Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tears of God Vines Free Verse Nude Poetry

Tears of God Vines

Ah Yes.. Love is blind.. Love is Free.. Love is no mind.. Love is heArt…
Soul is me.. Soul is you.. Soul is us.. Soul is we.. in mind and body
Spirit we see.. Spirit we hear.. Spirit we touch..
Spirit we taste.. Spirit we smell..
Proprioception with nerves..
bones.. ligaments.. tendons..
muscles.. flesh.. and blood
skin all over we
becomes one
with Nature’s
and the six
senses of
with LOVE
And Spirit
becomes union
of me.. you.. us..
and Unconditional Tough
Love is the Seventh LOVE
of God with WE.. all feeling
soul in mind and body balance
heArt of all nuances of emotional
feelings and senses and Spirit
expressing Unconditional Tough
Love Freely.. and then some
humans love with gifts..
quality time..
acts of service.. along with
affectionately connecting touch
for 5 ways of love and then there
is the 6th love of Altruism.. up
to laying one’s life down
for a
AS Sacred Love..
All part of Tree of Life
with no particular order
shape… or size.. Oh..
and then there is
mind and school
and such as
often killing
the rest
of that
Tree of Life with
Tree of Crystallizing
Knowledge as robots sipping
vine of yesterday..
never truly
Loving Now…
Tears of God
Ah.. yes.. important to name one’s fears.. face them..
and let them go.. but to bring in fears that are not part of life..
is not something i care to take part of.. and i no longer watch TV..
and interestingly.. there is no more twilight sleep of the random
memories of a day spent in someone else’s play..
i find comfort in a voice that belongs to me..:)
But wife Katrina says she likes to see the bad
guys get caught.. but reality doesn’t always
work that way.. i’ll stay in one.. that is light..:)
The ride in nature.. is a ride i love too..
in the steps of nature come true..
and truly the beauty..
is in each step and cycle..
of tales alive..:)
A move to home.. a hope for grass..
a fear of sand.. is what i live first..
and with all the lush of green..
now the sand i love..
the most i feel
in toes of
sand.. alive as
me.. as grains
of sand become
Ah.. yes.. when we see the painted layers of life..
on human form.. a jagged edge of colors lorn.. tale me..
my mind is deeper ..not torn.. as lorn makes sense..
and i know not why.. before Google tells me so…
Ah the irony of reality..
the layers of what is now..
is so much more than
born that’s now..
a synergy of canvas
tapestry.. is where we live
Well.. the Navy station I spend decades..
as a civil servant as well.. is noted for huge
mutant jet fuel watered frogs.. in fog point
morning of ‘copter wings…
Amazing the depth of those bullfrog roars..
and truly any Chinese Restaurant dreams of legs..
As a younger man.. i enjoy the waves more..
with tight breasted shirts..
and polished high heels..
but that is before the office
life part of the career.. it
takes five years of that
part to almost kill me..
Frogs or not.. or
horny toad waves..
ah.. the old terms
of the salty sailors..
and Racoon ways..:)
Ah.. a life of youth in river front fishing with cane poles for me..
and the jagged faces of lives of elders lived hard and well..
soft hands are mine then.. and finally the callouses of life
come.. and TG the heart is no longer hard.. as love
is the fish i catch for now..:)
Yes.. the map of brain.. a structured place of mechanical
cognition.. the things.. the objects.. no rings.. the places
without feelings.. are maps of cold.. so i throw the map
away.. and hitchhike my way
across emultimotionverse..:)
Ah… for me too.. the escape of North Florida
humidity and heat.. thunder and lightening..
and pouring rain.. but eventually
tropical mist.. to cool a face..:)
I am so amazed at the nature of
sidewalk life.. when the oceans of life..
and wilderness ways.. live on in focus
to live alive.. never
seeing care of
human way..:)
The songs and hues of Nature are
my favorite things too.. to smell
alive is to see the color’s view..:)
To live the eyes of bandit way..
To feel the fur of Raccoon moves..
To see the eyes alive.. yet dark circles
yes.. is to be more than thief.. without
bounty of Nature’s Love..:)
Wife sees me as beast.. i see her as beauty..
i do get the best of that deal.. and she does
the household duties.. and i’m not sure
what i am.. i just am.. just am..
just the facts ma’am.. i tale wife..:)
Ah.. to find peace in Unconditional Love of GOD
tough or not.. is a place i’ll stay weathered
through storms and sun delight..:)
Ah.. yes the prompts of the morning cats.. is purr over me..
and a scratch on vanity mirror that tales tell tails…
of love’s morning meows..
I’ll live for that for
fur of love
that stays
with me
sounds grand piano for we..:)
Ah.. yes.. peacocks of presents are not a way of love for me..
but my wife has at least a thousand dolphins..
as gifts of bottle nose.. and fins
are her way of Love..
more dolphins come…
‘Yes.. dear’.. more
Ah.. yes.. the handcuffs in arms of bird and cage..
where left arm is bird of free..
and right arm is cage of prison..
