Hmm.. thRow back to
the National Honor
Society of Sarcasm
IN National Geographic
Yellow FrAMe Way.. with yes..
of course.. the Traditional All
Seing eYe iN hUman CaPsToNe
waY oF huMan PoTenTiaL FeeLeD..
aS WeLL aS SeNsEd..
otHeR than thaT..
i am curRently
Rigors of CC..
yes.. the otherWise
kNoWn.. Common Cold..;)
And then tHeRE is thaT
oTheR PLace of Divine SpArk
aRisinG aS FlAMe and TorCH iN
CaPsToNe oF Pyramid sAMe and Different more..
A lilting voice from deep within.. and human abstract
symbols attempting to express the DiViNe.. yes.. the ViNe
of God WiThin iN a way thaT hOnors appropriatELy the actual
FeeL and SensE of the DiVinE.. Holy and Sacred acTual EmoTioN..
so rare thaT may never come in a lifetime of some folks stuck down
in Maslow’s lowest Elevator of scarCiTy.. wHeRE the Poor dude(tte)
aCross the street beRates the WelFare Recipient to FeeL
A Level HiGher than the bottom floor of the
hUman SoUL.. whEre all thERE is is an
Ego floor that iS scarCity more
than Abundance Full
oF DiViNe FLoW iN
ZoNe oF ThE
PoWeR oF
sAMe and DiFFeReNT
as HuWoMaNiFeST iN ArT
or for those WiTh ScARCiTy
oF thiS HoLY SPiriT to build a bigger
bomb from Verbal Lows to knock him out and abuse
her.. i’ll pay for your Legal BiLL O’Reilly as i am proud
now to be the biggest bully for now at most at most now..
so low of hiGh.. As CaPStOnE DiViNe SpArk FLaMe RiSinG
Torch of God’s LibERty WiThIn CoMiNG ouT to PlaY aS aRT
oF SeeinG eYes moRE than bottom of pyramid BaseMent wHeRE
DuST of BoNes reMain less thaN StAR duST plUS seNtient aRT..
AnyWay.. ever since around March 2013.. this MaGiC.. this real MaGiC..
Yes.. thiS diVine EmoTioN withiN.. iNvites me to come out and play as aRt..
i heed thaT CaLL.. as ‘they’ say.. for trUe tHeRe was IS A drought in a Patriachal
Desert for 40 years with only trickles of Divine within and if you’ve ever been
to the place
trUst me.. you
won’t wanna go
BLacK to thAT soUL
of hole Before.. as tHeRE
iS no SMiLe thaT ends iN TiMe..
SpAcE.. or DisTAnce oF The SpArk
thaT beCoMes the FLaMe as Torch of hUman soUL..
And sure.. if tHeRE was a way to MeaSuRe all my HuMan
Neuro-Chemistry and Neuro-Hormonal FLoW too.. correlations
would suRely come from Material Reductionist mINds who say.. meh.. it’s
juSt yoUr Neuro-Chemistry and Neuro-Hormones taLKInG.. trUe TaLL KinG
is what it is as all that is.. when the Pyramid of existence comes out to PLay..
in more of what played beFore.. iN terms of DoinG moRe than beForE.. at LEasT aS
So-CALLeD sAinT jOhn of Psychedelic-like DreAMs of Revelation did believe that
one can do more
in his Chapter 14
and his verse 12.. as
yes.. SongIRL of God more
as Every LoVinG Parent wishes
for tHeiR child to rise hiGher
than beFore.. and then tHeRE are those
who iNsist on LiVinG on the LoWesT HigHesT
Floor of Trump ToWers and do no more.. do no more..
than do tHeir best WiTh selfish Ego to bRinG oTheRS
dOWn loWer thAN A DiVinE SpARk WiLL ever go.. NoW..
heHe.. at LeAST not with due dissension
and righteous indignation
over the pain
ThAT Fear
and HaTe oVeR
scARCiTy BRinGS and
this IS A sTate of HUMan
SpiRit as the GreATest scarciTy
of soUL is one wHeRe tHeRE is no
TowEr of Edifice TaLL enough to FeeL iT..:)
And heAr a few MicRoVerse Memories last year
and from the total of four YeaRs NoW aRiSinG
to a 4 MilLiON LonG Form Free Verse Word Poem
WiTh tHiS 761st MaCroVerse.. since the end of August..2013..
aS this HoLy and SacRed DiViNe
EmoTioN oF Torch as HoLY
SpiRit continues to
aRise iN A DancE
and SonG of ArT aS to me@LeAST..
FuLL of Meaning and PurPose..
WiTh yeS now over 7000 MiLes
of Free Verse Public Dance
NoW iNto 44 Months oF thAT
sAMe sParK and ToRch thAT flAMes..
NoW WiTh thiS MacroVerSe HeAr as
Number 90 Arriving as Publish since
Memorial Day of 2016.. WiTh the
last publish of MacroVerse
89 as titLed.. “BeYonD
April Fred’s Day”..
aRiSinG a “Nether
Land Bible 2017”
to 1,332,080
words aLong
too with the 155th
WeeK of Dance WiTh all
the Cool College aGE Folks
at Old SeViLLe Quarter With a
155th Installment oF DancE
sMILes wiTh all the
tHeRe WiTh me
coMinG Thursday..
as smART Phones too..
WiLL do as hUMan aRT.. NoW..
anyWay.. iF you ever did/do get
tHe DiViNe spArk make the beST
oF iT as you can and WiLL WiTh
ArT thaT BRinGS thAT DiViNe spArk to OtheRS too..
that’s sTiLL what the folks who ART the trUe iN liGht
GiVinG and ShaRinG Free Verses of any Bible of aRT juST
CaN and
WiTh the
HiGhEr PoWEr
of NaTuRE as GoD
WiThin.. as ‘they’ say..:)
SMiLes.. my friend.. iN my teens i lEarned
that once my footprints were all that was
left in view after the condos disappeared
on the beach..
the lies were gone
and free was real..
as peace..
but i stopped
going after i was married..
to wife.. mortgage.. car loan..
credit card bills.. a zillion unrelated
to life associated facts with a quarter
of a century attached to one employer
as government.. rules and regulations..
and after all of that took my life away..
arriving back on that beach.. 18 years
later in 2008.. i swear it felt like i had
a comet tail attached to what was
real.. and shaking that tale/lie off..
was the best thing
i could have
ever imagined
that i could not
imagine then..
once again the
beach lives as me..
no illusion.. JUST REAL BLISS
WELL.. in moving..
connecting.. creating
giving.. sharing way..
i say thank you to God
as Nature aLL real and sticK
my tongue out aLL StiFF
At human
lies in big
sort of like ‘Kali’.. or
the Fred Character iN
that movie calLed.. ‘Big Hero 6’..;)
And.. another MicroVerse Memory from a year ago..
Hmm.. trying to
get my game face
on to work-out
changing gears
drasticAlly from
writing heARt felt
SpiRit SoUl iN
balance WiTh
writing poeTry..
and the Lucifer TV
show from Fox takes
a break tonight.. so we watch
a History of God on National Geographic..
with Morgan Freeman Narrating the story..
and while i’ve heard that Morgan Freeman
is an Atheist.. he just doesn’t belief in one
official version of God in One Book..
he has experienced his own
near death experience..
and discounts little..
in the realm..
of unknown where even
science is showing now that
human awareness lives on
after the brain technically
is no longer showing
signs of electrical
so yeah..
it’s wide open
to interpretation..
but probably wise to
live a Loving Life if for
nothing more than Loving
Now and all others and the
rest of Nature aka God too.. FeeLinG
it’s the best way i kNow and interesting
that the ancient pharaohs from Egypt
left their own style of Facebook
memoirs for posterity purposes..
in keeping what they cAlled
the KA of Spirit going
iN instance for
3000 years
later.. anyone
refers to his name
and life then.. which
is still a common one of
course sTiLL continuing
on in the 10 commandments
annual TV show noW too..
so let it be written..
yes.. so let it be
done and
modern technology
provides an edifice online
of even more of what folks
show as they would in words
in real flesh and blood life..
as often can be the
case.. we live iN
interesting nows..
wHere soUls live
online as long
as servers house the
Souls of nows expresSinG
that shalLow or OMG.. aS
F iN Deep
as mE..
heHE.. thE
soUl liVes oN..
onLinE.. iN server waY..:)
And yET.. anotHeR MicroVerse..
exploring more of ScaRcity from a year ago..:)
Ah.. the gun issue.. almost as fun as discussing abortion…
and whether or not God exists.. and truly debating these
issues will all the egg head folks like me on the Wrong
Planet website.. during my 66 months of dentist drill
like pain in my right eye and ear..
that no drug would touch
is all that kept me going..
and truly my greatest wish
before i tolerated hell would have
been to have any gun i could operate
then to end it quickly and as painlessly
as possible.. but wait.. even dousing myself
with gasoline and getting all lit up in heat
was preferable to that pain.. that was
beyond any imagination in migraine
way before hell
came knocking
in my right eye and ear..
