MaY MiNioNs BLooM

i No LonGeR PAinT
wiTh a PeNciL
i AM A/thE BRusH..:)
And this NoWthen is yes..
juST tHe/A beGiNNinG NoW
oF MacroVerse Number 98/769
Of ‘NetherLand Bible 2017’ and OG2 yes..
‘SonG oF mY SoUL’.. words NoW FLYiNG
sTiLL AriSinG iN 97/768/4+MilLioN Words
as MacroVerses… “PaGaN MoNDaY NoW2”..
yeT to be Published.. aLL for FReED oNLiNe2..
And now after that task mastered is dONe.. the one
at hand continues.. With ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’..
now at 1,476,854 words.. with 8 more MacroVerses
to go for an Anniversary Memorial Day of 2017.. One
Year of Writing oN Milestone it seems STiLL aRiSinG2
toward a 1.6 Million Word Bible effort in year to date then..
from May 30th.. 2016.. through May 29th.. 2017.. Hey buT iT’s juST
A Number ..A Milestone.. A MaRk on an Interstate Long from shire to shore..;)
GreaTesT AmBiTioN
‘MaY BLooMs NoW FReED’..:)
And with said.. a title for a Number
98/769 MacroVerse NoW for reALLy LonG
Bible and otHeR even longer Bible too(two)
ongoing of course as Bibles of the uNabridged kiNd Do
ContinUe to FloWeR And Sure BLooM.. iN StAyInG aRouNd NoW
for a little to A lot oF Fertilizer after thAT for Continuing FloWeRinG LiFe..
WiTh thAT sAid.. SooN to go Bathing With Nature aGaiN iN MuNiciPaL
SPonSoReD PArK.. Bagdad of the New Jerusalem KinDA MiLLtown way
far far
out of
IraQ too..
as if we need
anyMore lAtitudiNeLy
similar coincidences NoW
iN LA Lower Alabama.. Pan..
H A N D le as oF FL and yes..
Synchronicity God WiNks noW tWo..
aLonG theSe waYs oF PeNmaNshiP too
aS words FloW oN iN PoeTiC VieW.. two..
Hmm.. sPeaKinG of Synchronicity and just
Plain Pattern Seeing.. that Woman who Sings
‘thaT’ SonG sure does look like my Dance Friend Cortney..
even the Katrina Agrees who also been likened to her and
that more TomBoy Charlie’s Angel who plays sports too and lifts weights..
and is
Science sMArT too..
iN ConserVinG NaTure
as a Government Beach
Ranger Woman these days..
but as usual i diGress back
to NatuRE GoD plUS sAMe.. noW
iN Goddesses of NaTuRE WaY too..
And or Protectors aS Such as you don’t
wAnna FucK WiTh MoTheR NaTuRe Now
WitH thE Katrina in the Vicinity of LIFE either..
nah.. don’t break no Turtle Eggs or she will sPit fiRe..
And Cortney WiLL WriTE you uP at the Beach and i would
FB tag her but she probably tHiNks i am at lEast A little cray crayfish too..;)
MaY MiNioNs
So.. i ask the Wife..
yes.. the Katrina..
how many
and she
says 4.. yes..
4 times i changed
clothes today through
sweat of dance through Bagdad
River Dance to Down Town River Dance
to Santa Rosa Country Administrative Building
Dance to Publix and Walmart Store Dances and then
finally to around the Block and Down the Road Dancing
and Swirling all in Reverse from 10 to 8 and i’m kinda late
to writing after Dancing for 10 hours but that’s how it goes
after one leaves Monotonous and Very StressFuL Decades ‘FoRe
oF aS life as MiNioN chained to the River.. no.. i mean
Rhythm.. as iT iS Great and Anti-Minion to
fLoW aS A RiVeR NOW aT LeaSt
And to be the River too..
blah blah blah.. yes..
Yada Yada Yada2..
once one gets
used to it
a zilLion metaphors
for that FloW iN ZoNe.. yeS nOW
Be the Water.. Be the Air.. Be the
Bruce Lee Fearless and FeeLinG NoW
Invincible as a life long Practice
of Attaining Positive Energy
also kNown as Luke
Hot FaiTh Love iN
and Co-CreATinG
WaYs of Relative Free
WiLL WiTh NatuRE sAMe NoW
And DifFerEnt ParT aS wHOle…2..
yeS.. NaTuRE plUS AKA God WHOle too..
yes.. Pure Faith aS WeLL.. bE thE River..
thE Mountain one WiTh eARtH.. UniVerSE pLuS
AKA God aS WeLL.. sure.. any Yogi WiLL tale
ya the TrUtH.. A LiFE LonG Practice that never
Leads to perfection buTT IS A Perfection of
PracTiCE alWays wHeRe eVeRy
MoVe as Katy Perry sayS
iN ET Way BeCoMEs
HoLy anD SacReD
oF MeANing
and PurPose not
even needing a word
for EMoTioNal ReGulaTioN
and SenSoRy InTegRATiON
thaT FloWs as RiVeR MoRe..
MoRE EVeN HiGher as OcEAn
WaVeS exPaNSinG ShoReS oF
FLiGht for hUman EmoTions
and SenSes WitHiN
iNside.. ouTside..
aBove.. so beLow
And all aRound INNeR
UniVerSe ExPaNDinG LiKE
A BiG BanG ButterFlY out oF
Cocoon and LIFE as Rose WiLL
do of and aS GoD too WiThiN as PuRe LoVe FaiTH NoW..
And hey ..after one experiences this Transcendence as Ecstasy of Being
ONe WiTh GoD MorE iN interConnectioN oF INteR-ReLATioN-shiP
oF ALL STuFF CreATioN.. try to put iT aLL into words the best
one can to give and share the experience.. so.. someone
else may find A Wave to Heaven NoW
and SurF Life as Death never comes
as LiFE and NeveR ever exists
as LiFE NOW.. pURE FaITh
aS BliSS unadulterated
by Doubt or Fear or
Misery or other
oN eARTh.. the Satori..
the Nirvana.. the Bliss.. yes..
the Heaven now at Hand in the
Kingdom of NAtuRE PLuS aka
the God NaTuRE of BeinG NoW..
HUman WiThIn.. iS iT Neurochemical
and Neurohormone related.. of course
Baby as while God is all real so is the FeeLinG
for tHose who attain it in ways that Science cannot
Fathom nor often MiNioNs too bEfoRE tHeiR FloWeR
FinaLLY Blooms as Butterfly Big Bang Rises out of
HuMan MiNioN Cocoon.. yeah.. BabY as
Austin Powers miGht say out
into the Neo Matrix shoes..
unplug and
be isreAL
iN a ZioN
DancE and SoNG
thAT NeVeR enDS NoW…
oThEr than thAT See God as
A BeyOnd RainBoW CoLoReD NoW
RoSe thaT conStAntly Changes
for the Better WitHin.. out
of Books oF Old
for all practical
intents and purposes
to actuALLy ARRiVE ALiVe
much sooner than close to
55 of what it took me to get to Heaven
noW as promised by the sAGes of the aGes
including that New Testament Luke 17:21
VerSioN of the Essence of HeaVeN aT
HaNd alWays iN thiS Generation now
then now forevermore now.. Heaven YeS isREaL..:)
Sure.. 9 Profile Facebook Pics of the Day
as Pictures continue to tale a story as
they Love to Do when all of LiFe BeCoMes
HoLY and SacRed.. FuLL oF MeaNinG and
Purpose wHeRe in plUs 4 MilLioN
Words as “SonG of My SoUL” too
iN Even Longer Version of
Bible since August
of 2013 as i also
Go lonGer
heAR iN
98/769 aS
“Nether Land
Bible 2017” NoW too..
ReaChiNg 1.476 MiLiON
Words as of MacroVerse
97 also SerVinG as MacroVerse
Number 768 aS SonG oF mY SoUL LonGeR
too iN Modern Transhumanist way of actuAlly
UpLoaDinG oNe’s soUL oNline to give and share
Love WeLL after one’s duSt returns to StAR BirTh
LiFe and the cycle of LIFE in Essence goEs oN
forevermore NoW as PuRe Love as Resurrection
of Next StAR BurST Death aS SenTiEnt
StAR DuST plUS cOmes agAIn
as Promised
by sAgES
oF aGes too..
although.. Science
aint yeT caught uP
as it’s an antiquated
1 step 2.. and 5 or
whatever of
more than
hUman Words
and Defs alone..
althougH it still works
Okay for what can be empiricAlly
Measured with tools that see and hear too..
more than juST the HuMan EYE too.. although the
Eye of Wisdom has no liMitS or eXpecTaTiONs
wiTh metaphor of mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
ForcE uNLeASHinG and ReLeASinG MorE
NoW iN HUman PoTenTial
with or without
the transhumanist
tools of technology too..
anYway.. iN the Middle of the
Day on Tuesday.. the hustle and
the bustle of the second day of the
long long work week can be seen
on the faces of both those
who work and those
who take care
of folks
who go to
work and school too..
the frowns of misery wHere
DancE and SonG iS Only a Distant
Ancestral or Youthful Memory in
Archetypal way or this liFe
eXpEriEnce NoW.. BeFoRE
the HeaRt dies a
sLoW Death
oF SpiRit
iN MiNioN
dARk of School
and Work.. And the
soUL as MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG Force continues
to lag farther and farther behind..
yes.. chained to the rhythm also of
close to 60 percent of folks on prescription
drugs of which i’ve mis-spoke in the past and
named that opiates however opiates are all natural
metaphor of all you can eat sugars and fats too.. Video
Games and other Dopamine Producing Screens as Screams oF LiGht
wHeRe instant Gratification of Dopamine in quick fix way takes
away the
Beauty and
the LiGht of Wisdom
oF all Free MoVinG.. NoW
ConNecTinG and Co-creating
WiTh OTheRs too.. aS oNe of
my FB FriEnds sAId today
FeeLinG empty
what can
be miSsinG too
iS the Warm and
Fuzzy Feelings of
Oxytocin Social Binding
of Flesh and Blood Love
of Human BeingS Face to
Flesh and eYes and DancE
oF Hips toGeTher too as FriEnds
oF DancE and SonG LoVe isreaL NoW..
and Blood
isReAL iN all
non-verbal Flesh
and Blood ways
of Social
Reciprocal Sommunication
as ‘normally’ human assessed
as 60 to 93% or so of sTiLL
Classically evolved Face Dance
of Flesh and Blood and Rest of Body
Communication with others more than share that liNk..
although Cat Pictures can surely make one feel warm
and fuzzy at least iN Mirror Neuron sharing virtual
and vicarious ways too.. like Solo Porn and such aS thaT..
i connect to everyone every place i go to Dance as my Body
is communicating from head to toe the way humans are STiLL
Mostly Classically Evolved to Communicate NoW.. nah..
i ain’t the insane one.. i’ve just come back to the
On the Bagdad Site of River..
Old Mill Town Place
of Centuries plus
ago.. Foundation
of MiLL Place
leFT.. a Fence
that yields a warning
of do not go Beyond and
what a metaphor for life that is..
as constantly from almost Birth.. Fences
are made away from our Human Nature from
Witholding shit and piss first in diapers..
to.. don’t touch yourself like that part of you
is not really an appropriate part of you now and
perhaps it never will be.. always seen and felt and
sensed as something less thaN Holy and Natural Sacred Gift from GoD..
NoW as opposed to some primitive societies that still exist where there
are not even words for masturbation or homosexuality in the language as
the tribe as whole practices the ‘work of the night’ from Puberty.. as use it
or lose it in the missionary position applies as opposed to other ways of getting
the Job
of Nature
down now
in Fetish
ways.. not to
say.. there ain’t
in the closet stuff going
on.. as folks adhere to culture
no matter how far against the Nature
the language brings as culture same
but anyway again.. uses it or lose
it applies and if places
don’t come in more
than one way
to put
Nature escapes
the Fences in other
Greener or more Strange
Pastures and Fetishes of LiFE too..