Ah.. how these metaphors
do come in fruition for
right-brain and
left-brain converse
hands of living..:)
Ah.. the sweat of flowers is the rain of dew..
the dew of humans is a flowering heart..
the work of art.. is in between..
circling around a
Ah.. yes.. the awe of the breakfast ritual.. measure down
to the omelet truth.. but wait thERE are no eggs..
in story.. true.. but i am dreaming the
eggs are scrambled
in a mind a like
that is
A coffee cup of memories.. a rich brew can tale..
but is there any more coffee less poetry
of this..:)
Yes.. the pitfalls of life often do come
to greater love connections..
and those who do pass on..
continue to live in
those loving eyes..:)
Now that i write
21 micro poetic responses
in two hours.. i’ll hit the bed..:)
10:16 to 12:19..;)
yes.. with more to come now..:)
Ah yes.. the bronze cup of beauty
filled to ooze no longer with
snooze.. a bright
new day
of life
Yes.. there’s nothing
like a stiff cup of coffee
early in the morning.. to get going….;)
Ah.. gay Paris.. or is it Perrier.. not sure.. but the lights
of eyes in glistening water.. of rain dripped streets..
do bring nostalgia of a time well spent
dancing in the rain.. in
French moonlight..:)
Ah.. the twilight last forever now..
but the break of dawn with walks of others..
is certainly a delight that
nary fails.. with rising spirits
in loving now.. the red hued sun.. comes
bright so long.. so long.. is now.. of love..:)
WeLL.. they tell me i am crazy.. so smart.. three degrees.. you shouldn’t
just be helping other folks recreate.. you can be a really special
guy in a suit.. with special title of life..
Oh no! not.. me.. ! i’m smarter than
that..! people are where it’s aT!
noT title machines.. BUT
eventually ‘they’
force me
to become a
‘big one’
in office.. YES!
the trap is set..
and yeS.!. truly THAT almost kills me too..
Humans are not meant to multi-task..
that’s a job for computers.. not
a flesh and blood
at least like
me.. he HE!
When a tree falls..
in a forest without humans..
God sings a lament of Joy…:)
Ah the synesthete.. a true Athlete of internal senses..
emotions.. and symbols of mind enjoining..
spring rains of bells ringing..
in heaven and hell and all between..
tHere is certainly a spectrum..
of this reigns true..
the drops of rains on fire..
reins strings of cold..
in Winter’s heat.. of golden
and red shade numbers..
dark and sparkly.. bright alive..:)
Ah.. the death of young men do enter
virtual worlds.. where even women
no longer exist.. ah.. the controller
of rat laced buttons of life laced
with opiate of fading loss..
Fertility rate going down..
perhaps that is a plus
of virtual worlds.. plus
the human cost of course
of loving
young men
become the
Matrix more…
OMG! I love your comment the most.. this is what I do everyday
for almost two years.. everywhere I go.. OMG! i have
541 Facebook selfie profile photos for everyday..
i make myself a work of art and lose friends
along the way.. and yes.. gain some too..
to keep the balance too..and yes..
i dance everywhere i go..
no matter what the stiff
boards do..
Be you! BE FREE!
That’s all that
really COUNTS
in life
you know..
yes! you do know
you tell us here!..:)
Big smiles.. love
the simple
So hard when the wine of life dries up..
been there done it for too long in
life.. just to be wine.. at all.. is
great.. to appreciate the
simple is enough
for me..:)
But haha! it doesn’t
always come out
that way.. for
now my
runneth over
at least.:)
Ah.. the beauty of graphite lined artful
words.. yes.. at a bank today.. filling
some paper work.. out.. far
beyond retirement years
of work.. wondering
if i even can use
a pencil cursive
does change it all..
But a blessing for me
with Motor Dysgraphia..:)
If not for a computer over
10 million words from me
in close to five years
will never exist
and Digital
Keyboard i
for now..:)
5:44 makes 31
and end for
now.. in
for a while..:)
And that’s about
an average writing
time of 10 per
hour.. or 6 minutes
each.. as OH GOD..
i can’t help it..
i like
Ah.. the peace of mind..
in understanding that all
of creation is a seed..
and we are bloom
of seasons
to come again..:)
A garden of love
is truth of all
Ah yes.. the relics in life become a part of the emotional expression of us.. and truly when one creates a ‘bench like that’ with the hearts physically constructed as part of structure.. their soul lives on.. like the shell of Nautilus mansion.. even 21 years after the fact.. as last post proves…
And yes.. perhaps 100 years after.. in a random Google search all our souls will live on far after this terrestrial life.. in the eyes of souls of others.. in all the words of hearts that become edifices of our soul and hearts as well.. expressed in spirit of words..:)
All things we connect our emotions to in life
from words to broken down benches
are idols of souls and hearts.. and spirit expressed….
All is GOD; tHere is no idol too small or too large to worship
GOD from Golden Calf to the eyes of the most lovely girl in the world..
