so..
yes.. oh.. and on top of that.. Katrina BRinGS mE down and
grounds me.. so i do not float off into space and you and
others never find me online aGaiN.. as sure.. i could be
Dancing alWays on the Beach.. sipping crystal water
and tasting
oF sAlt Air..
even.. Oscar Wilde..
suggested Pan leave
the hills of Arcadia as the
Yogi miGht do2 to BrinG
some more liGht wHeRe
it’s needed most.. hehe
with words here from
Wilde as quoted now..
“O goat-foot God of Arcady!
This modern world is gray and old,
And what remains to us of thee?….
Then blow some trumpet loud and free,
And give thine oaten pipe away,
Ah, leave the hills of Arcady !
This modern world hath need of thee!”
—Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)
And.. sadly.. Oscar was imprisoned for his Human
Nature.. fully expressed.. Sadly2.. enough Pan’s hadn’t
come to that point.. to free him from restraints of ignorance..
And a similar thing happened to Alan Turing.. ignorantly as well..
Hmm.. i guess in a way i do kinda have sure footed goat
legs and feet that are rather hairy too.. in contrast.. you
showed me that first Blog photo that were your Mehndi
Painted Feet.. so.. sure.. hehe.. too as Art2.. coming
in my next Facebook profile photo.. i’ll show you
two of mine noW oN
a path to beach
on brick..
in goat legged
feat of Fred Foot way2..
except.. WiNks.. i am
more modest than
you as i wear
Nike Shox
hair that
covers the
naked of my
legs.. haha..
Yeah.. i kNoW
and FeeL too.. hehe..
you didn’t ask for all of this..
and haha.. iS iT anyWay or wonder
that i write so much.. to avoid.. giving
Katrina too many Fredaches to go along with pissed..;)
Hmm.. and now i say.. the other photo in my last
Macro-Verse.. titled.. “Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend!”..
had the Turtle Tattoo Footed Katrina pointing to Navarre Beach..
while what was left of my Nike Shox Shoe.. is pointed to a Brick
from the Veteran’s Plaza Memorial Complex.. for Pensacola Beach..
so yes.. as i ramble here.. the second pArt of the Pan Golden age thought..
coming sure footed and handed sTiLL in a few as the streAM oF Y i FlowS more..;)
So.. here next is a Facebook Provided Macro-Verse Memory
of three years ago.. lots of eclectic photos and words
and even very cryptic ways of sPeaKinG too..
hmm.. i’d even have to do some
decoding to remember
what i was all on
about 3 years
ago too.. but as the
Macro-Verse asks.. “IS IT OK TO LuV luciFER?”..
hmm.. WeLL.. sure that depends on what you thiNk
and FeeL the Lucifer metaphor means
ranging from a quick note
or so in the bible
about an Angel
of liGht..
to John Milton
and his ‘Paradise lost’
who is said to invent the idea
of conflating the Angel of liGht as
Biblical Myth.. housing trUth and
Essence of human archetypes for liGht
A Rebel with a ’cause of human potential
greater of course.. with what was also the myth
of the Devil and or Satan.. come to be conflating
with the horned and goat footed Pan of the Forest
with all his girl friend nymphs of Dance and Pan flute SonG too..
with Lucifer too.. as hey.. when you are designing a religion along
with the Mithra Sun God associated with a Humble Yogi Teacher.. yA
gotta give all the other myths a bad rap.. suggesting they did clandestine
human sacrifice too.. as that was a real thingie talked about in the old old
Testament of the Bible too.. sure.. oneupmanship as competitive greedy
hoarding humans who wanna control others in subjugating them with
illusory fears and empty promises.. will surely do to say our
team goes goes goes uP.. noW and your religious team
and or quarterback of whomever.. sucks sucks sucks
and goes down down down.. to whatever flavor
of separation between tribes and
countries are in flavor of
the day at hand..
and of course the difference
in a Neo Pagan way of viewing
the world is human is born innocent..
giving and sharing creature of God when
set freed and wild like the other animals too..
iN MoVinG.. CoNNecTinG.. CreAting Empathic way too..
whereas.. a culture born of religion suggests that humans
are at core.. evil with original sin.. as of course they also equate
human nakedness and all natural lust that keeps our closest face
kissing and oral sex making Bonobo cousins all LOVIE DOVIE
toGeTheR with Nature GoD oNE Free.. squelching potential
violence all natural and sensual between the legs and
all around per se.. with do no harm to
others as any close village of
naked primates
will do
in peace
and harmony
and balance too..
and least in Love Bonobo style
away from American.. etc.. style violence..
and fear.. and hate.. and discontent and stuff like that.. ugh2..;)
Anyway.. across the globe there have been rumors.. literature and
down wRite prophecies that say.. another Golden age of all natural
humanity of Fearless and smARt LoVe iS coming aGaiN in all innate..
instinctual and intuitive ways.. with ‘A few’ teachers coming to help otHers along
noW.. A.. highway and freeway.. aS our ancestors furry and warm and TruE liGht WiTh
each oTher
FReED.. hehe..
@lEAst for mE…
And conspiracy theorists
and fundamentalisting bible thumpers
love to make a horned devil as scary as
can be.. as sure.. scaring green BLack dollar
bills into the coffers of ahem.. cough.. give us more
or go To F iN Hell.. and Grow some horns and another tale2 now..
But anyway.. devil’s as human archetypes do exist for folks either born
without empathy and compassion.. or have had parents or other social
abuse and neglect too.. to take the liGht aWay from Social Cooperation oF
worKinG toGeTHeR to bE all wE can Be now.. but as far as evil art coming to
three dimensional life.. like Freddy Kruger coming to be.. be careful what you wish
for as self-fulfilling prophecies have been kNoWn to be Come iSREAL for sure.. and nah..
i for one.. ain’t no dEviL sTiLL but i retain my goat footed sure and hairy legged
ways juST for fUN iN liFE as Peace and Harmony aWay foR Me..;)
And from a year ago.. “EMPiRe Force Love STRiKEs BAck”.. with one of my favorite
photos borrowed from December of 2013 too.. with Sun Devils and Sun
at the Beach.. worth sharing again.. with one of my favorite
Sunset photos.. shared in that Macro-Verse earlier
about the sTiLL modern myth of Lucifer too..:)
Yes.. i realize..
‘this’ is what
is truly
to house..
the human
touch of course..
Puppy Dogs.. Kitty Kats..
and Katrina’s Step Great
Nephew as such.. if i have
all the relative details correct..
holding all the eggs and such as that..
with free range turkeys as really nice back drop2..;)
And yes.. ‘here’ is sister-in law Jerri’s Grand Child and
Katrina’s Great Nephew.. and a Black cat that
comes special with Jerri’s Husband’s
extended farm family too..
juSt iN time for
my last
“Black Moon Apocalypse
Weekend!”.. Macro-verse too..
as this new 709th Macro-Verse..
so far.. to be titled “Golden Age ReNews2”..
as sort of a
oF Words2..:)
“Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.”
~~ Things We Can Learn From Dogs ~~
Hmm.. Before i go on.. FriEnd gigoid..
as i’m a day behind in all the weekend
festivities from arriving back here to
practice my Devil’s Advocate arts
of speaKing.. hehe.. thanks..
and yes..
as the
Wild Kingdom
says.. be careful
oF the deepest most
guttural growls as they
are sure to come from big
jaws and Grandma what
big teeth you have..
hehe.. sometimes
i growl like this
just for
doing my Yoga Stretches
in the dArk DanCinG parKinG
lot and it sounds like roaches
scattering after i do this..
i kid you not.. hehe..
and one of my
friends asked
me if i like
scaring folks
and i said.. hey.. it’s
just Yoga and it’s not my
fault that i have big Jaws
and Teeth that make a Lion Sound when
i stretch.. and i also kid you not.. i let out
a cosmic sneeze at Catholic Church
in the Temple Dome.. all reflexive
and echoey as such.. and
the little old ladies
swore a
shot gun
blast went
off.. but hehe..
that’s what they get
for complaining about
my shapely hairy legs when
i wear shorts in the middle of Winter.. haha..
and seriously.. i seriously had one lady tale
me.. Fred.. you should be ashamed of yourself..
i went easy on her and didn’t do my Lion Growl.. hehe..;)
“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”
— Erasmus
Yes.. Light
DArK noW..:)
“It is human nature that rules the world,
not governments and regimes.”
