LioN KinGQueeN RiseS AGAiN

Current Effort Here from November 7th, 2019 As Hey i cannot include the Full Versions as my Facebook Profile Pics so hereare both here just for Adult Fun! And Art If You see IT That Way as i surely DO.Anyway still 16 Posts Behind as i will be including Historical Photos fromJuly of 2019 below too Just for the Record as the Art is already donejust been too busy to make the Blog Posts here...Additionally Links to a Five VolumeFree Verse Nude Erotic Poetry Novel about as 'Hot' asPoetryWill Steamis included below toowith previews of that too!And yes More Historical Photos included at the Bottom of this Entire Post!Let's Just say my style is nothing but sort of Epic as far as i can and will Go!

Photos From July 11, 2019 with Yes more below at the end of this Post...

Hmm.. So Much More to come....

Happy Halloween 2019! Hope You Enjoy
The Full Version of my Facebook Profile
Pic Costume at Least and More too!

Halloween October 31st, 2019 Special Event Photos HeheAs The Second Photo Came as my Facebook Profile Pic HalloweenCostume in what 'they' call the 'Buff' of course Community Rules thereDictate No Bottom of this Costume at LEAST allowed hehe..So in Respect of Kind Friends of the Female Persuasion asMost of them Would Never Admit they visitthis totally Free Avenue of my HumanHeART it is only Fair thati make the Fuller Versionof my Facebook Profile PicCostume at Least Fully Visible Here with Due Adult WarningBefore Entering this place that Yes Yes iSIS Most Definitely an Adult Play GroundFor Fantasy and iMaGiNaTioN Same in Other words no one is Harmed no one gets Hurt as Long as We Just do what HumansAre Unique in Doing in this Animal Kingdom Now Imagining Creating FantasiesWithin thatFeel as Good or Betterthan the Real Real Really Thing(ie)..There are so many Potential Muses of ArtIn This Freest Naked Expression of Human Art thati have Developed to Please WhoEver as True this is whatNaked Artists Have Brought to me Free ACross My LifetimeAnd style as i'm really trying to Pay all that Art back and perhapsPay some Forward Still To Come again and again of course tooTrue this is one Art that Never Gets Old of course if you areSeeing it for the First Time And It Feels that Way too!
Let's See What's Next For HaLLoWeeN ALL Nude HeAR With SMiLes!

Darth Dick Is my Shadow Cock Mostly Relaxed And InnocentWhen Young Women Always Of Legal Age of Course at theDance Hall Force Bootie Dances on me at the Dance Hallthat Yes my Wife is FULLY AWARE OF This comesto be What Darth Dick Looks Like UnderMy Dancing Shorts Undercoveri tell Darth NO but Darth insistsDarth Dick is Boss! AndNo! i put limitson Darth For if DarthHad the Light Force DarthWould Be Seeking Sun Position at Noon-Day High We Will Get to Light Saber Cock Next!

Light Saber Cock Has Experienced Hours and Hours of AscendingYes Pointing Toward the Noon-Day Sun Transcending In EdgingMeditation Flow and Is just about Getting Ready to finally ExplodeYou Will Know by the Glow on the Tip of Light Saber Cock!Okay now some Folks May Say Dick Pics Are Crude andNot Really Art by they Truly Move Human Beings to action as that is whatEmotions of all types doincluding LustAssociated one's And All Art that Brings that Lust And Love in As Art of Social CooperationAmong Males and Females as LonG as HumansHave Been Dancing and Singing Free On Nude Earth Is the Oldest Art of All And Truly Deserves Holy AndSacred Recognition Full And Fuller Depending on BloodFlow of Meaning and Purpose Purpose Purpose to CreateExplosiveOrgasmBig HumanBangs to InspireLife in Every way of Creativity and Productivity MoreYes Class Sacred and Holy CocK Pics too...No Chickens Here All Fear Free Dic Pic ArT Holy And Sacred Real!And on Top of that as A Real Epic Longest Long Form Poem 'Bible' Writerone must Anthropology Observer Participate Do the Whole Globe as much as HumanlyScientifically and ArtisticallyPossible NowFollowing All Letters of the LawAnd Community Avenues for the Art Rules True too!

'Normal' Halloween 'Costume' Celebrations it appearsthat Clown Dick is Experiencing the Festivities just a Bit more! than Super Cock!

This Is Turn On Your HeART Light 'Little Fred" True that wasthe Nick Name my First Love had for my Penis Her Vagina'sName Was little (Name Redacted) of course...HeART Light Little Fred is MoreLike Soul Felt Heart FeltSpirit Felt FriendshipDick you knowwhen that Sweet Friend of theOpposite Gender so Platonic Says somethingY.O.U. Are Never Expecting and HeART Light Little FredLet's You FEEL in no uncertain terms that an innocentShadow is Waking Up with the Real Potential to becomeDarth Dick and Even Light Saber Cock if one is Not Very VeryCareful HeART Light Little Fred is Neither Shadow or BrightBright Red Erect yet..Just WaKinG uPBut Be Carefulof whatMayCome Next!As one may Get intoVery Hairy or Shaved Territoryif one is not Careful to Keep Little HeART Felt Fred Dick SafeSo Okay Hope You Enjoyed my Halloween Penis Stories now toCatch Up to Nude Art from July 4th of 2019 as additionalPhotos From that Date are included at the Bottom of thisBlog Post as i am now only 16 Blog Posts For theRecord of doing this for 6 Years Behind NoWfinally overcoming the Distractions of theLast Year a Bit to Get the Job of this Shadow Art Done for Real to give and sharefor ArtAnd ScienceEducational PurposesAbout the Human Shadow toofor true if You do not Master YourShadow as Faithful Servant with YourNeo-Cortex you may find Yourself Slave to Your Shadow andeven get in someTroubletoo as far as Regulating Emotions andIntegrating Senses in Shadow Lust and Aggression toobut Remember it is all a Balance in the Trinity of Dick/Cocks too yes Three!Shadow Darth Cock, Light Saber Cock, and Platonic Friendship HeART Light Cock tooto be careful not to turn on Your HeART Light too much this way with Blood Lust too!Meh.. Super Cock and Clown Dick Just sort of Hang and Swing Around for Halloween Fun! Additionally Below are links to a Five Volume Free Verse Nude Fully FullyiLLusTraTeD Erotic Poetry Novel ARiSinG to Close to 95 Thousand Words Now!Let's Just Face IT i AM to Please..It's a Secret i am 'A' Real Love Joker Let's Keep Love This Way Freer too!Suffering From A Severe Shoulder Injury over the Summer Where i hadto actually lift my Left Arm Up with my Right Arm to take my Shirt offFully Recovered now but the Art is what it is i never stop no matterWhat Environmental Struggles come as True i sit on my AssA lot too Writing a 7.4 MiLLioN Word Longest LongForm Free Verse 'Bible' Poem attached below too.. the 12,177 Miles of Public Dance Does Helpin the Same 74 months it took meto Write the Long Form PoemBut the Health andWell Being Struggleto keep Moving and Stay Fit is not a small one in deed too..Nude Art is Unforgiving and Serves ManyPurposes including Basic FeedBack on Health and Well BeingAs Nude Art is Surely a Barometer for that Pressure Low High With Hardness too!

Photos: From June 23rd and 25th, 2019 

Additionally, Links to 5 Volumes of Erotic Poetry below too..
Here on October 28th 2019.. as i continue to Catch up on theArt of 17 More Blog Posts After this that i have fallen behindon due to distractions associated with my 7.4 MiLLioN Word LongestEpic Long Form Poem i do in PG Way this No Holds Barred NudeArt and Erotic Poetry continues to Grow hehe in sure more waysthan one.. true Erotic Art is the Oldest Human Art as i mirrorthe First Cave Petroglyphs Here as Males DancingA Fertility Rite With Clear Pointed High ErectionsWere Celebrated as the Libido of Life andof Course the Vagina the Home ofBirth all Sacred And Holy Meaning Life or Deathfor the Future of theVillage as Matriarchal more EgalitarianSocieties Shared just about Everything Naked in Life..Sure Freedom of Our Constitution allows this too whereLegal and Community Rules online in Avenues like this allowit for Global Art too as You'll Find some of these photos nowby Searching "Free Verse Nude Poetry" In Quotes on Google as who hasn't browsed Nudes Just to getLibido of Life back up if you are napping at workhehe or such as that definitely a pick me up that is more than just instant gratificationof a Quick Orgasm as that's not usuallyWhat Folks Do at Work hmm.. wellmaybe they do and maybe twodo two depending onPrivacy in Bathroomsas such for true i've had at leastone Great Blow Job by a customer in my OldWork Days you know the Kind of Blow Job wherethe Woman is really Hot to do it.. Where it is like it's a realLolli-Pop and she wants to get all the sweet taste out of the experience she can..How Blessed Men are to Receive Kindness of Pleasure like this and how blessedthe Woman is with enough empathic abilities to feel our pulsing Pleasure too..True highly Orgasmic Women are more likely to imagine sucking Cock this wayone thing i enjoyed to do with the Hairy Beast of me first married to my 19 Year-Old Wife who still has what many folks call the18 Year-Old Eternal Teenager Petite PacificIslander Figure Mixed as suchwith a Bit of American IndianAnd Irish and such as that ExoticMix too.. is a mirror above us with herPetite Hairless of course Perfecty TannedBody Pumping me on Top the Big Hairy Beastof me Underneath her not to weigh her down andSuffocate her too much.. for it's true the Most FeminineTiny Women Will Be So Hot For the Biggest Hairy Beast inthe room.. it's just Nature's way for survival of the Fairest of themAll With the Beast And The Beauty Whole.. Really Hot to see up closeand Personal the Passion of the Beauty and the Beast.. Hope it doesn'toffend anyone that i wore the 'Jesus' Shirt my Wife Bought me.. it is a bit Ignorant the Way they 'Neutered' that Story Book Character true if God couldCome in the Flesh as the Force of God Obviously does free in and as all of usNow you know the part about Ye are all sons and daughters of God and suchas that.. true no doubtGod as a Dude hasa Raging Hard-on forLife and as a Femaleis Wet in Desire of LubricationJust waiting for the Hairy Beast toGet on top or take advantage of himon top Pumping to Her Wildest Dreams Desire cometrue letting go of all 'the innocence' and just going wild inAscending Transcending Flow of God Nature more know when all the silly illusory Worries go away and thecall of God the Nature Within Really takes Full Control in Passionof all the Taboo for the Guilt Folks try to impose on You PumpingHim Harder and more intense as you Want to Feel All of hisSeed Spurt into you.. no differentthan Bees and ButterfliesPollinating Flowersbut this isone HairyBeast Bee and ButterflyYou are pumping Hard on topto get every last drop of Seed from Him..Isn't Nature Great this Way Heat of PassionLose all control Just be Free.. sure if youare wet enough now you can dream aboutGetting on top and pumping away on whoever you like.. could be anyoneJust a Fantasy as ScienceShows WomenHave Fantasiesabout Pumping Hard Sexand Losing control in the Passion of the Momentfor whatever Passion comes to a Cock so Hard and LongAnd Thick and Never Felt Before with Powerful HipsPumping Legs Spread Wide like Never Before God You have Privacy go ahead andPull Down Your Shorts or Jeansor Pull up Your Skirtslip YourPanties Downor Just Dive Underneathif You are Laying in Bed withYour Significant other and Your Smart PhoneNow surely none of my Female Acquaintances are Reading this now you know how hot it is when yousee someone you like Naked but you do not want them to know..and there they are in full view and they have no idea you are looking at's like the Hottest thingwhen a little fantasy youthought of comes in complete view..true a Young Woman or Two just Dancersat the Bar have asked for the Link to this Blog Beforesure.. maybe twice or maybe three times if they forgotit before for sure when i linked it to my Regular Blog i warnedthem not to click on these Links to be offended by all of me..some probably wouldsome might's both hard andwet to determinewhat might turnsomeone on Just bored under the sheets..sure i've received some Nudes beforehaven't we all in the Wild Wild World of onlinetrue too i've never sent anyone Nudes fortrue i surely do not have to and neverwould anyway but i cannot stop anyonefrom Lookingat the Public NudeArt and Erotic Poetry i shareErotic Fantasies are a Natural Staple of Life..and it sure doesn't take anything about a Man'sBody but a Look in the Eyes and Kind Words of Loveto motivate Her to pull Her Jeans Down Lift Her SkirtUp and Dive Underneath her Panties if she is orgasmic at least..for again Science Shows in the last 6 Months 73 Percent of Womenhave Viewed Porn for Sexual Gratification either approaching Orgasmor Getting close enough for the overall Sensual Show of Sexual FantasyIntelligence in iMagination more.. so where were you are were am itrue this turns me on a bit..but true too i use itas fuel to Write all my otherPoetry as Muse for true Museis the Fuel all Artists use stilli can imagine you may or maynot be enjoying this too and all thatmatters is the Muse of the Fantasy andiMaGINaTioN Within for i will use thatMuse to Create something beautiful noteven associated with Sex but wait! as someoneperhaps a friend all of the Sudden asked you if youmiss them more than them.. have they ever said i am all comfy after a Shower Talking to You in the Bed andnext thing you Know you aren't even thinking about Sexand You Feel Your Cock Rising Up to Nature's Attentionfor it is true our Shadows for Survival have a Subconscious Mindof our Own who don'thave to thinkabout itfor Natureto speak in RisingGirth and Lubrication Below..And True if you are so wet or hardthere is most definitely something you willdo to relive that Lasting Frustration and no matterwere you are or who you are with there is always a wayto do it now.. under the covers in the Bathroom in theShower Our hands feel and sense the way now.. withFantasies and Imagination to Drive Ecstasy for now..Anyway Your IMaGiNaTions And Fantasies arefor you to determine it is surely not up tome to show you how to lightly touch Your Clit andEnter YourPleasure Palace SlowlyStroking softly all around yourClit with your Other hand for trueall 10 Fingers have the Potentialto Be a Variety of Cocks to Give youPleasure next Sure use Two cocks orthree of even Four if you need be to FillYour Pleasure Cave up more.. of coursethere are toys too.. all sizes and shapes too..i Love to Watch Women Pleasure themselveswith their Fingers most and oh my God you can askmy Wife i will Dive into a pussy with my Tongue for Hours on end..come once come twice my Tongue Never Gets tired it's likea Dance Marathon wheremy Tongue Becomes both MartialArtist and Ballet Dancer too..sure a bit of tap Dancing withAlways Twirling more and Spiraling Tongue is a Powerful Love Tool i exercise it like this too..iMaGiNaTioN and Fantasies bring Unlimited Colors of Pleasureat hand it's just a matter of Practicing the Intelligence Smoothlyand Avoiding Instant Gratification in other words edge it and makeit last for HoursAnd Days oneEnd for True theSexual Energy from thiswill Be Released somewhere elseto innocently make someone else very happy..What they do with their Happiness is their businessalone you will Never stop a Woman from Her iMaGiNaTioNAnd Fantasies no matter How Hard or Soft You Try to ownher and Cover Her up.. We Own our iMaGiNaTioNs andFantasies noone willevertake that away from Us..anyway this completes a second Part of a Story for October 28, 2019With a First more PG Rated Poetic Version Below..:)
October 28th, 2019
Rubbish Or Just A Tumble Weed
Waiting For Green Leaves And Flowers to come
as me
Reborn As
Such A Rose
oF FLoWeRS Through
Thorns oF ‘Fore Away From Love
i For One Am Sure Dance And Song Are One…
First Step Below More Steps Above
Tree of Life Comes to Be Complete..
NoW As Any Lamp Fully Lit uP As Love
Christmas Tree Come Real to Be As US
For It Is True iF A Dark Clown At ‘the’ Top Can Make Halloween Year Round;
And Hell No It’s Never too Early For me to Celebrate Christmas When iSReal;
i Won’t Copy That; i’LL Do SomEthinG In VinE At Root Much MoRE DiffErenT iN LiGHT
MeanWhile for the ‘Masses’ i Will Keep ‘IT’ ‘My Human Clown
UniForm’ On Not to Offend ‘the OTHeRS’ iRonicAlly As Such
This Is My Religion A Religion of Naked God
Love The U.S. Constitution Rights It
Where Legal And Community Rules
Allow IT Free “Free Verse Nude Poetry”
All of Existence Dark Through Light
All of Existence God Worthy of Great
Thanks Praise for This Great Gift of Life
No Form Function or Member
of Being Less Holy And Sacred
Full of Meaning And Purpose than
Essence God ALL i AM Not Ashamed to Be
A Naked Holy And Sacred Clown For God
Lives As My FlesH And Blood Real
Honest to God Nature If You’ve Never
Felt the Soul (God) of Wind And Sun
From Head to Toe SPiRiT oF HeART You’ve Never Breathed
Living Deep in Forest Surrounded by Trees/Wild Life Privacy Free
i am Able to Be This Way in the Most Covered of Soul Localities
Sadly While A Majority of People May
Dream about IT deep down they never
Achieve IT For they Never Find Naked God Free Within…
Feeling Free Enough Without Shame
Feelings of Vulnerabilities All Overcome
Dancing On A Nude Beach Free As Wind of God Blows You
‘This !Kind! of Clown’ Just Does the Things Everyone Else Will
Truly Wanna Do if They Are Naked And God Free Human Nature too
A Real Sacred Clown Exposes Hypocrisies In CulTuRES BReaKinG Conformities
to Dark BRinGinG LiGHT oF Naked Human Nature Truth Back! Judging
From Audience Participation on Some of my Blog Sites Some
Are RepeatS Obviously pleased more from Certain ‘Countries’
iCon oF Freedom Needs No Label But Sure Fred WiLL STill
Do IT… i Just keep doing it for the FUN!! oF iT!!!
Business is Blooming ‘Fred Brand’ Is Selling
Money Doesn’t Matter Copy Right Never
Seriously i’ve Gotten to the Point WHere
i don’t need to Put up Halloween Decorations
or Put on Wings Anymore i’m Complete
Note: We All Come in Different Sizes... Camera Angle Counts...
However.. Feelings Are Always Original Not Dependent on Anything Other 
Than iMaGiNaTioN

Doing Nude Art Has Multiple Benefits it can be a very slow edging eroticexperience.. it is one of the best ways of feedback to see how well you are taking care of Your Body Health Wise and of Main Importance it helpsone get their Shadow Side of Aggression and Lust Out in the Open toPlay with thus Regulating And Integrating the Shadow Forcesof Aggression and Lust to Master Our Shadow too..And on Top and Bottom of that i've enjoyedLooking at Naked Women my Entire Lifewho have either Volunteered or gottenPaid for their efforts but of coursenot paid by me.. and that'sthe issue so many freeServices from this Part of Society and i neverreally did the Golden Rule then ofreciprocity of Kindness Back so i decided in2013 i have a lot to pay back and i am still working atit to make Society a More Naked And Healthy Place WhereFolks Explore their Aggressions and Lusts and actually keep themunder better control in the Real World if in doing that i donatea few Orgasms as my God You just don't know what is gonnamake someone hit that plateau so be it i've had a lot of helpFrom Women Volunteers all my Life it's Just anotherway of Unconditional Love Where no one needGet Hurt as i surely don't keep any of thisfrom my Beautiful Wife and she hadwatched me watch this Kind ofArt for About 30Years and assistedme very nicely tooas any Great Wife will who is not Jealousof the Art of Other Women other wise not likelyat all i would be doing this as i am not one to keep secrets or lie..i see no part or function of my Aggression and Sexuality in Lustany less holy and sacred than any other part of existence i seeas all that is and God too.. again as long as no one gets hurt..So in other Words i celebrate all That God here where it isLegal And Appropriate to do it where folks are warnedbefore they drop by this Art that i do.. and hopefullythose who don't want to see it in Google Searcheshave Safe Search Turned on as i have no control over how Google sharesit in searches i see it as Artthose who don't shouldUse Safe Search AndTake care of their Freedomthat way not to see what they do not want to see..i am a Curious Openminded Creative Person.. not everyone is..Anyway Below are also links to a 5 Volume Free Verse Erotic PoetryNovel Fully Illustrated too with a preview of that too and whati do that stays PG rated in the actual longest long form Poem inthe History of Humankind now at 7.4 Million Words in 74 Months of that Effort as of today 10.23.19... is includedbelow too along with References to a 12,133 PublicDance i have done everywhere i go in Publicincluding Stores with my Wife for theLast 74 Months too.. reallyall of this combinedrids me of all fears and anxietiesin my life keeping me so comfortable in my own life surely wasn't always like this as it is now but we live and learnAnd Do Whatever it takes to Be Successful in Self-Actualizing this wayAnd Yes Finding ways every way possible to give back to the rest of Society..i don't do Money.. fortunate enough to give up that filthy Habit of MakingMoney Years ago.. No.. i can't see doing any Art for Making Money as thatWould Surely make whatever i do for Art Prostitution in my View at LeastFor when We Value What We Do as Holy And Sacred Efforts in Life For ALL..i do this as i go.. if i'm not in very shape one week as i've been doing this since2013 so be it.. it is what it is.. it's not all flattering to me.. but it's Natural and it's me..Currently at 240 Pounds but some of the Least Flattering stuff i've done hasbeen anywhere from 210 to 230 Pounds i've learned to accept all of me eventhe Spare Tire ones that i did back in 2015 as Stress did that to me.. as Stressruins most everything in life Stress Free i am nowInjured From June untilrecently with a Bad Left Shoulder Injury From a Fall that's over with and my Art has improvedgreatly since the June 6th Date above and that will come wheni catch up with the rest of the Posts since June 6th, 2019 that was my Birthday too..:)