So.. with that and loss
of all of my emotions i can
understand the challenges
of living dead as alive.. and
when i discuss these things..
i never fall clearly on one side
or the other.. as my mind tends
to spread out in all directions as it
were and is for now.. sTiLL heheRe..
but living as a weak and defenseless
person relatively speaking with not much
user gained instincts skills in abilities into
how to operate my body in full three dimensional
space.. no matter if my legs pressed a quarter of a ton
then.. vs. a half a ton now.. when i lost the ability to even
go into a Whataburger for 5 minutes.. or even make it
to the shower for a bath as i was so weak.. i came
to find out why some folks wanna have
more protection than fists of fury
and kicks of feet.. and generally
speaking ninja sKills
as not all folks
are cut out
to earn
that way
all naturally
like i have now..
with zero doubts..
i cannot have a gun..
as a gun could spell a quick
end to me.. if that pain ever came
back.. no matter what i might say/feel now..
as pain and loss of emotions can change
all about a human
being.. except
perhaps a strict
moral code..
like mine sure..
that prevented me
from acting out on any
dead heart/spirit/soul way of being
alive then.. but anyway.. guns are not
for everyone.. and when human beings
live in large enough groups where folks don’t
know each other that iS really insane considering
how we are naturally evolved to be to connect
to 150 to 200 friendly eyes.. the super
altruistic nature of human beings..
more than even Bonobo when
free.. becomes one of
closer to devil
than angel true..
in large ‘civilized’ cities..
eyes look down and away
instead of bright connecting
and shiny stars of cooperating
for survival.. and we become
killers of humanity rather
than lovers together
for survival..
so the gun is
the equalizer
for hearts grown
to stone.. and sadly enough
the equalizer that makes love unknown….
as always survival is the bottom line.. so yes..
GUN.. a necessary
evil as tool
no different than
the written words.. cultures
and religions that take Love
out of the word HUMAN.. and
the other deadLINE.. as long as
human is human iT iS
easier to kill with
fist.. wheRe
only life lives
WeLL.. wITh HeARt..
and yeah.. the fAct that all my
so-called redneck neighbors are
armed to the hilt with guns and i live
in a state where property trumps life..
they pay the price for me to live fearless
in a neighborhood.. that is safe enough
to leave the doors open… as only a
person who would welcome
death.. would enter
one of these
baby.. as hell
yes this is the wild
wild west.. where gun
draws are real in drawers..
and hidden
ending life..
i live fearlessly now
with zero anxiety and
aLL Love ALL n ALL..
iT works for me..
and the new
style thugs
in bar parking
lots after seeing
what i can do with
my body.. move away
from me.. in smart phone eyes..
and pudgy fingers that rap tap now..
particularly as i look like i would carry
a gun
and be
sKiLled with
it as Law enforcement
heads will often do..
and so often
wherever i go..
ah.. the privilege.. white
of the male.. the muscle..
and the fearless looking
alpha head dude.. it even
trumps Trump one on one..
if ya add in the brains and heARt wONe..:)
“FReED MiNions”
MacroVerse Memory from a Year ago.. highlighting Duke
Nukem as most every boy/man with Little Trump/Napoleon syndrome loves to play..;)
Sure.. Trumps and otHeRs..
if you stand in front of the
World in your underwear and less..
then i’ll
a real Man2..okay..
and yes.. that’s what
the Jesus Dude advised
too.. in Verse 37 of the
Gospel of Thomas.. strip it all
down and walk on the clothes of
culture with no shame as all true Rogue Rebels say..
And yes.. according to what ‘they’ say that’s also what
the Prophet Isaiah did for three years in Ethiopia and
Egypt and King David did less or more in the Streets of his KinGdom too..
yep.. as for as ‘they’ go.. i appear to be pArT oF A RaTheR.. ‘eXclusive Club’..;)
Holy Saturday Third Blood Moon
And for those ‘Scientists’ who do not understand
the empirical and yes.. measurable benefits of the
Placebo Effect in Believing Positive Thoughts makes
Healing Happen.. in action way too.. or the Converse
of the Nocebo Effect in Believing Negative Thoughts makes
Disorder Happen in Human DisEase way.. in action way too..
iF you don’t use this
all Natural Human
as higher
power of the
actual emotions of
BeliEf.. and HoPe thaT
are as real as the Joy that
those folks experience without any
added substances as far as drugs or alcohol..
prescription.. or not goes.. Master your Nature
the UniVerse
within.. co-creator
with the rest of it as
‘they’ call God.. Okay
or not.. Live and LeArn
REAL MaGiC or not.. i
kNow a lot of folks
who master
stuff rather
than the MaGiC
within thAT fLiES
HiGher than Science Abstracts of cOLD..
And Science suggests that only around 30 Percent
of folks can benefit or fall ill to the power of suggestion..
and of course for wHo falls ill to The Trump-like Power of Suggestion too..
thing is.. we less
and more these
days live
in a
dump of information
from Birth to Death..
SeeK. FinD the Power within
as Cultures wHo Do Look Within
likely move past the 50th Percentile oF A HiGher Power within..
sADly.. the only reason we have studies on this at all is because
oF Prescription Drugs that have to beat the Power of BoDy over mINd..
in otHeR than words/facts.. FeeLInGS and SenSEs over empty shells of words/facts alone..
yep some studies
show that
is 27% more
effective than
Morphine as the
MiNd and BoDy beCoMe
one Force as juSt anoTher
hiGher PoWer of NatuRE HuWoMaNiFeST aS uS..
heHe.. and people don’t understand why i Trance Dance
Free Verse while they stick with their opiates for pay..and
premature deaths…
it’s not funny but
try to talk someone
into freeverse dance..
HEhe.. or standing in front
of the entire world naked with no fear..
trUST me or NoT.. i ain’t the crazy one@LeASt wiThiN..
this HIGher PowEr StuFF is the ADvenTure of forevernow..
AnyWay.. the Gym closed yesterday for A Big Thunderstorm.. now
i have to catch up on that foR NoW2.. and bRinG A DiVine Torch tHeRe2..;)
RoguE ONe..
Hmm.. need i say
More.. First.. A Work-out
And theN A SonG DanceS oN..:)
Hmm.. Per MacroVerses 88.. 89.. and 90…
Funny little SynchroniCiTies iN waY
of “MeSaGe iN A Bible Bottle”..
“BeYonD April Fred’s Day”..
and yes.. number 90
HeAr.. as pART
of Nether Land
Bible 2017″.. as
juSt aNoTheR God WiNK
WiTh God Patting me on the
Shoulder Within and SaYinG GreaT
JoB.. Fred.. wRiTE oN course as yA Heed
thE cALL even more tHeSe Days.. not uncomMon
as most anyone oF couRse ON CoursE WiTh TrUE
WiLL Aligned WiTh HoLy and sAcred FuLL oF Meaning and
Purpose liGht.. regularly gets Feedback Directly WiThin
from thE SourCe.. thE FoRce oF Karma liGhTinG
uP iN Quantum metaPHorsE
oF LiGht or dArK Horse..
coMinG NoW to A TheATer
iN reAL LiFE NoW.. as aLL
iS LiFe is PlAy is gAme WiTh
God On iN liGht or lEaning
toWard Fear as dArk or
Cynical oF LiGht
thaT fAdEs
to less
thaN FulFiLLinG
LiGht LoVe LiFe NoW..
And yes.. i do realize that
the Number 89 in the World of Taylor
Swift is juST her Birthdate and the Name
of her famous Album.. but in the World of
SynchroniCity when all three numbers of 88..89..90..
move across the Helmet Visors of three women named the Trinity..
juST aNoThER aCausal Connecting Principle thAt is only likely
PsychologicAlly meaningful to me and God wHo thAT liVes NoW
Within.. but hey.. i never noticed it either on the ‘Bad Blood’
YouTube Video unTil juST i make it pARt
of this Free Verse Bible more @Least for HeAr..
buTT Oh Boy.. Oh BiLL.. Oh RoGer.. Oh TRump..
and all your croNies moRe.. HoW
KarMa iN dARk HorSe
ways comeS A KnocKinF
oN YoUr Door eVEnTuaLLy
iN hArming othER FoLks who God
lives within.. with no regret otHeR thaN
whAt’S CoMinG neXt.. can yA FeeL iT.. NoW..
i for one Can.. WiLL.. when people find
out who.. have been talKing
about tHis God
thaT iT’s
for iS
Real and
KarMa is GoD’s BItch
also kNowN as TiMe and Kali sAMe..
iN oTHeR Words iT aLL ReMaiNs iN GoD WiThin..
no escApInG Karma Baby.. never ever @LeASt foRNoW..:)
OtHeR than thAT.. Facebook Friend Suzanne shares
one of those FB.. Ego Booster Tests that provides
A Beautiful Quote.. juST for mE.. heHe..
and it says.. All you need is Hope and
Strength.. Hope that things WiLL
EventuAlly Get Better and
Strength until they do..