— Svetlana Alliluyeva
This can definitely be true..
subsistence.. reproductive rights..
shelter and territory..
are cause for
much conflict….
places now of
abundance warm
are much friendlier
overall.. than places
on the globe with lots
of brown.. and.. white..
per desert and snow.. etc..
unless Gov/technology provides
enough warm and social net support..
as they did in Scandinavian homogenous
countries before those who have not came
and conflicted with different ideas of reality
in newer heterogenous way.. Governments
are most definitely necessary to provide
an infrastructure for more than
about 150 to 200 sets
of human
eyes not
for cultural
comfort with
much bigger city
numbers less New
Orleans after Hurricanes
chaos ensues on city streets..:)
“Humankind cannot stand very much reality.”
— T.S. Eliot
Hmm.. as in all stuff.. animal
Kingdom.. use or lose applies..
use reaLiTy..
sure.. or
lose it too..;)
“There cannot be a nation of millionaires, and there never has been a nation of Utopian comrades; but there have been any number of nations of tolerably contented peasants.” — G. K. Chesterton, Outline of Sanity CW. V. 192
Works for me trUe iN liGht.. as
i make my own happiness.. full
NoW iN A country that has noW
enough freedom.. leGally Now..
as such to allow a path within..
inside.. outside.. above.. so
below.. and all around
@ Least
Happy NoW..
and contented2..:)
“Politics is poopadoodle!”
— Fred the Bird, from Odds Bodkins
Yes.. it is very much like Poodle Pooh pooh
these days at the national Trump.. sure..;)
Although everyone is entitled to be stupid,
some abuse this privilege.
— Smart Bee
Yes.. sometimes..
stupid does..
can be
fUn NoW2..;)
Keep the pointy end forward
and the dirty side down.
— Smart Bee
And remember..
[I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad. It’s dead! — Smart Bee
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this rutabaga… — Smart Bee
Ignorance of one’s ignorance is the greatest ignorance.– Smart Bee
“YOW!! I’m in a very clever and adorable INSANE ASYLUM!!” — Zippy the Pinhead]
These four.. explain ToGeTheR
each other.. well enough..
okay.. off
to yoUr neXt
and last peARl
Garden now to
get all caught uP..
as tomorrow is gonna
be another Nature day plus
for me to escape online.. iSREAL..;)
SMiLes.. the Internet was created
by lonely boys in garages
to create social
roles for themselves
so retired and ‘other’ folks
could better co-create
their own roles too..
and notice..
as statistics
show.. after
the year 2000..
serial killing went down
300%.. oh.. the social roles..
safely coming to heal the potential dead..;)
-me.. et.. al..
me.. ow..
“A wise man will
make more opportunities
than he finds.”
— Francis Bacon,
English philosopher (1561-1626)
But only
if he or she seeks..
and practices after finding
and seeks and finds more..
never ending story noW as liFe changes..:)
“A bitter jest, when the satire comes
too near the truth, leaves a sharp sting behind.”
— Tacitus
that works..;)
“If rejection destroys your self-esteem,
you’re letting others hold you as an emotional hostage.”
— Brian Tracy
A lesson of the Art of MoVinG.. ConNecTinG.. and CreAtinG..
for moderation of EmoTions.. and Integration of Senses..
Officially Tai Chi by lesSon works for this too..
however.. words are kinda empty
unless at least one valid
path to actually
do this
is provided iSReaL..
problem with the bible
and the koran too..
lots of talk
practice of
juST DoinG iT noW..
That actuAlly FucKinG works..;)
“You may forget the one with whom you
have laughed, but never the one with
whom you have wept.”
— Kahlil Gibran
i write it all down in a Garden
of Band Aid..
per se..
and rarely
forget any oF iT
as i take notes along the
way.. same thing.. i did in school..
then.. and nah.. never looked back
at my notes then either.. hehe..
but now that they are at
least readable vs..
and chicken
prescription writing..
other folks seem to view
what i do.. at least by record
on Blogger Blogs.. as Word
Press is too slow and
clunky overall..
Garden notes..
(:.. winkS and
quick… slow..
i set it up
that way
as writing takes time..
and fewer distractions..;)
“Be able to be alone. Lose not
the advantage of solitude, and the
society of thyself.” –unknown smart guy
And on the other Hand.. don’t forget the
Meaning oF Social Animal LiFe.. ToGeTheR..:)
Kindness is more important than wisdom,
and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.
— Theodore Isaac Rubin
Yes.. so-called Standard
IQ measures of Intelligence
can be rather cOld and Empty
by the
of the
Cognition Robot Day..
Creativity FeeLs.. @least..
iN MoVinG.. CoNnecTing
CreaTivELy.. iN hUman SeNSinG ways..
aS Social Empathic iNtelligence GRows..:)
So.. i stARt wRiTinG A new MacroVerse to be titLeD..
Golden Age ReNews.. and now all around
mE.. Golden Sun Flowers with God of
Nature’s Golden Spiral PHI..
patternS onE.. pollinated by
Golden Striped..
Bees are all
around me2..
Art to be captured
all for free.. and truly
i find now.. it’s kinda sad..
that i spent so many decades..
totally focused on work.. go home..
play a little snowboard video game..
go to sleep.. get the required shopping
done while i’m taking in all the stress of the
other shoppers to add to mine.. and the whole..
wash and rinse cycle of life starts for another week..
that never ends it seems.. then.. of what truly can be both
A cultural and self-imprisoned Zoo of liFe.. tHeRe is so much
to be enjoyed in the Pensacola Metro Area.. including the County
of Saint for Roses.. Santa Rosa county.. that spreads from Sugar
White Beaches.. Seagulls majestic white and other colors spiraling
around Sun with Swaying Sea Oats.. Emerald Gulf Waters.. and Dunes
that have been washed away.. replaced by open Horizons of the Earth
as round.. instead of jagged.. where footprints can escape.. the
hand of human.. in making tools a world away from
what used to be Earth Born Nature.. well..
sure.. the tools are extensions of Nature
too.. more than a Beaver Dam.. and
iN PARt.. damning even the
Bees that pollinate deeply..
SunFlowers BRiGht noW
as they rise uP to A Big Seed
of LiFe and SunFlower in sKy
that BRinGS uS aLL to liFE as
days go on.. and then one travels
North to Forest Lands.. Clear Creeks..
and Sugar White Sands to Northern Farms..
and Nature Preserves in Northern County way..
where every color of Flower bRinGS sPArks to liFe..
that says this IS A Land of Abundance.. a Land of Beauty
And a land wHere Peace reigns beyond the edifice Nature
Now of Human Cultures.. We Have Genetic Memories that
Identify Garden of Eden’s like this that say rest.. relax.. energize..
For this IS A place of liFE wHere strife need not live.. iN Abundance
oF LiVinG noW WiTh FearlesS and smARt Unconditional Love
FoR AlL And trUe.. while not all folks here.. of course.. live this
Golden Age ReNew of hUman BeinG TrUth and liGht…
A remaining FaCt lives HeRe now.. that you can iF
you WiLL to find this way of Golden Age ReNew
of Heaven’s Gate fully open now.. noW.. NoW..
heRE NOW.. oKAy.. WeLL.. maybe not.. but
iT iS oKAy for me as i SinG a SonG oF liGht..
iN Golden Age ReNews WaY foR noW@lEAst..
SMiLes Above..
Autumn Sun Flowers
Spiral Below..:)
And sure.. iF i ever make it back
to the official Haibun prompt that
was provided on Monday at dVerse..
requiRinG a narrative NoW of a day in the
life of our day to day events.. this entails a three
hour trip.. to Heaven’s Trail too.. accompanied..
and illustrated in visual poetry in Facebook Slide
Show Algorithm way.. and nah.. those aren’t the
one or two.. TERSE.. paragraphs above required..
THAT IS A ShoRE that FloWs and SpiRals no
less than Ocean TideS oN Shores of Beach
that kNoW.. No.. stiff guidelines or limits
to simply liVe liFE Free.. thiS iS
not allowed in Poetry Land
online.. to share.. as iT iS
seen as doing too
much.. stepping
ouT noW.. oF
boarders from
rigid paragraphs
and lines that feel
little heARt.. oF SpiRiT
oF Deep DeeP EmoTiOns..
A N D S E N S E S F R E E..
