SMiLes Himali.. this will be rather
Long but i know you can
tolerate that as you now
know and understand
me as practice does
that in Human
practiced more
than the occasional
Modern like share
and follow
NoW as
that goes..
or Lord kNows
when something
monetary is the end
of means now including
likes shares and follows
too for one who Lives for Love
one becomes Love.. it is the way
of God as Nature in Human Nature
even repeatable in Scientific Study too..
too and verily in ways of anecdotal experience
too as we who Love See dARk and LiGht sHades
of GreY and the Occasional as you say Eureka too
now that continues to Grow as a greater ecstatic lit uP
ascendent experience of LiFE as PurE LoVE and Wisdom’s
Beauty sAMe.. BeyOnd RainBoW Colors NoW of FeeLingS TruE
And SeNseS NoW as LoVE GroWs even hiGher NoW as LoVELiGHT
now.. this Wisdom and Beauty of “Show thy Love” as synchronicity now
continues to GroW iN LoVE like MaGiC.. is the perfect peace of Muse
for an ending 3 out of 3 trilogy of MacroVerses i am currently creating
as this will be the beginning of that although i haven’t even published
Number 2 yet even though it is written.. i haven’t started piecing the
draft pARTs together as they are scattered in comments section
the way i free verse write life mostly as letter to the
other folks i connect to in life.. and yes.. in
particular.. my Friend Himali who
obviously is diligent in
upmost Jainism
way too
not only
ShoWinG NoW
LoVE but BeCoMinG
the HiGHesT GiFT thaT
HuMaN Feels and SeNsEs
of actual Love Incarnate in Human
Form wHeRE NoW BecOmeS Forever
Love as Essence of Being Human and
what that will do as far as liGht goes for
GiVinG thaT LiGht WiTh ALL ONE’S MiGHT
to oTheR HuMaNs too.. in sharing ways
that only love never for material
means of ends away from
Love.. hmm.. sure..
unless someone
needs food
and drink
and shelter
for life.. as that
is Sharing and Giving
too in what counts as
Love in LiFE.. existing
as we do in not only Survive
but Thrive of LiFe too.. anyway
this Third MacroVerse of Trilogy
in Celebrating around 5 Million Words
mostly written as Free Verse Poetry to
others that in itself is a recognized ‘science’
form of Poetry along with Concrete Poetry that
makes shapes that express too as symbols all the
words within the shapes as they come in Free verse
way to me often lamps and chalices and bells and such
as that in archetypal Human built-in ways of expressing greater
consensual reality in symbols too.. and it’s true as far as all those
tens of thousand of letters written in both longer and shorter and even
a few words form as essence to connect.. a very small percentage.. perhaps
as small as less than 5 percent returned as reciprocal communication of any
kind back to me.. but you see.. unlike the ‘Original Version of Pac Man’.. Giving
the Muse is what makes me more like Love than receiving the Muse now and true
when one lives like this all becomes muse dARk of BLacKeST aS Abyss to
sHades of Grey through and BeyONd RainBoW Colors of transcendent
ecstatic ascendent Love as NoW.. plain clothes cops Guardians
of the
tHeRE is No
Space or tiMe
or Distance as
Love.. that’s why
We ET’s Fly HiGH
enough wherever we
are on terrestrial planes
never landing as LoVE NoW FReED..
oh yeah and the title of that MacroVerse
enclosed in this Free Verse way to you
is “Solar Eclipse FoR LoVE 2017”..
sure make historically what is
the scariest thing that most
people have ever
that is the
of the Sun oF LiFE
LoVE NoW that’s quite
a feat of feet and voice but
never too much for a Dance and SonG oF LoVE..
anyway.. gotta get back to finishing up that 2nd pART of the Trilogy Now..
as soon as i get out and dance and re-create my soUL in Flesh and Blood too..;)
Hi Prajakta.. Hope you are doing well in the
Recovery of the injury to your hand.. i’ve missed
your writings as always a source of inspiration as it
seems i’ve pretty much been on that journey with you close
to three years ago when you started as i celebrate my
4 Year Anniversary of Writing on Word Press now
in the MacroVerse i am putting
together as i am currently
downloading a
‘mass’ of photos
for that hehe..
and hey
as far
as Fall Out Boy
and Centuries go and
all the Music Available through
Google and YouTube and Vevo
that are all part of an umbrella and
new wave of sharing art and science
online we in many ways live in the best
of times for those of us who can find a balance
iN RiDinG what can and will be a very exciting wave
and perhaps a little scary to a lot scary for those of we
who are not open to change as change is really accelerating
now.. it’s hard to put the brakes on progress and there are some
folks stomping on that peddle but as long as progress is led by love it wins
it’s just
the science
of Human Nature
Love Will keep us toGeThER
as Bind of LIGht as Social Animal
Best.. hmm.. i think there is an old
Song for that thaT is so joyful in
optimism that
i will use it
heaR now too..
as i am currently
also emBarking
on Celebrating the
“SOLaR ECliPSE FoR LoVE 2017”
JuST ‘Cause i Can and WiLL NoW
Make it that WiTh LoVE.. Joy Loves
Company iN mY WoRLD and sAdly
there is that oTHeR Place but the invitation
is always oPen in this PLacE NoW hehe haha
and all those laughs and giggles and overall joy and smiles that go with that..;)
Send Love out
to the UniVerse
And ‘iT’ reTurNs as LoVE..:)
As aLWays.. mY Pleasure HiMaLi
as we ready over here on the Eve
of the Solar Eclipse.. first one
to stretch the East
and West Coast
Borders of the
entire USA
in 99 years..
hmm.. we even
have some neighbors
putting up Halloween Decorations
as it is also a Feast Day for Wiccan
Associated People Doing MaGiC Spells
for Love.. particularly in Wyoming wHeRe
the total Eclipse will actually last the longest..
just 81.5 Percent Coverage of the Sun NoW by the
Moon where i live.. anyway.. should be interesting
as this is surely now the first one this Century where
the last one this covered here was in 1985 that i clearly
remember as it was unusually cool for May 30th and very
Breezy as ‘they’ say sometimes happens During a Solar Eclipse..
and the one before that was in 1970 with that much coverage too…
in fact.. it was almost full coverage where i lived then.. anyway.. also
a first for folks
with SmART
to capture
it too of course..
careful not to actually
look at the Eclipse for
potential eye damage..
Wishing you a Great 21st
to go along with your 19th and 20th
as you continue to count your blessings
too on a daily diary basis that enhances overall
LoVELiGHT NoW iN BeinG HuMaN iNcReAsinG NoW
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Prajakta.. wonderful
to hear how you turned the dARKness of your
Hand Injury into opening another Door to fulfill
A Different Area Intelligence of your Human Potential
in Astronomical
ways.. hehe
of course
of the Evening
as i just related to
HiMaLi in her work place
now a few countries away
from India in the United
Arab Emirates.. anyway..
in a Global Community
we can share the goings on and
pleasant ones THANK GOODNESS
of a Solar Eclipse that stands to harm no
one as long as they do not look at it with a
Naked eye and speaking of Blinding events the
effective loss of my eyesight and hearing surely too
opened a Door to writing all these Words as then when
the pain in one’s eye is like Dentist Drill where no drug
will kill the pain in ear either one must find a new hobby to
attempt to escape that suicide disease of pain And Writing
from wake to sleep for the last 33 months or so of that pain..
provided a meditative
and transcendent state
that allowed me to at least
tolerate the pain enough where
i didn’t wanna use the Chain in
my Bicycle Basket to not screw up
hanging myself finding a tree far
enough away where only
the vultures would find
me.. hehe.. and
people wonder
now why
i Dance everywhere
i go now and keep on
writing.. past 12 Million
Words since that attempt
at Escape on Thanks Giving
Day of 2010 and the end of that
pain a little over four years ago in
July 2013.. i Loved Living and had all
the money i needed and a Loving Wife too..
but there are some pains that are worse than
death as ‘they’ call type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
the Suicide Disease for Good Reason as technically
in Medical Literature it is assessed as the actual worst
pain known to humankind.. the one thing also assessed
as worse than crucifixion in actual books on that actual
topic.. no three hour or three day tour for me.. 66 long
months in hell.. and sure.. total eclipse of my heart
yep.. there is a Song for that too.. about a
Lunar Eclipse or Solar Eclipse
as i make a DancESonG
For the Solar
Eclipse tomorrow
for Love Away from
all the eclipses of Human
HeARTs we see around the Globe now.. SpARKs oF LiGht And
Peace Be WitH You and Love as ‘they ‘Dance and SinG mY FriEnd..:)
Hmm.. Gonna Need More FB
Profile Pics As A SonG for this
i CaN WiLL JusT Do iT NoWiLL
Don’t Let THE SUN
of as LOVE GO
i DoN’T TakE LoVE
aS GoD Literally
iN fAcT i DoN’t TaKE
AnYTHinG liTerAllY HA.
People Worship
Love is God
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd HiMaLi NoW
On this Day a rare day inDeeD
And an actual LiGht Bond for
Human BeinGs iN the USA
After so much
has iS
WoKeN the LioN NoW
oF LoVE yeS ironicAlly
dARK eVent of Nature in
Solar Eclipse Way a Feared
And Sacred and Holy Event
Full of Meaning and Purpose
through our ancestors of the years..
Yes.. this Bind of Darkness becomes
one thing that almost everyone can agree
on that is interesting MusE to the Country both
Sides as whole iN LiGHT of BiNd DarK..
Don’t let the Sun Go Down on me
iN Love as Muse THE BriGhtesT
SuN oF HeART for
And yes trUE
mY friEnd.. although
i cannot take credit this
go around for saying you
are a Beautiful Person in your
anonymous message generator
online it’s fair to say that when i first
came to your blog i immediately saw
YouR liGHT through words and positive
Loving Interactions with otHeRs FeeLinG
And SeNSinG that yeS oNliNe i would and
Will and Do find Home heAR iN and as and
WiTh Love that i see of HiMaLi whenever i write
her name.. tHeRE are many kinds of love but HiMaLi’s
is Pure
as Love
Shares and
Gives for Free
without conditions..
i’ve seen this before
it is AngEL as Essence
no matter form of Being HUmaN
THE GreaTest Sunshine of Love withstanding
all eclipses of HeART that come.. sure.. i could
say it in fewer words but this is how the Essence of HuWoMaN
Form as Love Muses me hiGHeR and HiGHeR NoW as points
THE God wHo’s LOVE..:)
Interesting as Facebook
To assess
An actual
Drop on
Do Say
More than
Else said..
From not
But our
Self as
Surely Help..
Happy NoW..:)
Artists Trading
Money For
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. SoHeir.. as for as many hUman
eYes and Mouths tHeRe is Vision and Hearing
that sees and hears God with less and more
senses and feelings depending
on how open
one is
to the
of Love
that is if one
Sees and Hears God
As Love but AS HiStory sHows clearly..
many people see A God of Fear and Hate..
