hOMe oF liGht



In response to the
“FoR YoUr eYes onLY”..
poeticAlly SPeaKinG
bLog post.. Facebook
Friend.. Rafiah..
from Pakistan..
Only of my eyes start
seeing like your does.
Then I’ll be happy and at
peace. Life will be worth
living then. smile emoticon
And i say..
SMiLes.. my friend Rafiah..
i wiLL do everything that
God allows me.. to
say and do..
to help
take you/they
forever tHere
noW as Love
iN fearless ways..:)
Story of tWin pi11ars of ambition..
my Uncle on top.. wiTh
“i dare do all that may
become a man;
Who dare do
more is
from the
“Lady Macbeth”
play.. and the 2006 movie..
V.. for Vendetta that has a
limit on what is appropriate
for a man to do.. of course..
in ethical and moral ways..
to get the wHole job dONE..
and my father on bottom
who simply
the common adage
“Never do today
what you can
put off until
and yes.. theiR favorite
quotes from tHeir Senior
photos would truly separate
tHEir outcomes in life.. by attitude..
even though they were identical twins..
so let it be written in symbolic
form so let it be done
in essence of
is the
way human
attitude in both
thought and action
truly works in liFe by
visualizing through whatever
means of symbols takes one to
tHeir imagining and creating
purposes in liFe through
moving.. connecting..
and yes.. creating..
too.. my Uncle worked
for the ‘system’ for a few
years.. and then worked for
himself the rest of his life..
whereas my father worked for the
Law Enforcement system for 46 years..
until age 69.. and the other
super ambitious.. half
Jewish instead of
half Irish/German//
Spanish/French Half
brother got rich off
of selling vacuum cleaners
with a several million dollar
home now.. on the Emerald coast
as such.. through pure will and effort..
hmm.. so.. yes.. considering that it is 4:00
pm.. on tax deaDLINE day.. wheRe the sealed
envelope must arrive at the post office by
midnight tonight.. and i haven’t even
printed the dam required forms
off the Internet yet.. YES!
i am my father’s
Son.. but when it
comes to extreme focus
and getting the job of what
i currently AM laser focused on..
no matter if there is any monetary
REaward or not.. results come in TSuNaMi
way.. so apparently those two halves
are whole
in me..
and my first
cousin.. never
has worked for the
system.. A totAlly
free musician
all his life..
as far as i know..
with of course great
support from the caring
father.. that i for one
rarely saw in my father
through decades of blood
hmm.. but
as they say..
genetics runs deep..
and i do see and feel
both of them in me
as one for
sure now..
V is
both for
Victory and
now it’s
to print
out the
tax form
and get that
system of the ‘man’
job done by deadline time..
Meanwhile 7 prompts behind
now with my current effort
on Thursday dVerse open
link prompt.. now..
three weeks ago..
on the 31st of
but what
comes may
will when
it comes
what may
and for now..
one of my favorite
blog posts from the
past.. “FREE Rains of April LOVE”
from April 18th of 2015..
as reminded by secretary
Facebook for yearly
where i am
debating in creative
ways with the folks
on the Wrong Planet..
and responding in poetic
form to one of the dVerse administrators
taling me.. i need to do less instead
of more.. well true.. brevity is the
spirit of most wit.. but i am
the wit of spirit
or expectations
when totAlly free..
and as i told my Friend
Rafiah up tHere at the beginning..
i found a way to Heaven.. and i will
do all that WILL become a human
to get the job
dONE wHOle..
to help
others find
tHeir own
personal paths
iN Journey oF LiFe
eternAlly noWiNREAL
hUman heaVen noW..
come what
may.. WiLL
be as NOW..
and oh yeah.. the theme
SonG.. currently.. per the Beatles
“Benefit for Being
Mr. Kite”.. true it’s
only a somewhat
mind altering
drug enhanced
song.. from a simple
prompt of a Circus Flyer
but trUly while some folks
thInk theRe is only random iN LIfE
the illusion truly iS tHere is anything
other than meaning and purpose in liFe..
sadly.. some folks can totally
miss the sign
or circus
flyer as
it were
or is for NoW..
where H iS 8 or Infinity
Standing TaLL.. and K is
11 coming in after 10
fingers and toes
as such.. two
of brain not
fully connected
and two hemispheres
of earth currently
connecting better
with online access as
hUmans who greater find
a bridge between tHeir two
hemiSpheres of potential iN
bRain as metaphor of course..
and join back together as
H.. the bridge between
two separate ones
as 11 becoming
oNe standing
now as 8..H..
as a conscious fractal
of the God of Nature…
Meanwhile on Saturday
i was defying concrete gravity
around 1 pm.. doing a floating
230 LB Horse-like dancer.. then on
terrestrial brick dance Hall
floor plane.. wHere trUly my 8
or H.. was working with aLL
of what meaning and
purpose iN
of God’s Nature
WiLL be when
and released
iN metaphor of
Quantum miNd and
boDy iN balance
In moVing..
and creaTinG ways..
so HA! YOU thought it was
just a non-sense song.. or
just about a circus flyer..