And HuMaN SpiRit thaT flows
softly and powerfully as miNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL
DoEs FreeLy.. A reflection oF
the UniVerse oF F Y i.. within but the
thing is.. never ever.. A full essence of
An expansive state of relaxed MiNd and
BoDy awareness that i experience at this
very moment while the words flow effortlessly
out of my Fingers as honey dipped on Wings of Bees..
streAMing down.. as liFE sPaRks smoothly across stars oF SKeYes..:)
So.. sure.. this cannot be labeled by Haibun or Haiku alone.. it fits no
preplanned guidelines of poetry professionals from before .. it lives..
iT iS organic.. it has no science only systemizing mind.. it flows
as water.. it gRows.. iT kNows no bounds of flower pot…
wE can call if Fredbun and FredKu.. why not..
to go along in poetry free verse.. with
my Fred Fu in martial arts too..
but no.. you will never learn
to do this.. as my soUl
is much more unique
when open than
a finger
print of hUman
bEinG.. and haha..
copy.. share if you like..
the signature iS all oF iT
As My soUL.. and HeLL no
it WiLL never be put uP for FucKinG
Sale.. sUre.. the discount for all of this iS FREE..
sMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Lillian..
currently.. writing a New Macro-Verse
haha.. that in my case is the equivalent
of half a poetry novel.. anyWay.. the title now
is Golden Age ReNews.. and what a deLiGht
tHis muse you create to liGht anoTher patH
of Golden Spiral
SMiLes.. As A sMiLe..
iS not juST a show of Teeth..
Sunshine from lips is what it
bRingS Now fRom SunFloWer
liFe SiGn Seed SuN aBove
oUr liGht beLoW as wE
sHine iT back
for Gift of liFe..
and spread these
SMiLes to one and aLL
OtHeRs WiTh alWays
Hope of GroWinG
Ocean WHoLe
oF Fearless Love..
Greater FoRCe oNe oF liGht..:)
A quick trip over to dVerse and
A happy razzle dazzle prompt for
A change.. more to come
later.. as the
day’s activities
move into the
outworld off
for now.. so..
break for now.. aGain..
and see yA’LL later…;)
2:32 pm.. 10042016..:)
SMiLes.. my fRiEnd gigoid.. and nice to see you
pace a slow and willful effort of return to write..:)
“Self-reflection is the school of wisdom.”
~~ Balthasar Gracian ~~
for many.. but
possible to retrieve..
and true.. often.. with a
pace of slow and willful effort
over decades of living experience too..:)
“Do not look for all the answers at once.
A path is formed by placing stones one in front of the other.”
~~ The Giant from Twin Peaks ~~
When every word and
every step.. and every image..
and every feeling.. and every sensation.. etc..
are created all as holy and sacred now by we..
there are
no answers
but.. now.. my FrienD..:)
‘Kindness, patience, and compassion without restraint,
are still the best decisions we can make.’
With Kind and Courage..
Cinderella’s and Cinderfella’s Rule
wiTh fearless smARt UnConDiTioNal LoVe..
thaT iS
but be and
give and share..
MoVinG CoNnecTinG
And CreAtinG AlWays
morE WiTh
and so
morE noW2..:)
“It costs so much to be a full human being
that there are very few who have
the enlightenment or the courage to pay the price…
One must abandon altogether the search for security
and reach out to the risk of living with both arms…
One has to embrace the world like a lover…
One has to accept pain as a condition of existence…
One has to court doubt and darkness as the cost of knowing.
One needs a will stubborn in conflict,
but apt always to
total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying.”
~~ Morris L. West, “Shoes of the Fisherman” ~~
i WiLL add
And one can
to do it as a naked
warrior with no shame
for being
as we are
born to bE2..:)
“Make no judgments where you have no compassion.”
~~ Anne McCaffrey ~~
All forms of empathy
and compassion are
what makes uS hUman
when judgement is turned
into a way to liGht instead of FaLL to dArk..:)
“Belief gets in the way of learning.”
~~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love ~~
Belief Can bE A Positive hUman EmoTioN
and when used this way..
thiS EmoTioN caN
glUe leArning
As A hiGher
BeinG moRe..
aS all one can bE…
Belief only getS in the
way of lEarning when iT does..
As Belief iS EmoTioN @Essence and no word
human abstract
symbol alone..
it is
an empty word
shell with little to no essence oF FeeLinG SenSinG noW..:)
“Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart.”
~~ Steven Stills ~~
Fear IS A Real DEvil..
thaT Steals A HeArt
oF Real AngELs2..:)
“I looked more widely around me,
I studied the lives of the masses of humanity,
and I saw that not two, or three, or ten, but hundreds,
thousands, millions, had so understood the meaning of life
that they were both able to live and to die.
All these men were well acquainted with the meaning of life and death,
quietly labored, endured privation and suffering, lived and died,
and saw in all this, not a vain, but a good thing.”
~~ Leo Tolstoy ~~
Life is
for those
who live iT Good..
what comes
neXt as liFe..
than said..:)
“Heaven embraces the horizon.
No matter how jagged the profile, the sky faithfully conforms.”
~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~
ReaLiTy iS..
LiVe iT..
As iS..:)
“Comedy. Sudden, violent, comedy!”
~~ Monty Python ~~
Better yeT..
SinG and DancE
too.. as more than
A sMiLe and Laugh too..
Free liGht..:)
Facebook Friend Benny.. from
a non-supporter outsider look..
provides an opinion that there
is no way that the Trump/Pence
ticket will win the election.. now..
So.. i say in political returns..
WiNks.. no..
Not if Trump
Has anything
More to say..
As he
Is his
Own worst
Political Enemy..
And that’s one
Thing.. both
Sides.. seem
To agree on..;)
And now i say.. hmm.. i ‘normally’ don’t watch
any TV.. but a few funny TV shows that the
Katrina has brought to my attention over
the last three years since.. i’ve gained
my ability back to use my eyes and
ears to do TV.. at all.. namely..
Lucifer.. The Big Bang Theory..
the Goldberg’s.. the Real
O’Neals.. and various
clips of other shows
she bRings to my
attention that often
fit synchronously
for what i am
currently writing
in Macro-Verse way
for the usual three days
of that activity before.. blog
publishing in Ocean Whole Poem way..
Hmm.. this three ring circus of Executive
Branch Politics IS A once in a lifetime opportunity,,
one can hope.. if the country doesn’t totAlly fall apart..
as a three ring circus with no end of silly and too strange
for a movie.. antics.. of what humans at the so-called
top levels of Prospective Government Servants
and elected officials can and will do.. if let
loose from the nut-house per se..
of what is historically socially
acceptable in politics..
still today.. and as
far as who fits
the norm
of a politician..
perhaps Pence is the
only one who can adequately
hold his tongue.. in style.. at least
in what we have come to expect from
a Republican Politician.. with of
course some bullshit mistruths
and down right lies smoothed
over in political talk to make
their day in the color they
paint.. see that last
phrase.. that
keeps this
talk.. and
the flow of shores
of words in shape like
a sea shore that makes somewhat
sense in the realm of poetry.. even in
what poetry professionals can potentially
define.. for continuing Free Verse style
in what continues on as longest long
form poetry way in the history
of humankind too.. so..
in this way.. hehe..
my agenda..
too.. as
if you haven’t
figured out yet..
Politics is pARt of the
HUMAN FucKinG Beast..
at least for so-called normal
human beings or strange ones
who attempt to fit the bill of human
just for fun.. haha.. hehe.. and the show
goeS on.. but sure.. a political commercial
intervenes.. as politics at the current executive
three ring circus peaks in as dArk does to liGht..
as it’s too dam funny to almost believe that
so-called rational political leaders can
say stuff like whole groups of
folks are bad folks in ethnic
way.. and definitely including
the snafu.. Hillary made..
with a broad Minion
paint brush now..
of labeling red state
folks as Deplorable’s
in pick uP Trucks hehe..
as sure.. ‘red neck’.. is even
further of what that Arkansas
‘Wbread’ lawyer meant to say..
as city folks will still do
and say too.. hehe..
’bout us country
folk.. that
tend and
turn over the soil..
in the mid-day sun..
as sure.. i can talk that
‘red-neck’ talk too.. but only
if absolutely necessary.. hehe..
and that’s what made Bush a Winner..
Blending in with ‘red neck’ culture fully..
Trump can’t do that with a Golden Spoon.. ‘stuck up’..;)
So.. the EN name test thingie.. provides..
an analysis of what my Headline in paper
way will say for the day..
and of course it
picks right uP on
the eternal teenager..