A Quick Dick Pic Recognizing that 73 Percent of Women Have Looked at Pornin the Last 6 Months in a recent Study and if you havea Husband who says they do notthey'll have to be in a 2 Percent Category as 98 Percent of Men Do too..The Reason they Do.. it is Human makes people feel good to see Naked Folks sometimesit will relieve Stress with an Orgasm or two or just finallyturn someone on enough to make Love to Who they actually livewith.. Yes.. it's a powerful Dopamine Reinforcement only to be usedin Moderation for Health And Well Being Like Any other Dopamine Generating Drug Substance or Behavior too.. yes.. it's up to Us to Decide on what is Good For Us in Balance And on Top and Bottom of that Fantasy And Imagination is so Good ForOur Brain as it will make Us so much more Creative and Productive too.. and Yes Masturbation will be done slowly in Meditation too in edging ways tooto Transcend and Ascend Mindful Awareness too.. sure you may do thatwith someone else too.. and overall Science Shows that Lust is a Main Source of All Male Creativity and Productivity as wellas Social Cooperation amongst Females too.. it'sJust How We Work Use it to your Advantage or Snoozeand LosetheseHuman Sensual intelligences too..:)
August 29, 2019
91,010 Words Total of Erotic Poetry as Linked Below elsewherein Five Volumes As this Fifth Volume i am Writing at this Point has beenVery Slow in Coming.. hehe.. if you will.. Forces of a Puritanical Culture Afraidof the Meditative Ascending Transcending Force of Escaping the Neo-Cortexin Flow of Sensually Sexually Stimulating Activities as a Sacred Practice of LifeWell Beyond Just for Reproductive Purposes is surely at Odds for many in My LocalCommunity Particularly the Church Crowd thatStill Views Sex as only Good for Reproducing More and moreHumans to Crowd the Earth in the Catholic Way of Ignoranceof Not Understanding that we are Molesting and Raping theLiving Face of God Yes Nature on the Only Home for nowthat we will ever find Heaven and Autotelic Flow forAscending and Transcending Past the Neo-Cortexto Light up the Rest of our Mind and Body SoulLike a Real Flesh and Blood Christmas Treethat is no Myth but Us as Force of LoveTotally Wild and Loving Free Now as Born on Date the Truly AltruisticLoving Apes like Bonobos Wecome to Be When NatureTakes more of her course withHumanBeing in a Matriarchal Cooperative wayinstead of Competitive Politics of ReligionWhere the Least is the Most Who Gives Pleasurethe most from Head to Toe in Flesh and Blood HeartAnd Spirit Mind and Body Balancing Soul Even more..Anyway that/this is far as i will go For PG Rated AudiencesElse Where for the Ignorance of Not Understanding the SacredAnd Holy Full of Meaning and Purpose Meditative Practices Nowof Autotelic Sensual And Sexual Ascending Transcending ActivitiesThat is just one more path to Heaven within now and one that mostFolks if they are not ignorant of the short and long term benefitsof connecting with Nature God All together that it brings withininside outside above so below all around they might join in on the Art of SexualityAs a Holy And Sacred Sensual Activity of Life too so for now and here that is this..Fortunately a Country Still that Declares Independence for the Right to Life and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Constitutionally allows Legal Avenues toPursue All Paths of Heaven that might otherwise be Prohibited by Ignorance ofall of GodNot Just thisor that Memberor Function as anyMore Holy and SacredThan any other Part of ourFull of Meaning and PurposeHuman Being Holding Hands WithA Free God Not too Ashamed of theNaked Nature all the Fruits of God Art Free We aRe to BeThis Ain't Your Grand Daddy's Religion This is God Wild and Free..Before 'the Apple' Before Fear When (God) Love Rules Spirits Hearts and Souls For Real.Thursday Is my Meditative Sensual and Sexual Intelligence Autotelic Flow Day for Exploring a continuing Newer UniVerse Within to Paint the Colors of My Sensuality and Sexuality even more.. true it tames the Shadow withintoo as every Thursday Night i Dance With Beautiful Young WomenSome Who Do their Best to Arouse me with Fertile HipsRubbing Up And Down on the Meditative Stateof My Cock as let's not make this too muchof a Science Project Okay.. true i will move morenow into a ShadowArtist of the Lustsof Loving Living Free that even ScienceShows is the Origin and Core of all Human CreativityAnd Productivity More.. true Males Become More Artistic WhenSexually Attracted to a Female and Females become More CooperativeWith Each Other When a Sexually Attractive Fearless and ConfidentDude comes into View as their Love Nest Starts to Lubricate withCooperation with other Females of Who Will Potentially Nurturethe Prize of the Village that we are still evolved to CreateFor Survival of Our Human Species of Course in thisWay Lust is the Source of Love not the Enemy byFar it is only Ignorance that keeps this outof View of those who are scared andnot confident enough to feelthey will turn on andbond with someoneenoughby theirown Nature to Securea Suitable mate now for realfor whatever that takes for survivalof Our Love to thrive to go on even more now..Let it all go as they say sure there are enough of us not to go ona Gorging Feast of Full Reproductivity but there is imagination of ArtWhere Anything can and will and does go.. no one locks down the Doorsof imagination as even Science Shows that most every Woman Has A FantasyLover Close to Her in Imagination just for the Necessity of Survival in case herSignificant Other goes away in however that might Happen next in Flesh and Blood Mortal Life for real..So sure.. it's Possible that whileYou are Having Sex with Your Wife She cannotHelp it she is thinking about Your Taller More SuccessfulMore Confident More Muscular Friend.. it's just somethingshe can't Help she imagines His likely Larger Cock than YoursTrue what will You Do about Your Significant other's imaginationWhile You are on Top of Hernot much there is no wayto control the images theimagination of HerAlternate Lover in a Another Universe sheis making Out of Your Cock justbefore you Explode in her for anotherBig Bang of Fun For You as she imaginesthat seed is Your best Friend's Now Just in casefor future use.. this is Human Nature and in the best caseCircumstances We come to Understand Human Nature and evenPlay with it and have fun..sure i've had a CoupleFrom Worksome of theCustomers in PreviousDecades Call me up at workin the Middle of the NightWhere the Dude Says My WifeWould Love to Have Sex with Youwould you like too.. and nah.. i was waytoo conservative then to do that and in real lifestill would likely be no matter if i was married or not..i tend to be monogamous in Flesh and Blood and i mostDefinitely am when i am Married now and close to the last 30 Years too.. but my Wife sets me free with my Fantasies in imagination and i encourage HerFreedom to do this as wellshe's just not as openabout it as mebut sureshe is human just like YourWife Your Significant other and or Husband too now..Trust me or not i get a whole lot more 'filthy' below than what youare seeing and reading now.. don't be surprised if you come verysurprised by looking much further down than this but you see thisis Art this is Sensual And Sexual Holy And Creative Art full of Meaningand Purpose of our Shadow Now Real.. i have no regrets about being HumanHow about You as Long as allActivities are mutual andconsensually and LegallyAgreed upon no onegets hurtmy wife knows i do Nude Artand Writes Erotic Poetry but she is just notinto it now and allows me to pursue my own flavorsdifferent than Hers of Heaven within now true releasing ourShadows in the PlayGrounds of Art is one way to be sure weSay No when the YoungWomen atthe DanceHall rubbing ourCocks Vigorously up andDown until they come Hungryfor more say no when she or herfriends say would you like to go withus and Party a bit at Home.. if Your Danceis Confident enough this Happens it really does..You just politely say i am married and Pushing 60 Years oldthanks for the Joy of Your Dance but this is far as my Wife allowsme to Goto playat theDance Hall Days of nowwhere you may get your cockVigorously Rubbed until You FeelLike You are gonna explode on the DanceFloor but the Women may Never even lookaround at You to  Greet You even with a smileas Sure Her Hips are Grinning Wide Belowon the Full And Pulsating Length and Girthof Your Full Human Potentialin Cock Happiness asthat comesand comesclose to going more..Life is Good Watching Porn with my Wife as she took GreatCare of me for Years and years as i remember the excitement andFeeling of Freedom the First Day She allowed me to Watch a Well BreastedWoman Get Fucked all around Her World when we first got married thenthe Taboo of Watching Y0ur Wife Watching a Strange and Very LargeErect Cock Entertaining a Young Woman's Fancy on TV too..Wondering if it was turning her own whenshe just mentions how attractivethe Woman is to yourGreat Surprisetalking about how Beautiful Her Body Looks and when you ask well how aboutHis Cock she just responds Yuck it is ugly andCartoonish and way too Big it just Grosses me outYours is the Perfect Size and it is so much Prettierthan his Cartoonish Ugly Looking thing hehe..And then the Taboo in the Heat of the Moment of Her Turned-on by another Dude goesaway andthen you start to fantasize about a Three-Way with the YoungWoman in the Video Just in Imagination of courseas Your Wife Clearly indicates she will Never Ever Lick a Pussynever ever just that the other Woman is so Beautiful with a Nicebody.. it really helps that my Wife is Not Jealous of other Women particularlywith over 2000 Photos yes selfies grinning ear to ear with the most Beautiful Young18 and over Women in my Dance Hall Metro Area the Last 6 years as the photoskeep coming and coming and respectfully i appreciate their Joy my Wife is stillso Hot at 49 that my ending Money Shot is most alwaysWatching my own Personal PornVideos of her hahai'll never tellif i shared them in Public but i bet they haveWell over Hundred thousandViews if i did hehe.. so many folksaround the World go back to the Bonobo way ofLife my Favorite is always real mutual and consensualwhere folks enjoy the Compersion the opposite of JealousyAnd Envy of wanting to own other Humans Beings just Sharingtheir Joy for others for the benefit of more positive Lustful Energyfor them to become more Creative Productive and Cooperative too..i set my mind and body totally Free when i make Masturbation a HolyAnd Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose for around 3 Hours on Thursday when i engage in my Nude Art to Transfer some of thatenergy free to others too.. edging close to Orgasmagain and again where Hours of AscendingTranscending Pleasure takes meso far out of the Illusion of time distancespace and Matter of My NeoCortexi live in Heaven within Eternally now for realno different really that when i Dance And SingFree Verse Poetry either by hands or Feet.. yes i enjoythe Science And Art of All Human Nature from Shadows toPeaks of God Light Above So below within inside outside andall around Block the Cock and the Pussy From inhaling andExhaling all the incoming and outgoing Fantasies andImagination For Real and in Moderation in doingthis if you do not all you are going todo is limit your CreativityProductivity and Cooperation more..i believe in Giving and Sharing more thanTaking and Hoarding sure i could sit back andStroke my Cock For 10 Minutes perusing a whole bunch ofWomen on a Porn Site before i explode and just relax or i can andwill make it a Full Afternoon a 3 Hour Pleasure Vacay of Edging andBringing a Bit of Art out of my Positive Lustful Energy to the rest of theWorld in Avenues Designed Just like this when you come to See all of YourForm and Essence All Functions Holy and Sacred You Lose Fear You LoseGuilt You Lose Shame You Become Fearless to Love all others and the rest ofthe NatureNakedAnd Free Even moreso sure i invite whoever yourHuman May Be to come with YourImagination too true Writing Erotic RomanticNovels is mostly read from a Woman's Point of Viewthis is a Male Point of View very Open minded andBodied too.. but true you will see a male point of viewtoo.. it will not be the same as most female points ofview of Erotic Poetry toobut true toomost every'innocent' Womenin Fact according to the Scienceof Sex the Smallest and Most Delicateof Women May Lust With All the soaking Wetof their Pussy for the Hardest most Masculine Manthey see in the Check-out Line of the Store hardly able to Waituntil they get back in their Vehicle to relax and Pull up  theirSkirt and Pull their Panties Down in Pleasure of Imagination And Fantasy as all 10 Fingers become what they will seeof the Cock they love to imagine to be penetratingthem with all the Loving Force thatcan and will comewhendreams come to fruition by 10 FingersBelow.. true they will likelynever mention it to their significantother unless they have a relationship thatis totally honest with no secrets where there isno shame to share all of our Human Nature as Trueit might just turn Your Significant other on so much thatthey give you theBest OralSex You've ever had..strange the way our altruisticNatures Grow in Freedom we are oneHappy Family Separated Just enough forthe Freedom of Fun and Joy at least whereImagination and Creativity is set to Roam totally Free..Sure Stroke your Husband's Cock and watch his face when yousay oh Gosh Look at how big that guys Cock is wonder if it is HurtingHer as she wonders what it would feel like in Her.. it's just a Fantasyit's just a spiceof Lifeit's justa 10 inchCock in Your Wife's Cunt Pumping Her awayas you watch from Your View of imagination of your TV orComputer Screen Now so free she is enjoying another Man's Life giving Rod now.. how fast she is pumping Him in Front of youlike she has never Been Fucked Before the excitement in Her eyes asShe Holds Your Hand and smiles thank You for letting me have thisEcstasy now.. true it's just a fantasyno one gets hurt not evenyour Wife'sDelicate Little Fresh know how you let go the taboo of the fantasy finallycoming true.. the forbidden fruit the apple you are not supposeto lick on theHuge Bananaor Carrot You arenot supposed to suck onthe Popsicle You Send to A FriendJust Nicely Perhaps for a Birthday giftas that is the best thing you will imagineto give to him.. it's a big free World now a placefor imagination and creativity to explosively comethere are many stories i have to imagine so many storiesstillto comefor real..With that said another one Belowand so so much more to come..:)

Erotic Free Verse Poetry from August 12, 2019

Have You Ever Been on A Nude Beach Talking to A Beautiful Tan
Woman Perhaps From Another Country Looking into Her
Ebony Deep Brown Eyes As True Like my Wife who doesn't like
me to Write about Her too much
i will Pretend it is not her to
keep everyone innocent as such too..
Not gonna Say Which Country She is From Could Be Pacific
Islands or Close to that from where my Wife Originally comes from
And true it doesn't have to be me.. i just Write Erotic Poetry This is just
A Story Okay it's a bit easier to imagine when one is in an appropriate
Mood for Such Art True You Could Be Standing in Front of this Beautiful
Tan Woman with Mesmerizing Brown Ebony Eyes
Doing Your Best not to notice Her Soft
Breasts and Her Nipples Erecting
Now as true
what could
be more Beautiful than those Ebony Eyes
Placid Lakes Shining Deeply into your Blue
to Green Passion Eyes of Change
as you eyes Dart Down Quickly
And See A Forest of Hair
Covering Her Love
nest with
A Hint of Pink
Somewhere Deep down
there too you keep Your Eyes
Up but you swear you See the Misty
Tears Glowing somewhere Close to
Her Passion Button Lubricating a bit now
even further below
a bit
in Paradise
Cove relaxing
expanding shadows
hoping for a Friend to
come and visit below 
one day soon too..
it's almost like Her skin is growing
Darker Perhaps the Color of a Beautiful
Mexican Woman Too true they are so Beautiful 
too all Dark Skinned Women are.. truly a Prize
of Love
And Fertility
to be touching
A Man's Shadow
so much so free
A hint
of Wild Life
to come more free as well..
How embarrassing it will be when the Member
Below is influenced by Reproductive Wild Shadows
coming out to play.. Feeling the Blood Swell Slowly
Seeing the Glow In her eyes Shining Deep Ebony even more..
She Looks Down and Sees Your Member Getting Redder and
ever more erect She
smiles a hint of
Embarrassment yet
Passion of what might
come to be next..
Oh God
Cock Fills tip with Blood
Faster Pointing Toward the Mid-Afternoon
Sun Her Skin is becoming more Ebony all over
to match the color more of her Soulful eyes now..
So Innocent and Natural She Looks Even Younger than
Her Years of Close to 30 Perhaps.. 
Optimum Fertility Years
For Reproduction don't wanna
Sound like A Scientist too much
But the Shadow within understands
What is Best for the Gifts of Life to come
Soon and Sooner too..  true it feels like the first
and last time now eternally now like you've already known
felt and sensed the Soul of this Woman Forever now.. Anxiety
Mixed With Comfort Mixed with a hint of Affection Passion Rising
Below Even more..
for Attention
now.. she looks down
Looking up again glistening
Eyes above so below Passion
Looking Deep into Your eyes too..
True there is a Dune Beyond you a private
Place you could Go but for now outreached arms
for a hug even a tear in the corner
of her eye of Happiness
Just Natural
to be
You Embrace
You Feel the Warmth
of Her Tummy Closer to her
Chest as she is a bit shorter than you
Yes Your Man Hood Hot and Red Closing
Into her Being more.. Looking Down Into Her
Eyes Passion throbbing together more a Kiss
what you Desire most now 
Where Below
is Above
there is no Separation
of Love it is as if you are already
making Love to Below so Above
the Throbbing Exciting more 
the Taboo of what may still be to come..
the two of you grab the beach towels Hand in Hand
in Passion Walking Up and Across Dunes of Sugar
White Sand Sea Oats Gently Swaying in the Sun Sea Gulls
Looking Below so Naturally at us almost like Giving
the Okay
of Nature
for whatever comes next so naturally too for give and
Share Free even more.. another Hug an Embrace you probe
Her full lips Deeper with a Soft to Stiff and Swirling Twirling Tongue
too.. dreaming of
below while
Loving above..
for what still will come to be
Mystery and Excitement for all the senses that will
be involved from see to hear to touch by God Yes to smell
and Taste her Youth of Fertility even more Below so above
As her Thick Lips Embrace the Love Tool of Your Tongue even more
above so far.. the Towels are spread
out yet still standing up in a Heated
Embrace you Swirl Your tongue out of
her Soft and Pouty Lips
down to the
Soft Crease of Her 
Ear Lobes Feather Touching
Delight of Tongue so light and dusting
Same of what You Will Do Soon enough Below
Gently Massaging Her Back Spreading Your Hands
Below to Her Soft Hips kneed the Soft Dough of Her Tan
Hips moving down From Ear Lobes
Kissing Her Neck Gently 
As Your Hands Move
to Her Soft
Gently Feather touching
Nipples Erecting More 
Bringing Your Head and Tongue
Down Same to Feather Touch Warm
Breath Sucking the Tips of what will Bring Breast
Milk one day so delicately as God's Gifts to Life..
Looking Above Again You Probe her Life Giving
Lips of Love
The Song of Her
Words Gently caressing
Your Ears of Love Softly smoothly
Heaven's Breath More Above Her voice
to touch
your Soul..
Would You like to lay down
now as two towels join together..
And So Do You as the Warmth of Two Embodies
Embrace Together in Towel Comfort of Soft Sand underneath even more..
the Kiss the Love Union will go on forevermore
but there is Heat below demanding
For Heavenly
Fruition now..
You Already imagine those thick Lips
Sucking Hard on the Tip of Your Cock
it's almost like You've seen it before in a dream
it feels so real already and has yet to come to Fruition now..
You know like when someone really Loves You and wants to Bring
and Feel Your Pleasure More than Yours but wait You feel the same
way You want and demand to
Give and Feel Her Pleasure
First as she has already
Grabbed Your Cock 
Swirling around
the Head 
as Your Throbbing
Head so Hungry for Her Love
anyway she brings it now..
true there is the Scent of Her
just waiting to be Tasted below
like a Heat Seeking Missile of Pleasure
Your Tongue Drifts Below tickling around
Her Belly Button..
Moving down
Lower as You Gently
Massage Her Breasts and Feather
Touch Her Nipples more.. 
You are going back 
Home to
the place where
all Human Life comes first again
It's simply the Circle of Life a Spiral
of Love to come again..
true for that is what you
Do next digging into the
Forest of her Dark Black Hair Below
digging deeper the Brown of Her Clit
the Pink of what is within still to come
Glistening all in Paradise of Ecstasy for she and
for you already feeling it so long before what will Happen next..
gently you touch her love
button with your tongue
you are down below
and she has her Mouth
Close to Your Love Tool
And You Feel the Breath
on the Tip so Warm and true..
You Fingers are exploring Her inner
thighs Your Tongue is swirling twirling faster
all around Her Clit as fingers all 10 come Closer
to Heaven's
Tunnel now
for Love..
True each finger is a Cock
Just waiting to bless Her entrance
of Love with a Sacred and Holy Dance of Love..
As Your Tongue Swirls Faster now as she puts Your
Still Swelling Manhood in her Lucious Brown Lips to suck
true she Puts all of Her Love
all around Your
Love tool
now Sucking
on the Tip even harder
as one of Your Fingers Enter 
Her for Additional Pleasure slowly
swirling in and out matching the Rhythm 
of Your Tongue True both of You Could come together
this way for it's
true she
may not
be using
Birth Control
as Much as You Would Love to
Enter Her Below.. so all 10 fingers
Alternate their Turns in Bringing Her Love Nest
Pleasure more true the 11th Magnificent Finger of Pleasure
Your Tongue moves inside her home of Love now Pushing
IN and OUT With all its 
Might same as
Her Warm
And Soft
Lips sucking up 
and down and below
the Head of Your Cock
to the Shaft Below as Love
continues to Throb and Swell even more
You Start to Hear Her moan You are so close to at this
Point True you are almost there and so is she as a Big Bang for
Both of You
in Hope Faith and
Trust completely as You've
Loved this Woman As Soul Mate
Already Eternally now to Be.. You can feel
How much she Loves You and How much she wants
to bring You Big Bang Pleasure as if she is looking Forward
To Drinking the Pleasure
of all Your
Manhood more..
True You Love the Taste
of her nothing could
be more
exquisite now
than the Smell and Taste
of All Her Fertility below now
She Starts to Arch her Back You Start
to Contract and So Does She in Spasms
of Delight
You Feel
A Flood of Life
Moving past a Dam of Relief
soon to flood the inner desire of Her pleasure
for you.. as you do the same for Her more intensely
with all 11 Love Tools at Hands and Tongue now..
contractions starts
to Grab Your Tongue
Your Manhood
Starts to Feel and Fill
Her Mouth
She Loves You so much
You Love Her so Much
All you Care about His her pleasure
All She Cares about is Yours as that's what Love
is all
Your Seed Flows Deep
Down into Her Soul
Her Love
and Feels
your Tongue below
the Meal is complete the
Together comes to be...

(Note: i was/am 13 Posts Behind on Posting this but the Art is already done each Week...Lots of Other Interesting Distractions Came up....Anyway as 'they' Say 'Wax on Wax off'...i'm Finally Catching Up and Perhaps.. i'll Continue"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel"Soon too.. depends on What May Come Will Be.. hehe)
"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel"Fully ILLuSTrAteD and CoNTiNuiNG to GRoWWhen ever i get in the Mood to Add to itin Poetic Photos and WordsRaW as iT Were and Continues to GRoWOcean WHoLE FreeAmerican Erotic Styleas is is linked Below For hey..Free is What i Do BestiN all the Ways FreeAnd Wild LoVinG CoMeSWiTH Due Will Not to HarmAnyone ALonG A Way oFArt that is not clothedBy LiesofSmalleraway fromA Naked Truth oF LiFEThat Can And Will STiLL Be FuN!
"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel"

Second Poetic Erotic Novel Volume

"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel2"

Second  Volume

After completing over 40k Words in the 
First two Volumes of "What May Come
Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel".. Volumes 1 and 2.. 
the 3rd Volume
Continues Below as :

"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel3"

Growing to a Span of 61,316 words Total Concluding Volume 3 as Linked Below:

"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel4"
Moving to 80,154 Words of Total Effort at this Point of Volume 4

As Linked Below:

"What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel5

November 19th, 2018

Still Waiting for the 'Mood' to 'Strike' me NeXTto Continue on With Volume 5 as of 11.19.2018Butt Hey!  tHeRe are Many Previous Volumes of "What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel" to PeRUse  MoRE FullYAs LinKed Above of Course in Volumes 1 thru 4..:)
Hmm.. WeLL THaT Didn't Take Long STaRTiNG VoLuME 5of "What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel"With a Link oF iTs on Coming too inthe Future Soon too.. as Above Now..
With Some 'Curious George' Photos From March of 2018 Below asInspired From What was in "Forrest Gump's" Brief Case too for NotBeing Ashamed.. Naked and Free.. as Any Verse 37 Will AlsoBe oF aN Older Gospel oF ThomasNow too Yes..Stripping Clothesoff and DancingOn them NakedAnd Free withotherCultural RestrictionsAway from God Free iN As uS too..As Nature Does Best now Naked and Free As Namaste As/Of God Within..Okay.. Now that i've Got the Holy and Sacred Part of this Done.. We Will MoveStraight through the Photo Stream to Curious George And Harder CoreLife PhotosandWords True iN LiGHT too..Nothing to Hide Here withNo Secrets too..:)

Oh God Yes.. It's True.. i Masturbate too.. How About You..And Yes.. from the Photos Below from 11.18.18.. on Occassioni Edge Around in Hours of Tantric MasturbationAnd Occasionally i come a littlebit over andover tooas theEvidenceSuggests BelowAs No Science Project WillBe All Warm and Cozy without Plentyof Empirical Results to Go more to come more now too..;)

A Key is Coming Just a little Bit And Coming Even MoreAnd More as Just another Way to Attain Transient Hypo-Frontalityin a Flow Yes a Trance of Human Activity where the Neo-Cortical WorryMiNd in Illusions of Time of Past and Future Disappears into the EternalNow of a Never LandThat is RealasNetherLand Withinof Heaven Real TrueIt's Not So Much about comingas it is about the Whole Journey of BeinG NoWAnd Yes Free Verse Free Write Erotic Poetry is JustAnother Meditation Way to Attain an all Natural Trance Stateof NaturalHumanFlowKingdom of GodQueendom too allNatural Withinto enjoyEvenMore Now for It iS TrueBaseball Statistics can be Hardto get out of one's Head for it is alsoTrue when the Blood Rushes elsewhereWorry Goes Away more now too Away fromthe Illusion of NeoCorticalControlYes.. Timeout of TimeDistance out of DistanceSpace out of Space are you withthe Rhythm Method i am MakingNow sure pull out a little moreDon't Come Yet JustCock inHomeof Vagina MoreLonger Deeper HarderFaster Slower DeeperHousing Cock in Pussy Palaceof Pleasure Even more NoW aSTrue i don't Beat Around the BushAnd Sure i Masturbate Around the Bush now too..True i Do Love to Finger and Lick the Butterfly WingsAnd Caverns of Love Tonguing Art Deeper Truein theBeautyof Pussyfor the Depthsof Lubricating Cunt Now More..For Just What Will Thrust DeeperAs The Heat of Passion Coming MoreOpen To Receive What's coming Next..It's true usually one Does the ForeplayFirst BeforeCockComes Lastbut with a free WriteAnd Photos of Erotic Poetryi can come forever NoW and so Can YouAs Words Have no Limits and iMaGiNaTioNand CReaTiViTYAre Set FreeHeAR foR ATLeast at the Homeof mY Shadow the DaRKeROlder PARtS oF STiLL EVoLViNGHuMaN Pleasure to Diffuse All AggressionAnd Violence Now True but Sure if you wantme to Thrust my Tongue in You HarderuntilCock Comesto Visit now i'veBeen KnowN andFelt and Sensed to do that tooon Command of Wife True as WellAs This is Just a Poetic Novel of Erotic Play now..WHeRE All is Fantasy of iMaGiNaTioN iN Co-Creativityas Perhaps some of this is my HiStory or HeRStory TRuE butthe MysteryRemainsandThe Fantasy oF iMAGiNaTioNAnd Co-CReaTiViTY continues to Expandas any Cock will Do with the Sweet Alluring VoiceOf A Woman True..Or Glossy Deep BrownDark to Green to Blue eyesJust Saying i am Pleased to Bein YouR Company with a LittleHeat and Wetness Soaking Panties More Below ohBrown to Pink to Red FlushedCunt LipsLabias of all shapesAnd Colors now TrueIt's all Good in the PussyHood For What Heats upBelow a Magic of PussyWith Shining eyesAnd SweetVoiceOf Loving True.. AlluringAs Cock Continues to Come AliveMore.. Velvet Head Swelling PushingUnderwear Out.. Panties Growing WetterUnderwear Stretching out more Cock RidgeHead Becoming Apparent More Pussy HeatingUp Wetter Crotch of Panties too EmbracingHeat of Love Above to Heart Beats ofLove BelowsoTrueHorny Loving Humans We are to beso Free Coming Naked Soon Enough Again andAgain as each Orgasm is a New Snow Flake ColoringPleasure ofEcstasy Moreas the Whole Journeyof Love and Lust is even moreColorful in Nuances of Sticky Sweet Pleasureas any Loli-PopAnd Stickof TongueWill DeliverPleasure Deeper andAll Around Heaven More..Seriously are you Wet YetHave Your Hands and Fingers DriftedDown on top of Your Crotch yet.. DoYou Feel thePleasureDeepsoDeep DownWithin Soul FlutteringA Frequency Deeper of HeavenVibrations even Deeper Synergyof a Pleasure Principle Even moreyes By God Yes that's the Songi will Use now as it'salso TrueJanet JacksonWill Move Free TooWith Just another Status ofA Naked Greek God in the Background Too..So what Do You Want to Do Next It's All Free HereNo LiMiTS NexTThe Piano is Your Pussyandthe Keys are all YourFantasy of iMagiNaTioNEVeN MoRe the Gift isYou the Love isBetweenYouREars YouRHearTAnd By God Yesthe DiViNE NeST oF LiFEthe Mother Hood of Pussy tooAnd all the Pleasure it takes toCreate LiFE ANeW All the LustAll the Love all the Variety andColors of Pussy and Cockeven more for theGift is Lifeandthe Pathto Life is LustAnd Love MoreTo Give and Share FreeFor Now For Peace and HarmonyOf Curling Toe Comfort from Head to toe more..True.. you've probably Forgotten about  the Below ofYour Pussy Now but Trustme ornotthe RiverFlowsBelow aS WeLL As Above NoW TrueiN LiGhT of Pussy Palace Cave oFLove Even Wetter now Begging For oneJust one Finger to Please Lift up a Skirt or Buttonor Zip Down Pants just Wet Just So Wet HeartThumpingasClitWanting BothLust and Love nowTo Grow Deeper and DeeperBelow as tHeRE is No Reason to Waitbut the Feel of LusT Below so now thatYour Skirt is Lifted up and Pants Downone way or the otherPantiesandWet CrotchExposed for theAir of God to Beso Freeas Aboveso Below even more..For it's True you may have Heard this Fantasy Beforebut it comes on a Beach in so many Ways as the Sunis Shining Warmth on Your Bikini Bottom and TopNow that Nature has Come to Play in Raysof Curious GeorgeSunshinein theMid-SummerHeat on a Florida Beachyes this is Fantasy Beach you'veHeard of Fantasy Island or the LoveBoat Perhaps but this is 2018 and FantasyBeach is Alive and Well in the Palace of my Shadow more..Cottony the Feel of theDamp HotSunin the Centerof Your Bikini CrotchNipples Erecting up topof Bikini Now morefor it's true youare aloneon this Nude Beachbut You're Not There Now as Many TotallyNude Folks From Older to Younger all aroundyou now so why are you the only one left with YourBikini on now.. True Most Everyoneelse seems to becoupledup andmore than that asYou But Why A Need to hide allthe Natural Beauty of Your Skin TanningMore in the Now AfterNoon Heat of the Sun..It's Your First Visit Here.. a Little to a Whole Lot ofNervous You Arebut YouWereCurious just wanted to seewhat a Nude Beach Will Be..Oh.. so Free.. Everyone Looks around you now..Women Bending Over.. no need to Hide DeliciousCunt Lips Now True Nude Beaches are not supposeto Be about SexualArousalbut who isKidding YouFor oh My GodThat Young ManAnd that Pretty Cockhas surely got the eye ofYou Now and Strangely You are arousedby the Perky Sweet Breasts of the YoungWoman too and Gently Swaying Fleshy WhiteHips With Hintof PinkLipsShowing throughShaved Cunt Below..Oh Lord You are not used to thisWill everyone know how turned on Your Erect Nipplesare and Your Pussy Lips So Wet From Excitement nowOh Lordhow canmyClit be Heartbeat ThumpingLike this now butOh God His Cock is So Prettyand Velvety Red as Oh My Godit Looks Like it is rising a bit right in Frontof me as the Couple comes over and says don't BeShy we understand what it'sLike for oneto beHere forA First time's okay if you are a little turnedon as when she says that you noticethe Young Man's Cock Start to Lift upas for someone reasonYou Feellike a Stripperbut wait they are the onesthat are Naked and You still HaveYour Bikini on as the Beautiful YoungWoman with Perky Jiggling Breasts Ampleand Full Reaches Her Delicate Hands Downto Lift Your Hands up so you Come to Standin Front of themand start to untie yourtop now as theBeautyof Your Breastsand Rock Hard Nipplesare now exposed for the WholeBeach to See as You Start to SlipYour Bottom off as you think i'll justkeep my Legs as Closed as Possibleso they won't Notice how weti am downthere oh my GodThat Young Man's Cockis Rising More Oh My Godi am Turning Him Own Right in Frontof His Girl Friend Now and she just gigglesa Bit and say oh Don't Worry What 18 Year oldYoung Man Willnot Geta littleHarder atthe Sight of theBeauty of Your NakedBody now for Oh Lord youMay Be 30 but you don't lookOld to us now.. there is nothingSagging About Your Breasts and even if theyWere.. My BoyFriend's CockWould ProbablyStill Riseup just for theBeauty of Your eyesand Lovely Face now..hmm..  you start toWonder if She is Attracted to You toofor you've never felt this way in Memory AboutAnother Woman until now.. oh why oh why are you feelingthis way you muse while the Rest of YourAttentioncomes nowto the Totally ErectCock Aiming High at theAfternoon Sun so Red his VelvetHead Below Continues to Swell AndAim for YourBreasts nowup tallasHis Cock Seems so muchBigger now than Beforeas you can't help but to WonderHow it would Feel inside of Your DrenchingPussy BelowSo Perfectin shape it looksSuch a Healthy LookingSweet Cock it is and Oh my GodThose Hips those Breasts any Modelwould Love to Have oh Lord you've neverBeen this HornyBeforeit'slike Your EntireCunt is already to ExplodeBelow In Orgasmic Contractionsof UniversalBig Bang StylePerhaps it is the LongDay Sun and all the NakedAttractive Folks you have already seen nowas she motions over to the Dunes.. Wanna Walk withus over there.. come on we would Love to spend some timewith nervouslyYou Pickup Your Towelas they Already Havethere's in Hand like they Planned thisAll Along Oh God i wonder if they do thisWith all the First time Nude Folks you startto Fantasize nowas you areFollowing themup the Dune watchingHer Creamy White HipsWondering How in the World does sheuse enough Sunscreen to keep them thatway as she Arches up and you can see theGlistening now of Her Pink Pussy lips too on Goshwhat do they have in store forme for by nowit allFeelslike a Candy Store fromHead to toe Real..His Erectionis evenHigher NowCurving up Towardthe Sun with Huge Velvet Head on Displayas she immediately lays down on Her Toweland Spreads Her Legs for you to See not ashamedat all she is nope no no no and sucha BeautifulPussyon Displayfor the Taboo of nevertouching another Woman Downthere yet.. but strangely you are almostmore attracted now tothe BeautifulPinkGlisteningButterfly Wings of HerCunt than the Massive LengthAnd Girth of Her BoyFriend's Perfect Cocknow as oh Goodnessit looks likeit is alreadyalmost Throbbingnow or is he waving it up higher and lower at you justto Tease you more.. so theyboth ask what wouldyou like todo Firstwe will do anything youLike Welcome to this BeautifulFlorida Nude Beach like they are TourGuides With Towering Cock and Beautiful PinkPussyas GiftShop on theBeach just for you don't Hesitate you dive rightin with Your Delicious Hard Throbbing Tonguenow for it's TrueYour TongueFeels likea Cock wantingto Explore all of her Beautiful Pink Pussy Delicious it is so Salty like the Beach as Perhapsshe just went swimming Before Her Pussy comes visitingYour CuriousGeorgeTongueeven more nowas you Dive Your TongueDeeper in the Heaven ofHer Love Entrance moremore more more it'sall about more more moreyou've never Felt this Hot all overfor Sex than now now now yes thisis the Pleasure Principle on over driveAs The Sun and Salt Air continues to Heat you up more.. looking up youSee the ToweringInferno of his Cockand True Your Pussyis Aching for Cock now thatyou've tasted Pussy already know shedoesn't mindwhat youwill do with him nextas this is A Couple of CompersiontHere is no Jealousy here aT all..So You Reach up and Immediately Guide HisCock to Your Lips as this is not a Game of Hand JobsYour Lips have alreadyBeen Lickedand youare Ready to Suck the Full Girth and Lengthof his Red Hot Cock now as youGuide the Full Girth of His Velvet Headin your Mouth Circling around the RimSucking the ShaftUp and DownWondering howsoon it mightbe Before heExplodes in yourMouth Wanting His Cockin Your Pussy so much more than thatNow but it's true Her Mouth is Already in YourNest as it is so much Different with a Female TongueAnd Lips as she knowsand feels andsensesexactly what youwant..Oh God You Feel like youAre Already to Explode as She Bends over and Says SweetyFuck me with a Few StrokesSo she can see how we Get it on..So sheBends overand he Mounts her Fromthe Rear as she says come andLook at the Beauty of Our Cockand Pussy all in play together so Freeas she is Tiny and His Cock is so HugeLifting Her Up and Thrusting Up in Her evenmore as you are starting to imaginehow his CockWill Feel in you Next so she saysBend over Dear you areNext Now as the Size of Hiscock makes you moan immediatelyAs he opens you up like an Oyster WithA Pearl of Ecstasy just Waiting for A Deeper thrustas Oh my Godit feelsso Good to havethis Cock inside you nowYou Could Fuck it Forever asshe Starts to Lick you From theFront now too.. oh no i am gettingFucked and Licked by a Woman and a Manall in oneFucknowas She Probes her Tongueall around Your Clit and heThrusts hisCock Deeperas she SucksHis Ballstoo..Back to Your Clit sheGoes and Deeper Still fasterin and out he goes oh no where is she puttingHer Tongue now as you are Bent all the Way Overand she has Her Tongue in Your other place nowDiving Deeper tooas it won'tBe longnow as Both placesStart to Grab Holdof cock and tongue tooYes Big Bang now is for youas you Convulse with Contractionsnow time out of timeplace out of placespace outof spaceall energy and vibrationsAnd Frequencies of Matter are now gone..Forever is now as you have Come to Love both a Cockand a Tonguein Both placesnow so Realbut true he hasn't come yet and neitherhas she as they both LieDown on their Towels Waitingfor you to Reciprocate an Oral OrgasmFor Both of them now as you move to HerFirst as he Watches withDesire  as youProbe HerPussy Deeperthan before your FingersVigorously Swirl around herClit and You Enter the Back of her with Your Fingersnow too..You wantHer to comeoh so Bad the Faster YouLick Her Creamy White HipsGyrate all around on Beach towelnow true your Tongue is a Cockand so are all 10 Fingers of Your Handnow she is the Piano you Are playingand the Keyis theBigBang Comingfor her nextas her Sweet Pink Pussyis Quivering now and evenher Legs too as the OrgasmicContractions are Grasping YourTongue andLittleFingernow in ConvulsiveBig Bang ContractionsEven more as sheis done you'vegot theJob done nowa smile wider than infinityis all about Her White Pearly Teeth he is next this shouldn't take long as you canStill Taste Your Pussyon his Cockand byGod it's evena Great Taste too..You Suck all of his man hood in and outso much faster now sucking like this is theSweetest Flavored Cock of Your Pussyas any RedVelvety LoLiPop Nowas you can't help butStart to Wonder How MuchCome he will Fill You up with nowbut you soon enough Forget as the Tasteof You and Him is intoxicated you now toneverlandofnetherland now more..And there she is againLicking Him From Behind too..God it's like they are Experts at thisbet theydo itevery weekendbehind this Dune now..As He is starting to Arch His backUp and as His Cock Swells in Your MouthA Bit More yes the Contractionsof His Man HoodAre Exploding Seed of LifeIn your mouth now and as turnedon without an ounce of Disgust you SlowlySwallow and Suck Every last Drop of Seedoff theVelvet HeadRelaxing nowof his Sweet Cock True if you haven't taken YourPanties off by now in Your Bed as didn'tWe say Before you've already done that it doesn'tMatter Reallyas that'sup to younow for thisis Just a Seed toStart for you to CompleteYour Big Bang now..and if you'vealreadydone itby God this is the PleasurePrinciple it's free and no one is gonnaSay oops if you come again now as don'twe allwantto comeAgain and AgainAs Free From Head to toe more..Okay that ends the First Part of this November 19th Erotic Poetry Novel Volume 5 For NoW inN yes way of  "What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel5"Now i've Got a Beginning Entry for myNext Nude Blog Post too.. or if it isn't too bigPerhaps i'll skip Another Week in Writing hereAnd keepthis wholeshow intact just like thisFor the Record of What ComesBelow Next week too whatever WiLL Be Free to Be NexT i WiLL Do..:)
83,714 Total Words From Volume 1 to Start of Volume 5 Now at this Point..:)
With Much More Coming Soon Enough..;)