And i’LL aDD heAR..
kNowN as
WiLL and
Grace and Love too..
iN FeaRLeSS smArT StrengtH..
as LoVe liGht NoW MoRE NoW..:)
What else.. i aim each day to make at
LeaST the Day of 10 or more people when i go out
for Free Verse Dance and other Antics as WiLd and
Free Trickster as employed by God as Soldier oF Love
as such.. and yes.. from now to now.. i share a snippet
of the sMiLes of the Day out in the WiLd and Free as Dance
and SonG of Love.. you kNow and FeeL and SenSe in
the Real World offline in the Flesh and
Blood Space oF heART.. SpiRiT And
SoUL.. so.. while i do mY
SiGnature WiLL and
Grace and Strength
and Love with yes.. a little
bUiLT iN Beauty and Wisdom too..
Pose of LiFE and overAll Symbol
for God in Flesh and Blood way
oF These Basic attributes and
virtues of the inNer
BeinG HuMan LiGht..
A very nice
local liGht
Woman says
in front of the
Rogue ONE Display
At SuperWalmart as i ready
my pose WiTh the smART pHOne
ArTisT.. Katrina at the Camera controls..
in yes.. point and shoot way.. the nice Woman
Says aww.. he’s getting his picture taken by
the Star Wars Display (like a little boy)..
per unspoken meaning of the awW.. and
i retUrn with yes Ma’am..
Live Long
Be SiLLy..
Moral of the Story
Life is too TRump
to Take it too seriOUs..
And the only thingie that’s
Saving us NoW is a Bunch of Free
Mason Forefathers who kNeW what the
FucK theY were doing with the Constitution
and sTuFF Like that.. Laws for any group of
being human more than 150 to 200 sets of eYes
and hiPs.. well thOught out with the best of Mechanical
Cognition Robot BRains.. is worth it’s weighT iN DeeP thOught..
to art aT aLL..
yes.. God Gifts uS
WiTh not only aRT
but reAson too..
it’s a real
saveR in papeR
worK Legal Ways..
when it comes to administrating
life out of true anarchy for 300 Million or so pLuS fOlks..
DaM surE bEats the HeLL out of Roger’S O’Reilly’S and
TRumps when tHeiR shit gets uncovered.. i for oNe Now
can sMeLL iT.. Like the rest of the Legal teAM liGht noW..
and yes.. the ArTisTs liKe Taylor and Katy.. and all the
rest are doing greAT..
a reAlly
as ToTaL
TeAM LiGht..
And Oh Jesus
F iN Christ.. it’s
so easy to be a thief
in broad daylight these days
just.. don’t make no money..
And basicAlly one is
inVisible NoW iN
thE HeaVieST DeePesT
PaRts oF TeaM LiGhT..
trULy tHiS iS Child’s PlaY aT HanD..
“CHiLD’s PLaY@HanD”.. yeP.. thE title of Number
90.. NoW aS MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
And MacroVerse Number 761 of “SonG oF My SoUL”.. Ocean WHole Poem.. NoW2..:)
HeLLo.. gigoid.. so nice to
hEar you are doing better
thEse days and i’LL see how far
i can get in catching up on your
current four as for as promised..
as Arnold
says too..;)
“Only, as long as we’re going insane, we might as well go the whole way.
A mere shred of sanity is of no value.”
~~ S. S. Van Dine ~~
staY Super LiberaL..
And ProgresSive..;)
“We shall never cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
~~ T. S. Eliot~~
MoVinG.. CoNneCTinGNoW
mOre NoW..
no stARtinG
or FiNiShinG
DancE and SonG aLL..NoW
“He should not vow to walk in the dark,
who has not seen the nightfall.”
~~ Elrond ~~
eFFeCT isReaL..
oF KarMa
dARk noW..:)
“I have everything, yet have nothing;
and although I possess nothing,
still of nothing am I in want.”
~~ Terence — Act ii, Sc. 2, 12, (243.) ~~
“… denn da ist keine Stelle,
die dich nicht sieht. Du musst dein Leben andern.”
(“… for there is no place that does not see you.
You must change your life.”)
~~ Rainer Maria Rilke, “Archaic Torso of Apollo” ~~
No esCaPinG
As NaTuRe hUman..:)
“My friend Data, you see things with the wonder of a child.
And that makes you more human than any of us.”
~~ Yar, “Skin of Evil”, stardate 41601.3 ~~
“The problem with the future is
that it keeps on becoming the present.”
~~ Calvin & Hobbes ~~
“When in doubt, sing loud.”
~~ Robert Merrill ~~
Equals LiGht..:)
“For how much longer can I howl into this wind?”
~~ The Cure “A Thousand Hours” ~~
UnTiL one aLLone
FlieS oN WiNd..NoW
As WaTer oN Land..:)
Now to two..Do..:)
“Every man is a divinity in disguise,
a god playing the fool.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
Jesus F. iN Christ..
thaT iS supPosed to Be a Secret..;)
“I exist as I am, that is enough.”
~~ Walt Whitman ~~
iF ABundAnt..
aWay NoW
scarCity MOUnds..;)
“At any price that I can pay, let me own myself.
And the price is worth paying if you keep what you have bought…
A man may apply his independence to what is called worldly advantage,
and discover too late that he laboriously has made himself
dependent on a mass of external conditions
for the maintenance of which he has sacrificed himself.
So he may be festooned with the whole haberdashery of success,
and go to his grave a castaway.
Some men hold that the risk is worth taking.
Others do not.
It is to those that I have spoken.”
~~ Rudyard Kipling, speech at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1923 ~~
~~ quoted in _Kipling’s Science Fiction_ edited by John Brunner ~~
Masters now
oF UNiVerse
insiDe.. outSide..
aBoVe.. so BeLow..
aLL Naked from CuLTuRe..;)
“Have you learn’d lessons only of those who admired you,
and were tender with you, and stood aside for you?
Have you not learn’d great lessons from those who reject you
and brace themselves against you?
or who treat you with contempt,
or dispute the passage with you?”
~~ Walt Whitman ~~
“A man can only do what he can do.
But if he does that each day
he can sleep at night and do it again the next day.”
~~ Albert Schweitzer ~~
“If a camel flies, no one laughs if it doesn’t get very far.”
~~ Paul White ~~
YeP it’s Like
when i Leg
Press 1020
LBs in 33repS iN front
oF aLL the Big Military
Men with my arms now
raised to the Heavens
Like a Ballerina.. and
my knees
my chest…;)
“This is thy hour, O Soul;
Thy free flight into the wordless
Away from books, from art.
The day erased; the lesson done.
Thee fully forth emerging,
Silent, gazing…
Pondering the themes thou lovest best:
Night, sleep, death, and the stars.”
~~ Walt Whitman ~~
i Can and
And SonG..:)
And a 1..And a 2.. and NoW to 3..:)
“The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray.”
~~ Robert Green Ingersoll ~~
And somEtimes
a simple thank you
do even
more as a prayer..:)
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!
~~ The Beatles, “I Am The Walrus” ~~
Yada Yada Yada
of course
the Walrus is God..
duH.. EveN Snoopy FeeLs and SensEs thAt
wiTh even
A smaLLer
than most hUmans..
and or teachers..;)
“When one shuts one eye, one does not hear everything.”
~~ Swiss Proverb ~~
Two eYes of BrAin
Two eYes of eARTh
Two eYes of Us and Them..
eYes of WiSdoM..:)
“If you love the sacred and despise the ordinary,
you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion.”
~~ Lin-Chi ~~
When the UniVerse can be found
iN each and every Number and Letter..
thE Rest
oF NaTurE
Can and WiLL
Be easier to see as God iN M E 1..:)
“Virtue knowing no base repulse, shines with untarnished honour;
nor does she assume or resign her emblems of honour
by the will of some popular breeze.”
~~ Horace ~~
UnLess sHe
Buys BiLL O’RiLey..;)
“Live the questions now.
Perhaps then, someday far in the future,
you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way in the answer.”
~~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~~
“The education of the will is the object of our existence.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
“Always make room for the unexpected in yourself.”
~~ Steve Martin ~~
“But since life is cruel, to you and to me, here I am.”
~~ Umberto Eco ~~
oF BirtH..:)
And afTer
ThREE coMes fOur..:)
“Arouse the mind
without resting it on anything.”
~~ Diamond Sutra ~~
Fly now Fly now Fly now Fly now now..:)
“Some mistakes we must carry with us.”
~~ Speaker-to-Animals “Ringworld” ~~
MisTakes Carry mE
fartHeR thaN ever.. corrEct..:)
“The miracle is not to fly in the air,
or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.”
~~ Chinese proverb~~
Particularly iF one flOats
otHeR than A Miracle oF LiFe..:)
“How often I found where I should be
going only by setting out for somewhere else.”
~~ R. Buckminster Fuller ~~
Arrive all now alive..:)
“Your body cannot heal without play.