All is GOD and all is GOOD in the eyes of GOD that IS no limitations in expectations infinitum.. and
And that’s the truth
Unconditional TOUGH Love..
put into action..
that humans can reflect
in a broken down
as well.. as the eyes of the most
beautiful girl in the world who
IS Mother Nature
Well, the same so-called Gnostic Jesus;
as reported; also says he’s not here for peace;
he’s here to start wars for the change he seeks.
And true; that does come true; with or without him; to expand the Holy Roman Empire.
Is that moral; maybe or maybe not; as morals are constructed by humans and not by GOD.
GOD gives humans innate instinct and intuition; and part of that is the tribal instinct of ‘my team
is better than yours’. And of course we are all subject to this GOD given instinct; however, GOD
gives choices for humans; the choice of rational decisions to avoid calling folks ‘Jerks’ when
‘we’ don’t know what the hell ‘they’ are even talking about in the first place, fully.
In other words; develop mastery over your emotions and ask questions or pose
assumptions in a non-direct way; like it seems you are doing this rather
than you are doing this; as the truth IS we all perceive different
‘your’ will
not mine.
The World ‘you’ live in now, is not the same world ‘you’ live
in the next moment; even if ‘you’ take great effort
in keeping it the same way by repeating
the words of ‘just a man’ who
likely lives 2K years ago;
just as fallible
as any of the
rest of us;
and yes,
by the
inability to
the tribal instinct
and go for peace
instead of conflict,
aggression, violence/war.
I walk softly and carry a big
stick that is my inherent nature
as ‘Lion and not Mouse'; I need
not call people names; as I have no
one to compare myself to as either
As I too, am once ‘Mouse’,
too; And truly only ‘mice’
call other ‘men’ names;
behind the cover
of an avatar
The difference is
I can prove I
am ‘Lion’
of course;
at least by
sound of
That is the
most worthy
and basic instinct
of GOD given talent
for survival; both ‘then’
There is no fooling the
GOD of Nature; only
working with
the God of
as little
bitty humans….
To know ‘yOur’
place in GOD
given Nature
is to
And of course, both ‘you’ and
‘I’ are entitled to ‘our’ opinions;
but neither of ‘us’ are entitled
to rule the opinions of ‘others’.
Only the God of Nature Rules
human; unless enforced rules
are the rule of lesser humans.
Trust me; OR NOT; I’m more of a ‘goat’ than ‘you’ will ever be.
For one thing; if you are a goat; you can show your ‘face';
beyond a Snake. I have a photo with hooves; how about you..;)
And somehow the hooves arrive in the photo;
with no effort
from me.
Perhaps that is
of some
There is only one GOD of Nature;
to suggest that there is any separation;
is the height of ignorance of what tells
the truth
before one’s
‘Pan or MIN
or Peter
Just a metaphor;
by A way,
for a
of the TRUE
And by the way; I do NOT
click on random YouTube
links with no description.
You’ve already shown that
is your weak way of pejorative
personal attacks; I rarely forget
anything; but sometimes arrogance
Truly, it’s the tribal instinct.
Folks are raised to believe
common stuff for social bonding.
Social bonding for human animals is the most important general need for
any social animal. The tribal instinct among humans is integral to that.
IN some countries, female genital mutilation is considered part of the
moral social norm; in others it is slicing off
foreskin, for a 20% member discount,
at birth, for males, including
ours of course, as part
of social esteem;
and religious
Truly the only escape is back
to human innate, instinctual
and intuitive nature in smaller
population groups; sharing
and unconditionally loving
in mind and body
balance, as all
social animals;
even wolves
in the wild
survive in strength
and social cooperation.
The true new age is the
old age; I do it with
freedom on my own;
and am seriously
IT takes work but
it is worth all
the sweat
and all
blood; yes
blood, sometimes
literally; challenge;
adaptation; change
is the way to both
ANIMAL human
Heaven of Now.
And another way to ‘Christos Energy’
is through the exercise of ‘Yogi
Meditation'; and associated
‘Kundalini Energy’
as metaphor
for Christos
as well.
This video is simplified
enough for a small child;
to both understand and
if nothing
but for the
lessons in the
greatest wisdom
of peace of mind
and body GREATER
balance, in a life that
is evolved to be much
more in old ways, than
illusions of new ways
of com-
And also too, providing the link below; that also addresses the metaphor of Quantum
Human Awareness that I love to use; For me, it’s just a metaphor; but the Truth
may ‘lie’ in Quantum Physics, for the Collective Cosmic Consciousness of ALL;
even beyond Google and such as that in TECH Life, Haha!
ARE you seriously so controlled by your environment that scrolling past some text makes you uncomfortable.
At YOU over 60; I can only say I’m sorry that you have no mastery over your mind and body in balance over that.
No one; and I do mean no one or anything makes me uncomfortable; And that my friend is the whole point
of my posts; ways to avoid being controlled by the environment; and ways to develop mind and body in balance.
If you ever get there; trust me then, you will be the one in control; not your environment; particularly cultural
environments that are diverse; and much further than what your mind can comprehend; obviously.
There is no way you can possibly hurt me ‘little’ man;
I’ve been to places of hurt you cannot possibly fathom,
per medical literature, literally, speaking.