November 24, 2018
Photos: From August of 2017

Photo: From March of 2017

Generally Speaking when i am Writing Erotic Free Verse Poetryi choose the Fully ILLusTraTeD photos basedon Audience Favorites as they comein eachday andit's true whateverHappens on this BlogStays with whoever VisitS hehe..Based on Repeat Visits to Certain 'Blog Posts'Out of Well over 200 Hundred i have Presented here..Sure.. every once in a whilei have my FavoriteErotic Artto Visit toobut sure ikeep the ArtFresh with a Full Varietyof what i intake too.. andthat's what's great about Art of all Colors andFlavors yes Class endless Colors and Flavors of Art even moreto Comein all of what comes fromHuman iMaGiNaTioN And Co-CreativityMore WheRe Ever Feels and Senses of Human Fantasiesmay be shared around the Globein a simple compersionAnd GoldenRule of Giving Backmore than Taking and Oh Lord even after Posting 10's of Thousands of Nude PhotosAnd Moving Toward 90K Words of Free Verse EroticPoetry all the Gifts off Erotic Art Presented to me Free by all theGifters starting across the lifespanfrom when i firstfound a first Hard CoreErotic Poetry Art in sheetsof Magazine Paper actually on the Sideoff the Road.. but i didn't know who to ask formore for even thoughi had nologicalidea howto Have Sex Beforei wanted more more moreout of curiosity of all NaturalHuman Instinct too all iNtuitiveand Innate as we are evolved to be very SexyBeasts diffusing all Violence with Acts of ConsensualPleasure even more as our Bonobo Cousins surely do foryes i remember the Frustrationof on outlet forwhat rosebelowHard Cock So PurpleHaving No 'Wear' to Go without evena Clue of How to Cum until i was 16 YearsOld after Stroking myself up and down and to myShock some WhiteStuff comingout ofthe Top of myCock then in Front oF A PenthouseMagazine that only Showed Women'sFur Below and it's no wonder i still Love a FullyHairy Pussy over the ModernVersionof Penthouse andFully Shaved Cunts as heywe Learn to Love what we Learn to Loveand when all you can see is the Furry V in FontYou.. You Learn to Love the Furry V even more.. hehe..And when i was young a Furry Chest was all the SecondarySexual Characteristics Rage of all the Females at Large Ranging fromthose who were obviously Virgin and untouchedbut stillDrenching Belowsaying oh God that LooksGood as the Unbuttoned Color abovesame effect of short shorts on a Womanor Nipples Standing Erect in a tight T-shirt tooor a Tight Skirt Holding in Bouncing Cheeks ofHips SwayingSide to Side too..Hmm.. sure i have a HighLibido.. some folks have HigherOr Lower Libidos..  some folksare easy disgusted more so withLower Libidos and it doesn'tbother me a bit to cum online for sureas there isnothing better thanFeeling Contractions of an Orgasmat the top of my Tongue Feeling a ClitPulsate Below now too.. hmm..yes.. some Women LovePhotos of NakedMen too BuTT iT's TrueMore Women Love Fore-PlayAnd Words of Romantics Even more now tooButt You See.. i am looking at this from my Point of Viewthat is a mix of all of that and more for sure that's what High Libidoswill do with little disgustabout life nowto comeand comesome moreon all over more now too..true.. i've met a few very Horny Nurses who hadno problem with every last drop who even remarkedHow Great it tastes too with a Smile of Satisfaction justto receivethePleasureof me moretoo.. hmm..hey when i lickpussy i take itall in too..andsure when some Women Lick Pussythey really do too.. i aim to please andsure i please myself too for why not enjoy all ofLife's Pleasures when they don't cost a damn thing now..Folks would rather have you buy stuff but i focus on the Fleshand Blood of Free forthis takes a littlemore work than buyingstuff but the Colors of iMaGiNaTioNAnd Pleasure Flow like a River that never endsand always Changes in the Flavors of Pleasure even yeah.. anyway.. some of the First Petroglyphs otherwise knownas Cave Art were of Males Dancing aroundwith Erections just like thisfor then the Cock was Holy andSacred understood as the Giver of Life Seedto Fertilize the Woman for the Prize for the Village that was the Gift of the Work of the Night and what uninhibited folksLikely did in BroadDaylight toowaywayback then whenLove was the Greatest Law andGrade and Currency of Life sure inall the Soft and Hard and Wet Ways lifeNaturally goes in and comes out Free too..Hmm.. just sent off a 23 and me GeneticTest for Ancestry and no doubtas withmostfolks there willbe some Neanderthal in my Sampletoo.. haha.. no doubt some American Indian for Wildand Free.. no doubt some Irish Ire and Black Forest of GermanyAnd by GoD Yes the Spice of French Spanish Cajun too that muchi already know and as Cajun Goes will not be too muchof a surpriseif thereis a smidgenof African America too..And sure with American Indianyou get the Asian Across the Bering Straighttoo so a mutt mix of most all i may come to be OfficiallyMixedin GeneticTesting now too..but true.. i'm alreadysure of it all except for theAfrican American part Now True..Butt hey we all have the Same Genetics and DNABasically and Most of us have either Cocks and or Pussies now too..and sure those of us arefree oftencummore than those of us who are repressed more and oppressed but true someof the most explosive orgasms likely cum with a FirstTouch under a long Dress and the rest of what coversthe tabooof ecstasyeven more now true...for true it is the Girls Who Graduatefrom Christian School who may Visit the MostPick-Up Truck Backs around Public Junior Colleges nowfor truewhat is hiddenbecomes evenmore delicious now true..anyway this is all just another way of Meditation to attainthe Flow Scientifically Termed as Transient Hypo-Frontality to BringMuch Greater Overall Focus in all of what i do in Life without Fear andto be able to FocuswithoutFearin Pleasure of Blissmore nowis yesto rule the allas the allandbe the all more nowin Peace and Harmony where coming andcum is Just another Holy and Sacred Part of Lifeas a Ritual Full of Meaning and Purpose not unlikeOur Ancestors Saw it with all those Males Dancing with Erectionson Cave Walls thenor surethe Mythologyof the Original God 'Min'as Fertility God Holding His Cock UpErect With Left Hand Spraying His Seed Acrossthe Nile River for the Fertility of all to come in Seasons of Abundance more so surein this way this is high low browArt too.. you justhave to Understand the Full Historyof Art From an AnthropologicalInnate Instinctual and Intuitive way of Being now True..for it's true there is something about a Young Woman in the DanceHall Bending over although Clothed and Showing Her Vulva Free fromBehind with HipsGyratinginvitingas yessome strangeCocks are Welcome to Mount and Vigorous BringPleasure of Rubs up and down moreWith Stiff Head of Cock Growing upeven Higher against Full Cheeks of Ass now too..oh but the SweetSpots inbetweeenas theWoman WigglesHer way to feel the Joyof Cunt Come to Meet Cock moreand true just talking about it can and willgive a Free Person Pleasure now even Nuances of Waves as Pussy gets a little Wetterand Cock Rises a little Higher as waves that come Higher and Lower in Bliss more now real for yesare you getting sleepy yet or Horny or is it difficult to tell do you feel wetter andmore wanting for a Cock to comeVisit your Love nestnow more..Do you have a cravingto touch yourself withAbandon now to Pleasureyourself below as well aswhat feels good on top of yourShoulders between Your ears now you want to Hug Your Pussy now withall Ten Cock Fingers Full Employed as HandLove now Realsure yourFingersare GrowingErect and Your Pussyis still wanting all Ten CockFingers to Explore you now as surethere is the Ring Finger that is a little LongerCock likely than your Pointer Finger Cock andthe Little FingerCockto Perhapsexplore the tighterSpots later and a ShortStubby Thumb Cock thatis Just Great for swirlingAround Your Clit andby God yes thereis the ThickestLongestCockFinger the Middleone to make YourselfDeliciously Dirty as you Thrustit in Your Cunt Slowly And surelynow if you've gotten to the Part whereYou Slip your Soaked Panties off now..or Perhaps You are Just Massaging Cliton the outside of Panties with allFour Fingers now butonce you plungeall threeMiddleFingers in to Separate yourselfWide there is always the Thumbto Stroke Your Clit in Massage of Swirlsand whatever is left to do with Your Little Fingertoo and by all means don't forget the other handAnd those Five Handcocks too for true thisis the Full Bank of Your Love to openup as Safety Deposit Box fora Guaranteed BigBang Explosionof Wild and UncontrolledConvulsive Spasms PulsatingFrom Head to Toe more..yes curl Your toes feelthe Goose Bumps Rising all aroundYour Ass just like the First time Your First Loveever put his tongue down there on yes Heaven of a FirstLove tongue so delightful so sweet to grab on and Hold and Hope to Plunge into you even deeper and faster nowCock TongueCocktongueswirling all aroundYour Love Below nowCock tongue so versatile so in controlof all your Pleasure as Pussy wanting even moreLove now trueCock Tongueis Your FriendWho and that Lovesall of you down thereCock tongue that will exploreall of you Cock lips that will suckon Your Clit even more now so  true..Cock Mouth that Loves all of Your Pussynow when all of life becomes as Cock for younow to Love and Yes Rising Cock Head BelowVelvet and Red Just Waiting to Plunge into all ofYour Womanhood Open and so Wet to Exploreeven more now true Cock Head gettingClose to Your Pussy now realCock Head RubbingYour VulvaStarting toenter younow for real sure FirstLove Cock Head too like the Firsttime all over again now too.. NervousApprehension of First Cock Love now GooseBumps more all around Down there NervousHeart Beats above and below more now tooCock Head Entering You Now Feelingand Filling up Your Womanhoodfor the First Time nowCock LoveLovingYou WithinCock Love Warm and TrueCock Love oh God it feels so GoodCock Love Hold it tighter in the WarmArms of Love as Vagina in Love with Cock now truePussy and Cock Become one Lover As Above so BelowDancing in and out together cock and Pussy So in Love now morePussy Holding on to Cock For Dear Pleasure Pussy just about to cumany minute nowPussy holdingoff expandingPleasure PussyPleasure more now real..Pussy Slowing Down Speeding upon Top of Cock now Hips controlling Pleasure morePussy in Control of all Pleasure Pussy Grinning from earto ear as Pussy can not Hold bAck now Pussy Exploding all aroundand inside Pussy convulsing Hugs on Cocks now Pussy GrippingCock as Cock Beings to Explode too yes Divine Intervention Cockand Pussycometo Playas Big Bang togetheronce again real for whatlife may come afterthat and eventuallycome again as the Circle of Life As Pyramid A of Cock Headand V of Pussy Become a SixPointed Star forevermore Now For LifeaRisesAll NaturalAnd Free iN PleaSure More..Does all of this Seem Holy and Sacred Full of DivinePurpose Meaningful to you yet..  True.. tHere is nothing to Be ashamed about any Form.. Essence.. or Function of Naturethat is no lessHolyand Sacredin Purpose andMeaning as the Ocean Whole of God is..Sure there is Pleasure and Aggression now toobut True who wants to harm when the Big Bang Becomes one Now True..suregetoveryourself and comes as you please works for me works well enough to be..and no need for a cigarette now just come again and please..It's True we Need More Orgasm Donors in this World who just Aim to Please..Meanwhile with allDueCompersioni'll Do What i Will For You..And iF iT's JusT A SMiLe That's More Than Enough For mE..:)
November 27th 2018

Photos: From Easter 2017

Passion.. In all the Colors Passion ComeS.. uNexpected Rises coming From Unexpected Gifts of Affection as True HeART and Love ToolsAre Closely Related LikeLoving Eyesthat Bring WarmthBelow too.. Like AfternoonBreeze and Chocolates and RosesSinging Softly Above Dancing Higher BelowYeS uNexpected Rises as Shadows Come From heARTfor all we as Humans areEvolvedto Love..Yeah it'sTrue tooAWoman'sBody Reacts DifferentlyAs Petals open up withMisty Weeping Tearsof want clutchingBreastsofFertilities DesireIt's True it's Normal to BeHuman this way and Betterwhen You are Naked Alone as no one sees theresponse of a Hello With Roses and ChocolatesMissing You Missing me but theSun of theSkyAbove on aFall Cool Wind DayIt's True a Woman's SweetNest as Rose and a Man's ToolAs 'Weapon' For Love in the Feel And Sense of Firing A Gun For Loveis Quite a Mix for Passion as our MindsCome to Feel and Sense Below withWarm Eyes Bright With Love too..Yeah.. i realize this is more of a Rough and Tumblewith only Pleasure and NoPain Free Verse EroticPoetry Novel But Some Dates LoveDoes get mixed in with Pure Adulterated Lustin Fact there are days when it is hard not to mix the two..For it is True outside of Sensual Fantasies Love is alwaysPart of theNaturalMixof Humans comingTogether to Naturally Procreate....The Drive of the Human and other Animalsof Species to Survive the Deepest Reservoir ofOur Shadow Soul that even Makes it possible at allfor theLustthatMixes withLove to make Life a Reality..Agape Love comes easy when one isLoved Unconditionally at Core from a Loving HomeBut True the Lonely Heart Reaches out for a Harbor SecureAnd wantingofHeart'sComfortYes for me at Least it's Literally not 'Hard'Most Days to Love Free with Agape Lovebut one can be touched in a way that is unexpectedly Soft truethereis the Love of a Harder on too..Coming From a Soft HeARTAs Fire Mixes with Pink.. Yes.. HumansAre Birds and Bees this way as NatureDoes His and or Her Thing either alone In Pollination Ritesof HumansorComing Together More..And some days it takes Less of the Song to Hear the DanceAs it's True it a Rather Sweet Intoxication to Be Alive FloweringAs Roses and Chocolates and Human Missing You/meinRise..:)
And as Forrest Gump says.. "that'sall i have to say about That"..Let the SongSpeakthe Dance..:)
December 27th 2018
Oh Lord.. it's Been An EntireMonth Since i have Visited This EroticWork of what has Mostly Been the Most ShadowFilled and Yes Felt of What Might and Will Be Describedas Hardest CoreErotic PleasurePoetry in thoseFantasies thatwe don't often Repeat whileWe areEngaged in the Deepest LongestMost Explosive Acts of those We LoveEnhancers as they Say Helpers Along the Wayfor it is true EvenElton JohnHasinspired more thanOne Couple maybe 50 Millionor So Impassioned Lovers to ConnectAnd Co-Create both Art and Children tooSo SMiLes in this Way We are a Team of Loversin this way it is a bit hard to figure out who totallySired whoandwhoDid notin the Throes of Passion More for at coreHuman Beings Share And Give morein Smaller Naked Groups that are ComfortableWith other thanDistantCity Eyesof Cold andClosed Window HeartsHmm.. True there are Bootie DancesFully Clothed in Bars and Plenty of Porn for Briefto Longer Edging Tantric Works of Big Bang Orgasms toobut what aboutLoveahyes whatAbout RomanceWhat about Perfect and UnrequitedLoves that will Never Be Touched With FleshAnd Blood Hands Even More What About PerfectFantasies and iMaGiNaRY ReaL LoVeRS That and whoiNSPiRE MoreHeARTFeLTPassion in us to Giveto others We Love in Flesh and BloodMore True this isn't what Couples Always oPEnUp and Talk About it but Let's Face it in some Elton JohnWays and Leonard Cohen Ways iN "Back to Your Lover" yes it isPossible to Love More than One Person even Jesus would agree in a Placeof SpiritLoveWhere thereis no ownershipAnd Everyone is FriendsWith the Benefits of Being Soulmates Truein LiGHT too.. i realize i am Moving up in Territory nowBeyond Erotic Poetry From Below Moist Petals of ButterflyWings Swelling Heat of Blood RiSinG DaNCinG MoRELight touchof FingerTipsFeatherLight RaisingGoose Bumps as Electricityof Love Tingles From Spine out Swirling All aroundEvery Cell of Ecstasy Rising Slowly Breathing Heavier now..Heart Beat Thumpsin Chest SlowlyMovingto Thumping Harder BelowKiSSinG Lips Sweet Desire of JoyMore Loving Life  Dream of Connection MoreSuddenly A Desire to Kiss Finger Tips and Oh God So MuchMore now.. Out of Time Out of Distance Out of Space PassionDancesSingsEven moreWhere Oh Where Do We go FromHere as iMaGiNaTioN and FantasyiS Free to Go wherever What Touches us Most..i'm not sure what i will do Next i Just want You to Feel LoveexperiencingPleasurelikeYou've Never DreamedBefore Where to Start Breathon Ear Lobes Warm and Scented LoveTouch SoftTouchCirclingRings Around YourCheeks Lips TouchForehead Softly Even moreMoving Fingers Deeper in HairTwirling Each Strand Darker Gold ofLovingMoreJust LooKinG into Moonlit eYesDeeper Ocean Soul SiNKinG Deeper NeVeR CoMinG Backoh what to do next there are so many More than 88 Strings andPercussionTouchesof YourPianoFrom Head to toeand so many More Dreamsof iMaGiNaTioN And Fantasy MoRE toOH GODYESGoEven Deeper with LighterFeather Touch of Tongue More..on wHere or WHere to Explore Next Soft Curves of LovelyNeckNibble Just a little bitbut don't suck Yet Just Nibble All AroundYour Shoulders Now.. True i have no idea what to ExploreNext but whatever iT iS i Will Love to Give You Pleasure moreTouching Your Soft Breasts Playing with the tipsof Your NipplesHave WeKissedYet True we are still Doingthat UniVerse oF SoULProbing Deeperto HeArtDepths More..Swirling Down AroundYour Nipples Gently Sucking now..True this Could Go on Forever and Probably WillFor Now at LeastFeeling theErection ofYour NipplesRising and Falling withEach Lip's Breath..Moving Down a little Furtherto Your Tummy and Heart Pulling YourStrings Above a littleHarder nowProbingMy Tongue Deeper all around YourSweet Belly Button Now..Holding YourFace in my HandsMoving Back UpiNtently into the Soul of YourEYeS iNViTinG me More To Move Downeven Further Below Your Belly Button NowTrue i have no idea what You Taste Like down tHereBut trust me orNot i amgoingto LoveEveryMoistInch in and out of youNext Moving Down to the Hair ofYour Love Nest Next iMaGiNinG ThickHair Covering the Secrets Yet to Be Exposedas i don't think it is likely You have Been Waxed downthere yet hehe..And hAha.. doesn't matter to me Shaved or Fully Dressedall i want to do is make You Feel theColors of Electricity More the Tingles thatSend Chills All around your Soul the Light Touchof TongueAnd ButterflyWings of SoftFinger Tipsi amJust Here as a Servantof Love my Desire is only Your PleasureMore Giving Great Thanks and Praise for i just LoveYou and that is all there is too it True.. for what will You do for theoneYou Lovei for oneWill Doanythingfor Love is theArt i Do Love Most..should i leave it a Surprisefor what i will do next nah.. i don'tFeel or Sense iMPRiSoN Any Secrets in Fantasy and iMaGiNaTioNMore For True byNoW i AmPoundingAll theLettersof this Keyboardfor i've Waited Long EnoughNow i just want to taste Your Desert RoseAnd Arch Your Back upby Yourown Desire to Heaven More..Probing Deeper Down into the Valleyof Your Love all the Curves and Sweet Texturesof Your Loving Lips Below Swirling my Fingers all Aroundyour nowErectingClit Ticklingall aroundWith SoftButterfly Wingsof my Tongue i am Touching You Deeper NowTrue i want to taste all of Your LoveBe with me now my Love Wetter You Getin Anticipation Opening up the Soul of Your LoveBelow Even more.. it's all about You i've forgotten all aboutme.. it's just meand YourLoveYour PalatialPalace BelowNow Justme and Youand my FingerTips and My TongueStarting to Enter you NowProbing even Deeper In and outSwirling all around inside you nowBrushing Your Erect Clit with my FingerTips more just ask me anything of what youwould like me to do to you i will surely do nextin Desireof ExperiencingYour Ecstasy as Empath More Now but i willLove allof Your LoveBelow whether or not YouWant to Hold me in Your Mouth or notFor True more than anything i just want to Feel theWarm of You Down Below with My Manhood too as thattoo Meetsthe Womanhoodof You Too Justto be insideYouis verilya Dream come Truewhether or not i ever explodeor Not i just want to feel what it is likeTo Hold You for You to Hold me Like thisBelow asSoulonein Flesh and Blood too..True there is no Distance Space or TimeNow We are Together as We ever will Be BetweenOur Ears for this is where it Starts and Begins and EndsAnd StARTS Again Waves in and Out Pleasure more StarryEyes Litin LoveEven More..By Now i am So HardI just want to Enter You so MuchBut True if you would rather me tasteYou and Probe You and Circle Your Clit morei will dothat forHoursuponHours more if that is whatYou Love Most but true i willnot Lie i am Just Waiting to Feel Your LoveWrappedAroundme Belowbut what i want mostis just to kiss Your LipsandtellYou Good nightGood morningAlways i Love You..True that's enough but We Will Dream tooto all ofour Desirein Pleasure'sFruitionMoreWarm Eyes Warm SoulWarm SpiritHeartsHoldingHands True sometimesYou Make Me Rise Below Expandingthe Girth of My Love Down there as WellAnd if i've ever Made You Wet Just OncesuretouchYourselfnow as muchas You Like and Remember me True as i Love You too..:)
Thanks For All YouR HelpD E S E R T R O S EAs ALWays You aregonnamakemeA Great Poet Yet.. hAha..For Sure i am Writing this Just for Y O UDotDotDotComComeTrue.. too.. as i Hope You WiLL True too Love You..:)

Gentle Slopes And ValleysHidden Treasures Beauty's HiddenNature DeLiGHT Edifice Essence of EcstasyStatueofLoveCome to LiFETrue i'Ve Explored So Deep intoYouR UniVerSE Coming to SurfaceNow Yet to Explore the Surface of YourPlanet Galaxies of Delight Tender Gracein everyCurveof what YouGive to me Tonight..So Far Yet So Close YouAre Here in me my Placeas 'they'Danceand SingYouR Place Always me..So Far to Touch So Close to Sense AndFeel Delicate GLoWinG GoLDeN SPiRiTDances andSingsthroughEvery Inchof Fleshy HeavenRobed only by FinestCloth Tween You and i WithNo Distance when it comes to iMaGiNaTioNAndFantasiesMore NowALWaYS ChangingNever Ending Always StartingAlways more of You Ecstasy MaKinGEveryDReamComeTrue and OhSo Much More NowAs Truly all i need to Do is Feel Youand Sense You that's all i need to doFrom Within insideoutsideaboveohGodSo Below Circling YouRMulTiUniVerSE All aRound YouRWoRLD FoR NoW True By God myFinger Tips are on Your Arms Softly Brushing Your Softly Smiling FaceWith the Palms of my HandLifting Your Eyesup intoMineSo DeepSo DeepiNto You iFlyAlways DiVinG DeePeRSiNKinG RiSinG Deeper intoALLYoUARE..Perfect Figure of Innocence You AreFingers Almost Touching The Spiral of YourTummy as i Draw that Part of You into me DeeperNow As Your Arms Surround me Touching MyNeck so Softly Wrapping Aroundmy LoveWarmthof HeartSatisfaction of MindThe Rest of me on FiREFor All of You Now..Gentle HandsCaressthe Gift of FireFingers Swirling Aroundthe Beauty of Your Artist NeckYes the Painting of You is Come to LifeAll of You Lives in All of me.. We Will Paint thisPleasureTogetherALLiNoneDeLiGHTPicture Perfect Beauty Lives as You..The Painting of You i gaze upon Hours on EndReciting the LovelySpiralsin all of YouYou Bring to me NowHow to Undress An AngelFor Your Eyes are my Greatest DeLiGHTYet Still i Love to Bring You Pleasure to the Surfaceof YourPlanetNow..GalaxieS UniVersesof Potential Every All AroundPerfect Spiraling Inch of You Now..Lips Meet Cheek Softly Feather TouchSwirling Around Ear Lobes Tongue WithWingsofButterflyPleasure more..Kissing the Softest Partsof the Painting of Your NeckHolding you Holding You So Tightlyinto my Love is SwellingSo Much Above Now BelowForYou..As the Cloth of YouHides Nothing of WhatYou Are Free Underneath So SoftSo Warm So iNviting to all i am BelowTouching my Chest Lightly You Look upinto myEyesi willBe Forever HereForeveR NoWi've forgotten aboutit all Below for NoWRiSinG Even Harder LongerFor All of YouR Desire oneWe aREToGeTHeRTrulyThisis EnoughUnless You WantMore For all of What You Desire...That's Up to You For Now at Your Place Free to Do Whatever You please... Do.... God Yes Do....
February 2nd, 2019.. Celebrating the Life of Wild And Free Cat LoversEverywhere For Not Everyone Is Innocent Some DoGo Stray After What theyAre AfterNo matterWhat for the WildNature Within Dances SingsBut Of Course This is Just FantasyAnd Freedom of Speech in Feelings and Senses Applies to Nothing And Everything No Time and All TimeJust Now...

Photos From: January of 2018:

Dedicated to Yellow Boy Before He Became Domesticated Nature WillAlways Havethe Last Say and Do..Yes the Story Still Coming For Whatever it Will Be soon...Soft or hard i'm Just notsureyet...
Yeah.. every once in a While the Thought/Feeling/Sense Passes of me putting 'my thing' in You..
Perhaps You Will Finish the Story or menot sure which yet....
Well.. It's Been 25 Full Days Now Since i've Visited this Area of Exploring HumanPotential in Mostly Sensual Intelligences of the Touch And Feel VarietyFrom Hand to Lips to Tools of Love and the Beautyof the Garden As it Readies to Accept the Loveof Creativity in Seeding the Human SpeciesSo Beautiful it is as Manhood EntersWomanhood in PassionAs Both Parties Achein Desire for Sweet Releaseof Love in Sensual Heavenof Exploring More of the Mix of Closenessof Emotions With Expanding and Contracting EventualBig Bang Explosions of Sexual Love Energy too if You EvenNeed to Get that far as Love Making Will Come to Be An ArtWhere You Get Close Enough to the Big Bang to Always ExploreMore Territory of the Pleasure and Satisfaction that Comes to Be More as the Waves of the Ocean From Head to toe move QuicklyAnd Slowly Shallow and Deeper Spiraling Around the Shore ofEvery Ecstasy in Sublime Beauty more to Feel and See toothe Aesthetic Beauty of When Woman Hood and ManhoodBecome One Force of Love Energy in Giving SharingWay to Please to Please as Love Dances andSings more the Fruit of the Vine of Lifethe Spring of Our Desire Lastingthrough Love as the Blessingof Life to Come morein CreativityandProductivity Even more..Love is Splendor This Way in allthe Ways Humanity Touches and FeelsMore of the Human Condition to See moreColors of Feelings and Sensuality too toBreathe in more Sensations YesThe River the Current thatBrings Love tothe Final RestingPlace of CompleteRelease for a New Day to Dawn Now in Beauty Moreof Loving Life All So Beautiful to DesireSpring Flowers Continue To Bloom Ready to ReceiveLove's Breath In All of Nature's Beauty and Awe for LifeGiving Force of Love to Continue on Renewed Anew as God

Back to the Present Future Past Now..;)

A Seat of Our
THaT Puts Us in
Great Company As All THaT iS NoW It’s a Real Problem When
We Determine that Our Soul Our Heart Our Spirit And Yes God
is Hither Just Up There or Over There
DaM i WisH i Didn’t Have to MasH iT
to Sing This Song Hehe never the less
another THoRN For FLoWeRS
Hmm.. A ReaLiTy Hits my
SouL iS iN mY Finger Tips
Addendum at 1:42 PM on 7.5.19 for
“A Child’S AGE iS BoRN NoW AGAiN”
That Will Also Begin this Next MacroVerse too..
it just seemed like what i wrote was missing a
bit of MaGiC so i added this from An online “Wrong Planet”…;)
Meh, My Wife is the Same Age as Melania, 49;
More Specifically she is 17 Days Younger than Melania;
And 20 Years Older than Little Kim’s Wife;
No Comment on Adolf’s Wife;
No Contest on the Rest of the Story.
There are Days Where Pictures Say more than Words…
Ya Left out the Bathing Suit Portion of the Competition, hehe; Meh; no Competition.
OBTW; She’s also A Great Great Aunt; Niece, Great Niece, and Great Great Nephew included in the Second Photo.
My Wife ‘Competed’ Against Over 2000 Other Women in Dance Selfie’s With me in the Last Several Years where
All of the Women were no more than Half Her Age; No Competition there either; i am More than ‘Powerful’;
i am a ‘Legend of Public Dance’; and a ‘Folk Hero of Dance’; Got the Irrefutable Evidence for it too after being
A Shut-in in my Home for 66 Months with the Worst Pain Known to Humankind too; Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia; yes, from Wake to Sleep like a Dentist Drill in eye and ear for all waking Moments of 66 Months
with 18 other Life Threatening in Synergy Disorders too, each and every second of my Life then; Yes, i went
from ‘King of Pain’ in 66 Months to Dance Legend in about a year after that as noted by the Public Audience
as All 11,566 Miles Done in Public along with a 7.1 Million Word Longest Epic Long Form Poem Personal Bible Written
in the Same Span of 70 Months too. i do that for Fun While i rest my Feet; Few People (me) have what it takes to read it.
My Wife met me 30 Years ago; before all of that when i made close to Minimum Wage after earning 3 College Degrees.
i told her She Would Never Age; it appears she Believes me; and the Proof is in Photos that do not lie.
There is Powerful; There is Legend;
And Then There is Miracles that are Real.
Meanwhile; Folks Look For Power and Status and Money and Stuff and More Stuff; Just ‘Stuff’;
When/While Other wise They Might Master the All in All of Love Arts if they Serve Another ‘Master’.
Oh Yeah; and if you Equate Power to actual Physical Strength; more than Likely i Leg Press more Weight
than all 3 Men Put Together at 1340 LBS, 18 Reps now with Max Effort of 1520 LBS at 8 Reps; Got A Video
of Doing the 1340 LBS, very Slowly, at 90 Degrees for 100 Seconds and 12 Reps on YouTube for Proof too; at 59, Now
i’ve improved to 18 Reps; the 12 Reps were way back on Saint Patrick’s Day, 2019; and as far as Leprechauns Go i really Do Weigh 242 Pounds unlike ‘Trump’. My Grandfather Was an X-Catholic Priest Born in Ireland; Just a Trivia note there.
What is the Point of all of this, one might ask; if someone doesn’t Prove What’s Possible How in
the Hell are Non-Believers gonna Believe they too will actually Achieve more; My Heroes are Folks
Like Jack LaLane And Artists who were never recognized During their Life for their Accomplishments
Who Did what they Love for no other Reason than Doing What they Love That is the Greatest Power Freedom of Being
Really Are.
i did not set out
to be a Legend or
Known; i just Dance and Sing Free
However i Wilt Under Love Doing no
Harm to others along a Path of Never ending Bliss….it’s practically MaGiC too..;)
A Secret to All Real Success is to Do It ALL in a Child’s Age With Eyes of Love, Wonder,
and Amazement always now.
Other than that Have a Nice Day; this all Works Very Well Every Day for me for Precisely
that True too FullY iN LiGHT oF
LoVE Fearlessly True too.
SMiLes.. We Humans “Will” be motivated by Pain Or Pleasure
when it comes to the Muse that Moves our Will to accomplish
what we are motivated to do in Life but as far as the Effortless
Part of Amazing Feats of Human Will That comes from a State of
Greater Human Potential in terms of my favorite Four Letter Word that
Stars with F Yes Flow.. There are many Ways to attain this State of Awareness in
Mind and Body that Dampens the Beta Waves and Neo-Cortical Dominance of Mind
in Worry State where we are constantly worried about ‘silly stuff’ like Time.. Distance..
And Space.. Yes.. always the Past and Future concerns of a Highly Complex List of Cultural
to do Lists but guess what.. Humans are only evolved to Focus on Just one Activity now and
Social Empathic Artistic Activities Repress the Mechanical Cognition Reasoning part of our
Mind yes
Versus Writing
Poetry With Smiles
both Activities counteract
the ability to do one or the other
not much different than Using Facebook
When one is.. Solving Analytical Problems
at Work.. mass amounts of Productivity are lost
this way.. to the dismay of Employers and Business
Owners trying to Enhance the Bottom Dollar amount line
of actually doing business uninterrupted as such.. in other
Words i will never ever do my Tax Return when a Poem wants
to come first of course unless it is close to Midnight on April the 15th
in the Good Old USA.. Moving Meditation is the way i attain Flow the way
i quiet the ‘Monkey Mind’ which is really no Monkey Mind at all for Monkeys don’t
have Complex Culture to interrupt their Natural State of Flow in the gain of Basic
Subsistence that is Naturally a cooperative way of Social Empathic Cognition one
Step of Life at a ‘time’ together focused on one activity at a ‘time’ with no time for
Monkeys ‘Really’ hehe.. as they only Live now.. as every Creature does except
For Creatures Like Human Beings Who Spend Life Restricted in Neo-Cortical
Abstract Constructs our Neo-Cortex Creates.. with Plentiful Beta Waves of
Stress to go along with that.. anyway in Flow there is little Inertia of Worry
And yes indeed one will Dance a Tight Rope until they fall
Off and get back on the Horse and Ride into a Sunset
And Sunrise so beautiful that Never Ends now my
Friend Where Honestly there is no need for ‘intent’
at all As Flow becomes the Flow itself
where there is no Conceptual
Thinking Required at all
yes the Capstone
of the
that doesn’t
Need to see the
Lower Parts of the
Pyramid at all for the
Entire Pyramid is Working
as one Wisdom Eye of Effortless Will..
hehe just in my opinion of Course an
Opinion with Empirical Results that proves
it works for me at least always now even now
when my Finger Hurts a Bit as there are Nine
more to get the Job done IN FLOW..:))))))
Yes.. When Water Wave Ocean Particle
Wave and Field becomes As as One
Force of Wave Flow..:))))))))
Hehe Flow
Activities may
have very little
or even nothing
at all to do with
Making Money
and that my
is a main
reason Humans
stay so stressed it’s
not that Money is the
Root of all Evil Just the
Stress off the Illusion of Time
Distance And Space that Humans
have created as a Strange way of Prison
in a Hell they pretend to enjoy day in day out in ‘time’..:)
NoW IS A River
WHere Shores
Do Not PriSon..:)
Good Morning With Best Wishes for the Rest of Your Happy Saturday Weekend.. Hehe feeling fortunate i still have the tip of my Right Ring Finger.. As i smashed it between Two One Hundred Pound Iron Plates.. when working-out.. it is black and blue but still in one piece.. Thank Goodness Gently typing a bit more for now as it is substantially swollen like an extra Shock-Absorber as i continue to try to type in Flow it’s all Working okay.. Katrina asked me did i scream or cry and i said.. No i was just Happy the Tip of my Finger was still attached and that will teach me to no longer Slam the Plates so Hard now when i Load the Machine
up with 1340 Pounds.. the Equivalent
of 608 Kilograms for how you guys
Measure Weight across the Ocean
Blue hopefully not Black and Blue
Like the Tip of my Finger hehe..
Surprisingly my Finger Nail
looks okay so far at least..
Other than that i’m just feeling
blissful as usual as i start to put
together about a 28 Thousand
Word Blog Post already Written
Thanks Goodness giving my finger
a bit more rest from too much typing
repetition too for now.. until after i get
it Put together at least with smiles.. and as Synchronicity will have it i was listening to a YouTube Video on How Folks who do not get enough sleep are injured 80 Percent more in Sports as i was about to fall asleep from lack of sleep last night before i worked out… anyway life is full of lessons some soft and others a bit harder.. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…
Goooood Morning When you said that
Last haha i thought
Goooood meant
An exclamation
For Good instead
Of a longer Concern
Of Oh God.. Ice Feels
So good this morning
And your Name means
Ice on the Mountain
Tops you’ve suggested
Relax and Chill a Bit too
But how do Mountain
Tops Feel covered with
Ice when they only
Wanna Rise Higher
Than a Sycamore
Tree the Challenge
With Dancing a Tight
Rope Relaxed is if one
Does it Long enough
In Light one eventually
Falls off in Dark it’s
Like Gravity A Law
oF All What goes
Up EvenTuAlly
CoMes Down
THeRe is No ESCaPinG
That ReaLiTy for how
Would We know how High The Sycamore
Tree Rises Without Roots Grounded in DarK SMiLes my FriEnd
It appears yet
Again i am
Smaller ‘Groot’
And i May Have
to Rise a bit again
i am neither afraid
Of the Dark as the
Fall Lights the Day
Of Night my
Finger Hurts
So Goooood With
SMiLes now have a
Beautiful Day
Okay little
Ice Princess
And Blow a Prayer
My Way to the
Tip of my
Black and
Blue Ring Finger
Please as sure even
Birds Fall before they
With Ease..πŸ™‚
Thanks so much for your Kind Wishes
Pain doesn’t bother me I’m
More Worried about
Potential infection
For if the swelling
Doesn’t go down
More i will visit
A Doctor soon for
That.. hehe ugh you
Know my Handwriting
Is so ugly not because
i cannot make it pretty
But because it cannot
Keep up with the Speed of my Mind
Same when i get
Focused and all
The Words come out
So Fast for all of what
i know and A Fredache
Comes next to whoever listens to
A Hurricane talk
SMiLes i feel like
An Alien on a
Planet without
Enough challenge
Still but hey Faster
Computers and
Typewriters really
Help out it’s so
Frustrating typing
With one finger
On this Keyboard
But i would Swim
An Ocean to talk
To the one Friend
I’ve ever had to
Tell me Hello
You know
It can be Very lonely
Being an Alien so
Many Years some
Times the Worst
Pain is no
Home smiles
My Finger tip
Is Big now like
The Alien off the
Old ‘ET’ Movie And
Once again i
Am Just Happy
To Phone Home
And Hear a Hello
At the other End of
The line Physical
Pain is nothing
Nothing at all
To ‘ET’
My Friend
For there is the
Pain of Alien
That Hurts
At Least
7 times more
i feel none of that
Pain now even if
Someone nailed
Me to A Tree never
The Less I need my
Finger to type fast
So Great Care i
Take Care
Of The Finger
Tip of my Living
Soul Thank uuuu..:)))
Top Line It’s a Great Thing i wasn’t
Mountain Climbing Yesterday With Lack of Sleep to Keep A FLoW iN Dance And Song Going
Really THeRE Is No Need to Smash Your Distal Phalanx Or Break Your Neck For A Bliss of Flow Eternally NoW iN Heaven No Need to Forgo Safety Harnesses Climbing Mountains or Tossing 100 Pound Iron Plates Like Feathers Loading up A 1340 LB Leg Press
Just Increase the Continuing Complexity With Challenge but Not
too much Anxiety to Freeze Potential in a Single Focused Effort
It’s Worth Noting HeAR that one Does Not
have to Climb
Tall Mountains to
Attain Extremely High
Levels of Human Potential in Flow NoW
THere is No Lust for Freedom that Equals
An Immigrant from an Oppressed Land
Who Finds that Freedom in a New Land
There is No Lust For Love that Equals What A Devil
Misses of Love Behind An Opaque Window of a Living
Hell the Freedom
That Allows us to
Express All of Who
We Are the Arms and
Eyes of a Loving Child
The Desire of Who We Most
Want to Love The Desire to Love
All that is once Again.. Smiles my Friend
Lillian it is often A Lone Wolf Who Loves the Most
A Howl
A never
Call For
A Full Moon
of Hope that
Refuses to be
Put out by Weaker
Wolves of Hope.. Weaker
Wolves Whose Fire of LusT
has been put out of LiVinG
Soul Loving All of Life NoW
MY FIRE IT COMES from: Hell to: Heaven
NoW Holy Peter Pan Put Out ‘A FiRe’ Quick
He’s Loving Everyone Like ‘Jesus’
You Will Never imagine
How many ways i Love
You For i Will Always
imagine More Ways
to Love You i
Am Dancing
And Singing
to the Little
Flame less
Than a Grain
Of Sand More
As God as Your
Soul Breathes
This is What
to me the
Ever Changing
Thorns And Flowers
Of God’s Rose Now
Souls Now..:)
Enjoy Life For A Tallest
Tree owes its Life
to A smallest
Child Watering
A tiny sapling
Water Most
We are All That
Child We Are All
That Tree there is
Never a Need to
Rush for
A Love of Now..
And A Lust For Life..:)
Peter Parker Just
Another Pan Never
Giving Up Catching
Life Spinning Webs
Peter Pan’s
Endless Dream Now
A Friend With Wings…
Never Ending Stories…
Never Land Always Fly
Never to touch Wings
Thanks so much for
ALLoWinG me
to Fly Beside You
Some Days
So Far Away i
Feel the Freedom
Of Your Butterfly Wings
i just Love to watch
You Fly when you
Bring out your Magic
Carpet Good to be Alive Flutter
From A
Of Beauty to
Behold never
Captured Prisoner..:)
Challenge Now
A Butterfly in a
Cocoon World
Smiles Some ‘Men’
Spend their Lives
Fantasizing Deep
Down For A
Butterfly to
Fly With yet
Shallower now
They are Afraid
to Fly so they
Legs and
Cocoon Loves
There is no Greater
Magic NoW in Life
Than observing
A Caterpillar
Bound to
Earth with
So Many Legs
Emerge In Beauty
With only Two
Wings From
A Cocoon
Flying in
Freedom never
To Catch a Butterfly
Only now to Love to
Watch the Wings
A Lust For Life
Deserves a Poem
Each and Every
A Butterfly
Lust For Life..:)
Good Morning what
You write to A World
Your Burning Desire
That it seems you
Share with me yet
Of course Different
to Explore so much
More of your Human
Potential Unique to
You as An outlier
From Your Culture
too is gonna inspire
Some more Words
From how i write
to A World Now
For how i Feel
Now Don’t just
Be Friends With
Life don’t just Love
Life Lust for Life Now
With all Your Might
Make Less than a
Grain of Sand
Your Romance
Just Live
Don’t Just
Be an Angel
Set your Wings
On Fire With Lust
For Life that really Flies
A Mail Man Delivers Letters Rain or Shine Snow or Sleet Hell Or High
Water And Yes Black and Blue Ring Finger too With This Done
Oh Lord Not only the Balloons but the Signs remind me
of Going to the Casinos in Biloxi Mississippi in the U.S..
5 Years most every Month we went there on a Tour Bus Rented
by a Whole Big Group of Filipino Folks From Catholic Church as
Bingo and Gambling is a favorite pass time amongst Catholics in my
Area still.. nope not
one Armed Bandits
F me too much
Math to understand
the Dismal Statistics to
Ever Really Beat the House
so i entertained my Self with the
Free RootBeer Machine and Danced
the Beaches and Roads and Entertained
the City for Free instead and haha.. some folks
Recognized me all the way from Florida Dancing
In Public even Yelling out i know you out of their Car
Windows there.. i got a whole lot of Wonderful Nature photos
for my Blog in Over 60 Trips of Visiting those Casinos then and
oh yeah if you are having to pull some Weeds i used to do that too..
but not any more
as it was actually
102 Degrees F
in the Record
Breaking Heat
today.. we will pay
someone else to pull the
Weeds and Cut the Lawn
Meanwhile there is plenty of
Air-conditioning to Dance with in
All the Public Store Dance Floors so
Smooth to Float and Glide on True.. and
sure all You Can Drink Free Water as i am
Always not only the one to Walk on Water on
Terrestrial Land in a Dance of Float Like that
but i tend to Cheap Skate and Free Load my
Tour of endless Bliss as hey.. i give the Joy
back in more than Multiples of 7 Still to
day for Free as Long as this Joy Lasts
As Long as my Spirit Flies oh so Free.. NoW..
i Slammed my Finger in Between 2.. 100 Pound
Iron Plates when Working-out didn’t know if there
would be any Finger Left but yes success as it appears
the Black and Blue is Finally Draining away one will Hope at
Least now..:) Funny How one can read the Same Story So many Instances
And Find So many Meanings NoW as that may apply to so many experiences
of our lives as that relates to the lives of other Human Beings and today the
Same story Catches the Feelings of my HeART for Life With an OPeN and
Honest HeART that Hides no eYes versus the Days and Yes Years of My Life
WHeRe HeART Travels so Far away from SouL and Yes even Spirit to both Feel
and Sense and Give and Share so easily with almost everyone We meet even Strangers
Never Met Before
as there is always
a Heart Felt Connection
of Humanity that is deep
and ever more as each Set
of Human Eyes Open Soul
As Pathway to their Hearts
And Spirits Free to be in
Flow of Love no
longer Bound
in a Moment
Any Further than
the Human Connection
as it unwinds and reaches
out and touches Windows so
free of Other Souls.. It’s true this
is a Muscle this is the Heart Muscle
With Wings of Spirit that may Arise or
Fall Lower Depending on how We Exercise
this Greatest Love Muscle of All that Beats
that plays the Music of Our Soul Unbound
and no Longer Trapped so Deep without
a Doorway to Seemingly Escape.. So
How Does a HeART that’s lost its
Way Make it to a New Door
Way of Relief a New
Home to House
A Beat that
Plays the
Music Yes the
Spirit of our HeARTFeLT
SoUL Again.. SMiLes my FriEnd
what i do know feel and sense when
the HeART comes Raging Back as Water
Fall No Longer Held by Dams Within a Spectacular
Fire Works SHoW iT WiLL Make as MaGiC is all the
Colors Beyond Rainbow Bright We Begin To Fill and Feel
Up Again in Delight of Life Reborn as Light comes Loving it
All as we
to be
the LandLord
Generating our
own Rent of Loving
Life as only really Happens
When HeART oPeNS MaKinG
Path ways for SPiRiT oF SoUL
To Generate Feeling Sensing
Giving Sharing LoVE JusT FoR Free
the Freedom of Being LoVE iNcarNaTE AGAiN..
Other than that Hope you are still successful in your
Travel Job with the Airlines where You Work in the United
Kingdom after your Move from Pakistan Lala Rukh and surely
Hope you find Your Own Key to Open Your Own HeART to Color Life even more..:)
Hey.. thanks for the
Heads up on the next
Terminator Movie
Hehe for now
Got my
Hands Elbows
Deep In the Grease
Of this one.. hehe..;)
Flesh And Blood Gone
They Wondered Who
to Leave Behind Now
Listen to the Signs Let the Spirit Guide You
Either Left or Right Up Or Down or in my Case hehe
iNside OuTside All Around Within Between A Warning Work-Out Shirt
and Listening to A Danger of No Sleep and 80 Percent increased Athletic Injuries… the Signs….
Singing “Here i Am” on
7.7.19 At Catholic Church
With my Shirt on that Says
“Jesus Loves You But I’m
His Favorite” A Shirt that is
Always a “Crowd Pleaser” at
The First Sunday Southern Baptist
Monthly After Church Dinner on the Farm
Grounds too where in-laws including a Very
Nice Southern Baptist Pastor Lives too.. as i noted
to folks Passing in with the Words Blessed on Their
Shirt my Shirt takes a bit more Work in Terms of John 14:12
Mega Greater Efforts associated
With Loving Your Enemies
the same as Your Neighbors
And God All that is consuming
With the Least Amount of Harm
All of these Giving and Sharing more
than Taking and Hoarding too in other
Words not only Permitting the Least among
Us from Crossing the Rio-Grande For Help as they
attempt to Escape Injury up to Death in their Homelands
of origin as we as United States Citizens have a choice of
Turning around and Redeeming ourselves as the Story of
Jesus Says he is indeed actually These People now there
is no ifs and or buts we are all Integral and Equal Brothers
And Or Sisters No matter Who We are what we are or
Where we are from now either Gentile Jew Servant
or Free Woman and or Man no more Just Love no
Labels Necessary really from Tom Dick Jack
or Jill.. we are all Lovers of all that is God
surely including those folks who are
looking to save the Lives of
Themselves and Families
From Destruction and
Death.. truly as far
as doing unto others
as they would do unto
Us there really is no Choice
unless you Believe in the Current
State of Affairs of the Politics in Charge
over what it even technically means to be
a ‘Christian’ Yes the ones who empty their pockets
and Live off of Love giving and sharing Love all the way
Just for Free.. Wherever Peace Wishes to gain a Home
Away from the Threshold of Fear and Hate and Misery
Love Suffering as Company More.. anyway i’ve come
today as i have for the last 70 Months Writing A Bible
Poem of my own for 7 MiLLioN Words and 11,581 Miles
of Public Dance Now in Moving Meditation Dance in
Flow that allows for the Holy and Sacred Spirit
of My SouL to Fully arise in me in the span of
those 70 Months to let ya know and feel
and even sense perhaps that John 14:12
is a challenge i was/am effortlessly willing
Still to Accept in Holy and Sacred Covenant
Flow with God Beyond All Names NoW.. Yes
NoW i Am is about as Good as that gets now
for a Descriptor as Verb For all that God is Now
God is i Am And so are We shouldn’t take a Rocket
Scientist to Determine that considering that our Whole
Experience.. Starts and Ends with God Consciousness
Within some folks allowing the light to enter into their
Cracks of Soul.. and others Still Steeping A Tea more
Dark away from Hope and Love For All iN LiGhT anyway
i am
and You
are invited
to this Table
of Plenty to even Dance
And Sing A SaMe Tune of
Life with me Tree of Life Real Here i am
All of We As Us Who Love in Giving Sharing Free For ALL..:)
Hmm if you are afraid of Sheep you might
Be more afraid of
Pigs.. i’m thinking
Baby Chicks are okay..
This is me Singing one of my favorite Songs
at Church Called Here i Am.. i don’t Feel any Human should
Depend on anyone else to
Save the Force
Of Love We must
All Pick Up the
Ball of Love
And Loudly
Dance and Sing
GaMe oN NoW
iT All i Am
We All Will NoW..
Cow and Calf doing their Best to stay
Cool Record Heat this Week.. As LonG As
Heat Generates Thundershowers
Flowers Don’t Care
Haha it’s Like
some of
Your Photos
You Are my
Little Thunder
You Pass
Through the
Colors of my
FLoWeRS Catch on
Fire No Doubt You Feel
And Sense the Full
Force of Your Lightning
As Most Everyone Loves to See What
Comes after
If they are
More Afraid
Of Sheep
Than Lone Wolf…
One of ‘the Greatest
Sins’ ‘Accomplished’
By “Man” is to
Cover and
Hide the Beauty
Of “Woman” as
Speaking that
‘Sin’ Reduces all
Human Creativity
And Productivity..
Increases Aggression
Violence and Even
Potential Wars to
Destroy our
Species.. Rarely are
There Any Arguments
Just Bliss on
Haha when the Young Males
start to get Jealous and Photo
Bomb my Selfies With
‘Dirty Birds’ as their
Girl Friends SMiLe
In Glee with me
i just Show ‘em
A Featured Photo
On Face Book
Of Katrina
Picking Up Grapes
In Her Aqua Blue
Bikini and
Turns to
For them
Too Hehe..
With that said OG it’s
Getting Hot out
Here Going Back
In looking
To the
‘They’ usually
Come as Surprises…
Katrina Picking Peas..
As usual I’m doing
The Hardest Job
Supervising hehe..
OBTW.. Good Early
Morning Monday
To you and
My Finger
Is doing so
Much better…
We had a Huge Thunderstorm
Surprise that really
Cooled things off
The Locusts are
Singing And the
Frogs are Croaking
Loudly and now Katrina
Has help picking
Peas i’m still
Supervising hehe…
Hope I’m not boring
You with Farm
Life hehe.. it’s
Kinda relaxing
Actually Now that A Cool
Breeze comes after
The Thunderstorms..
Everyone Now should
Live Here Thank God
The Real Garden
Of Eden Now is still
Like A Best Kept Secret
No one really knows
About it cause there
Are Not many High
Paying Jobs here…
Haha I’ve showed you
Enough snaps now
That you’ll
Never need
To Visit… Hmm…
Hehe it’s Hard Work
But the Peas Don’t
Volunteer to hop
In the Bucket…
Every Glimmer
Of New Light of
The Coming
Sunset is
Awesome to
Me The little
Things in
Life the
Of Nature
Living Alive
Through our
Eyes one Day when
i am long gone and You
Are reTired with YouR
Loved ones Please
This Day
Me not
Me But
The Day my Friend…
A True Friendship
Is A Tree that is
Measured by
The Number
Of Branches
To Reach out
From Roots of
Darkness into
Greater Light
Above So
Below Where
Roots Are Leaves
That Fall And Rise..πŸ™‚
Smiles my New Word Press Friend ‘Heart Tokens’
And Bishop So and So and Your Friends too as a 10th
Written Witness Message Now as i have traveled
through the Homes of thousands upon thousands
of Folks around the World Writing a 7 Million Word
Free Verse Long Form Poem as well as Public
dancing so many more Thousands of Homes of
Human Bodies and Souls.. in 11,581 Miles of doing
that in 70 Months too it is not often that i have found
A Random Stranger as Friendly as you Just as a nice
Person aLong this Global Trail so i am going to take
the effort and minutes today to share a rather long long
story with you as hehe that’s what i do best long hAha.. with
Smiles.. and SMiles again for me at Least i Both Act and Believe
that All That is Existence is Holy and Sacred Meaning and Purpose
Directed By God as All that is as We are the Orchestra and Symphony
And Play of Life that is also all that is God in other Words there is no Real
Escaping so we Best make the Best out of this Existence We Both Survive and Thrive
in as well as Die and Suffer in as the Life We Live too ranging from the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
Always Within in this Generation now to the other place.. Yes that of course exists Now as well for
Without Day
there is no
Night Shade
Without Trees
To Cover Sun
that list of Metaphors
is endless beyond iNfinity
for we too are Co-Creators
With God For all We come to feel
and sense about Life Either by way
of Holy and Sacred Gift for all that is God
Now as Life is Good in Meaning and Purpose
that we continue to co-Create in a place that is
no Mistaking in Flow out of time distance and space
as the Eternal Now of Heaven for those who are fortunate
enough to exist in Heaven now or for those who do not Seek
and Find Heaven now.. it may seem as distant as after a Dirt Nap
of Death but as the
Story of Jesus says
Let the Dead Bury
their Dead
of Heaven
the Kingdom
of God is neither
Here or there no wHere but
now within and true for those who do
seek and find Heaven now there is no mistaking
Now the Experience of the Eternal Nirvana and
Bliss of River Flow out of time distance and space..
true when folks asked Jesus what Heaven was like
he could only Offer Metaphors of Free Verse Poetry
to describe a place so far beyond what most People
in a place of worry and fear and even Hate experience
every day
in endless
life where time
is the Prison
and doubt
is a way of Life..
Hmm.. in Heaven now
within all is Faith all is Hope
All is Love all is Charity of giving
and sharing Love For Free true there
is no need for material goods not even a stitch
of Cultural Clothes one may remove one’s Sandals
Empty one’s Pockets and travel far and wide to spread this
Good News and for those who truly believe as John 14:12 says
Clearly with no Doubt they too with Faith and Love and Hope and
Charity of Giving And Sharing Love For Free Yes they too will do Greater
Works than Jesus too.. consuming others with the least Harm Possible
as true not every one experiences either Hell or Heaven at hand the
Same Way now too.. so of course the way Jesus teaches is to Love
Our Enemy yes the Adversary yes ‘the Devils’ as Much as God too
not in the Feel and Sense of Agreeing but in the Reality of
Forgiving Every Transgression now.. so we will Lift our
Souls up higher than the Adversaries who attempt
to take us away from the Heaven of Love that is
Real and Eternal now We Experience as
it is always worth noting that this
too shall pass away as God’s
Law is not only the
Balance of Loving
with Giving and Sharing
more than Taking and Hoarding
but Change is the Standard that always
Changes now.. as this will be Good News
And Naturally Bad News too for those who
either continue to rise to Heaven or Fall more
Towards the Hell at Hand now.. hmm.. so if Jesus
Will Forgive and Love every Adversary it makes for an
interesting inquiry how that moved to a scenario where Jesus
who clearly stated that you will do greater works than the Teacher
where Last is First and First is Last and the Meek Inherit the Earth
Strong enough not to raise a Fist against others and the Kingdom
of God as the Poor of Spirit also do who rise out of darkness and
come to understand both Hell and Heaven as they have fallen and
risen to both.. so how in the World did an all Forgiving Man Morph into
An all Torturing God for those who do not fall down on their Knees and
Worship this Humble Teacher.. yes of course there is the Revelation part of the
Bible too based on a Dream according to a Man Named John as Reported but of course
many many Decades after Jesus Died according to the Story of the Miraculous Rising too
as this of course was not a Man that Jesus even met during his lifetime then.. indeed this
John as reported was living in the Days of Nero and the Persecution of the Christians by
Nero who he Viewed as Anti-Christian yes Anti-Christ then and since then we have had
many Leaders and still do who Live a life Against every single one of the Beatitudes as
Reported by Matthew in Chapter Five of his Book of the New Testament too.. this other
John this John of Nero and the Persecution of Christians wished.. great disaster and
Torture forever on his Persecutors for them to fall and never rise again in Persecution
against the Christians again… of course if he did not hide his Message in Dream-
like Free Verse Poetry All Veiled as such to escape the View of those in Charge
in Ignorance from Understanding the Deeper Metaphors of his Fantastical Nightmarish
Free Verse Poetic Words.. neither his Deeper Message or he would last very long as Poets continue
to do this to this very date and very word my Friend.. Psychopathic Leaning Folks Don’t Understand
Metaphors of Figurative Language that house the Passions of our Emotions so Poetry is the Tool that
Psychopathic Leaning Individuals Have no way to discern the deeper message passes fully over their
Heart and Mind.. and both the Deeper Meanings of the Poetry and the Poet Messenger as such stays
alive for as long as Words Last and Breaths continue in life.. SMiles my Friend as Night is Day and Day
is Night it stands to reason beyond reason in Poetic Intuition from God that where there are Greater Works
than Jesus verily and surely Hoped from a Humble Teacher for his Favorite Students too as they come through
too.. of course in a way when you love everyone everyone is favorite too but light will neither be dismissed or
ignored when bright enough to even be too big to see.. true folks may not take the effort to absorb all the light
but an impact it will always make not to be missed all together my Friend.. yes it stands to Poetic Intuition that
while there are Greater Works than Jesus in Light that yes sadly and in terms of Hell there are greater Days
forever now spent in Hell too than just a 3 Hour to 3 Day tour before Rising out of Living Death again..
smiles you just happened to come across a Witness today of not only Heaven but Hell too my
Friend yes in terms of the Dark part of John 14:12 likely left out of the New Testament for
that is a place where even Demons will Fear to Tread.. God Gives Great Gifts of
Roses to All God’s Children but Night is Day and Day is Night Thorns are
Flowers and Flowers are Thorns to Generate all the Colors of Rose
that make Rose Lovely
and Loving
my Friend…
THere is a ‘Gift’ called
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
in Life all Natural My Friend the Cause
is not understood or the remission from same.
But it Happens.. to some folks as Life does too..
Yes Hell is real and it comes from a Disease named
the Real Suicide Disease too.. yes you can order a Book
on the Crucifixion of Jesus as my Mother Did to attempt to
Prove me wrong that my Pain was worse in terms of John 14:12
in the Hell i endured from Wake to Sleep for 66 Months with no
Pain relief with the Closest Metaphor to Describe as a Dentist Drill
with No Pain relief yes in my case in my Right eye and Ear as a Shut-in
in my Bedroom for 66 Months.. oh yeah.. 18 other Medical Disorders too as
a Synergy of Life Threatening Disorders in a Soul of Pain and Numb where
even all Emotions went away with no memory of even the feeling of a Smile
As Memories are Emotions and Emotions are Memories in this place of Hell
there is zero point reference back to Heaven my Friend of Feeling and Giving
And Sharing Love as Light Within.. of Heaven that is Real in River Flow out of time
Distance and Space for all in Company Fully of God.. yes my Friend in the Book my
Mother Ordered she got to read the part to me as she attempted to prove me wrong
that my Disease was the only disease assessed worse than the Real Torture of Crucifixion
but it didn’t matter to her even though i was her son.. she believed what folks told her on TV
instead.. the Disease i had is actually called the Suicide Disease for the first 40 days of the Severest
Part of the pain i only slept 1 hour each night for the first 35 days of that 40 days with a Powerful Alpha
Blocker to slow my heart rate down enough with the disorder of Dysautonomia too.. Cardboard Shallow
Sleep barely out of consciousness my Friend.. the Last 5 of 40 no sleep at all somehow i found the strength
after not even being able to drag myself to bathe.. to get the Keys to my Car and Travel to a Bridge to Jump
off.. before that i Loved everything about life i felt like the luckiest Human in the World to have such a Loving
Wife.. then.. and Mother and Sister too.. i did not wanna die no way i even entertained that thought through
the Severest of Depressions in my Life Experience for Years in my Youth too.. but it is true not unlike the
Old Movie the ’10 Commandments’ as Moses was traveling through the desert for another 40 days as
Jesus was reported to do too.. the Narrator said Moses found then that there are some experiences
in Life worse than Death itself my Friend as i also sadly Learned too.. i did not jump off that Bridge
for i had not strength to get out of my Car and on top of that even if i did there were fishermen
below who would have likely risked their lives to pull me out.. my Sister miraculously
found me at the bottom of that Bridge she traveled straight to where i was having
no idea where i went.. i got in her Car Still with no Sleep and that Dentist
Drill in my Eye and ear.. i wanted to die to die just to escape Hell
On Earth not realizing that i had close to 5 Years more to
Endure then my Friend.. to make it through to the other
Side of Eternal Heaven again then now.. i wanted
her to stop the Car to just jump
off of a Board Walk into
Water less than over
my Head she sped 80 Miles Per hour
Then into the Country with her telling
me she could not live without a Brother
For you See we are Both Diagnosed on the
Autism Spectrum and bullied Horribly through
our Life Persevering by the skin of our teeth that
is the Love our Mother Unconditionally gave to us
until that one day that my Mother Had to choose what
the TV Said about Jesus over my Reality then my Friend..
of course i told my Sister no don’t wreck the Car to Kill us both
not you it was just about me not you.. so then i finally agreed to
go to the Hospital they found something strong enough to knock me
out.. i survived somehow through Hell a full 66 Months within on Earth
the Real place then just now just then where all was time and a second was
the equivalent of a thousand years of Hell as i never knew if could make it through
another Second of Life.. and it’s true i survived but i am not any ‘normal’ man.. i will
Smash my Finger Between 2-100 LB Iron Plates as i load up a Leg Press Machine
to still Press 1340 LBS at age 59.. and not even make a Sound my Friend just look
down and be happy my finger is still attached.. and sure finish a work-out as i only
just began then.. sure that happened on Friday and i am typing all of this now in
Free Flow with no pain as if nothing even happened at all.. you see my Friend
how Would God come to Earth and Expect every Person to be Greater than
God if God is really Jesus and Jesus is Really God.. would not God
Forgive those who are Weaker than God.. smiles yet Jesus
clearly said he was the least and the least are the Greatest
in the Kingdom of Heaven now.. but you see my Friend
the Least are those who Love the Least the Most
and always forgive them
now.. i existed
in Hell as a Real
Devil on Earth who could
feel no feelings at all then for
66 Months yet God Forgave me
not any different than the ‘Story of Job’
i believe i hope that no one ever has to go
through what i went through now but come low
water of Hell as Zero or High Water of Heaven as Love
i surely will not be one to attempt to Judge any other Human
being now for you see when we are in Hell we figure out there
is no escaping God but Returning to God.. as Love as Love as Love
as Love
Jesus was
is correct the
story at Least
Love is all you
need to Feel and give
and share for free.. Heaven
is real and Hell is too but after
a Human Being is Damned to
Hell if they really are they will never
ever Damn another Part of Existence when they Return to Heaven Eternally Now Again..
Ever Again my Friend and this is how i know/feel/sense who ‘Jesus’ is as True or False…
Smiles my Friend if this is too overwhelming for Your Blog please feel free to delete
it without any worry of Hurting my Feelings.. it’s all about Perspective this existence
is as far as i feel and sense there is no random in life all is Holy and Sacred Meaning
and Purpose i help co-Create with God Living in me Free too.. You Helped to inspire
these Words no matter what you will do next You are a Gift to me i feel and sense and
to God
too.. those
of God are most
fortunate who live
in Heaven having what
it takes to forgive ‘Devils’ too..
this message is no different/same than
the message ‘Jesus’ the Story still Delivers
there is no left or right of Truth in Light my Friend..
the Story is words.. there is no denying what is said
when what is said is written my Friend However still
the understandings as Meanings of Words Now Are still
in metaphors
to understand Differently same
on the ‘other hands’ my Friend..
by the way my Poem is not Just
a Poem it’s a Bible and John 14:12
gives me full authority to write one that is Greater…
not just in terms of size of 8 times larger either my Friend in 70 Months of Public Dance too..
and never one now to generate a single ‘Read’ Lincoln Sent Penny for me at least..
God Will Never “Need” to be Worshipped but for those who do not appreciate All
of Dark Thru Light
God’s Gifts they
fall they fall….
in both
And Light..
As Either and Neither
Thunder or Lightening and both
As truly tHere is No Difference Now
Just LiFE NoW LoVE BesT GoD ALL NoW..:)
Smiles my Friend Renee/Heart Tokens the Song you Shared
is surely Beautiful Thanks for the Effort you take here to return
such a Kind and Thoughtful Comment in Reply i believe that
Jesus in a greatest Desire as the Story is told is for Us to Pick up
His Message and Share Love for All With the World in Kind and Giving
Ways it’s up
to us my
the Greatest
Gift of any Teacher
is when the student
Does Greater Works than
the Teacher with that said
Just for fun a Song at Church
i sang Yesterday that Sings ‘Here
i am’ a Message that any of us will bring and Do
Smiles my Friend the Young Folks in Large Numbers are no
longer Going to Church and Jesus is dying Yet Again for few will
stand up now against those who will not Love/Feed the poorest
and least among us no matter where they are from..
There is no Greater Politics than the Message of
Love i live in an area that was a Record Breaker
with the Most Churches per square mile
Generally speaking People are nice
outside of Church Walls but
the Cruelty against ‘the
other’ and against
‘those who are Different’
is as Dark and Ugly’ as
Any that’s continued my Entire
Life as Witness to Fear and Hate
of Different As A Substitute for Hope
and Love for All until More Christians are willing
to Call out and change the Course of that Human
Intention of Darkness against those who are Different
Within the Walls of Churches too supporting Giving and Sharing and Accepting and
Loving all Human Beings Jesus continues to Gasp for Breath with only the Gray Hairs
Left who still sadly demand that only this and that one is Good enough for Love now
And even Basic
Subsistence in
never the
less i forgive
them and manage
in my Heart my
Spirit and
to still
go and
Dance and
Sing a Song and
Dance of Love to them..
the Music is Good the Commandment
of Love is Greater Reflecting in the Music from what i’ve
Felt and Sensed from Studying all Religions for Decades my Friend..
With that said i get along fine with anyone as Long as Love is the Common
Denominator Jesus the Story was correct about the Greatest Force of Healing Love when
Harming no others my Friend.. worthy verily of a Name even a 3 letter one Named God..:)
Hehe Well.. Since You asked there are two
Things one will Do when Living in Oz either
Go Back Home to Kansas at the Farm
or Stay in Rome
and Do as
the Romans
do Before a
Mighty Soft
Fall in Chaos
even more than ever
before as everyone goes
in a different direction of Gold
Fish Science Assessed more Attention
than average Human Beings these days..
it’s just Great
that we hmm..
most Folks know
who the Wizard of
Oz even is but what
about ‘Yesterday’ and
the Beatles how long
will it be before both
Jesus and John Lennon
who both believed that all You
need is Love are totally forgotten/lost
like a Stone Statue in the Burial Grounds
of a Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band..
don’t tell anyone
it’s a Secret
but the Bust
of that Law Enforcement
Looking Dude with the Long
Head is really me hehe.. and i was only
7 Years Old back then.. in ’67.. not sure
how old the Stone Bust is likely older than
my Birthdate of 6.6.60.. Human Beings are Evolved
to live in Groups of no more than around 150 to 200 sets
of Well Acquainted Eyes And Hands And Feet to Work Together
in Social Empathic Cognition of Moving Connecting and Co-Creating
to gain Subsistence with a Free Dance And Song of Life under the Moon
Lit Campfire Full Moon Night to Survive and Thrive in a Dance And Song of
UniSoN Bond and Bind in Common Cultural Ways of Meaning and Purpose Holy
And Sacred Essence of MaKinG A LiVinG in Truth in Light more than Dark oF Lies..
It’s a Trade-off
Wash Rinse Dry
Cycle of Washing and
Drying Machines for Human
Souls that Move Connect and
Co-Create for Real for Happiness now..
Either Home in Kansas or Flying Well beyond
the Traditions held strong ToGeTHeR beFoRE..
There is something Wild away from Domestication
where the Adventure is All We Need not know what Will Happen
Next what may ReMaiN IS A Constant of An Eternal Now Free As Us
Personal Agency Regulating Emotions and Integrating Senses Within
Greater for Real.. Deep Personal Satisfaction always now most always
i’m off to
be a Real
Wizard of OZ hAha..;)
Sanitation Removing Potential Infectious
Bacteria and Viruses from human Contagious
Contact has Saved More Lives than Modern Medicine
Will Ever Imagine Doing my Friend Sohair.. hehe.. We
Even had our House Washed today.. but true too as with
any thing in life Moderation is necessary as when Homes
are too Clean And Sanitized Children may Develop Auto-Immune
Issues as their Auto-Immune System
Never Really Develops and
Fights their own
Body instead
hmm.. Katrina
is really OCD about
Germs quite a bit so
she is always wiping down
just about everything i touch
and that’s okay for i rarely get sick
now.. i am actually Allergic to Cats
and Dogs.. so i got sick a lot more when
Yellow Boy our Cat was around but i’d rather
have more sources of Love and move though the
Sick Again.. oh yeah speaking of Injuries too hope you
are healing well with Your Hand and Knee Injury from
Your accident Dear Sohair.. i had an unfortunate one that
could have been avoided with a bit more caution myself last
Friday as i worked out with barely any sleep and i’ve been slamming
100 Pound Iron Weights together so long i wasn’t paying close enough attention
without sleep and caught the tip of my Ring Finger in between too of the slamming
Iron Plates and i felt fortunate to have anything left of my finger at all the pain didn’t
bother me but i was worried about breakage and potential infection too.. and now it
hardly looks like i hurt it all all but yes very Black and Blue Swollen until Yesterday
my Friend still a bit Tender but working out again today my Friend.. it just will
teach me to be a bit more
as mistakes
will teach
us so much now too..:)
SMiLes.. i surely Agree as i love to Dance
And Sing Flowers and Thorns Create
the Entire Beauty of a Rose.. Life
Is Like that we are not Evolved for
Instant Gratification Challenge and Adaptation
is the Way of Nature as we move Ahead Connect
And Co-Create as Healthy Human Beings Together
in Balance for Products that we need together that we
really will touch and feel and sense more than just a Spread
Sheet of Numbers
my FriEnd.. true
We Need Subsistence
Shelter Reproductive Success
and Help to Raise Children as they
Come and Go too.. yet we also need Holy
and Sacred Meaning and Purpose We Share together
For Bonds as Binds We Do Together to get all of Life’s Jobs
done from Subsistence to a Joyous Dance and Song together
After a Full Stomach that we help each other get under Shelter
that protects us from Diverse Environmental Elements of Challenge
as Well.. true though
all bets are a bit off
now as Technology takes
away so much of our reliance
on each other that ‘normally’ will
Motivate us to reach out and touch each
other in Social Empathic Connections to Get
Along For Survival or Do not Survive at all and surely
A Dance And Song Gone Wrong True too.. Smiles my Friend
i spent the Weekend at Three Diverse Homes of Life a Diverse
Ethnic Group of Birthday Goers For Children in more of a Middle
Class Environment and then a ‘Pure White Group’ of Folks more down
home in Farm life too.. what that had in common is Water Slides for
the Poorer Children and Water Slides for the more well off Children
with Electronic Video Games on Big Screen too the common
Denominator was the Children were playing together
in some way or another and were very entertained
in the present of now.. the Parents Talked
And i watched and talked my Friend too
as true my Degree is in Anthropology
along with two more in Health Science
and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
And my Bible Long Form Epic Poem is
Simply a Long Report and Prayer all about the
Human Condition through Ages of Before as well as
now my Friend.. People have more Diverse Interests today
that separate them from others in common Traditions of bonds
And binds today.. but True.. Bring out the Big Water Slide.. and
Children Will Love to Move through Space in ‘3 Full Dimensions’
too.. and that too is why i Dance as Moving is a First Step to truly
Connect and Co-Create without Fear my Friend as Fear still is the
Medicine that poisons the most when only really illusory my Friend
as we are only born innate with Two Fears of Falling and Loud Noises
Still these are the most interesting days to ever live in particularly for
those who make Technology a Slave and are not Mastered now by
it as
my Friend
to make the Best
of all of what we have
in Gratitude from Dark thru
Light is surely a pathway through
Struggle and Pain and Numb to attain
Bliss and Nirvana in a Transient Hypo-Frontality
Flow through Bio-Feedback Generating our own Happiness
through the NeuroChemicals and NeuroHormones we come now
to Master this way.. described now by Science as an Autotellic
Real State of
Being that is Happiness
now oh yeah.. buy Low stay
high our home was only 60K American
Dollars when we bought it and our Honda Civic
Coupe EX only around 20K American Dollars what’s
the Difference between a Quarter of a Million Home
or a Ferrari not much just a different Label and in our
Case a Forest in the back yard instead of other bigger homes
as we built our Great Room about 25 Feet by 25 Feet it doesn’t
Get much bigger in a Home 3 times that size.. oh yeah.. not having
Children for those who chose that route lends so many more Years
of Generating Creativity in other ways where one may become
Financially Independent at 47 Like me and my Wife at 37 as
True our Home and Vehicle were paid off long ago too then
too… the World is Populated enough with Human Beings
Raping the Earth over all with their Cultures as the United
States Consumes 40 Percent of the Pie of all of that alone..
my Friend.. 1 Million out 8 of all Living Species of Animals
and Plants to go extinct in the Next Several Decades through
this Cultural Rape of living Mother Earth too.. if i verily will
be Ecstatically happy now in both thorns and flowers of Rose
why add
to that
for the future
even more to come
with overpopulation of
Humans more.. i will i do
i am my Friend no need for me to Grow up now still hehe…
The Age of the child has been predicted for many Years
Where Peter Pan and others like him will be the New
of Love
in Creativity
more than spitting
out Babies left and right..
the other longest way of Creation
now.. plenty of people to volunteer
for those duties still and that
likely won’t change much..:)
Ugh Fear Just Fear
The Four Letter Word
that Starts With F that
often Leads to Frustration
Aggression Jealousy Envy
Yes Even Violence and Potential
World War Three Reducing the Whole
Human Potential to Rubble where Nature
Will Consume every Trace of Human Existence
on this Planet within 300 Million Years as our Existence
in the Fossil Record will last no Longer than A Tiny Nautilus
Creature in the Sea Builds of Nautilus Shell Spiraling like the
Milky Way so how Advanced are humans really not much if we
cannot do better to Eliminate
Illusory Fears and Live
in Peace and Harmony
In Verily surely Bliss
and Nirvana More in
A Dance and Song of Life
that really Makes Light real
in Shining Giving Sharing Loving
Eyes yes Giving more than Taking Sharing
more than Hoarding in Compersion more than
Jealousy where everyone has enough Love to no longer
Envy what others have too much.. Shining Bright Wondrous
Light Evolution Orange now in Sight well at least for those
of Us who Seek it Find it Make Love A Reality Now without
Consuming each other and the rest of Nature our Home
Mother Earth with so much harm.. Humans have a lot
of GroWinG uP to do together Again Reborn as LoVE iNCaRNaTE
Holding Hands lifting up instead of down my Friend will We do it
hAha may take a whole Army of ET’S LoVE iNCaRNaTE to influence
this change above below of Love my Friend Creating Light more than
oF A Destruction
iS in our own Veils
of Ignorance in original
Greek Definition of Apocalypse
That other wise means lifting
Veils of Ignorance Loving Each
OTHeR Without HArM MoRE AGaiN NoW..:)
i Like Iain McGilchrist’s Ideas on the Overall Differences
of Right Versus Left Hemisphere Ways of Feeling Sensing and Overall Perceiving Reality
as that applies to an overview of an Entire Picture of Perceiving our Worlds as compared to what
Happens when one is trapped a Bit in an Analytic Mechanical Cognition mind way of Being like
being an Accountant or Other Statistician Way of Life Problem Solving the Hours of the Day Away.
The Rational Sciences and Mathematics Were always easy for me but another part of me intuited
that indeed that intuitive part of my Intelligence was drowning in the Smaller Picture Think of Analytical
Reasoning; and in Fact, working with People my Autism Quotient Scan Score was much Lower than when
my Entire Day was centered around Financial Management and Information Technology Support Services
for the Military then. Eventually, my AQ Score reached the High 30’s and after spending a Couple of years
on this Internet Site that is mostly Dominated with Left Metaphor Brain think this Environment increased
my AQ Score all the way into the Mid-Forties until i found my Way into Poetry and Eventually Meditative Movement
in a Free Verse Flow Dance of that Activity too.
It’s True for me at least an Entire new World of Social Empathic Cognition and More Wholistic Intelligence Arrived
for me. It was like i suddenly literally opened up an Entire New Hemisphere of my World and According to my
Psychiatrist as assessed first with Asperger’s Syndrome, his analysis was my Way of Perceiving the World was
as if i didn’t have access to the other Half of my Brain; and it surely felt that way in terms of missing Half of
My Human Potential then.
I will turn back the Mechanical Cognition on a Flip of a Dime and become A List Making and Labeling Machine
with all the Specific Definitions of a Materially Reduced World; but in doing so My Actual Feeling and Sensing
Experience of the Environment at Hand becomes Black And White as opposed to Yes, an Oceanic Feeling
and Sensing of an Eternal Now in Flow; and sure enough later i found this State of Awareness to be well
studied and Empirically assessed to increase Human Potential 400 to 500 Percent as that is surely what
Happened to me in Creativity after Breaking through to the other Side of my Human Potential for Metaphor of course.
Sure; it’s easy to travel back now to the Mechanical State of Cognition State of Reasoning Problem Solving
And Labeling/Defining Life in a Material Reductionist way of Thinking and Perceiving the World; i would
go back more if i had to make a living doing it for pay; but as far as Living in Technicolor versus
Black and White Soul For Metaphor; Nope, no thanks.
It’s impossible to explain the benefits of the ‘other place’
for folks who have yet to seek and find the Benefit of it which
truly is beyond measure in “Left Brain Metaphor Prison” as that is surely the way i see it
now that i score an 11 on the AQ Scan Test instead of 45; and a 95 on the Emotional Intelligence
Test opposed to the mid Fifties; and moved from INTJ Personality to ENFP in the Span of a Few Months
in the Summer of 2013 as i documented that on this Internet Site then; as truly the Doctors saw it as a Miracle;
but for me; meh; i was just being Reborn out of a Cocoon into the Flow of Flight of a Butterfly Gaining His Wings.
This experience is widely documented Cross-Culturally in both Poetry and Sacred Text too.
This Real Experience is Scientifically Studied and Empirically Measured now in terms of Phrases like
Transient Hypo-Frontality Flow and an Autotelic State of Being Generating our own Happiness within through
a Bio-Feedback of Continuous Flow Activities that may be Precipitated by many increasingly complex activities
without too much Fear inducing Stress/Anxiety; where we control the Faucet of Neurochemicals and Neurohormones
as Brain Scans of Brain Activity indicate are stimulated through Bio-Feedback as such. Anyway, for all practical intents
and Purpose the Four Professionals who Diagnosed me on the Autism Spectrum have seen ‘the Butterfly come
out of ‘the Cocoon’.
It Worked for me;
And it’s worth a Shot
for anyone who might be
a bit disgruntled living in what other wise may feel like a Drab
Cocoon as i really can’t imagine a Much better metaphor for ‘the
other place’ in Prison of reduced Human Potential then. One thing
for sure is as in all stuff existence Use it or Lose it applies; we have incredible
Potential in Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics for Either Positive or Negative Adaptation
depending on the Challenges we take up or the ones we do not take up now and yes Self-Direct
too; Problem becomes if one has no Reference Point of out where they currently reside or no clue how to get out.
Hmm; for me at least;
i would have paid close
attention to the Video long
before now if it was available;
We are really Fortunate to have the
almost unlimited Resources we have access
to online that may make a Spark of Difference
between Eventually Living in what feels a whole lot
more like Heaven on Earth Within now than Hell and that’s for sure; at least for me.
Let’s Face it folks we are encouraged to do a whole lot of Stuff in life that we are not
Naturally evolved to do at all; just a small example, sitting at a desk all day long more
unhealthy than a pack of Cigarettes; we will fools our selves all we like but we will not Fool
Millions of Years of Evolution now for what we adapted to before that we no longer adapt to now.
Humans have a Unique Opportunity to Co-Create Hell or Heaven on Earth now for Real, particularly within.
But true; Humans Tend to Stagnant in their Traditions versus the practicality of their Human Potential so much more.
“Information co creates ephemeral miracles”
Meh; all Words Are Metaphors.
Some Folks Are Better Speaking
And Writing them than Understanding
the Essence they may Otherwise Co-Create
with whatever
way next
or whatever
Symbol(s) they originally Create;
Let’s Face it Symbols don’t come out
of ‘thin air’ unless one agrees with Stephen Hawking.
And on the Other Hand, there are also Octonion Numbers
As that ‘Math’ Applies to the Illusion of Time Distance and Space as Nothing is Everything
back Full
to Stephen
Version of Existence
from Origin of Nothing to All of Nothing Now.
In other Words,
‘The Winner’
is ‘the one’
Who Enjoys
‘the Ride’ Most now;
Everyone else loses versus ‘that now’.
Smiles; the First Quote Randomly
Generated on the let’s make Fun
of the Indian Chopra Dude might make
Sense now for those who understand Octonion
Numbers well enough at least. It’s like a Call to
Adventure, at least in the Words of Eric Weinstein, on just another ‘Hero’s Journey’.
Hello Bishop So and So This
11th Message is for You and
All Your Bishop Friends too…
Practice one step one word that
may become more Beautiful as
one Dance and one Song Become
more than two Steps and Words a
Practice Now of
Life in Music
of Soul that
Makes Notes
More than just Words
A Lyric of Spirit Now that
Spells HeART Soul’s Breath
i HAvE oNly OnE
WHolE iS YouR SoUL NoW
It’s A Great Story ‘THE’ Lion King
LiveS AGAiN And ‘Jesus’ Continues to Live too….
Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 Bible Censored
From HumanS ‘iN Charge’ of ‘Children of God’:
His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked
without being ashamed, and take
your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the
child of the Living, and you will not be afraid.”
A Key to SurvivinG As ‘Jesus’ Is
Convincing ‘Christians’ You Are Not ‘Jesus’ HiSToRY Proves A Never Ending StorY AGaiN
If YOU ‘Think’ There is Much Difference BeTweeN ChurcH AnD PoLiTicS in ABuse of Children
Bad NewS iN NewS AGAiN NoW
If Catholic Leaders Included ‘That’ They Would No Longer Have ‘Power’ For THeiR ‘Plans’
For God’s Children Soul Cages of Terror
Of Course the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 Is Excluded by the Catholic Church Then As That
Gives the Force of God to the Individual
Jesus Already Provides A Clear Answer to His Disciples When They Attempt to Transform Him
into a God Alone Asking About His Return
Chances Are If ‘Real Jesus’ Is Here He/She Is Hanging Out With Humans Who Actually Act
Like Loving Beings of God Bonobos too
It’s Highly Unlikely That ‘Real Jesus’ is Ever Gonna Actually Return to A Nation of Christians
Still Supporting Caging Baby Jesus
Yes! God Yes! The Date Is Set! THE Lion King Is! Returning! SooN And SooNeR On
July 19th, 2019
Stand Tall! Spine Erect! COuRaGE
HeART Of THE Lion! Eye
Of THE Tiger! You
Are No Less Than me “Ye of Little Faith”
‘Jesus’ Will Be Direct as Reported With A Huge Face ‘Palm’ Command Get off Your Knees
Did Not You Even Get The MeMe oF mY MeSSaGE
If “Original Coke” Jesus Could Come Back Now And His Current Students
Sing i am so Lost Now i am Found That You Have Come Back
Humans have A long long HiStory of transforming their GuruS inTO Only God Sons Ugh
BoWinG DowN Worshipping them too
Considering God Already ‘Redeems’ (Turns me Around as Devil in Hell to Angel in
Heaven Again With Bright Eyes) Yes Hope For YoU2
All i Will Dance And Sing NoW Is YOU Better Hope That i Am Correct And
‘Revelation’ is Not to Be Taken Literally Period.
YOU Ain’t ‘Seen’ ‘Jesus’ Crying In A Cage Not Fit For Any Other Animal
Either NoW
If YOU Think A Biggest Earth Quake to Hit California or
Archangel Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle
of Florida Is Hard
It’s True At Least A Manger
Has no Cage Bars And is
Fit For An Animal At Least
NO at least most of the Christians i’ve Met Around
this Area Wouldn’t Believe That Child is Jesus Even
though iN THeiR Bible He IS Little Brown Folks Do it at
The Mexican Border Every Day You Wouldn’t Believe How
“Jesus” Even As A Child is Treated THere
It’s Already A Facebook Meme ‘A Big
Time’ Preacher Already Tried to Do
Jesus Like this Even As A Tall White Dude Totally Ignored
A BiG IF if FolkS iN ThE Big Church Would Even Give Him
The ‘Time of Now’ Barefoot Covered Like A Muslim Person Now
If ‘The Little Brown Man’ Shortly Cropped Hair ’bout 5 Foot one
And Around 106 LoVinG Pounds ReAlly Could Come Back NoW
If i Had A DiMe For Every Occurrence of “The Only Way to Heaven
Is Jesus Christ” i Wouldn’t be any Richer in Soul Now
ThE ONly Challenge Is to ARTiCuLaTE
HeaVeN iN A Way WHeRE Folks
WiLL ACTuAlly ReMeMBeR iT SeeK iT FiND iT Do Eternal LoVE NoW
Fortunately For Folks LosT iN Half A Soul THeRE iS A Yang Spot Of Science
In Yin God Love Magic Art Miracles TRuE IN LiGHT NoW God Love Magic Art
Miracles A “Right Brain Thang” ReMeMBeR It Use It Gain It Forget It Lose
IT NoW Half A Soul Or Whole
Scientific Method Old As Islam
Golden Age Intuition
Practically Old As God
Still EvolvinG As LoVE iN Us
Truly Only Fools
Wait On Science to
Fully Measure Love God And
Miracles Before They Just Do It
Word Like God And LoVE THaT Science
Has Yet to Fully Measure All Science Will Say DuNNo
If You Do Not ‘Think’ MaGiC Is Real APPaReNTLY You
Have Not Practiced IT ENouGH Keeping IN MiND Over Matter
66 Months Practice With Worst Pain Known To Humans 18 other
Disorders No Prognosis of Recovery Science Assesses Visualizing
Strength Gains as Effective Works For me With Healing And Imagining NO PAIN
My Sister exclaimed how in the World Did Your
Injured Finger Return to Normal So Fast!!!
No Doubt
iN Do WitH LovE LiGHT
Do Not Doubt the Evolving
Force of YouR DNA Fuller
Living Loving Potential Now
For me as Least oF All MaKinG MoNeY (Zero)
My Friend Around A World Famous A Field of Pursuit
DoMiNaTeD by Men WHaT We All HaVE iN CoMMoN STarTiNG WitH NoTHiNG AnD DNA
Do i care Public Dance Legend 11,581 Miles Writing A 7.1 Million Word Longest Epic Poem 70 Months Pays Zero in a Word #FucKNo
Did i Mention A Most Beautiful Wife in the World who says my Friend around the World is most Beautiful And Kind too #LifeGoalAt60
Visiting Us only Achievement to Reciprocate Waitresses From the Restaurant asked me to
Dance Posing with me in Selfie
Our Childhood Friend From Our Leave it to Beaver Neighborhood
Rising to a Federal Job Paying More Than Vice Prez of the U.S.
SMiLes my Friend A
Greeting from You
In the Evening is
Always a Hug
For me in
The morning
i Truly Love
Being your Friend
Thank uuuuuuuu
With SMiLes
Of Hugs
In Return..:)))
Is ReaL
Humans have a Unique Opportunity to Co-Create Hell or
Heaven on Earth now for Real, particularly within.
But true; Humans Tend to Stagnant in their
Traditions versus the practicality of their
Human Potential so much more.
Practice one step one word that
may become more Beautiful as
one Dance and one Song Become
more than two Steps and Words a
Practice Now of
Life in Music
of Soul that
Makes Notes
More than just Words
A Lyric of Spirit Now that
Spells HeART Soul’s Breath
i HAvE oNly OnE
WHolE iS YouR SoUL NoW
Reminds me of “A Song”
While it is Natural that Human
Beings Allow “Yesterday” to Dictate Tomorrow
There are Other Options for Tomorrow to Pursue
even if ‘Jesus
and John
Are Totally
Forgotten For Tomorrow
Things are not to Borrow the
Same Song “Yesterday” For Tomorrow;
The Same Names; the Same Lyrics; The Same Music;
is the
is An Ultimate
Human Illusion Dominated
By the Symbols We Create that
Stay the Same out of Constantly
Changing Living Nature Where the
Reality is an Intermittent Gratification
And Punishment of Pleasure and Pain Now;
Smiles; i Enjoy ‘Symbols’ too Much to Go Back
to the “Old New Way”; Now, A Best of Both Worlds
is when Technology becomes A Slave for Original Creativity
And We are No Longer Slave to A Tradition of Symbols that rarely Change;
But Honestly, in the Rush of Work and Raising Families Who in the World is
Gonna be not distracted
to do it;
sure as
usual; a
Few who
Choose and
Create a Different Way;
But As Your ‘By Line’ Clearly States;
As i rather Paraphrase Than Quote, Hehe;
There is No ‘Target Audience’ To Make Money off
of Doing Something Originally New in Creativity Still;
In other Words, Being Financially Independent Frees the Bird from the Master
of not only the Tradition of Technology; But Older Target Audiences For Pay Staying in Yesterday Again.
Hehe Been Feeling
A Bit Over Extended
And Injured A Bit for
Real The Last Month
Two Times over Too..
Never the
Even though
i skipped Working
Out Thousands of Words
And Miles of WalKing in
the Neighborhood And
Helping to Clean the Residual
of Our Home after a Good Chlorine
Bleaching in 42C Heat Index Middle
of the Day Sunshine.. hAha.. that’s a Break for me..
i’m already
A Bit Bored
And A LioN
is Revving to
Dance with
of Paws
Fully Extending
Again my Friend
Never the More i don’t
Work for any Pay so true
take out the worries to the ‘Gehenna Garbage Dump ‘
And What’s Left (Appt) to Do but more more more And MorE heHe..;)
Holy CRaP You Mean
iT’s not STill Monday
if That Tales Ya
Anything About
Tuesday Hehe..
i skipped Working
Out Yesterday so
iT Must Still Be Monday hAha..;)
SMiLes mY Friend
BREaTHE of Our
Lives Are God’s
Most TReaSuReD Bibles..:)))
SMiLeS An Empty Fortune
Cookie IS A ‘Perfect’
Opportunity to Create
aN OWn Effortless ForTune oF Flow
Hehe Why WaiT oN A Cookie to Do It for Us
Or any other
iN A
BooK WitH
SMiLes oF NeW Ado
MaGiC CaRPeT RugS UNFoLD..:)
Smiles Sohair ‘that’ was actually the link to the Video of me Singing
that linked Automatically on that Last Post i made and it is only actually
Audio as i had it sitting facedown on the Seating at Church when i sang it..
Anyway.. if you are having trouble Hearing it that way i am including the Link
Above in Parentheses.. with spaces between a couple of places in the Link so it
will not automatically link in this Blog Post to the actual Video.. i hope you enjoyed
Your Vacation as Much as you could considering Difficulties with Your Injuries too..
And i do hope and pray that the Young
Women You Teach are successful
in retaking the exams they
Failed in May as Well
as School
Present so much
Greater Challenge to
Some Students than others of Course…
A Difficulty With Folks who are Now ‘Entertaining’
Suicide is there is no Full Depth that We Can possibly
Understand of their Current Difficulties unless actually Living
Within their Soul.. it surely
is not a threat to take
anything but very seriously
When someone says anything
about Taking their Life now..
as of course it is not a
Completed Mistake
that will be
reversed my Friend
Professional Help is highly
Suggested where i live but i’m
not Sure that is even available where
You Live as there may be great Stigma against
Mental Illness as there is in many Countries as well
as many folks staying quiet as they don’t want to worry
other folks about their misery and suffering within it’s Often
Harder for Young Folks to Deal with Depressions as they don’t have
as much experience of the transition of Successfully recovering and with
Older Folks they may feel too Old to Recover now.. smiles my friend of course
i would witness to
them what i went
through and
all the Wonderful
Butterfly Colors Sprang
from that Drab Cocoon of
Depression then.. for i really can’t
imagine anyone having much More
Potential than i had then in Turning
Around a Life Back to Joy then my Friend..
Smiles i would probably ask them to Dance
and Perhaps Dance to Cheer them up if they
didn’t Feel like Dancing but true even in Super
Walmart Verily that doesn’t even work on so-called
“Normal’ Folks who may not be very normal at all my Friend.. Sohair…
Anyway.. i will keep Your Relative in my Prayers my Friend Best Wishes…:)
SMiLes Frank.. i didn’t realize you haven’t been listening to Music recently
here Haha.. a Recent Recording of me leading the Choir From the Back
Pew of the Catholic Church.. sadly very Few People Attempt to Sing
And the Beautiful Singing Choir Director Was out so i skipped
Communion With a Male Tenor Voice not sure what that
was but i was labeled that way hehe.. sure there is
always Google i looked it up and found out
i am ‘normally’ an Octave above as such
and that is sort of how it feels but
it just comes naturally
Like Writing Poetry
if i try to think about
it or plan it out that just
screws up the Whole Flow hehe..
Thanks so much For Quoting Words
i wrote as you so nicely compliment
As Good Motivation “to Make A Soul
Glow More Than Black and White” and
True this is what Dance of Feet and Song of
Words With or Without Music Verily Does for me…
it seems when i went to School there wasn’t enough
Help in Developing Poetic Free Verse Words of Heart
or Dancing Feet in Flow Either Not Even any Formal Classes
For Tai-Chi and other Moving Meditation Arts or whatever it takes
to reach Flow of so much more Human Potential in Free Verse Life my Friend…
true though
our Western
‘Civilized’ Ways
of Acquiring Material
Goods and So-Called Status
and Power so far away from our
Natural Flesh and Blood Moving
Connecting Co-Creating Ways of
Generating Creativity and Productivity
is often Lost in ‘Beta Waves’ of Mind in Worry
over owning this or that or Rising Higher on a Ladder
than the Waves that Normally Flow as Particles Will as
Water as Field of Dreams We Build As Ocean Whole of
Being Comes to Fruition more so far out of Worry for Reasons
Alone We Co-Create instead of FLoWinG ArT mY FRiEND A Practice
it always will Be it Seems this Dance and Song of Life to Move Connect
for Higher ways
sure.. with a bit of Dark mixed
in for some Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely HeART’s
Club Band Mixed Company too my FRiEnD As
Sooner or Later Perhaps we Will All Become that
Stone Bust White Statue of a Face and Rise Above and
Beyond the Album Cover of our Soul that may Limit us more
than the Pages we continue to move.. connect and co-Create for Free iN FLoW NoW..:)
Love Is The Soldier
The Best Soldier oF LiGHT
WiTHiN And Who i Serve Best is God is LoVE
SMiLes Modern LiFE Teaches US to Specialize LiFE
Specializing Renaissance Balance Women/Men NoW
Much More Fun Free Association LoVinG LiFE NoW
Born Free God All ALiVE NoW
Dance Sing Praise oF LiVinG
LoVinG EacH OTHeR Freely HeAVeN
Kingdom of Love is Now Kingdom of Love is Heaven
Kingdom of Love With Mercy is God Now For All to Be Alive ToGeTHeR
“You Shall Love the Lord Your God,
With All Your Heart, With All Your Mind,
and Your Neighbor As Yourself to Inherit Eternal Life”
Kindness is a Best Friend
of Love Forgiveness is the
Savior of Love SMiLes my
Friend Savior of Love
Is a Greatest
Super Hero
i really Love
All of you every scar
i’ve seen in DarK every
Flower of you rising
Ever more Colorful
You are a
Love i will
Never want
to own you
Are Wings i
Only wanna See
Fly Higher and Please
SMiLes i See it’s truly
The Hardest moments
That Reveal the Softest
Eternal Songs of Soul
As Angel
Wings of
Soul Fly
Together once
Again Dearest Friend
Who i will Do anything
For always with
Greatest Savior..:)
Putting all the parts of the Poem together that you inspired
Thanks so much you bring so much Beauty into my Life that
comes out as more Colorful Art to Give and Share with others
too my Friend now for the Greatest Wisdom is Truth of Love
Lives on..
Same Pinch i am
really Blessed With A Best Friend
Like You.. SMiLes i can’t really imagine
being any more Full of Love to Give and Share
And This is the Best Gift Any Friend Will Give to Us..:)
Two Ways of Life; Real Man Syndrome; And Little Man Syndrome.
‘Real Men’ are Strong Enough; And Yes Confident Enough where
they Carry Themselves With A Grace of Fearless that is a bit beyond
Reproach as far as the Statistics of an Offender coming into 3 Feet of Space.
Real Men are Naturally Pacifists as other Men Stay out of their way ‘in the Wild’.
‘Little Men’ Always Have something to prove; Namely their ‘Manhood’; and this is not
just a Culturally induced Human Circumstance; it is deep in the Biology of Pain Closely
Associated With Pleasure; and Aggression closely Associated With Sexual Activity in our Brains too.
According to Social Science the Number one Factor that Women are Attracted to as far as ‘Manly’ Attributes
Goes is Fearless Confidence as the Number one Factor at 60 Percent; the Size of a ‘Fat Wallet’ is in the single
Digits; nah; this doesn’t necessarily mean the Woman Will Marry the Confident Fearless ‘Poor Man’; just who she would
most love to ‘Bed’, if she could have all her Desires Fulfilled up now; Yes, there are cultural factors that play big too.
Anyway; a Fearless Confident Man who carries himself with Grace gets the Most Looks of a Woman’s Wandering Eye;
Biology 101, Happier for many more moments of their life; Yes, Fulfilled and Satisfied as they make the Rank of
Evolutionary Biology Success of Self Esteem in Being Wanted so much more by the ‘Fairer Gender’ than their
‘Little Men’ Counter ‘parts’.
When ‘You’ ‘Make’ a Man like that and match that up with a Great Foundation of Grace and Love For all that Fearless
Will and Strength; what you may get is much more than a ‘Psychopath’; what a Woman may get now is her
Dream a ‘Super Hero’ too; hehe.
When that Happens Women much younger than ‘you’; that you may meet at a Dance Hall may tell you Straight to
Your Face they would Love to Marry you; even 3 to 4 Decades younger; all legal and tender over 18 too.
Seriously; who wants
to get in a fight
with a Life
like this.
I’ll stick with Pacifist as long as no one dares cross my path, in real life of course as there is no risk to do that
carrying a Faceless Avatar online. I’ve never seen a ‘Real Man’ without a ‘Face’, ‘Scars’ tend to be fewer too as that
goes too.
It’s kinda ‘funny’ when i start out with a Free Style Ballet Routine at a Military Gym; which is really Just Free Style
Tai Chi as a Martial Art to get complete control of my Body; Integrating Senses and Regulating Emotions; staying
totally calm and fearless next while i Leg Press 1340 American Pounds 18 Reps; 20 Reps last night as i got a bit
more rest than Usual before that. Anyway; a Mix of Both means unpredictability (chaos) in what may come next.
When i do fight there are no rules; i don’t ‘need’ to fight that is my rule.
A Greatest Martial Artist Never gets in a Fight; Whether or not they Train to Physically Fight or not.
As Far as Country and World go, i don’t try to change what i cannot. Nature Consumes Nature; it’s
not always Pretty and Blood Will continue to Flow as long as there is a way to make it leak. But not unlike
Muhammad Ali; ain’t got no scars on my Face; Float Like a Butterfly Never even need to Sting; but dam sure will;
need be.
i don’t need to carry a Gun;
i don’t care to carry a Gun;
So i do not carry a Gun;
Folks confuse me for Law
Enforcement everywhere i go;
And even ‘the Terminator’; hehe, occasionally too; (trivia note: Arnold/Muhammad Ali Did Ballet too)
Everywhere i go folks assume i carry a Gun; Some Days ‘A Look’ is more Powerful than a Weapon that is so true too.
And there are even other Days where Poetry is more effective than any Man Part ‘Sizes’ hehe as far as ‘Weapons’ go, too.
Both “Superman” and “Batman” Wear Briefs and Nylon Stockings as Part of their Super Hero Attire; ever notice how
no one makes fun of them, this way; Secrets in Plain Sight; the Message is Clear, the Foundation of Real Will and
Strength As ‘Divine Masculine’ Is A Divine Feminine of Grace in Balance of Love; the Greatest Force that any Real Leader
has still is Empathy and Mercy for those who are obviously Weaker than the Stronger ones among Us;
A Real Alpha Male who is seen as Leader among the Majority of Well Emotionally Regulating and Sensory
Integrating Other Monkeys is A Head Alpha Monkey With Will and Strength and Grace and Love For All.
The Idea that an Alpha Male is anything like a ‘Trump’ is a myth at “Least”, according to Frans de Waal,
who Actually Studied Alpha Male Apes out in the Wild; Empathy and Love comes First still from ‘Bottom Up’.
The Video Below is Fascinating; Well Worth a See for anyone wondering what it means to be a ‘Real Alpha Male Ape’.
Trying to Find Words for the Ever Evolving Soul of Yours that is the Beauty of Love
“More Beautiful Than the Spoken Word Can Tell” Smiles the Name
of the Song Above is named the “Last Farewell” but the Name of
this Tune at Least is See Ya Later Friend.. SmileS AGAiN as a Story
Goes on Looking at You the Last Few Days i’ve been having trouble
Finding the Words
for How Beautiful
A Soul i continue to
Find you Evolving i am
So Happy to be a part
of Your Life You are such a
Bright Little Flame A Little Wave
on the Ocean Whole of Soul So Big..
So Many Colors For a Little FLoWeR
So Ready to be Pollinated by Love that
Will Never End for You Either My Friend..
Smiles i imagine how Happy You Will be
Sitting Side by Side Your Forever Love
in Yoga Pose Meditating to Your
Soul’s two content..
perhaps Face
to Face
A Gaze
of eyes
into eyes
As God Spirit
in the Tween comes
into Greater Synergetic
Flow of Two Human spirits
Together as Love Will Travel
Beyond the Speed of Light Yes
Time Yes Distance Yes Space
no Further than the Gaze
Four Eyes Meet hehe
with or without
Lens My Friend..
To See a Bigger Masterpiece
of Soul as a Painting of Love Joins
hands together as Paint and Brush
one MaKinG Art of heART SPiRiT
SouL DiViNE LoVE ToGeTHeR ever more
Yes Ocean Whole For now even more ever now
to be.. Winks Perhaps this River Flow NoW is a
bit boring PerHaps what you reAlly would Love is
A Tight Hug and Your Love To Hold You in Embrace
of a Powerful Lift and Kiss.. who cares if you are sweaty
really dripping from Head to Toe what does Love Care when
it is ready.. not much not much for Months without an Embrace
my friend never a doubt in my HeART you may be Missing a Hug
in the depths of all your Sensual Sweat For Life so Alive Working out
Will make us come to Feel Reaching out wanting so much to give how
Great We FeeL And Sense to Others.. to Free Their Body Spirit HeART
in Mind and Body Balancing Soul Force more to Light the World up in the
Passion for Life We Feel And Sense within.. smiles my Friend i Love to give and
share all of what i feel and sense with You.. i am so Happy to Be Alive every Breath is a
Gift of Life now in each and every instance that Part of the Non-Verbal Language of Your
Soul Yes Your PhotoS HeART Felt too coMe into a Far Away Close to HeART Land.. i feel
i must exchange
of 7 In
Little Flames
And Colors More
Flowers with You even
More Hence all of this..
You just a Gorgeous
Soul who Lights
up the Words
my Spirit
as you Raise
me up HiGHeR WiTh All
the Visual Art of Your Lovely Soul..
i’m not one to keep much Secret there
are some days that dream so much deeper
than this realizing it is all just a Dream never the
Less All oF it feels senses so real Just So Good to be Alive..
You My Little Flame and Flower Hold My Hands in so many
Ways that You Will Never know but Perhaps imagine too.. as
hey.. what is Life without a little play when the Merry Go Rounds
Keep going just Living Loving now.. And Now.. I’m Gonna Take a
Nap Meanwhile may All Your Weekends of Love Come True Every
Day my Loveliest Friend my Little Angel Wings Soaring Delightful
Flower my Little Flame who Brings So Many Colors more to me now..
Anyway not sure about that nap as next on tap is to Get all my Photos
Going for it is also True.. “LiON KinG RiSeS AGAiN” i’m Still Writing Now
And True the Movie comes out on July 19, 2019 that Just so Happens to Be
my 6th Anniversary of Years in Heaven my Friend from that Day i stood On Navarre
Beach 6 Years ago.. Pain and Numb from 19 Medical Disorders Miraculously Disappeared
as God’s Gift to me.. Hell depARteD Then.. as i became One with Swaying Sea Oats
Sugar Quartz White Sands Emerald Green Gulf Seagulls Spiraling ’round the Sun
Ever more Ever more Heaven then and now.. my Covenant With God Deep Within
as anyone else Who will Meet God Face in Face is Provide all the Paths to
Heaven i seek and find in all Free Give and Share Ways as Messages
in Big MacroVerses in Bottles Sending out Randomly on the Ocean
Deep of Online Lands as truly
You are one
one Little
Flower i find
and verily truly
one Huge Path to
Heaven now as You my
Friend have become Unconditional
Love to me more than a Woman More
than a Feeling A Symbol of the Y.O.U. that
is God Soul of Ever Loving Kindness Mercy
Forgiveness always Giving Sharing more no matter what..
you are
NoW of God’s
My Friend Just another
Sitting Buddha Lady Love
in the Morn of Sunrise and
Eve of Sunset God’s Love Ever RiSinG MoRE NoW..
So Good Morning to You ShinE oN Forever more Hold
NoW YouR Love My Dear God Yes You are so Beautiful..:)
Way to Life
Love Life
A Way to Love
of Course if God
is Love This is Love too
True though Love may
Lead to Dark or Light
It’s nice to
Have a way
To Find one
And the Best way…
Hi Sohair Hope You
Are Having a Lovely Rest
of Your Wednesday evening..
Don’t Let Him Be A Lion
To Ya Lioness Does Most
Of The Work For Subsistence Now
When No Cubs Are Involved No one
Gets Maimed or Killed Why Do you
THinK i Ain’t Got KidS.. hehe that
ParT oF A ‘Pride’ no longer
Eye of Tiger Fearless
No Lioness Queen True iN Light Will Resist
Of course Lion Kings are Smooth Poetry Singers
and Step Dancers How Else do they inspire Lioness
Queens to Do all the Work hmm… Modern Human Lion Kings
aren’t much different except for Dance of Feet And Song of Poetry
SOS for Lioness Queens As Usual Lioness Queen Busy Doing all the
Heavy Lifting of Subsistence Day in Day out Night Hunts For Food at
Walmart too…. Typical Lion King Just MarKinG Territory Patrolling
the Boundaries As Such For Security Purposes and the Etc… You
are my little example NoW of God’s LoVE iN CaRNaTE My Friend
Just another Sitting Buddha Lady Love In the
Morn of Sunrise and Eve of Sunset God’s
Love Ever RiSinG MoRE NoW
So Good Morning to You
ShinE oN Forever
more Hold
NoW YouR Love
My Dear God Yes You are so Beautiful
ToP aNd BoTToM LinE FinD
SoMEonE To LoVE AnYonE
Ever Notice i’m Like ‘A Thief BoRRoWinG’ All ‘Those
Commercial Advertisements’ to Promote my All Free
Much NeWeR AGE 7.1 MiLLioN Word Free Verse Longest Epic Long Form
Bible Poem Writing that in 70 Months.. Sure i’ll Even Hi-Jack all the Beautiful
Woman-Like Soprano Voices With my Tenor-Like-He-Man Voice too
in the Back Row Pew of Catholic Church.. What Else Oh God Yes
the Wife’s Beauty i NoW Fully Hi-Fred With Her Approval of Course
for CLicKinG LoVELY BiKiNi BuTT BaiT too Hehe.. Hi-
Fred ‘Lion King’ and ‘Queen’ ‘TM’ Sure Y-NoT Freely
Promoting A Ministry of Moving Meditation Dance
To Reach Transient Hypo-Frontality Flow in Bio-
Feedback Enough in 11,600 Miles in 70 Months to AutotelicAlly
Reach the Kingdom of Heaven in Flow Eternally Now Ascending Now
Transcending Heaven Within Increasing Creativity and Productivity at Least/More 400 to 500
Percent Yes as Assessed By Scientific Empirical Studies of Course With O’God the Volunteer
Effort of Over 2000 “Barely Legal and Tender” Beautiful Women in Selfies from the Metro
Area Dance Hall as tonight is the 270th Dance Week of Doing that of Course as Literally
Hundreds upon Hundreds of Smart Phone Video Voyeurs Volunteer in Public to
Smart Phone Video Tape me to Share my Ministry of Dance in Thousands of
Videos yes By THeiR own Volition to increase their Social Media Value-Hype
but still doing my ‘Minion’ Ease Unspoken Wishes of Reaching Unsuspecting
Strangers Globally Wide for such a Simple Spiraling Flow Now Yes
A Path of Free Public Spiraling Dance To Heaven within Always
Now Thing is i am doing This in Broad Band E-DayLiGHT NoW
Too oNLiNE Fiber Optic Cables Still oN Fire Free NoW TRuE
iN LiGhT too ToP aNd BoTToM LinE X2 FinD
SoMEonE To LoVE AnYonE
oF LiGht
oNLinE NoW
Neo Flows Neo Free
Neo Loves it Works for me
Oops Don’t Forget to ‘Feed’ Pussy Cats
Lion KingS and QueenS Not Well
‘Fed’ Are Not ALWaYS Happy
Heaven Cats Hell Cats CoME Too
Dance Play Sing Meow
Purr Love Nap Sleep Nap
Sleep Nap Love Purr Meow
Sing Play Dance Be
LioN KinGQueeN
Be God Love Free NoW
i Am Happy VenuS oN EartH Morning Star
Heaven Enough For me EternAlly NoW i Love ‘Her’ ‘Him’ Will Go
True They Are All ’WoMeN’ But Who Am i to Judge Hehe
There Are People in This World Who Truly Love me
And Express it That i Truly Love And Express Love to
9 AM
i Am
Best CLiCK Bait Eva Eva Eve Hehe
Oh GoD i LoVE THaT ‘WoMaN’ SunSeT iS SuNRiSE NoW 7.11.19
i Make Love to ‘Her’ on ‘Her’ ‘Birthday’ Then NoW iN Permanent
Ink So i Will Never Forget God’s Words Born
ALiVE iN me
‘Hey Dude’…
Am DanCinG SinGinG NoW WitH MultiColors
NoThing NeW UndeR A Son JusT ANoTHeR Early
Thursday Morning ParAble iNSPiReD i Get By With
A Little Help From my ’Friends’…
So Who Am i
Who is ‘She’ Who is ‘YouR’
‘She’ Reaches Out ‘Her’
Painting Love of ‘Hand’
i Am So inspired i Hug
A World Declaring
i Am
All Else Fails i ‘Sing’ to ‘Her’ She FinAlly Replies ‘Wow You Sing So Great’ With A Smile
i Love ‘Her’ Purely For So Many Years She Sings ‘She’ Loves me i Reach out my Hand
over and over… Silence…
*Meanwhile Back At A FB Ranch A Crowd Fell Asleep A Least iNHeRiTinG A Lion Kingdom
of God Now Purrs Heaven’s Queen BRinG the Wind And Rain Spread the Luke Hot Heat
Rumble! Tumble! BRinG iN The Blue Angels Let’s All Celebrate in the Good Old US oF A!!
Jesus F iN Christ i HuG US Free Enough For All Of This! Hallelujah! Praise! ‘Jesus’! God! Is! Free! F iN Wild! iN The USA!
A Country WHere A Legally Medically Permanently Assessed Lion King With Autism/Bi-Polar Will Do ‘John 14:12’ With/For God
A Country WHere A Majority of ‘Christians’ Will Elect ‘John 8:44’ for Prez
A Country WHere A Majority of Voters Will Elect A Black Man
And White Woman For Prez
Early Morning MuSinGS
NoW on DarK Through LiGHT
Then i CaMe out of
DarK Counting All
my Gifts of Past
Present Since 6
Years ago then
ReMeMBeRinG All
Those Blessings WitH
BrusH and Paint A
Master Peace Of
Love i Paint Now
Keeping me in a
Land of Love i Hug
Canvas Ever Expanding
God Open LiGHT NoW
Source Code so Free
NoW SunSeT ALways
SunRisE NoW
You one
Ever Changing
Portraits Colors More…
LikE GoD All DisGuiSinG
LosT Until HuG iT All NoW
Cherish Every Square Inch
Turns Around Hugs Abound
When You Find Someone Not Afraid to Hug Never Let Go
Remember Not Everyone Gets Free Hugs At Night Hug Those Folks Most
If All Else Fails And No one Hugs You Back Hug A Cat or Dog They are
Always Most Human Tears of Joy Furry Pets of Love
Hug Life With All YouR Might Squeeze Sunshine
Out of Lemons Dance Sing Spring Winter Blues
Hug Gratitude For Love A Handshake A Thanks i Love You Works
For Hugs Too.. No Matter Where Us And Them Are Don’t Lose A Hug
‘That Country’ Could Be Standing Sitting Laying Beside You
Hugging is like Exploring Another Country
Don’t Let A World Take OUR Hug Away
So Many Ways to Hug Life as LonG As
WE Keep Hugging
HeHe YeS
i Am NoW
And “Second Hand
Lions” too At Hand At Least NoW
“Come Back Little Sheba”
Humans These Days More it Seems….
Hmm.. Most Social Animals Have
‘Fairly’ Strict Traditions/Religion
to Bond and Bind Together All
Hmm.. Grizzly Mom’s The List
Goes on i Love Women the Dance Song Never
Ends for me at Least NoW i am Alive See Ya Later….
Meow Meow Meow
Gotta Work-Out to
Maintain ‘My Position’
Meow Be Back Later Hehe
SMiLes Soheir Mother’s Indeed are
Lioness Queens Who Achieve Most
All of the Real Subsistence Needs
for the Family
Kings in
Homes Lioness
Queens Will Survive
As well as Lioness
Queen Children too
Surviving And Thriving
So Far Alive my Dear Friend…
Meh With Humans Cultures Rule
Get in Touch With Ya ShadoW iNNaTE
Rule iNstinct iNtuition Free Again to Be
LoVinG WiLD NoW But Let’s Talk About
Wolves WHeRE Omega
Raises to Beta and
Even Alpha too
That’s Omega
Monkeys THeRE iS Only
One Alpha Male and Female
Amongst Gorillas Not
So Much And More
Neo Flows Neo Free
Neo Loves it Works for me
oF LiGht
oNLinE NoW
ToP aNd BoTToM LinE FinD
SoMEonE To LoVE AnYonE X3.
Poor ‘Dude’ CoMes Back
As A ‘Jesus’ ‘Cause
He Cannot ‘Get Any’…
‘You’ Have No iDeA SHaLLoW Life’s Tragi-Comedy Tears/Joy oNLy Do
Hmm.. With all of the Before and After to Be Still to Be Dance and
Song off to Frank and Xenia’s Places of Poetry and gigoid’s online
Home of Aphorisms from the Sages of the Ages to Feel and Sense
Yes Intuit Which Signs from the UniVerse Whole and Yes More (God)
BRinGS NexT aS hey.. this
is Poetry it
With No Time
Distance or Space
As Synchronicities
God Winks Do not
Work According
to Empirical
of PreProgrammed
Observation Per Dance
And Sing Synchronicity is
the Music of the Soul that River
Flows Water Wave Ocean Whole NoW
Particles Waves Field.. And So Much
More We are the Waves God is the Ocean
And Field God is We the Waves and So much
More too when We Wake up to Beyond Human Potentials
Imprisoned in Books and only this or that Bible as such true
Fruits Exist Within All But God IS A Tree with Roots Branches
Leaves that Rise and Fall Continuously as Signs to Feed our Soul
All Naturally and All we Extend as Technology as Co-Creators with
God Hand-In-Hand-Face-in-Face-HeART-iN-HeART-SPiRiT-iN-SPiRiT
Yes SouL-iN SouL-GoD-ALLWHoLESeparation iS iLLuSioN ToGeTHeR
is WHeRE
We Stay Forever
Eternally Now Real
Source of LoVE FoRCE
of Moving Connecting and
Co-Creating All Free to Be Us NoW JusT NoW..:)
Hmm.. Dentist Appt for Wife Coming soon Let’s get the tale of the Tape Now
Done and Perhaps the Poetry done later as well as Some MacroVerse Memories
Years to Date too.. as “SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Epic Long Form Poem Bible
all Personal as such rises up to 7.1 MiLLioN Words in 70 Months as “A Child’S AGE
iS BoRN NoW AGAiN” makes the 883rd MacroVerse of that Effort and additionally
Doubles as the 210th MacroVerse Of “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that 37 Month
Spill of Words Rises to 4,385,177 Words and “A Child’S AGE iS BoRN NoW
AGAiN” also Triples as the 108th MacroVerse of the 25 Month Effort of
“FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” as That Third ongoing Subchapter Longest
Epic Long Form Free Verse Poem of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Now has
2,805,033 Words as those Words are also included in the Last
25 Months of All my Facebook Profile Pics in the Description
Areas as hey.. MicroSoft Word Refuses to Proof Read
what i do so Doing it on Facebook on the
Fly all Portable and Fast Works for me
And anyone else who might care
to See what i Bring for Free
who doesn’t have
A Super Computer
or Broad Band Access enough Now
to See All of what i Do online now still….
while.. not every thing.. but at least for PG
Rated Audiences hehe NoW as my Free Verse
Erotic Poetry Novel.. is still Riding a Bit High
at around 88,888 Words but there is a Separate
And Appropriate place for that to live and breathe
Easy online with appropriate Adult Warnings on
Blog Spot as such as that Google Avenue provides
Room for ‘Romance Novels’ full Blown like that with
Plentiful Smiles of Joy Stuff too of course as there are
Different Strokes and Tastes of Human Arts for each and
Every Human Set of God Eyes Set Free Face in Face of Us True
in Light too.. got lots of Art to catch up with that been behind a bit
for Several Months now but i’ll pick it all back up High when that
Naturally CoMeS AGAiN as Art Free For me in Free Verse Life all the way….
MacroVerse Memories For Years to Date 3 Years Past With Additional MacroVerse
Memories included in those MacroVerse Memories For the Previous 3 Years to Date
As the Spirals of the Nautilus Shell of Dance and Song i continue to Write has almost
Unlimited Doors for Other Chambers of a Never Ending Nether Land Bible Story that
Yep.. would Literally Last forever for one Lifetime for anyone aTTempting to squeeze
all the Juice of Meaning out of the Whole Endeavor anyway a Fossil i continue to
Send out in the WeBSpHere as Ocean Whole of Arts and Sciences continues
Online for an All Hands Human Effort of Bible Writing Now Unabridged
As such with Plenty of Bridges and Doors to more Wisdom in
Beauty’s Truth of LoVE iN LiGHT NoW too..
“HopE LoVE ISraEL” i Believe it is.
“God’s Love HandLe #ISREAL” Dance it Sing it.
“DeCLaRaTioN oF iNterDePenDencE DReAMs oN”
We Will Verily Hope and Wish and Pray
The Way i Exercise Freedom at Least With all this Done
And Said Now off to the Dentist Office Be Back Later “Let’s All Chant” Free
to Dance And Sing too.. Let it Go Shake it Off Hang Loose and Life is Great God Good..:)
Now to Frank And Xenia’s Places of Poetry
And the gigoid Home of Aphorisms…
So True We Decide What is Beautiful
And What is Ugly When All Becomes
Beautiful All Becomes More Holy
Sacred and Kind Full of Meaning
And Purpose and What Better Way
to Capture And Record Beauty
Than the Wisdom That
Bring to the
Present of
the Moment
Record Keeping
As So Many Words
So Many Colors A
Photo Will Continue
To Generate for as Long
As the Photo Lights up
Souls and Not Just
Black and
Just 3 Channels
or Less now.. anyway
Happy Poetry Vacation Frank
one day hehe.. perhaps one day
Since 3,150 Days Ago of Writing
On Thanks Giving Day of 2010
Just Another Photograph of SoUL..:)
Stones Cut in Flesh and Blood
Stones Cut out in Avatar Life
Always Warm and Never
Cold yet
Stones Cut in Flesh
And Blood Now Warm
Feet of Agility Springs..
Sun Behind Sun Forward
SunRise SunSet
ALL LiGHT Shines
Sediment Low
Sentiment High
Dog Runs
Not Grace
is Balance
High Or Low
Dirt or Feelings Sweet…
Purple Harness HeART
Matching Flowers
Royal Colors
Free to
Run as Wild..
And Most Importantly
Loving Free Hope You are
Having A Peaceful Summer
Break Xenia.. With Plentiful FLoWeRS…:)
Live a life worthy of the things that will be said of you when you’re dead.”
~~ Ambidextrous Rex ~~
IN a Modern Sense it’s Like Living
Now and Reviewing the Comments
Section of a Viral Video as Hidden Star hehe…;)
“The apple cannot be stuck back on The Tree of Knowledge;
once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek
the strength to see more, not less.”
— Arthur Miller
True But When Intuition
Is Lost in Crystalized Intelligence
Fluid Intelligence may Suffer a
Slow and Tortuous Death
Across a Lifespan
Innate Drowning
in Facts and Figures..:)
“History does not record anywhere at any time a religion that has any rational basis.
Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help.
But, like dandruff, most people do have a religion and spend time and money on it and seem
to derive considerable pleasure from fiddling with it.”
— Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love (1972)
Hmm.. Anthropology 101 Humans Are Evolved As Social
Animals to Bond and Bind over Common Holy Sacred
Meaning And Purpose as NeuroChemical and
NeuroHormonal Reactions Within that
Works As Society’s Glue
Once Again
to Keep
All Working
Together Ideally of Course
For the Basic Definition Core
To the Phrase Religion that
Bonds and Binds HuMaNS SuRViNG THRiViNG
“A thing is not proved because no one has ever questioned it…
Skepticism is the first step towards truth.”
— Smart Bee
True Cow Manure
Makes Great
KNoWS WHat’S App..;)
“The common dogma [of fundamentalists] is fear of modern knowledge,
inability to cope with the fast change in a scientific-technological society,
and the real breakdown in apparent moral order in recent years That is
why hate is the major fuel, fear is the cement of the movement, and
superstitious ignorance is the best defence against the dangerous
new knowledge. When you bring up arguments that cast serious
doubts on their cherished beliefs you are not simply making a
rhetorical point, you are threatening their whole Universe
and their immortality. That provokes anger and
quite frequently violence.”
— G Gaia
Without Whatever Bonds
And Binds Humans
And Greater
Chaos Goes
Back to A Forrest Gump Wild..:)
“I just stepped on a factoid!”
– Zippy the Pinhead
Factoids Are Like Hemorrhoids
Not Every One Has ’em
Not Everyone
to Let
the Crap Out
And Just Dance And Sing Free..:)
“Youth of today! Join me in a mass
rally for traditional mental attitudes!”
— Zippy the Pinhead
Meh.. the Sex Goes Away
the Disgust Goes up
And Folks
And Replace Sex With Voting
And Religion With Politics oF OldeR Ages..
And for the Younger Male Folks.. meh.. Video Games and Porn..;)
“This is patently absurd; but whoever wishes to
become a philosopher must learn not to be frightened by absurdities.”
— Bertrand Russell
It’s as Basic as Sitting
All Day Worse for Health
Than A Pack of Cigarettes
with that
on the
of the
Package that
is weaker than the Drug..:)
“Be virtuous and you will be eccentric.”
~~ Mark Twain ~~
Always Dance And
Sing Never
to Just
A Circle
Be A Spiral More..:)
“Honor is the reward of virtue.”
~~ Cicero ~~
Unless one is pART
oF A Modern
Down Circus Top..;)
“Have the courage to live. Anyone can die.”
~~ Robert Cody ~~
Hmm.. it’s not as Easy as it Sounds
Not Even With A Suicide Disease
We are Born to Live even in Hell Now..:)
“There is only one success —
to be able to spend your life in your own way.”
~~ Christopher Morley ~~
In that Case i should be
Broke but i Will not Break from Having my Own Way..
And that’s Key Keep Practicing Your Own Way if Staycation Heaven Now..:)
“There is only one universal goal: a gracious death with no regrets.”
~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~
The Other Moments
Are The Present Gift Now too of Life..
in This Way There is No Worries About Death as Life..:)
“He does not seem to me to be a free man
who does not sometimes do nothing.”
~~ Cicero ~~
As LonG as We
Do NoT KnoW
Dance Sing Free
“Do not settle for less than the best your
own excellence can command.”
~~ Anne McCaffrey ~~
What is Less What is More Now is All
That is Best For Now at Least More..:)
Smiles gigoid Hope Your Family
And Friends were not impacted
by the California EarthQuakes
Haven’t been Hearing about
Wild Fires so
that’s always
an Upside
in the New Orleans
And Surrounding Areas
Coming Floods too True
Ya Can’t Fool the Mother
Mississippi River When She Floods too..:)
Meh.. Really Needed A Nap Before the 270th
Dance Week Night at Old Seville Quarter True
i’ll Be Feeling all of That After 2 AM oN A Drive
Home.. But True i Am too Busy Putting my Soul
iN A Photograph… After That All That Will be Left is SMiLes
Of A Cheshire Cat.. Nah.. No Lion King HeAR Only A Laugh iN
Case ‘You’ Did Not Get A MeMo So Is God JusT A Laugh For
Those Who See The JoY iN DaRK and LiFE As Birth BeCoMeS LiGHT
ETeRNaLLy NoW A Dance And Song That ReFusES to WinD DowN
A Hurricane A Milky Way of Arms Ever Expanding Chambers of Nautilus Love
Perhaps this Concludes “LioN KinG RiSES AGAiN NoW”
at 9:19 PM on 7.11.19 That Much Remains to Be See NeXT..:)
“The Powerful Play
GoeS on..” SaMe Characters…
Different Actors/Dancers/Singers..
Matters NoT HoW oNe Looks Now or
Sounds When one Dances and Sings Free Alive Be Love Harming
Others Least It’s JusT YoU NoW Do iT WiLL LiVE LoVE NoW Fearless Free Be i AM
A Mind Set of Owning
Even Love Now A Way oF A World
Smiles HiMali Thanks For Dropping by Now
to See our Bunny He is a Wild Rabbit Now
We Will Never Ever Own Him Now but We Will Enjoy
the Nature of Him Free No Different than the
Flowers that we Neither Water Fertilize or
Pesticide as We Let Nature Take
Her Course with no HiStory
To Soil Her
than the
Earth that is
Wild and Free
no Different than
God that is Both Dark
And Light in the Struggle
And Challenge to Live and
Thrive and Even Be Happy
As Humans NoW oN EartH
Always a Balance always
A mix of Shadow too
to make any
on Earth
Real No Different
Than Hell and Heaven On Earth Within too…
Dark Creates Light Creates Dark then Comes Dance and Song Free…
Thanks again for Visiting “A Child’S AGE iS BoRN NoW AGAiN” as the
One i am Writing Now and the Next one i am Writing too are Now Named
“LioN KinGQueeN RiseS AGAiN” and “Celebrating 6 Years of Heaven Within”
as all of that kinda all fits together With Smiles of Holy and Sacred Creative
Full of
And Purpose my Friend
Just Another way to Decode
HappYness And Make it Real NoW..:)
Smiles shouldn’t We All Now
Love Decoding HappYness
And Friends So much more
Than A
As an Addiction..
Like Coffee And
Cigarettes and
‘Candy Crush’
‘Smart’ Phones
Haha With SMiLes
Life is so much Better
Decoding HappYness
With Great Friends We
Purely Love and when We are not
Afraid to Admit it too.. hehe.. i will
Never Fear Love Now But Coffee and
Cigarettes And Candy Crush Nope None
of that
for me
i rather
And Sing
A Light of Love my
Real Friend Within..
Smiles i Will Sing ‘your
name’ too but “that’s not allowed”..
something to Feel about my Friend now…
i Believe Cultures have a whole lot of Maturing
Still to do to Grow Old as Young Again and Real
Where Love is Both King and Queen Meanwhile
i just scratch
my head
in A
of what i see….
Smiles Still Just
‘Old New SMiles’ from me..
Meanwhile Like a Real Lion Doing the Least
Harm AS KinGQueeN i Roar Love Never
Fear Always Love is Best NoW
We are all born With a ‘Little’ Flame
That We Either Kindle or Suffocate
in Life that ‘Little’ Flame
is verily more than
an online Book
hehe that
Fire inside is
even more than
Human Will that Force
That Field that Wave that
Particle Water Wave Ocean
Whole is indeed our Flesh and
Blood Heart our Spirit Balancing
Mind and Body Force Soul LoVELiGHT True
NoW When We Kindle our Flame in Balance
the Oxygen of Pure Love Fires our Soul
Higher with Gravity and not the Inertia
That Will Weight our Spirit Down Less
Than Pure Force LoVELiGHT and while
This Might Sound a Whole Lot Like
NeW AGE Psychobabble.. to Some
The Force within is not Mistakable
When We Find a Way to Flow Our
Soul Force in Zone And Rise
Higher Effortlessly as a
Drop of Water
Whole this is not
Instant gratification this
is No Coffee No Candy Crush
Video Game no Porn Site For
Hours in the Day of Young Men
This is the Flight of Soul the Fire
of Spirit the Flame of Heart that
Never Exhausts the Love that Loves
to Live the Core of Who we All are God Soul…
Smiles there are many Ways to attain this Flow
As Higher Force Stream of Consciousness Writing
And Moving Meditation Public Dance Works in Practice For me.. could
be as easy though as a Walk in a Forest You’ve never Been with a
Friend or perhaps a Beach…:)
Rain is Flow slick enough
For Challenge yet not
Heart Racing Thunder
For the Adrenaline
Fire of Lightening
Arriving at my
First Visit to my
Psychiatrist after
11 Years of Chronic
to continuous Adrenaline
Charged Fight and Flight
Stress then from the last
2 Years of that succumbing
to Hans Selye’s General
Adaptation Syndrome yes
Total Animal Exhaustion
In 2008 with not all
19 Medical Disorders
Yet Assessed then the
Psychiatrist said
Use something
Instead of Adrenaline
My Emotions To move
Me i had zero clue what
He Meant as my Emotions
Were Dead Eventually
i Found something
Even Better that
Even he did not
Understand i
Connected my
Emotions back
To Empty Shells of
Poetry as Writing Poetry
In Stream of Consciousness
Becomes Chi yes Flow
Yes what Verily
Actually feels and
Senses Holy and Sacred
As Creative Spirit Within
Heavenly Within Now the
Music of the SonG oF
mY SoUL Quantum
Metaphor Unleashed
And Released Full of
Meaning And Purpose
In Deed Then i Free
Verse Spiral Public
Danced an Effortless
Meditative Movement
In Chi as Flow 11,600
Miles in 70 Months
With A 7.1 Million
Word Now Longest
Long Form Poem Bible
As i spend almost
My Entire LiFE NoW
In a Peak Experience
Of Rolling Pleasant
Waves yes Heaven
Within an Autotelic
Transient Hypo-Frontality
Flow with waves ever
Changing Plateaus
Of Nirvana and
Bliss a Practice
Of Life Regulating
Emotions Integrating
Senses through Bio-
Feed Back of Dance
And Song the oldest
Still newest Path Now
To the Force Within
Before the Apple
Of Toxic Culture
That Now Removes
Heaven From our
Eyes nothing
New under
A Sun
And Free again
Smiles effortlessly
With the Balance of
Chi With Gravity my
Friend i Marathoned
A Spiral Dance for 3
Hours around Folks
4 Decades Younger
Last Night at the
Largest Metro
Dance Hall…
Panting so so
Out of Breath
10 Minutes
Then Them Trying
To Catch Up
With A 6 Foot
Yoda At 242 Lbs
Pushing 60 Years
Old this Flow
This Chi this
Prana this
Satori this
Nirvana Bliss
Yes this Kundalini
RiSinG as endless
Effortless waves
Coloring always
New More Heaven
Within Now
In Deed
Also A
Spring A Real
Fountain of Youth
Lost and Found my
Friend Lightening
Falls this Pure
Love Light is An Eye
Of A Cat-6 Hurricane
With Spiraling
Arms that
Tire or
Exhaust my
Energy/Force heHe
At least me my FRiEnD…
The Young Folks ask
Me for ‘the Drugs’
i take sadly Science
Assesses them now
Like the rest of the
Human Species With
An Attention Span
Less than yes literally
Less than a Gold Fish
On Average Humans like
Other Animals are evolved
To excel now with one
Activity in Balance
Of complexity in
Flow in Deed ‘Tai
Chi Masters’ they
Survive and thrive…
What have Humans
Learned… Precisely
Art Without Intuition
Is Science
“The Powerful Play
GoeS on..” SaMe Characters…
Different Actors/Dancers/Singers..
Matters NoT HoW oNe Looks Now or
Sounds When one Dances and Sings Free Alive Be Love Harming
Others Least It’s JusT YoU NoW Do iT WiLL LiVE LoVE NoW Fearless Free Be i AM
This Concludes ” “LioN KinGQueeN RiseS AGAiN” at 11:40 AM on 7.12.19
And Will Also Begin “Celebrating 6 Years of Heaven Within” Yes Coming Soon
And Sooner Like ‘the
Version’ too’..;)

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
7.1 MiLLioN plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 50,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
“Grand Cross Bible 2016”
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
“Nether Land Bible 2017”
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of Over Two Thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record Growing
Still of Four Years Plus of Dancing tHeRe..
And note.. in some of the liNks.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the Photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked
“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)
“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)
“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)
“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)
“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)
“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”
Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.
“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”
iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)
“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”
A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)
“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)
“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)
“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE
“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”
WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)
“7 YEarS Old 12M Words FReE oNliNe WRiTe i aM”
The 33th/137th/808th and pART oF 12M Words as
MacroVerse NoW Respectively of “Facebook Profile
Pic Bible 2018” at the 6th Month Point of that Effort
Now at 640,319 Words and “Nether Land Bible 2017” at the 18th Month
Point of that Effort NoW at 2,258,319 Words and Yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”
at the 51st Month of that Effort at over 5 Million Words.. aLL NoW Combined as LoVELiGHT iSReaL.. as this MacroVerse all NoW titled.. “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM”.. where the total effort in this 7th Year Birthday of online existence continues to
Measure in at
aRounD 12 Million
Words Conservatively
SpeaKinG iN A 2555 continuing
Day to Day Writing Effort NoW WitH
No Break Since Thanks Giving Day.. 2010..:)
“Grand Cross Bible 2017”
7th Major Titled Bible As A Child NoW of
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. Finishing this
766,047 Word Effort in 7 Months from
Memorial Day through Christmas Day of
2017 Coming iN As A Second Grand Cross
Bible that also compliments the 915K
Word Effort of “Grand Cross Bible
2016” in 2016 accomplished
in 7 Months also from
Memorial Day of
2016 through
Christmas Day of 2016.. too..
As All 7 Bibles Now are Children
And Grand Children of the Grand Parent
Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL” at around 5.5 Million
Words on this Date of 12.27.2017 so far Continuing
As Waves Do Grow Ocean Whole More H2O continuing
TogeTHeR as STreAMs to RiVeRs WaVes of OceaN ExPaNDinG
Shores for
oN CourSE aS
DancE and SonG
Free too EVeN MoRE to CoMe..:)
“KATiE MiA FredericK 2017 A Year in Review”
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record YearS EVeN MoRE NoW
“THiS iS Me NoW3”
As ‘they’ say.. when “Hell” Freezes Over…
A Second Super Blue Blood Red Lunar Eclipse
or ‘which’ ever
First Last and LastS AGAiN..;)
FReEDLoVENoW 35,357 Words
LoVEFReEDNoW 43,151 Words
iLoVENoWFReED 35,896 Words
A Trilogy Story About Love in
A Triune of 114,404 Words Total..
Diverse iN A Range of Dance and
Song of Humans and Yes Class.. Systemizing
Science Folks who are soaked in Mechanical Cognition
Thinking Away From Art too in limited Ways of Systemizing
Thinking too but it’s worth noting
‘those’ folks who are us too..
are the ones who also
Prepare ye a way
for little
Artists like me
to fulfill all my (our)(Nature/God)
Potential Within.. So.. Joy to the World
For All the Fishes in the Sea.. including NoW2
Egg Heads and Nerds like us and me too.. heHe..
And as ‘they’ DancESinG2.. Jeremiah was(is) A Bull Frog like Joshua NoW2..;)
Usually.. now.. my MacroVerse titles come after i start writing a New MacroVerse
but as in all of life that doesn’t always stay the same.. hehe.. for this go around
A Trilogy from Above Brings 6 Pre-titled MacroVerses Below as the links
will come as the MacroVerses are finished as Ultimately a Fourth
New Testament written since the Fall of 2016 will Spring this
Spring of 2018 as the slightly differently titled ending
Ninth MacroVerse Below as this is sort of my
Lent Donation in giving more than giving up
hehe.. as i don’t go by just the rules of
before.. hAha.. and it’s also the 10th
Anniversary of my own 40
Days of Hell in the Spring
of 2008.. Forty days with almost
no sleep and 19 Medical Disorders of which
the worst was Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
like Dentist Drill Pain without Novocaine.. except
for in my case it was in my right ear and eye as that Hell
on Earth lasted from wake to sleep for 66 Months and sure
i did get 1 hour of very cardboard shallow sleep to slow my
Heart down from Dysautonomia with an Alpha Blocker to do that
at least but even that tragic and somewhat dark ‘comic’ relief was only
Good for 1 hour of sleep each night for the first 35 of 40 days for the
last 5 days.. nothing worked at all.. until i finally gave in and went to the Hospital….
i didn’t wanna go and that Ignorance was almost the end of me then.. Doctors don’t
bother me anymore
in fact.. i get to teach them
a thing or two about living
in Heaven now.. the Price of
Hell for 66 Months to get here
but worth every second that felt
like a thousand years where all was
time then and now time doesn’t even
exist for me.. as that’s real reality anyway now
in Heaven at least away from time.. time.. in  hell….
And every SHade of Purgatory Greys.. in ‘those’ places too..
Oh yeah.. also in Honor of my Mother Passing away last February
22nd.. 2017..  where her ending Lent was 8 days starting on Valentine’s Day in a death bed surviving as long as she could with no food or drink.. with some morphine to pass ‘the time’.. But True.. with Stage Four Cancer undiagnosed from toe to head she lived her
Last Several Years of Life dying Naturally with visits from her Children of Love.
LiGht coMes from DaRkness.. Doubt it Not.. if one CaN and WiLL iN LoVE
Do LiGHT ABove so BeLow
BReATHELoVENoW 34,323 Words
LoVEBReaTHENoW 29,794 Words
LoVENoWBReaTHES  31,648 Words
9000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW! 25,856 Words
April Fred’s Day 2018 26,916 Words
LeNTeN NeW TesTaMeNT 4 oF LoVE 2018 32,586 Words 294,807 Total Words
Extending to An Ending 10th MacroVerse oF.. BeLow.. So NoW
22,547 Words and Yes 317,354 Grand Total Words
“FB Profile Pic Bible 2018”
1,382,555 Word Effort from
Memorial Day Weekend 2017
Through Memorial Day Weekend of 2018
As This Effort Will Continue to Grow on Both
in Blog Ways and FB Profile Pic Description Areas
Averaging somewhere around 7 Thousand Words per
Each Description Area of FB Profile Photos and more with in some cases
More than one Photo attached to the Same Words in Description as Days go on More..:)
“6 MiLLioN Word Bible Poem Man”
A Celebration of 6 MiLLioN Words Written
as ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” in 58 Months of Effort
Since 8.18.13 STarTinG then as my Entire Word
Press Blog with Additional Milestones Met as of 6.6.18
on my 58th Birthday
as more Concisely
Listed below
as Feat notes
for this Record Book too.. hehe..
as yes of course this is also the Longest
Long Form Poem Bible Effort on Record too..
as far as Google Search Sees and Hears and OTHeR
wise feels
And senses
Among the Entire
Contents of the Human
Unabridged Bible wHere all
Human Hands join together in online
a continually ever expanding Bible More..
Yes Class in a Place with no Sun or Moon that
if you can like and will Make into a place to upload
Souls in Singularity oF LoVE for that Which Exists as
Essence LoVE Standing Tall Sentient Star DusT PLuS
STiLL Resurrecting as US LoVE iNCarNaTE iN A Temple
of Love that is the realest thing of all in and As Heaven NoW
butt anyway don’t take my Word for it Just do it Make Heaven Happen
iN YouR
Multi-Universe Perspective
NoW as and with God Nature
too if you Roll with Heaven More
Than Purgatory SHades of Grey to
BLack Abyss of Real Time Gehenna now
Anyway the Good News is some of us are here
As iNcaRNatE LoVE NoW And The Even Better News
As Far As Last becoming First and Meek inheriting all these
Flavors of Beyond Rainbow Colors of Heaven now is yes ‘We’
Ain’t no more
than you so
you can and will
do even more than
‘us’ and yes in terms of
“Dear John 14:12 NoW” aS i’LL
Add A Link to that more too.. you
yes you can and will do more than even me.. heHe..
Yes Resurrecting More Alive Born of Star Burst Death
Crucible Fire Iron too From Super Nova Explosions FLoWinG
iN oUR Blood And iN Core oF ouR HoME PLaNeT EaRTH NoW
aS LiVinG Guardians of EdenS NoW For Those Whose FLoWeRS BLooM NoW
‘Stay Thirsty mY FriEnds’..;)
“Dear John 14:12 NoW”

ONcE AGaiN NoW Celebrating All these Milestones then on 6.6.18..
For What has CoME to Be NoW 9 DiMeNSioNaL PoeTRY So FaR aT LeasT..:)
12 Million Word MacroMacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 90 Months since Thanks Giving 2010
6 Million Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” MacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 58 Months
3 Million Word “Nether Land Bible 2017” MacroMacroMacroVerse 24 Months
1.4 Million Word “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018″ MacroMacroVerse 12 Months
MacroVerse as Each Chapter Currently at a 1 Year 24K Average Word Count
MicroVerse as Each sub-Chapter Separated by Word Count
MicroMicroVerse as Each sub-subChapter as Poetic Response
MicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Word in Multi-Capitalization/Meaning Ways
MicroMicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Letter and or Number of Multi-Meaning
per H8/K11 and eTc… NoW oNGoinG More… NoW… MoRE…
“SonG oF mY SoUL FiVE YearS Old”
Celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of 6 Million Word Plus “SonG oF mY SouL”
Longest Long Form Poem Personal Bible in the Span of that Five Years too..:)
“KiSS oF 66 NoW iN LoVE”
Celebrating 66 Months of This Entire Blogging Adventure Since 3.10.13..:)
“10,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”
Celebrating 10,000 Miles of Public Dance in 5 Years Span of Dates..:)
Sure.. i used to Toy With the Piano a Bit.. Recorded on a Cheap Dictation Device
Back in 2007.. When i was Struggling to Stay Alive With Life Killing Stress.. Later
Transferred to YouTube in 2013.. where my Life would then begin as Art will Do for Us..
When Spelled as L. O. V. E. Agape Style For All Transcending All Fear and Hate in Hope as Joy Dances and Sings From Head to Toe and overAll More as Love continues to come and go..:)
And Yes By God Yes.. it Took a Whole Lot of Leg Strength to Dance in Public for 10 Thousand Miles in the same Span of Dates i Wrote Over 6 Million Words for “SonG
oF My SoUL” Now Currently at 10,300 Miles of Doing That in over 62 Months And
True as the Video Below is Just an Illustration of Leg Pressing 930LBS.. 14 Reps then
Back from February of 2015.. As in 2016.. i moved to 1020 LBS and Still do anywhere
From 33 to 52 Reps Now Depending on any Minor Injuries that occur on the
Continuing Mountain of Public Dance but sure Over 2000 Selfies with
Ear to Ear Smiles of Dancing Joy is Documented in some of the links
Above too.. as Dance Brings Joy and You’d be Surprised or not at the
Dudes who are Disbelievers in either the Joy of Dance Smiles or the
Strength it Brings until i show the Photos and Videos on my Smart
Phone of the Beautiful Women Smiling with me as Yes.. i Do Get
around and although no one i’ve seen Has come ANYWHERE NoW
Close to Leg Pressing that much weight at the Military Gym i work out
at.. not even an inch to Budge it.. you’d also be Surprised or not how many
Folks with ‘Little Man’ Syndrome have attempted online  to complain that i don’t
Bring my Knees to my Chest for the Simple Fact that i will Keep my Knees working hehe..
And as of The First Week of February 2019 This Much more Difficult Leg Press Machine
Was Removed as i moved on over to the Incline Leg Press Machine and Now Easily Leg
Press 1340 LBS at 20 Reps where i Estimate the Machine i am Using Here is about
40 Percent More Difficult than the Incline Leg Press Machine i am Using now as
1400 LBS Surely wouldn’t Be any problem and 1500 LBS isn’t out of the Question..:)
i am Leg Pressing 1520 LBS now on an Incline Leg Press as Machine of 2.22.2019
but nah.. Now considering i was doing 1020 LBS on
A Parallel Leg Press Machine Close to the Beginning of
The February Month That Attests More to the Difficulty
of Leg Pressing Closer to Dead Weight Straight Forward
as Opposed to the Mechanical
Advantage that an Incline
Leg Press Machine
Naturally Brings
Over the Other
More Difficult
Leg Press Machine
So the ‘Hodge Brothers’
On YouTube are Absolutely
Correct on their Assessment of
This Physics 101 Common Sense
Lesson too as True it’s Not Always Easy to
Say F this and F That and get the Physics True..
but Never the Less the Parallel Leg Press Machine
is about 50 Percent More Difficult so for those who
Understand Physics there is really no Need to update
my YouTube Video other than noting the Different ACHIEVEMENT
as i only compete this way against my own Human Potential as hehe
at my
age now
who else
am i gonna
compete with
for most everything i Do.. hAha..;)
Leg Pressing 1340 LBS 12 Reps on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019
Just to Prove a Leprechaun will not only Dance 10,966 Miles
in Public for 66 Months and Write a 6.6 Million Word Free
Verse Epic Long Form Poem in 66 Months but sure
It takes as Bit of Leg Strength
to move a Modern Size
Leprechaun all those
Miles of Dance and
Oh Lord i realize i didn’t
Pull it all the way to my Chest
but i invite anyone around Here
at Least who is not taking Anabolic
Steroids to Budge it one inch one time
as yeah i did keep it moving for a 100 Seconds
at least hehe.. and true i did do 1520 LBS 8 Reps on
February 22nd.. 2019 that was the Second Anniversary
of my Mother’s Death but today i didn’t have Lunch Yet
After Church.. so i wasn’t taking any Chances on injuring
myself when i was not Properly fueled up to get the Heavier
weight done.. anyway.. Keeping it moving for a 100 seconds
isn’t exactly a Light Weight thing to do with smiles of Saint
Just for Fun..
i do it heavier
and i do it safer too..
safe enough for me anyway..
Katrina was a bit afraid as the
Weights Kept stacking up as she
Was the Producer of the Video today
With a still Shot of me and a Still Shot
of Her behind all the weight that is funny too..:)
Anyway All of this Proves too That Some Days…
Beauty And Leprechaun Beast Still Get Together too hehe..;)
Post Script:.. As ‘they’ Say Don’t Lock Your Knees When You Leg Press as You Stretch-Out
Like i Do for Not Everyone Is A ‘Hairy Gorilla’ like me.. who uses 1340 LBS to Stretch their  Legs…
Ha! Did You Really Think i am Lifting All This Weight for Another Purpose But to relax! In A Modern Jungle!.. Y’aLL Worry About All the Form You Like i For one Will continue to JusT Do Essence.. no one Knows my Limits for What is Safe for me as Strange but me..;)
And yes By God i don’t Let the Sun Go Down on me when i Sing
too as A First Karaoke Fun Effort of that Back in September.. 2013..
And Sure.. i’ve very much improved as the Nice Elderly Ladies tell me
When i Sing at Church as i particularly Reserve that Effort at Church..;)
“96 Months oF Thanks Giving Wishes”
Celebrating 96 Months of 2922 Consecutive Days Online Writing Since Thanks Giving Day  of 2010..  at around 12 Million Words Starting Then on the “Wrong Planet Website” Moving over to Blogging After Writing Around 33 Months to that point then
Starting 3.10.13 on the Google Blogspot Platform too.. And Then Moving to
WordPress on 8.18.13.. Starting “SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Fully Illustrated Poem attached totally with around
170K Photos and Over 10K YouTube Music Videos to Accompany
6.5 Million Words Soon Now to Arise to 6.6 Million Words by
End of 2018 where “Grand Cross Bible 2018” Will come then
As the 8th Major “King James” Size Modern Personal Poem
Bible.. i’ve Written as Subchapters of “SonG oF mY SouL”
on or About the Day of the 25th of December 2018 as
the Sun Starts to Make A Venture once again to
Light up Florida Sunshine Summers Even
More in Paradise WHere i for one
Do Live Free in a Garden
of Eden Back Yard too..
NoW ONly Watered
Chemical Free…
ReAlly LiVinG Free NoW..:)
“Grand Cross Bible 2018”.. All of What Comprises the 8th Major Subchapter
Long Form Poem Bible Titled Effort in 843,879 Words of Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” at 6.6 MiLLioN Words in 64 Months
of Effort and 10,478 Miles of Public Dance in 64 Months as Well in this Entire Effort too
to this Publish Point Date of 12.28.2018 With Much Much more to come As ALWaYS NoW
“KATiE MiA FredericK 2018 A year in Review”
“#SouLDanCinG2019”.. New Year’s Resolution for 2019
“Covenant 66 iN HeaVeN Complete”.. Just a Promise ‘Tween me and God within
For What Would You Do if a Miracle Happened and You Got out of Shut-iN Hell
For 66 Months with 19 Medical Disorders including Wake to Sleep Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Like a Dentist Drill in Your Right Eye and
Ear Assessed in Literature as Worse than the Torture of Crucifixion
That No Drug Would Touch Yes Named the Suicide Disease too
From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months along with 18 other Medical
Disorders some of which would likely put other Folks as Shut-in
in Their Homes too Yes as You Start that Hell in January of 2008
And Miraculously at the End of the Third Week of July 2013 You
Are Standing on a Beach With Your Wife and all the Pain and Numb
as in Hell Emotions are Memories and Memories are Emotions and there
is no Reference Point if you’ve Felt a Smile or a Laugh in Your Entire Life as
once again Emotions are Memories so that makes a Literal Catch 22 in forever
Hell on Earth within as there is No..Memory in Feelings if you’ve truly ever Experienced
A Soulful Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life with others.. in Feelings and Senses That
is the Delight of Heaven on Earth Within on this Beautiful Planet that sadly so many folks
Take for Granted in all the Potential We Have to Enjoy Life that is such a tiny sliver of
Potential for Heaven Anywhere in the Entire Universe We See with or without
Science Aided eyes today.. Well.. i for one fully understand the other place
for me and i for one Understand Fully NoW iN Feelings and Senses
What the place of the Kingdom of Heaven fully even is yes
The Experience of Fearless Unconditional Love Within
From Head to Toe and Beyond Within iNside ouTside
Above so Below and All Around Even More.. and True
iN-Heaven there is Dark too or there would be no
Light at all as is always the case as Yin and
Yang includes a part of the other as Truly
Whole Unified Never ReALLy Divided
As the Duality of Nature
Together in Light
And Dark in all the
Ways the Negative Joins
the Positive is necessary for a ‘Perfect’
Chaos to Balance Out Full in Holy and Sacred
Meaning and Purpose as We Humans Do have the
Potential to Do Together if we will Just Love each
other ‘Nakedly’ Without the Chains of Cultural
Guise that makes us into the Tools we make
Away From the Gift of Humanity We already
Are in Eyes and Hands of Love that Reach
Out and Touch the Divinity of Love in
Each and Every Living Being that
And who Breathes and Flourishes
Brown to Green as Fall Leaves
Fertilize Spring Flowers And Without
Thorns THere is No True Beauty of Rose FLoWeRinG
From Death to Life From Dark to Light from Hell to Heaven
So anyway for 66 Months in Heaven on Earth i Celebrated
With a 6.66 MiLLioN Word or So Longest Long Form Poem
Bible And Over 10,500 Miles of Dance Works for Me NoW
“11,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”.. Yes.. A Celebration of Dancing 11,000
Miles in Public.. Yes.. Mostly in Public Stores.. to.. many many many Tunes of
YouTuBE Songs in a 67 Month Effort that continues to keep Abreast of 6.7 Million
Plus Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse ‘Bible’
Poem by this Date as Linked Below in 67 Months True too.. and Additionally
Yes.. A.. 6 Month Semi-Annual Photo Album Going on since in total Years..
the Last 5 Years Spent Dancing at Old-Seville Quarter Albeit Mostly Female
Ear to Ear Grinning Selfie Smiles as hey that’s just the Way The Dance
And or Disco Dance Ball Spins these Years at Least.. with Yes interesting
Human Bonobo-Like
Activities like Wild
And Free Bootie Dances too..
Sure.. and an  updated 11,000 Miles
Celebration Video Spinning Spinning Public Dance Spinning
Spinning NoW in even Higher Gears at Super Walmart too.. hehe..:)
Grand Total Words for “FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2019” Here is 1,364,498 Words
As the Entire 24 Month Effort of “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” Rises to 2,666,159 Words
At His Point of Effort in 24 Months Where the Words are also included in the Description
Areas of my Profile Pics on my Personal Facebook Page at around an Average of 7,000 Words Per Profile Pic and of Course the Thumbnails are all included in this MacroVerse..:)
“SonG oF mY SoUL Bible 7 MiLLioN WordS Old”.. Celebrating 7 MiLLioN Words of the
Longest Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind.. Yep.. Written by Little Old
me in 70 Months as that Anniversary Date comes on 6.18.19.. anyway Celebrating this on
My 6.6.19.. 59th Birthday Week.. as this MacroVerse Includes an Entire Table of Contents
to this Date as Well for “Nether Land Bible 2018” as that 36 Month Effort Reaches 4.2 MiLLioN Words at this Point of Date too.. and yes of course enclosed in that is the
Table of Contents Inclusive too for “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” as that 24 Month
Writing Exploration reaches at this point.. 2.66 MiLLioN Words also included
in all the Facebook Profile Pic Description areas.. Hundreds of Profile Pics now
that average around 7 Thousand Words Per each Profile Pic Description area..
True.. an excellent way to Peruse what i do on the Fly too as hehe.. MicroSoft
Word Is Not up to the Task of Grading this Bible Poem and that’s for sure..
And true for anyone who really wants to read anything of what i write there is little to no
Problems now accessing the Text in those Description Areas of the Photos as even Slower
Computers and Smaller foot prints of Broad Band Access will accomplish that mission now
to Provide an Avenue to read it too.. not doing anything too important now or new just providing Empirical Proof that Heaven is always within in this Generation now and
how i for one at least Find/Stay in Heaven now.. a few pointers might direct you to
SParK Your Heaven Within in this Generation at Hand EternAlly now too.. but hey at
least i will Dance Sing  i offered lots of help together to Heaven for other Folks too who will listen too as
Much Heaven
i for one care to Give
And Share now JusT FoR Free..:)

Photos From July 11, 2019