You can’t Fool Mother Nature but you
can try to hold her down with whips and chains..
more than likely you’ll reap what you sow in doing that too…
How ironic
or not
as it’s
AT itS Natural
Way oF BeinG HUman too..:)
A most Beautiful
Red Rose on the
Down Town Black Water
River Place of close to
wHEre i was/AM raised by Railroad
Trestle Bridge.. and surELy more can
be seen of God as NaTuRE pLus than juST
iN a Book of Words and Bible sAMe that attempts
to abstract construct symbols to express this Love
as God incARnaTE to even Hold God in one Rose is Heresy
as God Lives in aLL Roses for juST a TinY Metaphor heAR
aS WhoLe oF HoW much Bigger GoD as naTuRE plUs is for we
tiny fleas riding the Blood and Flesh of the Dog as God
thaT we cannot fully fathom or ever adequately describe
the Beauty of a Rose more than jusT a Picture
WiLL do more than words of BLack and WhitE
Letters that fall as petals
as compared
to a
AS Blood oF GoD
Like this as an everliving
thing Now oF Wisdom LiGht more
never ending circles of Rose coMe to liGht
Never ending words and stories and Nether Land
More thaT WiLL never do adequate Justice to describe
a Hair on the Beauty of God Head NoW.. of even me
or you in flesh and
ride wave too..
AS OcEaN whOle
etERnaLLY MoRe NoW..:)
The Santa Rosa Administrative Complex BuildinG HeAR..
Place of the Tax Collector Hall of past
Administrative Top Dog Lives too..
A Place of all day Money
Collecting to keep
the Oil of
Services WoRkInG..
that i for one enJoy..
like the Roses for jusT MorE
Beauty on the River Board Walk
DancE and SonG Today.. yes.. much
more than that butt.. for noW i’LL
Focus on the Rose of God continuing
exPanSinG StrEAms to RiVers as WAves
aS OcEaN WhOle sHoRes MoRE noW..
meanwhile.. frOwns
inside the
Building with
FurroWed Brow
of Mechanical Cognition
Mind away from MoVinG CoNnecTinG
And Co-CreaTinG WaYs oF FReED MoRE iN
LiGht but hey.. someone has to pay for
the upKeeP of GoD’s Rose too.. Water
me as they say.. feed me
and BRinG
of Services
iN Creature Comforts
to the rest of HuMaNkInD
too.. i too served otHeRs
like this iN many ways for
33 years for pay too..
raTheR give
and share
for free
as thaT Rose
of anD aS GoD juST DOeS
BeSt iN Free WiLL LiGht
LoVe GiVE shaRe NoW FReED..:)
Ancestral Roots of Water and Streams and Rivers too.. as
a key to life as 60 percent or so of the Human
body is comprised of water and up to
90% in other Animals too.. water..
a necessity for life as
we intuitively
Seek and
to FeeL anD
Natural Abundance NoW..
iN juxtaposition of the place
i juST went in Facebook Profile
Pic way in Tax Collector’s Office
away from hUman HeART in a place
of take and take and take
WiTh Nary a SMiLe
and SMiLe
without a
worry on a real
Bank of River that
is Green WiTh liFe
Giving water that in
this case is both.. too
Brackish and Polluted to Drink..
never the less a sign of liFe to all
Animals who come to the River now to
not only survive but thrive with a rest oF LiFe too..
is it any wonder that folks tend to go more violent in
places of Environmental Scarcity.. no it’s not it’s JusT
a Sign from Nature to get your ass out of the Snow and
Desert and Back to Green Banks of RivEr liFE Abundance.. anyWay..
a Cool Breeze in the close to 90F oF A SpRinG Day says relieF.. Baby
Tables.. sure.. i hold
no illusions now against
the necessity of all that
evil now too.. in terms NoW2..
and fine conditions away from HearT LiGht
LoVe LIFE NoW.. aWay2 from Green BlAck Washington
BiLLs and Lincoln Sents to dRain a HeaRT A SpiRit SoUL DrY..:)
An Ancestor NoW aS Dinosaurs.. A Reptile Lizard
With Lizard Brain STiLL intact too.. shoWing
me in Alpha way who is Boss by
Expanding Red throat
way of Lizard
King on
Board Fence.. rarELy
do i underestimate the
fAcT that we are Mammals..
And have a Reptile Brain too..
aLong with the Limbic System that
sTiLL controls most all of what we do..
BeFore the Neo-Cortical.. more newly Developed
Evolutionary Brain.. imagines memories past
and potential Future rewards and
and the
ShaDES of Grey
more than 50 too..
the Loving Survive with
Grace and the WiLL and Strength
Survives even more toGeTher as BaLanCinG
FoRCe oF Fearless Sacred Unconditional Giving
and Sharing Love.. Is iT necessary to Bow when
Loves with
Grace Strong
wiTh WiLL.. so..
the Lizard Scampered
oFF after the photo oP
finished for the
CoMinG hUman
15 minutes of fAMe
even more than promised
in prophecy way by Timothy
Lizard O’Leary.. too.. way back.. when..;)
Little Book Buildings Spread aCross the
Country in take no more than you
give and return
in share
a reAlly
wonderful thing..
yes.. all volunteer
effort to BRinG
the liGht
oF ReAdinG
iN hUman Way uP..
but nah.. for me.. i’ll
save a tree for if anyone could
even publish on a tree of what i do..
that would be a waste to me in copyright
Way of Nature to Live as LoVinG Tree LiGht
Air more for we iN A PlaCE wHeRe HuMaNs
NoW aRe CoVeRinG tHeiR SkIN of GoD iN
lIEs/TrUtH of CreaTuRE ComFoRT who
and thAT Have and do
ForGEt eVeN
whO and
what they
are aS PaRT
aS WhOLe oF and as GOD
aLiVe NoW SenTienT StAR
duST BooK PLuS STuFF ready
to DancE and SinG even more
when no longer repressed or oppressed
away from the intuitive SeeinG and FeeLInG
And SeNSinG HeAveN WiThiN thAT caN And WiLL BE NoW2..:)
Hmm.. the 9th FB Profile Story PiC BooK.. couldn’t coMe aT a Better
NoW thaN NoW aS i AM Hungry For Dinner for A fourth Daily MEal NoW..
As hey.. if you Dance 10 hours oN a Tuesday
yA Gotta replace what you
took out in
and Blood
and iN Salt Water
RiVer Veins iNside too..
trUe.. i’M A WaLKinG BooK2..
A TaLkinG Blog2.. wHereVer i Visit
iN oNlinE Print.. and are tHeir NoW
MoRe VoLumes iN/aS mY FingERs thaT
Continue to DancE and SinG
than in this little
of and
for GoD NoW2..
HiSToRy saYs.. yeS..
For sure.. BabY@LeASt
iN mY CaSE as Free spiRit.. NoW2..:)
SMiLes.. mY
May you
Ocean Conductor
Waves as SlAves..:)
DArk Matter
MoVes STars
i AM A FucKinG
And God
Brain Glue
Rules Neurons
Glial Cells ReiGn..;)
Rules Stars
As God
And sure.. i could go
on too.. BeYonD
Art iN A
sAMe BoaT/
TravELs God Speed..;)
And you’LL never
fully understand
any of this shit
until you don’t know..;)
iN oTheR WoRds..
gET thE HeLL ouT
oF yoUr Frontal Lobes..;)
HeaR iF
U cAre..;)
SoW i seE God
So.. SUe
Or ReaP mE.. heHe..;)
SoW HaVe
A NicE DaY..
F iN ReaP iT..;)
Genius of Science.. no
Genius oF Art.. no
Genius of Love.. Yes..:)
iN oTheR WordS
A StaTe oF BeinG
aT LEast oNe tHinG
iN coMmoN.. ALL..;)
OKay thaT’s eNougH
Seize A NoW iN
FredkU Style oF
WaY noW
FLoW Now..
iN FB StatuS Way..
FoR NoW aT LeASt..;)
Genius IS A
Road allone
And alone..:)
OKay.. let’s make that
into a Reverse FredBun
wHeRE the FredKu comes
First and the rest of the HaiBun
cOMes neXt but don’t do this in
poEtry so-called Art Land as Science
or they’ll kick you out and that is why
truly Genius in either art or science
as previously established is hard
to find as Genius is all
about original
iN both
Art and
Science of
HUman expREsSinG
SpiRit of HeArT iN
A MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL
wHere few to no one
has GoNe BeFoRe.. iN OtHeR
WordS no use in crosSinG yoUr FinGers
that you’ll be readily accepted for yoUr Different aS..
Language oF Art and/or Science Folks mostly bond oN
coMmON Purpose iN LiGht or DaRk as Religion and
Politics sAMe.. in oThER words.. do not Deviate from
the Bell Curve of the Social Group or else.. at Least
ThEre are few crucifixions these days and all you
mostly get is deleted.. banned or simply ghosted
in online ways of Creativity but
the Globe IS A Big enough
place now to get at
least tolerated
by a few
for the
oF OriGiNaLiTy
to continue to carry oN
as a HerMiT ArT and sciEncE
of BeinG thAT is Pure Love as Creativity
rather than thInKinG aBouT alWays
how the rest of the Crowd does
tHeir Art And Science iN
MutuAlly Acceptable
ways of greeting
each oTheR
iN what ever
Ivory Tower spells
tolerance and acceptance
in the sPiRiT of the MoMeNT.. NoW…
Within this LonGesT LonG ForM Poem
as entity unto itsELf NoW too aS ‘SonG oF
mY soUL’.. i Chronicle the Difficulties of Genius
aS it GroWs.. And by this i do mean places of
Art and Science that no Woman or Man on
Record has gOne BeFoRE.. liKe
MeeTinG a New FloWeR
yoU’ve never
or as FriEnd
Glenn once put it..
the Macabre way i do
art which iS iN itSeLF A
RaTheR ingenious way of changing
language to mean the opposite of deaTh
as this is all about liFe NoW.. Baby.. No Dreams
of RewARd in a DirT NaP unTiL Essence cOmes
BacK as ForM aGAiN too.. as aBove.. so beLow..
rebirth is the way of the LiVinG World from
FaLL as WiNTer spRinGS SuMMeR
STar BurST DeatH
As SenTieNT sTAR duST uS
PluS and since we all as Science
at leASt curRenTly PortEnds cOme
From A sAMe soUrCe.. wE aLL LiVe
TogeThER wHOle and NeVer SepArATe
froM End to New BeGiNNing Forever NoW@LeASt..
But sure.. it’s
Hard to convince
A Human who believes
they are only a speck of
duST OF any
of thiS NoW..
unTiL they LiVe
without Death
or in other
Life without
ArT of God Thriving Within
as Systemizing MiNd is just
Quill without iNk of HeArT allone..
AnyWay.. NoW.. CoNsideRinG
wE are born sTiLL A UniVerSe
NoW reGAiNing thaT StaTuS
although noT alWays popular..
iS an
to Do.. NoW2..
for those wiTh the
Necessary eYes
and eARs to
NoW aS WhOle..
AnyWay.. cALL iT FucKinG
CraZy or juSt a FlowEr butt if you
enter into mY BeinG FuLLy more.. moRe
than likEly you’LL see colors you have never seen
beForE and of course the sAMe for me iF
i too could enter into your
Multi-Verse as UniVerse
too.. in oTheR words..
i ain’t special
butt i am
a Unique
as ParT aS WhOle
GoD allone and never
alone as mY UniVerSe iS
aLL liT uP from WiThiN.. and
sometimes i muST say when i go
places wHere no one goes NoW in mY
local Vicinity.. tHeRE is almost InFiniTE
Sadness thaT i can not oPen a Door NoW to
wheRE i go.. even for the WiFE who Lives
in HouseHold Quarters closeST oF aLL EveN
iN aRms of LoVe tHeRe IS A closed Door i cannot
open for OTheRs.. And i do not complain now about that butt
i muST say.. yes.. it can get TiRinG when oTheRS do tHeir best
to trim my SycaMoRE Tree doWn to tHeir size of smALLer
hUman PoTenTiaL iN my particular ways of WinGS thAT
FlY HiGheR WiTh Doors yET unoPeNed by OtHeRS..
so whaT haPPens iS my Nautilus Grows Larger
as a sHeLL and i do my best to branch
out but the larger it grows the harder
the shell becomes to
break in and
the more
of a
thief in the
niGht i beCoMe..
allone alone that’s
sad but a necessary evilive oF Light..
STiLL ReEVolVinG faRTheR ouT oF DaRk NoW..:)
Stamina.. and A
WiLL to go on alone..