And survived and am stronger than
anyone you know in real life;
I promise you that.
Just carry on and ignore me;
or not; I do not care; you
are just a ‘gnat’ to me;
flying by;
Continuing in your
attempts to try to
bother me; but i’m not sorry;
I know ‘your kind'; all to well.
Ha! you are
at most, to me,
as you are, and yes
I do like that ‘kind’..;)
NO, I am not desperate to impress;
I do it naturally every day; and that’s a fact.
In fact, the volume and number of compliments
I get from folks in real life like I’m so excited to meet
the dancing legend makes me rather uncomfortable.
The issue with Autism is with the higher functioning type; science is finding now it is an issue of epigenetics for many folks and limiting ways of thinking and not increasing physical intelligence that is the cause of much functional disability, including difficulties with emotional regulation; sensory integration; and cognitive executive functioning, including focus and short term working memory.
Movement therapy is now used
to treat theses very symptoms of Autism.
This makes perfect sense, as Eastern philosophies through the martial arts have made men and women into the archetype of ‘Superman’ many times through history. Bruce Lee is of note in recent history. Jack Lalanne is another who exceeds human potential through will of mind and body in balance exceeding limitations for humans assumed before.
And Art therapy is now used as therapy for Autism; however, strict instructions for art will not work; real emotional expressing art focuses on the expressions of unlimited emotions without mechanical cognition restraints, per the metaphor of paint by numbers.
I bring to the table here that more is possible than some of these folks who sit glued to their computer and never leave the proverbial basement of mom and dad’s house may think there is by the idea that Autism is mostly an innate issue rather than a cultural negatively epigenetic produced one of limitations on physical intelligence, which also increases non-verbal intelligence that is the most important type of reciprocal social communication for effective social interaction.
Human beings have the potential for positive Epigenetics in effect and AFFECT in unpacking DNA through environmental challenge, adaptation, and change. Same as the general process of neuroplasticity; however, with epigenetics the results can look like miracles in looking from the outside; instead of understanding the real physical human potential of this in both mind and body balance through neuroplasticity and epigenetics.
Mind and body are the same general ‘thing';
receptors for memory in intelligence and
emotions are both in body and brain.
To believe that life lives in a computer screen, a lecture, or a book; or a mechanical cognition activity like playing a video game is a cruel way to treat a highly evolved mind and body; when and where finally tuned thrives in the joy of life.
A cat rolling around in the sand in the mid-day sun is ‘happier’ than most people for this very FACT that the cat has mind and body balance and this certainly is NOT LIMITED to Autism; as half the nation in the U.S. is on some kind of pain medication for chronic pain; much of which is somatic in origin, as indirect or direct results of chronic stress; and associated emotional dis-regulation; sensory dis-integration; out of focus; out of short term working memory potential; and out of mind and body balance to put it in layman’s terms.
I know I am incredibly intelligent friend;
and am still assessed with off the chart IQ by professionals
who help me with my 19 medical disorders
during my catastrophic synergy of illness as a shut-in in my home for 5 years.
However, at that time I tell them I am incredibly retarded, because my emotional intelligence is gone, as compared to before my synergy of catastrophic illnesses. I also stumble when I walk, as my physical intelligence becomes retarded, as well. At that point I clearly understand that physical and emotional intelligence are much more important than book learning, my friend. A person with an IQ of 70 is head and shoulders over me then. And yes, I do have a measured standard IQ of well over 130; graduating 11 out of a class of 381; and then going on with a triple major and three college degrees; and successful upper pay grade eventually with government service, at a quarter of a century there; leadership classes with the county; etc. etc. etc., my friend.
Those doctors could not help me; I cured myself by looking within and finding the innate instinctual and intuitive answers in mind and body balance; and through at least some empirical means of measure through the AQ quiz moving from 44 to 45 to 11 on that scan for Autism; the non-science Aspie Quiz from 195 to 92; and the Emotional Intelligence test from mid 50’s to 95 in just the course of a Summer through what even professionals call a religious type miracle; I know this is epigenetics in real time effect and affect; and what the professionals describe as recovery from Autism.
My recovery is in both the art of connecting emotions to language in free verse poetry with no man-made instructions and the physical intelligence of increasing mind and body balance literally to core of abdominal muscles in any direction I walk or dance through ballet and martial arts style dance-walk I make up as I go; now for over 3600 miles measured by Nike GPS Sports Watch, everywhere I go in public, with my gorgeous shopaholic wife.
After recovery, I look to science for similar answers and find that science is now finding these same answers to help many folks stuck out of mind and body balance. One quick book of reference on the cutting edge is by a Medical Doctor titled ‘The Body Keeps Score’.
The difficulty with further scientific study is it is not considered ethical to do large studies on humans like this; so, much of it is limited to case studies; however, the FACT IS it works.