WeLL if that’s the case
my friend.. whomever
you are iN trUe
NatUre spiRit
of God..
you have
fallen asleep
and require a little
stimulant oF miNd and boDy
balance per the art of moving
balancing dance to wake up..
it beats
Mary Jane..
and all her
step up and down
friends.. in miNd/
BoDy enhancements and
dis-inhibitors and
next thing ya kNow
too.. yoUr stone cOld
heArt.. SpiRit.. and SoUl..
like the statue dude who looks quite
a bit like me then in the burial scene
on the Sargent Pepper’s Album cover..
comes back to life.. with or without
a mustache
liFe iS inSanELy
good when fuLLeR
hUman poTenTiAL
rises as the
out of
mouths who have
yet to taste the
magic water of God’s
SpiRit.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and all around
fire and water baby.. miXed for HeaVeNoW..
oh yeah..
what’s due
see ya
after that..
dinner.. a work-out..
and whatever may
come for
just consider
iT a challenge i guess
from Mr.. SkyGodess
as Kite WiLL
do iN
butt true.. i’m
gonna reAlly have
to water aLL oF thiS
down.. iF i ever expect
to sell
Well.. it’s 11:54 pm..
and yes i made
the tax
alive at the
post office in
time to get that
midnight post mark
of 4182016..
and long
bed soon..
but first a few
words from gigoid’s
place.. for now it seems…:)
now never
never ending
beginning never
now gift
of all that is
is that all of
gift now
now is
deep is now
deeper shallows
shallows deeper
deeper shallows
shallows deeper
now is deep
is now
now gift
of all that is
is that all of
Gift now
never beginning
never ending
ending never
never now
Ah.. yes.. a tribute to Nut.. Mut.. Isis.. or Kite.. AKA
KAtrina and most all of her extended family
in this year old post here from April 19th
of 2015.. per Egyptian mythology..
hmm.. the resemblance StIll
iS uncanny.. and kinda strange
as now at 46 she sTill remains
the same as she did when she
was in her 20’s..
hmm.. almost
as confusing
as all the
Mary’s in the
Bible.. but in this
case.. Nut.. Mut..
and Isis.. wITh
different names..
but that same tall
slender.. dark haired
girl/woman.. who remains
the same in form.. throughout
the ages.. as such.. long before
Katrina’s 46 years as much.. but
haha… and or hehe.. an excellent
conversation piece.. wife Katrina and
her mythological aliases certainly are..
at least to me.. to me.. heheX2.. for now..
and to be clear.. Kite is a mythological bird..
not a seagull.. not exactly like the soaring
wingspread.. Seagull.. per RA the Sun God..
in current profile pic Facebook
status thingy as seagull
style but certainly
of the mythology
enTaiLed as such
sTill today..
hmm.. excellent
story line for a much
larger story.. namely..
“SonG oF mY SoUl”..
sPANning over 3 milLioN
words now iN mY Word
Press Blog alone.. not
counting 8 million or so
other words leading up
to that and tHis..
anyway.. i am so
F in tiRed oF
heaRing folks
name God
anyThing iN
cluding him..
wHere even Nut
is a welcome relief
to him.. Nut.. yes.. a
world of Multi-colored
Nut we aLL truLY are
in essence of allthatis
un-namED as wHoLe and sAMe..
Yep.. holding the sky up is not
an easy job.. but as Katrina
has to geT
the job dOne..
Where as always
her husband Geb
the God of earth
just lays
around kicked
back relaxing not
much different than
a male Bonobo or
Pan of
the Forest
or someone
else she tales
me she kNowS now..;)
sMiles.. mY friEnd.. gigoid..
the purpose as metaphor
of course.. just as word..
of science and religion
iS to make sense
out of
ART thaT
iS reaLITy
oF reaSon
thAT has no
as Now iS
noW eNd anD
beGinNinG oF
storY noW beS..
reference mY lasT
comment.. hehex2
aLL around noW.. as iS..
hmm.. wHere to go neXt..
Yex.. for scores of thouSands
oF years.. as anthrApology oF
modern primitives suggest..
the human so-called
thinKing process
iS more
iNnate.. iNstinct
and iNtuiTion wheN
aLL iS flow iN different
dimension oF boDYmiNd wITh
metaphor oF dreAM
tiMe.. iNstead
of mechanical
hAnds tick tocking
iN predictable and
assigned fashion
of stays
what a cRock
a cLock as God..
with no change..
that stays the same..
otHeR than aToMic
variation as aLL
iS change..
Problem WitH
tHe WORlD.. trUly..
iS folks have lost the
maGic of dreamtime.. thE
Flow.. the River.. the Ocean
thaT n0w animals other than the
forgETtinG ones who are hUman
sTiLL live noW alWays fLoW iN
ZonE are tHey and i for one reFuse
the lies
oF Now my Friend..
i aM aLive.. a River and
Ocean that never ends
as long as liGht iS i
Answer eNds
and beGins aT
oF eacH
as wHoLe..
liGht up noW..
wHen HOldinG
hAnds aGAiN
briGht.. and thaT
iS what tHis wHoLe
netWork oF oNline iS
aLL aBout.. hOlding hAnds
and liGhting.. uP.. wITh never
undeRestimaTinG thE Force oF liGht
iN syNergy
oF Hands
thAT hOld
noW iN Force oF liGht..