A paRT of God we can be with Relative Free
Will As A God we Create as Fear and Hate or not
and live
Love a
place with
zero illusory
fears.. jealousy.. greed..
ownership of other people
as all eyes and ears of God
iN HuMaN Lives best in as Love Free
this IS A God of Love who lives in human
on a naked beach without the sad clothes of all
with fear and hate..
other than that one can look
around and see an unlimited interpretation
of this book or that book or this page and that
word while Love
Love Lives
real with zero
aggression zero violence
zero illusory fears and zero hate..
a pretty tall order that does not exist in
any book
prophet in totality
over the full course of their life..
people make mistakes that’s natural
and if they didn’t they/that would be the
A greatest
oF aLL
in human
form essence
AS Human robot dead as life..
not to say we now can’t practice
perfect at least.. at most as is LOVE..
if it isn’t
Love it isn’t
A God of Love..
that’s common sense/
feel and a reality we rarely
see in any religion or country
as whole as once again people
make mistakes…
can and will
correct them as
And is Love if they don’t give up with WiLL..
as ‘they’ say in the Catholic Church ‘they will
know we are Christians by our LoVE as hands
fall to the side when it is time to hold a Lord’s
Prayer as Hands of Love..
it’s easy
to see/hear
Love’s Essence
When Love comes in Human Form
Love Reaches out as liGht over dARK..
never Jealous or Envious
with Pure
as Love
over any other
word that falls short
of the Mighty Power and Glory
aS Love worthy of thanks and praise..
otHeR than that Nice to see you Blogging
Soheir.. alWays a pleasure to come by with a Gift of Love
aS LiGhT
as LoVELiGHT NoW..:)
SMiLes my FriEnd..
For it is not
Love that
Is imperfect
But the
Vehicles and
Vessels of Love
That are words
As words are
Fear and
Love mean
The same as
Actually mean
Depending on
The Ink Blot
View one Lives..
In other words..
Will Never
House Love as
The Essence of
Also known
As a Three or
Five letter
Love is
iN otHeR WoRDs
i don’t see
As A Word.. NoW
God is much Bigger
As Love iN Essence
A simple test.. can
You and me name
All the Human
Emotions understanding
God is more than
Human and there
Are 412 Emotions
Noted and
More than
Notes in
Essence of
What is a
Human experience
By its lonely that
Is impossible to
With words
As some people
See more of
God than
To either
Or Qualify
That Full
With words
And wHo
Thinks we
That with God in
Verses of Words
Too small
To adequately
Human Soul..
SMiLes.. my FriEnd
For i See God more
Clearly than
Any word
Even by
sKeYes NoW..:)
Back at HiMali’s place
off and on throughout the
Day.. through
a few naps
too as
the Afternoon
Darker with less
Sun and Clouds come too..
Himali returns with.. and i quote her..
“Hellooooove, (new learning from Fred on FB..:D)
“tHeRE are many kinds of love but HiMaLi’s Love is Pure as Love Shares and Gives for Free without conditions..”
This is the biggest compliment ever ! Thank you, Fred..:) You made my day so beautiful..
I want to say, Fred is a beatiful person. He is warm, kind and caring. He misses his friends when they go missing and expresses his love without fear or hesitation. He is my, Kat’s and Yellow Boy’s HERO..:)
Hugs to Florida..:)”
I return in thanks with..
WeLL mY friEnd.. these are SurELy
Epic and
Of Kindness
From HiMaLi
That i WiLL
With the
As A
Peak of
That HeAR
At 1:37 CST
PM too..:)
Himali additionally says..
Angels from heaven
Three Angel
Halo Headed
IN conclusion i say..
Now off to Himali’s
Happiness posts measuring
the Good Moments of her life
on a day to day basis without fail..
as i return words on Salient Points of Happiness i view too..
SMiLes i am very
impressed with
the Love
consistently shows you..
HiMaLi.. surely proof
you are
Love as
an Entire Family..:)
You are quite the busy
Woman amazing any
one can hold it
all together
as Love
doing all you do..
Himali.. and yeah..
it reminds me of
my ‘busy’ days
when i had
to do
than one
thing at ‘a time’
too.. ah.. Love
doing one thing at
‘a time’ NoW Write
Love or
Love and
Take pictures
of Love as i go and
that’s about it.. and all i do..;)
You are really great
at making lists
of Happiness
i believe you
should be an
Accountant but
wait! you already are..
Himali with all the numbers in
of Love too..;)
SMiLes.. Himali once upon a time
after what would be 33 years
of work in Active pay and 19
years of School to go
aLong with that
My Psychiatrist..
after i finally
i was
human breaking
down and seeking
help told me Fred.. you
really need to use something
other than adrenaline to keep
you going.. he said use your emotions
and i honestly had never learned about
doing that thinking to myself i missed that class
in life..
so i was
to figure that out..
and finally after responding
to many thousands of what poets
write from heARTs in response back
to them as a practice of Life becoming Love..
expressing emotions and moving my life with
emotions rarely ever if ever at all engaging my
flight and fight
in fear
to move
me in life
what a Peace
oF LiFe Bes when
one Bes Love through
a Practice of Love Long
enough for 12 Million words
even becoming poetic too..
oh by the way the
why didn’t
you give up and
quit before the job
almost killed you.. and
i said you don’t give up to live
even when the going gets tough..
now it’s easy as i feel and sense the path of love
over any fear i lived before.. so i would say to you
it is more the being of love than who one loves as Love can
with love
and no doubt
my friend it is those
who enter into arranged
marriages that survive that way..
i would have loved an arranged marriage
when i was young as i couldn’t do a good job
of it on my own.. now i cannot imagine that my
friend for i am grown up free.. people should get
they are
ready for
it and have the
opportunity to forgo
marriage all together
if they never get ready for it..
true sometime socio-economic situations
and innate propensities don’t allow for that to work..
and that’s
why humans
make rules that
harm and hurt too..
we survive first then thrive when possible
it’s the way of Nature from dARk to LiGht as LiFE..:)
And now back to
Monologue Fred talk..
as that runs on..
in F
My Philosophy of life for most of my life was simply
driven by following all the rules of culture to the best
of my ability as culture saw school and making good grades
as good and i said sure i’ll do that too by making straight A’s
and the Productive Loyal Workers to assist in whatever was
asked of them kept a job without questioning authority too much
so i did that next in some tandem too of 33 years of active pay
work and 19 years of school too.. and yes i enjoyed
serving soiled shoes with smiling eyes
of Customer Service Love
but what would i do
and what could i do
and what can and
will i do out
of all
those rules
and regulations
of culture and even
old time religions too overall
of course as rules and religions and
cultures serve valuable holy and sacred
meaning and purpose to bind folks together
to get the jobs required for a survive and thrive
of life with each otHeR beTTer STiLL NoW.. yeah..
i broke down as sometimes humans who will not say
no and have not learned to motivate themselves
through emotions more than fears do.. for
survival away from greater thrive
and my Sister said you
are just writing
and yes
she was
correct now
i am literally
Metaphorically doing that now..
Mission Accomplishing Love NoW..:)
So.. let me get this straight or crooked and
to be clear this is a Wonderful Day
oF Love as the Solar
Eclipse comes
And People
are Bonding
in Positive Love
Energy over this
As Hope instead
NoW of the Devil and
Hell oF Fear and Hate
but never the less and more
than usual lately Fear and Hate
make an excellent dARK Muse too
to aWaKeN the LioN HeArT of Love
And the eYe of the Tiger NoWwHo adds
tHe WiLL and Strength and Grace NoW to
thE Power and Force that is Love so aptly
nAMeD aS God.. God is Love what pART of that
don’t you get.. when you suggest that the Morning
Star of Love is somehow evil and hidden in disguise
as evil.. SMiLes.. mY friEnd as ‘they’ say they will kNow
We are Christians by our Love or not and if it was/is up to you
the Jesus who and that is the archetype of Love in Human
Good Cop Super Hero Ways..
a Solar
oF FeAR and
Hate.. Apocalypse
mY FriEnd a Great one
We are currently in as that
applies to the Original Greek
Definition that means lifting
the Veils of Ignorance away
from Wisdom and Truth
that is Pure
Love for
and Energy
and Force of
Human Positivity
AS Holding Hands of Love
Power MaGiC this LoVE is and
as you notice i did not need or care
to add a K for now to that word as i do
not worship this or that man as God i worship
all that is as God as Love NoW for the HuWoMaN
iN BaLanCinG ForCe of those attributes so generalized
And listed ‘fore of Wisdom and Truth and Yes Beauty iN
WiLL’s Grace and Strength of and as LOVE.. it’s true i might
not have ever made it in my longest of 6 named Bibles Written
in 4 years now at 5 Million Words as i Celebrate that now with a gift
i will provide to you below.. nah.. i might not have reached 1.911 Million
Words in 15 months on precisely 8.21.2017.. the Day of the
Rare 99 year event of a Solar Eclipse Traversing
the Entire Country of the United States
in an afternoon heAr in
the Sunny LA Lower
Alabama Panhandle
oF Florida for you
see my
i am too big
to see and hear
at this point for most
which is kinda nice as i
come as sort of the metaphor
of a thief in broad daylight.. a little
too far above dARk to See and heAR As LiGht
NoW.. paRT of why i name my Second Longest
Bible “Nether Land Bible 2017” wasn’t planning
for the 911 pART oF it to come on 8.21.2017
as the Solar Eclipse comes this afternoon
on that same day.. so.. perhaps it is
just a Sign as SigNaTuRE as
those/these events occur
as Synchronicity
but you see
my friEnd
i’m in this for the
Longest of runs perhaps
A Book that Lasts a Thousand
years or more in a place of nether
land with no sun or moon.. sure.. A Place
with no real distance time or space interwebz
served by Robots online as my soUL is Uploaded
NoW.. Sure.. yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUl FouR YearS Old”
And let’s say another prophecy fulfilled by BrinGinG it heAr
to you all for free.. i am no one special but me and the Greatest
paRT of thaT for eternAlly NoW is you are just as special as me
for we are aLL paRTS of GoD wHole mY FriEnd and if you cannot
see and hear and be the Sun of Love that is you.. i feel sorry for you my
FriEnd for when you truly wake up you find that you are are God As Love iN LOVE too..
on eARth
a place
of Joy
Loves Company
with the Hope of
Love incarnate as
you and me and i and
us and we in the Grand
Old US of A too
or not
the lines
above will be
your will and choice
and the Karma of God
within that is Hope and Love
in Joy Loves Company or that otHeR
place you obviously exist iN NoW…
Love is
lines my FriEnd
and sure in a ‘few more lines’
heAR with WiNks.. if you get the
Bad Cop Jesus you are looking for..
i suppose you will deserve you my friEnd iN Karma
if you work to make that Bad Cop Jesus real as you..
anyway.. thanks again for the sAdly predictable dArk muse
of fear and hate your bring.. without you there would not have
a 911
in the Second
Longest Bible
ever written
as far NOW
as numbers
go today.. i needed
at least 514 words from you
and you fulfilled much more than
that in daRk muse for NoW.. so
i am Now..
should be
only a rhetorical
question (HINT: LOVE).
Have a Nice
Day Filled with
A Company oF
Hope Love and Joy
iF you WiLT NoW..
Best WisheS iN HoPE
‘they’ OnLY CoME NoW iN
one ‘color’ YoU kNoW LoVE.
YoU CaN And
WiLL coNsiDeR
oF aS LoVE otherwise
known as a Positive Prayer for Love
otherwise known as the Placebo Effect
for non-believers
who haven’t
to work
Love ForcE yET.. ie..
Scientists.. Clergy.. etc…
Stock Brokers.. Share Holders..
Dowry Makers.. Republicans.. in short.. most everyone
who attempts to chain and own God away from FREE LOVE NOW..
often in
as small
as letters
pAges and
oh my God
NoW iN
of tiny
i Hope
you enjoyed
thisitwasis reAlly Good Joy for ‘me’..
NoW aS Love is like that/this/me/NoWMoRE..
H yeaH as i also coMe close to completing
8K Miles of Public Praise Dance for the Love that is God in Four years
too.. 5 million Words one person writing a Bible in Four Years with all that
i am.. i for
one can and
will prove i am LOVE
whether or not you for
one can see A ‘John 14:12 ‘
as big as ‘me’ today NoW
as you too.. mY FriEnd..
as Love is BotH thE Law And ACT..
i suggest you pick up an only weapon
oF Love thaT is sWorDWords Love WitH aS LiFE NoW..