Your mind cannot heal without laughter.
Your soul cannot heal without joy.”
~~ Catherine Rippenger Fenwick ~~
As ‘they’ say.. Child’s
Play for Heaven noW@Hand..:)
“It is not necessary to change.
Survival is not mandatory.”
~~ W. Edwards Deming” ~~
“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”
~~ Kahlil Gibran in Essay on Death in The Prophet ~~
When all
is relative
all iS oNe..:)
Thanks for aLL
yoUr efForts.. mY FriEnd..
And sure.. Sand CasTles.. too..:)
Roll wiTh TerRain
mY FriEnd..
Xenia Tran..
juST anoTheR
Peaceful Day
As A Dog Rolls on2..:)
SMiLes my FriEnd..
Prajakta.. Every
Travel anew
A Poem
unTo experience..
eNjoY reNew your
SpiRiT more as
Poem oF
reNews yoUr heART..
As TraveL MoRe aBroad..:)
Roll wiTh TerRain
mY FriEnd..
Xenia Tran..
juST anoTheR
Peaceful Day
As A Dog Rolls on2..:)
Xenia. returns with.. and i quote her heaR..:)
(With Emoticons described parenthetically by me)
“Thank you for rolling so much wisdom into words my friend Fred
and bouncing them across the miles like a ball of Light Purple Heart Emoticon)
Wishing you and Katrina a wonderful day and sending you smiles across the miles
(Smile.. Waving Woman.. And Red Heart With Cross Emoticon with three XXX’s of Love)”
And i return again with..
WiNks.. as ‘they’.. say..
Pick uP A BAll oF LiGht
And don’t lET Go oF the
GiFt oF heART Love..
WiTh sMiLes
MoRe oF
And now i say with a Trilogy oF the Eternal
Teenager.. in photo ways.. so named by my Cousin’s Wife aT
A Family Reunion of Sorts on that Side of the Family..
yes.. the Wife Katrina who turns 47 on Palm Sunday..
aS Synchronicity Rolls around aGain with thanks..
just Psychologically meaningful to me and
the Katrina of course.. aLong wiTh
memories of the
Big Screen
Movie.. ‘The Age
of Adaline”.. all about a woman
who remains at age 29 for 8 Decades
and is pulled over at age 45.. two years ago
at the Big Theater by a Policeman who wanted
to turn her in to the Government for looking too young..
like tHeir was some kind of Conspiracy going on.. strange
movie.. yes.. but Never the Less in the Case of the Katrina…
got solid proof.. she ain’t aged in the last 16.6 years either
since September or so of the turn of the Century.. yep in
the year 2000.. by my favorite Oak Tree.. Before the
Hurricane Ivan made it into a Dinosaur Skeleton
wHere A sprout from a Stump remaining..
BecAMe a multi-colored Tree of
Plants that coMes back up
now to around 20 to
30 Feet Tall again..
Falling far short
of the 50 Feet
of Before but never
the less shoWing what
coMes from ADversity more..
And back in the Dead Zone Days
when the Holy SpiRit of Creativity
stARTed BreWing in me.. i did write about
that Tree and her and me.. “E-scape” and the Tree”..
Back on 3.16.13.. sTiLL in a Dead Zone mostly of pain
and numb emotions.. however.. the Deeper SoUL of me
coming aLIVe agAIn sLoWly and surELy through words
of God as NatUre so much deeper within.. wAKinG uP
most every morning like today with another short
to longer Free Verse to DancE and SinG noW
for so much more.. And back in those
Days of the year of 2000.. the wife
Katrina was working around
up to 60 hours a week
at the Local Press
Gazette NewsPaper..
soon to be assessed as
Permanently Disabled.. medically
and legally so in 2005 after her workplace
could no longer support her difficulties with
the Form of Epilepsy she has lived with all of her
life.. where at age 33.. in 2003.. was her last year of
work in a 13 year career there.. anyWay.. worth about a
Week long Celebration heAR for me and her @Least noW as
the Eternal Teenager and what i enJoy comparing heR As
Goddess Isis who put the 66 Month Humpty Dumpty OsirIs
pARTs oF me back togEThER as ArT iN the long term of thaT HeLL
oN eARTh for noThing more than the not GiVinG uP on ME.. and yes..
so.. much more in ways of assisting a person worse off than many folks
in a Nursing Home.. shut in as a Phantom of the Opera.. a John Nash…
of Asperger’s and Dead Zone of the dARk pART of Bi-Polar Disorder wHeRE
the liGht of that has dominated more of my life by about 49 years now out of close
to 57 now.. just living about 8 years out of thaT LiGht iN thE dARk pArT of Life.. anyWay yes..
it’s nice not being the real life JOB and Hunch Back of Notre Dame now at HoMe.. hmm..
what else.. oh yes.. “DiViSioN bELLs oF uNiTy”.. MacroVerse as published online on January
26th.. 2017.. coming in as the 70th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. since the first
MacroVerse published of thaT on Memorial Day of 2016.. the 30th of May.. 20 MacroVerses
Behind for close to 840K total words in 120 Facebook Statuses to spREad the Seed
of 20 MacroVerses aCross my Three Facebook Pages.. Personal one.. Nature one
and Blog one.. too.. with only text and links to the Fully Illustrated pARts
to give and share foR All For Free.. yes.. more copy and paste to catch
up in total words than the number of words in that old King’s
James Version oF A Bible of much older days.. thousands
of hands cooperating or not.. and so many revisions
in oral and written tradition.. anyWaY as the
dARk Dead ZonE of HeLL for 66 months
in my Blog Post.. “Revelation 66”.. does
pray tale.. and “E-scape and the tRee”..
as linked heAR too…much Bigger things
come from Adversity than “yoU’Ve” ever seen
and heARd BeForE.. kinda like a Big Bang in HuWoman’s forms.. hUwoManiFest aS Such..
Meh.. Live and Let Die.. huh.. if you’Re Trump.. Live A Miracle if you are Me and the Katrina..
in the Longest Long Form Poem every fully illustrated and Bible2 iN hUman HiStory NoW..
we did it wiTh Can and WiLL.. and the TrUtH aNd liGht as John 14:12 coMes fulfilLed and
who kNoWs.. poTenTiaLLy the rest in oTHeR terms and conditions and fine print beYond
inFiNiTy Now.. Never the Less.. as my FriEnd Flo Rida says and the real iLLuminati
that lives within all those folks who are curRently forevernow pARt oF TeAM
LiGhT noW it’s going down for real whether you get the bigger picture oF aLL
of this Tree oF Life
oWn dOwn
yoUr own paTh
and Road to Heaven now..
juSt a Word of AdviCE noW..
FiNd iT NoW and no oTheR NoW
as TrUth and LiGht aLways iS
iS aLL tHeRe iS
thAT iS..
so geT
to work2
with more than juST Grace2..
anyWay2 that’s what one2 New
aGe “Jesus2”.. says.. jusT for FuN2..:)
It’s trUe as the Division Bells continue to DancE
and SinG and RinG.. sorta.. kinda like what
PinK Floyd SinGs and RinGS too.. i Have
High Hopes too.. for the
hUman RAce
as those MeeK
continue to inherit the eARTh..
in Heaven NoW for those WiTh eYes
and eARs to FeeL and SenSE thiS Heaven Now..:)
AnyWay.. i’M juSt a MeSsenger.. or A Thief in Broad Daylight
who stayS iNvisible in the mix aS/OF/iN otHeRs chaSinG Dollar BiLLs..
Likes.. and Follows and Shares of Common Heards of Herd..
ways away from Deeper hUman NoW.. iN PoTenTiaL liGht
MoRe for Free Give and ShaRe juST for FuN.. butt
yes.. now approaching 7200 MiLes of Free Verse
Dance.. yA can’t miss my Ministry of
Dance.. CloSinG iN oN A Dance
of thAT in 44 months.. sAMe
so-called tiMe FrAMe
of the 4 MilLion plUs
words of as
“SonG of mY SoUL”..
Longest Long Form Poem..
But heAR’s the Funniest pARt oF aLL
as God overALL on this pLaNeT iS juST
about Disgusted with the TRump Version 2.0
of Humans now.. iF i continue these Endeavors
aS enListed aLL Volunteer Soldier as Grunt of God..
and no one of Trump imPort even notices i am heAR.. the rest of mY liFe..
iN terms of words and other symbols of course.. as the folks noW iN mY Local
Metro area WiLL never miss me or the Katrina in the flesh of Blood.. sorT of
oF LiFenoW..
juST cALL me
Freddy Free Loader
oKay.. as i live off the
Dole of the Trump Loves of Fear and Hate..
juST heAR to heLp bRinG iT to YA sooner or later.. heHe..
but NoW i’LL Keep mY HIGh HoPes as “CHiLd’S pLaY@Hand”..