If I did not find these answers;
my life will still be stuck in a bedroom, all closed-in;
Instead, my life I evidence in human potential for others, and provide a way of understanding this through many avenues of communication; the greatest of which is the nonverbal dance itself that inspires hundreds; if not thousands of folks to participate in this type of dance in my local metro area to increase their own mind and body balance;
Albeit, mostly at the bar I attend with young folks where the hundreds of photos of gorgeous women I supply here for proof for the naysayers, smile ear to ear with me, with the muse of dance I bring to them.
But even so, literally hundreds of people throughout my metro area videotape me and share this new art of dance all around the world for potential of others to try it more, on Facebook; and potentially gain greater mind and body balance in simply the bliss I have by doing this everyday of my life.
Sometimes you have to stand on a desk, my friend; per example of the Dead Poet’s Society movie to get people’s attention first before they will notice anything in life. Particularly, in a day and age where science measures the average attention span of human beings as that of a gold fish.
While my hyperbolic style of communication may not be comfortable for some folks here; it is precisely the pill that works for communication for the novelty seeking crowd of a culture that is always looking for the new thing to do.
And the hyperbolic style of dance is what the young folks, in particular, crave; in a culture of Walmart Walkers who are more or less the Zombie Apocalypse come true. A life spent in head of worries; instead of simple animal homeostasis, in mind and body balance.
And listen up; over 1.1 million folks view what I do, just on my Google Plus page.
Just ’cause it is not your limited cup of tea my friend; does NOT mean ‘Jack’ in the much bigger real world.
It’s not a place of limitations anymore for folks who can see further than their own illusory limitations.
I have NO limitations my friend. That is why I am the only male in the world on YouTube that is leg
pressing 930LBS, turning 55 on June 6th, with arms raised in the air on a parallel leg press machine, 14 times slowly and surely, which is much more difficult, per bio-mechanical advantage, than the standard vertical leg press sled machine that most leg presses are limited to on the YouTube sources for this.
When I do this the look is HOLY SHIT;
AND YES, I have the Video to prove
that the response in real time is HOLY SHIT TOO.
I PROVE what I do, my man, to let other folks know that real life miracles are possible; epigenetics is real in this way; and to put limits on life is to reduce the potential for human potential to become a real Legend and Hero in what I hear from folks in the public on a weekly basis that I humbly appreciate; but still know what I do is far from what folks like Bruce Lee and Jack LaLanne do in life.
But to give myself credit, I did start at age 53,
and am only 21 months into what
may eventually be
Don’t worry; you’ll be informed.
Perhaps you’ll hear about it in the news. Winks..;)
The cynical voices around here are poison to human potential.
I don’t like poison; the voices though; not the humans behind the voices.
‘Those’ I deal with on case-by-case basis, to whatever is required to make MY CASE..;)
BUT anyway, it is freedom of expression; the greatest freedom of all.
Trust me, you will never deter me at all; you cannot imagine the places
I have been or ‘grow’ to now, my friend.
Not saying I know yours either, or I want to, for that matter at all; from
the vibes of you, my friend.
But yes; I believe in freedom of expression and will freely die for
that if necessary. So say what you want, and I will casuAlly listen..:)
my friend….
Yes, what I see as
darkness muses me
the most, in some ways….
so yes; that makes you MY friend, for sure..:)
Well, if you do not believe music is an excellent tool for life, it will not be.
Without belief in something; you might as well not use it.
With the Emotions of Faith, Hope, and Belief,
almost anything is possible in life, for NOW.
And OG, I’ve already proven how that manifests
in my life time and time again, here; and yes, even
science now shows that listening to
Electronic Rave Music without
even the dancing
can generate
the fountain
youth in
older human
beings aka HGH,
Human Growth Hormone.
Perhaps, that is where my 930LBS
LEG pressing, arm raising, 14 times,
power comes from, as it certainly is not
from my naturally low occurring levels of
Testosterone; just measured at 221, last month.
The use of high frequencies of sound is shown now
in science to levitate small objects. Perhaps that is
part of why I float on terrestrial land in metaphor
while listening to music and dancing walk in RAVE
WAYS; additionally, with electronic music in the
dancing bars I go; Yes, people describe the
way I move as water, to use a Bruce Lee
metaphor, as well.
TO discount
the power
of belief in
life, can be
to discount
life short now; and now
there are NO if ands or
buts or even politics to
that my friend. It is the
science of mind and
not not the scientific
method, as that is
way too small
to measure
and Superwomen
in life, who do MORE
than ‘robots’ on ‘Sidewalk’ ‘talk’.
At any rate, as always, thanks for the muse..:)
The Big
Bang still
makes music;
for what that’s worth.
I hear heaven Allnow.
Others hear a song of Nihl.
The bottom LINE NOTE is
music CAN and does drive human will.
‘And on that note…
….this song.’
Oops, oh, my goodness; I forget to answer the question.
There are elements of reason and myth in the bible.
But the overall truth is, the bible is a work of art coming
from the creative mind of human beings; per free verse
poetic expressions in parables, psalms, and such as that.