Katrina’s SMile.. her Great
Nephew.. and black Kitty Kat..
in tow and says.. Katie has a
new profile picture and 2000 new
friend requests.. and sure.. if ‘this’ was
the Katrina only Facebook Page.. this certainly
could ring true.. but hehe.. there is me.. who
BEYOND.. cute kitty kat.. great nephews..
and eternal teenager Katrina too..
but true.. that photo..
was like almost a record..
breaker for likes for the strangest of
Facebook folks that trUly of course..
is me.. hehe.. writing an average of 120K
plus words as hard drive back uP for Ocean
Whole Poem words each month.. does anyone
else do that.. nah.. not likely @aLL.. haha.. even
if they could.. they more than likely would be
too worried someone might steal tHeir
words.. haha.. i’ve got
more than enough
photos.. words..
and dance to give
and share.. as there is
alWays more coming coming
coming in so many more ways to come..
no drOught of life here continues on for sure.. Now..
so.. anyway.. my response to the headline is.. noW..
STiLL iS..
Facebook Friend Himali shares
a “Peanuts” slide that that
includes “Marci” and
“Peppermint” Patty..
walking together with
Strawberry and Chocolate
Ice-cream Cones respectively..
with a caption that says.. and i quote..
“Happiness is a best Friend”.. you know
and feel the kinda friend.. who you can alWays
count on will really feel you as a human being.. and
connect to you in a way that warms your heart.. and
since leaving the Wrong Planet.. online.. back in
2013.. moving on to Poetry Land and actually
finally finding at least one Face Book Friend
who made me feel that way then.. yes..
the real first online friend.. since..
i started this online writing
endeavor on Thanks
Giving Day on the
Wrong Planet
Hell.. a
last refuge
for the unwanted
toys.. outcast.. mostly
as such from society for a
many variety of reasons.. namely
the main one.. of folks who were not
motivated to reciprocally socially communicate..
with and even share and give of mutual interests..
the worst place.. perhaps possible to find a new friend..
who brings you those cozy rosy warm and fuzzy feelings..
that the oxytocin social bonding neurohormone.. oxytocin
naturally does in receptors located strategically from
head to toe of one’s body as such with
the human touch in both actual
warm and fuzzy mutual
touch and mirror
neuron ways..
that can
even come
from rosy.. cosy text..
like when a sweet young woman
says the phrase ‘my dearest friend’..
ha.. you have no idea how much that means
to a little boy who was raised on the river front..
as the Eagle pose i bring here shows with arms raised..
no longer in stiff posture.. with arms stiff at side.. yes where
my left hand is on river bank here by railroad trestle from
a stones throw of childhood is where i was raised..
not able to speak until age 4.. with great
difficulty expressing myself..
in reciprocal social
for decades on end..
unless i was around a
similarly inclined Beta Club
member in nerd way too..
where we could talk
about school..
and such as
that in science and
social studies way..
people where always my biggest
special interest.. a country i explored and
visited but i was more like Space Mountain..
nice to visit once.. but kinda overwhelming to
stay too long.. as my ideas flew like birds
with no cohesive flock of thoughts
that made ‘normal’ of what folks
expected from other school
folks.. anyway.. i managed
to keep a smile on my
face with eyes that
said love enough
to have a few
friends along the
way.. and so nice to
escape the Wrong Planet..
now to find a few online true..
and in a few i will go to some Facebook
Memories in Macro-Verse way.. and the title
of the last one.. named Bottom Bridge Wings..
could certainly be a themed and meted way
for my Eagle Pose with Talons raised high..
in Bottom Bridge home town River
Bank Raised place here..
where the roots oF Y i..
are still plain
to see.. on the
horizon of my left
arm here.. oh to SinG..
a SonG of LIFe.. without the
words to express emotions and senses..
always felt so.. so deep.. with no way to get
them out.. but now.. so.. so deep.. a Space Mountain..
every which
way and loose.. foR noW..
oh and yeah.. i return on
Facebook Friend Himali’s
share.. the words..
Hi.. HI.. Himali.. just
stopping by to
say hello.. friEnd..:)
And Himali says..
HELLOOO my dearest friend !
And i say back..
AlWays Love Himali
And now i
Bottom Line..
i appreciate Friends..:)
It’s impossible to fully appreciate ‘this photo’ on Facebook as
all profile photos are compressed of course to conserve
Facebook Hard Drive space when shared like this..
when i download all the glory of this Single Sun
Flower with back drop of October Florida
Panhandle lighter frost to deeper
Azure Sky.. Bee Pollinating..
Golden Spiral PHI..
of God’s Pattern
of MoVinG through
SKeYeS.. with corn
field soon to sprout golden
Fruit of Cobs.. juSt anoTheR
Day in the liFE oF God allthatis..
in beauty to behold with sentient star
duSt pluS wE wHeRe only the poet’s hand
can adequately bRinG the Glory and Praise..
of God’s hand to words of hUman touch in all that is
DanceS and SinGs a SonG of liFe.. anyWay.. all 70 or so
thousand photos that accompany all my Macro-Verse Blog
posts.. numbering 709 for this aptly titled “Golden Age ReNews”
to fit the theme and meme appropriately here.. of course.. and even
the 30K or so attached in FlicKR liNk.. before i decided to fully include
all of them. by way of Macro-Verse in the Summer of 2014.. to find them
easier in beauty of memory ways to relive at a later date and share again..
i can’t say that the up to close to 3000 views i receive a day in the
life of all my blogs have anything to do..
with any of my 3.3 plus million words
at all.. and if not.. that is quite oKAy for
me as Lord kNows.. i wasn’t the kind of
child who truly enjoyed reading as i’d much
rather see and think the world in visual images..
and in interpretive way.. than limit myself..
to a black and white world of text..
thaT is until i lEarned to color
my words with the Winds
of God.. and paint
a picture of God
with words too..
but Lord knows
and feels this photo
here has more to say about
God than my entire Bible of words..
yes.. all 12 million words arriving in
6 years as of ThanksGiving day 2016..
and any sacred text i for one have ever read..
whole.. and yes.. since 2010.. i’ve probably read..
100’s of millions of words.. to go along with the
12 million or so that have flowed free through
my fingers
as my eYes
of God and yoUrs
do too.. in whatever
way God’s eYes continue
to Golden Age reNew continually
as wE and God sAMe emerge hiGher
toGeTheR noW in SuN floWer ways of pollinating
BlUe sKeYeS of GoD toGeTheR wHOle aS wE noW..DO..
anyWay.. bottom line..
all my photos are
available for
give and share
fully uncompressed..
on all my blog posts..
if you’ve never tried.. and
sure the posts can take some
time to open.. if you don’t have
a Super Computer and Broad Band
access that i continue to purchase to
get all of this done.. bottom line again is..
click on any photo.. and it will magnify to
cover your entire screen.. as since September
of 2016 with the purchase of an iPhone 6s to point
and shoot and capture any Haiku moment in visual way..
they equal the best of digital cameras of just a few years ago
too.. and Lord knows and feels what Apple will do next with
point and shoot smARt phone cameral technology..
i’m hoping to one day capture the details
of the smallest of spiders in web
way on Earth too..
to share..
as well in
multimedia online web way free..
free.. just to give and share.. and that
my friEnds is the TruE Golden Age ReNews..
where give and share replaces the green bLack
dollar of storing grain.. started 10 to 12 thousand
years ago.. for the birth of Greed and Jealousy and
Owning the Earth and wE.. as Separate.. rather than Yoga Unity
for aLL in eYes and sKeYes that say we are noW one Force sTiLL
hiGher as
God Free ToGetheR noW..
Bottom liNe.. liFe iNspiRes when FReED..:)
WeLL yeah.. truth be tOld.. this
is Facebook.. after all.. and
whenever i stand up i am
a body in motion never sitting
sTiLL and when sitting.. my fingers
are alWays StiLL FLYinG WiTh eYes hiGh..
hehE.. at lEAst
in ‘this photo’.. DanCinG..
i AM a FriGginG SunFloWer2..;)
Or per.. reference last Facebook Profile
Pic status.. perHaps.. i AM juSt A BEast
of Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin
with Smilie Face and Ghosts
and don’t
forget.. Snoopy too..
at least when i’M only DanCinG
Free and not saying a DaM word now2..;)
WeLL.. foR NoW ending in rapid
Machine like gun fashion.. for 5 quick
Facebook Profile Facebook Picks for continuing
Ocean whole poem.. in Macro-Verse to Micro-Verse
way here that will surely appear here too.. in another Micro-Verse..
combo.. of these Micro-Micro Verses i am sharing here as pARt oF
that Macro-Verse soon to come too.. haha.. yes.. bottom line..
different strokes for
different folks
to what makes
yA aLL content
in liFe or does not..
some folks are more
flexible than other folks..
as ‘this picture’ does provide..
incontrovertible evidence for too..;)
EverywHeRe i go..
