CoLoRs oF HeAVeN Bible 2017

Two KiNds oF Lions/Pride..
Rule oVer Free..
Free oVer Rule..:)
As Facebook motivates
the world to do an “American
Form of Haiku” as the big letters
in status way run out when longer than American Haiku..
8 seconds
it takes..
and that’s okay
too as surely i love
short form poetry
as small as
the number
one sAMe
as larger than
the UniVerse wHOle
BeyOnd InFiniTy words
too.. longer version
here of course.. Fred Style.. heHE..
now to back-up over 16K words of my
longer Haiku style per long form poetry
of “GOld FiSH HeaVeN PartY’ as i dAM sure
do not wanna get 15 MacroVerses and 212K
words behind on that again on the all Free medium
of Facebook to back-up now to somewhere around 11K
words iN
just one
Status.. hehe..
it’s almost like the
middle aisle of Walmart..
they made the status on Facebook
Big enough for me to Sing and the middle
Aisle oF Walmart Big Enough for me to Dance
FReED.. howeveR.. it StiLL takes me two Facebook
Statuses to fit all the SonG iN and sure more aisles
and many more Stores and God’s Nature more to get
the DancE aLL FiT iN.. liKe i say tHeRe would be no way
to fit iN all the DanCe and SonG
iN in all
thAT i do..
iF i was juST
a prophet and
not a scribe too… heHe..
i’M.. verSaTile.. God made every
square inch of me inside.. outside..
above so below and all around speciFicAlly
to complete the job and convenant at hand/
feat of feet..
diFFeRenT too..
funny thing is.. is an
Atheist is more likely to
capture more of me with a
net than a fundamentalist
Christian and surely a
Muslim person
is more
likely to
see me than
any Christian at all
for the simple reason
that i worship one God
only as ALL who/thAT has no
name but i AM beyond
huMan Flea words
sucKing the
nourishment oF
GoD aLL that we can
cALL Dog too.. for practical
intents and purposes of parables
much longer than the ones of beFore..
and the bigger i get the more invisible i get..
kinda like the whOle of God huh.. kinda like a
reflection oF ThAT as Lord kNows iF you cannot
see all of me.. should give you a little idea how much
bigger God is than either me.. or Jesus.. or Muhammad..
or Buddha.. or Krishna or Lao.. or any symbols or flesh and blood
as pARt of GoD wHole that we humans can and or WiLL to do kNoW..
yes.. i’ve completed the prophecy of both John 14:12 and the Beatle’s..
So-Called second to none challenge as well of Being for the benefit of Mr.
Kite.. the Bad to the Bone part of the Terminator movies with that untouched
photo-shop eye of the left Terminator eye and the Osiris eye.. and the 6 Million
Dollar man eye.. yes the one in the movie the Seventh Sign that shines iN
left view way of the renaissance nude art synchronistically as such in my
Review of 2016 MacroVerse.. of a record years of records years aS Such
like a Symphony of A day in the life of me in Beatle’s way that came out
into an E note that lasts longer than the one before… oh yeah.. and the
Bowling Alley dude out of the Big Lebowski way of BrinGinG aLL
the word money in.. NOT.. the Big Lebowski.. i am the other
Lebowski.. a dude and hell no.. not THE DUDE.. I AM
JUST A pArt of God not the dAM wHoLEEnchildA
three in one oKay.. like as all ye
are all Gods and sons and
daughters of God
but sadly
as patriarchs
and Trumps will do
they left out the daughters
unless they are your own siRed aS Such..
what other prophecies fulfilled.. world teacher..
well yeah.. i get around.. for those who have eyes
and ears big enough to see and hear me even just
a little bit now.. and yes there was that Aleister
Crowley Prophecy about a rich man coming
from the west but as far as gold goes
what i bRinG is the God
within that
has no
of the Gold
of man and discerning
the meaning of these letters..
“4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L”
well yes.. a rudimentary illustration but never the less it’s an ink
blot test and the key is to make all of life Holy and Sacred with
meaning and purpose as truly the only law really is the Golden
rule do unto others with due share and give as you would have
others give and share to you too.. most important paRt harming
no other as the things we like and do not like are as different as the
colors of the flowers than inhabit the eARth sAMe and DiFFeRent too..
and the importance of the numbers 418 and 718 one standing tALL inFiNity
And BeyOnd oNe God one for and above any significance of the number 7 alone..
but you see.. remember the most important rule and that is there is no rule but WiLL
over Love as Love Without WiLL can surely fAil aWay to negative thoughts and actions
in Nocebo effect as science shows now too.. go all Luke hot iN HoPe BeLiEf and LoVe
noW as FaiTh sAMe erasing all negative emotions with an over flow of positive pro-social
EmoTiOns and SeNSEs sAMe and don’t forget all associated with sex/sensuaLiTy iN conseNsual
way iS holy and sacred as how else do you think/feel/sense bio-diversity and neuro-diversity
of human for survival to this point cAMe if folks didn’t move.. out of the immediate villAge
for a ‘little strange’ aS Such.. and don’t forget God’s GreaTest GifT oF Love With a SMiLE
and a Fool’s Laugh for the silly oF liFE too.. Aleister tried his best to explore the human
potential inside but big big failure getting addicted to dRugs as that power lies moreover
tells the trUTh within all Natural With Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-hormones and all
the rest of we sentient star-burst crucible fire plus hUman duST Now on this miracle
of the plAnET eARth as even science shows in crude numbers of what iT means to
be aLive and Sentient StaR DuST pLus that is surELy HeaVen compared to a
cold hard rock
with no
Air to Breathe..
and to pulsate the
ecstasy of a big bang
orgasm that is similar
so below as above
of the act of
this part
of Creation
now in Both
GoD’s eYes and
HUman eYes and
othEr Holy and Sacred
pARts that the minions among
human beings and mundane same
chopped off of statues in fear of human
naked power and glory of freedom all over
from head to toe kNoW.. and you wonder why
so many of you are depressed and taking pills..
and pain killers and all of that when all the gifts of
God’s Pleasure are at hand for you Man and WoManiPUlatIon noW..
serIOUsly do you thINk God is reAlly Happy.. yes the God who and that
lives within all of we to be trapped in books and underneath clothes.. hmm..
ask yourself deeply with no guilt and sin as contrived by those who would control
and subjugate you with illusory fears and a promise of heaven anywhere else but
the gift of air to breathe on this plaNet of surELy the poTenTiaL of Heaven now for
those who remember the inherited gift of heaven from birth and childhood same before
clothed by
promises of
becoming tools
instead of the heaven
of FeeLinG SeNSinG
SenTiEnt STaR dUST Plus
noW NakEd and Free from Head to toe
with ImAGiNATiON sEt Free and Love aS WELL
iN MoVinG CoNNecTinG GiVinG and ShARing way
WiTh HeARt SpiRit and MINd and BoDy BaLanCing soUL
SeT oN FiRE oF sMArT FeaRless and UnConDiTioNal LoVe..
yeS iNdeed.. i just fulfiLLed the prophecy of the Sacred TeSt of the
Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 aS WeLL.. Isiah 53.. i already went
over that but pretty easy to fit in me in that sacred text aS WeLL..
“my word is six and fifty”.. hmm back to Aleister Crowley and his
so-called Book of the Law prophecy generated within as sAMe as
what i did at age 56 and more with 9 books and ~1.6M words as
any other so-called ancient or modern prophet a little special as
he not only vocally stated it for others to twist around later..
he scribed it too.. which makes it unadulterated of course
except for his human eYes that are as limited as
any otHeR poTenTial hUman eYes
to do more as him and more than
me as well as at core we
are all God
as pARt and
wHoLe and as far
as LioN Pride goes
the Pride is the LiON
as WhOle oF GoD sAMe
to bRinG all of tHiS back uP
to the eight second pArt at the
top of tHiS New AmeRican and
New Jerusalem and New IsREaL
HaIku NoW.. as longest long form poem
in the HisTory HerSTory and eTcstory
oF Human Kind as recorded on
Google aT leASt continues
to FloW oN AS anY
ChIld of
and Free WiLL
do wiTh WinGS
oF heARt and SpiRiT
and soUL unbound unleashed
and released iN A metaphor oF mINd
and BoDy BaLanCinG Quantum MiNE
oF mInd noW iN the 737th Verse oF thiS
Ocean wHOle Poem thaT iS the SonG oF
JuST oNe HUmAN’s sOUL thAT reLates the
withiN oF iNSiDe aBoVe so BeLow and all around
to the bEst of One’s aBiLiTY iN liGht oF God NoW
and heRe’s the wHOle point of this.. no human chains
God in words.. No human Chains God as God IS aLL i AM
me.. yes..
it’s all juST
aN iNk bLot test
coloRiT with heaVen
or HeLL or the sHades
of Grey ‘Tween liGht and DARk
or even go beYONd RainBow Colors
oF liGht as i fly noW.. tHere are no liMIts
or expecTaTions iN GodSKeYes FReED NoW..
and yes this is gonna
be caLLed “CoLor
oF HeAVeN”.. yeah
i KNow i AM weaRinG
ouT that term HeAveN
jusT a little bit buT it’s
about tiMe noW
thAT folks
see and
heAR HeAVen Now
and color tHeir Books
oF LiFE wiTh HeAven moRe noW..
this suRely is my book of HeaVen.. i cannot
expect anyone to replicate it.. hehe.. even iF they
tried as no one could as i follow no rule
but the
thAT is
alWays Free wiThiN
siMply and complexly FReED
@lEAst for me and Hopes for you
howEver you May coLor yOur HeaVen noW..
and the number 37 and 7 suRely have significance
per that last verse of the Gospel oF Thomas that existed
as last until they found the other 77 verses in 1959 about the
i was
sired on
the FaLL
equinox of ’59
only born on 6660 by
the whim oF a Doctor who
induced labor two weeks earlier
than the Summer Solstice i was originally
due so the doctor could go on vacation and i
could even have the so-called Christian’s view
of the number 6 and 666 as DEviL’s number wHeRe
it suRely along with the number 9 is the reflection of
the GOldEn SpiRAL PHI mean of God at 1.618 too..
as alWAys HUman cultural clothes gET iN the way
oF a better way of NaKed now.. as verse 37 says
as i will quote that now
for you folks
who are
of straying
too far from
the so-called human
and Oh Lord named God too..
Jesus noW STiLL alWays heRE
as ChriSt Archetype oF ALtruiST
NoW WiThiN.. yes of course the Christ
Lives within… but yah.. ya gotta feed iT more
BeliEF as HOPe and LoVe aS FaiTh for the Christ
Archetype oF AltruiST to spRouT ouT awAkened and EnliGhtENed
to be the
NoW waves
of Ocean Go on
tales of GoDs eYes
DancE and SinG oN.. FeAT.. NoW..