And Bounce soMe even Bigger Airy FeeLeD seNsED.. BaLLooN SymBolS aRound the GloBe…;)
WeLL.. i muSt adMiT too.. thIs is reAlly rEAlly geTTinG HuuuGE moRe.. buTT as
‘they’ say about BaLLoons and Aquarius and all thAT iS.. uP uP and aWay i Fly moRe noW..:)
Original MicroVerse from a year ago.. heAr..:)
Hmm.. yep and as i say now before i get to that..
as per my Father’s Identical Twin Brother.. Ted’s
Senior class Quote.. per do what no other man
Dares to do.. as opposed to my Father’s
Quote of don’t do what ya can do
today if ya can do it tomorrow..
memories of getting behind
heAR in this MicroVerse too..
from a year ago.. as it took me almost
until the end of April..’ complete a milestone
of a year in poetically responding to yes.. every single
prompt and link from the Online PoeT’s Pub dVerse from
April of 2015 through the very last day of the 3 month
of the ’16 year of the New Century on the 31st of March then of 2016..
And yes.. probably close to the end of this month for catching up on
text only MacroVerse Statuses of 20 MacroVerses HeAR tHeRe aGain too..
but at LeAst i can pay a little more attention to what’s Holy
Spirit coMe aCroSs Pen wiTh a little reflection
of what’s come before FlyInG Free Air iN aS me..:)
WeLL.. i am currently 167 links behind
aka six dVerse prompts since two weeks
ago.. Monday.. in my milestone
of catching up and
doing my
third Novel
of Free verse
PoeTry just
for fun..
and that makes
almost double the
effort of what i did
with 90 in the last
blog post.. titled
Sand Box Heaven..
but off to work-out first
and wE wiLL see NOW what
happens neXt iN noW Free..
wheRe the poeTry prompt
iS all about the
verb and
in what they
limit as precisely
44 Quadrille Words
but just flow iN sTream for
me.. iN poeTic response(S)..:)
5:50 pm..:)
Hmm.. back at 11:36 am
on April 2nd.. and hmm.
it seems like staying 6 prompts
behind has been the ‘norm’ around
hEre lately.. so perhaps that iS a greAT
place to stay.. if that iS hoW the fLow aLL
Natural stream In free writing goes for now..
after aLL iS said and dOne in terms of
spReading truth and LiGht iN terms
of Wisdom and Positive energy
GiVinG and shAriNG wiTh otHeRs
Free perhaps the Dance iS wHere
i shine briGhtest and perhaps
the SonG cannot be heard
by most.. so yes..
muSt focus on
both as
as theRe are
alWays those
SmArt phone Video
shares done free by
the vieWinG audience
to air my ministry of
Center balance
i wITH
spreaDing on
Social Media as
aLl my anonymous friends
shAre what i tEach in DancE
ALL free as social media allows
so fREElY NoW.. ah.. but anyWay
as they say prepare ye a way
for the truth and liGht
and that belongs to
God and N0W no
one iN particular
so leT iT rain..
leT the shARinG
continue.. so
be Free aS
God growS
iN aLL oF
uS ALL NaturaLLy
as Natural Magic
Will do when more
hUmans hOld hAnds
and bE as iT weRe
and sTill iS before
the Apple of Cultural..
Political.. and Religious
Chains oN God As God AS wHOle
WiLL aLways be free and evenTuALLy
the virus of human culture.. politics
and false religions wITh evil God essences
wiLL FAiL wITH God @theHeLm.. oF aLL our SoULs..
so wITh ALLthatis said.. perhaps no more poeTry today but
yeah.. baby
iT’s now
and eat
cake.. Ynot..
(reference ‘Cake
by the Ocean’ by DNCE)
noW bE as Free as thiS!..
hmm.. lost track of what
i was originAlly saYinG..
oh the joy oF ADHD and
eTc.. yeah.. i kinda
feel ‘guilty’ about
not paying taxes
BUT anyway.. yes
money or not giving
and sharing iS hUman
God Given life FORCE
for all greAT! balanCinG
survival.. yes.. of course..
along with moving.. connecting
and creating.. SO! what i’ll do..
no matter how far i am behind on
the so called now that iS aLL that
counts anyway.. in terms of 6 prompts
this or that 6 behind or ahead of 6..
i WiLL make iT a practice oF
milesToneS instead of
deadlines and
to make my
yearly GodsUniVerseNovel
Celebration of a year
of responding to ALL
Dverse prompts and
lInks on or about
April 15TH.. yes
and yes.. i’ll then do my
tax return too.. indicating
of course.. the big fat zero
wHere iT says to pay green backs..
yeah.. i WiLL give.. not just to
the USA.. but the entire world..
so ‘they’ can continue
to kick me around
like a Soccer
Ball however
they find
like a TEam
wHeRe ever ‘tHey’
find my words and steps..
ah.. a joY to bE free and
on top of that.. no one WiLL
have to scroll through my pretty
poetic responses and say oh God
i wish that pest KMF would go
away.. and alWays easy WiLL bE
to find my
at the
very bottom
of everyone’s
comments section..
hehe.. and no more
twiddling my fingers
waiting for everyone to
get tHeir last poems iN
by the end of the week as
two weeks ago iS alWays
aLL caught
sorry. i probably
lost you.. in the full
context of what i am sPeaKing
but sure i’ll blAMe iT oN thE
ADHD.. and JoKinG too.. YNOT..
Dance on
baBy and
bE free
iN the
PoeTry of
LiFe set free..
still taKinG note..
Ah.. photo of YeLLoW Boy all Golden Spiral of God’s PHI pattern observed
aCross aLL of Existence from Quantum sMaLLest particles to UniVerse
and GaLaXy soUL.. and one of my first photos as able to even
see photos with my eye pain issues back in April
of 2013.. thanks God to Steve Jobs and the
eventual development of a Retina Display
of 4 inches that was the only color
display of a photo of anything
of Nature i could Bear
WitH eYe and ear
oF Pain
back then..:)
Goodbye “Sunny Boy”
Pre-MacroVerse written and shared about the passing
away of Yellow Boy’s Sun.. Sunny Boy then.. and
the Glory and Praise of a first tear of
EmoTioN Come to me in over 5 years
then.. sadly the best FeeLinG
i had after having to put
our little Son of
YeLLoW Boy to
Kitty Aids then..
and in a way that Cat Sunny B..
and even the dARk of Cat Oreo..
6LB Neighborhood Tuxedo Mix of
Scrappy Cat who injured Sunny Boy..
were all Saviors iN dARk and liGht who
heLped BrinG my GreaTer heARt.. SpiRit and
to eventual
Full Bread Light
in Blood of God whOle as Me..Back aGaIN..
Reborn.. yes.. resurrected as LiFe from Death as Life aS Such..
as i ascended into Heaven on Navarre Beach on or about the Week
of July 22nd.. 2013.. as i understand a Star of David and
a Golden Child was born in England on that day too..
sure.. you can
too.. hehe
in new E-way NoW2..
as that was the 13th so
Called Star of David Planetary
Alignment then since the year of
our Marriage.. yep.. me and the Katrina
in 1990 too.. as we met in ’89 too.. with
not another so-called Star of David coming
abouT A
from NoW aGain..
heY.. SynchroniCiTy..
yA Gotta Love God SPeak
juST for yoU iN A Causal
Connecting Principle as GiFt oF NoW aLLoNe..;)
as ‘they’ say2..;)
Oh Lord.. MacroVerse from 3 years
ago sTiLL StucK in Staycation HeLL
of My own accord.. on the Wrong Planet
online StILL WRiTinG after resurrecTinG aS
thE LiGht of EmoTiOns wHole as BaLanCinG ForcE
mInd and BoDy SoUL.. yeS.. MoVinG ConNecTinG
then.. And Co-creaTing mINd and BoDy EmoTioNs
And IntegratinG senSES wHOlE too.. expreSsinG
SpiRit of thAT iN DancE Steps and PoeTry SonG
too.. a little Deep for Left Brain metaphor of
Material Reductionist thinkers way back then..
but hey..
do when
in HeLL
on VAcation
to BRinG ’em bAck aLiVE as LiGht
He crys he tries.. he cries he tries some
more.. not much different reALLy than aCross
the farms i come to visit too.. in LA.. Lower Alabama
noRth in the County of Saint Roses NoW as Santa Rosa
and Saint Rose of Lima Church in the sAMe kiNds oF
leFT BRaIN thiNkinG sMall View of LIfE
without the eYes and
eARs required
to see and
more Big view
thaN FundamentaLiSt
LiTerAl LeFT BrAIn
metaphor smALL thiNk view..:)
Celebrating Easter in Resurrection of NOW
Oh God.. Oh Lord.. so many tabs aLiVe
ACross my 27inch iMac Screen.. never
the less.. yes.. Celebrating Easter
More2 iN Resurrection of NOW iN 2015..2
YeS.. as bigger MacroVerse liNKed heAr2..
from two yeArs ago2 far and near in FB MemorYways2..;)
Hmm.. also from two years ago.. sPeaKinG of Easter..