Is it any wonder it takes
almost a Perfect storm
of Life to Create
Genius in
these days..
why Mozarts
and Beethovens
and Newtons and Einsteins
and Whitmans.. and so many
other enigmas seem so far away
and relegated to the
past.. NoW it’s
Folks as
we are the
SamE F iN
Humans in classically
evolved ways as we were
tens of thousands of years
in that SloW way of MaKinG
liFe PoTEnTiAL NoW.. put
a fish behind
a computer
they will
learn to be a screen..
let them dance and perHaps
one day they will sing the UniVerse
as more than the modern science assessed
attention span of the Average Gold Fish Human..
it takes great sacrifice NoW iN terms of cheap shots
of instant dopamine gratification to trUly go wHere
being NoW
is recorded
to go beFoRE…
Not all of uS can
prove wHeRE we go
butt some of us
take noteS
the Way
that beCOMe
esSence unto the NoTe..
in a resounding note of thanks
to the Band Aids that came BeFoRE..
sure.. an Ending E in a Day in the Life of ME NoW2..:)
Just Consider me a Stone Statue with a rather
Stoic LooKing Law Enforcement Head RiSinG
More out oF the Burial Grounds
of Genius
Fore and
otHeR than
thaT it’s all
MaGiC Baby.. smOke
and Mirrors and whatever
else ya wanna CALL God
as HiGher
WiThIN me
and you foR NoW2..
Meanwhile.. my statue
continues to rise a little HiGher..
as any Jonathan LivinG SToNe SeAguLL Flies NoW2..:)
oH yeah.. and sure it’s Genetics too.. as juST
the fACt my Grandaddy had Dinner With Einstein
in the Socialist Circles of Politics last Century
iN New York.. New York.. was/is indicative
additionAlly of the Human
potential of the
children he sired
but my Father ended
up on a Farm and decided
to spend 46 years of Law
Enforcement doing what Einstein
says is insanity of the same dam
thing.. and sure.. i was headed the
same way in Big Lebowski Bowling Center
way for about two decades too.. then
adversity.. then adaptation.. then
change.. liGht
as HiStory
and HerStory
and eTcstories sHow2.:)
BeHind most every bulb oF FloWEr
as Beauty IS A dArkest
Shit HaPpens
butt never undER estiMate
A Tower from ShiT as PoWer and Force2..:)
But if you
can hELp
it.. don’t TrumP iT..;)
*it was 50 years ago today…
Hmm.. just about filled uP the Description of those
last 9 Facebook Status Profile pics with
Continuing Free Verse Poetry
stReaMing.. yes.. blah
blah blah..
yeTi MoRE..
ways as RiVerS
to OceAns wAVeS
paRT NoW wHole
As FiEld of DreAms
Builds MoRe.. so.. anyway
as iMaC Photos coMe in 12
Month increments of 30K or so
individual pics.. i am presented with
1 year ago Memories of photos every
now and then and now again when i
open uP my iPhoto Album Catalog of
Memories too.. a rather Sublime photo
heAr as my Goodness i never kNoW
NoW whAT WiLL CoMe FloATinG
through my Great Room iN
the Middle of the Night..
Freeman is
hosting a National
Geographic sHow on
TheMe oF GoD NoW too..
And this go around sublime
Krishna Floats a Blue tinted
Visit.. sTill Visible Above is
the ShadoW oF our
Great Room
LIGhts too.. with
SheLL Vase.. and Dolphin
Ornaments too.. barELy Visible
is an Ivory Nautilus Shell too.. anyWay..
Krishna from that Good Old Time Hindu related
Religious Tradition makes a visit.. and it doesn’t reAlly
matter Now as Krishna and Buddha and Cosmic Dancers from
India too and Lao Tzu from China and the Jesus Dude named
Yeshua in Aramaic ways of Desert Patch of Dirt.. Middle East
are at core the sAMe folks.. yeS.. iN DNA way oF you and me2..
as we also share most of oUr DNA With a Common
Ancestor of both us and rats in similar
Rodent way.. 75 million years
ago.. too.. anyway.. yes
today.. we share
more of it
aLL hUman
BeinGS and soMe
oF it WiTh the ResT oF
Existence allone down to
suBnuclear paRTS of Quantum
Physics.. particles too.. Stone are we
too and a Grain of Sand that Holds Both
Mountains and Love as huMan BeinGS uP sAMe
and DiffeRent too.. to make folks some how separated
from the rest of the human race as only this or last that..
IS A rather stale and stagnant way of thINkinG.. FeeLinG
and seNSinG PoTEnTiaL BeinG HUman NoW and eVeN
NaTuRE whoLe pluS as God whOle NoW too.. anyWay
i juSt as soon have a myth visit me as what’s leFT
iN Words.. we are the sAMe BeinGS overALL So
SinG a New SonG to the Mountains..
the Seas.. the Ocean wHole..
aLL is DifFeREnt
aLL iS sAMe..
eNjoY iT while
yA can in this little
Sliver of Heaven in what
can be a DArk.. Very cold
and Hot place iN UniVerse NoW 2..
HeAvEn or HeLL ofTeN a Place thAT
DePends on A GreAtEST oF MamMaL
Laws as OF uSE iT or LosE iT mORe aLL NoW..:)
“An orgy of self-indulgence….”.. WeLL.. HeLLo..
mY FriEnd gigoid.. NoW thaT surEly reflects
A Me aGe aWay from
increASinG Population
run Away NoW kNoWn
aS Otherwise.. Creativity
more than Reproduction as
imagination come to fruition
and as more than Building Towers
oF Gold wHeRE sELf Actualization
bRinGS otHeRs uP too and all oF A Sudden
many folks are playing a so-called Theo-sophical
Role as ‘Maitreya’.. and surELy with access to World
KnowlEdge at the finger tips of smART Phone 6 out of 10
coming to Fruition as 60 percent ART of SmART2.. A World
can be a kinder place oF plaY iN ways of DancE and SonG
as metaphor
NoW over
of war wHeRE
gAMes juSt for
Fun like Candy
NoW over
parTS too.. a Way
to get stuff back in BaLancE
juST for fun too.. anYWay.. NaTure
CoMes as Ocean wHOle Fun and we
are the waves that reView as StreAms
FloWinG as RiVer more WaVes uS.. it’s
up to us to ride A waVe or fALL off
as imbalance WiLL do2.. iN
other Words.. leARn to
DancE as Water
on Terrestrial Land juST for fuN as SMiLes Go ON..
AnyWay.. i for one find @LeASt it Works for me.. Holy and
Sacred Now FuLL oF MoVinG CoNnecTing CreATinG Purpose.. so
noW i’LL Go back and read this and see iF A pART as 75 percent ART
Of Part makes Ocean wHOle FeeL and SenSe oF A World isREaL.. NoW2..:)
“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
~~ Carl Sagan ~~
i WiLL Add Do..:)
“God, to me, it seems
is a verb
not a noun
proper or improper.”
~~ R. Buckminster Fuller ~~
i WiLL Add Do..:)
“Courage is the greatest of all the virtues.
You cannot consistently practice any other virtues
without being courageous.”
~~ Maya Angelou ~~
i WiLL Add Do..:)
“Never attribute to malice that which is
adequately explained by stupidity.”
~~ Hanlon’s Razor ~~
i WiLL ignore that and Do..;)
“It is in changing that things find repose”
~~ ~~ Heraclitus
And Don’t forget to
DO more than change thoughts..;)
“Anywhere is walking distance, if you’ve got the time.”
~~ Steven Wright ~~
Don’t forget to Dance
is what i WiLL SinG..
butt first i WiLL DancE..
in Terms of Do WiTh Feet..:)
“In this world there is always danger
for those who are afraid of it.”
~~ George Bernard Shaw ~~
DancE RepLaceS Fear
aS SonG of Feat..
reguLates EmoTioNs
And InTeGraTEs SenSEs..
TrUly mY Feet Give A FucK..;)
“However many holy words you read,
However many you speak,
What good will they do you
If you do not act on upon them?”
~~ Buddha ~~
“Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”
~~ J. R. “Bob” Dobbs ~~
thAT Shit..;)
Other than that
Hi gigoid aGaiN..
DancE and SinG NoW
at leASt as FingErs oN
Keyboards Go iN Heat..;)
Haha.. alWayS SinGs A FooL CaT
iN FloW neVer realiZinG Rows
HoW LimEricks Have/Do RuLes
As aLL i Do have for thee.. NoW..
iS fiVe linEs and rhyMe.. MeoW…:)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd Frank..
Free Verse Limericks Bank
A way for me and A RatHeR Trivia
Note.. heAR.. My Grand FathEr.. An Irish
Catholic Priest.. Born iN Limerick too.. EsCapes..
And Calls mY Dad Frederick2 as sort oF A SiXth LiNe3.. 2..;)
Trips of MeMories..
Route this or that on
Innerstate.. oF Spirit
thAT has no Distance
Space or Time.. Love
RoadS oN iN
Ending SpiRaLs..:)
Three Brains..
One Survives..
One Loves..
One Thinks..
One Dies.. Two
Survives.. NoW
oTheRs FeeL DaRk
NiGht oF SoUL..
Flee those.. wHo
Escape.. Fee oF DeaTH..:)
Hi Xenia.. from far South..
sMiLes.. is it no wonder
That May Day is
More AmaZinG
the Further
to SpRinG
that Never Ends..
A Celebration oF North
WheRE DogS wear FloWeRS too
iN Hair of Southern California Way..:)
HeART Beats
WinDs oF BreathE
OcEaN AiR SooTHinG..
PawS Hi FiVe uP SpRinG..:)
You kNoW it’s Funny My
FriEnd.. MaKing straight A’s
in Language Arts
and neVer
Labeled rules
of Grammar.. to
Never TaLkinG until
Age 4 and SpeaKinG
SonGs oF otHeRS to mINd
mELd A SpocK oF Love.. Funny
Little eMpath PathS and Angels
Are ofTen TaLL and Furry WiTh SMiLes..
trULy BeASts have been givEn a Bad WRap too long..
from juST
oF YoUR CaNiNes..
mY FriEnd.. Xenia..;)
sMiLes.. my friEnd..
when i thiNk abouT
AmBiTion.. i pawNder aBout
Competition and Winning.. too..
And what i find
in liFe with
is i alWays
Win as River
oF MiLeStoNes
And neVer SiNkinG
Below See Level NoW ..
mY FriEnD Prajakta.. too.. as
Lord kNows/FeeLs/SenSes.. i Lose
PreSenT oF NoW WiTh DeadLines..
oF ThiNk.. so..
i raTheR
KnoW and FLoW..
but nah.. doesn’t
worK iN A MiLL
StoNe.. of
CorPoRaTe.. Hehe..;)
Hi ..Frank.. thanks so much again for Dropping by and
i’m glad you enjoyed the Parody Poem by the
Head Writer of the Big Bang Theory Show and
so many other Sit Coms by
the actual name of
Chuck Lorre and
i really enjoy visual
Poetry as you miGht
guess.. hehe.. as truly
a visual thinker that once
found words mostly putting
me to sleep in ADHD way Before
the Computer Screen lit my Brain uP
more in stimulating liGht.. with no choice
but to Navigate the World with Words with
effective loss of my sight and hearing with
almost intolerable eye and ear and overall
Face Pain for 66 Months.. the Mind
and Body are incredibly Malleable
Tools for Both Neuroplastic
and Epigenetic Change
in rewiring BodY and
MiNd SoUL Real
as Well as
DNA for Greater human
potential as subjected by and adapting noW
more to Environmental Adversity.. hehe.. STilL
no pain no gain as ‘they’ say.. and a BaLanCinG
Force of Bitter Sweet Pleasure iS the STiLL normal
Intermittent Reinforcement Sour and Sweet Spots for
HuMan PoTenTiaL.. and back on the topic of the Human
Transcendental Experience wHeRE a Quantum Jump of
what can be named as Leaping Logic ImaGinATiON and
CreatiVity in Transcendence as the ‘normal’ experience
of so-called Religious Term of Holy Spirit.. Satori..
and Bliss and Nirvana and Kundalini Rising..
Chi.. and unlimited oTheR human abstract
constructs/concepts for similar hUMan
Experiences iN greater
Potential.. iT seems
there is
an above so
below analogy in the Glial
Cells of the Brain that once were
thought to only be the Brain glue for Neurons
rather than more the Ocean that conducts waves
of Neurons aS UniVerse WiThIn as DArk Matter
is more than the naked eYe sees and perhaps
the so called Junk DNA is more than currently
meets the science eYe too.. as some
suggest IS A possibility too..
anyway lots of room for
more Horatio Discoveries..
an exciting time we live in and
this rather long Video that i found
as one of the best long YouTube Videos
in Science way on the Study of the
Art oF Creativity goes in great
detail in a multi-disciplinary
approach.. ha!.. in
college i lost
most all my
Creativity and
checked out a book
on Creativity to try to learn
how to do it by book learning then..
when the entire time my strict adherence
to learning stuff by the book of instructions
and guidelines too.. was the very thing that
was inhibiting my creativity for years to come..
truly.. it’s a gift that peeks out of a cocoon and
what i find is the less i think the more i create
in Flow as Stream to Ocean whole Camel and
Elephant of Subconscious and Glial
Mind out of Frontal Lobe
trap of mechanical
cognition less..
just the
rider my
where the
CamEL and
ELephant is trUly
the one behind iT all..
similar to Glial Cells of Brain
over Neurons.. Dark Matter over Stars
and i’m just guessing at this point that the
so-called Junk DNA is the Star and God overall
as Force of Synergy beYond our comprehension to date of course
too.. anyway.. linking the Video again heAR for yoUr potential Future
Video Perusal as i always Love to have links for my doubting Thomas
Friends too.. hehe.. as if Thomas actually doubted anything other then
“bullshit too
then”.. likely
twisted around
and called Faux
news too.. Human
Nature.. it still goes
and comes around NoW
with Different LaBeLs
of nAMes and Language
for the wHole EnChiLda too..
hmm.. i try now not to throw the
Baby of God out with all the Human/Nature Dirty
water and for that matter.. Humans too.. heHe..
And by the way.. i would have liked your comment
but my Word Press Notification feature is on the outs again..:)
Vine Wars 2017.. heHe.. offshoot
of Torn ViNes oF Love on 12.8.16..
A MacroVerse associated with the
Love of Shed Pristine without Living
Cover and a Vine from small root that
Aspires to Clothe a Shed with Life and
the LIGht that Life usuAlly inspires over stuff
and skyscrapers
one would hope and
even pray over Golden
Trump Towers that wicked
over Nature Death.. Health
Care to Kimmel Babies who
are poor now instead of rich
born with Catastrophic
Health problems
like the baby
aCross the
street and the Mother
who lost her health care in
the interim of pregnancy and ended
up as a couple with husband having
to let go of their home to pay for the
life of their child without insurance..
it was different for us.. in ’97.. a 300K
Medical Bill for a child Ryan
sure and only Son too..
in Shand’s Hospital
Suffering in
prolonged by
modern medicine
without any real hope
for any more life but suffering..
dying after 51 days as there are grey areas
in the ethics of Medicine and human suffering/misery
galore for those who are experts up close and personal
were folks like me with the worst pain assessed even worse
than the torture of crucifixion.. yes.. Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia for 66 months of Dentist Drill-like Pain in eye
and ear with no drug to help from wake to
sleep other than the meditative
experience of free flow
writing to
transcend pain
in Thalamus and
other Nuerochemical
and Neurohormone ways
and other stuff that science ain’t
quite got a handle on yet.. like how little
old Autistic Me.. writes a Longest Bible noW
in just a year or the longest long form poem Now
ever in the history of humankind times two too in just
4 years too.. or now how those other Autistic Savants pluS
and Associated Miracles of Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics NoW
iN higher human potential do also continue to come out of the closet
as adversity brings much more human potential now when challenge
is overcome through adaptation more.. you see.. when i see this Vine i
see the face of God for i have met the Face of God and it flourishes
most with the life of all creation both animate and inanimate too
as all of creation actual moves at smallest levels even
beyond science eyes as it is just those who see
less with human eyes and ears
who miss the forest
for a
of dead
shed or Golden
Towers of emptiness more
of soul that has only weakness
of ego away from Oak Tall and Lion Strong..
yes.. all last year it was a pleasure watching this little
vine grow and then the wife who grew up even poorer
than me.. and grasps every straw of everything material
she owns.. could not stand the thought of that vine’s right
to live as cover of a dead shed in the back yard Life of Garden more..
And i understand that as a lot of folks view their cars as lovers and see
their Towers built with Gold as God.. but i for one see God in a Vine
and a beautiful one to me.. so i asked the Goddess Katrina/Isis/
really great assistant to me/ in Beauty inspiring Wisdom too/..
please don’t take the life of that Vine this year..
as i love to watch it grow.. anyway..
it was a while before she came
to bed.. and
it makes
me beyond
sad she feels this
way but i for one have also lived less
this way too.. for i for one.. could not bear
the thought of bricks not lining flower beds too..
not even one brick out of place.. and that my friends
is the empty spot inside that the way of the world of stuff
creates as draining an Ocean of Soul.. otherwise as potential
when we live according to Nature instead of the way of the world
that is human culture and the domination of Nature/GoD as antiquated
religion/culture/politics still teaches.. it’s a real problem that many folks do not see this
eARTh NoW as their home.. they have been taught that what one really should look forward to
more is a dirt nap.. overall.. and Emerald and Gold and Pearl stuff after that.. sure.. the wife also
was raised that way too.. and sure it is has its moral positives too.. but to look for God anywhere
but the Nature of within and outside and inside and above so below and all around and understand
that the byproducts of culture are a tool and never more important than life is perhaps a lesson
that some folks like me can only fully learn to see a little vine as God after they cross the river
Hades of suffering in life for 66 months too.. anyway.. i’m glad i went to hell
for the
a little Vine reaching
up to the Sun as God Now isREaL..
and anyway.. the Good News is Vines
have roots.. deep roots for those who
grow to the roof of sheds.. pull them up
as hard as you can as culture did to me
after overcoming adversity earlier in
life too.. but hey.. it was the
adversity before
where my
was pulled up too
that allows me for one
to do all that i do now too..
so.. nah.. just another muse for life
pulling up that vine was.. sure in more
than infinite ways too.. as the greATest Lights come
from the Vines who and that grew are pulled up and grow again..
juST another Lamp my FriEnds Nature and Manmade sAMe.. as God..
anyWay at the beginning of NoW.. i alWays Win a long as i keep Love as essence oF LiGht..:)
ViNe oF LoVe
A note back to
Xenia in response
to comment on her
poetry too on her site..
SMiLes.. my FriEnD
one of the saddest
pARts of Life i Feel for
oTHerS and have experienced
myself in illness is the inabiLiTy
to Feel a Dog
or a
Purr And
And truly many
Ceo’s and Politicians..
eTc.. don’t have the abiLiTy
aS even born/raised to FeeL this too..
Power and Status comes without
purrs too my friEnd and how
dArk a place
that is
towers now
of SouL.. as well
with no bottom floor..
suReLy thaT eXplains a lot..
with even sympathy for Devils
too.. without a Root of Love..:)
Thanks again my friEnd.. Xenia.. Quick
spurts now in visits to you.. heaR
as i have gone the longer..
hehe.. yes.. much longeR
write of free verse
style lately reminds
me how much i Love
A Zen art NoW of Micro
Poetic Expressions of/for/as liFe..
And after i finish my 1.6M word
Bible on Memorial Day in a year
of doing that from ’16 to ’17..
juST for Fun..
i hope
to get
back with
reams and
reAms more
iN/as/for the Zen arT MoRe
of MicroPoetic Expressions too..
anyWay.. as aLways.. thanks for
all the inspiration.. with Love..:)
Xenia says as i quote her..
“Thank you my friend, always happy to inspire and I look forward to reading your MicroPoetic Expressions when they appear – they will make my broadband connection so happy too..;o) xxx”
Haha.. but there will still
be maybe a hundred of them
or so in one MacroVerse too..
i’m a
blog and
that’s more
or less AND MORE
A LOG oF all of that too..;)
Next FB Profile Pic
and Life Status please..;)
Sure.. Greek God Apollo of the
Sun and Poetry and
Healing and
too.. all around
God as they
say Avatar
as such
NoW in
Human most
every culture and
religion has a super
cool quarter back like
this of Beauty and Wisdom
as hey.. he is even a God
of Athletics too.. not
much mention
of Dancing
but often
a Famous
S for Serpentine
pose of Statue
too in Beauty
of Temple
of God
same Form..
as i do all flesh and
free in Michelangelo all free
New Age Renaissance Straight
He Man art with Divine Grace too..
as Love to go along with Egyptian
Min God Like Stiffer WiLL and Strength
sure.. i can speak with a high brow class
Pedantic talk accent too.. pARt and Parcel
of the Aperger’s Spectrum all innate in formal way too..
i can even show ya.. me doing it right after i free verse
sing the Song.. New York New York in old Frank and Beyond ways too..
in new age youtube way too.. with don’t let the Sun go down on me
in Elton John ways
too even in
but sure believe
it or not Ripley
i have a range close
to Freddy Mercury higher
vocal too but not quite
there as HErMes/F Mercury too more..
anyWay.. i’Ve alWays been something
a bit askew and new to the average
joe and jill for all practical intents
and purposes to the common
walker in Walmart
Aisles if they
knew everything
about me i am
about as
as it gets
in the modern
age of Freedom..
anyWay along those
aisles of Freedom a Song
again of Lucifer the light Bringer
ET way by Katy Perry too and a note
to the only person with much more than half
a soUL that i ever met on the Wrong Planet too.
my friEnd Leah.. the last contact from the Wrong
Planet for years of existence on that place of online hell too
all card board dark and closed minded existence too more there..
and it’s true.. i don’t really fit in with the grey pooh pawn mustard
crew either for
i believe in
and for all
practical intents
and purpose these
days i too am Apollo
at the Theater too..
with just another
Statue of
as Beauty as Katrina
to accompany Wisdom
of so-Called Secret Societies
in the kNow and FeeL and seNse
of more MaGiC of HUman PoTenTial
NoW.. i go it alone allone and wHeRE
ever and whenEver someone cares
to be mY FriEnd
i am the
as in that
word that
never ends..
hehe also in
a place with no sun or
moon as could be named
Heaven now in some instances
of human play.. as long as
servers continue
to serve me
up for
those who exist
now like my FriEnd
Leah from the Wrong Planet
with an attention sPAN STiLL NoW
longer than thaT of a Gold Fish as Science
measured less now for humans as that is what
instant Gratification Can and WiLL
do to stunt human poTenTiaL
of Greater liGht too..
DanCinG and
SinGinG a
in Ecstasy
NoW More in
Maslow’s Capstone
of Pyramid too.. the
invitation is out to join
me but only by Will and Care
and sure.. Free Love too.. NoW..:)
Note to Leah..
too.. hear..
make that
Princess Leah2
spelLeD a little
Different too as
Can and
WiLL Do2
Human NoW
even MoRE..;)
Hello Leah..
so nice to hear from
you again and so happy
to hear and see that you feel
and sense that you are coming back
alive again as i can surely relate with spurts
of death as life in my diagnosed officially
Bi-Polar potential of life in college
age years for a couple
and then
as liGht of Life
at age 22 with the pleasure
of life slowly and tortuously leaving
me in a long and slow burn like a rat
on a treadmill with more obstacles
fiRed along the way of the sAMe
path over and over
no memory
of a smile or a laugh
or any pleasure at all
for 66 months with Millions
of words added in eventually
on the ‘Wrong Planet’ about 33 months
into that period that were for all practical
intents and purpose empty shells of words
with no feeling or sensing of as Essence..
just the time of
pain and
away in
hell on
earth then.. sAMe..
so.. i surely can jump for
joY to hear you are coming back
to the beauty of liGht too my Friend
even in your small and closed minded it seems
rather rural area of the Netherlands as that’s the way
of the World all around all around the world it seems these
days where the more novelty seeking open minded folks seek
the culture of big city diversity of life and those who stand still range
from the desert patches
of middle east
dirt with
a scarCity
of even no fresh
water in Nature way
to drink.. it’s no wonder
than humans stuck at Lowest
Levels of Maslow’s Pyramid of Self
Actualization go out and vote for Trump
as Trump has become one word for a metaphor
of what closed mindedness with few social roles
living in scarCity will do for fear and hate.. anyway
nice to be in the liGht my friend and often harder to
do when
one lives
in areas of
dARk.. for when
i dance i see the faces
of frOwns of closed minded
scarCity all around this area but
hey.. i guess that is where i am needed
most and the binge drinkers are rather spirited
at least at Old Seville Quarter every Thursday night..
but hey.. been to scarCity life for too long too.. i understand
both sides
and the
free side
is the place
i find and seek
to stay for ever now my
friend no matter what it takes
to oldest greyest ages as a culture of FReED
if only for me.. give me three feet of naked
sun and sand as Spiraling Dance and i will be
free allone no matter if i live in MiLLtown now
hell or not.. i STiLL Long for open minded curious
people full of wonder who wear no clothes of priSon
and true heaR.. rarely is that thirst quenched but hey..
as i say.. i am a drink they can every and now and then
use wHeRe i dance
FReED NoW iN tHeir
Super Walmart PriSoN
Aisles of Hell incarnate2…
the children are still free and
many young folks too.. at lEast
they will see in me that free lives
on past school years too.. and even
more as earlier than Kindergarten years…
i DancE and SinG my FriEnd Naked in Sand
and Sun i go FReED.. but nah.. i can’t convince
my wife to even join me for she too was raised in
LA Lower Alabama FL Panhandle Red State Trump Hell..
hehe.. for now we have something in common more than
for we
do our
best to enjoy
hell.. and hell is just
the people.. and their closed
minded religions and cultures..
Nature hear makes up Now
more for all that evil.. noW
in terms of God incarNate
iN Leaves of Grass LiVinG
Ocean Lawn more.. NoW
Great to hear.. from you
again and aGain wishing
you NoW a Happy 28th
of May Gemini
So Happy am i too NoW
to be born on 6660 more
so ironic as AngEL FReED too
in terms of even discriminating
against a Number as beautiful as
6 or 6 9 9 6 reflecting the Phi Pattern
of Nature God sAMe and DiFferent
as the fetus and curled cat and
off oN
a Sheet
Music now
aS eXistence one
PHI as Golden Spiral too GodALL..:)
Leah returns with a note of
more and i go on to say..
SMiLes.. my friEnd..
often insane is juSt
anotHeR word for BeinG
as yes.. some fly far clear
over roof’s of cuckoo places
too.. Free and iN my case a little
Wild too.. aWay from whatever
cultural and
or religious
norm NoW
is the cucKoo
vanilla for the
day.. i’ll go beyond
Rainbow colors thanks
and let the Vanilla do what
ever it likes but i must admit
if i didn’t have a Forest for
A Back Yard to Nature
Bathe… this
shit could
cOld as
Vanilla chocoLate
stuff rather too all.. too
quick for me.. too.. thaT’s
home for me no matter what
and the best pART of being outcast
from very young is finding thaT hoMe
iN Nature as refuge forever now aLive2..
other than that.. look forward to hearing
from you aGAIN my friENd and as alWays
best wishes to you and your Husband iN
all that comes your way next and sure..
liGht often comes NoW from daRk
places too as if i didn’t
live in a place
as dArk
as thiS
i MiGht not have
ever found the liGht
of God as NATuRE sAMe
forevermore now LiVing
ALIVE all around Now.. dam
sure beats a bible and church
and narrow headed people like your
husband has over there at work.. A Sport
Jacket of liFe i’ll wear too and Jesus F. in Christ2
if u wanna wear Rainbow Colors Beyond to Dance
to night.. i’LL show ’em my Martial arts kicks noW
every which way and loose juST for Fun too.. Now
as my Favorite thing of
ALL is to
the kinds
oF MiNIoNs
yET to Bloom with
onLY HoPes and Wishes
that they too Will escape a CoCoon oF life2…
FucKinG BLoom2..
YouR FRiEnD aS in
Fred.. heHe.. more too..:)
WeLL at this point i can surEly use a spirited
Voice of ChristiNa Perri and Perhaps
in ways of a thouSand
years of Love
or so StiLL
LiVinG more
too.. so heAR i go
shARinG even more
MacroVerses.. MicroVerses
and othER Visual IMaGEs
oF LiGht with a Little YiN
DaRk to go along
with Yang
and StrenGh
to Go aLonG2 with
Yin of Love and Grace
More in INtuitive FloW as
StreAms DancE and SinG oN
More to RiVers to WaVes oF Ocean
ShoRinG eXpaNSinG MORE of HUMan
PoTenTiaL noW aS iT aLL comes out in the Cycles
oF liGht and liFe and DARK and DeAth as sAMe as EXisTence NoW2..:)
Autism and the “Duckyway” moving more into
Figurative Space of Poetry four years
in Pre-MacroVerse ways of abstract
ago.. go.. attempting to find Open
miNds at the Wrong Planet
with heART too..
surE soMe
exist2 as
people in
general are alike
and different all over too..:)
GOD is the ultimate Ninja!
A MacroVerse from three years ago.. in not too short and not too
Long Form.. almost JuST comfortable to most i’m guessing
in three bears way oF Longer Free Verse Poetry
WRiTe.. anyWAy.. sure.. shape shifter too..
i am.. and if nothing else
over the years
of a little less than
four now the pictures
tale a Story of Ninja-like
hUman too in many more
ways that meets a first eYe too..;)
“CrediTs FiELd of DreAMs”.. in oTher Words
that say.. i can only guarantee that i WiLL
cOme back from the LiVinG Dead
as Phoenix RiSinG from
Ashes of Before..
ReBoRn aS LiFE
from LIVing dEaTh..
and for the rest of you..
NoW yoU own that DreAM
WiTh God or noT as FiEld
of More than only one living
blade of grass or less.. more i say nOw..
Ocean Lawn FieLd of DreAMs more NoW2
for those who FiNd and SeeK A Way to make it isReaL2..:)
“Sea StoRies of God WiN”.. MacroVerse from a year ago as WeLL
in the after math of counting 338,630 words iN “GodsUniVerseNovel3”..
where i highlight a kind of record of art from DancE to SonG to a little Risqué
in Google Plus Algorithm Video slide way in PG way of my Nude Michelangelo
New Age Apollo and David Fresh Flesh sELfiE aRT all natural without the additives
of illegal anabolic steroids too.. full flesh as they say but only
partially sHoWn in a G rated series of other online Art of what
i’ve doNe too.. juST for fun.. but hey..
as the old salty sailors
where i used to
work gave Free
oral tradition too
of all their sea stories
there.. i can not only talk
the story i can bRinG iT bAck
to Visual LiFE in REaL TiMe then
NoW2.. as that is what uPLoAdinG yOur
SoUL oNLine for posterity behind purposes
is for too.. yes upLoad the wHole dAM thing.. foR alWays NoW..;)
“Angels and Devils of Allah”.. MacroVerse Memory from two
years ago.. where i continue to try to spread some liGht
about more than Book Learning About God as
NaTuRE plUS saME and Different too
at the ‘Wrong Planet’ online..
lots of dARk muSE tHeiR
but lots of inspiration
to BRinG the
forever to
a home
speaKing online
in hUman terms as long
as servers serve it up for FReED NoW..:)
‘BIG! KAT stripping’.. and nah.. no actual human
Stripping in this one and the link to
ALL of that is now
set to private
as Google
got a little
touchy about
blog names that
were satirical as such
for actual monetary gains
as i’m all about the free so i set
that one to private and shared some
of the best of returns with a Nude Blog
as restricted as such but public named
Free Verse Nude Poetry and the rest
is hiStory too as Apollo and David like
all the way sELfiE art with no one to
Neuter now as they
sure did in one
way with
that Bust of
Apollo from only
chest up.. ah.. the
Victorian Corsets restrict
more than just Chest and Waist..
And that reminds me.. a Nice Pacific
Islander Woman on our last Biloxi Casino
trip as that trip then is highlighted heAR too
in this MacroVerse from three years ago too..
yes.. as i stepped on the Bus she called out
to me “HEY BIG CAT”.. AND later on
a nice Pacific Islander Woman gave
me a Free clothed
Massage on
my shoulder
after offering one
on my Hairy tight
Calf just to be nice..
oh.. the nice folks.. they often
come more as brown than white..:)
And in this last MacroVerse all Free Facebook Algorithm Provided noW too as
Memory from two years ago.. named.. “TRUTH and LIGHT before the APPLE”
as more oF A LiGht BRinGinG attempt to the Wrong Planet of Hell then too.. also..
some Fresh Farm Photos too hiGhliGht the niCer pArts of NaturE too.. iN
all Farm
liGht away
from dARker hUman STuFF too..;)
Now to all the MicroVerses as shared
from a year ago too.. more than a few.. yes too..:)
NeW rUle..
carrY.. PeNs..
And hELL No..
they do not fELL
LiFe GiVinG tRees..
tHey pen
aS PeN
Once again.. from the home
of Facebook Friend Rafiah
iN Pakistan
who shares her
poetic status that
sayS noW sTiLL..
Nights are beautiful.
There are no outwardly disturbances.
You can embrace yourself by being on your own..
And as before i say..
i like going far out in the forRest.. or the beach
away from footprints of culture
and stressful energy
from humans
as the plants
and animals
live with the
Peace of God Free..
and i surely feel it.. with
bliss of open skies and free earth..:)
And Rafiah.. after a school delay
of several days says..
I am imagining the scenery
to be very pecaeful. heart emoticon
And i say.. in response..
WInks.. if you get a powerful enough
iPhone and broadband access you
can see it all on my blog.. Hope you
Are doing well.. My friend Rafiah..
smile emoticon
And then Rafiah changes
her cover photo.. to what
looks like multi-embered
fires in the dark..
And i say..
Wondering if that is
everyone in your
having BBQ’s..
from the view of your
Terrace Roof.. of course..:)
And then i add one
of these E-Land
age LB of wisdom
sharing thingies by
saying.. now
Ah.. the streets.. even the streets of a small
town can be difficult to renter
when away for
what seems
and i have
to say that reminds
me of that number
15 tarot card shaRed
iT surely can
bE a dark archetype
oF liGht Bringer too..
iN Freedom’s liGht..
outcast.. lonely..
and shut-in
but oh the balance..
and truly hobos search
for freedom often in this
dark my friend.. the hermits.. too..
my Grandfather on the maternal
side.. hobo sure.. full blooded
Sioux Grandfather of his..
my Granddad.. wanderer
oF niGht dArk..
but surely as a symbol
oF Nature wholeness..
Baphomet.. A symbol
for balance of dArk
and liGht..
iN masculine
and feminine of
hUman iS similar
to the Cern Indian
Yogi Dancer too..
is fascinating
to me.. end and
beginning oF story noW..
and glad you are getting out
in the streets.. my friend.. and
i have come to gain an
for the
niGht liFe
theRe.. Born
to bE WiLd and
Free iN DArk and liGht
oF DaY and niGht sandsmanwoman..
And it really kinda pisses me off.. no one
in the family has ever had a photo to share
of my Maternal Grandfather.. oh the
the liFe of the
bLacK FooT SheeP..
so misunderstood..
so outcast.. so
Strong to
bE a
And finAlly.. alWays
do Love a happy hobo
like Red Skelton.. and
the movie.. the Big Lebowski..
comes back aGaiN wHere
the F iN
Bums WiN
my FriEnd..
iN simple Balance
of being free from THE MAN..;)
i mean Jesus.. Jesus.. too.. was a wandering
barefoot Hobo.. and all his friEnds sponging
subsistence and shelter of off Loving share..
increasingly noW
as reported then..
his friEnds.. noW..
TruE ones..
are winning
a war against
priSon.. albeit
it’s mostly iN
Mom and Dad’s
home… BeinG Free..
ain’t a job for soft Angels..
iT takes a little Devil to get the JOB
iN Angel FiRe
WinGs oF cLouD deLiGhts..:)
So.. an apparition of the
Earth with a water-
like connection
to the rest of the
UniVerse maNiFests
like a ghost in our
great room tonight..
more on that
in my next
blog post
in a couple
of days.. with
apparitions to be..:)
say again on Rafiah’s Blog
i no.. have
no idea
what this
means.. but
have been
missing you..
so just
by to
say hi..
and since theRe
are the words
Insomnia One Liner
in the title hope you
are sleeping Well.. my
friend Rafiah.. for sweet dreams..:)
Rafiah says..
You are always in my thoughts, Freddy.. smile emoticon..
You too have the best sleep in the world
heart emoticon..
And i say..
WiDe aWaKe
And i respond to another
one of Rafiah’s Blog Posts
in Urdu.. completely
to me..
Hi again..
WiLL flY
On a beautiful BalLoon..
Yes.. A crazy one too..
Where Love needs
No words
In fearless
eYes oF WinGs
Of GoDnOw..
Note.. CompoSed
iN Garden
iPhone6 S
For Hope..Dear..:)
Rafiah says..
You should not have mentioned
about iPhone 6s, as I too want
it now. Tongue Emoticon
And finally i say..
It’s the
Only computer
That will
Open me
Up now..
With LTE
i suppose
For liGht..;)
When the SpiRit of Love Lives
in one.. it’s true.. magic
tHeRe iS thiS
Love that has
no boundaries..
colors.. beyond
the rainbow.. liGht
beyond Sun.. liVinG
witHin uS thaT iS trUly tHe
esSeNce oF God aNd thE heiGhts
oF hUman experience.. God that
lives within.. no space.. no time..
no distance..
onLY senSinG
wHeRe past
and fUtUre come
together as a blissful
noW that lasts forever iN
a moMenTouS noW IN
a place that
few arrive iN
noW.. and whenever
someone expresses tHeir
trUe desire to mE.. i WiLL
do everything i can to
help them
to A
place oF Desire..
and Rafiah tales me..
and i WiLL never forget
thiS beSt compliment
any hUman can
receive.. is
to see liFe
liKe onE WiLL
make liFe worth
liVinG noW.. WeLL yA
see.. i lived through the suicide
disease the literally assessed
suicide disease named type two
Trigeminal Neuralgia..
from wake to sleep
for 66 months..
and yes.. literally
assessed in medical
literature as worse
pain than the torture
of crucifixion.. this
pain is like a dentist
drilling teeth without
any novocaine… and
for me it was in
my right
eye and
ear.. and
the rest of
that side of
face.. and when i miraculously
recovered at the end of July
2013.. i went to a place of
heaven and stay
tHeRe since
then noW..
and yes..
i WiLL do everything
iN mY personal power
to take Rafiah and everyone
else uP iN SpArK oF Wide
AwakE as floating as the
stars.. the moon.. the
air and
wE.. iF noT
in a poem.. in a dance
aT Super-Walmart wHere
floW oF i.. flOaTinG
Force iS onE with God..
yes.. thE
seen and
unseen beyond
aS iNfiniTy more NoW..
this is no competition of whose
Quarter back God or so-called
last prophet kNows or feels
more than the
last one or
one after
that in Kingdom
Come.. yes.. alWays
n0w.. Beach of God
lives within.. And sadly
we forget thaT in seNsorY..
eMoTioNal.. and kNoWinG
way.. But Free as God
lives as
breeze.. as water..
winGed birds
of air and
FiNs of sea..
To open one’s eYes
and eARs to tHe aLL oF GoD
iN dArk and liGht iS to hOld hAnds
WitH aLL iN Unconditional Love
oF MoVinG.. Connecting and
Creating iN fearless noWs
GiVinG.. shaRinG wayS..
and after watching
another National
Geographic show
with kind and open
minded actor Morgan
Freedom.. on where iT aLL
beGins for uS.. the beGin message..
is truly noW an endless one wITh
no beginning or end.. we are
loving duSt iN AiR
of God’s eYes.. noW
thiS liFe iS gift
and we have the
Relative Free WiLL to
trUly take this opportunity
of LiFE.. to make iT.. noT
only HeaVeN for uS
but to liFt
aLL oF the rest
of creation we see..
feel.. and kNoW.. uP!
hiGher and hiGher! and
as we do this the Natural
Rule of creation is that our
WinGS gRoW and GloW
greaTer and greateR
thiS gift..
thIs poTenTial
oF Human Nature
thaT iS the greaTest oF
aLL places to liVe withIn
iN Love WiTH aLL.. yeS.. dArk
and liGht WitH no exclusions Now..
a place Of peace oF miNd iN HeaVen
noW.. no end or beginning eternalOVEnOW..:)
SMiLeS.. mY friend.. gigoid..
theRe iS no perfect
but onLY
perfect soUls
are poets who
spend tHeir
lives taLinG
stories.. as when one
disagrees one can then
now juSt say.. don’t yoU
kNoW iT’s juSt a poeM
alWays.. jUst a PLay
oF liFe.. wHeRe dARk..
and liGht.. Good and
Evil.. Lies and Truths
make whaT iS iS..
reaLITy Is sO
i RoBot
i Art.. jUst
to geT aWay
fRom reAson.. anD
to visit ArT iN stayCaTioN
way.. and by A way.. trUe..
thE emperor has no clothes
but the MEeK trUly inheriT thE
earth while others die to own
iT with cultural clothes oN..
trUly.. iF God
weRe to
coMe iN
God BLends
iN.. God reAlly juSt Do iT..
NaKeD IS A J Bird CoCkinG
hOLdinGaLinGinG FuCkinG sMiLinG
wITh oF course.. hAnds wRite oN course.. w/InK..
So.. God comes to Earth in human form.. finds the
women so attractive
he her leaves
them with
a gift..
and while he’s
HeRe heR finds
ShE’s other
ever after..
iN A GardenoW
of Eden.. and ha!
‘they’ thought the story
was about ‘them’.. it’s noW
alWays abOUt mE alWays Now
haS bEen and as soon as noW
otHeRs FiNd Me.. iT’s aLL God..
Good.. i
juSt do..
alWayS WiLL
Yes.. i’m pArt
of the Metro Area..
Bare unleash..
by human beings..;)
MUtual oF FiN
OmaHa WiLd
KinGdoM.. MiXed
wITh YoGi..
aNd KaTrina saYs i’M
tHe F iN
anD cRap..
cUts OuT
hAiRy LeGs
iNmY proFiLe
statUs phoTo
i’LL pLay
A SonG
aboUt LeGsZZtop..;)
WeLL.. as promised yesternow..
another apparition in the Great
Room noW.. and no..
not nearly
as happy
as Flowing
Water from
God to Earth..
but yes.. God oF aLL..
has a dArk Side too.. yes..
oF aLL.. but HeLL no.. not
an outside dEviL anymore
than GoD iS outside of uS..
the DeViL inside and or
Demon.. psychopath..
and yes..
some folks
like to call
iT animalistic
beast.. but actually..
aLL.. social animals..
even wolves.. have
a kind.. nurturing
empathic side..
of Nature..
unless they
are abused.. neglected..
outcast.. particularly
in the early pArt
oF LiFe and
tHeiR bRain
never gets
wired for deeper
pro-social emotions
and associated empathy
And compassion as a so-called
‘normal’ Social Animal WiLL.. and
yes.. in a relatively small portion
of the population.. it is an
innate brain structure issue
that causes a person to
basiCaLLy have
no heARt in
ways of FeeLinG
other folks Love..
Pain.. with associated
impulsive behaviors noW..
ugh.. like strangling the
person one is robbing
as they have zero
ability to feel
the other’s
or even
one’s own humaNitY..
heARt of BeinG..
and yes.. pARt oF
HaVinG Un-Conditional
Fearless Love iS
empathy.. and
sympathy for
those poor
soUls.. who
have little heARt..
either through circumstances
of nature or nuture.. understanding
that iF noT for the Grace of Nature
AKA God.. it could be uS iN those
eviL.. shoes.. oF harming
other folks..
And when i became
ill and lost almost all my
emotions and affective
empathy for those
66 months..
although i still
had my strict moral
code.. i lEarned what
it feels like to be a real
hUman Demon and or Devil..
And truly to lose the FeeLinG
of hUman.. And at one point
to lose all emotions.. feelings..
yes.. of emotions and sensory
ways of FeeLinG LiFe too
at one point of less
than piece of
i lEarNeD what
real HeLL iS beyond
any HeLL FiRe imaginable..
wHere it trUly FeeLs like one
is totAlly separated from
NAtUre.. AkA God noW
wHeRe every second
beyond torture
iS an
like a ThouSand
Years wHere aLL
iS tiMe.. and the
River of Life iS
totAlly dry
words to describe
this real HeLL that
went on in Dante Levels
for a total of 66 months..
and HA! folks ask me
why i dance every
where i go..
and do all
the other
stuff to count
my blesSinGs
in total hUman
Heaven noW..
Been to HeLL
dONe iT aLL nOW..
tHis SpiRiT riSeN.. from the
asHes oF
HeLL.. heARt
liKe a Tsunami..
SLowLY circling the eartH
iN SpiRiT oF MiNd and BoDY
soUL BalancE.. i ain’t afraid
of no Demons and Devils..
iN fAct i have empathy
and sympathy
for them..
as trUth liGht
iS liKe Jesus said..
they know not what
they do.. as they are
already in Living Hell..
and Yes.. they WiLL
continue to pay
a price for
that.. with a potential
for change.. as some folks
with this innate issue of psychopathy..
demon.. and or devil mind.. have healed
themselves.. almost miraculously.. noW…
Hope iN coming back..
i muSt believe
iT iS possible..
as i do kNoW REAL
OR A phoeniX
riSinG from the
asHes of ReAL HeLL inNoW..;)
Back to the Future and PasSinG NoW..
with this one as it’s written in the Present..
a day or so ago too.. just to shaRe too.. NoW2..:)
This was/is my Friend back
in the old Online Autism
Community Days..
sHe haS heART
thAT sepaRates
her from most…
i once defended
her in A Shark
Pool online..
Erin Clemens..
And this Young
Woman continues
to GRow.. some folks
Stim less.. SoMe Folks
Stim more.. i maKe it a
DancE and Song oF LiFe too
iN SinG SonG way to Survive and Thrive2..:)
Autism and Bi-polar is often just anotHeR
LaBeL for DanCeR and SinGeR when U and
R iS ReverSinG and AUtistic beCoMes ARtistic2..:)
And i stARted Stimming in the Crib According
to my Mother.. twirling around on one toe
and finAlly SpEaking at Four yearS old and
unTiL i made a blister on my big toe too..
finAlly putting my sELf to Sleep through
the exercise of that when very small..
i now have callouses
on all my toes..
heHe.. and
Ass KicKinG
Strong legs thaT
Press half a ton 33 times..
reAlly.. you should stim too MoRE More..
as you too.. could beCoMe Superman2..;)
Simple, yet good Advice.
From Four years ago as
juSt a YouTube Share then
that is alWays Applicable NoW2..:)
And MicroVerses back to a year ago HeAR2..:)
SMiLes.. definitely agree.. indefinitely..
The rich
Man saw
Poor weeds..
That’s all
My yard
Has Lovely weeds..
Hehe.. To
Imperfection is
perfect.. i see..
And if i
Wasn’t in
The doctors
Now.. this
Could inspire
Some more epic
So God comes to Earth in Human
Form.. So God holds hands
with other Human
Forms.. So now
there are more
God purrs..:)
When i was a smAll child..
yes.. way back when..
age 4 or so..
in ’64..
while the other
boys wished for
Fire Trucks..
and Indians..
i wished for a machine
and a button i could press
that would answer all my questions..
God.. i reAlly wanna know.. God.. i really
wanna know.. it don’t make sense that
there is a just one man hanging over
my bed that is you.. so then
God said..
Let there be
Google Fred..
and no longer WiLL
the Psychopathic leaning
controlling F iN Subjugating
Folks trap God in Trump
chains iN onLY priSons
of Bibles.. Kurans
and other sacred
texts that say
GOD can
go no
than thAT
AS human form
speaks more of
God’s eYes and ears
and yes.. senses.. feelings
and knoWinG much moReNoW.. So
here’s the thingy.. PanDora’s BoX
iS open now.. and God has E-scaPed
iN hUman eYes and eArs.. more than
little F iN BLack Books
thaT HA! hOld God
iN Words aS
sMall as
only 2000 iN
in a little FiN bLack
book named AS Kuran
with 80 thousand words
HE! i just wrote a blog post
with 4 times more words and
limitless wisDom iN compariSon
to THAT.. hoW.. WitH God’s help..
thaT iS aLL oF uS WorKinG
ToGeTheR NoW frEE
iN bRinGinG each
otHeR UP! instead of
GOD IS iF yoU SeeK iN God
FREE noW and tHeRe iS
notHing YOU CAN
NOW.. no.. YOU didn’t understand
what God said through Jesus when
hE said he was coming back.. DuH..
God’s Love iN uS
iS a much more powerful
FORCE and when God SinGs a SonG
oF Love iN uS.. outside uS.. Above..
so Below and ALL around uS.. wE too..
SinG Free
wITh eYes
and eArs oF
A heARt.. A SpiRit
as SonG oF SoULnoW..
No Verse turned away..
No HuWOman turned away..
Oh yeah.. and as a reminder..
this is what i looked like
shortly after i escaped
August of 2013..
notice what looks
like shark teeth
in the right eye
that was all hell
in pain for 66 months..
4 or 5 shark teeth as symbol
perhaps and even Muslim folks
can relate to the metaphor.. of
dajjal.. with eye issue similar
to that.. and yeah..
the ‘Terminator’ too..
before he too..
morphed into
the good guy2..
perhaps through
a process similar
to epigenetics as
well.. or have ya already
forgotten that God woMaNiFests
as both art and science in human
BeinG ForM.. and trUly iT’S reAlly sad that
the culture of Islam that actually developed
the scientific method in the Golden Age of
Islam takes the frigging Kuran so F iN literal
down to an actual play by play of what God
will have to do in the future.. God don’t
play by any human words
alone.. no matter
what pARt oF
God sayS iT..
including aLL oF uS
and any one Of Us noW..
Yep.. back in them days..
i could have scaRed the
pants off even THAT apparition
iN mY great room last night.. yA
hA! even my testosterone then
was measured at 666.. i F iN
kid you not.. got the medical
records to prove iT..
and noW in Angel
form iT iS back
but yeah.. F iN
Stronger than ever..
Leg Pressing close to
half-a-ton now.. F iN 30 reps..
Power oF Love baBy.. iS noW
wHeRe iT’s aT NoWoNeNoW..
And ps.. notice my eyes are
very pale blue in that photo..
in my case.. the change
to pale green eYes..
dam sure ain’t
no siGn
of wiTch
Hmm.. need a diffeRent SonG for tHis..
something aBout DeviliveD
InSide WiLL WorK
oF course..
Ya.. sEE.. iF ya cAn aLL.. THaT iS..
unLike LuciFer on thAT FoX
sHow thiS yEar..
i doN’T hAve
to bUy OLd
SeVille to oWn
iT.. aLL i haVe
to do iS Dance
tHe SoUL oF GoD
iN heARt.. iN SpiRit..
BotH dArk aNd liGht..
ps sorry iF thiS iS iN eXcess..
no i’M lYinGanG i’M not sorry @ALL..;)
Have you ever seen the Sgt.. Pepper’s
Album Cover.. WeLL.. for the sake
of Epic Long Poem Sea Stories..
as truly the paltry 2000 or so
words and three photos
in my latest blog post
titled.. “Sea stoRies
oF God WiN’.. iS
short oF aLL the Glory
oF GoD aLL thaT iSnoW
and quite honestly.. while
i enjoy the poetry books of
Kuran and Bible.. and yes the
Tao book too.. sTiLL not reAlly
imPressED.. when it comes to EXpresSinG
aLL o’ God.. even when written in somewhat
of a group effort as is then.. so that is why i for
one continue to increase the witness effort as such
since around March 1st 2013.. thAT now totals aT NOW
WeLL over 3 MiLLioN Words as SonG oF mY SoUL
otherwise kNoWn as KATiE MiA FredericK!iI..
So yes.. back to Sgt. Pepper.. i’m kinda
like Capt.. Salt.. if you get the deeper
meaning there.. the album
cover is all about
a lonely heARts
club band that
inspires aRT
oF human BeinG
that trUly iS the eYes..
eArs.. yes.. seNsinG.. FeeLinG
KnoWinG pArt of hUman as
GoD NoW.. and noW that we
have a much larger voice of God
in way of Google and such as that..
combining free copies of Kuran.. Bible..
Tao.. and unlimited rest of God’s voice
of Nature iN hUman.. tHeRe is no more limits
of hUwoMan eXpreSsinG SpiRit oF heArt.. iN
yes.. MiNd and boDy soUL.. BaLanCinG allone.. yes in TEAM
EFFORT.. kinda like they do in that first supper metaphor
in Lorde’s Video by the sAMe name team.. and yes.. the
call has been put out.. in mY metaphor terms now.. of course..
Keep in MinD this is sTiLL pArt of a Free Verse Long Poem
free style of writing.. continuing on in that 3 MilLion words
plus effort.. and tens of thousands of photos and
hundreds of videos too.. to more fully illustrate
what i eXpRess here iN eYes.. yes.. senses..
feelings.. kNoWinG all about all that iS
aka God of nature.. in new age
IT way.. all online of course..
now somewhat easily
accessible with
iPHone 6s.. but
haha.. i’m kinda
like a thief in the
night of the new age..
of sleeping.. as by God
ya.. Gotta be WIDE AWAKE
AND God of Course too.. geNeRAllY
sPeaKinG as such now.. yes.. juSt noW..
oKay.. quick copy and paste to my blog here..
as i don’t wanna strike the wrong key and
accidentally delete it all out.. and ugh..
have to sTart aGaiN even though
i WiLL continue on.. no matter
what.. hmm.. less than one
minute to open my site
up.. must be
’cause so
many folks
are sTiLL on
their lunch break
speeding up the
Internet.. as Lunch
is of eating of course..
and work is for mostly being
online.. hehe.. in smART phone way..
oH.. a mind is a terrible thing to lose..
the Internet helps build it back
up.. but the heARt.. SpiRit and
soUl.. tRust me that’s heLL to lose..
and that’s wHere all forms of art
from poeTry to SonG and
Dance build heARt
back up too.. in
moVinG.. connecting.. creaTinG
way.. as ya see i ain’t gonna
just law down some law.. i am
gonna illustrate to ya.. in OMG..
so many ways.. to get to heaven
now and FriGGinG stay Here
and never F iN have
to wait!..
No sHITs
that’s what i’ve
dONe and WiLL nOW..
continue to do in epic
sea story long form free
verse style poem.. as tHeRe
are many views of the way
reaLiTy rolls and if ya WiLL
and FeeL and kNoW GiVinG
and ShaRinG aLL i kNoW.. FeeL..
and SeNse aBouT aLLthaTis is
dam sure more than jUst
a Tall TalE Now..
as soon as folks
wake up and
all the thieves
in the night who
are wIDe aWakE WeLL
beYonD what i do here!!..
anyWay.. iMaGinE a continuing
Sea Story Poem here. wHere God
Lives for centuries with no end..
watching F iN hUmans harm..
maim.. and KiLL each other
in the name of GOD thenoW
when these three letters
trUy spELl FREE
end and beGinNinG
oF meaning Of Never
ending story now.. so
let’s juSt say paRts oF
God get HOT.. HeLL
overaLL the misery and
killing in the name of Free..
just a moment here.. the wife
is asking me to help her make
up the bed.. finished and back again..
makes me wonder if Mose’s Wife made
him take out the trash.. WeLL i for one
dam sure do it.. as Katrina reminds me
of course.. and that reminds me too..
‘this really cool picture’ comes as
a direct result of Katrina
getting frustrated..
AND tosses
all my Cpt..
SAlt super heroes
and other friends..
all around the room..
and that actuAlly insPiRed
all of this and more now..
oh.. the dARk of MoVinG
Life i Love you in demon
and or angel form..
oh yeah..
and remember
that show Lucifer..
yes.. the wife is kinda
like his assistant too..
but unlike he.. i retain
the flesh way of
monogamy of
course.. and
find other
ways to play
safe and sound
as it were and is..
in matters of Lust and
Love free of course as
any angel and or devil
WiLL do.. yeah.. a bad
and or good boys..girls
gotta do what
he and or noW
she’s Gotta do
to keep the muse
going in full oF aRt
way in good smell
or great taste all
the way
HeLL to
Heaven now..
and i am so glad
that the Lucifer show
next season is taking
a direction different than
the Sandman comic it is noW
based on originally goes then..
and that’s the problem with sticking
to the same dam old thing.. FREE AS
in God WiNS goes neW and inNoVaTiVe
alWays iN trUe NoVeL way now as Change!..
so wHeRe was i.. yes.. heRe of course.. and
after God watches all the Misery.. Suffering..
and Killing in the name of free.. God decides..
we ain’t going by that Kuran.. or Bible story
anymore.. and you guys after all that
Killing and continuing stuFF
like Stove top burning
wives over there..
and crap like
telling my
children as meS
who can and cannot
be free to marry whomever
the FucKinG Free they WiLL..
means.. i’m keeping Jesus and
Lucifer in Heaven and instead i am
gonna send my FucKinG Secret
Special Agent.. Fred
Stone to
get the bigger
job done.. through
words instead of swords..
remember now this is just a poem..
and i must determine what song to go
along with this in my comments section
of my poem titled “Sea stoRies oF God WiN”
as a somewhat perfecto mundo.. complement
to juSt THAT!.. AND OF course noW not many
folks WiLL read it.. but of course.. THAT
makes seNse.. as Fred Flint
Stone and his
newest Arrow
head are sTiLL
iN Stealth tSunAmi
mode like a FucKinG
thieF in the night.. special
agent.. Secret soldier oF
God.. yes of course.. the
picture is perfectly muddy
as how dust WiLL be
somewhere along
the course of
dust to
in Now..
so anyway.. this
secret thief and
agent of God iN
Stealth soldier way
must complete a very
very very difficult mission
FoR God from now of Birth..
ha! ironicAlly on 6660.. that
keep those nasty nasty fundamentalists
guessing on both sides as such if they
ever catch up with this.. but hehe.. that’s
God’s Secret Agent protection..
a Frankenstein Einstein FucKinG
bRain to go along with
yes.. a pretty
hot devil
body for
close to
a 56 year
old soldier
secret oF God
thief now.. so..
born with Autism..
not able to speak until
age 4.. this young boy then
will have to be the weakest
looking among the other young
men and eventually become the
strongest one in the room.. with
three college degrees too.. and
like the cool movie.. the Big
Lebowski.. he will
work in a Military
Bowling Center..
passing out shoes
to smelly feet and
such.. for almost
2 decades to lEarn
all about the colors of
human being well beyond
A to Z.. and along the way..
he must marry one of the
most beautiful angel/demon
girls as remember Fred is
Devil/Angel too.. and
she will never age
as that iS
pArt of heR
Agreement wITh
God all to take up
this particularly difficult
mission in this lifetime now..
by the way you never die..
but you are gonna have to
work reAlly hard for God
iN ALL nOW Fearless Love Way..
to gET thAT FuLL understanding
now.. 100% more than
even the word
faith alone
can understand
now.. no escaping
Nature as God iN iNFiniTy
noW and don’t expect me to
prove that to ya.. thAT pArt
WiLL aLWays be between you
and GodONE.. and when yoUr
Kingdom comes and stays..
you too.. WiLL most
definitely more than
infinitely live in
REAL F iN Heaven now..
are you still with me.. sorry..
i kNoW sTiLL how cold
HeLL can be..
it’s FucKinG
nothing in
tHeRe but
never ending
time wHere the
neXt second of NoW
alWays heaven never
comes now then..
but hopefully
you will not
go there
as i truly
bLack wHole
soUL.. but iF you
do and come out noW..
smelling like God’s Roses
like i.. all though at nows Katrina
disagrees with that notion after
i dance a solid 8 hours of sweat
and crotchy smells and stuff
like that.. you kNow the
musky man scent
and all of that..
remember now..
God iS Good all the now..
and that includes smelly
crotch after dance
reaLITy too..
yes.. i kNoW..
i am a fool for laughs..
and a sacred one too..
hmm.. what now.. yes!
there is that nude poeTry
stuff.. WeLL ya see.. back
to the point on God iS Good
alWays noWin dArk liGht
ways iF ya gET the wHole
liGht of God iN eYes..
ears.. and yes..
believe it or
not Penis
and vagina..
no matter what
size the pen
is or
the va
a is..
oh even how
that looks.. including
all other senses.. feelings..
kNoWing all that is aka God
NoW.. it’s all God.. yes God you
Heaven is alWays noW like an erecTioN
of spiritual liFe that never ends in heaven..
kinda like that beautiful Kuran metaphor similar
to that.. wHere some folks interpret
pArt of that as perfectly
perky female breasts..
but virgins.. hell no..
women have to
practice to
get better
as they age
at sex too..
and trust me
forever now..
is a long now..
without a turn
on below here
and now..
yes.. people
used to tale me
i talked like a computer
so i grew some sensual
humor.. laughs.. giggles..
and just plain.. Robin Williams..
and Jim Carey.. Wit aS iT were..
and is now.. OH God.. the
challenge.. but OH
God it’s all good..
another challenge would
be to write the longest
free verse poem.. now at
3 million words.. per
663 Verses noW aS
SonG oF mY SoUL..
starting out in
special agent
secret soldier
thief style..
as KATiE MiA
FredericK!iI.. after
writing 8 million or so
words on the FriGGinG
last resort for outcasts in
online earth hell.. for somewhere
y e s S T i LL named Wrong Planet..
around 2 and a half years or so.. then..
ALL FOR THIS.. heaven now..
and yes.. there is the
leg pressing close to
half a ton 30 reps..
kinda hard to do when
ya used to be a shut-in
for 66 months in ya
bedroom.. stumbling
out into the back yard..
barely able to make
a TV dinner.. and the
over 5300 miles of dance
WalKinG everywhere ya
go in public for close to
33 months now.. and
10 thousand or
so naked selfie
Poetry Nude Art
photos.. as you must
develop a flesh body
oF Art like David.. Apollo..
and the FriGGinG statue
of Liberty in draG oN too..
ha! and now the only
question iS WHO
WiLL play me
in the movie
that iS
already did it..
as Katy Perry says..
in her song wide awake..
Story never ending finishing
LIKE THE ULTiMate waves of A sEa story
WiTh God
now thief of
Real i Live now..
only secret for those
as thief.. who do not ‘see’..
or work or have a slow
internet connection
or computer..
getting that
pArt up
to speed..
ain’t my
FucKinG JOB..
already did JOB..
noW it’s juSt FReED..
FucK.. the few folks who
sTick by my side deserve
more than living forever but
trust me or not
the forever
iS alWays
a dONe DeaL..
iN HeaveNoW..
and anything less..
FaLLs short of the
Glory oF Ye GOD..
noW iN needle
continUes gRoWinG..
HoPe fLows OceaN 8 WHOLE
StatUe oF hUman stONE coMes liFE..
Oh by a way..
Fox got LA
wrong on the
Lucifer show..
LA don’t stand
for Los Angeles
LA stands for Lower
Alabama.. Also known
as Flo
in PAN
man way..
yes.. remember
11 joining hands
to make 8 iNfiNitY H
standing taLL as
two hemispheres
oF bRAiN man-
like dude
becomes one..
and the rest oF
Earth follows
suIT wHere
East and West
HemiSpheRes.. North
and South LaTiTudes..
joIn hAnds oNLine
and become
tUrnED oN..
yes.. obviously
for now the dude..
off of the Big
WILL alWays
bE an inViSibLE
thief.. man.. but
yeah.. i’M
just to see
the two hemispheres
continue to join online
with or without my F iN
Superheroe(S)helP iN NoW..
but trust me.. this ain’t
just a prayer.. this ain’t
just a wish.. this wHole
FucKinG tHinG IS A MaGicK
FucKinG inCANtaTioN
HAiRy Fred
mE on thAT
SaLt never ages..
never ending noW..
iN Cpt sAlT SEa StorY WaY..
And yes..
i feel
much better about
that celebrating the Glory of
God thingie.. as this Facebook
status thingy.. weighs in at
2367 words plus
this.. close
to a thousand
words more than
the blog post it
resides in but that’s
just pArt of doing all
that is this.. as no sHits..
serIOUsly.. when i’m out and
about the southeast dancing
like a Forrest Gump.. i will
seriously tale ‘thEm’ they
can just Google
“Sea StoRies oF God WiN”
and read all about my Sea Stories
in quick smArt Phone Google search..
if they will and like of course.. as hey..
i’m just here for the sMiLes.. the
laughs.. all the giggles
of google..
to spRead REAL
that heaven CAN
trUlY bE a relative
noW Forever noW..
iT juSt don’t get any
better than that.. as far
as i for one pArt of God
of NatUre.. feels.. senses..
and kNoWs iN HeavenOW..:)
“Destiny feels a shameful portion of guilt,
for a thousand sand castles, never built.”
That’s a fruitive poetic thOught written
by you gigoid..
and one that remains
true for those stuck
the ages..
wHere newer more
colorful Sand Castles
are the pyrAmids that
never got built.. or the baby
who was never born.. or whatever
comes next.. that one put off from
doing yesternow..
now.. so easy
to get
in a rut
of same..
when culture provides
all the sugars and fats for
close to free.. wHere Moving..
Connecting.. and Creating.. becomes
vicarious mirror-neurons in Soap
Opera.. drama.. cop show
or even Kardashian
reality show way..
TV team sports
replace softballs
on the grass.. and
cooking shows are
watched but never have
time to come real on table
and chairs iN sitting together
more than one foot from a
4 inch
So.. i for oNe continue
to build alWays new
Sand Castles
as ya gotta
go wHeRe the
birds migrate if
ya expect to remain
a bird of a feather toGeTheR asOne..
but hell yes.. miss those 2 Decades
of Cheers Bowling Line Work..
never a dull a moment
when 100 or so
eYes of God
noW and heLL
yes.. after hours
we used to watch X
rated movies as a community
together.. Jesus.. one day i’ll
have to make a special blog
to relate all those old
sea stories
if only the
Cold Terrazza
Floors could
And yeah..
of course that is
why one of my favorite
movies is the Big Lebowski
Movie for me.. the whole
dam thing
for REAL.. wITh mE..
Saddest pArt oF aLL
my friend.. is when folks
no longer move.. connect
and create as REAL.. AND
AGAIN that’s the real
i dance
now 5300 miles
in 33 months.. liVe
iS to short NOT to livE REAL
Bowling Alley LiFe iS Truly
Beach LiFe
when Nature
SinGs Free
as uS and
them.. aS One F iN BoOWLinG
League toGeTheR iN Ten pIN WaY..
but yeah.. Old Seville Quarter Cheers
wHeRe everyone kNoWs mY nAMe
now.. increasingly
as DanCinG LeGenT..
thAT mY
friend iS an
honor earned
and never F iN bought
wITh Trump Green
back comb overs..
followers or
likes.. shares
or WTF on
or Word
i FucKinG
my bald
iT is
mY onLY CRoWN..:)
Every now i come
here i iNnately iNstinctually..
iNtuitively.. sense.. feel..
and kNoW that GOD
iS iM here
as nows
go on..
iN how
GoD oF
Nature per
voice sPeaKs..
now just goes
to show.. ‘Atheists’
can be the FucKinG
greaTest Christians oF aLL
iN manners of the REAL HeArt..
spiRit and soUl.. my friEnd but noW
thAt is earned moreover by worKinG
with people than things or books alone..
perhaps more clergy should volunteer
at Bowling Alleys.. Mental Institutions..
or Caregiving Facilities for the
before they
earn the right
to say any FucKinG
thing about what GoD
is or was back then in
noW a F iN Book alone..;)
sMiLes.. my friEnd.. Candice
some stuff in hUWoMan way
continue to stay the same as
change through all the ages in the
greatest wAr oFall.. and that mY
friend is yes.. the battle
of the sexes..
core of what we
are as masculine
feminine whole iN
balance.. per egalitarianism
and the privilege oF RiGht to
be FRE AS mE.. or the matriarchy
of the primitives at 10 to 12
thousand years ago
and some small
world pockets
sTiLL noW..
in hunter and
ForAger ways..
where not unlike
the Bonobo.. our closest
primate couSin stiLL in Ape
way.. Women have the
power iN GaTheRinG
and males
are hunters
and sex slaves
more and more
yes.. give me more..
seriously.. i have degrees
in Anthropology.. Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary
and Health science albeit
my school mascot was
only the humble
but oh
does the
shell grow
long and young
new in fossil way
hehe.. like me i guess..
as dinosaur young i go..
anyway.. in Patriarchy Ways
of liFe generated by lower resources
in less hospitable environments the size
ratio between men and women becomes
dimorphic more so as protectors as such..
and next thing ya know ya got Jehovah Witnesses
and all of THaT.. covering all the free up.. ugh..
that sucks.. meanwhile.. women suffer
at the hands of the
larger sex..
but times are
a changing my friend..
and the best of all stuff
is when the me generation
gets Free Egalitarianism alloWinG
noW masculine and feminine balance
in just one individual free.. but OH NO!
NOW.. AND WHILE Hillary has got
her man down..
frigging Donald
ain’t got a clue
what the
Divine feminine
Power iS STiLL noW..
truly the macrocosm of American
Politics is a symbol of this global
changing way.. as Nature WiLL
have her way in grandest macro
view now.. there are enough F iN
Folks.. so time to put down the
baby tools more..
or do whatever
Nature says
to make
Balance a
Piece of cake
where we all get
to lick the frosting off the Cake..
ha!.. couldn’t resist.. this is one of
my favorite old egg head things to
discuss free and putting
iT iN Free Verse
Science F in ART..
and it smells good to me..
i guess.. ’cause i juSt diD iT.
F in
See ya over at
yoUr next post..
as F in religion
is all about
the battle
of the sexes too!..;)
SMiLes.. my Friend aGaiN..
Candice.. all or nothing
certainLY rings trUth
iN dArk and liGht
oF and to mE…
Oh.. the
human archetypes.. hUwOman
religion without words..
action and inaction
dArK and
or liGht..
and reaSon
rHyMinG mORe..
i neVer kNeW aLL
unTil i experience
iT iS fAiRly
easy.. noThing
iS thE oppoSite
oF FeeLinG.. SeNsinG..
InteRdepenDent noW
MoVinG.. conNecTinG
creATinG aLL nOW..
butT i’m a reaList
besT oF aLL
mY friEnd.. thE rest
of iT iS juSt words..
Dance over Words
Fearless FREE
NatUre uS aSonE
iT’S MaGiC ReaL
EnOuGH FoR mE..
As HeArt.. SpiRit
and SoUL gRows..
young is Young noW
aS THat aLL GRowS
Ocean WhOlE
Arts liVe
iN liGhtnOW..:)
Well that does ’bout wrapS hEr all uP for NoW
and a “MaY MiNioNs BLooM” Song2 and Title of
98th/769th MacroVerse of “Nether Land
Bible 2017” ARiSinG NoW past 1.476
Million words with totals
of this MacroVerse
coming soon to
add in along
with “SonG of
mY SoUL” going Longer
in the 45th Month of ThAT
since the end of August 2013..
as the sMaLLer Bible stArted
on Memorial Day.. the 30th of May
2016.. considering that the official
Word Tally of that Old King James Version
is StiLL only a Minuscule 783K words or so..
WeLL on my way to Double the Effort of Centuries revised past
and So many folks that made that little effort possible then..
as hey..
i have the big one
yes.. the Transhumanist
Advantage noW as this now
whole new cultural way
of BeinG HuMan is an
Experiment in
hUman BeinG
iN JusT one LiFEtime
of Neuroplastic and Epigenetic
potential for Adaptation to Struggle
in mUch HiGher hUman Potential more now
if one doesn’t get stuck in the shallow
circles of instant gratification noW2
to enjoy the job of doing more
where even the struggle
of liFE becOMes
HeAveN NoW2..
anyWay.. works
for me and HeAR
is the non-MiNioN
Version of ThAT Ocean
DriVe SonG noW too.. to
accompany more of the Sacred
and Holy R and R Activities FuLL
of Meaning and Purpose ultimatELy
leaDing to a 159th Dance Week of NiGht
In..  just a couple of hours.. matter of fAcT..
iN FaCt more Fun Dance photos coming around
3 AM..  or perHaps..  a little later in the morning..
depending on if and when i get this thing published
online before or after Dance Starts as Cinco de Mayo
is getting celebrated in Pensacola per Old Seville and the first
settled place in the United States now yes.. officially even beating
out Saint Augustine now too.. whether Trump likes it or not we will
be Celebrating Mexican Heritage too after midnight tonight as the
5th Day of the 5th Month of 2017 arises hiGher in all Free Dance WiTh
all the Cool College Age folks down heAR at Seville Quarter iN LA Lower Alabama State
oF Flowers Panhandle oF Florida too.. by the beach NoW and A Bay and Gulf View too..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked
MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)