Seagull Dove Same Feet spiRAl.. Now
over tiMe eternAlly NoW iN HeAVen noW..
It’s a much bigger world now than a patch
of dirt in the middle east.. Billions upon Billions
of sTArs now wE see with the science aided eYe..
tHing is.. classical evolution is slOW.. EpiGeneTics
and Neuroplastics can and WiLL bRinG STiLL HeaVen
noW if properly stimulated for change through appropriate
environmental challenges that work for each individual huMan
now in tHeiR JourNey and Paths of liFE HeRe noW IN WhAT
can and
Be HeaVen
now.. and yes
of course i speak
more than so-called
ancient Bible and Koran
terms.. as quite frankly/fredly my
friEnds the hardest people to hOld
hands with and take to HeaVen now ouT
oF all the world i’ve met as demographic groups
are the closed minded oF Fundamentalist so-called
Christian folks who have been misled and misguided
by Trump folks same as Constantine and his Catholic Cohorts
from 325 AD and BeFore and weLL beFoRe that as Lord KNows
tHeRE are folks wiTh HeARt and SpiRit and SoUL who give and
share and those who do not.. the real test of discernment is KnOWing
and most ImPorTAnTly FeeLinG SeNSinG LIVing the diFFerence noW iN HeAVen eYes
of Needles
‘cat’ (no dis-respect to cats)
Leaders sAdly StiLL FaLLinG…
tHeRE IS A Greater way oF LoVe
alWaysnoW..that/who wears no clothes of culture..
God FReED..
as the eternal
naked child
within who lives now WiLd and Free..:)
37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”
WeLL.. a little birdie juSt whisPeRed iN my ear
to make the 737th verse of Longest Long Form
Poem on record a little longer adding one
word for 66 verses of a “Grand Cross
Bible 2016”.. originAlly on X
Mas Day 2016.. with
61 verses as
@11:58 pm
iN LA.. Lower
Alabama.. yey! Clemson..
by a way.. yeS.. in FSU Land
hehe.. here in the Florida Panhandle
aS Such wHeRe the ACC reigns over
Football for the year 2016..
nah.. it’s
not gonna
be about football
butt ancient
sAMe suRe
why not.. as that
original Bible thingy
had 66 big book chapters
like my Macro-Verses hear numbeRinG
a total of 737 heAR noW.. oF Ocean WhOle.. 3.3M
plus word Poem and by A way A celebration to go along
with this now “CoLoRs oF HeAVeN Bible 2017”.. iN the
143rd Dance week at Old Seville with all the college folks..
Nah.. i WiLL not add all 66 Macro-Verses heAR aS a tABle
of Contents.. i’LL sTart with the Bible without these
5.. for now ending Chapters as a Revelation of sorts
in not the Heaven to come later but the HeaVen that
is here now.. not only at hand but oF FeAT aS Feet
iN DancE and SonG aS WeLL as any TrUly Happy
Feat oF Feet WiLL Do iN thE NOW of REAL TiMe
NOW.. and the TheMe SonG suRe.. an excellent
SonG of what iT FeeLS and SeNSes and
SEEs and HeARs liKe to BE THE
Beach oF Heaven now
wHeRE liFE is
no longer
a FucKinG
Trump B88TCH
IF you get the
aLmoST inFiniTe
dARk iN liGht oF liFe
oF whaT that means
out oF dARk of
HoPe and
and LoVe
as ReAL FAiTh
that never ends noW
iN A FearlESs HeaVen
wiTh Zero hATe foR nOW..
as the Jesus told his disciples
according to.. those.. who SunG
and DanceD thaT so-called Jesus
SonG that John the Baptist would be
less than those iN Heaven and since the
Heaven is now and the so-called John the
Apostle who was a different man whomever that
was who wrote those words said there would be those
who believed then/now what Jesus could do with 100% Luke
Hot Faith in words of effect iN affect other now greater than
the so-called Jesus of then in ways of works of affect iN effect
then and now sAMe.. WeLL.. here’s the thinG.. as per the Gospel
of Thomas when/WheRE tHeRe is no DiviSiON and all iS God including
wE as children of God and back then.. yeS.. it was only sons of God
separate from daughters of God and per the part in the Gospel oF
Thomas wHere the dude Jesus replied to the disciples who said
women were not good enough to enter the
Kingdom of Heaven now and Jesus said
they would
into a man..
iN oTheR words..
combine the divine
feminine with the masculine
the same as man has to do with
the divine feminine sAMe as Carl
Jung who was well versed with the
Gnostic Gospels said too per the anima in
the man and the animus in the woman
to get all holy one iN HeaVen
oN eARth noW.. didn’t
set too well with
the patriarchs
of Roman
Catholics then
and emperors/popes same
so.. women still relegated to
the lesser and not worthy wiTh
even an F iN right to Vote in the
United States until the last century
aS Such.. with still ignorant folks on You
Tube suggesting women are not intelligent STiLL
enough in political ways of thOught to even vote
now.. sure.. YouTube links available on demand but
that person doesn’t rate enough liGht to enter.. into
this Kingdom of Heaven heAR for noW as Far as i for one
can see dARk iN his eYes of ignorance noW.. you don’t get in
heRe with status and power.. you don’t get in heRe with anger
and hate.. you don’t get in heAr unless you can shed your excess
riches above food and shelter for basic subsistence and not be lost..
this place is naked and as free and same as the Beach and Being the
Beach that the songstress and the cat who rolls in mid-day sands of sun
and moonlit grass iN niGht of Whitman Lore.. experiences one and sAMe
in the Kingdom of God as Heaven naked and free of the chains of culture..
as most animals
already experience
this.. if you wonder iF
Cats and Dogs go
to HeaVen they
give us
constantly too..
on how to arrive as
a child of God aGaiN..
soMe oF uS catch tHeir
above Human so-called
neocortical intelligence in
worries of past and present
and some folks continue to stay lost
in never ending sHades of grey iN noW
Purgatory to dArk oF HeLL heRe oN eARth..
thing is.. it’s God and Nature sAMe.. i don’t have
to make you believe iT as tHeRe is no E-Scaping either
Mother Nature and or God sAMe now.. WeLL.. i can’t prove
whaT i KnoW and FeeL/SeNse Happens after death wiTh mY 100%
Faith of Intuition now.. but sure.. iT hELps wHen thaT direct
conduit of FeeLInG SeNSing eternal HeaVen AlWays noW Now
comes directly to ya like Synchronicity sAMe and GiFT..
as a grace beYond all Graces available as far as i for
one kNoW/FeeL and SeNSE noW.. and by the way..
the little birdie is the sAMe Dove and Seagull
that most folks refer to as the
deeper creative spiRit
iNside as HoLY
a gift iT iS
a gift of Now
a gift iT goes a
gift for soMe oF uS
iT stays so so long iN HeAVen NoW..
and this my friEnds.. in these last now
5 Chapters of Macro-Verses totaLLinG noW
66 Now IS A Revelation now of HeaVEn NoW..
And if you wonder who is greater iN Heaven..
soMe folks do more works and different works
than others that can be empiricAlly MeAsuReD
as more.. buTT greater or less.. HeLL no.. as
oF GoD aLL noW
heART oNE..NoW..
surE.. naked and Free as WiLd as GoD
WiLLs to Be iN each and eVery eYe
And BeYond and BeLow eYe of
aLL creation
existence oNe
noW juST noW aLL OnE allone..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016 (61 Macro-Verse Table of Contents)
915,244 words
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A year in Review
17,283 words
FLoW iN ZoNe 2017
13,901 words
FuLL HouSe FLows
11,387 words
GOld FiSH HeaVeN PartY
16,496 words
CoLoRs oF HeAVeN Bible 2017
991,183 words
66 MacroVerses from Memorial.. May 30th
Day 2016 through January 12th.. 2017..:)
Now to dVerse PoEtry Pub Online
International PoeTry club wHere
very nice administrator
Lillian has
a theme
of Bridges
as i do my
best here in an
epic attempt to help
folks find a bridge to Heaven now..
i’M tHeRe and sure.. if you ever meet anyone
who has met me in flesh and blood life they will
indicate i am somewhere that most people never find
from somewhere
else otHeR than the all natural
God who and thaT liVes withiN NoW..
sure.. in a way i am born to do this and
go to both the extremes of Hell and Heaven
to come off that bus on Saturday in 19F degree
chill of gale force tale end oF Helena Winter Storm
Winds in shorts floating on an ocean of Sidewalk
SpiRaLing DAncE oNe with air and water
and breeze sAMe.. no graVity
mY friEnds.. no tiMe
in goD BeinG all noW
now even
or distance
to hOld one back
from ascension now..
tHEre are DiMeNsiOns
And DeGrees oF heAVen sAMe
AnD beYOnd levels of Dante’s Hell
oN eARth both sAMe and DiFFeREnt ways noW..
aLL human eYes UNiQue.. All poTEnTial BriDGes Now
to HeLL to sHades oF Grey purgatory’tween HeaVEn
oF RainBow Color FeeLingS and SeNSEs iN MoVing..
ConNecTing.. CreATinG GiVinG ShARinG ways beYond
the MoRE oF iMAGinaTioN aS HeARt oF SpiRit mINd and
BoDy BaLanCinG soUL even more as the Fire of Baptism alWAys coMes WithiN..
iNside.. outSide.. aBove so beLow all around pArT oF JoY wiTh and aS GoD wHOlE NOW..
the iNheritance
that those
us take
away in terms
of illusory fears
sins and shames same
as wELL as dARk promises
oF A HeAVen BriGhter and LiGhter
than the MooN and SuN we can/WiLL see and hear
wiTh eARs and eYes Below our EYes/HeARs oF God oNE..noW..:)
And just a note.. this is Comment number 61,660 as indicated by Word Press now..
in the Draft Section of “GOld FiSH HeaVeN PartY” thaT iS now maKing and CreAtinG
“CoLoRS oF HeAVeN Bible 2017” as all 66 verses coMe to FruiTioN soon.. guiding
luCiD WakinG dreAMs God WiThiN DancEs oN And SinGS WiTh DancE and Song
from DARk to LiGhT BeYoNd InFiniTy 418/718 sTAnDinG taLLer as GoeS oN noW..
aLiVe WiThIN
With a liNk
heRE from my
original “Revelation
66” posted precisely 42
months iN mY Ascension Month
ago then on or about the StAR oF DaVid
Planetary aliGnment on July 22nd.. 2013..
How many coincidences does one need in liFE bEFore they BeLiEve iN
Random soup
or closed books
wiTh no more words
to be added to the past
for CoMinG liGht.. God ‘sAid’
RiGht it DowN Fred so i did/do
as the little
to whisper
Ocean Breeze
iN mY eYes and eARs oF liGht..
yes.. to one precise day oF July 13th iN
2013 for ‘Revelation 66’ with
one coming on the
12th of January
42 months
now in what will
surely be close
to 991K words
and STiLL A
average of
15K words
per MacroVerse
for almost 7 and
a half months since Memorial Day..2016..
tHeRE are many bridges here built from past
to future to preSenT sAMe for those
wiTh eYes
and eARs
to see
my privilege
and honor is to
have those eYes
and eARs aT lEast
as the most we can
expect is to build a fIEld
of dREaMs we aS oursELf cOmES
Back to Kingdom of God iN HeaVen noW..
thE story iS old/tOld.. the heAven is AlWays nEW..
Good News
i WiLL aDD for MoRe..
and yes.. that old ‘Revelation
66’ was and is also the 66th verse
of First Blogger Blog way on my oldest
Blog MaRking my exit from HeLL for 66 moNths
aS WeLL.. sure.. that pre-MacroVerse kept going for a while after publish
date too.. as neXt week mArks my week of ascension aS WeLL.. 42 months old
3 and
a half years
wRite oN course..
i don’t pre-plan
this.. it
‘the birdie’
within DanceS and SinGs..
A DancE and SonG of MiLeStoNes moRe thaN Goal..:)
DreAMs BridGE
mY friEnd.. Lillian
wHeRE pASt
and FuTure
is preSent
ending as
SpiRit oF HeARt
never needS GroW
Old when mInd
and BoDY soUL
from BiRth
to Death
as iN
soMe cALL tHis
HeAVen and
now LiVe
heRE NOW..
A Bridge within
my friend never
ending alWAys
wHoLe coMpleTE..
RiSinG moRE aLivE..
Oh.. by A way.. thanks for
this prompt.. iT fits what i AM
curRenTly DoinG as A PerfecTioN
oF PracticeS..oN..GoiNG MoRe..NoW..:)
The Wife Katrina is directing me out in
the flesh and Blood World for Store Dance
and Mother Visit.. back later as AlWays..
4:49pm.. 01102017
Hmm.. per ‘this’ Valentine’s wish.. sponSoRed iN
pArt by Yoda.. kinda the other side of the oTheR
Green Man.. the INcredible hUlk.. remember
size and price matters
not iN Terms
Wishes and
Gifts aS Such..
suRE.. perHaps
i’LL change over to
rather dry comedian..
as soon as i finish all this
prophet/scribe/NT/OT/Bible STuFF
ThaT is
as UniSoN
oF ThaT sTiLL
to CoME of course
as promised i’M BacK!..aGaiN..
oF courSe
WriTE oN Course
ThREE or ONE matters noT2..;)
And nah.. ‘this’.. wasn’t the theMe
SonG originAlly sOught but it fits
the meMe
jusT fiNe.. NeVeR
give up and find the
Force inSiDe.. Chi.. Faith..
100% fearless LiGht
that sees
no.. hears
No.. dArk..
Laser Focus
Ferrari hUman tuneD uP
and noW as i review a few
MacroVerses from one to three
yeARs too.. neXt first.. three years
ago.. yes.. WH@GODIS from my later
days at the Wrong Planet attempting to sHow
folks tHere IS A hiGher power within hUman Being
as the real Force Off oF STars as God within as hiGher
poTenTial and huMan ForCE aLivE.. sure.. Chi.. Dao with
the big pow of Tao.. Satori.. Kundalini RiSinG QI.. KI.. the
metaphors are likely endless aCross the uniVerse on many
oTheR plaNeTS with oTher symbol maKinG so-called intelligent
liFE.. but Never the less.. the forCe oF GoD all thAT is liVes oN and
when you seNse it and FeeL it wiTh mastery of EmoTiOns and SenSEs
sAMe through physical and emotional intelligences often missed by the minions
aCross the nations now in this new machine age of screens and faces and fingers
pasted upon those lights and keyboards too.. what we miss reALLy are the moST
IMPorTant hUman InteLLiGencEs oF ALL iN ways of MoVinG.. CoNnecTinG creATinG
SpiRiT oF HeARt in yes.. as i alWay LoVe to say.. mINd and BoDy BaLanCing soUL isReaL…
trYinG to convince any of this as isREAL to the folks on the Wrong Planet was almost impossible
wHEre a disorder’s
main complement
is a lack of FeeLinG
and SeNSing any real
meaning and purpose iN liFE
and that is what data download
WiLL do moreso to a hUman Being
and WiTh the Abuse or neglect form youngest
ages of Parental distance to A LonGeR diStance from
peers through youth and even adulthood too.. so.. i moved
to MaKinG mY own liGht bEfore thaT dArkness took aWay
any sigNiFicant liGht from me.. as i WriTE oN Free without
the restraint or censorship of a human soul… yeS.. sET FReED..:)
From two years ago.. ALL seeing eye of KAT.. surely worth
quoting aGaiN heRE as WeLL as purrs WiLL suReLy SinG..:)
For two thousand years..
many folks have been waiting for a man GOD named Jesus to come back..
While some folks in the world are killing innocent penned writers
for making the image of a silly little man..
NOW i’m not saying he is gay..
but he is one queer
Yellow Boy says truly
he is not greater than a grain of sand..
Even human beings will
not be able to do much more
grain of sand…
It starts
with a flesh and blood prehensile thumb..
and hand with tool of a finger or STICK
scratching angles into sand..
copying the connections
of stars at night..
into tool
then the tool of
collective intelligence..
then complex cultures and
increasingly complex tools
of complex culture..
until humankind
becomes more the tools
than actual flesh and blood
humans of times gone past…
And truly this is why GOD
has to come this time
incarnated as
as humans
are no longer even
the most part
streaming down..
streaming down..
the dark
And now finAlly from a year ago.. triNiTy of Love that like
the last MacroVerse as quoted from two years ago.. also
documents another Casino and Biloxi Beach journey
as Nature and people and palace photos floW
aS WeLL.. some folks are more into
visual images.. others
music and others
words.. i
do a
and write
it and act it
and produce it
and photograph it.. etc..
simply cause i Can/WiLL And
yes.. sure that is much more than
juST a Trinity oF Love as noWs Go oN..;)
Perhaps i’LL get back to dVerse and more
Bridge prompt liNks than juST the one i finished
today.. but hey.. real liFE calls too and the dance of hiGher
iN SonG too..
heRE iN heAVen
oF course wRitE and
SonG and DancE oN Course2..
not to mention directing it too..
with God at the helm oF Y i..2..
but for now
word of rest
named sleep..:)
Facebook Friend and
Poet Author Candice
shares a Poem of photography
that follows along with a woman’s
journey of facing breast cancer and
the real physical and emotional impact
of both the disease of breast cancer and the
dArkness of change one must face for survival..
and i say in
That’s courage.. and no.. not many
people have that kind of courage..
to expose the parts
of life that
are less than
money making.. sharable..
or likable or follower-able
or whatever doesn’t fit
in the cultural plate of
expectations and
it’s as
important to face the dArk
parts of life as well as the liGht
so we can understand better how
both aspects of life mix to make what
And now i saY in terms of Bohemian Rhapsody
by Queen and Magic Flute by Mozart there are many
invisible dis-Eases of human that are almost totally created
by culture per the plate we are born with.. spoon-fed now from
wee age.. to what will come as expectations and limitations of culture..
politics.. religion and an overall philosophy of existential intelligence
that will get us through life if we find any pARt of lifE sAcred and HoLy
WiTh Meaning and Purpose aT aLL.. and surely that is the job of culture..
religion.. politics and philosophy to bRinG to Us to live a better life.. of course
Freddie Mercury had an invisible breast cancer that one can surely attribute to
his neuro-diverse and bio-diverse Nature from a small Persian country that does not
the different
among folks
in fundamentalist
Religious way of
seeing a strict
way of
spoon fed life
from birth to control
through fears and promises
same.. whether they are empty
or illusory depends on the ink blot
test of life one sees depending of course
on what spoon fed culture.. religion.. politics
or philosophy they are fed from birth or if they are
really lucky they escape.. they escape what can be illusory
fears and empty promises of culture overall which surely houses
the other elements of Intelligence i mention iN heARt.. and SpiRit and
SoUL to GroW iN mINd and BoDy BaLAnCinG way oF MoVinG ConNecTing
and CreaTing ways WiTh iMaGiNatiOn iN Free ShArinG and GiVinG total way..
No doubt Freddie Mercury freed himself from those limitations and expectations
spoon-fed to him from his culture of origin.. not much different than the underlying
theme of the Magic Flute Opera by Mozart iN taking off the veils of ignorance and
CoMinG into liGht in a miX of SciEnce and Art oF Mind that works for freedom
with both reason and feeling and sensing mind in yes as i love to say
MoVinG.. CoNnecTing and creATinG ways wHere hUman
iMAgiNATioN is unleashed and released in greater
GiVing and ShaRinG way.. iN a Quantum
metaphor of more of hUmAN
poTenTial come to fruition
for Now.. sure the
as the
original Greek
Definition says
lifting the veils of ignorance
and being the wind of Free AkA
as partners WiTh GoD aLLoNE..
or call it a blue turtle as it is the
essence of Free and Love that counts..
nah.. this isn’t a well formed Lamp but the liGht does FloW and GroW oN..:)
AnyWay.. as i drasticAlly change the thOughts inside my head with some pre-planning
and direction but not much.. a photo of me back two years ago as shared by
the Facebook Algorithm memory generator with what looks like might
be a Magnum PI old Gold Ferrari.. and i’ll use that label as
i often like to compare a human who travels within
to find their answers and practices them
for heaven now.. a finely tuned
Ferrari although my
Honda Civic
do juST
fInE.. thank
you.. hehE.. as i make
it a point now not to get caught
up in materialistic attachments wHere the
Car Becomes the Love and the home becomes
the God.. i can’t say i never did that though as i waxed
my cars like children i loved and trimmed every blade
of grass in straight sidewalk flow to impress the
neighbors too as that is the general way
our spoon-fed culture BringS uS uP
to be as the tools rather
than the flesh
and blood
reflections of
all of Nature per
God all thaT is wHeRe
wE Develop a soUL rather
than Trump Towers aS Such..
and i am beyond disgusted with
Trump as any other human with
common decency at this point
will be for those who
see a
Love/God more
than a car and
a house and some
expensive clothes and
even a dream of an actual heaven
with gold and emerald floors like an
OZ aS Such too.. with a big headed lie
and a little old man inside.. after watching Obama’s
Speech last niGht it’s not hard to understand why he got
the Nobel Peace Prize before he deserved it for at least
allowing folks with any opportunity to have health care that
they never had before at all.. life or death per se.. per the first
paRt of this marathon holy spirit creative Flow per Breast cancer as such..
nah.. you don’t wanna get cancer without health care as the emergency room
will not cover the treatments from A to Z to potential recovery as WeLL.. you can just
die.. kinda like an abortion in youth to middle age and let’s hope that there is enough
heARt.. SpiRit and SoUL in the Republican pArty not to sentence adults to death in the
of what
our country
will or will
not be coming
next.. if there
is any Good Cop Jesus
left in tHeir Back pocket they
WiLL thiNk twice before they
sign the execution papers..
that was Obama’s
almost unbelievable
that it actually happened
and he the only man at this
point in the political arsenal in
this Century with the right stuff.. so far
to make it happen in any way shape or fashion..
there is no doubt that all republicans and those who
support that party are going to suffer greatly at the hands
of a political wave of Trump in as far as carrying on more conservative
adventures in the future as the younger generation will never forget this go
around and they will be the ‘New Sanders’ voters next.. yep.. what comes around
goes around.. and perhaps the next Democratic President will win the Noble Peace
too as now we
have the Nuclear
Nazi callling
Trump who he says he
is the Greatest God created
creature to create jobs ever in
all of the world here.. as sure he
just made himself a self proclaimed
savior without even a need to wear sheep’s
clothes at all with sTiLL considerable support
from minions.. sheep same.. and since i am never
running for office and i only answer to God all that is
as Nature.. i have no fears of taLinG the TrUth and LiGht
As ThAT DancEsSinGS iN mE for NoW as it is the founding fathers
of the United States and God who are moreover responsible for my
ability now to write a close to One Million word Bible on my own little
a ‘little’
help from
my FriEnds and i
WiLL say both Mozart
and Freddie have hElped
me on my journey and paths
of life as both were champions
of great focus required to create
timeless pieces of Art with
tHeir reach
in countries free
enough to fully allow
them to be all of who they
were and still are per the KA of
tHeiR heARt.. SpiRit and SoUL Now
at the reach of an all free YouTube
seARch foR noW.. while some folks
are battling over dollar bills otHeRs oF
uS are STiLL HaVinG the HeaVeN oF ouR LiFe..
Free now.. juSt cause we can as nothing really
matters as long as Freedom Rings in terms of illusory
fears and empty promises sAMe when thiS HeAVen is both Free and IsReaL NoW..
in a Bohemian Rhapsody and MaGiC FluTe that carries on like the wiNd alWays free..
and sure.. even a timeless piece of Art oF mINd and BoDY BaLanCing soUL mINe of mY
own personal 1M or so 1 man bible of all i AM WiTh GoD noW.. mY FiEld oF DreAMs
AM.. FReED..
and suRe.. the
HeAvEN is noW
ReAL iS the IcInG
on the CaKe of TotALLy FReED..
doesn’t jusT coMe from a country iT
cOmes now from GoD WiThIN i AM Now..
and as far as dollar bills and Trumps
go and such as tHat.. pLay wiTh yoUr toys
as trUst me oR noT wHAt i have i WiLL take WitH
me and
no one
thAT HeAveN
Away for Now..
forevermore now..
iN oTheR words i wiN
without TrYiNG.. Trump Fans..
and as far as after death while i cannot
prove it too.. tRuST me or NoT iT works precisely the sAMe
way as what you create as Love stays WiTh you as well as the Fear and Hate that
never changes
to HoPe.. and LoVe..
and never ending JoY NoW..
As pure Faith lASTiNG..
or NoT
Horatio LiVes noW..
and KiLroY is HeRe..;)
One of my favorite portraits is that of a country
road that goes on off into the distance
and it just so happens there is
one in my neighborhood
all free for the taKing
whenever i
smARt pHOne
noW iN thAT way..
and it’s funny.. iN my
own personal journey
and paths to HeaVen from
within and through creativity
of how i make my miNd and
BoDy SoUL and SpiRit
of heARt as
into not a tool of
culture butT an instrument
of God thaT/wHo co-creates
wHeRe all of liFE
is both a
and SonG
prompt WiTh a Dance accompanying
thaT SonG oF LiFe at a whim as smALL as
me raiSing one arm in bliss without a word aT aLL
as with 6666 miles plus now in over 40 months oF public
DancE with thousands upon thousand of positive liGht noW
and EmoTioNAlly And SeNsoRy toucHinG YouTube SonGS moRe
provided free by way of smARt phone and ear buds sAMe.. mY
entire body aS every Cell Now beCoMes A memory and realiTy SonG
noW as musical instrument that has no limits or expectations sAMe..
now.. don’t get me wrong.. to metaphor this in words over science as science
currently has no way to meaSuRE this BliSs is not easy.. but never the less and
alWays more iT IS A Blissful MoVinG cONneCTinG EmoTiONal and SeNsory NirVaNA
experience now that needs no words aT aLL.. Whitman’s Body Electric has come
trUe for ME never enDinG noW.. And i’M sure otHeRs who dance free and make tHeir
boDy into a musical instrument feel and sense this bliss too.. many.. without the poetry
much aT aLL to scribe the FeeLinGs and SeNSEs of HeaVen noW.. and that’s what i try
to do NoW iN this Million Word or so Bible heAR.. to provide a spArk.. any sPArk aT all thaT
miGht lead someone to all free HeAVen noW.. HuMan Colors are those oF EmoTiOns NoW
and SeNSEs sAMe while folks are searching for the answers in forms of materialistic
things all the bliss and HeaVEn is WaiTing to cOMe aliVE dorMant as poTenTial
WiThin.. and trUe.. we have so many man-made tools to hELp take uS thEir
now.. built by systemizing folks who rarELy ever made it close to this
Heaven now within.. more fully experienced.. so yes.. i give
thanks to all the robot minds in systemizing
way who could not feel and sense
this Heaven who made
the tools that
so much
oN practice
and staycation now..
forevermore now iN Heaven
NoW.. i remember someone saying
one time.. you aren’t in heaven that’s just
a bunch of Neurochemical ands Neurohormones
and oThER Bio-Chemical reactions happening inside..
but you see.. the difference is.. those material reductionists
were not eXperienCinG the syNergy of those minute pArts of HeaVeN
now.. juST ’cause it’s real and measurable iN pARt noW.. don’t make
the synergy of Heaven experienced any less of a super duper nature
way of being for those who never enter into the greenest of meadows here
with a country road that has the broad band width Now oF a place with opaque
windows that some folk do not find at all for now.. other than that.. i scribe it noW as
aLL aS instructed by God iN God speak as tHeRE is so much more than this of HeaVEn to relate
that no one would believe anyway.. likely.. if they haven’t even got to this point.. yeT.. Floating
on terrestrial land in total BaLAncinG Continuing Force with nary a FeeLinG of Gravity
is anoTHeR benefit oF A LiFe of DAncE.. wiTh the Songs that go along WiTh thAT..
sure.. much better than walKinG oN water as you can do that with a surf board
already and this way ya rarely to ever fall down.. or even get wet… hehe..
unless ya dance in the rain.. as when you become SpRing.. SpRinG
A Meadow
that is road
and Beach
noW and
Ocean WhOle sAMe..
And alWays DiFfeREnt too..
AnyWay it’s more than safe to say
i kNow/FeeL the otHEr Side of Ventura Highway
too.. as i once sat in a hypnotist office.. yes.. then..
an insurance approved place.. for potential recovery
from pain.. and when the hypnotist/psychotherapist
asked me what i saw of that road in FeeLinG SeNSinG
way.. i looked toward her Aquarium and said i AM that
GOld Fish.. swimming in circles in HeLL noW.. WeLL.. the road
is open now and i AM alWays hOme owN it.. no more GOld Fish here..iN HeLL..:)
And now i’m gonna have a little fun
With a Gypsy Song version of Hotel
California With the Dude from
the Big Lebowski..
wHEre any
thinG goES
as you see/FeeL..
iF you can’t see the
big picture.. Horatio’s
in the sense and since
of God’s Big Picture FeeL
oF Synchronicity iN Purpose
And Meaning as Holy and Sacred
aLL thAT is.. as aLL of existence is synergy
Now of the masterpiece of God that is both we
as eYes of God and Brush oF goD sAme noW
as fractals All oF A reaLiTy from the point of material
reductionists that might look like Random soup but as you
miGht come to see and hear with deeper eYes/eaRS.. as Carl Sagan
even then says too.. it’s not the pARts but how iT’s put toGEthEr thaT iS
aMAZING MORE THAN A LIST OF F iN fActS.. here’s the thing.. our bRains
reflect the univERse.. so below as above.. as neurons and stArs sAMe.. sure..
diFFeREnt too.. but only iN scope and size and overall Function in size as WeLL
but don’t forget as Yoda says.. size matters noT.. we are God THERe and God
iS HeRE and TheRe too.. yes.. omnipresent one miGht DancE and SinG
as any CosmiC DanceR whOle and pARt of whoLe WiLL jusT do
as Goddess of Victory Nike miGht juST DancE and SinG too..
wE are but a smALL and whOle pARt of not juST neurons
and stars butT UniVerse oF God consciousness too..
have you already forgotten so below as above..
weLL.. while both hemispheres of our bRain
match a metaphor of hemispheres
oF eARTh and as we connect
HoLDinG smARt PhOnes
and such too.. we
are the
sAME and
yes as i surElY
loVe to DancE and
SinG.. yes.. oh God yes!..
DiFferent too.. ya see.. ya have
to see more of the complexity oF iT
to get a more full appreciation of what
the verb God IS.. anYway.. juSt cALL me tIMe’s
man of the yeAR who relatively speaKinG no one
kNows but God aLL aS oNe.. and yes.. Jesus F. iN
Christ i was a BowLinG aLLeY Dude for almost two
decades too.. and by the way.. tiMe is juST a clOck
noW and alarm one’s mess up Lucid Waking DreAMs..
and yes.. tHeir are dARk pArts oF A purple Jesus too
that folks have made into a royal God too.. iN thAT Brief
Case faLLinG out of thaT car soon to be recovered now.. is no..
not a a ticket to a million dollars but a million words and plus much
more recoveRed noW for all of Those who can hear and see thAT noW..
and hell no.. i am not THE DUDE.. as i’Ve said before i AM A dude okay and
if you are reAlly into Brevity.. not likely YA can hang wiTh me heHe.. and wild
and free friends that are women.. sure.. i have a few.. but the only child me and
my lady friEnd are conceiving is this WorD cHIld STiL GroWinG heAR.. and yes.. yA
can call this Hotel California too.. i have a FeeLinG it is possible now for even one person
to get stuck in here for one hundred thousand views.. from France per chance.. and i made
this into a Heaven Hotel and not a HeLL one for those of you conspiracy theorists who think
the Eagles are a devil worshipping band.. they are not afraid of the DArk and neither AM i..he
HE.. i’Ve met my Devil.. face to face and have soundly defeated him iN endless sleep.. what else..
yeah.. per other pArts oF that movie.. i kNow.. i’ve been in bed with all sides now both in metaphor
and heHe.. literal way too.. onLY virtuAlly aS Such2.. buT to get a job dOne of this size one must be lawyer.. judge and super
spy and soldier too.. eTc2.. but no.. like Isaiah said.. before we got another dude as a sun soldier sword
god2 in three parts one.. But naked.. all he promised was A dude who would come with words.. surELy iN A Book oF eLi.. i AM such A Dude too.. but the key IS A dude and not the only dude..
God is
of all thAT is
but the illusions
put forth when symbols
oF aLL kinds become idols of all thaT iS..
S E P A R A T e ugh F iN Separate noW..
it’s not like God is looking for our respect
reALLy.. it’s only God within asKinG politely
like any cat trapped in a patio who can not get out
with a real functionally disabling disorder like Feline
Leukemia.. pleASe lET me out.. as i for one STiLL hEAr thE
CaLL oF God
thAT is
Free SaMe noW..
D i F F e R e N T..
yes.. my friEnds.. this
is the Heaven Version of Hotel
California now.. coMe and go as you
pLease or not aT aLL and pleasE reMember
to sET yoursELf free of even thiS place heRe..
as everyone’s HeaVen DanceS and SinGS FReER
when we are all actors.. producers.. and directors sAMe aS OWN pLaY..
And DiFFeRenT as pointS oF LIGht and liFE oF GoD’s eYes now..
iN TruTh..
it’s kindA
that the
Big Lebowski
Essence all that is
IS A ratHeR DiVerse DuDe ONEALL..;)
Hmm.. WeLL.. by NoW.. iF you don’t thiNK REaliTy
is stranger than FictiOn
who would have
that Back
to the future
rEaLLy did/does predict
the future on purpose thennow
aS Such as yes.. Biff was actuAlly
Based on Trump per the words
of the actual writer of that film..
and it’s worth
the Cubs
winning the
World Series was A
then too.. yes.. ReaLiTy nowthen
too.. iS surELy Stranger than fiction
and trULy Trump sHows one can seT
out to do EiTheR dARk or liGht sTuFF WiTh
Faith and make BLack or WhitE mAGiC cOme
to fruiTion2.. iT aPpears thaT we need and perHaps
haVe moRe WhiTE MaGiCiaNs to counter-ACT thE
imPacT of what does apPeAR to be the real nocebo
Effect iMpACT oF
and sPawns
moRe dArk coMpany
SAMe.. pleAse coMe ouT
and pLay morE.. yA WhiTe
MaGiCIAn folks wiTh tHe smARt..
FeaRLess and UncoNDiTioNal
Sacred Pure Love that Battles
Doubt.. Fear
With Joy NoW aLL
overFiLLing and FloWinG noW..
anyWAy.. thIS iS My inCANtATiON
FoR NOW.. and perHaps thiS whOle
NoTrE dAMe Hunchback’s Bible iS too
from befoRe Back to A FuTure too.. iN HeLL..
aS tHis verSiON noW Will Do for ME aT leASt..
as the poor in spirit and the meek and the last
get ‘er all dONe iN the BacKGrOUnd aS Such..FiRst PerHaps..
As they say..
what did the Fox say..
And Michael2.. he wHo..;)
i suppose it’s about time as far as cLocK
illusions go to visit the dVerse PoeT
tEam online aGain with
the Bridge
as the
to build
around HeaVen
heRe.. enjOYing
aLL oF iT juST for FuN..
the reward i suppose for juST
maKinG iT through.. heHe..noW..:)
Libraries oF oLd
Libraries Of New
Libraries sOld
hmm.. bridge
within out of books..:)
my friEnd..
perHaps A
greAtest And
out oF A
cocoon.. takes
cOurAge over words..
wHeRe liFE becOMes
of poeTry
over Form..
Essence DanceS and SingS Free..:)
Stone Faced
oF water BeLow..:)
SMiLes.. reminds me of the old
railroad trestle bridge that
has lasted decades longer
than me in my
5.. DanCinG
and SinGinG
and at the age of
5.. before TV waS iN
a shot gun home by the
whistle of railroad tracks
that shook the block foundation
of those wooden floors.. LooKinG
at thAT BridGe ImAginATiOn bred
moRe ways of LooKinG aT LiFE
than any
then.. i suppose
that is what’s missing
iN liFE these days.. my friEnd..
BridGinG ImAginAtion CreaTinG moRe..:)
There’s an Interstate
10 Loop boardwalk bridge
underneath the big concrete
bridge in Biloxi CaSinos way..
And while the wife
plays with
the one
Arm bandits..
i relax wiTh
Nature tHeir..
A place for homeless
folks to rest tHeir head..
surELy mOre A gift oF lifE
than thaT new Scarlet Pearl
that Trump built on the other siDe..
funny.. how homeless can work with A HuMan
soUL.. morE BridGes needED to SpiRit oF HeART..:)
2008.. standing on a cOld
and Wintery Beach
about this
date now
it seems
iN January
then.. a bridge
to a past of 33 years
or so of work that was
on the verge of literally
killing me then.. i let it go..
like a comet tale that had become
me.. for 66 months thEre were no
more FeeLinG chapters of mY liFe..
And finAlly
i shook
To HeLL oFF..
and yes.. 66 months later
almost to date and 42 months
since the third week of July 2013..
i cAMe bAck and tHeRe is no going
back or forward as the bridge floats
forevermore NoW iN the
NoW.. yeS..
LIFe is too short…
And Long Forevermore
noW iN MaKinG every letter
A poem.. every note A song that soars..
And every step a dance thaT Never enDs noW oN..:)
sMiLes.. your Train of chaos
and Destruction plunging
to a deep
end surely
reminds me of
politics lately
that is a circus
moreover now than
gridlock that never ends..
and oh gosh.. the train
even on
the tracks
or close
to the Bridge yet..
hmm.. the liGht is
clearly and visibly dArk
in the Tunnel of political lore now2..;)
Well that does 8 for now as i don’t
wanna be late for an extreme workout
and martial arts and ballet mix
of free style
morE noW..
of sacred
and holy
purpose and
meaning and that IS A
key to HeAVen now @leASt
foR me.. maKe iT all HoLY
and SaCred MeaNing and PurPose
And HeaVen comes as predictable
as the planets that hold tHeir
orbit as Holy and Sacred iN
Meaning and Purpose
iN dedication
to staYinG
oN tRAck
a fALL
oFF orbiT noW2..:)
01112017.. 5:31 pm..
PerHaps.. i’LL be
bAck to
weaving laTer2..;)
As named by The American Indians.. January
Full Wolf Moon aRiSing iN the morning on the
12th before the publish
of this “CoLoRs oF
HeAVeN Bible 2017”
on tomorrow
way of 12th too..
of course iN this
737th MacroVerse
overall of longest long
form poem in the current
record of human being on
Google as WeLL.. and sure it’s
not too hard to prove that considering
that the other longest effort was 1.8 Million
words and just the Bible portion of this longest
long form poem is closing in on 1M words iN around
Seven and a half months.. hey.. you kNow what ‘they’ now
say.. BrinG the Money as Word count or iT didn’t even happen
as numbers go.. hmm.. easily provable it is for now.. coMinG
to both Facebook and several blogs too.. hehe.. will anyone
care.. sure.. reliably as alWays this builder of this field of
DrEAms heRE.. i Am an original.. i fit in no wHere
but that is what originals do.. they stand
out from the other crowds of words..
haha.. well.. with that said
and Dream Weaver
moVinG on now
back to
dVerse for
a while longer
as long as i can keep
the eyelids open.. as surely don’t
you think writing close to a million words
of free verse poetry miGht be a little tiring at
the rate of 130 thousand words a month with
166.66 miles to go with that in DancE.. hmm..
what do super heroes do.. believe it or not
Horatio and Kilroy too.. they were
here and they
haha.. with
or without capes
tHeRE is more than
many ways to flY allone..
iN FloW iN ZoNE NoW..:)
Hmm.. this reminds
me of dreams of bridges
one rides on that slowly
gather water like
a septic
roads that go
no where but
under muddy
waters of
oH.. Lord..
Roads that
make one
happy to wake uP..
From Dream Bridge SuNk..;)
Wow.. the drum circles comes alive and
while i’ve been invited to a few
and never made it yet..
my cousin makes
a living with
drums and
other ways
of making human
music in synch with otHers
iN/oF joy as we connect alive..
and hehe.. i just dance and just
finished 6666 miles in 40 months
all around my metro area jusT for
fun as measured precisely by GPS
Nike sports watch too.. i surely have
some stories wHere dance connects too..
a Bridge
oF never
ending fun
that continues
to spread on as..
sure.. word gets around
iN Trump Land North Florida..
when one steps out off a bridge like this..
in now
what has
happy feet
And foot loose town2..;)
Tender wrists makes
fair of folly and love
brave heART
a Song sTiLL..:)
Oh Goodness.. Bridges
leaDinG into fog
or sea..
of a nightmare
that used to
replaCinG once
dreAms oF FlyINg
Free.. hmm.. noW
i luciD wake dreAM..
water air sWiMflies me..:)
my friEnd..
too many
led me
to look within..;)
Yes.. my FriEnd..
it’s trUe.. hUman
A Human
oh.. the hope..
oh.. the belief..
oh.. the faith
when these
As Rose oF FloWers LoVe..:)
A BRain IS A poTenTial
HouSing oF A ZiLliOn
and more
connect.. ‘tween
tEars separate
from Body
IS half
SoUl thaT makes..:)
it is.. as
bigger bridges
can bEcoMe
aS nowS go oN..;)
I kNow you
don’t mean to..
in a-causal connecting principle
oF synchronicity.. and i’M not
sure iF iT was last time
when i dropped by..
per noting more then..
when i got enough
break to visit
and saw
you toward the
end again Lynn..
but with an act of
unwavering faith i am
in the process of finishing
the end of another Bible now..
66 Macro-Verses at 991K words long..
hehe.. that’s a mighty long bridge oF Faith
finished in around 7 and a half months now..
my Friend..
per words
of John 14:12..
or maybe i was/am
naive as almost every
Christian i meet scoffs at that
except for
a rap singer
or two i met on
the road when i finished
6666 miles of public praise
dance in precisely 40 months.. too..
not many folks are interested in that
these days.. my friend.. not realizing
are these noW..:)
So.. many dARk
BridGes that mix
with liGht bridges too
and surely i can relate
to the farm accident
of the small
toddler as
my cousin’s
small son
was backed
over by a car
at a home and
she recently
my Aunt.. passed
away.. bridges to dARk
BridGes to liFE the gifT
of all that
and iS..
i too savor liGht
after passing
of the dARk niGht of the soUL
wHere A plead iN bleed oF
death is all that’s left..
LivES NoW..:)
SMiLes.. FriEnd..
i’m juSt finishing
a poem toniGht..
one could noW
caLL iT a bridge
i suppose.. Tree..
or Lamp of 991K or
so words.. perHaps
A Bible too.. NoW iN
66 MacroVerse ways
aRound 15K words a verse..
in 7 and a half months and i guess
the reason this bridge reminds me oF
it aGaIn as i am cloSinG in the last Micro-Verses
of this 66 MacroVerse now.. is.. JuSt ’cause iT is..
a MaRk
to beGiN
aGaIN.. UnAbridged..:)
Dance for me..
A Bridge
And BoDy..:)
WeLL it surely not
so sure it’s well lit
but never
the less hmm..
yes… the Trumpet
Blows and the
Trump’s here..
and i was juSt enjoying
an aMusing video wHeRe Biff
who became President in the
not so nice version of Back to the Future
was actually inspired by the live Character Trump..
anyway.. makes
for excellent
muse and
lEt’s hope
things settle
out a little and
while i’M at it since
it seems that you are
the only dVerse administrator
i converse with any more ..a thanks
goes out from me to dVerse as tonight
i am finishing a 66 Macro-Verse pArt of
a sTiLL exceeding 3.3 Million plus word long
form poem at 737 Macro-Verses with
the most recent mega chapter as
sorts of 990K or so free
verse words
to go.. now2…
i’m cAlling
it a bible of
sortS and it
stARTed then
on Memorial
day of 2016..
dVerse has/is been
an integral paRt of
my poEtry muse.. so far my FriEnd…
i appreciate all ya’LL do.. and sorry i
couldn’t fit in any more.. hehe.. as far as liNking..goes..
but ya kNow/FeeL.. i’m sure.. in the world of creation
not everyone fits in the sAMe.. haha.. as winds bloW oN..
and noW2..
of words2
and word
As such too..;)
SMiLes.. i just
got a movie
scene from
Saturday Night
Fever and that
scene.. Lord
knows.. been there
almost and done
that smaller bridge
too.. aRound these pArts..
tHeRE is alWays someone
to save ‘ya’ though..
as bridges
do literALLy saVe..
truth be tOld.. i was
to Die..
a poetic
beginning to
an otherwise
ending bridge.. mY friEnd..
as the dice come uP.. Seven Heaven LiVinG..:)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
A best bridge
i ever
one that floats wiThiN
inSide Gravity Free
Air full and water
flow as LiFE
and SinGS
oN so poeTicAlly
as TrUth and liGht hiGh
skeYes aBove meet eARTh beLow..
i hope
the sAMe for you..
better.. mY friEnD..:)
WeLL that finishes
all 24 of what
for Bridges
and surELy
me noW
for SpRinG
to arise aGaiN
in Panhandle Sunshine more..:)
01122017.. 12:52 am…:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd gigoid.. nice to
see you back and sure.. i can
relate to the
climate of the human
who is becoming more
robotic and less human even
when it comes to failing to look up
from a customer service desk with
eyes glued on screen.. and truly
it’s a symptom of culture
moreover than
as humans
are not classically evolved
to staY iN mechanical cognition
noW verses the social empathy that
glues togeTheR thAT one can describe
as the altruistic innate good pARt of liFe
and liGht thaT can sadly move in the otheR
so-called dArk and Evil pArt of souLess.. heaRtless
and SpiRitless person wHere these human virtues are
organic and real and yes hard for some folks to empiricAlly
measure but still as real and organic as the dirt and grains
we sAnd on that hold up mountains of Love iN hUman beings
wHo never give up..
and in that place of
so-called psychopathy
that i for one have seen
up close and personal in an
organic non-emotionless state
wHere all that can be felt left is
pleasure of pain that is no pleasure
at all but change from pain internally
when emotions do die and are so hard to put
into words my friend but IS A true organic state..
the horror there of facing the fACT that even with
logos of reason that remains with a moral code we
are Nature’s slaves and face the action and consequence
of doing.. whether our intentions set out were of the best of completing
a seemingly impossible task.. in other words.. one must grow empathy
and compassion for oneself and do what is required soley and souly
to save oNe’s heARt.. sPiRit and SoUL when oThers.. including culture
as whole.. work.. school.. and other so-called requirements would take
that away as chronic stress can and will eventually erase not only the human
heARt… SpiRit and SoUL in seNseS and EmoTiOns at core of what is organically
and all naturally isReaL.. but one’s very life.. starting at all bodily systems from
respiratory.. to cardiovascular to endocrine and every other autonomic
and sentient paRt oF liFe.. i used to post blog posts almost every day
as a routine of sorts.. and i used to complete every task for
decades at work without fail and make straight A’s
in school without fail.. and trim every blade
of grass around the sidewalkS in
perfect towel hung
level same and
used to
fret over
the hairs disappearing
off of the crown of my
head at 18 years old too..
and it’s true my friEnd as the
Ice Princess on Frozen said..
some nows ya just gotta let go of
culture.. get naked and let that shit all escape a septic tank of sunk..
it’s all relative but when it’s bliss and nirvana and heaven now heRe tHeRe
IS A reaLity that Life is Good.. and the journey tHeRE iS oNe oN one’s personal
path in a field of dreams that is as organically real and perhaps as difficult now
to put into words as a concept of a living God all that is jusT as isreal/organic
too.. and full of dARk and liGht and sHades of purgatory grey to
Rainbow colors that one has never fElt and SenSED Before
iN what feels and senses like liVing a thouSand lifetimes
in one liFe iN one second now as Heaven is
only full
as the
moment of NOW..
thaT my FriEnd is
wHEre i alWAys
travel too.. now..
no distance..
no space
but Heaven now..
and it’s true.. throughout all
history this my friend without any
material goods or status or power at
all is the HiGhest Gate of an ivory
tower that most people
never experience
but a
like my cat..
Heaven is organic
i s R E A L No W
no different than the
all we can cAll a blue
turtle or whatever the FucK…
getting tHere IS A iSREaL miracle..
staYing tHeRe IS A Practice oF a liFE WeLL LIVinG
WaTer.. FindinG iT can take a lifetime of seeKinG it to even
escape the robotic machine world we live in mind/body today..
But as Neo miGht say.. those who can and will are alloWed to unplug..
it’s worth noting that in the Renaissance only about 5 percent of the
populace enjoyed any part of that thriving colorful awakening culture..
Not much
my FriEnd..
as our nature’s
and our struggles
in the environment do reMain..
tHere are sTiLL the minions in both
fiction and real who will sheep/mundane theiR
way to follow and support the most despicable leaders ever..
so life goes.. dARk sHades of Grey and BeyONd Rainbow Renaissance colors2..
and now
to begin
to pearls..:)
“The minions on the
Wrong Planet
this di·ar·rhe·a..
from tHeir septic tank view..;)”
-Despicable wHo
“Everything can be filed under “miscellaneous”.
~~ Dilbert, Scott Adams ~~
i let it all
and live..:)
(oh by A way..
this IS a monoLific
with a
of American
style Haiku
allfred aS Such..;)
-as one big riff
“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth:
(1) not going all the way; and
(2) not starting.”
~~ Buddha ~~
“Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
This is true..
a clitoris
is smaller
more often..;)
“The keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves
as the sole cause of all our adversities.
~~ Sophocles ~~
Oh.. to be
a clitoris..
oh now..
the sorrow..
oh now.. the inferiority..
oh my God.. Victoria’s Secret..
totALLy exposed iN Female Superiority..;)
Oh.. the joy
no one
living without a
roboT all let go..;)
“As I look at your image,
I see only the light which was not absorbed.”
~~ Mark Middleton ~~
harder to see..
let’s face it..
“It will not out of the flesh that is bred in the bone.”
~~ John Heywood (c. 1565) — Proverbes, Part ii, Chap. viii~~
“What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?”
~~ Ursula K. LeGuin ~~
Culture is illusion
and isreal too..:)
All is
As is
“Rotten wood cannot be carved.”
~~ Confucius ~~
~~ Analects, Book 5, Ch. 9 ~~
In the part of this universe that we know there is great injustice,
and often the good suffer, and often the wicked prosper,
and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying.”
~~ Bertrand Russell ~~
Not easy being
a Seagull
aS oNe
must lead
A way now
with no followers..
often few to no friends..
aS liGht bLinds the briGhter iT
bLows.. few places to rest one’s head on…
WortH iT..
as Water SinGs..
And DanceS Free as Fly..
heHe.. liKe mARTy McFly..;)
WeLL.. the Karmic
eYe comes out to play
one more place for now
in this ending MacroVerse
of what is surely turning out
to be the biggest so-called bible
in the history of humankind.. yep
edging up to 1 Million words in what
i’ve repeated a few times for posterity
purposes is more precisely 7 months
and 13 days since publish date of
the first first verse of 66
on Memorial
day.. the
30th of
2016.. sure..
then around four
days to make that
verse happen so we
can call it 7 months
and 17 days now to get
jusT about as precise
as i WiLL care to get
for now.. hehe..
who knows..
7 more hours
and 7 more
minutes and
7 more seconds too..
but 7-17 for the first
month of ’17 of 2K
on the 12th day noW of
Publish is enough so-called time stamp detail for deTales
oF A 991K word Bible named “CoLoRs oF HeAVeN Bible 2017”..
surELy.. somEthing Jonathan Livingston Seagull would write noW iN
A pen image of so-caLLed prophet/author/poet Richard Bach too..
As Seagulls anew go on to DancE and SinG a SonG and DancE
and more
than before..
in Peace and Harmony
thaT tHEre is no greater
or less iN the sTate of mINd
and BoDy BaLanCing Force
of Nirvana.. BlisS and Heaven now..
iN the Sense of Rank and File and
Status and power of human being ego driven stuff aS Such..
iT floWs as any Ocean and wAVes to Rivers and StreAM gRows
without bounds of shores to detest wave spread more.. it’s all fun..
challenge.. struggles.. sure.. but that’s what fun can be when lived.. juST fun..
oF course
WRiTe oN course
iN DancE and SonG
FReED as the Declaration
of Independence allows iN U.S.
for those smART enough
and Free enough
to navigate
as any upward FLYinG
or downward FLYinG seAguLL WiLL..
inside.. outside.. and all aRound oF course too..:)
Here’s A thing.. i leArned the first three times
i faced death and actuAlly the first time i faced
iT on the precipice of end of what i kNew/FeLt then..
NoW at thAT second it ain’t what ya earned or took that
means sHit it’s all you give and gave that means anything
aT aLL.. i didn’t give enough that go around and with a second
chance and third one and more aT liFe i said no restraints this go
around i’M GiVinG all i’ve LeArned and FeLt and SenSed oF LiFe
for free no matter wHat.. as thaT is what humans do when free.. they
give and share unrestrained.. and i realize there are some of my Verses
that require a reboot of my current powerful computer to fully open up..
the thing is.. my brain and body moves STrOnG fAST MoRe..
iN BaLanCinG Force
and surELy
catch uP to my potEnTial
for Now as output too.. technology
has made me faster and stronger too..
and as history shows technology will catch
up with me and other Jonathan Seagulls WiLL
pass my singular achievements in so many othEr
ways of Art and Science too.. this is what hUmans
do when they work toGeThER.. they make the singular
free efforts of hUmans more possible too.. with an escape
from distraction and diversions WiTh Michelangelo and Mozart
and Einstein laser focus too.. the future is so briGht for those who
can see it.. they miGht wear cool shades at niGht if they could see it too..
theRe is no doubt
some do.. i met a few
in my online travels who
also see no limits or expectations
of human poTenTional Still and it’s worth
noting to me too.. that Facebook Friend Greg
shared a status quiz to find out what Roman Emperor
one could be as an ego booster of course as those
Facebook Marketing tools will do.. i’LL be the KinG
of Me iN Master of the gift of Nature by the God oF aLL
Nature butt a King or any kind of authority of Emperor over
oTheRs WiTH any status or rank or even file too now of power
in human ego driven con-social emotion way.. hell no..
that would only take the sweet of HeaVen
Free away.. and i suppose the only
way a ‘Trump Person’ could
FeeL and SenSe
and come
to that would
be to seek and
find and practice
a heaven somEwhat
liKe what i experience now..
as a recent quote stated.. ya can’t
expect to carve rotten wood.. sure one
can hope.. one can wish.. but surely tHeiR
are both isREAL Miracles of LifE and cOld
Hard reaLliTies of struggle as yes i did go
to hell on eARth.. the real place of death
as life in pain and numb for
66 months first
i reign
as my
own King
in Heaven
for 42 months
now.. a celebration
week of thaT coming
neXt week.. particularly
on Navarre Beach on sTar
Date 1.17.2017.. hehe aS Such
as most everyone now loves sevens
and oneS iN this culture now.. miGht
as well tack on some more Holy and
Sacred to that gRavy human train for
more purpose and meaning to liFE.. tHing
iS iN all these synchronicities of what has arrived
noW in this Million or so word Bible iN ways of numbers
and events.. very few were either pre-thought or pre-planned
beFore they came to the print of this pAge now then in real time now
then now.. so sure.. it’s safe to say.. one cannot determine life through
a math equation alone to get to the full impact of sacred numbers/events allone..
that moves into the realm of the much hiGher of what humans might metaphor
as the conscious miNd and so-called Body aLL of God aLLone.. beYond human
empirical analysis but never the less apparent here as the case study shows with
time stamps too.. yes ..this wHOle enChiLda.. this Bible.. this longest long form poem
of humankind sTiLL eXceeding 3.3 Million words too.. from the first 42 month witness for
God i mARked at the beginning of all my blogs in an escape from dARk to the
liGht oF me on March 10th of 2013.. ending that mArk of 42 months on
911 iN September of 2016.. and additionally the 12 Million words
i staRted in tale end journey of 33 months iN Hell and
the 33 months before since January of 2008..
that i spent with no words at all..
yes as i started writing on
Thanks GiVing day.. 2010..
is all proof that this God
of Nature that folks
have been
speAking of
for centuries on
end cross culturally
IS A real deal now.. if for
no one butt the builder of this
FiEld of DreAMs as me.. you see..
on my next door step of death i WiLL
rest much easier WiTh 100% faith of this..
and perHaps you cannot understand the importance
of that if you haven’t faced death three times too.. i got
three strikes and i wasn’t out.. i dAM sure wasn’t gonna waste
a fourth one with extra innings alloWed.. that’s between my UniVerse
and God allone.. for me.. i share it as i KNow and FeeL the dArkesT
places of HeLL on eARTh too.. the answers for me are not the answers
expected by othERs iN tHeir search for tHeiR holy and sacred meaning
and purpose of LiFE but never the less i’ve found miNd/BodY/miNe and
fully illustrated mY soUL/HeARt/SpiRit/BoDy online for others to peruse
when technology and they do or do not
catch up with me.. what i lEArned
iN HeLL is no one is
gonna follow
you iN
and what i’ve
lEarned iN Heaven
is rarely WiLL anyone
even attempt to follow one
iN HeAR.. and yes as Karmic
eYes goes i suppose that’s Karma..
we reap what we so.. i’ve sown
both Heaven and
Hell iN liFE
of mY
own doing
with a little hELp
from so-called
friEnds and what
some miGht describe
as enemies too.. thINg is..
iF not for the so-called enemies
iN life who were my greATest among
bully trUe FRIENDS.. they ARE.. iN the sEnse
that iF i had never met and faced the dARk
Head on STiLL i would have never made it
to Heaven now.. the DARk makes liGht.. even
Science sHows this TrUth and liGht too.. noW..
i ain’t scared of the
DaRk or CyNical
oF liGht
or nOw
of Purgatory
”tween or naYsAyeR
of rainbow colors now BeYond
that not many folks apParently
experience beYond what i do
now here and now who i’Ve
coMe aCross now then but
‘buy’ A sAme
the sAMe
applies now then
in my experience iN
HeLL as the Karma
oF goD SinGS the
Free Song oF dArk
beYoNd liGht iN the
i oF ME noW isREAL..
so.. sure.. been to both sides
now and BeYoNd.. and all i can
trUly hope and wish is whoever
you are.. you fINd a Heaven that works for you too..
and can square away reAlity as Peace at the end of yoUr paths
as Harmony
for now too then..
as the lasT liGht
oF eYelid meets the
force oF aLL thAT iS.. noW then Now2..:)
Oh yeah.. and the quiz picked
Marcus Aurelius for
me.. a Stoic
and not
the hardened
of that term now..
for all practical intents
and purpose what sets the
Stoics apart from the Christians
and heretics same is the Christians
saw an invisible transcendent God
and the stoics saw an isreal
pantheistic God
as all
never ending
and beginning
now.. i sEE/ heAR
both iN SenSinG
and FeeLinG way
never beginning
and never ending now..
and surely Socrates as
both a rationalist and
a mystic saw more
of God
in FeeLinG
and SenSing
way beYond just
word thInking and otHeR
forms of abstract symbols
too.. it’s all isREaL but not all
see and hear all oF it wiTh eYes
and Ears as Gifted and lEArned For Now
and most importantly eYes and ears that
remember deeper within in ways beYond words
wHEre FeeLinGS and seNSEs bEcome more than words alone..
allone baby is what i see/hear.. and while Stoics and Christians see
lust as an inferior part of human being.. science now shows Lust noW
and a balance oF Love to be a source oF all creativity and productivity
in human and a peaceful easy way of avoiding aggression.. violence
and FucK yeS.. even the poTenTial of World War III.. one can commit
suicide and kill others for just the dream of a bunch of naked
women in heaven of a dirt nap.. or watch porn in heaven now..
aLiVe.. do no harm wins
over cruel
gone insane
as harm.. consensual
aS Such.. yeS in due moderation
as the nurturing of a village of both
male and female divine LoVinG force is what
makes children strong.. the family that
stays toGetheR IN a village that has
a balance of lust and love
is the family
that not
toGeTher as
wHole Village
but A family now/then
now who thrives aS WeLL..
it all comes now to the individual
in a free country to be the change
ya wanna see.. i don’t run with the sheep..
the minions or the mundane as they may
like to stay more grounded like that.. i fly
like an Eagle and A Seagull hiGher jusT
and WILL
over the Power
oF smARt and FearLess
Sacred UnConDiTioNal
Love.. yes.. i WiLL LiGht TrutH and
flY even HiGher now.. WiTh LoVe and WiLL..:)
Now to wrap up a few Facebook Provided MacroVerses
sTarTing WiTh “Dancing the talk of TRUTh” as
monologue in response to a so-called
Gnostic Christian on the
Wrong Planet
is considered
by him as God
and God allone
above all Nature
and interestingly enough
while the Gospel of Thomas
describes Jesus as more Yogi
and Pantheistic.. tHeRe are some
Gnostic Philosophies that see the
material world as inferior to a so-called
transcendent one that is superior in matters
of spirit as the word was actually eventually
copied before translations by St. Paul from the
Romans who followed more of a
Stoic Philosophy of
Old Romans
close to
the reign
of Marcus Aurelius
as well.. thing is.. the
SpiRit noW of EmoTioNs
and SenSes are organic..
some of which operate2
at a subatomic level that
even science with aided
eYes cannot yEt see
how now A
SpiRit spReads
iN EmoTional
and SeNSory Way
BeyOnd MeAsuRinG
InstrumentS.. now..
never the less.. those
oF uS who experience
more oF iT realize more
of the Nature of Mysticism
iN liGht and what some otHeRs
call occult as well as placebo/white
magic and nocebo/black magic too..
it’s semantics and people will kill each other
in idolization oF Form as letters and words and
books over the essence of What is Real and
Transcendent DiFFeREnt sAMe.. diFFeREnt
eYes see a sAMe world diFFeRent sAMe
and alWays diFfeRent too.. and
that’s the color
wHeeL oF
liFe painted
aS iNFiniTE
Brushes of GodSEYes noW.. BeYoND
AS MasTErPIEce PaInTinG OceAn wHole noW..:)
Also from two years ago.. MacroVerse Memory titled
‘Leaves of Saving Tree’.. and interestingly enough
this IS a 2015 Version oF A story that i WiLL
repeat here at the near ending
of this bible..
call it wisdom
calL iT liGht
be aLL
ThrEE and more..
i’LL leave that uP
to the Tree of God..
no hangingS on
for this go ’round..;)
Tennis bALLS OF Hope
from a year ago.. as i increase
what i always lauded in my elders
as story taLing abilities.. the quiet
boy i was then..
i suppose
it was
in my
by culture
and the illusions
of machine mechanical
mind cognition for so many years
of work and school of
download ways..
it’s safe to say
the output has coMebacKaGain now..:)
Okay that takes care of all those
MacroVerse memories but as promised
a tale about a sapling tree and saviors neXt
from 2016 in a ‘Sand Box Heaven’ then now linked here too..
And as a note before i provide that memory and story
and newer age older age newer parable too.. iF those
of you who are sTiLL a little more OCD like i used
to be and the wife Katrina sTiLL is in
ways of lining
towels nice
and even all the way cross..
take any MacroVerse or two
ya like out oF all the 737 that are
not included in these 66 of these
MacroVerses compRising this bible
here to total the 1 Million even that i will
fall short at around 9K words here.. 991K
is significant also along with the number 66 of
course in traditional bible ways but truly like i’ve
said before all 12 miLLion words plus the photos plus
the videos plus the links done to the nitty gritty oF aLL
i’ve dONe online is the soUL oF Y i unleashed and released
foR All who care to see and hear and sense and feel more of
perHaps wheRE theY’ve been beFore or noT.. and that’s the great
thing about the U.S. and our Great Freedoms of Expression uncensored
in self sponsored websites along with overall community support.. the
TrUth and liGht WiLL sET yA Free iN Ways YA hAve neVer ever
for now experienced liFE.. heAR now.. i add a verse or two
and yes more.. as Robin Williams said in the
‘Dead Poet’s Society’ too.. i stand
uPon the desk
as Jesus
per Gnostic
Gospel of
Thomas said
in the 37th Verse tHeiR..
as i2 stand upon the shoulders
of Giants before me.. and the blood
and bones of those who sacrificed tHeir
lives to give me the opportunity to bE thiS
Free as the Spirit oF GoD LIVes WiThin me now.. in the U.S heAR now
so yes T H A N K S T O A L L O F Y A L L A S A L L I S G O D N O
and yes.. after providing that Sapling Savior Story i will provide what stARTed
out all this witness of God inN a personal message on Facebook to my very
first and only Friend there to a woman named Mags who was the only
person who supported me in Autism Online communities
where empathy of the cognitive kind was seemingly
absent for the truly different among we humans
then.. all iT takes is one person to wipe
the blood oFF A cross for SonG
to DanCe and SinG louder
than ever BeFore..
as surely
thaT is
also the
moral of the
story to come next as well..
thaT First story was on or about
the last night of February 2013.. another
poetic spARk as WELL put on Facebook
for the public on March 1st of 2013.. and then
the Blog thaT sTaRted all oF this too.. oN March
10th of 2013.. and after this.. Holy and Sacred Thursday
R and R activities as deSignED by me and the God who
lives within sHall begin neXt.. along with more fun dance
photos coming to this ending 66th Verse of this so-called
personal bible by me.. in the wee 3 am hour or so
of 01132017.. after a celebratory 143rd niGht
of Rave-like ‘primitive’ dance WitH aLL
the Cool College age
folks from
Old Seville
and now
to the two
ending Verses
now.. with a little
accompanying song
of Midnight at the Oasis
and Moon LiGht Feels riGht
on this Full Wolf Moon niGht and day..
iN R and R way..;)
Stars are born to output and share liGht..
at least for as long
as they live..
and as dim as i once
was.. almost bLack
of liGht..
the saving
grace then was
to water a plant
to make
grow made
my life still
a star
matter how
dArk the candle
i felt iN bLack
then.. and
oh.. the saviors of the world..
and a story i love to tale a little
different as parables do.. when free
and not imprisoned by books.. pages..
paragraphs.. lines or words of print
of yesternows.. bound
by past authority
that no
longer should
exist.. for free..
so.. anyway.. sorry iF
you already heard it but
it will be different anyway..
hehe.. as free WiLL be
when unleashed
and released
as being
starliGht oF eYes
within.. a dusty road..
a little boy with no words..
disabled from birth without
the ability to speak.. but a lover
of growth.. in shape of trees..
a sapling brought home
by loving mother
then.. placed
on a counter
by a lamp that shines..
the boys sees green and
wants to see more.. so he
nurtures this PLANeT
the ability
to speak..
water he does..
fertilizing Love..
Sunshine hope
iN eYes of Loving
Kind.. fertile ground
outside.. dig a hole
to comfort roots..
spend time
and effort
caring Love
and the Tree rises
broad and sTrong..
and soon provides shade
for the front porch home..
Sidewalks come.. but tree
sTill bRanches out.. Flowers
come more beautiful than before..
Students from the local school who
study trees are amazed by the beauty
of this tree.. photos are taken.. shared..
and the boys eYes shine to see what his
Love inspires.. tree no longer needs boy
to grow strong now.. and the little
boy becomes ill and his life
goes dark..
Years later..
a shy young man iS
walking this sidewalk
of the boy’s home.. and
a most beautiful dark haired
girl approaches him.. with smiling
face.. the boys eyes liGht up but what
to say.. ah.. the center piece of conversation
iS standing tAll and floweRinG more beautiful
iT seems than ever before on this March Spring
day.. a spark of instant Love is in the air..
and that begins a Love that
will last ’till death..
the shy boy becomes
confident with the Love of
his wife.. joins the Military..
and even rises to the ranks
of politics then.. Love grows
and fearless Lives..
the boy is
now a
Strong man..
and makes a decision
as a leader of the world
that prevents World War III…
Life on the PlanT now iS saved..
So who is the savior.. the boy..
the man.. the girl.. the Loving
wife.. the parents.. the schools
providing education.. the tree
or the little disabled boy
and all the
from around the
world.. well the truth
iS aLL they are.. as theRe
is no i.. me but us and we
oF Life..
Moral of the
story.. water a tree
Of Life and see wHere
iN ocean
eYes free..:)
i think i was born as
a kind of Classical Pantheist..
as i saw patterns and connections
in things that were more of my thinking
process, along with the tactile sensory world..
than what I think most people may experience
as an internal dialogue of thought…
i still have a vivid memory of
connection to everything in
the world.. as if i had been
here forever.. before i was
able to speak that i cannot
fully put into words.. from
about age 3 looking out
into the distance over
the river i grew up next to..
But i think in some ways i knew more
about my existence then than i do now..
as i could not separate myself from what
seemed like a very old home of nature…
i am glad i had the opportunity to roam
desolate pristine beaches as a teenager
and young adult.. without any fear..
and feeling one in being with the
waves.. white sand..
emerald green
gulf.. sea oats
and sea gulls..
with no dramas
in my head…
But even my ancestors
could not experience that with
not being sure where their next meal
was going to come from… Not likely that
many creatures in the Universe could
experience a little slice
of nirvana like that…
i can remember
getting back into
my car and being
jolted back into the
reality of all that is the
complexity of modern culture..
which at that point in time was so..
so limited as compared to today..
i was never quite the same after
home computers come along..
as i drifted further and
further from a
home of nature..
The people i dealt with
in the public at that time..
in what was a “Cheers” like environment..
was also a slice of nirvana… Cigarette filled..
but the emotional contagion of a hundred human
beings that are happy that i had the privilege to serve
and make even happier.. equaled the nirvana of the
walks on the sun-filled beaches..
i loved my exquisite
sensory experience of life…
It was worth not being able to
touch man made texture without
goose bumps and an incredible feeling of discomfort.
When i see Landon Bryce’s book “I Love My Own Autistic
Self”, the little guy on the front is how i usually felt inside
that people could only see in the gleam of my eyes…
People often told me they wished they had what it was
i had.. or wanted some of the drugs i was taking.. but
i had no idea what they were talking about
because there was nothing i wanted
but to exist, for so many years…
It was a powerful feeling that
no one’s negativity could take
away from me.. not even when
the rest of the world told me i
was not one of their kind…
Sorry.. that was quite a tangent..
but it is kind of therapeutic for me..
i hope you don’t mind…
My point i started off
with was religion and
Classical Pantheism..
which is all of nature
and science for me..
the cultural complexity
of what has come from human
collective intelligence.. including
all the strange oddities.. even the strangest
of religious cults and beliefs.. But most of all
the reality of that beach those waves.. and those
grains of sand.. that do not exist without me…
A gift.. a wonderful gift that was provided by
my father and mother.. and their ancestors
where there could be no break in the chain
of events of human struggle that all my
ancestors experienced to survive and reproduce..
and their rodent ancestors about 75 million years ago..
and all the other ancestors not identified and material
substances that came together to make that possible..
from the origin of what is.. whatever is.. is..
That one point that i can only abstractly
define because of the human collective
intelligence that provides the map
to what can be described.. as one
point that we all share that can
never be disconnected.. as long as we exist…
Wow.. i just realized that sounds kind
of like the intro to the “Big Bang
Theory” TV show…
And relatively speaking
the knowledge that i gained
that this is one sliver of conscious
existence and what really is a little slice
of heaven for some that do exist..
considering just the benefit of
a warm soft bed.. a hot shower..
and things now considered so mundane
that took billions of years to come into
existence that were not here a little
over a century ago.. Like toilet paper…
But i could never experience that connection
of what is.. any stronger than when i was three..
i have everything and everyone before me to
thank for that experience… Including collective
intelligence and the understanding of that
one point that still exists in all of us
and everything else…
i never met a stranger..
not even a grain of sand on the beach…
But i did not feel a category.. a religion.. a race
or even a gender for myself.. which at least for me
enhanced the ability to find a friend in that grain of sand…
i suppose it is the immune system issues and chronic pain
that has taken some of that gleam out of my eyes.. but it still
exists in the eyes in what i perceive of the anthropomorphic
expression of the cat in my face book photo…
Who at 18 years old is likely closer to the
wisdom of that three-year-old child that
only exists in my memory and pictures…
i sense that type of wisdom requires
no human intelligence at all
beyond the core that is shared…
i think it can be lost so much easier
in a human into a little sliver of hell
somewhere outside that balance of heaven..
Particularly in lives where instant gratification
has become the norm…
i am at the service of
my fully inside cat..
but he has never
had that gleam in
his eyes.. or the
same struggles to survive…
The yellow cat in my Google plus
avatar on the “Autistic Hoya” website..
was a feral cat that only knew struggles
in his several years of life behind our house in the woods..
He became my emotions after chronic pain had removed them from
my existence… He gained a gleam in his eyes of gratitude to have
a balance in his life when we allowed him
a place to gain predictable subsistence.
An identical yellow cat that likely is his offspring..
younger and stronger appears intermittently out
of the woods and started to injure our now neutered
cat.. racking up $200 dollar vet bills..
every other week so the once
feral cat has now been forced
to become a fully inside cat…
i am watching him slowly
lose that gleam in his eyes..
with the call of the wild slowly
drifting away.. along with all the
likely incredible sensory experiences
that come with an outdoor world that
the other cat that never gets injured in fights
at age 18.. can still fully experience…
As i sit outside toward the back of
my yard, in the afternoon sun.. he is
pacing back and forth politely..
still with a humility of respect
for a place of subsistence that
keeps him from tearing the screen of the patio.
Perhaps if he could speak and let me know in words..
what i was taking away from him.. i would listen.
But i cannot bear the thought of additional bloody
wounds on his face… But still i remember what it
means to have that connection and balance…
When i watch him pace back and forth..
it is one of the few things in life
that will bring a tear to my eye
that reminds me that i too am still connected..
Other than that.. it could be just a word like Synesthesia..
that seems to trigger something in my brain letting the brakes
off the logic to move into figurative space..
At least for me.. even one word
can be a gift that leads me
to a place in words that i don’t often visit…
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New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
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Grand Cross Bible 2016
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full table of contents oF A 915K
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2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
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yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
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Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
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