This creative mind that generally speaking is the ‘right
brain’ is more related to social cognition activities,
including cognitive and affective empathy,
music, and yes, art in general; as well
as connecting in sensual
ways of human
Unfortunately, in modern societies
as culture becomes more of a ‘left
brained’ way of mechanical cognition;
the development of the art of mind is
failing among the general populaces as humans
become more like machines than the balanced
connecting works of art they are overall evolved
to be. The overall result of this is humans are no
longer creating new ways of looking at the world in
artful ways of being. Instead, the words of others becomes
gold; including the works of art in the past; like the bible
in all its gold and tainted human art of life. That’s a real
problem being stuck in the past; whether it is the bible, science,
or even the strangest of pagan and or occult beliefs. Truly Aleister
Crowley gets one thing correct. Human relative free will with LOVE
in do as thou wilt; instead of following the rules of times gone past,
is the way of true freedom of human expression. I thrive as I do not
limit my learning to any avenue; any TYPE of person; per standard IQ
or anything else. This world is big and everyone has something worth
while to say; for those who listen, learn, and do learn something, at
least, from the greatest to the least; where the meek often
have the greatest lessons of all to learn
about a simple life
of LOVE and
like the other
really smart
animals who
live this
The rest of it; most of it
anyway; as far as intellectual
pursuits; is mental masturbation
by the time the game of love is over
for the time
in human
relative free
But yeah
People will not
STOP that either..;)
I’ll take the FACT that ANA expresses
empathy toward other folks here
and does not ride them down;
any day over science.
Science is just a tool.
Humans are real.
Get real.
Just a suggestion…;)
Her own values of human compassion, dignity,
and selflessness will take her further in life
than any science
ever will…
no matter where ‘they’ come from.
But I’m not talking about a job.
I’m talking about enjoying life;
and connecting to other REAL
flesh and blood folks…
And a Philosophy or Science that
does not include that is nothing much of
all of real human value when flesh and blood
If it ever does.
The greatest wonderment of evolution
of any animal is the capability of
healthy human beings to love
and socially cooperate.
Anything else is below
this greaTEST OF
ALL human
on Earth,
at least..:)
Seriously, sometimes
‘this place’ needs an enema..;)
And ‘this place’ refers to all of online ‘adventures’ where ‘avatars’ make
folks not culpable for the lack of basic humanity in human
cognitive and affective empathy for other human beings.
In real life, people open doors for folks, where I live.
And for folks that openly ride other folks down; there
are real flesh and blood consequences for that as well.
Those are the rooms of life, I enjoy the most.
Most of online is sick; very
sick in this
way and
Check your heart Dent; again, just a suggestion.
God! she is a saint
I am hoping for a laugh as the wink might elicit that is tongue in CHEEK; but never the less, strong disagreement, like I do not give a dam what you think, and BOLDING is an improvement.
There is HOPE for you Mr. Dent.
I am no ‘tattle tale'; but I am a ‘Behavior Modification’ expert.
Just another area of my expertise…
I believe in full disclothsure and disco..;)
Well, ‘dear’, in terms of endearment and joy; in case you never peruse it, when I provide the direct links before; the ultimate truth of that falsehood about you doubting my joy; is as simple as typing in with quotes, in a google search, ‘God’s Muse of Dance’. And when you see the grinning faces of well over two-hundred gorgeous girls with me, grinning just as big; some hanging all over me, for the muse of dance I bring to them; if you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven of Now; you will never see it, my friend; at least from the outside looking in.
And OH MY GOD; I’m just joking about the frigging BM (behavior modification expert) stuff;
Isn’t IT obvious by now I’m a clown. That is my social role in life,
friend. It’s much fun and sometimes a challenge;
but the rewards are priceless.
After all, I give you three videos to clue you in on that..;)
But I’m serious, Art; bliss IS in the flesh and blood heART;
not the abstract thought mind; And yes, imagination,
creativity, and ART expressed as spirit in FLESH
AND BLOOD ways from human souls, in mind
and body balance; fully alive for now;
connecting with other humans
and the rest of Nature aka God
in the metaphor of Spirit.
And I know nothing about your sexuality or sensuality; but trust me that
is a core of all human imagination, creativity, and productivity; in ART
connecting to what you LIKE; and yes, the scientific method in
the science of human lust and love; evidences this too;
Yes, you can look that up on Google, if you like, too..:)
And if the first piece of evidence
is not enough to convince you;
There is another one called ‘666 Months of Dance’.
With around a hundred more women; give or take.
I also share my nude art with them; and they FEEL
IT’S COOL; ‘can I have a link to that'; is what they ask.
No, not all; but some; I do not want to exaggerate..:)
Trust me; I get around Much MUCH further than
this little place; in ‘imaginary online’, far, far
from the flesh and blood; I for one, FEEL
IN PERCEPTION; never limited to words
and analytical life, alone; in flesh and
Blood Life, with all my favorite friends..:)
Albeit; mostly female;
always have been and AM still,
a LADY’S MAN; it’s a great way of life;
And if nothing else, I tell you; you
will believe; my joy all the time
is irrefutable, as evidenced
in those
If not; I’ll just
giggle, as you
are being silly, too;
if you do not
google that
as truth.
Lighten up Arthur.
We are one life;
for NOW;
and it
is much more
than either
words or science;
or food, for that matter..:)
At least; THAT potential is tHere.
Oh yeah; and the biggest Kicker
is I’m turning 55, on June 6th;
‘not’ to mention being a
shut-in, for five long
years, with all
the 19 disorders
just ending
22 months
While I’m out having the time
of my life; my peers sit
still on mall benches;
looking grim.
That doesn’t have to
be your future; but
the future is
my friend; it
takes FLESH
be always
in simple animal homeostasis
in A mind and body
balance of a
where much more
than fingers do the
Epigenetics IS SERIOUS
STUFF, Arthur Dent dude;
and, I for one, in case-study
prove just how cool it is.
Use it or lose it;
most definitely
does apply;
in both positive
and negative
in just one
While you ‘guys’
are worrying about facts
of the past, I am creating
a great now, for me;
in coolest Epigenetic
It is the greatest
Wonderment associated
with Evolution in
just one life;
‘it’ is.
Believe ‘it; or not;
in ‘Ripley’s terms’
of Fred the clown..:)
The ‘tears’ of
‘this clown’
are joy,
my friend..:)
Oh Lord, the differences and fallacies of the
detail folks vs. folks with BIG PICTURE vision.
As Above so Below, is of the oldest wisdom of human beings
with bigger ‘eyes AND ears than ants’ to observe the natural world around them.
As a culture of Agriculture the idea that humans are formed from dust and clay/dirt
is not that big of a jump of logic when most ever thing one eats is formed from dust and dirt/clay.
And yeah that stuff we eliminate is not too far from what the herd animals have in common with us as well, as domesticated cats and dogs.
Well, the similarities of all stuff comes into purview that humans have this oneness with all of that;
where at least some humans, reflect all of that with the way their minds work too, as they come from all of that;
all together, as is now.
It scares some humans who think they are so special,
as separate from the rest of nature; where they cut foreskins off
to separate themselves from the other HE mammals.
It’s just common sense friend.
Something the GOD of Nature gifts human beings with ‘bigger eyes’ to see.
The scientific method is necessary in modern terms, as it can be the difference between life or death, when it comes time to analyze the dangers and efficacies of modern pharmaceuticals and much more than that.
I for one as a human being
can see truths of nature
from the time I am three,
before I can speak,
with this common human perception
that goes well beyond words, my friend.
And truly science shows that not all folks
can visually image the world and interpret it like this.
I am a non-verbal child not speaking until age 4,
with a hyperlexic form of Autism,
so interpreting the symbolic
nature of reality
is my area of expertise.
This verbal writing stuff for me,
is only the epigenetic effect of unpacking
the potential of my DNA, through the physical challenge of losing effective use of my sight and hearing for
5 long years. Before that writing or oral speaking, is difficult for me, in terms of output. Now it flows, baby..:)
Practice, practice, practice, practice makes flow a reality in human terms of creativity.
Flow requires no conscious planning or awareness in thought.
No doubt that the folks who write the free verse poetry of the bible and are not limited to standard metered structured poetry are likely hyperlexic-leaning as well, along with the ability to provide the much deeper meaning of nature as GOD that is hidden in the abstract terms of the bible that literalists are not able to interpret.
Genesis, while crude in its approach makes perfect sense,
as first there is dark then light and
eventually humans come from
dust and clay as metaphor.
Well, the scientific method, in its much finer
detailed approach to understanding nature
and the truth of existential reality for humans
just proves that fact more than ever before;
and the idea of a cycle of life in nature
and a seed of reality
exploding into existence
receding and dying like a wave of the ocean,
and gaining life again in return from shore is
poetic above so below reality, and JUSTICE, my friend.
And ‘true poetry’, is connecting the dots of stuff in life from abstract mind reality to physical concrete reality and the converse; that the whole enchilada of existence is a living and dying thing and living thing again; and all of reality is a cycle of death and life.
And OH MY GOD, if the worst case scenario comes true and we get just one shot at this thing called life; in regard to infinity; and the death and rebirth and death and rebirth infinitum, does not bring a conscious awareness back ever again, on a personal level;
The greatest gift of our reality is our imagination and our ability to shape our realities with it, in flesh and blood life; as I for one, prove is possible with the documentation of my life.
But alas, this reality of GOD’s Nature does not necessarily have to be fair; although Karma could reckon that out; if that is also real in terms of that above so below thingy too; as one can clearly observe the effect and affect of Karma in just the span of one lifetime, who has ‘eyes’ to see this.
But anyway, if life’s not fair, and you do not have the ability to imagine your reality in life and make it come to fruition in flesh and blood terms, like I do now, everyday of my life, since I attain this highest of human potential, as I prove in my life everyday and document;
I am truly sorry you cannot; and hope there is another life for you, when and where you can, in terms of now; as there is no bliss possible known now, as great as one created by human imagination and creativity in real flesh and blood terms; that can be proven, irrefutably so, like I have done here time and time again.