Miracles go wiTh me..
ha.. it’s aLmost like i’M
anoInted by God.. in mEtaphor
way only of course.. huh.. hahE..;)
WeLL.. SpeaKinG of things that go with me.. MacroVerse
Memory here.. “i of Inspiration”.. provided by the trusty Facebook
Algorithm Assistant for this memory of two years ago..
plays to the purpose of lEarning and PracTiCinG an
Art of liFE with all liGht and dARk beCoMinG hoLY
and sAcred as A total miX oF liFe.. nah.. not
the easiest thing to do.. until
you are naked in the
Forest with your
Village and
all depend
on each other and
Nature Whole aka God
for day to day forAginG For
Golden Age ReNeWinG survival..
God EmerGinG withiN oF aLL Sentient
Star DuSt liFE that coMes from Seed stars
who BRinG uS heRe noW toGeTheR onE whether
we see and feel this reaLiTy or not.. fuller now.. as now
is all that has ever been and further iS in iSREAL noW.. yes..
all inspires me as DArk and liGht mUSe.. and sure.. liGht
Muse iS sweeter than the dARk mUse2.. but never the
less.. the silt of original God metaphor name..
from page 8 of Karen Armstrong’s History
of God that first says God is.. Lahmu..
and Lahamn.. names meaning
together Silt as water and
earth mixed toGether..
sure Water iS
for living
even a few
days with Earth
as food for liFE sAMe..
and to respect the nourishment
God gives as wHOle.. for wE in respect
of taking no more than Giving of Nature wHole
aka God.. is respect for GoD sAMe for those who
see and feel God within.. in blood that flows water..
and salt and other minerals of Earth.. WhOle as
wE StiLL God Emerging wiTh eYes of Sentient
Star DuST plUs.. witH Fearless and sMaRt
Unconditional Love noW.. iN remembering
and BeinG this HUman Potential
aLready realized by our
are wild and
free from tens of thousands
of years beFore noW oNe.. WiTh
NatURe GoD sAMe as sCience clearly
proves now.. with the smallest and largest
hUman aided eYe tools of empirical ways of Measurement2..
However.. the trUth and LIGht oF thiS is above.. so below.. inside..
outside.. all around within we hUmans to see and feel for now.. for
weEwHo have Hands and Feet.. and eYes and eaRS to See and FeeL
GoD wHOle like this.. in all of each otHeR and NaTure wHOLe noW iSREAL..:)
LOVE IS and Casino Dance Walking as shared here from two years ago too..
Celebrating my 42 months of witnessing for God in longest long Form Poem
in history of humankind from 3/13 to 9/16.. in September at my Uncle’s Birthday
Party in Emerald Coast Seafood Dinner way.. Katrina and i.. missed our monthly
Biloxi trip with Catholic Church group.. that we have been doing consistently
now for three years.. with this.. only the second month missed.. and
what’s really cool of course.. haha.. with the rest of my ‘Truman
Show’ liFe online.. is each and every Biloxi Journey is
documented in Ocean Whole Poem way with
Beautiful Biloxi Beach photos
too.. and Casino’s are A
Microcosm of truly
American Dream
of Illusion that getting
rich is what will take all your
problems away and make you happy..
well.. sadly the instant gratification curse that
comes to be what happens to many lottery winners
tales the deeper story of the hell of that.. as StiLL human
beings are not evolved for instant gratification.. they ARE
evolved as social animals to cooperate toGeTheR in GiVinG
and ShaRinG ways for the continued forAge and reproduction
of liFE invisible to both predator and prey by MoVinG connecting
and creating in Balance of TAI CHI-like left foot and right
foot and rest of Body BaLAnCinG way
all through out Nature
Hunting and
in day
to now
to now ways..
nah.. no TV’s or slot
machines back then.. and
even science shows that once
humans make about 50K a year
to meet basic Subsistence and Shelter
needs money means almost nothing to
happiness after that.. as even Maslow’s Hierarchy
as Human Development of 6 stepped Pyramid way
does clearly show too.. and in someways too.. in Fowler’s
6 step development of Human Faith in Existential Intelligence
to the top of Unconditional Loving Giving sharing ways that
is what the so-called primitives do across the life span from
beginning to end same.. without worrying
over the lies of culture regarding
the sacredness of the
Dollar bLack Green
BiLL over
the HUman
MoVinG and CoNNecTing
touchy feely way of CreaTinG
liFE over the entire human span
oF liFe from birth to death sAMe..
nah.. we aren’t advanced overall in a hUman
way at core.. we are advanced though.. with
tools for instant gratification reinforcement
from Coffee.. to Beer.. to Cigarettes..
that feel the empty places
of our soul that no longer
are naturally FeeLED.. by
the human touch of warm and
fuzzy life.. and the invisible way of
MovinG through the course of life..
in escaping predator.. and capturing prey
in all natural TAI-CHI body-like way.. is replaced
by Gas.. and old Dinosaur pARts.. where the engine
of life becomes
a car instead
of wE.. so nah..
if you thiNk the pictures
i take are all jUst random sTuFF..
hehe.. you haven’t read all 13 to 22K words
of each MacroVerse oF Ocean Whole Poem
down to the MicroVerses down to the MicroMicroVerses..
of each MicroVerse and down to the MicroMicroMicro Verse
of each word that when tailored differently can have almost
unlimited meanings too.. depending on how one sees tHeir iNk
Blot of Multi-Universe liFE.. and then there iS each symbol
of letter and number.. etc.. for those of wE who have
the deepest eYes and FeeL.. wHere
all of those MicroMicroMicroMicroVerses
of letters and numbers singularly and wHOLy..
comprise a microcosm sTiLL oF aLL oF God’s eYes
too.. as symbols of what hUmans can do.. houSinG Greater
Vehicles and Vessels oF TrUth and liGht from MicroMicroMicroMicro
Verses of LiFE as numbers and letters.. to sure.. an Ocean wHOle Poem
like mine and less in sub-atomic particles.. and BeyOnd of What wE can sEe
and relate.. and feel and touch oF aLL that we sEE see and FeeL for noW iSREaL..:)
And turning full circle here from a MacroVerse Memory from
two years ago.. named ‘Bottom Bridge WinGs’.. haha.. if anyone
gETs this far in what will be a Micro-Verse of all these Micro-Micro
Verses shared at the bottom of this in Facebook way too..
3000 words or so.. and even more perhaps by the
end of this one Micro-Verse total that
could be A Chapbook
of Poems for
some folks
doing free
verse free
writing out tHere
as i speak too.. but
just another Facebook
Status and Led Zeppelin Celebration
Day for me to go.. hehe.. to go go.. some
more in Free Verse dance ways of fingers
on digital keyboard free dancing too..
as it all fits toGetHer in Tapestry
for those who have eYes
as smALL as lARge too..
and sure.. plenty of Mall photos
and Farm one’s in this one too..
as there are never any two that are
precisely the same as each animal and
cultural store display of malls do too.. from
day to day as nows do too.. anyWay.. i don’t just
include the more self-aggrandizing parts aS even
in my nude art.. it is far from what one might consider
at this date from even an aesthetically pleasing
human form.. as art.. but you see.. those
who are afraid of exposing the
dARker pARts of liFE
never lEarn and
FeeL to hOld those
pARts SaCred too.. and
Lord kNows.. society overall
has vilified the naked male form..
when anything less than perfection..
and even the female one too.. so that
in Golden Age ReNews way even to the
point of the Fertility God of Egypt Min.. as produced
from art of oldest days.. is as passionate as the
male form can come to be.. literally as such too..
in full figurative way as well.. but sure.. there are
deeper meanings to all that i do.. as i say for pun
and fun.. i’m not juSt sexTinG the entire world
for giggles and please for me.. hehe..
it is human freedom at the
basic level for all
to frolic
in life
naked and free..
and to get brave enough
to do this in any semi-restricted
public avenue.. is surely to do like King
David did and celebrate the Lord our God
of Nature whole within we.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. all around in Temple of God
in form and function fully sacred and holy too..
and sure.. most folks missed the deeper
pArt of that Bible metaphor
too so true and false
too.. as God
is nature
we are
God emerges
still chained or
free as wE DO too.. with
WiLL with God of Nature
WiLL or noT with relative free will
to do liFe free or prisoned in clothes of culture..
anyway.. i closed my first New Age Renaissance
Freest nude art named ‘My Free Lance Stripping Blog’ to
private.. from January 2014 to 2015.. when Google started
getting nit picky about what was art and what was not art
then.. for that satirical name of freedom i picked.. so i took
the most artful pArts as i explored too.. in more grey
areas as such for what might be seen
as art or not.. to fully
“Free Verse Nude
Poetry” aRt and
words to go along
with that.. so there will
be no confusion that this
iS art and not for money or anything
like that.. and for anyone who thinks that
life is over when you get to age 30.. there is no
hiding human improvement in Nude Art.. it’s all
there to see.. and one can easily see that in just
one year from age 55 to 56 how much through
continued advancement in the free art of dance
that has changed the literal health form
of my body from head to toe too..
at the same weight of around
230LBs for both years now..