An eXperiment oF Real
coMing to
liGht beGins
Caesar’s rUle
sTill rUleS..
tHe hAIRy
mY FRiEnD..:)
oH.. yeS.. ‘the green man’.. per unleashing the Hulk.. makes
a return visit to ‘this next blog post’ thaT iS going to bE
titLed “hOMe oF liGht”.. per dArk and liGht.. noW..
sOUnd OM SonG.. and moVinG Dance to kicK
iT oFF as he oF liGht..
yes.. metaphors.. words..
truLy iT’s all of whAT wE
IMAGine.. move.. connect
and create iT aLL to be iN
symbol way of approximating
what we sense.. and feel as REAL..
so basicAlly it’s a free foRAll.. to gEt
the joB of JOB aLL dONe for noW as such..
serIOUsly.. sacred teXts of the past so deep
and convoluted.. fAiL to impress me any
more as obviously i for one can go
deeper stAnding oN thE giAnts
of miNds and Bodies in
creative literature
and other visual
symbols from aLL thAt
my miNd and boDy noW
iN balance has experiencED
in tHis lifetime now.
and the Hulk is juSt
another modern metaphor
for Osiris.. the green man
that is the husband of
the mother sister wife
by the name of Isis.. later
suckling chiLd Horus like Mary
out of the bible.. from
Virgin birth too..
Osiris resurrected
into something new
not unlike Jesus
from myth of
death and
rebirth too..
human potential
iS whaT iT’s trUly
aLL about.. the patterns and CHANGE
oF Nature iN human cultures/mindbody
as eXtendED now by products of human
language.. collective intelligence and
oF all whAT lAnds us heRe on earth
iN current predicament aS iS..
but ha.. if yA thInk yA are
gonna get iT aLL lEarned iN
school.. college.. etc..
yA are sAdly
mistaken as
school.. iS mostly
curricula deSigned
by those who choose what
yA lEarn and what yA don’t..
dictated by whatever cultural
norms are the reality of the
now at hand..
but oh.. the modern
world of online.. is different
now.. as the curricula for those
who have uncensored access is
beyond what those who control
with church.. state.. and school..
and rein with binds of
books and desks
And for someone
like me.. and i’m sure tHere
are others like me.. sTiLL lOOkinG..
hehe.. it’s a brand new experiment
of human and global myriad
cultures hOlding hands aNew
and iT’s trUe thIS iS a brAnd
new eXciTinG HUman
story that iS gOinG
places that no
one has
imaGinED bEforE..
iN trUly a hUman
singularITy oF hOlding
Anew hAnds like never ever
beforE iN recorded hiStory.. the
tiMe iS now.. and the Enigma iS
trULy uS.. when set Free iN the
liGht of NatUre.. that wE aLL can
be when wE unleash our human potential
as extra-terrestrial from what we were
iN yesternow.. new iS eXciting.. old
is boRing FOR those aVerse
to change.. yET..
thAT iS hUman NatUre
too.. some wiLL go Green
and otHeRs
choice iS now..
WiLL so beautiful
wHen shaRed aS liGhtiNTruth
noW giVing moVing.. ConnectinG
and creaTinG REALitY LOVeNoW..
those wHo pArk iN pASt.. WILL neVer
sinG iN preSenT
oF dreAMs
iN REAL..:)
WeLL.. anY truE hOMe oF liGht requires
more than juSt trUth and liGht..
a featUre of Fearless
iS fear oF
dArk caN certainly
set one back from
LovE NoW
as cynical
oF liGht
can bE Action to
dArker coNsequence
iN emoTion oF Fear
noW.. so what to
do.. sUre.. a
practice oF
miNd and
boDy balanCinG
Art of moVinG.. connecTinG
CreaTinG iN giVinG shaRinG
ways.. is certainly a way to
Fearless LoVe nOW..
hmm.. so
Godzilla iS
one of my favorite
mythological ways
to go too.. as Godzilla
gets the job done.. with
as little collateral damage
as possible.. with laser focus
and fire breathing mouth.. rarely
failing to complete the mission noW..
Fire breathing.. yes.. laser focus now..
And no.. Godzilla don’t need no lesSons
to geT NatUre back iN balance.. as God
of Nature provides the Zilla pArt fuLLyiNoW
God floW oF zONE noW.. so.. Go Godzilla.. Go
Godzilla.. Go Godzilla noW.. as Nature shows
the folly of hUman when NOT BalanCinG
noW and
and the rest
of what Blue
Oyster Cult
said.. but trUly..
the Film Monster
Godzilla.. originates
in Japanese mythology
to battle with human existential
Angst.. when the so-called Apex
Predator.. becomes the first predator
dum enough to potentially destroy
everyone’s home on the planet
through Nuclear Winter..
but in Japan..
it was already
the end for
100K or so
folks on
an Island..
Oh.. hUmans..
Karma can be
hell to pay..
and the result of
human ignorance in thinking
they are above the other pArts
Of creation.. are ringing iN meaSure
oF misery and suffering around the
globe.. action.. consequence
Karma iN action..
to move away
from balance
iS to
from liGht
to dArk in otherwise
poTential Heaven oN Earth..
Fearless without guns iS A
REAL God animal way to
go.. and that takes
wax on wax off
baby more
triggers and
pushing buttons
of darker way of LiFe..:)
SMiLes.. so true.. tHere iS more
to paying taxes in life than
spitting back out
backs or
whatever color
they are noW
in India.. Friend
Prajakta.. yes.. oh..
the Flow.. the ZOne..
rids the animal.. hUman
or other.. from illusion
iN greaTest tax
oF all
iN deadline
liFe restrictions
aWay from ZoNeFlow..
SMiLes.. mY wiFe is mY
clock.. she nudges me
when it’s now to
pay her
i’ve forgotten about
death and green backs..
onlY now iS Flow iN ZonE
taXes due
from yesternows..
Culture has surely
changed from free
flow ForAger days
but surely priSon
oF cLock tax
iS not
too advanced
for Freedom WiLL..
i never realized i was
always paying taxes until
i totAlly
got aWay from
the cLock of LiFe.. wHere
hands of time taxes every
second rule
Ah.. Free Write oF folks like Jack Kerouac..
taPing pAges toGeTheR iN type writer
way to keep writing stream
of consciousness writing
no matter
may.. oh..
W O R D S..
now oF noW..
wHere blogging
and forms like this
comments section
now up to 10K or so
space to keep going and
going before the formatting
breaks down.. trUly.. wE live iN
interesting.. nows.. wHere almost
anything goes.. but only problem miGht
bE for someone like Jack Kerouac or me..
iS the trap of culture.. the diversions from
focus on a lifelong art.. to trUly
excel in.. from other’s ways..
who are doing
other stuff
different ways
as then as now..
but.. with social
media.. and the norm
demand way of conforming
to the social group way of
get with us or get outcast
away from us wRite now..
how many folks WiLL
take advantage of technology iN
aLL the poTenTiaLs that did not
exist in the day of Kerouac and
those who came before and after
him.. like Walt Whitman in the previous
century.. and who else after that would
dare to stray from the norm
of likes..
or such..
to do iT oNly
for the Love oF arT..
noW.. no matter what the
naysayers oF different miGht
say then or now.. as get the hell
out of our town.. ya dam Maverick NOW..
i for one kNow and FeeL the pitfalls of TrUly
frEE.. but considering the ultiMate reWard
oF liFE iS Heaven noW iN aLL the Colors
that comes iN noW for sure..
yes.. the effort
and reward iN onE
noW iS worth aLL the
naysaying i and others
have heard at the end
and beginning of NoW
iN Heaven
the flow
the ZonE.. many
paths oF journeys
to get heRe
but thiS
sure works for mE..
bottom and top line
SMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid.. Morpheus and
the Matrix.. per thAT trilogy
are excellent
for what
iS missing in
life.. iN exploration
of the inner Universe..
as while Astronomers have
the external Universe mapped
out well.. and if seen at smallest
levels is obviously art per the
observer affect and effect..
the inner Universe can
only be mapped
through art
as it runs
on emotions..
senses.. including
sensuality.. that is a
non-repeatable experiment
in detailed scientific method..
as compared to the observable
quantifiable measure of what
scientists are credibly
able to measure
now.. oh.. so
the voCaTion
oF poeTry..
DanCe and
aLL other Arts
that DO the greaTest
work of liFe iN exploRinG
what iT even means to BE
or not to BE.. my friend.. and
oh the soul.. wHere i for one
adhere to the Whitman school
of Real soUl oF hUman beInG..
along with yes.. the Yogi.. the
Buddha.. and all who search
for answers within
through a poetic
soUl.. that
these answers
within.. and provides
the only semblance of this
reality of our Multi-Universes
wE within.. changing alWays from
now to now.. wiTh wE as walking star
dust with Imagination.. Creativity and
WiLL through Bio Feedback and reAson
to make our realities what they are iN pARt
through the relationship of Nature whole iN
uS.. and WiLL oF We iN Biofeedback of REAL
soUL.. iN Relative Free WiLL to make noW
what noW iS overALL nowonorlost
iN this way as Nature
oF aLL iS God as REAL..
aLL poetic heARts oF EmotiOn..
senses.. including sensuality..
are anointed by Nature AKA GOD
to seek and find the answers..
and such a treaSure the
answers to the
UniVerse within
for a more balanCinG
liFE they are that we humans
consider these poetic answers as
sacred and holy.. but sadly then as often
has been the case as is.. the exploration ends
and someone says.. one cannot add to this ‘Bible’
Book of poetry.. this theatrical play.. this painting.. this
language.. this grammar.. this way of seeing
the world now.. in religion/politics/philosophy/
culture.. so the evolution of mapping
and understanding/feeling
the inner UniVerse
oF hUman BeinG
and we
head hunters
in the middle east..
homophobes as Catholic
Church Deacons.. and ideas
like desire and oxytocin attachments
are bad.. when they are just a natural
pArt of liFe.. wE aLL have to pull uP our
biG hUman britches one day.. and face
the dARk and liGht toGeThEr.. but
to ignore the reality of
Nature evident
within uS..
iS truly
the reality
that most folks liVe
in our modern societies..
i for one.. a great example of this..
straight A’s through high school.. three
degrees from college.. over 30 years at
work and a quarter of a century with
the same Government
battle tested
and worn.. with
only brief stints of
introspection.. visiting
my father in a three hour
assisted introspection… bi-
annually on
the Interstate
else forced
on me to do
at the moment
then.. mowing the
grass once or twice a
month.. and finAlly wHere
the stress of iT aLL BRings
me down to a synergy oF
19 life threatening disorders..
including total loss of my
emoTioNs too.. yes..
i.. total lost
who the
FucK i even
AM.. no inner voice
to navigate the world..
no regulation of emotions..
no integration of senses.. no
art of moving.. connecting.. and
creating my reality through the
biofeedback of human..
relative free WiLL..
INcluding such
abilities now
gainED.. as
dance.. martial
arts.. poetry.. song..
sensory integration to
the point i never even get
cold in the winter for long
pants.. enjoying a full range
of human emotions..
all regulated
my control
of bliss alWays
now.. in other words
heaven now..
and emotTonAlly
regulatED heARt
iN SpiRit oF ExPreSsinG
that emotTonAl Force
oF liFe iS REAL.. as
miNd and BoDy
balanCinG soUL..
by God oF Nature
i finAlly got
mY shiT
Free and aM
trUly FReED
noWoNoW.. hmm..
but heRe’s the thing..
i am onLY mE.. WilLL
anything i say/do.. help anotHeR
person who is lost out oF tHeiR
REAL HeARt… SpiRit.. and SoUl..
WeLL.. for thiS i look to science
and considering wE
aLL share the
overAll same
i’m thiNkinG
the answer iS
at lEAst partiAlly
yes.. so i keep plugging
along.. mapping the inner
UnivErse through the ArT
i feel WiLL worK through
Dance and SonG/poeTry..
mY friend..
but i went
to hell first..
the Wrong Planet
online wHere the outcasts
of the World come as last
resort.. to find
any answer
out of tHeir
i looked around
at the fallen ones
and truly they helped mE
to come back as human being
wHole.. iN heARt.. SpiRit and
soUl.. REAL.. but only one or two
could understand mY neW gained
language/ART.. to map the hUman
UniVerse oF
i within..
every path
and journey unique..
but alWays hope..
no matter iF one
can FeeL it or
not through
and adaptation
to what’s real mY friEnd..
iF i can come back.. i muSt
have hope for others too..
to come to this
that i do
the iNheritance
of NatUre FReED
tHe trUe liGht gifT
sMiLes.. mY friend.. yes that last
paRt of the trilogy of the Matrix
is my favorite part.. as it
provides an excellent
theatrical metaphor
for the human
wITh the hUman
archetype of oracle
in innate.. instinct and
iNtuition oF miNd and
boDy balance.. as weLL
as the architect of reAson
that wE humans are gifted
and cursed wIth sAMe.. iN
so many ways.. wHere the color
full rainbow-like sky over the peace
fuLLy newLY meadoWed ciTy iN
the morning liGht oF enLiGhTen-
MenT iS the gift of thE
young INdiaN
as portrayed
and created through
the way she feels and
senses the world as child
aNew oF Nature Free.. witH
the archetype of reaSon admitting
he’s not human and the archetype
of oracle admitting she knows nothing
and believes her way through to the
truth and liGht of LiFe.. or something
like that.. smiLes.. as in all ‘biblical’
plays of art.. interpretation is
open to the
moon and
back and
farther than
the sun shines
in human imagination
and creativity in maKing
the cultural byproducts real
that make this life heaven and
or hell and purgatory REAL ‘TWEEN..
other than that there is the evolution
of the human brain as metaphor
of archetype.. the ancient reptilian
shark brain of survival as
ultimate predator.. and
the heARt of emotions
of mammals like uS..
Bonobos.. and
Porpoises too..
and of course
the neocortical
bRain wE share
as pArt of brain wiTh
Dolphins.. wHere we are
set apart.. by our hands and
prehensile thumbs for written
language.. collective intelligence..
and all that makes culture dArk and
liGht.. in shades of grey away from
black and white.. and colors beyond
the Rainbow too.. of human moving..
art of imagination and creativity too…
Anyway.. culture makes something now..
relatively simple.. nightmares and dreams
and the all between.. so that is why there must
be a counter balance of art that is just as complicated
or more.. to Bring the insanity of control back to balance
of Yin and Yang arT mY friEnd.. so no.. one Buddha.. a so-called
last prophet.. or only Son of God is not enough.. fine poets
they were in all the dARk and liGht of human bEinG then..
there is.. but a whole world-wide army of poets
painters.. dancers.. and all the rest of
artists/prophets/sacred clowns
and all the other metaphors
iS now required more..
for setting uS free
iN hAnds
oF help noW
to get the job
oF balancing out aLL
the human intelligences..
so lost.. so far far away
in another
from Maslow’s
of human needs and
evolution in one life now
from Physiological Animal
Homeostasis to safety to Love/
Belonging to Esteem to Self Actualization
and the unnamed sixth destination of being
ONE with the rest of Nature.. iN truly feeling
and sensing iT.. per the metaphor of God as
ALLTHaTiS.. sadly most people are in a state
of worry/anxiety/fear and or pain most everynow..
and sadly my friend..
many people do
not even
rise out
the first
level of human
evolution in just one
life now.. wHere the
indigenous primitives
often live their entire
life starting and ending
at level six of being one
with nature and never
separated in
the REAL
where morpheus is not
even a potential human
archetype of dreamtime now..
Oh ZiOn.. yoU are reAl as iS
FREE.. wheRE
wE are warmed bY
the Sun and return
that warmth so free
as Stars are we
noW in
liGht iN trUth
and fearless Love
now.. wHere the Shark..
the Lover.. the Priest..
the Politician.. and
the Architect wiTh
Oracle Hermit
Artist.. ETc..
hOld hands
toGether iN
a feminine and
masculine balance
oF juSt beinG noW..
but trUly great effort iN
SeeKinG.. FinDinG.. and
practiCinG tHe answers noW
one finds.. iS alWAys required
to stay matrix free Now.. truLY
the camel of culture and the
i oF uS
yeS.. Neo lives..
in i’s oF FReED..
from ocean wE arRisE
aS floWinG WaTeR
wE cAN
ALL seeing left eYe eXpoSeD..
Superman Emblem oF Hope
emBossED wITh American
Flag.. trUly thiS country’s
ideaL iN Declaration oF
INdependence iS
baSed sTiLL noW
oN Free MaSON
idea oF Truth
and liGht under
an aLL SeeinG
eYe oF God as
metaphor for aLL
Creator Nature noW..
aWay from priSons oF
barbarians iN crusades
of Killing.. and impriSoNinG
humans in the rule of Culture
over the God of Nature.. as the
unalienable right to Life..LIberty.. and
the pursuit of Happiness.. yes.. a dream
come trUe iN tHe New Zion of iS RA EL
that iS the United States.. for those oF
uS who are successful in thiS God
given riGht of hUman noW
and trUly aLL the rest
of creation when
set free too..
in however that
may come within
the parameters oF
aLL oF Creation’s existence
noW.. anyWay.. iT works for mE
God has aLLready BleSSeD America
Free for those who are able to unplug
from the
matrix of Lies
inherent in any
hUman system
of cultural norms
sTiLL.. the point iS
iT iS possible here.. and
next to impossible in countries
far far from the POTENTIAL OF
iN Fearless Love as TruTh and LiGht..
And Hell no.. i have nothing to do
with the Free Mason organization
and everything to do with tHe
All Natural God thaT iS creator
within uS noW.. wITh Zero rules
requirED by culture other
than to share resources
to get the
Job oF
Free dONE..
Freedom trUly
iS never tax free..
aS iT takes SeeKinG
FinDinG.. and pracTiCinG
tHe tax oF enliGhTENmenT
alWays noW iN Heaven ReAL..:)
Doorway to
Heaven or Hell..
or Purgatory noW..
theRe’s onLy oNe
way i kNow and
FeeL that iS
uP noW.. a friEnd
asks me for a gift
at the beginning of tHis
“hOMe oF liGht”.. bLoG poSt..
so iT iS written so iT WiLL bE dONE..
first step.. seek.. second step.. find.. third
step uP as practice oF Fearless LovENoW..:)
WeLL.. yes.. the power of suggestion
in form of words.. or other signs and
symbols.. is a powerful human
emoTioNaL.. seNsorY..
and yes seNsuaL
force of bEinG
wHere liFe iS more
than step one.. step two..
three four five six.. etc..
a synthesis in synergy
of allthatis.. is tHeir
in helping
yes iT is
difficult to put into
words but less and much
more than that 6 am affect
of effect when one becomes
alarm clock hUman one iN same..
this force is a weak force for some
folks and beyond the wiLdest imaGinATion
more fully iN tuNe wITh thIS real at lEAst
partiAlly empricAlly meaSuReD pheNom
now.. and yes.. most definitely related
that is much
more than
a sugar
piLL alone.. allone
iT iS in hUman poTenTial
iN maKinG HuMan REAL
for now.. and for the naysayers
out there who thInk that voo doo..
devil.. and hell.. are not a pARt oF
this reaLITy too in dArker ways
of liFe perHaps one should
take a geese or
a gander..
and watch
the empiriCally
science assessED
Documentary Video
on the Nocebo emoTioNal
Negative power of emotions
associated with words and
other symbols of neGaTiVitY
yes.. hell yes.. including now
a voo doo doll too.. depending
on one’s influence under the power
of suggestion real.. SO.. SO.. SO..
SO.. ya kNow or ya may not kNow
that the power of attraction noW
is a proven science thingY too..
per that “Secret” book and
other philosophers too..
per full examples of tHis..
so yes.. be careful what
ya wish for iN aLL
the syMbols
and sHades
of grey from
white to black
to colors over and
under the rainbow too..
aS it Could be hell or
standing heaven to
pay or geT
iN and out
oF purga
tory too..
when ya
true in black
and white and
aLL the shades of Grey
And over the Rainbow Colors
liFE oF reaLITy can come for NOW..
So in summary.. some folks are not inFluencED..
much by the power and force of Hope.. faith
and belief.. but others on the bell curve uP
can shoot to the moon and back
and around the
Sun iN metaphor
of what the dude
Jesus was talKinG
about when he said
tHere would be others
who do much greater works
than he.. from what iS reported
oF him.. in New Testament and
gnostic texts.. as well as so many
other folks too.. he kNew/feLt tHis
deep within.. innate.. instinctual
and all intuitive too.. the way
of seeing and feeling the
world as gift oF God
Inherent within..
just waiting for the
works of others like he..
yes.. all natural as such.. as
each person finds tHeir own
trUe WiLL best iN fearLess
Love aS Piper SinGsSonG FrEE!…:)
WeLL.. it’s 5 ‘clock
namelysomewHere heRE..
A few nows here before
work-out noW.. iN a bounce
back to dVerse Now three
weeks back
to 169th
dVerse open
lInk prompt
wHere i left off
last week at
the 8th poem
Approaching the Full
moon now of Friday
thiS week.. 3 weeks
now from tHis
prompt heRe..
Magic iS iN
tHe liGht oF
Moon ChiLd BriGht
years.. go by.. centuries..
eons.. and Aeons sAMe
noW continues whOle
iN moon
break liGht
and TrUth oF
wRite oN
SMiLes.. mY friend..
greaTest truths and
liGhts ofTen come from
the greATest rAndom
silliness of aLL thAT
can only mean
one thing
and thaT iS
SiLLy and
RAndom can
bE the best oF aLL..:)
Nature sings lullaby
of SpRing.. sounds
soft.. dance
liGht.. breeze
comes in April Rains..:)
WeLL.. for me.. a spin
with Ativan for any chance
of sleep for 66 months with
a perfect storm of pain.. if that
rates.. per the worst pain known
to mankind.. type two trigeminal neuralgia
from wake to sleep.. like dentist drill with
no pain killer anywhere that wIll work in
eye and ear.. like yes.. the devil’s
fire beyond fires
of human
but the Fibromyalgia..
Sjogren’s Syndrome
of eyes not making tears..
the severe degenerative arthritis
in spine.. precipitated by congenitally
fused vertebra.. spinal stenosis..
coat hanger pain associated
with Dysautonomia too..
was nothing compared
to THAT at the same nows
then.. for yes 66 months..
all pain gone.. now.. yes..
including reliance
on Ativan gone for
sleep from the suicide
disease labeled as that
pain too.. suddenly on a
Beach day on or about
the 22nd of July 2013..
i turned all the pain into 11 million
words and over 5200 miles of dance
walking in 32 months now.. miracles
are real.. but they dam sure take effort oF WiLL
my friend.. wHere theRe is no hope anywheRe..
even “superman” can come out of hell for real now..
And truly the best pARt of aLL worse than the worst
pain then.. was coming back with emotions full after
zero feelings or memory of even a smile or laugh then..
It’s all
relative i suppose..
but trUly i for one can
say and feel for sure both
in sense sand emotions that
both hell and heaven and
purgatory ‘tween can
dam sure
mY Friend..
never discount
a wish or reality
for better iN REAL..
iF ya WiLL oF course..:)
any pArt oF red
iS not my favorite
color.. including oh
what makes purple
iN iTs lofty position oF
rainbow hue.. but hmm..
they say iT iS of the highest
oF colorED chakras too.. i prefer
the humbler color(s) as iT never
for granted
more.. a Green
or Blue or other
earth color WiLL
do for Nature grounded
fine for me.. LofY purple
can keep its place bEyOnd sKeYes..:)
Ignorance runs
deep for the Rainbow
of the human condition..
wHere majority rules without
compassion Love fails and most
often it is
that hates
most iN terms
of basic human
empathy and compassion
foR All.. yes.. a change is coming
with younger generations educated
with Nature
of church
and political
spire halls of hate..:)
Yes.. i’m sMiLing wITh
hope and empirical
sociological evidence
that says this change is
even coming in Muslim
countries by the year 2050..
SMiLes.. i suppose
i aM eXtra blesSEd
to be married to the
most beaUtiFuL 46
year-old woman/girl
iN the WORlD but i
hope i would stiLL
find that divine
feminine bird
oF Love’s
if sHe ever
flies away.. my friend..
aT some point wE aLL
sleep alone and or even
toGeTheR aLLoneNow..:)
5:55 pm and be
back later..
Royal Blue Shirt that says..
with laser focused
left eYe that
says.. yes..
get the
JOB dONe..
AKA pre-
work-out game
face.. yes.. this
one and next.. One2..
in Facebook profile pic
status thingy coming next..;)
WeLL.. a few notes..
here.. as one may observe..
per determined look on face..
vein on left eYed side of forehead
protruding in bulging way.. and also
yes.. of note.. it seems when the sun
strikes my fur.. just wRite.. the color of
it is unmistaKinGly Yellow Boy Golden
blonde.. as it were
and is at least iN
this afternoon photo
approaching evening
in central daylight savings
now.. of 7 pm.. on April 20th..
yes.. getting to the nitty gritty here
too.. but in free write.. ya kNow any
thing goes.. as iT iS just pArt oF the
Art of hUman Flow oF zONe as yeS..
another pARt Of thaT heaven of now
thingy.. gold and true in trUth and liGht
of fearless Love.. but additionAlly
have ya also noticed that aLL
comic book and video portrayals
of super dude.. depict the man
of steel with dark hair and never
golden fur now.. in fact.. rarely
does Superman.. iF ever
have any body hair
other than visible
stuff on the
top of
his head..
hmm.. must
change that
now.. hehe..
or hahax2..3..4..5..6
pick up Styx.. Led Zeppelin
and other Band Aids to lead
the way iN prophet analysis as such..;)
Oh.. the DiviNeNoW..
thE reality that aLLis diVine..
Black and White.. tHe sHades of Grey..
The RainBow bElow and colors hue above..
Oh.. the liGht iN.. seeing a gRain of sAnd as
hOldinG uP tHe hiGhest mouNtain of fearlesS Love..
Unity oF divine.. iS the prize.. the reward.. the ulTiMate
HeavEnoW for those who come to see reaLiTy as oNE
Force oF Nature ONE.. yes.. mY FriEnds.. the experience
of God.. enLiGhTENed iN uS as FORce 10.. yes.. of
course.. 10.. the sacred number of digits on hands
and toes too.. and take away the zero
and one only
Symbols inFiniTe iN poTenTial
oF expreSsinG tHiS DiVinE Truth
once one drinks and swims wITh
water of God within.. outside..
above.. so below.. and
all around.. liGht..
but the darkness mY
friEnds iS trUly words..
greedy words that become
Idols to chain tHis fearless Love
of Truth and liGht within.. wHere this
human or that human.. or this religion
or that culture or holy sacred text portends
to own the essence of Truth and liGht noWiN
fearless Love oF aLL that iS God away from
others considered lesser now from what
‘they’ chain as truth away from other idols
of symbols that are also vehicles and
vessels housing the sAMe essence
when hUman sees aLL
oF creation AKA
GOD as
mY FriEnd noW..
the beauty of seeing aLL
thAT is iS diVine.. iS never bEinG
lonely.. alWays bEinG iN BliSs as
aLLoNe sees iN dArk and liGht
ranging from black to white to
shades of grey and
beyond hues
of rainbow
and below
too.. has meaning
and purpose iN diVine
Nature oF DArK and liGht
as Force to get tHiS wHoLe
JoB Of ExistenceNoWdONe..
Yin and Yang oF liGht and dARk
and Love’s freedom and control
of order away from what freedom
can be in chaos.. iS aLL pARt
of the Art of God iN the
ulTimaTe pLaY oF
liFE oF aLL
wE sense..
feel.. and kNow
of LiFE.. iT is the
cognitive and affective
empathy.. sympathy.. and
compassion.. for aLL tHat iS
iN sCience terms that sets one
free from con-social emotions like
doubt.. greed.. jealously.. hate.. and
aLL the dARk emoTioNs that imprison
uS away from LiGht emoTions and seNses
of Peace iN regulation of emotions and
integration of senses iN eternal bliSS
NoW.. and that My FriEnds iS whY
mY dAnCe and SoNG WiLL never
end.. tHere is alWays more
to understand and
Love wheRe the
sAnd iS we gRains
oF water hOlding hAnds
to hold uP the DArk and
LiGht oF aLL thaTis wHere
wE finaLLy determine thAt aLL
are priests.. prophets.. and kings..
as messengers of God IN dArk
and liGht ways.. wHere
balance oF aLL reigns
the rein of rain..
wHere at
the drops
of water that
are God make
an ocean what
iT iS iN rAGinG waves
iN SuN to StILL seas wHere
MoonLiT glimmers iN Peace
unTiL the neXt wave and
dayBreak beGins..
waves oF uS
shores to
Yes.. mY friEnd getting
to Heaven.. iS certainly
a job of JOB continuing
noW.. but shaRinG that
is not a job but gift that keeps giVinG..:)
Oh.. enhancer of Human
liGht.. iN Neurchemical
and Neurhormone dEliGht..
middle oF last century.. the
plants of rain forest and sacred
two spiRit hUmans seeKinG FinDinG more
of realiTy through sacred plants ingesting
more of uniVersal multi-views of N0WiN
chords oF throat iN vocal way of ExpreSsinG
sPiRit iN hUman heARt oF EmoTions.. senses
and yes.. SENsualiTy too.. floW River to
Ocean.. to golden streams of Light
back to reaLiTy iN Force of God
inside.. outside.. above.. so
below and all around..
recorded more
iN sTrinGs.. beats
and keys of hUman
made tools to eXpand
on what iS possible wITh
vocal chords of bliss everlasting
nows eternal liFe iN Heaven noW..
Pilot oF the Storm noW leaves trace
iN SonGs of Old and New enhanced
by plants of LiFe.. in new synthesized
way.. and those oF uS Sober iN the liGht
oF God can experience the sacrifice of those
who take uS hiGher iN tHeir enhanced ways of
seeinG feeLinG God iN liGht oF GOlden streAMs
iN Artful ways oFeeLinG seeInG God more
and more as Force
free iN and as US..
PiLot oF Lucid
dreams coming
trUe iN liGht moVing..
connecTinG and CreaTinG
HiGher and HiGheR ways to
senSinG.. feelLinG.. and KNoWinG
GOD oF allthatis Nature noW beYond
aLL colors iN Hues oF eMoTiOns senses
and kNoWinG bEforE.. Oh.. Gentle rACE
And as a side note here.. while it’s true i’m
drug free noWin the way of ‘spiritual’ drug
enhancers.. i am not without enhancers
of Neurohormone and Neurochemical
deliGht.. as nah.. the form of i in the
nude art that comes from over 5200
hundred miles of dance walKinG
everywhere i go iN public now
for 32 months.. is kinda cool
yes in the art of a
fiXinG to turn
56 year old
dude on
June 6th..
but yes.. i do iT
as aid to expand
my mindful and bodyfuL awareness
in yes.. of course.. neurochemical
and neurohormone way.. including
the art of sensual dance with hundreds
of folks tonight for my 107th dance week
with all the cool college age folks at
Good Old Seville Quarter.. and sure
i could take the easy route with
Molly or whatever the hell
other drug that folks
take to enhance
tHeir perception of
reality.. but i for one..
am fortunate enough to SeeK
fiNd God aLL Natural iN enhanCinG
way in doing stuff like slowly leg presSinG
close to half a ton now.. in numbers as great
as 30 reps or so.. of slow movement with arms
raised in air on a very difficult parallel leg press
machine.. that other elite Marines cannot
even F iN budge..
but Here’s the thing..
been to Heaven and Hell
and purgatory too iN this
Life and trust me iF you
too WilLL Do everything iN YoUR
FucKinG poWer to FucKinG
yes.. iF yoU seeK iN GOD
wITh aLL youR poTenTial
and miGht.. and to bE
honest.. i would do aLL
of this juSt to take my one
Friend to heaveNoW wHo
has alWays stayed noW by mY
side when most people veered away..
iN doinG thiS for aLL the rest.. for one
simple reaSon.. LOVe.. iN Fearless waY..
iT iS those whO wE Love and ReTurn Love
oF course.. wHo
inspire uS
moST.. and tRust
mE.. to be Loved bY
mE iS to bE LovEd..:)
And nah.. i didn’t get very
far with dVerse this week
but yes.. close friends
are more imporTant
to mE..
oF course.. iN
relative sPeak..
and with aLL thaT iS
sAid noW.. more fUn
dance photos coMinG
to the end of this blog
post sometime around
the wee hour of 3 am..
on the full moon of
Friday morning..
but now..
it’s sacred
and holy
R and
R for me
to get away
from words.. mY FriEnd(s)..:)