Guns and Roses and re-born sTuFF like thaT
hey.. looks Biblical enough iN Illustration
Deeper meaning wayS for a new age Bigger
Bible than the older oneS aT LeASt..;)
Original MicroVerse Memory from a year ago2..:)
Hi.. just dropped by to say Hi and
thank you for the Peter
Pan song.. a couple
of weeks
ago as i
catch up to
it now..
you are
doing well..
now.. Raman Mauve..
aka Shawna iN current expresSinG..:)
And here is a two week in advance
response to Shawna’s offering
for today’s dVerse prompt
for ‘Shimmer’ poems..
at 11:42 pm..
and i’m
for bed
now.. more
fun Nature
photos coming
iN ‘morrow way..:)
SMiLes.. people
who like humans
and yes..
there are real
people in the world..
i’ve met a few.. here and theRe..
it’s a soUl..
oF wE..:)
Yeah.. baby.. S..
ya kNow we’rE
deep wheN wE
can see so much
iN juSt
one word
or letteR
Facebook Rafiah sees my
current Yellow Boy Facebook
Profile photo.. and says Kitty
Love with one of those
big smiley face heARt
eyes sticker..
And i say..
Yes.. my friend.. Rafiah..
Paws and eYes of Love..:)
And before that she says..
Hunger pangs when you wake up in the
middle of the night… unsure emoticon
And then i say..
Yep.. i had those last night too.. about 3 am.. sTill
writing.. ending.. and too tired to grab a bite
to eat for empty stomach..
roaring.. feed me
now Freddy
And now i say..
just practicing
the so-called small
talk that socially binding
friends do.. instead of making
it all into a science project of fActs..;)
Aha!.. so Himali drops offline.. to become an
accomplished e-Magazine writer.. yes.. that
is wonderful news.. dear Himali.. as
to pursue yoUr creative
dreams in
is alWays
a ‘great perhaps’
and a way to growth
in moving connecting
and ‘passionately’
creating ways
of being now..
i’m not sure how to pull
up all those happy emoticons
for congratulations
and success..
but i’m
get the drift
and flow hehe..
and SMiLes.. i am
so happy and proud of
you as creater.. my friend..
and am looking forward now to
both your online presence again..
and your new stories.. shared as well..:)
Ah.. Florida.. yes.. “Florid AHH!!” alWays
State of Flowers and Beauty.. Prajakta..
and you and your sister certainly
add to that on your trip along with
your handsome fiancé..
and of particular
note.. your
mixed heritage
brings such an
exotic shade of
eye color..
human beauty
is the greatest flower
of all in my opinion
as i see it here..
Your trip looks like so
much fun.. and i really
feel fortunate to live
somewhere like
this for
a lifetime..
my friend..
and yes! Harry Potter
and Magic.. it can be
real for sure when what
we imagine is what we create
as real.. fearless.. passionate and
Lovingly so.. when free as human..:)
Another thought here.. after watching
the History of God with Morgan Freeman
last night.. particularly uncanny and creepy
was the transhuman singularity attempt
of a very rich woman who is attempting
to make her partner eternal as robot..
but no.. there is more to human
than flesh.. or words.. theRe
is real soul
of eYes
and feeLinG..
and if i have any
goal of after life here..
it is to keep Loving with
words.. photos.. and other
stuff.. when folks randomly
stumble across me.. years and
years into the future online..
as i have created many
paths back to Love
the best way
i feel
and kNow
how.. to help others
find the greaTest potentials
of Love and Fearless Balance that i for
one feel blessed with now… tHeRe
are general ways to approach the
metaphor of getting awake and enliGhTened
iN thiS life.. but not many people have tOld
it from an autobiographical REALiTY..
with tHeir own peN and more.. iS..
wITh photos and videos to
accompany that to really
get a better feel
of what
iT’s aLL about
iN reality out of
just a book less..
It is better to make
liFe organic with words
than flesh that someone
else other than the creator
makes.. but trUly iN mY opinion
that takes poeTry over just words
for concrete stuff.. and that took me
an entire lifetime to develop any
potential for that.. well..
5 decades at least..
and truly there are two main
ways to create iN liFe.. one is
with offspring.. one is with
art.. and of course
both can
to a legacy
of liFe.. as whatever
inspires iT makes It
real from now to
now alWays
Love never
ages when REAL..:)
And i feel truly blessed as
in this post i will be able to pay
tribute to 8 extremely inspirational
people i have met online since arriving
back in 2010.. who are still with me
now.. in words
here.. and those
folks are chronologically
speaking.. in terms of
meeting these folks
online.. Leah.. Lala
Rukh.. Prajakta.. Rafiah..
Shawna.. and as of
late Himali.. and
And of particular
note.. of two people
who no longer
visit back
is Brian
Miller and
Claudia.. as truly
i might not have become
the free verse poet i am now..
if not for their acceptance of free
writing that is as extreme as mine..
Brian Miller actually commenting on
my first very abstract free verse 6K
poem titled Revelation 66..
yeah.. the revelation of
my 66 months
in hell..
actually at the
time i named it that
as it was my 66th post..
but deeper meanings can
always come if we imagine
them real and make them real now..
And yes.. Brian Miller and Claudia
were the originators of the dVerse
Poet’s Pub.. i still enjoy it but it
was a much more open and
friendly place for creativity
and human interaction
before they left..
but that’s what
free likes
to do..
away from rules..
and someone has to
do the dirty deed for human
groups to function cooperatively..
however the community decides
the social norm will come..
but sadly creativity
with too many
science over
art.. and that is
wheRE i too.. pArted ways
from linking my freedom tHere..
and would love to thInk that both
Claudia and Brian are like Himali
and offline still creating in tHeir
own way free of
the distractions
of what online
can become
in terms of
human politics
and strife of discontent..
O N E a n d S a m E..
and yes.. there are literAlly
hundreds of thousands of other
folks.. likely millions.. and even
billions.. and more.. including
the UniVerse and More
as God that have
the art and
science of i
now.. nOne any
less important
than the
gRain oF
sAnd that holds
up the mountain
of i.. mE.. We..
and uS
And Four more.. from a year ago.. juSt for FuN2..;)
SMiLes.. what we sense and feel iS real..
Words are a concrete/abstract illusion..
vehicles and vessels as home
for what is real..
Knowledge iS
experience.. aLL
else iS second hand
stuFF.. as iT were and Is
for now.. wE are raised In
a fArm/Zoo Of words.. no less than
fish or birds imprisoned/bred iN wires/
jars as words.. i keep that iN feeLinG
and Senses when i Dance and
SinG liFe without written
words oF symbols
for what
iS REAL is RA eL..
wITh KA for SpiRit..
as the experience
of aLL that iS thaT iS..
i.. and pARt of aLL
i FeeL and sense
aS real.. N o W..
and A best thiNg
oF aLL.. iS.. while words
stay the same WitH various
interpretive meanings..
and feeLinGs/senses
and also change NoW
as attached iN noW..
Feeling and senses
eXpand and contraCt
no less or more now
than metapHorus
as liGht noW iN
BLack hole S0Ns
and Galaxies
Of LiFe..
come from
rEaches oF EiTHeR
hUman AND duSt..
So iN other
wE create goes
On for Now.. REAL..
when wE become
creators.. wE are
a Creator.. oF aLL..
Nature is THE creator
oF aLL wE see/feel no
doubt aBout
for folKs
who are pARt
and parcEl oF aLL..
IF i accomplish anything
iN liFe.. i hope thaT iS
to convince
a few folks
are not HUman..
God.. or NatUre alOne..
allone iS bigger than Roman
Numerals.. and accompanying empire..
and State..:)
sMiLes.. my friend.. iN mY work/school-career.. the onlY
TIME for introspection and self kNoWleDgE in 42 years..
From age 5.. was mowinG grAss and driVing to
Tallahassee on the Interstate..
twice a year.. to visit
my father..
Yes.. noW..
therE are some
folks who try to own
the earth as oyster oF
tHeir own.. but tHeRe
are others oF uS who enGage
iN Life and Earth aS Pan oF noW..
As an epic pLay and gRound Of ReAL…
Culture.. Religion.. and Politics.. are
priSons but Nature reMains fRee
and uS who
fiNd A wE
practice as never
ending perfection as practice
iN liVing great.. and as alWAys
the hardest priSons are those
of senses and emotions
aLL barRed up..
wHeRe moving 360
degrees can free iT aLL
as so much more for N0W..
when liFe becomes more art than science..
i WiLL to bE the change i seek and that’s enough..
and i’m 5
works for me..
as Pan of I..