Life is never over for those
who continue to
move.. connect
and create.. and most
importantly exercise all their
rights to human freedom.. wHere
little old me can do all of this in a
country as Great as the U.S. oF A..
when folks fully take advantage of
what the laws of the land here do provide
for those not fearful of the potential of being fully free like this..
it is beyond the social norm.. but in God of NatuRe eYes as mE iT
is all holy and sacred.. noW in DancE iN Steps.. in poeTry of words..
and all the form/functions as images of what trUly is at core sAcred and HoLy aRt oF liFe..
NoWwHere all can be revealed without fear aS SmARt Fearless Unconditional LoVe..noW..
Yes.. And sure enough.. not including this last line of Micro-Verse way.. yeah..
3510 words..;)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Prajakta..
wE.. species meant for travel..
ForAginG for subsistence..
alWays one with Nature..
MoVinG.. ConNecTing..
CreaTinG to gET the job
of liFe fully doNe.. now to
now.. day to day.. as Nature
alWays chanGinG.. where tHeRe
are no stiff cLocked rules for impriSonInG
liFe of free within walls and ceilings and behind
inches and inches of thin screen lives.. oh.. the free..
it sees more than walls and ceilings and screens alone..
ScreAMing to be free.. no different than our cat who runs
around in the morNinG.. juST to escape to A sunshine patio..
to take in all the sMeLLs of Nature that connect him to all that is..
i’M sure he wonders wHere all thaT goeS when he comes inside..
is wE Now..
hAVe separated
hiM from God aLL oF
NatUre.. and he’s most
alWays readY to go back
out noW and be more
of thaT aLL NaTure..
my friEnd.. now
i’M finding ways
to better escape these
walls and ceilings and
screams of screens these days
too.. and may you escape too.. my
friEnd.. as travel oF Free that feels no
limits of the more than ears and eYes iNside..
of Nature God Freed as so much more oF liFe..:)
“The mountain remains unmoved at seeming defeat by the mist.”
~~ Rabindranath Tagore ~~
And with every wave of ocean
come waters still
in pond of SteeL..:)
“A wise man,
recognizing that the world is but an illusion,
does not act as if it is real,
so he escapes the suffering.”
~~ Buddha ~~
And sadly Buddha
did not live in
a New
of abundance
where suffering was
not so much the illusory
rule of BeinG hUman..
that’s easier to
in Balance
of more and less..
whether it makes sense or not..
These illusions we create can
be heaven or hell or the ‘tween..
i Will Heaven and make iT iSREAL..
with a little help from newer technologies and friEnds..
aS iMaGinaTion rules today of what will be iSReAL noW too..:)
“As scarce as truth is, the supply has always
been in excess of the demand.”
~~ Josh Billings ~~
And noW it’S and Ocean TrUth
oF Internet blues
liGht and dArk..
in TruTh and Lies..
aS imAginaTioN and
reAlity Do create both
aS dARk and liGht noW..:)
Sadly as things stand now.. Money.. Government
and Religion are the glue required to
keep groups of more than
150 to 200 sets
of hUman
eYes toGetHer
without an after
Party of Hurricane Katrina..
until someone actuAlly comes uP
with a better plan that works..
like small peaceful
of 150 to
200 sets of eYes
that the social sciences
still find in the 20 most
peaceful societies
in the world who
base a life more
on Giving and
Sharing where
some folks still
recognize Nature
all holy and sacred
to be Glorified and Praised..
best news oF all.. if one can lose
work.. it’s possible to live life like this
now.. no matter what anyone else is doing
different.. unplugged from the matrix as fun.. NEO noW..:)
“In the beginning Man created God;
and in the image of Man created he him.”
~~ Ian Anderson ~~
It’s common sense this is what
God does when God becomes
aware of God.. iN PARt at lEAst..;)
The creator is the world..
that’s not hard to
see @lEAst foR Now..
and Science shows before
that it was a Sun and before
that perHaps a Big Bang..
or even A Holo
Penrose way..
but never the less.. now is God..
and creator sAMe as allthatisnow..:)
Hmm.. primitive humans
lived in Matriarchal leaning
societies where women were in charge..
This is still the case in most every family
unit as iSREAL works from day to day..
ha!.. tHeRe is no E-scaping hUman
NatUre or this fAct
except for
a God.. etc..
that is male
to attempt to hide thiS faCT..
NoW.. Nature kNows and FeeLs
better.. no matter what cultures/religions/
governmentS and words as developed from abstract
symbols say.. Nature goeS oN and does whatever..
it iS
sTilL to do..
iN Human Form..
as paRt of God aS NaTure wHOle..
and truth be told.. Patriarchy is established
as a way of life.. when humans become even
more territorial and must fight for life to the death
even to gain subsistence.. and in doing so.. lose the
empathy that is aversive to killing a member of one’s own
species.. this is a necessary adaptation to live.. in some cases
of non-abundance.. deserts.. snowy areas.. mountains.. and etc..
and often religions reflect this patriarchal necessity in non-abundant
middle eastern desert lands.. too.. to keep control for basic human subsistence
and survival..
while meanwhile
some folks blame
them for being human..
it’s not all New World.. roses and apple pie..
struggle always comes with non-abundance..
and strangely enough.. too much stuff now too..
for a human species evolved as forager
for intermittent gratification
and not all one
can eat sugars and fats..
etc.. etc.. too.. in terms
of naturally dopamine
enhancing behavioral addictions too..
hmm.. take away the human touch of
Empathy and Love.. and wE get
even more of addiction liFe..
and Patriarchy
of Living too..:)
“So far as I can remember, there
is not one word in the Gospels in
praise of intelligence.”
— Bertrand Russell
‘Sorry’.. Bertrand but standard measures of IQ
are from from full human intelligenceS.. never
the less.. this ain’t
book learning
didn’t rule..
it’s like common sense babe..
another kind of intelligence..oKAy..;)
“All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.”
~~ Aristotle ~~
And that was in the day of Aristotle..
Imagine what they do today
even iF
one can..;)
ON the topic of money..
it sucks.. as most all
“What do they call a comedian who doesn’t get any laughs?
A philosopher.”
— Phil Proctor
And gamble
or ologist..;)
sMiLes.. Power has alWays basicAlly
been about successfully reproducing
and defending oneself from predators
and even two legged ones..
as even science shows
that African
American folks
have the highest
levels of self
on these two
factoids of STiLL
sAMe evolving bEinG hUman..
where socio-economic status
plays very little role at all.. other
than eating and a place to sleep..
in other words.. so Trump isn’t really
that powerful after all he frOwns and do’s..;)
“Every nation ridicules other nations,
and all are right.”
— Arthur Schopenhauer
Well.. no duh.. it’s like religion
same.. and the human tribal
instinct.. it’s hUman natUre..
tHeRE ain’t
no E-Scaping
it.. noW.. except for Getting along..
sharing and giving back to square
one.. with small groups evolved to do jusT that..
so what cha gonna do in the big city.. grin and bear it iF yA can..
juST F
iN geT
“It is proof of a base and low mind for one to wish to think with the masses or majority, merely because the majority is the majority. Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.”
— Giordano Bruno (1548- burned at the stake, 1600)
Back to square one..
masses of human
beings are not
evolved to be that
way.. go against nature
and suffer ALL THE CONSEQUENCES now..
but first one must determine what the F.. NatURE
even is after being born into a plate full of cultural SHIT..;)
“As formerly we suffered from crimes,
so now we suffer from laws.”
— Tacitus
Again.. Square one..;)
“As far as I’m concerned, if something is
so complicated that you can’t explain it in 10 seconds,
then it’s probably not worth knowing anyway.”
— Calvin
Yeah.. it’s like A answer to
most all.. A World’s problems..
Square one..
It doesn’t matter how
much cultural history
one knows as long as it is
truly insane and away
from A root
of most all
hUman CULTural
World problems..;)
“He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and
ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”
— Albert Einstein
PerHaps Einstein
was missing
the tribal
not all folks
have it.. but folks
war to defend human
subsistence and shelter
must develop it strong to survive..
otherwise.. they are more likely to die.. bottom line..
and just a note..
the Serpent
is A
Brain to go..
unless it’s warrior time now..
and for total transparency.. i juSt
don’t have much of a tribal instinct aT all
too.. it’LL be easy for me to be a global citizen..
‘they come
to serve man’..
with Twilight Zone
references fully in tow..;)
“In the part of this universe that we know there is great injustice, and often the good suffer, and often the wicked prosper, and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying.” — Bertrand Russell
No one annoys me..
the bliss of
relative free will..
emotional regulation..
sensory integration..
Ballet-like dance and
Martial-ARts like play..
to Bring to fruition of ALL of ThAt to mE..
isREAL2.. with a hobby of Art fully in tow too..
with toes and hands iSREaL too.. and more than that of course too..
Don’t get
annoyed is
A best rule
when dArk and liGht
Rules REaLiTy sAme and Different..
Meanwhile.. one can save positive
energy to change what they can..
as negative emotions
take away potential
almost endless energy..
that haha! i can prove in empirical way2..;)
“I refuse to believe that trading recipes is silly.
Tuna-fish casserole is at least as real as corporate stock.”
— Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Unless one hunts
and others do the cook..
but never the less.. back
to square
Money Sucks..;)
Poetry mostly comes
up from pain it seems..
one time on A dVerse prompt..
humor was the game.. and all
most the entire poetry club went
silent except for me.. but the key
to my
is going to
hell for 66
months and
lEarning that
Humor IS A best
poEtry medicine oF aLL
iF one can find it that way..
but sure.. tears work too.
and particularly pain..
oF all colors heARt
to sKIN..
in aLL thE ways
hEll coMes to bEinG hUman2..:)
“It seems like once people grow up, they have no idea what’s cool.”
~~ Calvin and Hobbes ~~
ThiS iS FucKinG trUe..
bottom line
for liGht2..
and that’s what
rEborn means.. lEarning
to w(O)(A)nder liFe aGain iN pLay..:)
“We must beware of whatever insights we have into ourselves.
Our self-knowledge annoys and paralyzes our daimon
– this is where we should look for the reason Socrates wrote nothing.”
~~ E.M. Cioran ~~
Me and Daimon
are best buds..
liGht.. and DArk..
And yes..
“Reality is in the eye of the beholder.”
~~ The Keeper, from Stargate ~~
And every hUman
iSREaL IS A Multi-Verse..
oF Multi-Verse2..:)
“When I was a lark, I sang;
when I was a worm, I devoured.”
~~ Theodore Roethke ~~
Or if you are human
you can
both and
even more..
if you can handle
the taste test.. of course..;)
“I’m pretty tired. Think I’ll go home now.”
~~ Forrest Gump ~~
At this point.. all i have left to say is..
this makes you a prophet.. gigoid..
as i now move to Sand
and Sun and Dance
As A Sun Flower
i AM
aS A Golden
Age ReNews now2..:)
All refreshed and Golden Age reKneWeD.. hmm.. and with
that sAiD.. that’s a new change for the 709th Macro Verse
titleD to keep it original more all per se..
hmm.. yeah.. like
when one is doing
a Google Search misspell
totAlly Random and says..
hmm.. that looks.. different..
i thInk i’LL check that out juST
for the Razzle Dazzle of how the
word renewed looks as
reKneWeD now as thAT
ain’t even a word
in Merriam
way as i check
for a moment here
to make sure that is correct..
and sure enough.. as Google History
showS even with the personal result filter
taken away.. i am already on the top 10 first
page look for using that word before in a Macro
Verse titled mY LamP iSreaL from July 21st of 2016..
Hmm.. so here it comes aGAiN in titLed way too..
juST for fun in Razzle Dazzle Fashion.. iF yA
like it that way in word play too..
so back to dVerse where
the prompt IS A
Razzle Dazzle one
too.. and what theme song
to use.. sure the “Sun is Shining”
in Razz way too.. all Dazz per se2.
as i scatter some more Sunshine
notes around the Globe.. i say2..
A simple band of golden age
reNews.. wrapped around
my soul
noW for Sure2..
and Winter is not
even year yet for
now today noW
Dance.. a sky of sMiLes..
Live a Dance of liFE..
sMiLe a way
to liFe..
Dance with
no words @AlL..:)
Ha! wondering
if the Conservatives
would come out to play too..
ah.. sore
at straws
of ignorance
as usual.. missing
the razzle dazzle of
liFe so free
so free
and liGht..
and nah.. why
should poetry alWays
have to agree.. heheR..
with a
at hand
or feat of foot..;)
A lesSon lEarned by Using
Sidewalks.. Killing Dandelions
to even bricks set straight
’round Flower roots
too.. Life
in spirals..
Concrete Free
in most aLL ways liFE goes
SMiLes.. juSt thInking2 myself
in photography way too
as yesternow.. a Sun
FloWer wiTh
iN plain site
of God eYes now
too.. more though..
i AM feeLinG then…
as Bee BuZzing..
A path.. A journey..
rinGs aZure sKeYes Beauty..:)
All Freedoms are worth keeping
and the Movie Cabaret certainly
as many other other arts from the
40’s bRing.. the danger of group
thiNk and
groups.. etc..
in colors less than free..
current politics in the
U.S.. not excluded..
terror most
is most
SMiLes.. all thaT iS
changes Human
EmoTioNs and
iS PoEtry..
And Razzle
Dazzle too..:)
i muSt say.. A greAtest
razzle dazzle perHaps ‘then’
i ever fELt was/iS at a moonlit
beach with diatoms
back at me..
Perhaps it was the
mood but it was real..
liGhts oF DiAtom liFe..:)
Dinner and Work-out approaches..
Lillian is truly now a Positive
liGht at dVerse.. hopefully i’LL
have some gas left after other
free duties to come
back to this..
5:45 pm..
Back at 8:34 am..
10062016 as Hurricane
Matthew continues his
approach on the East Coast..
TG not for them.. but Panhandle oF FL for sure..
anyway.. i suppose it’S only fair that someone
from the New Testament gets in after the Divine
Feminine version of the Greek God Hermes already
arrives.. beyond that..
back to
And Razzle Dazzle foR noW..:)
Footloose in sand
alWays so easy to dance..
Footloose in red state land..
well.. that takes brave and
a country
free within..;)
And as a side note.. here..
i spent literally over an hour
finding an Appropriate Theme Song
to intro A Golden Age reKneWed..
and if you’ve truly
escaped the
evils of
modern culture..
perhaps you have been
a slave to work.. and
anything but free in the
land of the pursuit of the
the green BLack Dollar Bill..
perhaps the Video..
‘Let’s Dance’..
tears to
your eYes
if you dance
and sing free now and
are no longer a slave..
but remember so fully now
what it was then like to live
in prison for decades without
a feat that feels a freedom of dance and sing..
and whenever the ‘rednecks’ and the military
folks with collars around their necks ask me
why i am dancing so free or perhaps thinking/feeling
i am crazy to dance in public.. sure.. the collars around
their necks are so visible to me.. and the chains around their
feat cannot see..
and all i can do is
continue to dance..
and smile STiLL now..
as most often
a heArt
that is
is almost
impossible to thaw..
like an eye of a needle
and a camel who has grown
‘fat’ from a culture StiLL noW of
Patriarchy with little to no soUL.. Now..
And here’s the thing.. all the prayers in all
the world for after death are never going to
bring one Heaven now as that takes practice
iN thaWing A hEARt..
A SpiRit.. A
MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL
for a Free DancE and
SonG of LiFe who kNows
no sidewalks oF LIFe..:)
Hello.. my FriEnd Sanaa.. before
i write what your poetry inspires
in my heARt.. and as i remember
i’ve commented now on the quality
of your poetry once before at least..
as i don’t often make judgements
on folk’s poetry.. no more than
i would make judgements
on their souls..
but when
i come here..
there is always a gift
that never fails of beauty
in words my friend that are truly
equaled no where else on this dVerse
trail that i have been following now
incessantly for over three years..
and sure.. i can measure that
empirically by the words
that your poetry
never fails to
inspire iN me..
anyway.. thanks
my friEnd for the
inspiration.. you
are truly a special poet..:)
Flowers words Spring
Eternal endless stream
bRings eYes Love
who kNows
oF Blood..:)
And as another side note here.. as there are some
human words that come so naturally that purify soul..
Faith is not a place after life.. Faith is not
a man that is an only God.. Faith is not
a place of external life.. Faith IS A
HiGher PoWer of the GoD oF NAtuRE
that lives within.. a Focus
and Force that we humans
relatively can and
will practice
to make
ISreal miracles
in our lives foR Now..
And Faith is never a God
Force within that comes for
Free.. Faith takes constant
practice for being Free..
And truly Faith is
Chi.. is Kundalini
Rising.. is the
Now of Force
within FocuSinG
Laser way for WiLL
iN MoVinG ConNecTing
CreATinG Free and it is
Emotive sEnSing and FeeLinG
thAt iSREaL.. And Can and WiLL
GroW Stronger with the Power of DO..
Pure Faith is all positivity.. All liGht..
All Strength.. All Focus.. with zero doubt.. zero
illusory fears.. zero all stuff associated with Hate..
is Love.
Force with no dARk..
And sure.. tHeRE iS
aLL Stuff Anti-Love too…
Often thaT dARk bRings liGht2..:)
True.. A lonely homeless person
can live in aPArtments high
with never a human
and the
razzle dazzle
of the group of homeless
people with each other’s
twinkling starry blissed
eYes and sKin under a
bridge wHeRe A
home within
can be shared
as warmth
like no
sMiles.. often
folks judge A homeless
person by their clothes.. but
rarely do they go out on the beat
tHeir heARt
as aliVe and isREAL.. WiTh Nature One..
sure.. i’ve been.. homeless and rich too..
Screaming to the sKeYes of God for one drop
of a
heArt FiLLed WiTh liGht..
thanks.. inspired by your poem..
and the many homeless people
i’ve actuAlly talked to..
too.. under
oF LiGht..
and sure.. the
fAct that it was
at a beach.. helps the mood too..
People aren’t evolved well to live in dreary places..;)
Quick note here.. so many folks in high paying jobs..
working 8 hours a day.. prisoner
to screens
in rooms
with no
windows to
even see the
sunshine in a day
in the life of a green
BLack dollar bill..
been tHere
done it..
back.. i’ve
seen the homeless
sMILes isREAL Shining Sun..;)
And trUe i spend entirely too much
time spreading liGht behind this
screen.. but hey..
i have
room with
a view and
sOuL to boot
in Dance too
after i spread
some more notes of
liGht.. in Global Fashion..;)
SMILes.. Jello..
A Food of ARt..
colors.. shape
shifter.. mysterious
and tasty.. and best
oF all
well without
rigid containers..
Free Jello.. one of
my Favorites.. and like
Ramen noodleS noW when
bOught for money.. it’s cheap..
but meH.. i always do mine for FReED..;)
A rEminder for me..
Art oF Free verse dance
thaT kNows no home..
wheN Free..:)
56.. i
write now to
rest my dancing
Feat.. Tonight..
haha.. i kid you
not.. i will be a main
attraction at A razzle
dazzle dance club all for free..
and sure.. i could say i was bragging
as i’ve been named a Metro area dance
legend2.. by the audience2.. but i earned
that legend2
as a shut
in For 66 months
first as A Hunch Back
of Notre Dame.. bottom
line my friEnd.. it’s never
too late for A razzle dazzle
miracle.. no matter how dArk the
growS old.. or goeS on..:)
mY FriEnd..
you’ve reAlly
tapped A higher
power within as
your liGhted
words speak
of hUman potential..
often lying.. forgotten..
and dArk in eXternal
liFe.. beYond A
Gift iNside..
juSt waiting
to come out and play..
with all that’s glitterRing
diaMonDs and alWaYs now Free..
decoRated.. sparKling with these
words but nary a word necessary
aS fruiTion
oF liGht
Meteor ‘liGhteNinG
from sKeYes of GoD
Nature.. fALL..
FOr aLL..
free to see..
what goes dARk
comes to liGht
as entropy defeated
in poems
liVe oN..:)
i gave uP
on UniCorns
with sHades
or anotHeR he lEarned to DancE..;)
WiNks.. later toniGht
i’LL do this without
any wine or beer..
mY feat floats hiGher
A Dance
oF DriNk..
i’m 56.. when i was
in my twenties i had
to drink about a six
pack to get
the nerve
up to even
walk in a
Dancing hall..
it gets better..
it reAlly Do
and WiLL..
fearless feat wiTh
Razzle Dazzle feet
on smooth Fire..;)
SpRing EYes
Burst.. Love rEnews
BirdSeYe SinG
Dance Buzz..
aLL GroWs in colors
neW.. aLL SonGs liFe LiGht noW..:)
sMILes.. finding
A Diamond within
IS A Dance of life that
certainly shines in all art
of wE as Lamp of love never
to shine
than ever beFore..
yeah.. i’ve met some
of these diamonds and
trUe.. you never forget them..
AlWays a Smile.. when they dance..:)
When FaLL
IS A Breeze..:)
No matter wHeRe
A Lamp shines
or colors
nectar comes
iN colors oF liGht..:)
To Feel a pArt of Nature..
to be the tree..
the eagle..
the feather
and gRains of SaNd
Veins of Rivers dUst
of Sentient sTAr we aRe..
breath.. a gift oF liGht..
a Love
oF liGht..:)
11:31 am..
duty calls..
be back later
as this prompt
is liGht.. oh.. what a relief
to live
in liGht..:)
Don’t you hate it.. when unexpected Dinner Guests..
Come to town.. to consume all you have in
house of life.. well.. Matthew’s coming..
to the East Coast of Florida..
and this is no kind..
Dinner Guest..
Breakfast Guest..
Lunch Guest or Gust
oF aLL.. Breeze Beyond Waves..
of Peace.. but tHere is a calm eYe
in those winds come to spread and balance
the Earth’s moisture and heat.. it’s like a release..
valve on a tea kettle..
wHere humans
settle too
close to
eventual steam
that burns.. that burns
and floods with winds…
Meanwhile.. on the West Coast..
Far west.. in Panhandle way..
in the Metro P-Cola area..
at Good Old Seville
Quarter.. an
wind of dance..
with calm center i
is arising for a good time
tonight.. and the only change
that’s coming is sMiLes on many faces..
as thiS wiNd blows liGht of Dance on Feat oF BriGht..
anyWay.. with all that sAid and more
come to dance.. with all the cool
college age folks tonight..
more fun dance photos
coming as Let’s
Party.. Minions
and aLL wiTh
those photos
arriving at the current..
coming Macro Verse..
titLed.. Golden Age reKneWeD..
and nah.. that’s not the dance shirt of
the night that was and is the dance shirt
oF A
Day oF liGht..
oh yeah.. and tHeRe
IS A Distinct Possiblity
that later.. Nicole and Matthew
may Dance a Golden Spiral
with Matthew pARt two..
after Friday the 7th..
and return
WeLL.. to end this 709th Macro-Verse.. as dance night is drawing
close and considering that it is both a Holiday Weekend..
and there is an influx of displaced Sailors from
Areas of Hurricane Harms way.. at NAS P-cola..
In Navy Station home… if i am gonna
get a Parking Place..
anywhere close
to the Dancing
place.. i better
hurry and publish..
what i got going on in way of
Golden Age reKneWeD.. and speaKinG
oF Golden Ages.. hehe.. here is an era from
the Bicentennial year of ’76.. yes.. 40 years ago..
in my usual Tennis Player outfit.. visiting my Father
here.. at Tallahassee Florida.. his home.. with my two
first cousins on left.. children of his identical twin brother..
and my sister on far right.. and yes.. those are mutton chop
side burns i am sporting there with the longer hair of a Tennis
Pro.. haha.. from way back then.. anyWay.. can’t say i feel a day
than ‘Sweet 16’..
then.. a few dances..
but nothing like now..
with Golden Age reNeWeD..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)