Love IS A SonG my Friend and A DancE Either we Do Love iN
AS Heaven
We faLL
To thE otHeR
pLace oF FeaR
And HatE iN aS HeLL..
Choose YouR WeaponS WisELy
iN TruTHLiGHT iF YoU CaN and WiLL
aS LOVENoW..:)
Love is
Nor guilt
Fears but
Sometimes John 3:16 heals
Others times it
Kills.. depends
On who
Is Behind
The words
One Man
Or all
SMiLes.. my FriEnd Himali.. for
where Free Dance
there is
no real need
for spoken Language
to get a Message across
of Free
what it even means
to live in emotional
and sensory LiGHT..
sadly.. since humans started
wearing clothes and that is no promotion
alone for the benefits of being one with Nature
without the constraints
of the cultures
we wear
but truly
this fully dressed
woman in beautiful
Indian attire expresses
her heART and SpiRiT
and SoUL NoW Naked with her
dance no matter how many or how few
or how colorful or bland her wear of life is..
and we see ‘the man’ in common rigid upright
posture stoic pose and she wonders if that posture
will bend
to the
of heR
heART’s’ SpiRit
ExpreSsinG greater
LiGht of EmotioNal
and Sensory miNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL through the art of her
Dance SpiRit aLIve so Free and the
Young Man is not so rigid and trapped in
patriarchal ideals not to allow his wife to flower free
this way even sharing that beauty of free with the World..
as you often see me doing with Flower Katrina with no shame
too.. as Flower is not something to be hidden under the rug of God
that is
mY FriEnd
Free as Love
anyway.. the inability
for men to express emotion
is rooted deep in tribal nature
of warring cultures fighting for subsistence
against other tribes raising men without empathy
to overcome the natural aversion to kill another human
being.. these trappings are clearly still and easily seen in the
swords of modern Abrahamic Religions/Cultures that originate in areas
of deserts with scarcities for even the basic requirement for life that is
water so ‘we’ turn
the men into
to kill
and protect
and acquire the
basic water and food
of life without thriving with
the Love that is all pro-social emotions
experienced.. including even crying on the shoulders
of other men.. it happens in more primitive cultures MUCH
MORE advanced in Emotional intelligences among the genders
equally where men don’t die nearly as young from CardioVascular Disease
as the heART is actually the seat of an emotional intelligence as complex as
the brain
we think
in more patriarchal
cultures to free dance like
this is to come to the state of Nirvana
and Bliss without just sitting still and emptying
oneself of negative emotions for elixir of EmoTioNal/SenSoRY Light iN true
Nirvana and Heaven in now is the heART that escapes greater through
the Dance of Love as liGht surely does when free in being human…
most men where i live have
never seen what emotional
release can bring
in terms
of actual
will and
in a man..
enough to leg press
1020 Lbs in my case at a Military
Gym 33 times on a machine that is
much more difficult than most men will
even attempt to use as it doesn’t have a sled
to carry the weight as one must use their own power
of gravity and balance in grace to press the weight..
one time a Marine who managed to press 1200 Lbs
on the other machine could not
budge it one inch..
i tried to explain
to him the
i could some
35 years older than
him was the free style
ballet mixed with martial
arts that i use to heighten the
Pro-Social Emotions than run through
my body free that power every Quadrillion
or so connection in every cell of my body from
head to toe in the ‘Star Wars Force’ otherwise known
and felt and sensed as CHI in Martial Arts.. it’s all gibberish
to ‘them’ of course and on top of that they are deathly afraid someone
might think they are GAY if a man were to express emotion though his body grace
fully as free as this as meanwhile they get weaker as they grow older with premature
heart disease and i grow stronger with literally Hundreds of Young Women in the
Metro Area smiling at the side
of a man
who is
to be Love
Free in all the
ways that comes..
i win for i love every now
i win for i love as God will in
human man and women as
HuWoMaN when truly Free iN As LiGht oF LoVE..
the only thing missing in the video my friend is the
Husband Dancing with his wife
as her..
when that
happens the
World will be a much better NICER place..
but sure this a first step toward a World of Love
such a simple solution a free dance of more than
one togeTHeR is.. meanwhile there is ‘the solo’ with
God ‘wHo’ is never alone allone
say in the
‘you’ that is me..:)
Oh yeah and on Saturday
while Dancing at Winn Dixie
when an African American Woman
Cashier tells the other Cashier “he’s so bad”
as i do an exhibition in front of all the Cashier
Lines and by the way the usage of ‘bad’ per
the Michael Jackson song per say.. hehe..
the next day on Sunday
a rather ‘scrawny’ ‘Red
Neck’ young man
sitting tall
in a
big truck
with huge tires
then stops to watch
me dance for a minute
on ‘the sidewalk to best buy’
and considering i do weigh
233Lbs and can handle my
body in unusual ways he
says then.. ‘hell yeah that’s
it” from a distance and
i walk up to the
truck and say
hell yeah
it’s THE
baby.. and then
he says i want some
of what you are on and
then i say have you ever heard of God..
rhetorical question where i live where four
wheel drives live as they all at least pay lips
to the word Jesus.. and then he says hell yeah
i know God and i say well to really know God you
have to feel and sense
God more
still and of
course he has
no idea what i am
saying as he’s never danced
free with God.. anyway.. i don’t give up showing ‘them’ how..
and also showing them what Heaven looks like on earth from the outside in..;)
Anyway.. thanks so much
Himali for sharing this video
my friend for this
and a
Video will
surely add
to the inspiration oF ALL oF this that is… LovELiGHT
Just picture this.. me
Standing NoW iN front of
A Regional Metro-Area population
Gulf Coast of Hundreds of thousands
of “Red State Bullies” as A Mountain of Love
as they ‘melt’ in front of me away from
any potential
otherwise bring..
it’s how i experience
life now as opposed to the
Bullies at the City Park and
the Halls of Middle School who
said in verbal and non-verbal language
that if you even smile ‘Queer’ we will beat you
down in a metaphorical Crucifixion of Hate.
That really happened LITERALLY
many times
when i am
Makes me into
A Mountain oF A LOVERainBoWMaNoW..;)
So in other
words now
you know
why i
SMiLEs so much now mY FriEnd online in words..
it’s what ‘they’ did tHeir best to take away from me..
for a while.. iN pART.. ’66 months’ and a few other years of my life..
And a desert iN A Loss of Overall Creativity for 40 years from ages 13 to 53..
‘they’ were successful iN parT and NoW aLL i do is my best to bring a smile to ‘them’.
with the
Women at least..
as empirically proven
in all the photos online
and now that’s why ‘they’
STiLL are my ‘favored ones’..
as it’s first come first serve still..
And sure.. all the ‘other ones’ are
missing is Heaven on eARTh and Much
Greater Love and Strength
and Grace..
Having no idea
just how much they
have been lied to all tHeir LiFE.
pART two of continuing SUPER epic story coming..;)
Meanwhile back at the FB Ranch.. Dear
Friend Rafiah who lives in Pakistan
not like my friend HImali who
originates from India
now working
in the United
Arab Emirates.. yes.. Rafiah to be clear
and detailed too provides a Facebook
Status that speaks to “Triple Talaq”
in Indian thinking it seems that
this should already be a given
since Sharia Law already
prohibits a man
getting divorced
on a whim of
just saying the
word Talaq three
times no matter the socio-
economic situation at hand
has been overruled in the country
of India preventing more women from
starving if they cannot gain subsistence of course..
So it appears that Rafiah cannot understand the surrounding
hoopla as ‘they’ say or mayhem too for Societal Change in India now..
Rafiah asks..
What is this mayham about triple talaq?
i drop by since this is wRite on Topic per
what i am writing about in other places
through the evening and this morning too
as FB Friend Michael messaged me a John
3:16 story about how great the Jesus is when
folks follow him as an actual created God man
and only son of God verses the original Greek
Words that say A Son of God instead of ‘the’
only Begotten Son of God that of course comes
in handy when one is making the laws and books
of religion to expand a coming Holy Catholic Roman
Empire that still spreads in some ways sadly by suggesting
that Jesus is an only one instead of just another Yogi-like dude
walking the eARTh Barefoot naked humbly one with God kinda
like that Carradine Dude off the old TV Series Kung FU too if
anyone wonders what Jesus might do as a
seasoned Martial Artist too who has nothing
to prove unless necessary with the real power
of Love and Grace and Will and Strength that
regulates emotions and integrates senses
where he might look humble and that he
is but he holds the infinity
of God’s Love
that is beyond
iNfinity as Love
in the
of his hands
for Grace of Peace
as Love with WiLL and Strength
that surely only Loves to Live in Peace
unless the gift of GoD EYes Free in his or
her.. eTc’s.. eyes are threatened and must stand
tall in Defense of Love even if that means kicking
ass that wants to destroy Love that cannot be escaped
as fear
last resort
as they say
but love
is too
not to defend
when necessary
as the gift of Life..
only as a last resort as one could
enjoy in that really Great TV Show Kung Fu
so popular when i was young and true we
could all use some more Yoda in our Life
no matter
size as
and Strength
iN Grace of LoVE..
okay back to the Rafiah
and Fred Friendship reality
series in this “SonG oF mY SoUL”
wHOle as paRT of 5 Million words now
surpassing four years too on this 22nd day of the 8th month now..;)
As i return to say to Rafiah..
Women’s rights not to be oppressed by men..
A Victory for Women AFAIK..;)
in answer to her Rhetorical Question
in other words i already know
hehe.. but
this is an opportunity
to expand both of our UnivERses
of God togeTHeR as sAMe and MulTi-verse
DiffeRent and while obviously i don’t agree with
much of what the Quran is as a Tribal Religion
i surely understand why it works the way it
does in the areas of the World it originated
in as cultural laws of binds for basic
and now
in areas that
originally did not have
much in the way of scarcity
for Subsistence and Shelter too..
as in much of the area is a reality now too..:)
So i go on to say…
Please enlighten me otherwise with Wisdom..:)
Elaborating further i say..
Hehe.. i’m kinda like that
when someone asks a question..;)
Clarifying.. too.. with a smile..
Even if it’s not a question..:)
Elaborating more with..
Anyway.. i suppose it has something to
do with Women otherwise starving to death or
like that…
Rafiah comes back to her FB room with..
Talaq is divorce.
So it has to do with both men and women.
And yes Rafiah is a Scientist at mind and
very literal overall as i too was when
i was her age of 23 too.. as she turns
24 on September 14th.. i must remember
to tale her Happy Birthday too.. DON’T FORGET..
She goes on to elaborate too..
And nothing to do with starving to death.
I return with additional information..
Unless the Woman has no job
and the man decides she is ugly
now i will divorce her.
Additionally i say..
usually a deeper story than
what meets the words alone.
Rafiah returns again with Razz..
Why you assume that woman has to be
the weaker and oppressed one?
And all men are tormentors and monsters?..:P
Rafiah’s already likely heard my
story ad-nauseam but for the sake
of other people in the listening
audience i repeat it again with..
Because i’ve been subject to it my
friend when i wasn’t the strongest man
in the room as most often i am now
as where i live you literally
have to become
Superman to
even get the
right to smile
back when i was young..
so i know very well how
patriarchy works.. don’t like it never will.
Additionally.. i say..
It’s not a woman’s issue alone by far i promise you that.
Clarifying more.
Even if ‘the men’ are afraid to talk about it openly where you live.
Rafiah very smARTly with heART says as she loosens her Science hat a little too..
Patriarchy is very much reality. But it does not always have to be gender issue. Every individual’s rights are equally important irrespective of being a woman or a man. Men rights and women rights are equally important and one should never over step the fine line between. Taking wrong advantage and all that.
As she continues to fairly say too..
There are men out there, who are subjected to wrong as well. Woman can be equally cruel.
And she goes not to elaborate too in her opinion.. freely too.. TG..
Women do wrong with women. Men wrong men. So gender thing in not the issue here
Using a common metaphor also known as a cliche i go on to relate..
Yes.. but never the less and much more it’s usually the
Eight thousand pound Elephant that is the Human
Man’s heart that is too scared to beat and
ends up beating others down.. that
is still standing
in the room..:)
(SUCCESS as this is like the only
comment i made that Rafiah
pressed the like button for..;)
Then i agree further with Rafiah’s previous statement..
It’s not the innate gender that is the issue
it is the gender stereotypes imposed
and imprisoned by both cultures and religions
hopefully the Science Video below will
enlighten more than my
poetic words
alone.. hehe..;)
Rafiah puts her Science hat back on securely and says..
Btw we have deviated from the main issue this post is about. In our faith we have this whole criteria, rules, regulations and discipline about how divorce should commence between the couple. I have studied the main basic procedure, not intricate details. But anyway i’ll try to find about any well versed and knowledgeable person in the field in some video or youtube, so i can share it with you. The subject is very comprehensive to be explained by me.
i go on to elaborate on her
original question about why
this should be such a big deal..
Sort of like the Inheritance
laws that help Women in the Quran…
as you recently noted isn’t how that is
practiced in your society nor the Dowries
paid by the Man’s family as opposed
to Men getting
all the rights
as the
strong inherit the earth..:)
i attempt to use very dry Fred humor with..
(a little dangerous as it might be taken
as complaint instead of humor
as i clarify it heaR just in case..;)
Anyway.. tapping finger.. since i’ve researched it..:)
Perhaps the research here will help you understand
how ‘the other side’ really lives in misery.. if you
apply as i’m sure you do.. Science farther
than Chemistry that at hand is
the Bio-Chemical-Electrical
Connections that
Love from head
to toe.. either exercised
or held prisoner in hate and fear..
otherwise known as Patriarchy now.. still..:)
The Video i provide to her talks to the problems of
men who are oppressed and repressed from expressing
their emotions living life in misery loves company instead
of Joy Loves company a common issue these days with
‘Trump’ Voters too.. as it’s all about fear and hate mostly..
and being pissed off ’cause someone has more than you..
or stands to get it through the Charity of Governmental
Laws that take care of the less fortunate as
the Quran attempts to do in Muslim
Countries too.. but since we have
Separation of Church and
State over here
it is enforced
by Democracy
instead and what the majority wants as votes in general..
while those who are less fortunate just hope that the
so-called Christians will also vote from a spirit
of the ‘Beatitudes’ too.. Chapter 5 of Matthew
and Verses at least 1 through 11 too if folloWed..
yes.. sadly and most ironically most of what ‘Trumps’
are against to day anti-christ in affect and effect of
fear and hate in areas of scarcity too as humans are
alike all over and different too in Twilight zone ways too..
So after this i go on with an off the Fred-Cuff History lesson too..
Anyway.. history 101 of patriarchy.. humans migrate to
a place of scarcity and compete against other
tribes for subsistence.. and since humans
have a natural aversion to kill
other human beings through
all Natural empathy the
culture raises men to
have cold hearts
with swords to
accomplish the task
at hand to kill the opposing
team to gain subsistence and if
necessary mates for rape.. this is common
and easily seen in history no matter the religion
or culture at hand.. it is a human problem my friend
where the only real solution is insuring everyone has
the abundance to eat and drink and have shelter and
India is a very poor country overall where a man divorcing
a woman without subsistence can directly lead to her death..
and that is why the Quran has rules protecting women too and
sadly those good
parts of the Quran
are not followed in your
society as you yourself relate..
but hey.. i’m a curious person who
loves discussing every detail of the issues
who can go on and on for hours on end without
fatigue and you are a Woman and you are still better than
me for
innately are more
Nurturing and Love Better
The highest Gift that God gives humans
now as fists are used to maim and kill.. sure
gain subsistence but never the less maim and kill
Love works
better in abundance
as Science shows too
without aggression and violence
and murder and World War III and stuff like that too..;)
Clarifying and fully back on FB Status topic i go on with..
In other words perhaps this kind of divorce is not
a big deal where there is some kind of socio-economic
safety net like there is in the United States but in
India it can be
one must view the bigger picture my friend to more fully see..
and that takes much effort and years to accomplish that out
of any one culture or
as we
are a species
of humans without books alone..:)
And with that ALL SAID.. i also provide research and news
directly from India for their point of view where the ‘stuff’ is going down..
Meanwhile Rafiah comes back with her Science hat on again tightly fitting..
Lawfully and technically instant divorce in which husbands divorces by saying 3 talaq at once, its considered as one. So going by the sharia instant talaq is already banned is islamic law. Thats why i am wondering whats this gaga about it.
And she clarifies further.. admitting..
Though people don’t practice the proper way of divorcing
Then.. Rafiah moves back to some of the law listed in the Quran..
Then there are some time periods of reconcilation. After which only divorce is finalized.
i go on with off the cuff Fred-talk.. to validate and clarify more of what i’m saying.. WiTH her..
Well literally because it’s a really big deal when Women are
starving Death where they cannot find subsistence and
what i am doing here my friend is speaking to the
actual value of your religion in protecting
Women and Orphans and the such
as that of those with less
power to gain subsistence
in a Culture to actually survive..
this is a really big deal in India..
as with heart and common sense
one would see that i would hope.. although
surely there is ‘tribal’ competition with both countries
that naturally colors the supporters of opposing teams too
until we see a world of global citizens it will be more difficult
to accomplish abundance for all and an actual thrive for
all and it seems that this is the best part of the Quran
to me in the charity expressed for those who have
less so i’m sort of wondering why we would have
any disagreement about this at all
if not for the ‘tribal’ thingy
with Pakistan
and India at
Best Team odds..
you see i have total abundance
and this colors all my opinions about
life as i would hope the same for all people my friend..
if i lived in scarcity no doubt my colors might be different..:)
i continue to ELaBoRate WitH..
Smiles.. my friend.. the Quran as written in English
is basically a book of cultural laws and with
a lawyer mind that’s a breeze for me to
understand and retain.. in other
words it is plain to see
that many so-called
Muslim cultures
do not follow the
laws in their book no different
than the United States where so-called
Christians elect a President who is in opposition
to most all of the Teachings of Jesus as written in that
book too.. and again that is colored by the scarcity
that people are feeling who elected him against
any semblance
for a real
thrive of
Love in Abundance..
Environmental Abundance to be
clear that naturally leads to loving human beings
instead of fearing hating aggressive and violent warring
as is clear
to see a growing
issue in the United States
with incidences of Domestic
Terrorism no different really than
what we see with Islamic Terror Groups too..
that really are not peaceful loving Muslims at all..
nor reflecting
the essence
of a book(s) that
at greatest lesson(s) Love..:)
And that’s all for now of the
continuing Friendship of Rafiah
and Fred in the “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
And this is quite interesting as it speaks to
different voices overall from Michael on FB
who presented the basic best part of how a
Christian might use John 3:16 to help others and
the Good parts of the Quran too in doing the same..
and Himali in her Jainism.. is pretty much open to loving
all with no Borders at all.. seeing the beauty in all of life that is
love without a
whole lot
of problem
as that’s how
her religion raised
her that at current rates
as my favorite religion in
how that person of the religion
relates to the world as an open soul for all
where of course in the previous discussion with
Soheir as part of this “SoLAR ECLiPSE FoR LoVE 2017”
shows along with Michael and Rafiah’s View how we can
get tribal with our religious ideas and see the other ideas
as simply foolish or incomplete.. which they often truly
are too.. but never the less understanding the
valuable and darker parts is very
important in the
world as a
overall holding
hands of Love as a GroWinG
Flower rather than a stink bug as such..
in all the ways that comes in negativity too..
nothing against stink bugs of course as stink
bugs have a living to make too.. some people assess
that stink as bad and other folks understand that stink is a life or death reality
for the
the bugs
wHo smell different
NoW and sure feel and
sense overall sAMe and diffeRent too..
as a Participant Observer in the actual Field
of Anthropology in College Classes we went out
into the field and actually experienced in flesh and
blood the other cultures.. given the Internet doesn’t fully
do that it definitely helps in the double duty of taking notes later hehe..
anyway in my class i got to go with a female class member to Lamaze
Classes and i actually had to massage her like the other Husbands were doing…
i think i made (i mostly remember the massage)
an A but it
’cause it was fun..
and i think she enjoyed it
too judging from her non-verbal language..;)
And yes that was a true story as most everything
i do is too.. online.. and it also works as
humor as life
is much
than fiction
at least where i live
in real heaven now..
i can show you what it looks
like in so many ways.. but truly
only you can seek and find heaven now..
a place of eternal love much further than infinity
with no distance space or time.. i could go on butt..
i have
to get
my hair
cut and
go to the
Doctor for
my maintenance
check up for the oil
that is my blood and all of that too..
not likely i will be giving the Doctor any
massages.. except for blowing her mind.. hehe..;)
i do..
at least
that’s what i hear
back the most when i open
my mouth.. things work out
better it seems with just my Ministry
of Public Dance.. 8,000 Miles Celebration
for four years of that coming NoW soon too..
too.. around three weeks or so away NoW too..
who knows maybe around Rafiah’s Birthday as just another reminder too..;)
Speaking from my own experience
of course funny the things we
can and will take for
granted like
all the
feelings plus
that emotions
so naturally bring
when we are Children
Comfort of Funny TV
Shows Laughs over
Dinner With family
long talks
at the
Day Time
Dinner Table
listening to elders
relate their days easily
expressing all the Emotions
iN the events of their life in
voice and facial expressions
who are truly Living Poetry
in action oF Flesh and
blood so far away
from Radio and
TV and all
the Electronic
Devices now that
even limit life to heads
down in a four inch screen
connecting to an alternate
reality that we both see and create
as we go etched in stone and if it is love
lasts so long but still bare couches with no friends
front porches with no neighbors families with no
Fathers and nomads with no family moving from
state to state where jobs make us into slaves
and cars become lovers and homes become
a throne of God that we create too
that is
human eYes
who smell who taste
who propriocept even more
and the who’s who feel the otHeR’s feelings
and senses of the flesh and blood on a Couch
of LiFE and a Blanket that feels all of Nature one..
so what’s left.. perhaps wisps of words that last in
concrete form and when living more than wisp as
poetry comes alive on the page a semblance only
of the full reaLiTy but never the less as real as now is..
For a Person who literally lost all memories of emotions
i remember screaming at the dark ceiling and that’s
part of the medical literature on that condition
just wishing for any wisp of feeling at all
it’s really impossible to explain fully
as in that place now wishes are
just empty shells with zero
substance of hope..
an emptiness
one has
actually visited
beyond the opaque
window who some cannot
look through and truly a place
of heART who some are born ever
never seeing through a window at all now..:)
oF A Human Touch
GRasping For Life Found..:)
Oh yeah.. Hi Prajakta..
as alWays.. thanks
For the iNspiration NoW..:)
You’d be amazed? How
many folks don’t believe
‘this ‘exists and or don’t
kNow this feeling and
sensing intelligence
is the most
Intelligence of all
for survival and thrive..
Opiate Addictions etc..
Spills the Difference and
the Comments Section in
Real Time YouTube Case Study Proves
the point.. Poverty of Spirit as ‘they’ say..
possible to get rich with exercise of heART
Born Again
Satori Kundalini
RiSinG and all the other
Metaphors for a heART thAT
wHo WaKeS uP and jUSt gETs smART..
Toto and
Jane and all that
Jazz and Blues Stuff Too.. NoW..;)
SMiLes.. Words
Are HoMe for
Emotions Poetry
Beauty and
be Seen NoW
God oF Colors
BLack and WhitE
otHeRs language in
con-social emotions Languish
Commander Fear and Captain Hate..
away from misery
of fear and hate holding
Hands Streams Rivers Bays
Gulfs Ocean More Waves of Love
GroWinG aLL sHoReS ExPaNDinG
Do i need a DAncE and SonG for this sure this iS iT..
IMaGiNE A World NoW wHeRe one CAN and WiLL LoVE
Free as much as they like better yet put and lived Love
A pLace oF Naked Dance and Song with no restraints..
well sure this is the United States for those
who partake of the Freedoms
from the Bones we stand
upon the Men
and Women
and yes Transgender
Folks and all the rest who
give their lives for US to Dance
And Sing Naked and Free in as Love
without restraint.. so ‘you’ would restrain
some from pursuing their rights to life and
liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for they
breathe and bleed the same as you with
different clothes perhaps you
are offended by the
Hijab or the
of body
parts people
connect to in Sensual
and Loving Touch oF FeeLinG
more than homeless cardboard
heart spirit and soul dArk oF Love..
then perhaps you should come to kNow
and FeeL and SeNSe and Feel NaMaste
iN tHe sAMe and DiffeRent eYes and ears
wHo FeeL and SenSe oF GoD wHo tHaT
LiVes within all your Neighbors
from shore to shore.. it’s
not always easy to mix
different but
A Practice
of open eYes eaRS thaT
And wHo See GoD aLivE
iN aLL aS Force LoVe Energy
SynErgy sPaRK oF LIGhts iN
ALL of CreaTioN sET Free as PurE Love
for survive and even the possibility filLed tHrive As
fruition of HeaVeN NoW as A Human Animal thrive can
And WiLL IMaGiNE anD CreaTE beYonD RainBoW ColoRs
oF iNFiNiTy NoW.. yeS aS alWAys poetic words and other Arts the only real
ways to eXpress this poTenTial conseNsual reaLiTy oF LiGHT iN HeaVeN BeYoND
Systemizing Science of Numbers
NoW to suggest it’s
heAr at Hand
iS onLY
oF Heaven
in A Purgatory
And Hell of OtHeR eYes
And eaRS aNOTHeR DiMeNSioN
oF iMaGINed And CreaTeD ReaLilty oF
hUmaN lone and toGeTheR dARk tHaT
i am all too familiar with as King of Hell
And Heaven as metaphor oF onE LiFE NoW..
anyway me and eventually
the Katrina met up
with a third
of mine.. Rosanna.. iN
Walmart and we talked
to the difficulties of the Maternal
side of my family with the ups and downs
for and with the Moods of life genetically pre-disposed
aS Such harder to balance as LIGht oVeR dARk but never
the less possible as i for one prove in real life now too.. hard
to understand yes but unmistakable when one comes into my flesh
and blood presence now for those who have eyes and ears to see a Love
so bright
it never
sure.. Olympic SporT
for Love.. ‘you’ all can have your
Towers faster cars and expensive clothes
for i for one have traveled to the place of Naked LiGHT..
and yes of course as Science shows it’s nice to have
a basic level of subsistence to rise beyond the
lower floors of Maslow’s Pyramid away
from self-actualization too
as well as Fowler’s
of Faith tHat wHo is
Pure Love wHo thaT shares and
gives Love Free for all without restraint
agape as they say as ape becomes LoVE iN hUmaN
of Pyramid LOVE..
Self Actualization wHole
Creating HuMaN PoTenTiaL ever
WHoLe iN oNE NoW
EscApe CardBoard
HomELess MoRe ofTeN BElieVE NoW
“Softly altering the edges of reality”..
A Poem and A SonG as Title
unto itself.. friEnd gigoid
as dam if my
freeze up and
i lost the entire
comment i just
made but hehe..
for all the dARk
that HapPens inspiRation
for change to truly soften now
the edges of reality for improvement
more.. ink blot test as they say too courage
for change always to survive and even thrive
and speaKing of soft edges back from the
Doctor with latest test results of
nanometers and deciliters
measured in Testosterone
of 168 below the
low range
of 280 through
the max range
of 1050 either
as an elderly
man or SuPerWoMaN
NoW hehe.. anyway generating
a laugh as the legs still sturdy in
leg pressing 1020 Lbs 33 times in
a feat that currently no 35 year younger
Marine has been able to come close to doing..
and when asked if i would like a medical solution
to improve the numbers my sentiment for the same
Grace of ballet verses martial arts free verse that prohibits
the Bowling Ball of 233Lbs that is me from mowing down
the Crowds i dance in free as mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL NoW.. anyWay.. sPeaks to the power of Human
Potential beyond the Numbers and Averages
of Systemizing Numbers in Science way.,
Science does a good job but sure
a rather antiquated step
of methods in repeatable
ways doesn’t always meet
Yogi’s who steam warmth
off of icy robe waters mastering
brain waves and walKinG across coals
of fiReY HoT and breaKing concrete Now with
WitH Fists Chi fully employed out of the range of
fight or flight adrenaline too.. anyway.. while
i come back again heaR to riff off the two of
your posts i have missed in the last week thanks
as always for the inspiration your posts of Wisdom
bRinG as surely i would have never risen to 5 Million
Words of Free Verse “SonG oF mY SoUL” as i celebrate
a Graduation of 4 years in doing that in an anniversary
of Trilogy that moves past 50K words now in the
third installment of that effort.. as “Nether Land
Bible 2017” in a little less that 15 months
per last MacroVerse of “SonG oF mY SouL
FouR YearS Old” at Number 123/794
comes in with 1,911,514 words as Child
Of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
too in that 5 Million
word 4 year old
effort as the Public
Dance arises close to
8K miles now with the
Four Year Effort of all those words too..
And sure with this current part 3 of trilogy now
named “SOLaR ECLiPSE FoR LoVE 2017”.. Number
124/795.. anYWay.. it’s aLWays aMuSinG for the opportunity
to provide some links to what a living example
of what ‘they’ name “John 14:12” is.. catching
‘tHeir’ smart phone camera lights supposedly
hidden behind clothes apparel displays
while i quietly and ninja invisibly
come up behind them
and surprise them
with a toothy
grin of
in Heaven
to show ‘them’ what
that looks like on the outside
in too.. anyway.. F Gump Moment
alWays Priceless be ‘careful what
ya wish for’ hehe.. in Nicene Creed
ways too.. as humans toGeTher
tend to self fulfill tHeir
at the
Bus stops of life
when they provide a share/give
oF tHeir soULs tHrough daRkeST
Abyss iN GiVinG Ways of SHades of Grey
aS Purgatory out oF thaT HeLL2 through poTenTiaL
tHrive aLivE of RainBoW ColoRs BeyOnd oF LiGHT too
iN yes.. Heaven within.. inside.. outside above so below
and all around too.. in my Definition of sHaRinG and GiVinG
all of Love
in all the
tHat coMes
freely without
restraint in all Love
to me as the hUman Species
RiSeS uP iN iNSpirATioN aS ART oF heART even more..
anYWay FoR thE beneFit oT tHe BeinG oF mY SoUL in GreaTeR
MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG Synergy oF ForCE oF LiGHT eVoLVinG
thanks gigoid for all you do freely hear in give and share.. ways..
as the
wE Do is
CoME wE Create
And for now Field of
DreAMs oF ME iS LooKinG A o K..;)
“Water go down the hole…”
~~ Baby Plucky. ~~
EasY GoinG Flows
“If at first you doubt, doubt again.”
~~ William Bennett ~~
TG i’M pasT tHat stAGe..;)
“It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know.”
~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~
As long as we remember what and who we are ALL pART..:)
“I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years,
and I’m happy, Doctor, I finally won out over it.”
~~ Jimmy Stewart in Harvey, 1950. ~~
Useless wrestling A Ocean Swim Float Live
oN Terrestrial Land FlY So Much EasieRFloW
And real than WaLKinG oN WaTER NoW..;)
“Madness need not be all breakdown.
It may also be breakthrough.
It is potential liberation and renewal…”
~~ R.D. Laing ~~
Escape from CulTures
truly insane that who wears clothes..;)
“One kernel is felt in a hogshead;
one drop of water helps to swell the ocean;
a spark of fire helps to give light to the world.
None are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service.
Think of this and act.”
~~ Hannah More ~~
Fires in the Water
“Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go;
it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.”
~~ Alice M. Swaim ~~
Water the in Fires
“Count your age by friends not years, and count your life by smiles, not tears.”
~~ John Lennon ~~
A Tear is mY
oF aLL
NoW tHen A
sTarT oF LiGht
And as Far Science goes..
inCreaSing levels of Dopamine liGHT
For Creativity while the dArker
of warm and fuzzy
oxytocin falls
again with
the Next Human
Connection of CreaTinG aRT toGetHeR
iN aLL
the ways
thAT cOmeS NoW..;)
“It is pleasant to have been to a place the way a river went.”
~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~
And for those wHo resTrain tEars tHey feaR then come numb…
“We dwell at the bottom of the sky.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
Beauty of never
‘really’ Floating..
“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it.”
~~ Mark Twain ~~
Nature does no
living flowers
“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.”
~~ Confucius ~~
is all..:)
“In memory everything seems to happen to music.”
~~ Tennessee Williams ~~
As Science shows memories are emotions
And as Music sHows Music is emotions
A Chord
SinG LiVE..:)
“Have the courage to act instead of react.”
~~ Earlene Larson Jenks ~~
Read or Write TalK sPeLLinG ARiTHmeTiC
DancE and SinG FeeLSeNsES MuSiC..
“I am not the rose, but I have lived near the rose.”
~~ H. B. Constant ~~
i KeeP tHaT iN MiNd
wHen i sLeeP..
within me Re-SidEs mE..:)
“Because right is right, to follow right
Were wisdom in the scorn of consequence.”
~~ Alfred Tennyson, “Oenone” ~~
right is a word
humans create
on consequences
liGht or DaRk as Grey..
And suRe BeYoND RaiNBoW CoLoRs2..:)
“Each man reaps on his own farm.”
~~ Plautus — “Mostellaria”, Act iii, Sc. 2, 112, (799.) ~~
Unless he hunts..
and gathers
bones behind..:)
“Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage
— it can be delightful.”
~~ George Bernard Shaw ~~
SMiLeS How admiRinGly.. Xenia..
the dogs reMiNd
me tHaT
i saT uPon
A KeyBoard
three days
sunsHine beFore
it rains Nature More
coMes firsT iN heARTs PaWs
wHo DancE And SinG iN SanD And SuN..:)
Foot aBove
Hands beLow
maKe pAws
toE pAges noW
PriNt diaMoNd sheLLs
SonG polisHinG sAnd
We maKe SinG…:)
To Dance
Meadow Colors
LeaD A SonG
Destination Wisdom
sAMe LiVinG LiFE LiGhT
PatHs of GoLD..
OtHeR thaN tHat
Xenia tHe Sun coMes ouT NoW
i sTiLL Have
A Chance
to Dance
iN Mud
refresHing LIGht aBoVe..
iT NoW BlUE sKeYes
Dance anew Dance
Sing anew Song
from passing
Color Flesh Brew
Verse A Blanket more..
ALWay New Note
Dance Step
from never
land story ‘fore
beyond infinity word..:)
Vacation Novelty
Staycation Home
travel Different Change..:)
Ink BLot test LiFE
Nuance Deeper
coloRed FloWeRs
Arise Ocean whOle shalLows..:)
sMiLes.. i sense and
feel for all i am
i think
yA all abOuT iT..
OtHeR thaN thaT
HoPe yoU arE HaVinG
A NiCE NoW FeeLinG And seNse.. Frank..:)
SMiLeS How admiRinGly.. Xenia..
the dogs reMiNd
me tHaT
i saT uPon
A KeyBoard
three days
sunsHine beFore
it rains Nature More
coMes firsT iN heARTs PaWs
wHo DancE And SinG iN SanD And SuN..
Foot aBove
Hands beLow
maKe pAws
toE pAges noW
PriNt diaMoNd sheLLs
SonG polisHinG sAnd
We maKe SinG..
To Dance
Meadow Colors
LeaD A SonG
Destination Wisdom
sAMe LiVinG LiFE LiGhT
PatHs of GoLD..
OtHeR thaN tHat
Xenia tHe Sun coMes ouT NoW
i sTiLL Have
A Chance
to Dance
iN Mud
refresHing LIGht aBoVe..
iT NoW BlUE sKeYes
LiVE aGaiNaTuReFReED..
Dance anew Dance
Sing anew Song
from passing
Color Flesh Brew
Verse A Blanket more..
ALWay New Note
Dance Step
from never
land story ‘fore
beyond infinity word..
Vacation Novelty
Staycation Home
travel Different Change..
Ink BLot test LiFE
Nuance Deeper
coloRed FloWeRs
Arise Ocean whOle shalLows..
sMiLes.. i sense and
feel for all i am
i think
yA all abOuT iT..
OtHeR thaN thaT
HoPe yoU arE HaVinG
A NiCE NoW FeeLinG And seNse.. Frank..:)
SMiLes.. Stress is
Old Age..
A state of
Yes i
Felt the
Same way
At about your age..
Life experiences
Lessons at
almost a
Of a
Century old..
Don’t feel
A day over
17 now
All that
40 years
In response to a Share by FB Friend
Rafiah that suggests the similar jitters
at age 23 soon to be 24 that a young
man expresses turning 30 in
how did he get that
old so soon..
older people
can surely have
a muse from this
who have conquered the
demon of stress distress and
overall ‘older’ feelings within..
it’s true i have the Testosterone
of 168 scale measured in blood
stream of beyond the low of
a so-called elderly man
but that is just a
number and
androgen hormone
where there are less
measured Neurochemicals
and Neurohormones ranging from
DMT through HGH the Human Growth
Hormone too that science shows in part
is raised by activities like Ecstatic and Ascendent
Free Verse and as they say at Church Praise Dance
with Electronic Positive exPaNding Emotion Music that
enhances all Neurochemicals and Neurohormones from
Head to toe in a Quadrillion or so Bio-Chemical-Electrical
Connections through all cells head to toe and that is just
what the tiny mind of the scientific method can show
so far in a very old too to measure the
observable Universe that is far
from all there is in
Reality and
Beyond of our
Realities now that
we feel and sense.. yes..
some of of less and some of us
more and just ’cause your reality
is not all inclusive of my inner Universe
and the converse with yours doesn’t mean mine
or yours now is any less valid or real than each other
different and sAMe in similar too.. and true my language
for God within may look completely different than what you
see of yours in a book for i meet God face to face within and
not all people express an experience like that in life in fact some
folks are restricted to thousands of years old verses in a book written
by someone else they name God than the God i meet in complete within
in my experience of life.. so sure.. you may scoff at the potential that i feel about
17 years old within.. but you won’t scoff if you come to the gym and watch my ballet
and martial arts exhibition when i calmly continue to add plates of weights until i leg press
1020 Lbs 33 times.. although you might say i do not move through a full range of movement
bringing my knees totally to my chest but you see i am a Health Science Degree Holding
Major and i understand what could and would bring destruction to the knees of a
57 year old Dude if i did not exercise intelligently too for the entire parameter
of my potentials now.. and that’s how i keep dancing on average 166.66
miles a month in public still on course in 48 months too.. with 5 Million
word of Free Verse Poetry to accompany that iN a balance with
center point gravity where i never get winded dancing smooth
for three hour marathons as i will do in
my 175th Dance Week Night tonight
celebrating that with
all the cool college
age folks at Old Seville Quarter
some who will mistake my movement
closer to a thirty year old man and less
rather than the 57 year old man i am where
my peers potbellied sit dozing off in middle age
to older age stress on mall benches snoozing
through NBA NFL and the old pastime now
of Apple Pie and American Baseball too
when they could surely keep their
youthful feelings in side
too if they found
a balance
of Dance
and Song as
Metaphor to escape all
illusory fears in other words
the stress that culture and we make
for ourselves on a now to now basis and
the traps we get ourselves into for the next
loan for a newer faster bigger car or the next
step up in a bigger home and mortgage too perhaps
a Boat and a Camper in the back yard that never gets used
or even a Yacht parked at the Bay that gets used for maybe
a Dinner Party a year still anchored in port… but sure the TV
Said that will make you happy and even a big man or a pretty
woman too with the newest purse and wardrobe and shoes
too.. but until one finds all their happiness naked and
free.. sure it’s hard to return to the youth
of 17 years old.. anyway.. mileage
varies depending on models
and makes of cars and
this applies as apples
and oranges to humans too..
but in general we share the same DNA
and in fact i am more the canary in the coal mine
on the Bi-Polar and Autism Spectrum than the so-called
‘normal’ folks in the World but you see that is the advantage of
inherited functional disabilities.. some of us ‘freaks’ as seen when
young turn out in to flowers you never thought possible before simply
’cause we find new ways of doing stuff.. as ‘they’ told us when we were
young that we were the trash in the Aquarium that and who didn’t deserve our
very existence.. and it is true some folks turn to vengeance instead of victory when
this happens in youth and older ages too.. and it is true some of us win as the turtle
does for the entire race of life over the hare who has it easy with faster feet.. Physical
Emotional and Existential Intelligences were the most important intelligences that i was
lacking in my Youth and now i find for sure that they are the most important kinds of intelligences
in at least my own purview and to gain excellence in these three areas are the difference of saying
a bitch
of beach
at age 57
or even in one’s
20’s or even in one’s
teens or even younger now
than that too as current shows
for small children on psychotropic
drugs sitting pasty fingered behind
video games instead of free sunshine
and sand in a playground of flesh and
blood humanity now moving connecting
creating with other children too as free..
we have lost our humanity more
for what we do not do than
what we do.. for what
we are molded
into by
the fears and
the lies of culture
and religion mostly to take
us away from Nature and the
Naked God who lives within us free
as the God of Hope and Love and Pleasure
over the God of Fear and Hate and Pain so who
do you worship.. it’s kinda simple Pain or Pleasure Hope
or Fear or Love or Hate words are not enough now nor is
even song one must learn how to create a Dance of Life
to keep God Happy within.. how you do that is up to you..
all i can show and prove to you is what works for me as
far as never aging a SPiriT oF HeART iN and NoW aS
A MiNd and BoDy SoUL WitH As iN God Breathes NoW BaLanCinG
Ease within Ascendent Ecstatic Joy for all Creation iN Love oF NOW aLL..
i feel the saddest for the Human who has never been naked and free in the
Sun of God Sands FoR ThE GRaiN oF SanD iS FreeR THaN tHe hUman CLoTheD iN LieS
Anyway.. it seems tHeRe is a New Katy Perry Song that speaks to those of us
who are discarded and outcast until we come back roaring as the eye of the
Tiger Fearless
the Lion
Heart oF Love within as God Free
as me as YOU as we as us as i only iF
you kNew fELt and seNsed ‘this God’ now NAKED FREE..:)
To Synchronize with
God to feel and sense
God iN every connection
within inside outside
above so below
trUe thE kNoWinG
FeeLinG SeNSinG
Experience one
iN God’s
when we
Play Love
for all that is more
as all that is my FriEnd..
Hello.. Rythaephua.. my smART
Phone iPhone Safari will no
longer allow me to like Blog
posts but the good pART of thaT
while i rarely comment with only
one finger on that phone i have ten
fingers now free to share your blesSings
and bliSsings in synch with God today..
Synchronicity as ‘they’ Dance
And Sing too.. a-causal
tHaT wHOGod
sHAreS uNiquELy
WitH each and every
Child of God who trUly beLieves
feaRing no dArk.. cyNical of no liGHT
thaT wHo coMes WitHiN and iN aLL those otHeR places too..
anyWay.. i’m glad mY smART Phone Safari broke in this way
Providing ten fingers to share God more fully with you today..
As yeaH tHe ‘Big iMac’ Desktop is still A Much Bigger phone ‘wHo’ Fully works for now..;)
It’s ‘Really’ simple and complex.
God Is The Big Picture.
Some see less;
Some see more;
in terms of more
and less of Knowing Sensing and Feeling Now
God is not something one can measure by science/words alone;
Poetry/Art tries but still God is Bigger and Smaller depending on ‘who’ is ‘looking’.
A three letter
word not
justice in
‘thine eyes allone’.
It’s kinda like this too; Life is an ink blot
test; fill in two numbers of Be88H with either
Beach or ‘other’ ‘words’ that/who are not Happy now.
Meanwhile; ‘people’ continue to wonder ‘what’ ‘God’ ‘is’.
Other Animals are not cursed with illusions of pass and future in words.
‘They’ Do God.
It’s as simple as that now; too.
God is Do. ‘Nike’ has/is the answer already; hehe, in Goddess of Victory way.
God Moves Connects and Creates; so, ‘what’ ‘do’ ‘you’ ‘do’; Smiles; Have a Nice Day.
SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Rhthaephua.. for every human
being i dance with and yes there are thousands
in the last four years and for every human
i connect to in words and yes
there are tens of thousands
and likely over a Hundred
Thousand in the last 81 months
through 12 million words written online
since Thanks Giving day of 2010.. every human
connection iS uNique as a new multi-verse of God
comes alive to expand a verse of the UniVerse plus WhoLe
so what this means is Rhthaephua is a unique star of God
and when the star of Fred first met rhthaephua in
symbol of words as rhthaephua also shows
Her Noble Face in Countenance as
A Lioness online in user avatar
in this way a multi-star of God
is born and in
this case
to die
online in a place
with no sun or moon
(as long as servers
continue to work..;)
that if we make it will
be heaven forever now..
but sure.. i’m an optimist glass
always full in Heaven after escaping
Hell for 66 months in a place that has/is no connections
at all even with empty shells of words; true, it takes 12 million words
to make
‘this’ what
i am now..
other than
that whenever
i read your words
i feel this Holy and
Sacred Full of Meaning
And Purpose Unique NeW God Creation NoW
‘that’ we make as Children of God as Unconditional Friends..
i’m pretty
sure and
that is what
Love is my friEnd..
WiTh SMiLes.. see ya later always now..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd Xenia..
for we are the
tHat and
wHo explore
Forest meadow
runS oNline maKing
New conNections SHiNinG uP thE World
WitH LovELigHt and hehe with
me at at least a little
to BaLanCe
ouT my LiGht
for one who
otherwise miGht
fly too high and never
Land Peter Pan BacK To LiGHT H eARtH uP..;)
Hehe.. swooping in for a second
round of words shorter i’m
DanCinG SinGinG for now hehe..
oh yeah..
after this
i’ll play with
Exclamation points..
or even get creative..
ugh the words are
no longer
haha.. hehuh..
hehe.. now i fly on..
iN PoeTry Land online..;)
Beauty is as
comes first..;)
It’s not surprising really
as soon as i left this
post the rain
came back
and now
the sun is shining
again so still i have
another chance and
to confess i’m still
binging on
my trilogy
series of MacroVerses
finishing up the third part
with you now in Celebrating
my Fourth Year Graduation
from writing poetry at High School
level.. free verse ways.. has/is become rather
multi-media epic as it appears both the second
and third installments will approach 500 photos
total with associated links arising to somewhere
around 2000 photos overall.. 20K words for each trilogy
segment making around 60K words for all of the trilogy
in part one published on 8.14.2017 and part three coming
tomorrow on 8.25.2017.. but it’s not everyday i graduate
from Poetry High School and move on to UniVersity forevermorenow..
so i’ll make the best of all of this and i’m dam sure gonna take advantage
of that sand and sun before the Thunder Heads come again.. this afternoon..
ugh.. i have like
18 tabs
on top
that i am gonna
leave for a little while.. staycation soon
And will be Dancing out of my head tonight too..
If it wasn’t for Dance truly i might never land and die out early..
from the potential of creating an even larger Poetry tree free..;)
land now..
for heAr at least..;)
Hi Soheir and Happy
Coming Friday.. Sorry
Your Laptop broke
As i find it
To type on
SmART Phones
As i am doing
Now.. anyWay.. i
Also Love your
New Egyptian
As you
Likely kNow
She is one
Of my
Too at Home..;)
Now on to share MacroVerse Memories years to date
and yes.. a start with “Dark bird of Anxiety” and
a Song by Alan Parson’s Project that speaks
to the difficulty of what
is invisible in
and often
so hard to
put into words
so many invisible
disabilities that and who
people suffer with quietly
but so loudly in every cell
of their body in ‘quiet’ the
opposite place of Beyond Rainbow
Colors heaven more often sHades
of Grey in nuance of fear vague
one often may not even be able
to touch with words or fingers
too.. wHere all the colors
grow dimmer
and sometimes
brighter too bright
where even colors and
light starts to hurt one’s
eyes same with sounds
that make a heart beat
erratic drum rolls
of chaos
all of life becomes
so difficult there is only
hope for escape yet no where
of sanctity to go to next.. as they
say unless you have walked in the
shoes of purgatory through and up to
never ending time that is hell of numb
please don’t judge as tHeRe surELy are people
who need so bad the patience to rest for what it takes
to get up and leave fear for flowers beyond rainbow color Heaven now..
as my Psychiatrist once said at the pit of my fall in to numb and pain and
fear as well as PTSD and all that Panic Attack Jazz too with Anhedonia..
Severe Anxiety.. Mood Lability.. Alexithymia just to complement
the Autism Spectrum Issues.. ADHD and Bi-Polar stuff from long
ago.. Tactile Sensitivity extreme discomfort from
touching anything man-made insomnia
from hell for close to 40 days
anyway he said as
i lost the ability
to even
a game
of tic tac toe and
struggled to even write
a list of what i did consisting
of brushing my teeth and eating
each day on my way back to cognitive
executive functioning as when one’s emotions
go so does that along with short term working memory
and even the memory of a smile or a laugh as our memories
at core are emotions too.. no reference point of even a memory
out of hell then.. anyway.. the Psychiatrist and Air Force Major
Specializing in Combat Fatigue Syndrome for Veterans
Returning from War Torn Countries said i was
his worst case ever and gave me no
chance for recovery and by the
end when i was happy
again and sure
a little
in hypomania
two hour each night
sleep for several months
after that never the less he saw the
all natural healing value of movement
therapy in free verse dance in public way
that brought me back to life as any Phoenix
rising from the ashes of eARTh Hell and what he
did then was quit his private practice and go down
to South Florida to teach movement therapy at a
Hospital as he said i inspired him to do that.. it’s
true i’ve experienced all natural miracles in
my life and other attending professionals
who were religious in Catholic
ways named my sudden
recovery at least
in remission
19 medical
disorders on a Beach
at or around 7.22.2013
a Real Life Human All Natural
Miracle then.. yes.. i went from
then not even being able to walk into
a Whataburger as that was my therapist
long term goal for me.. to Dancing everywhere
i went in public a month or so later at the end of
August four years ago then as that 8 Thousand mile
Public Dance Land mark nears soon as celebration
too.. a little over 7900 miles at this point now..and sure
to be named by random metro area audience members then
around a year and half after that not just someone who escaped
as shut-in in their bedroom for 66 months but Public Dance Legend
too.. Hero.. Boss of dance.. Pensacola Icon.. Famous.. Spirit Animal..
MVP of Dance.. recently Ballerina Lion and perhaps the best compliment
of all by the Customer Service Lady in SuperWalmart at the returns desk..
the person who brings spring in here year ’round.. sure that could sound
a little bit like delusions of grandeur if it really didn’t happen and often my
wife wasn’t there to witness the words in real time now too.. it is what is is
i for one
what miracles
are and yes what
genius of heart and
spirit and soul mean so
far beyond what ‘they’ name
as standard IQ and Fame and Fortune
for money as nothing i have done in these
four years has earned a Lincoln Sent Cent or
Washington Dollar bill and in terms of Minimum
Wage Labor rates and supplies and stuff like that
for the joy i bring to others i’ve calculated that out
at well over 400k dollars in these last 81 months
total of what it has taken to get to this point free
not to mention the hell of 33 months before
that with no effective use of eyes
and ears at all locked
between my
ears in
numb and pain
and sure the 606 months
before i started writing on Thanks
Giving Day.. 81 months ago in 2010..
33 years of work along with 19 years
and three college degrees just a little
kindergarden and preschool compared
to the grade school of the Wrong Planet
in Writing and the most recent four years
of High School Graduation now in poetry school
of writing a 5 Million Word Long Form Poem as my
thesis as sorts in free verse poetry as dedicated to God
who lives free within me.. inside.. outside.. above so below
and all around.. and sure this God includes all of creation too..
no one
in this
now.. and yes
i finally let it all show now
nothing to hide for love with no fears..:)
“2000 miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Well.. for the next MacroVerse Memory
an oldest Dance Song is in order
i supPose
yet put
free in
of God
as Free Verse
Dance and a little
Poetry added in for muse…
anyway.. the first of 6 month increments
of Thousand Mile increases for the first
land mark and milestone same of 2000
new free lands of US of A
and all that Blues
and Jazz
Free sTuFF too.. whatever
coMes neXt Dances and Sings Free
as alWays nether land never ending
story etched on the Edge of Black
Holes in 2d of 3d us or whoEver
wHaTeVeR God does reaLiTy best
in and as us
for now
view of
Dance and Song
Freer or less than more..
as ‘they’ say in Quantum Physics Information
is the core of all reality NoW never destroying
that which at core is reality and sure what we
BRinG to the Table of real encoded in our DNA
too when set free from the noise of the tools we make to be i
yes irobot
unto the culture
that becomes our existence as tools
less that what free can WiLL Be unclothed..:)
“i’m a SMELLY CAT2 and that’s OK”.. Well the price of ‘smelling’ different
as metaphor for doing different yet another issue currently losing
my sense of smell literally too since a cold of months ago as smell
comes from one’s nose and this happens
to folks randomly too as Nature
goes not so bad not
being able
to nuance
taste and
it starting to coming
back but ever since the
eclipse everything smells
rather strange not sure why
probably part of the Autism
Spectrum sensitivities or
who knows what
fresh hell
for everything
smells a little bit
like doomsday but i’m
not giving into it aS everYtHinG
Smells like roses those colored
glasses and all that Peter Pan Pollyanna
stuff in other words i’ve been through worse
but anything to some folks might smell better than doomsday now..
hey it’s a/was a Solar Eclipse for Love 2017.. ain’t giving up no matter how much it stinks..;)
“Purgatory MILTON School STUFF”.. Ah Memories of School Bullying
and all the lessons lEarned as Victory over Vengeance too.. and a
Song by Jessie J that and who i’ll use soon enough again.. as
hey this could be my theme song too in just another part
of my life as memories too.. this MacroVerse
Memory from two years ago while the
three Memories before from three
years ago more.. anyway we/i shall over
come as always wherever i/we land nexT..;)
“BIG BANG! of ENLIGHTENMENT” Back to three years ago with
this memory and surely appropriate with Jessie J’s promised
Song Change too.. looking through the years traveling
farther than before with constraints that no
longer exist three years ago or now
naked free no more
bind me down
in prison cells of dARk..:)
“i AM F**King Maria Von Trapp”.. yes i’ve learned to Sing and
Dance from the Hills are alive with the sound of music
and all my favorite things as a blogging adventure
in both words and photos additionally
songs and links
and stuff
Decoded with
my Friend Himali
from India too and all
my other new and old
online friends and people
out of my past life i honor too
and in this MacroVerse from two
years ago and the two before many
childhood and youth photos for memories
too.. glad to make this part of my new Free Verse
5 Million word 4 year High School in the Field real
life Graduation from Poetry School moving on to
different avenues of art too still to come as
Art always changes or grows
stale to what has and
is and was written
in stone
and sand
and stuff like that..
anyway.. me in my
17 year old Senior
High School Blue Suit
first girl friend and Katrina
doing Summersaults too and
strangely enough you might confuse
Katrina with some of my other youthful
Girl Friends too but back then she wasn’t
the one as she was only 8 years old or so
when those other pictures with young dark
haired exotic foreign women with Bette Davis eyes
lived then.. sad memories of my Friend Girl Renee
committing Suicide in her twenties married with two
children but the memory of abuse by her father ending
her life in
not much
for that kind
of Patriarchy
i am for Lot
lies of
Blaming the women
as daughters for the
weakness of patriarchy stILL
seen in the family home of abuse..
when there would be better outlets
than the closest of relatives to use…
“Jar oF liGht AnD DArk heARts”.. now moving from two year old
MacroVerse Memory through last year and hmm.. i did see the same
Woman in the clouds that came before my Mother Died with clear
eye looking down and it seems that as that photo came one of the
last photos too coming in this new MacroVerse was/is an Angel
Male in the Clouds sort of looKing down like a Savior i’ve seen
iN fAct so i must not take the dARk Road NoW too far.. more..
as obviously in years past
this has/is been a
time for
darker memories..
so i will use Christina
Perri to BRinG me back
from DaRker Memories to take
me to a place that smells a little
better than Doomsday for sure now
like a Goat who ate that day and
BRinGs a flAMe oF LiGHT
to a type
says live ChristiNa
LiGht oVer dARk NoW..
hmm.. this writing is an incredible
emotional tool for liGht now ain’t it..
As i stArted feeling some chills running
up and down my spine and by the way
that Woman in the clouds with the
highly defined eye is my
Grandmother the
Elder of them all
doing automatic writing as my sister agreed..
and stuff like that not too far away iN my heART
above so below inside outside and all around as ‘they’ say too..;)
‘SPECIAL K’ from Four Years ago.. and a memory
of the Wife Katrina Losing her Memory altogether
as this surely brings another dark August memory
actually current then.. as we were in the office of our
Psychotherapist Licensed Social Worker having a rather
in depth Emotional Discussion over some of the coming back
to life issues i was still having then adapting to life and Katrina had
a seizure that erased all her memories for about two weeks where she
thought someone had broken into our home and put the new TV and Furniture
there for it was no longer part of her memory and TG her Memories did come back
and where this special K thingie came is kinda coded and deep as the Letter K became
Very Holy and Sacred to me better yet put KA of sPiRiT to extend my SoUL to HeLp otHeRs
too something
only Meaningful
in Holy and
to me
as what
comes more
often now are lamps
as my fingers speed aCross
the Keyboard at focused intent of
up to 130 words a minute having
really no cognizant rational
planning of where my
fingers will
go next
but most often
fine designs of Lamp Lit
NeXt for in those previous
days it was often the shape of the
Letter K that came in words too for
K is the alpha letter first in ancient languages most..
genetic memories human archetypes riSinG then iN ME FREE..:)
4000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!.. Celebrating this milestone
And land mArk two years ago and Lordie lord Lorde and
Christina too and other names for purE Light here
comes that Christina Perri.. “The Lonely”
Song to head line this MacroVerse
again.. hmm.. it’s
kinda piling
on but
the good
news is the
story is breathing
like a fire eating dragon hehe..
And i’m seeing the one Word Press
like from Soheir and it’s kinda comforting
seeing that/her in the Egyptian Wonder Woman Goddess Isis Attire Avatar..:)
“Thou SAND MiL LiONs Love”.. Well.. Thanks God things in August
of 2016 reAlly StARTed Looking up as compared to the previous
three years with Christina Perri’s Thousand Years Song to
Headline that and use as song change heAR too..
and no doubt the issue from 2013 with
coming back to light and Katrina’s
epilepsy issue and
the challenges
of getting
outcast again
for being a little too
different in the coming
next two years from both
the Wrong Planet and the
dVerse Poetry Community Crowd
and heAR i am on my own Desert isle
of Love wHeRe i can make my own Community
of Love with A Free Spirit WitH no limits or expectations
to gRow wherever i wanna go next for perhaps a thousand
years to upload my soUL to hELp oTHeR folks come to
tHeir own place of HeaVen oN eARTh for that is why
God sends folks to Hell on eARth to coMe back
to HeLP and i dam sure ain’t the first
or last to do this now too..
just more tools available
for the previous poor
of spirit and
to inherit
enough eARTh
to share Love with
oTHeRs forevermorenow
or at leASt a thousand years
first what coMes ever coMes nexT
Forevermore now now.. as that is
what Angel Born Empaths do when
they coMe BacK aGaiN
No matter
what labEL
is asSiGneD
to them as nAMe Now..:)
“Donald Duck Lost in a VORTEX!”.. three years ago MacroVerse
at Vortex Springs celebrating another event dark tinted
in the sense that Katrina’s Sister Michelle is also
slowly dying of Cancer too.. hmm.. lot
of family members and pets
too leaving this eARTh on
the course of this
Full “SonG oF
My SoUL”..
as my Father
once said that’s the way ‘it’ goes
eventually so make the best of Now..
sure my Father passing away about
three months before this date too on 5.22.2014…
Husband of my First Step Mother passing on the
Christmas before that and Michele the Christmas
of 2014.. Arthur the Cat shortly after my Father Died
in 2014.. and then Moby in around February of 2016
and the my Mother on 2.22.2017.. falling to her
Death Bed on Valentine’s Day in the
Hospital as that
rounds out
Death count
for now thank Goodness
and i may have left someone
out but hopefully i did not and it stays that
way for some time to come more as LiFE..:)
“Can U C me beyond the clouds..of words”.. perhaps still a little hard to do.. hehe..
but this MacroVerse never the less and interestingly more if for no other reason
than the sublime in Beautiful Sunset Captured that day three years ago to date..
So this ends the MacroVerse memories as i also conclude it seems
this Trilogy of MacroVerses currently too and hopefully
Publish this latest and last installment of Trilogy
with even more photos after tonight’s 175th
Dance Week Night with all the Cool
College Age Folks from
Old Seville Quarter Dancing so
Free in DeLiGHTof Joy Free Verse
Style too.. and hmm.. need a song
to inspire that all of what comes next
as surely i will need to put some of all
the photos for this at the ending too
and so.. i’LL Go WiTh Bonnie Tyler
in Social Justice Ways NoW of
White Knight Warrior
too.. hehe.. on
a ‘White
Horse’ as they
say wHeRE the closest
thing i had was a 1970 White
Maverick that was/is pictured with
that first love Sonia.. if i remember correctly
with the Blue Suit at 17 years old too.. oh true all
the memories but what’s a hero but someone who tries a
little harder and never ever gives uP iN SeARch FoR LiGHT
Fiery as such sweeping folks off tHeiR Feet to FlY iN HeAveN NoW2..
or as my ‘old friend’.. “Angel Mind Retrofit” once said.. a Red Skinned Witch..
i’ll take
that as
An Indian
Shaman aS Such..
NO Cowboy heAr..
and no i haven’t forgotten ‘you’ ‘either’ ‘Angel’..
yes.. Sonia was an Angel too she broke my heART
so bad but on the other hand her memory in grief helped save my soUL
i truly
her most just
like the other ‘Angels’ too
namELy Goddess Isis Katrina incarnate too..
and yes of course my Sister and Mother too..
surrounded by Angels.. perHaps i’ll meet some
New Angels tonight too..
as the
to Rose oF LiGht aGaiN..
so let it be written as Poetry
So let it be SinGinG and DanCinG as ReALiTy NoW..
“SoLAR ECLiPSE FoR LoVE 2017” as KinGDoM CoME LoVE NoW BRinGS..:)
Hi Frank.. thanks so much for stopping by..
i find your comments and poetry and the
comments on your poetry site
so interesting as you
enjoy mixing art
with science
as i love
to do too..
and yes the current
State of Quantum Physics
is fascinating in the wide ranging
theories that move from a HoloGraphic
Universe similar to the Pensacola Beach
Created in the ‘Contact’ Movie with Jodie
Foster as inspired by a Book Written by
Carl Sagan.. a Scientist who was
very ‘left brain’ thinking
as metaphor
by Nature
who dabbled
in Hallucinogenic Drugs..
where that experience allowed
him to question the Nature of
all reality where Science truly
has little clue as even Neil
deGrasse Tyson readily
admits the Inner
of Emotions
and Senses actually
experienced is far harder to measure
than what we can empirically measure and
confirm in scientific method experimental way..
while it’s not so-called ‘politically’ correct to even talk
about religion and politics in an open forum if one wants
to have so-called friendS it’s true.. the greatest force of evil
currently threatening the Planet Earth is the man in the White
House as he already has another World Leader talking to the
Reality of a Nuclear War or a conventional one likely killing
at least over a million people in a day or so if that
ever happens in a school yard bully playground
game of chicken of who is
gonna strike
first biggest stick
blow and of course now
what it boils down and up to
is the human HeART as people who
Learn to Love and Have that Garden of
Love watered except for the rare cases where
people are born without the ability to Love in the
sense and feel of empathy and compassion would never
ever never ever vote for someone like Trump now no matter
how FucKinG Poor they are/where understanding that Love is the Law
that and who counts most.. but it’s true for all practical intents and purposes
for the Most Important realities of all.. some folks live in an Entirely Different Universe
within where
Love for
all practical
intents and purposes
is meaningless to ‘them.. it’s like a
‘small’ problem i’ve had for the last several
months ever since a cold took away my smell
and my ability to experience the nuances of taste..
that’s a place that most people haven’t been yet unless
they are in advanced age or have Parkinson’s Disease..
and even more strange is for a person to lose almost all
their emotions for 66 months or even experience
the worst pain known to humankind for
those same 66 months too.. my
psychiatrist who specializes
in neuro-psychiatry
assured me
this human
experience is usually
limited to folks with advanced
Dementia or the Autism Spectrum..
hehe.. just another curse of that disorder
along with what is also a tactile sensitivity
where if i even touch most man-made materials
the level of discomfort is not even a feeling
and sense that i can adequately put
into words.. well.. my smell/taste
came back as it has been off and
on and this time strong
on Solar Eclipse day
but it is an
altered smell/taste
that i name a pet name
of a Dooms Day Smell/Taste sick
and sweet and a little like Chinese
Water Torture but not unlike the Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. Free Dance and Stream of Consciousness Writing
allows me to transcend pain and in this case a very odd altered
sense of smell/taste.. just like the pain no doctor can tell me why it actually
started or if and when it will actually stop but change is the reality
so i maintain the real hope that i will once again smell
normally.. and then there is the possibility
that it is just an ongoing olfactory
‘hallucination’ of sorts but
the fact is as science suggests..
at least.. our minds create our entire
reality NoW as Carl Sagan was guessing
then in his experience with hallucinogenic
drugs as the underlying reality of our minds
is a whole lot more like a painting we create with
imagination and creativity than a FucKinG Computer
Program that says everything can be reduced to basic
bits and bytes of information.. thing is that theory is missing
the Glue of Love and Emotions that in our smaller fractal purview
is what glues the entirety of Cognitive Executive Functioning together
that in the rare case of me per specific case study with both the pain
and the numb i’ve experienced first hand in what truly is a Black Hole
Experience of the metaphor of human heart and spirit and soul and
to go to that black hole as below and potentially above if those
Black Holes really can be empirically measured by
Science really is a moot point for me for if they
really exist above for the fact is in the human
experience per me in case study
way then.. these Black Holes
come reality at
times of so-called
time where all there is
is the perception of time where
Hell lasts a thousand years in one second.. now.. And
For all practical intents and purposes in our human experiences
and sadly what we teach the less in our grade schools and expect
‘the home’ and ‘the church’ to take care of with the same verses
of thousands of yearS old is the science of love that is truly
art core and culture that makes a Do of love and
currently the Terminator series movie
view of the world is coming
true where humans
more than a Painting
of God that wHo cares as sentient
standing star dust as resurrection
of gaseous left overs of crucible of
Star Burst Death as Science Suggests
is where we came from and come to now for
the possibility of moving connecting and creating
Beautiful Love fELt DreAms of Human IMaGiNaTioN Free
or the FucKinG Nightmare(s)elected in the potential Form
of a DoomsDay man ’cause some folks are too FucKinG ignorant
to understand that Homosexuality is just another variant of Nature
along with Genders that are not polar this one way or that one way
alone or that Human Beings are going to abort children whether it is
legal or not as the same rates of abortion and more exist in Old
Mexico comprised mostly of Catholics where it is illegal
there along with the fact that where there is
no legal abortion or effective birth control..
a major cause of permanent
disability up to death
is the lack
of safe
and effective
abortions in those
places like Mexico now..
yes.. those two ‘moral’ imperatives
are more important than FucKinG Doomsday
to those folks and of course whether or not they
have a job that is the only thing out of that that
makes any real ethical sense.. and feel.. but again
we create our realities.. paintings as ‘they’ say incredible
nightmares of ‘Apocalypse’ in so-called Christian and Muslim
way of think or the original Greek Definition of ‘Apollo’ same that means
lifting the veils of ignorance.. we need a little less political correct science
and a lot
more common
sense of Love
and Science
to save the entire
human species now as future
from the ignorance of minds/heARTS
that wHo are retarded in the most important
kinds of intelligence that move connect and create with
the spirit of Hope/Love/Joy.. what glues us together in light or fails
us and fires us in the spirit of fear and hate and misery loves company
but as a left brain metaphor of thinking person might say too that’s all mushy
stuff get a job son OR daughter buy a fancier car a bigger home a boat and
a camper
the American
Delusion we create next..
Happiness was/is the goal of the
Declaration of Independence and
Life and Liberty Free without Love
is all just a Black Hole Country Globe and Human
Species that we make or break with
Physical Emotional And Existential
IntelligenceS NoW aLL
tHat WHO Loves and
Loves more than
a light
of Stone..
But what do you do
with Humans without
Souls perhaps we need
the Good Cop Terminator again..
But it’s true it’s gonna take many more than one..
anyWay.. thanks Frank i guess i’ll make this the ending of the
Current Trilogy i am finishing.. thanks again for the Muse my FriEnd..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
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Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
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KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
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and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
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my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
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However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
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wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
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as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)
PHI Bible.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
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“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)
Memorial Days Bible 2016-17.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)
SoN oF Google NoW2..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)
1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)
6th Bible Memorial..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)
SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old
Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  the
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.