As alWays REAL..
happiness iS an iNside..
ouTside.. aBove.. so beLow..
aLL aRounD practicE oF
iN balance..
trUly simple
withoUt aLL thE
eaT.. dancE..
sleep.. and take
a crap wHere no
one steps oN iT w/pisSinG…
i find iT works withouT fAil
butT i’M a dreAMer wHo coMes trUe iN liGht..:)
saY iT aLL..
iN RiVeR walKinG
GOlden CroWn
oF Love
aLL thaT iS
Katrina says ‘they’ should
make this a permanent
graven image of
me on the Target
Big Red Ball..
and better
yet.. i should
do iT aLL
New Age Male Renaissance
Nude Art style.. and of
course.. not everyone
can imagine that
as well.. as
some folks
WeLL.. guess that a’bout
covers iT aLL for now..
done forgoT to
eat Break
and Lunch
so i’LL have Brunch for NoW2..
aS soon as i find A Benefit for Being
Mr. Kite to illustrate this further
iF you aren’t already STiLL listening to Enigma NoW2..
And nah.. don’t forget Two Ones as Bridge ‘Cross H wHole
from 11 K.. saMe for hUman BraIns and BoDyS iN BaLanCinG
ForCE SyNerGy oF leFT and RiGht HemisPHeRes of DetAil Systemizing
Science thiNkinG HoLDinG Hands WhOle More from this Left BRaIN
MetaPhor waY WiTh RiGht BrAIn aRT BiG PicTure viEWs as GoD MoRE
aS heArT.. SpiRit.. and MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL Even MoRE aS LiGht..
When Both
oF eARth
IN NoRth
Do this Dance
and SinG GoD wHole as Us..
FReED as uS aS LiGht..eVeN MoRe gOld as LiFe LoVe NoW..:)
i supPose.. 53.. miGht be a little
late in liFe to make onesELf
into literAlly a Free Verse
Action Figure.. butt who
needs Hasbro when one can
employee.. do it yoursELf aLL FReED
from most costs.. anyWayY as the Comic
Book deTales.. Hell Boy.. of Hell Boy 2 Movie
Fame too.. actuAlly.. he did not fully mature until
age 53.. to gain Action Figure status either.. heHe..
AnyWay.. as one nice young woman at Seville Quarter
told me in folk hero way.. you are awesome Dude.. so i made
you my FB Wall Paper in Dance Action way.. as an inspiration to be Free
Freer than i already
am.. of course
her as iF i get
any freer than i already
am.. look out Moon and Sun
as i’LL jumP the Stars neXt.. And
that reminds me of a Sociology of
Aging Class back in Senior College
Days.. of working three part time jobs with
a full school load of gaining three Degrees
in Triple Major synch.. as in that class.. a 25
year old woman.. spoke a lament of.. where
are her Frankie Avalon days she never
had at Beach Parties as portrayed
on the Big Screen then.. keeping
in mind of course that we are
sPeaKinG of 1983.. heAR..
of course.. and with
my back ground
by then in
not only Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary as one coming
Degree and another in Anthropology
WiTh a Side order as Archaelogy Associate
in my “Raider’s of the Lost Ark Days”.. hehE.. too..
iN the swamps of North West Florida ..Digging Dirt
for subsistence related treasure of Bone Fragments
and Charcoal from All Natural cook-outs over campfires
under moonlit skies of Indigenous Folks way back when..
And then.. on my God.. stab me with a board of bored.. bagging
that shit uP like folks do with weed.. measuring it.. labeling and
doing everything with it but selling it on the side of the street.. i
was ready to graduate soon.. just to get stimulated more novel than that..
so.. yes.. eventually i wrote 12 Million Words.. heHe.. starting at age 50 on Thanks
Giving Day online.. hmm.. getting ahead of myself by several decades.. heaR buTT noW
back to the point. as a Health Science Major for third BS Degree too.. i tried to tale
the class when they showed us grey haired folks in their 50’s in wading pools.. ya never
need to get old if yA jusT do yA Jack LaLanne and Charles Atlas Routine across the
lifespan.. instead of cOuch poTato Professional Sports wasting away.. use it or
lose it
then as well
as Apples and Oranges
as Fruits allONe as GoD2..
And with art of movement beyond
the rat mills that i never touch except
for martial arts targets as i breeze and
float by with the greaTest of waTer
DanCinG aS AiR oN Terrestrial
Land.. the teacher and one student
said i was an idealist/zealot and a dreamer but
not real enough iN THeiR View of ImAginATion more..
in total hear as empirical measurement of Couch Potato
or general sitting in front of the throne of new scream of screen way..
just starting to develop then in Broader Band Information Technology ways..
anyway.. the Young Woman who missed the boat of Frankie Avalon
Days.. asked me if i was Superman.. doing all them part-time
jobs and a full School Load for a Triple Major like thaT..
Truth is.. the ArT of PhysicaLiTy iN SeNsoRy and
EmoTioNal ways IS A GreATest hUman
PoTenTial way to set onesELf FReED..
AnyWaY as Timothy Leary
said.. everyone
can make
15 Minutes
of Importance now..
to them.. juSt them.. if no
one else.. so free free FoR NoW..
as more folks Rid themselves of the common Trump.:)
From the dVerse online Poetry Pub in Definition way of difference between
Personification and Anthropomorphism as anthropomorphizing in Poetry
is the Prompt of Tuesday that i may or may not get around to
in pursuing some poetic responses to.. aS Such.. on the
dVerse Poetry site.. so yes.. heAR goes the Def..
“Personification is an act of giving human characteristics to animals or objects to create imagery, while anthropomorphism aims to make an animal or object behave and appear like they are human beings.”
Butt.. you see there is an opposite issue that is gaining epidemic status
in global fashion of western way of civilizations far spreading
to eastern ways of culture same and that is NDD.. also
known as Nature Deficit Disorder and the FACT OF
ANIMALS FROM HEAD TO TOE.. and our neo-cortical
inheritance that allows us to develop written language
after the development of other stone tools to better assist
us with tools for the successful gain of subsistence in day to
day existence.. along with collecting intelligence in labeling what
we do do that works for creature comforts with words to help other folks
repeat the successful experiment in systemizing ways of the first science
efforts same as systemizing life.. as laws and order to better assist a
species only evolved as animals to successfully live in groups of
touchy feely naked eyes and hips of 150 to 200 sets of
Forest Face to Face with no books.. yes.. human friends
in mostly non-verbal way as a dance of life
from feet to faces that move emotions
of others more than
alone.. oh..
so.. so.. alone..
really.. it started with
the cold and clothes to protect
us from Nature that is our friend
in abundant places of subsistence free..
the more we protect ourselves from Nature
the further we go.. yes the further we go to
make humans into tools first.. then words.. then
machines and now basically into thinner human touchy
feely life as thin air on screens.. from boxes to flat
screens now
to 4 inch
of what
cave dweller
might see as insane
all one with Nature
iN skIN that feels and touches
and smells and lives more than text on screens..
where one can pet a kitty cat or hug a baby more than
a photo of someone else’s child or pet.. as more humans
never get married or even start a family and end up being
just another job for the Clean-up Crews they already have in
Japan.. to scrape the remains of elders who have no real flesh and
blood human contacts who care enough to check on them to see if they are
and that’s
the way online
comes and goes..
it’s mostly about instant
gratification of likes.. follows..
shares.. stroke an ego for a second
and go away.. to the next place one can
obtain the most likes.. follows and shares
for affirmation that one’s life counts for
more than just a tool.. as a tool.. is a tool..
a word.. yes.. an abstract construct.. and before
that an arrow head.. a spear.. and after that a Huuuuge
Trump Tower and a President of a so-called United set of
States who says you can’t be happy unless one is rich with
tools.. including dollar bills and Golden Laden Penthouse rooms..
all the
Xolors of
Nature that
SinG Beauty true
in arms that Dance
toGeThER WiTh a continuous
Song of what’s real in life.. FeeLinGs..
SenSes and one with all that is Nature plus aka GOD..
At least the Greeks in Renaissance way.. you know the top
elite.. the 5 percent of so-called ivory tower intellectuals
then.. at least they employed artists smART enough like Michelangelo
who recognized that the highest art we have is in the non-verbal art
of our flesh and blood
as ParT of Nature
as we are
to be
SinGinG Creatures
never born with a book
in our hand other than
the Plate of tools we are
now fuller Fed from Birth to death..
There is an art of life.. iN ISA’s of
Instincts Skills and Abilities with an intelligence
that is truly limitless that need have no expectations
in an art of movement and experiencing nuanced emotions and
senses that grow across an infinity of now in LiFe as Evolving
ART.. and then there is stuff.. the stuff we become more than
we are..
ourselves so
far from our inheritance
of Nature Free that we are
not even free.. as we now
have become a
without even
a reference point
that is now lost for
many folks of what free
even means.. you see.. free
is the ancestor who flies indivisible with
Nature aka God’s Gravity one in BaLanCinG
Force to capture prey and escape predator for
day to day touchy feely successful forage in
intermittent gratification ways.. togEthEr as
a TEAm of Love for a DancE and SonG under moon
and star lit skies after the forage is success..
understanding how every pARt of Nature depends
on every other pARt as one LiVinG EarTh as
we wHole as pArT too.. nah.. tHeRE
weren’t any telescopes way back
when.. just ways to
Measure what
we could
in skies
by ways of edifice
of Pyramid and other
structures.. eventuAlly to
even mARk an eternity now
as a shell of our soul to come
in what the Pharaohs named KA then..
problem is.. when we become the shell without
full essence of the inheritance of Nature/GoD
while alive.. when we become the tool.. when
named tools
just another word
for human lost in
a real Twilight
Zone of
insanity now away from God
as Nature same wHo lives as i..AM..:)
Hmm.. i supPose it’s now for a SonG
Change.. and can you heART it.. yeP..
can you heAR the soUL of hUman
struggling through the
SonGs of Today..
men.. women..eTc..