Perhaps there are the chosen ones in life; and if so
I for
IN this way;
to allow
this grace
of GIFT;
IF only
in one
lifetime; it
is still
BLISS forevermorenow;
And most definitely
the metaphor for
God lives WiTH in me friend;
and I co-create with GOD;
If all folks cannot do that;
that’s just horrifyingly sad
to me; and proof that this
realm of existence can be
both Heaven and Hell
for two separate
one co-creating
with GOD; and
one separate from
GOD in this one way
that can be two or
Much more, of course;
as each human being
Universe is unique;
as already proven
science, in detail
ways of analysis,
per the scientific
method; but still
that is just frigging
common sense for
me from the time
Even then I CAN see the
differences in the perceptions
of animals as well as humans,
in regard to unique Universes
of perception other than mine.
That is my Autistic
And there are many more
silent ones out there like I AM
before; with the cognitive and
affective empathy of
14.5 billion
and much much
can talk;
and share THAT
Whether or NOT
folks have eyes
and ears to see
and hear
So yes, in terms of
as above so below;
the Wrong Planet,
in at least one
way, is both
I AM at least;
that one way
here, at least.
And if I am the only
one who can see that;
it’s not strange at all;
at least not for me.
The folks like me
are more likely in the
reading audience;
interpreting the
greater realities
of life silently,
Perhaps one day; they too,
will lose the effective use
of their vision and hearing;
and come to speak
these truths
I like batch the most; as a b***h or a botch,
can make the beach so pleasing after experiencing THAT..:)
Truly that’s the meaning of life; appreciating the whole dam batch; light, dark, and all the hues and shades and colors of 50 trillion or more; shades of grey…:)
Life is ’50 shades of Grey’.
And yes, there is more
to that movie,
than ‘grey'; as well..:)
There’s ‘Christian Grey’..;)
and much, much more..:)
Dude, in the much bigger world it is a turn on; as over 1.1 million views
on my Google plus page attest two in just two years. And with
literally thousands by the day increasing; astronomically in proportion.
Satisfied folks do not complain. And the naysayers are just too miserable
in their own life to tolerate and accept differences in others, most often.
I do not give a crap what negative stuff
you think and express about my freedom of expression.
It is free. And free is the ultimate truth of human.
Cannot you come to any conversation without arrogance.
I think not; so far in my ‘objective
analysis’ of your communication.
But I will still defend your freedom of expression to death.
Regards are not enough, while you talk a big religious talk;
your humanity, rarely, if ever shines through your
And that’s where you can use some improvement
my friend, on emotional expression, rather than
‘dead language’, with little to no metaphor
for humanity. Just repeating stuff folks
talk about 2k years ago or so,
is a ‘robotic’ way
And will inspire absolutely NO ONE;
In the real flesh and blood world.
world I inspire folks to
the tune
of thousands a day
for the ultimate
truth of freedom
of human
as God evolves
human to be for NOW.
All the rest of this
IS MENTAL masturbation.
Only heart inspires.
Words are nothing,
without that.
And human soul
and spirit,
of course.
Gnostic is just an
empty word of
nothing without
human soul,
heart, and
spirit fully
If the real gnostic Jesus dude;
the zealous one who is all
for war and violence
to institute change
does not understand
that; he is likely
a psychopathic
leaning dude;
not unlike
per insights
vs. compassion of the human
soul, and heart, expressed in spirit.
Thanks GOD; at least modern Christianity
creates a Jesus that has a warm
heart; disagreeing with parents
is one thing; but hating
them to follow ‘a Jesus’
is just
bullshit, too.
The gnostic gospels are full of insights;
but yes; just like the New Testament and OT;
they are full of bullshit, too; away from
the truth of nature and humankind,
as a socially cooperating animal
with unconditional tough love;
and compassion
to make survival
real; not unlike
a wolf in the
wild for
many of which are
kinder than human
beings on this
website, and
the rest
of ‘online’
for sure;
than wolves
do ‘thread’…
I identify it;
talk about it
and propose
solutions for
it; without
either the need
for violence or war.
That makes me heads
above most of the
folks other
than Buddha
who come before
me; as most others
are all for war for change.
One cannot instill change
of heart with either violence,
war, or arrogance against tolerance
and acceptance in freedom of
expression for all others.
Just limit it to the topic at hand,
if you can, instead of
getting personal;
or yes; I will
call you
out on it;
as I do believe
you have more
potential in expressing
your humanity and actually
inspiring folks; my friend..:)
Otherwise, I would not
make you worth
any of
my valuable
time and effort, here.
But yes, I can use
it as lessons; elsewhere;
for others to peruse
among the 1.1. million..:)
no matter; your acceptance of
the suggestions and advice.
Your words
do not
My friend.
But there is
always room
for improvement.
Now, I see some of ‘that’.
Change comes with work.
I for one; make ‘stuff’ happen..;)
Tonight I celebrate my 60th RAVE dance
week at Old Seville Quarter.. Pensacola
FL.. with all the cool college age Folks..
back with more fun dance photos
around 3AM.. or so..
and sorry
you missed and
are looking for the
shorter version
of this..
I take the long way home…

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