SpiRiT screAMinG
to come back.. hmm..
really no time for deep
thOught NoW.. when what’s
lost is heART.. as Maslow
says.. stuck on the bottom floor of soUL..
anyWay.. that’s the way it goes alone away from allone..
thing is.. for we are animals wiTh HeART foremost like any
other mammal furry and warm.. even animals who kill for
sport like cats and humans who retain tHeir
purrs and kitty
Cat MiLk of Love..
anyway.. as they say..
about the Autism Spectrum
it can be hard to gain and
maintain peer appropriate friendships..
i’m not much for appropriate but i am
very much about friendships.. at least
on this loyal end and beginning like
any Wookiee who is not afraid
to fully express tHeir heART
With a SpiRit of soUL
away from care..:)
So with that said.. two
MacroVerse shares and
then i’m off on the
6th of the month
as promised
to an online
FriEnd of about
6 months that through
perseverance of heART
i for one keep a promise
to connect now on the 6th
of the Month as long as i live..
or the friEnd i keep says go on your
merry way somewhere else.. as i am the
lucky one true.. to alWays have some words
at least.. a few and more for a friEnd i keep..:)
“TRUE FRIENDS never die”.. i guess the title says it..;)
“The NOW after Easter”.. a year later.. MacroVerse
in 2015.. STiLL a thread of friendship with
first real online friEnd of continuous..
way.. even if for only about a half
a year of consistent mostly
everyday back and
forth.. per
Lala Rukh
from Pakistan
and a continuing effort..
yep.. Easter related of real
reborn epigenetic and neuroplastic
poTenTiaL iN use it or lose it fashion
of be all one can be on the Wrong Planet
where obviously the chances for two way convo..
is about as likely as Trump admitting he is wrong
or anyone
on the
either online.. hehe..
so.. now off to the United
Kingdom to visit old and still
young first real and continuous
online Friend.. LaLa Rukh.. originally.. from Pakistan..:)
April.. 6th.. And the
2017.. Month of April as
Spring and Easter IS sTiLL
A sigNaTuRE for the poTenTial
NoW of hUman reBirth.. And rebirth
as cycle of liFe gOne and coMe more
again as liGht.. and it reMinds me now of
‘Beauty and the Beast’ as strange as that may seem..
now2.. for to lose human emotions
and senses is the
of life
as life..
shells of words
without core noW aS
esSence of the Word
caLLed Love.. loSinG
heARt.. SpiRit and A miNd
and BoDY that no lonGer Balances
as soUL FuLL NoW.. IS A deaTh of
LiGht as LiFE as Love as greAtest Gift
of Human as Nature and God sAMe pluS
Born as Sentient sTar duSt plUs from Crucible
Fire of Star Seed Gift.. stAR heARTs we are now..
my FriEnd Lala Rukh.. NoW.. when our stAR oF heART
SpiRit sHines BriGht as HuMan soUl.. Furry and aLive..
touch hugs
a Star of liFe
wE are togEThER
FiRe as SpiRit liGht..
anyWay.. tHeRE are GiFts
oF LiGht and dARk mUse of LiFe..
thEre are gifts of Human that coMe and
go.. and when i lived in Beast mode without
a heARt.. a fAILinG spiRit and A soUL unglued..
my challenge.. yes.. without effective use of eYes and
eaRs in real life flesh and blood communication.. even
with my lovely wife with me in home outside.. then.. was to
make words of teXt Organic
as a BEast without
heART WiLL do..
as PoeTry
or Dance
and SonG
of HeART too..
enough for at LeASt
one person to recognize
A heART wiThin as SpiRit
coMe back togETheR as Egg of soUL
LIVinG agAIn as Seed oF liGht wHOle..
And it’s true.. with face or not.. without regard
to age or gender.. you are one of those people
who freely gave that to everyone on your blog…
i have come aCross a few who make that bRoad
brUSh efFort of Love.. And you as friEnd affirMed thaT
i cAMe aLive enough as human animal of Love again
to believe iT
my wings..
the rest is hiStory
now.. my friEnd.. Legend
aMoNg Women and stiLL
not so much among Men..
as far as Dance of heaRt now..
goes.. thing is.. you were among the
first as Muse who spaRked my heARt.. bacK.. aS reboRn LiGht..
And.. yeP.. like any Wookiee.. i WiLL do.. i STiLL do.. Not forget yoU..
so.. come Back.. if you can and WiLL mY FriEnd.. aGain.. to say hi.. i
have Love for i have patience of the JOB before.. stOne cOld…
coMe to
And SinG agAIN..
oN the 6th oF Forevermorenow..:)
WeLL.. iF i can’t make Action Figure..
i’LL settle for Yard Ornament..
more ’bout thAT iN a Few..
For NoW..
Bugs and
Taz are taKing
an Old-School
Walk around a
SpRinG After-noon BLock
And PreLude for a 155th
Dance Week NiGht at Old
Seville Quarter wHeRe everyone
is Free to be the greAtest they can be..
Bugs ain’t worried and Taz never runs out of gas..
And meanwhile the Katrina is trying out her new cheap
Grill From Walmart..
yes.. some stuff continues
to be really cheap except for
Health Insurance of course.. as
the Chinese cannot make that
at a reduced price of every
day low prices wiTh Slave
Labor aS Such.. yA
pay for what yA
geT.. including
the Government one
Votes for.. Nuclear Option or else..;)
Anyways.. sorta like Ellen says2..
i’m out in the yard today.. yes as a
Sun and Sand Dancing Lawn
Ornament and or
yes.. Action
Figure too..
and suddenly
a Beautiful Monarch
Butterfly Lands on a Native
Azalea in Full Bloom.. of course..
alWays arMed with both Music and
smART phone too.. except.. when i leave iT
unattached to me at the Gym.. i wave mysELf
over the Water of the Sand to get A practice of
a perfect shot.. thing is.. i am not spontaneous
enough.. this go ’round as the Butterfly sWings over
the Privacy Fence.. so.. what’s left.. the rest of the Gorgeous
Azalea Orange Blooms.. not unlike the Butterfly.. the Burning
Bush of God is STiLL Alive.. FlAMe of Colors @LEast in Beauty
way.. and it’s kinda sad.. some folks miss God as Nature in the Flower
of Life with Butterflies or not.. not me as i am both Flower and Butterfly
and Sand oF earTh.. no wonder i am a suiTable Yard ornament as i
fIT wRiTe
iN as
of Grass
whoLe as eArTh..
yes.. the whole eNCHilda.. aLIve..
As Tree oF LiFe.. FloWeRinG BeYond ColOrs..
Thing iS aS Tom Sawyer’s Creator Mark Twain says..
when creativity coMes.. don’t wait.. juST do the aRT..
And let those who do or do not consume it.. decide for
them what is art.. what is love.. and what it is they do not like..
We share the similar DNA with so many animals.. TruLY roots deep
more than
from each other now..
more a mirror reflection
we are of eARtH and SKeYes
as GoD aS NaTure to be-HOld and Be-HelD
as Beauty more.. sure.. tack on some Wisdom if
that’s the way yoU like yoUr DancE and SonG too..
Meanwhile.. we live in a country where folks can sTiLL
Be the GreATesT tHeir pOTenTiaL of Human Allows.. no
limits.. no expectations.. juSt LoVinG LiGht from dARk to
sHades of Grey BeyOnd RainBoW Colors to me.. funny..
how much
can/WiLL geT dONe..
AnyWay2.. “Age oF Katrina”
CoMinG to the neXt MacroVerse..
Celebrating Katrina’s 47th Birthday
on Palm Sunday too.. and as i recently
wrote about her Lois Lane.. News Paper Career..
in case you forgot.. Superman was/is a Writer in his
Day Job.. too.. And as Synchronicity WiLL have it.. she saw
her Old Boss first time since over a Decade past.. and he said..
it is simply astounding how you never change.. don’t think it’ll make
the Press Gazette but will make a New Age Bible in 91st MacroVerse
way as this 90th.. “ChiLdS PlaY@HanD” comes to a finish for now.. with
of course.. more fun Dance photos added to this MacroVerse around
the ending of the Dance at 3AM.. as well as the Katrina Verse coming
close to
Birthday too..
on Palm Sunday..
as ‘they’ arrange that too..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked