SolDieR oF GoD2 FReED


So.. continuing to celebrate my Grand
Cross 56th Birthday through the afternoon
of writing and after somewhat of a break of exercise
and into food in feast celebration over the weekend..
a shorter run of Dance Walking and only 5 or so miles
compared to the usual half a marathon or so on Sunday
so i figure after writing 11 or so MiLLion wordS in
66 months.. and WriTing towards 4 milLion or so
and at least well over three million wordS iN 33
months thiS now worKing 675th Verse of the
Longest Free Verse Long
poem form poem ‘eva..
i’LL set my own personal
record in parallel leg presSinG
at least 33 reps of 930 LBs WitH
arms raised in the air at my Favorite
military gym.. as a retired civilian Federal
employee.. i sTiLL.. receive privileges to use..
as of course.. i was also the Athletic Director..
then.. at the end of my career and even arranged
for the close to Million Dollars of Equipment then in
work-out way there.. in the new gym built before
i Left.. to replace the old gym destroyed by
Hurricane Ivan in 2004.. in winds
exceeding 100 miles for
around 20 straight
hours listening to
shingles fly off
our house too.. back
in the Winds of destroyer
Ivan on the Gulf Coast here..
anyway.. i successfully press the
weight slowly and surely at least 33
reps as i don’t count as i am in total
focus without any thoughts and only
Lion Growls of CHI Energy to do this
somewhat amazing 56 year old dude feat
among the hopeful
other warriors training
there to defend our country..
so i go by length of SonG and
the 6 seconds average it takes
for one rep now.. and easily
see that a three and a half
minute song on the radio
per 210 seconds or so
makes at least 33 reps and
perhaps even 40 or so now..
and it makes me kinda sad to
see so many young men pasty
and flabby with little muscle tone at
all.. sitting on their cell-phones these
days with rarely a growl of effort like
the training warriors did back in the
day of fighting more hand to
hand combat than
push button drones
and such as what goes
on now.. so.. while i’ve rarely
ever got a complaint on my intensity
of working out and mostly compliments
and even comments like the last one i
documented last week from the young muscled
black military warrior who said i inspired him
by the intensity of my workout.. so.. an older
military dude.. of course.. probably still at
least 20 years younger than me now
after i finish the somewhat amazing
feat that he for sure couldn’t imagine
even pressing one time at all at
likely 4 or so hundred pounds
less.. says.. then.. oh no.. don’t
grunt.. it is distracting me after
i finish.. and i’m thinking.. oh..
the state of affairs
of warriors these
days.. of course unless
the dude has PTSD from real
combat as such thaT IS A possibility
with his age as such.. and yes he does
look like he could handle himself in a real
fight too.. so i’LL give this dude a potential
forgiveness warrior pass on that of course..
and i attempted to explain to him the
physical exercise science and
eastern philosophy why i
do growl for maximum
potenTial effort
but he just
looked all
road raged
out and said
i’m not interested
and i said never mind..
like i always do for folks
who might otherwise learn
something that could even
save their life at some point
in the future.. particularly if they
go in combat way for the first
time.. second etc.. as i too
had PTSD and eliminated
that and the most
Severe case
of Anxiety
that my Air
Force Psychiatrist
said he had ever assessed
in years of practice with combat
veterans coming back from
the middle east then..
but no..
all he had
was pills for
me.. and as noted
in this blog before.. after
he saw how i gained balance
in the art of movement in miNd
and BoDy way.. he quit his practice
and is teaching movement therapy
in a Hospital school down south..
in Florida way.. so.. yeah..
i know what the
FucK i am doing
no matter if anyone
else don’t understand
it and think it’s weird and
or strange or and not.. but it’s
like that old TV show named
Kung Fu.. for one who knows
and feels what they are capable
oF iN defense like easily killing
a person with one
swift kick if they
really were defending
their life or a loved one true..
there is nothing to prove.. so i just
said.. i’ll stop it all together now.. and
of course i was finished anyway.. God’s Hands
sMile on God’s children that way when they
are soldier free WitH God as such.. in other
words.. God lives within me and has my
back too.. even in the days.. when
God was carrying me and i could
no longer walk and see
my footprints in
Sands and
Sun of God
FReED then.. BeliEF
TruSt.. FaitH.. HoPe..
fEaRless LoVe.. iT aLL
thAT iS works toGetHer
as NatUre one..
and speaKing of
road rage.. oh.. my Uncle
and all his complaints about
the food at the fancy pancy restaurant
last night where a dish of baked fish and rice
can be purchased for around 30 bucks with a glass
of nine dollar cheap wine as such..for those now with
endless deep pockets like my Uncle and Aunt of course..
and by the way.. my Grandmother married a Jewish
dude.. after my Irish Catholic X-Priest Grandfather
as such.. not a stereotype.. just a trivia note
here.. that he is just my half uncle in
blood way.. and my full uncle
was the one posted in
my latest 674th epic
Macro verse wave of
Long Poem
Super Epic Ocean poem..
then in the high school photo
with the high achieving motto
as such that yes i have fulfilled
in daring to do what no man
or woman has done before
in terms of Long
poem form
anyway.. i told my Uncle
that i am a free spirited dude
now.. and sure i will follow all the
legalities as such in local.. state.. and
federal ways and as of tonight.. yeS i
did tale the asshole sounding military
dude.. yes.. sure.. right away sir now..
what eva’ ya say sir.. i’ll stop what ya
don’t like.. all then now..
as i know my
privileged place
to work-out there
and also the military
privilege of getting your
way.. no matter what as
Rank has privilege in military
way in stuff ya don’t really wanna
know about in unfair ways behind the
scene.. i respect the military.. yes.. as they
give up many freedoms to defend our Liberty
to be free humans in this country in reasonable
enough way.. but hell no.. i for one would never
be a prisoner again of the Government as whole
circus the way it is run now.. where humans
are just tools and the machine
are we who fall
prey noW to
the machine
of human hierarchies of
slow torture of humanity
out of being.. nah..
i’ll just wander
the land free
like that
Kung Fu
Dude did back
then.. peaceful and
confident that yes.. if i ever
really had to kick ass.. nah.. no
one would wanna be behind my
kick now as nuclear power as
such in subatomic way..
through the Chi
that is much
stronger than
any visible force
of i.. in muscled way
now.. and yeah.. back in the
day when my only art of fighting
was arm wrestling.. i put down
260 Lb law enforcement
officers.. with me at
170 Lbs then.. and
one time when i was
working the men’s
league at the
Bowling Center..
every God dam
dude there then
challenged me
and lost like
a train of
wimpy arms.. then..
the difference was
the CHI.. as tHeir
arms were around
twice as big as mine then…
AT 230 LBS now and twice
as strong at least.. let’s just
say.. i have greAT reaSon to walk
tall.. leisurely through the bar
parKing Lots at night now..
but no.. before i did martial
arts proficiently as such..
i never felt that
confidence before
that as far as i kNow
can only be achieved through
the art of mind and body balance
and the instinct.. and intuition
of fearless one gains
when they feel
and sense
how to handle
their body fully
from head to toe
through distance and space
all 3D in Golden Spirals as such
now.. oh.. so free.. Seagulls we can be
in Peace and Bliss and hell yeah..
Fearless Love in true ways
of tough Love
Hell no.. tHeRe ain’t
nuthing wrong with being
confident unless ya abuse
ya power.. and trUly in
Chi ways that only
makes a peRson
ultiMatELy weaker
as Chi iS an all positive
Force that any con-social
emoTioNs weaken.. and sure
that most alWays gives i for one..
the Chi edge of the Force of God
unleashed and released and always
READY TO FucKinG Rock and Roll
in liGht and Hell yes.. as DaRk
as one miGht imagine
in HeLL Fire
waY iN Defense
oF Fearless LoVe noW..
i have a mesSage.. a continual
one to bRinG and i Am mY
own FucKinG smArt
and clever
iN thE Art
Of Soldier oF
Hmm.. well.. now..
that last selfie.. yeah..
was/is not mysterious
enough to introduce
the concept NoW of
Soldier.. oF God2..
so i WiLL now Go
iN Ninja style
as tHeir
must be
some secret
Agent of God
miXed in 2.. noW too
but first i must go out so
deep in Nature to further
reflect on hidden Nature
of Soldier of God2.. too..
And Arcadia MiLL WiLL DO..:)
And as quick note here.. basicAlly
a Soldier of God defends the right
of aLL to Life.. Liberty.. Justice
and the pursuit of Happiness..
which of course means
no unjustified harm
to others.. as well as
defending these rights for
all without excluding anyone..
and sadly through history there
have been few trUe in liGht Soldier
oF God2’s as there most always
is some element of humanity
left out in the cold
as outcast as such
NoW TrUe from the
whole.. of humanity
as God Given Nature
WiLL provide for
minorities of the wHole is
Nature’s all Natural God oF
Nature’s way of protecting the
Balance of Nature aLL.. iN other
words in the animal world when
population stresses get high..
including of course wE animals..
as controlled through
hormones in the
womb and many
other nature
and nurture factors..
the God of Nature
changes stuff
now where
rates go down
and balance is once aGaiN
restored.. and sure that
can happen in ways of homosexuality
and even super viruses that come to
play when the wild thing gets out of hand
or per chance to put it back in hand more..
to reduce population too..
anyway.. Being a Soldier
oF God2.. is not a cut
and dry thing too..
as Nature works
in God’s many
liGht and dArk ways
so.. the Soldier of God2..
most often has to go the
route of secret service agent
3 or 4 or however many secret
agencies in just one human being
are necessary to keep aBreast of God’s
Nature’s changes and help to direct the Winds
of God’s Nature iN Humans oN course to Balance..
Meanwhile.. the answers are most always found in God’s
Nature NoW for those who look farther than the cultural
clothes of the past.. for what iS WorKinG now towards
God’s way
of eternal
Balance and of
course the Bell Curve
of that and the sweet spots
of the Spectrum whole to just
get the FucKinG Job of Balance
God of Nature2..
hmm.. and here’s just
a little antiquated information
for the 32 great physical signs
for what once was considered a man
of God.. or truly a Soldier oF God..
as sadly the first mistake that continues
now is to suggest that a Soldier of God2.. cannot
be a woman.. and that is total asshole male bullshit..
and could not be further from the Truth and liGht than that
as women most often are Soldiers of God2.. by their very
Nature of greater Empathy for all living things than
dull witted males
in the rule of
Empathy in Sacred
Fearless Love.. and of
course males for their
on average greater strength
may have a physical type of fighting
confidence.. but baby the Chi.. the Force
when employed.. can move most any woman.. up to
when fully employed.. in individual effort
to defend successfully
what Sacred Fearless
Love IS At
FAce oF
God iN HUman
noW..And A Soldier
of God2.. WiLL alWays
employ methods iF at all
possible to NOT HARM OTHERS
at aLL when pursuing tHeir secret
agent of God Duties too.. in other
words.. they must bE clever as the fox
and the thief in the night too..
to jUst do it in Victory over
Vengeance way
NoW2.. noW so..
Anyway.. i’LL2
use one of my
Favorite modern
Soldier oF God2
role models oF
Katy Perry and
hEr SonG Firework
to illustrate the artful
methods Super Soldier oF God2’s
fully employ to get THAT JOB DonE..
Soldier oF God2..
LiKE.. A FucKinG
FireWorK DisNey
PLay oF Love..;)
OH.. yeah. and that
antiquated Wiki
in sadly
only male way..
per Buddha
“The 32 major characteristics are:
Level feet
Thousand-spoked wheel sign on feet
Long, slender fingers
Pliant hands and feet
Toes and fingers finely webbed
Full-sized heels
Arched insteps
Thighs like a royal stag
Hands reaching below the knees
Well-retracted male organ
Height and stretch of arms equal
Every hair-root dark colored
Body hair graceful and curly
Golden-hued body
Ten-foot aura around him
Soft, smooth skin
Soles, palms, shoulders, and crown of head well-rounded
Area below armpits well-filled
Lion-shaped body
Body erect and upright
Full, round shoulders
Forty teeth
Teeth white, even, and close
Four canine teeth pure white
Jaw like a lion
Saliva that improves the taste of all food
Tongue long and broad
Voice deep and resonant
Eyes deep blue
Eyelashes like a royal bull
White ūrṇā curl that emits light between eyebrows
Fleshy protuberance on the crown of the head”
OKay.. back from deep iN the Forest
of Acadia Mill.. an Archaeological
Project and conservation of
resources Florida Trust noW
and God is tHeRe WiLLinG
and waiting WitH all Natural
sigNs and with human
siGn laNguage too..
to voice God’s
LanguagE iN
Synchronicity ways
too.. my sister has the
extreme Asperger’s syndrome
for a detailed eye.. so she spots
the smallest of Gods’ signs for me..
so.. i can capture them in iPhone6s
way and share them on the longest
long form poem ever at my website..yes
now.. kinda.. like what wife Katrina does
in big picture.. cultural waY iN cATchinG
Synchronicity’s siGns iN noW TV wayS2..
so.. sure.. in this way thaT makes
her an equAlly important
Soldier oF God2.. teAM
member aS well..
in secret agent
as blog
too.. not unlike the
gRain of SAnd thaT hOlds
uP the mounTain oF God’s
Fearless SacRed Love iN
HuMan Animal BeinG noW…
oh yeah.. and back to
the sign on the tree..
the Leaf of God that
says ItS Me and
to be clear
as mE can
be here Me iS
God who liveS iN
tHe leaF sAMe as
hUman BeinG that
relates this in sharpy
way.. hanging over the
top of the bridge to make
this voice of God siGn without
FaLLinG over the Bridge into
Pond Creek which of course
is much better than falling
into sHiT CreeK.. but
anyway. all indigenous
peoples understand
thaT the leaf of
God’s Tree oF
Life is no less
important overall
than the Root of God’s
tree too.. along with those
gRains of Sand like Katy
Perry who spreads leaves
In DanCe and SonG of God’s
Fearless Unconditional Sacred
Love thaT iS the potential of hUman
animals who support.. inspire and
Free other hUman animals and the
rest of NatUre in Balance now as
God’s way.. aLL free as such2..
as the Force oF aLL we are
and can be.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below and
all around in Nature’s
MoVinG.. DanCinG..
SounDinG.. SinGinG
SonG.. oF InterCoNnecTioN
THAT iS God aLL thAT iS wiTh
or wiThout any human developed
abstract concepts from Golden Calves
to the three letter word GOD to attempt
to house and chain the essence oF aLL
tHat iS iN hUman made abstract
concepts as symbols as such..
problem is.. when the symbols
get worshipped and trapped
in the chains of last words
and last prophets.. and
only Begotten Sons of
Soldier Gods and
Mithra associated
Myths that do tHeir
best with EmoTioNal
hUman hyperbole of these
myths EmoTioNaLLy expRess
oral Tradition DanCinG and SinGinG
iN ways that are memorable and hard
to forget.. to aGaiN house the vehicles
and vessels iN essence of TruTH and liGht
that can be found deep in the oral traditions
and dances of hUman BeinGs throughout the
ages.. and sadly this story of God is not allowed
on the archaeological trail for the paid dude that
does the scheduled tourS iN Conservation of NatUre
tHeRe of course as we have separation of church and
state as sadly most different religions focus on the differences
of abstract constructed symbols.. more than essence sAMe..
PerSonAlly.. i WiLL Go wITh a very simple religion oF aLL
Free Verse DancE and SonG iN both poetry..
words.. and feat of steps.. and the only
Good BooK i trUly need from God..
IS A leaf reminding mE in
tender Tree oF LiFe
LivinG way that heY!
YaY!.. ItS Me God
heRe iN tHis Leaf
ya big dummy.. i LiVe as
the FoRest.. the Tree and
Leaf as TriNiTy Green and
brown ONE.. the streAMs..
the riVers.. and the OceAN
as Trinity one HoLY and
SaCred particle of H20
as water.. for waves
of Ocean FiEld WhOle
TriNitY oF God ThREE
oKay.. you do kNow on my
Mother’s side who is both
ancestral dotted with
Sioux and Cherokee
Blood too.. they too..
predicted a Soldier oF God2..
would come aGaiN and help
Free the Indigenous people’s
of the Earth in short term INdian
Way2.. and this IS A juSt another
Long Form Poem of that co-sponsored
by ItS Me noW Soldier oF God2 NoW..
Moral of the story.. never dismiss any GrRain
of SAnd or Leaf as insignificant in Butterfly
total affect and effect oF God’s Language
oF Synchronicity NoW as Horatio.. i’Ve
been to places you miGht not ever
iMagine to exist as HuMan
reaLITy dimensions noW
iN terms of Heaven and
Hell and iF you rape
that LeaF wITh
no respect.. you
juSt raped God..
and HeLL no.. God’s
pArts as Leaves do not
appreciate that and they
WiLL bite back to survive iN
butterfly effects that most people
WiLL miss aLL toGeTheR as they
have become the form of tools they
make one and sAMe and have forgotten
the much fuller SenSorY and FeeLInG LiFe
in connection to the MoVinG DanCinG SoUnDinG SinGinG
Interdependent Relationship oF allTHAtiS GoDonEsaMe..:)
Yeah.. Yoda doesn’t meet the requirements
of the Soldier oF God2 of the Buddha religion
at all does he.. iN fAcT// he ain’t even hardly
from tHiS plAnEt either.. is he.. as he iS
So God dam strange to some folks
who cannot see the heArt.. the SpiRit..
the soUl.. underLyinG Green WrinkLed
Skin.. old man hair.. and small bent
over stature.. kinda liKe.. my Aunt
Jettie at four foot something..
all bent over and crippled..
wITh the similar 94 year
old Wisdom as someone
who has sEEn and fELt much
oF liFe through many generations
oF change.. aS SizE matters not.. nor
race.. nor gender.. national origin.. creeds..
sexual orientations or even crazy FucKinG
Asperger’s Bi-Polar ways of BeinG too.. as i
cAn Certainly aTtest to too.. in nothinG noW
less than Zealous partiAlly maniC FeeLinG
SenSinG EnerGetiC Symbols re-WorKeD as
such out of Queen Victoria’s English
in Free Verse anything of God goes
heRe iN hUman WriTinG FReED..
Bottom Line iS.. God IS A.. as i’Ve
sAid so many reps here..
an equal opportunity
employer wITh no
hOlds barRed..
so yes.. the last can
be the first.. the smallest
green man oF all or the dude or
dudette or leaf oF Tree that don’t
meet the 32 grand physical pretties..
that make a Soldier oF God2.. fAct oF
thE matter and Energy.. All ForCe iS aLL
IS A Soldier oF God2.. aLLaSonEfoRceNoW..
So as Yoda and i pray and say oNe and sAme
iN DancE and SonG noW.. maY thE ForcE bE
wITh ya..
anD als0
ItS mE nOW2..:)
“I know but one freedom, and
that is the freedom of the mind.”
~~ Antoine de Saint Exupery ~~
SMiLes i was misSinG
half the pie2
until i dancED..
GaiNinG FreeDom
oF MoVinG iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL.. eXpreSsinG EmoTioNaL
SpiRiT as HeArt Lives throughout
the FeeLinG and SenSinG BoDy and
poEtry iN Free WriTinG IS An afterthOught
oF thAt FreeDoM wHole.. iN ConNecTinG
and creaTinG waYs.. hmm.. oNe of my Favorite
PoEts and i truly have read very few other than
that dVerse siGht i continue to peruse.. Whitman
was the only one i read a brief snippet oF iN Leaves
oF GrAss and what was most impressive about
Whitman is he made the soUl ReaL as
Flesh and Blood and LiFe an
ec·stat·ic SeNsual Experience
of InteRdependent and
FoRce a Real
Prophet for
the Real
God of Nature
living as iTs Me
Soldier oF God2..
from the Internet2..
Ah.. the unabridged bible
of Human eYes sAMe as
God oF NatUre SiGht tales
a tell of aLL houses.. vehicles
and Vessels oF TrUth and liGht
And lies of DArk.. wHere wE Venture
iN as aLL ThAt iS.. ‘tween oF thAT.. i
wished for a magic machine with a button
of technology for all my questions.. and trUly
iN liGht tHiS iS wHeRe i coMe to noW.. the answers
are already out tHere and tHat means i can juSt scribe
iT aLL jUst For FUn WitH no regrets as at essence oF aLL
i do it has
already been
dONe beFore..
to Move.. to Connect..
to Create juSt for FuN
iS to bE aiR to Be Water FReED..:)
SpeaKinG of The Devil..
And continuing the never
ending story iN neverland
noW.. Hi.. ITs Me froM
thE INternet Now..
Butt trUly noW the
Store siGn should
read down and
sMiLes.. theRe’s
Institutions and
Burning Crosses..
Hanging Nooses
and guil·lo·tines
for folks liKe
me who are
so God
Dam Happy
iT spoiLs the
poopy pants iN
the stress of the General
Breathing.. Super-Walmart..
Winn-Dixie.. and PubliX Grocery
Store Aisles.. and what’s reAlly Hilarious
iS when i dance WitH no headphones at aLL..
as haHA!.. i AM not TotAlly assessed by otheRs
IN mY own liTtle twirling Ballet Martial Arts
NeverLand per se in yes.. once
aGain.. jUst another never
ending story per se..
iN FloW oF ZonE
noW.. and sUre..
i go WitH whatever
store or even Walgreen’s
speaker oF SonG thaT iS
PlaYinG oN the Intercom way..
as yes.. aLL oF iT inSpiRes DancE
and SonG from mE.. even the twangy
Southern Style lost my lover and dog
Country Music too.. HeHE.. DancE and
SonG iS BliSs.. the heaveN noW iN
MaKinG aLL Words and
poeTry oF SonG as sWell
as feat of MoVinG DanCinG
Steps.. Holy and Sacred
particles in waves and
WaVes oF Happiness
NoW as HUmaN BeinG
Ocean whole in FloW
iN ZonE.. as particles
do go iN Waves
oF Fields
Of DreAMs..
anyWay.. EnuFF sAid
’bout tHaT heRe.. and i FeeL
thE poTenTiaL poetiC rUsh oF
rEsponDinG aT dVerse sooN..:)
In.. soMe ways Language.. Collective Intelligence..
and all the cultural related ways oF abstract
concepts generated by the drive to survive
and thrive In LiFE iS dArk iN ways
of Instant Gratification of
excess.. and hoarding..
WitH Failure to give
more than take..
as stockpiles of GRain
reach to hiGh as sKeYes
of God oF natUre FuLL wHere
otHeRs around the Globe.. are
bones and sKin of hunger
in depths of empty
yet the
the spiRit
and the MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Act of SoUL.. can bE so
lost among peoples who have
become the tools instead of
essence of liFE wHole iN
MoVinG… ConNecTinG
FReED ForCe toGeTheR
OnE nOW.. ThriVinG aLiVe
through struggle and heArt
ache saMe toGeTheR oNE
As oNE ForCe oF
BEinG but the
BalanCinG aCT
iS sTiLL possible
in pockets of freedom
around the woRld.. and the
sacred holiness oF aLL of liFe
on tHis Green.. Blue and snowy
Orb oF eARth.. iSraEL nOW aS
Star DuSt ChilDren GoD oNE are
we noW STiLL too.. The UniVerSe
can be a cOld and DArk Place and
iT does appear much of iT iS iN ways
oF Science Assessment noW and thaT iS
the point.. any liFe on tHiS PlanEt iS relatiVelY
SpeAkinG a Miracle noW and LiFe that can spEak
to tHis in return oF i’s oF GoD LiVinG ForCe noW
trULy iS nothinG less than Magic in potential BleSsinGS
to count tHis unique opportunity for animal KinGdom Heaven
in a free WiLLeD Creature liKe hUman BEinG FReED.. the
Inheritance.. iS trULY UNIQUE to our history noW and
liKely rare.. so rare to exist in this BLiP oF UniVersal
HiStory noW and WriTe a Story even aBouT
whAt wE hUmans are aT core
BEinG and that is purpose..
meaning.. and value
enough to KiSS
the sAnds iN sPirAl
aRounD SuN oF God
oh.. so FReED noW..
sAdly noT aLL can
appreciate tHis oNly GifT
oF LiFe NoW as they simply
are alWays wanting more.. more
more.. and never see or FeeL the
all Free Real Source of HeaveN noW..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all aRounD.. fully Satisfied
juST noW to LiVe FReED aLiVe..:)
Three Facebook Novel
Blog verse memories..
two from last year
one from the year
before.. and yes.. wRite
on topic synchronisticAlly
as such on Soldier oF
God2 stuFF
Lots of great
Nature photos
in this one including
Farms and Beaches same
with Wild life in air as well..:)
And this one..
overall.. is kinda
short and sweet
and INTENSE..:)
Facebook Friend
Dan Shares a link
that scientifically shows
how depression changes
the organic structure of
the human brain..
And i say then
and now..
AS in all
Stuff Nature..
Use it or lose
It applies.. No
E-scaping Actions
or inactions Without
Consequence.. Positive
or Negative.. Dark or Light..
Nature God Rules.. All Now..:)
And from my own experience.. noW over
stimulate a KaT or stress him/hEr out otherwise
and sHe/he will bite and scratch to get away.. tale
a human that their lively-hood is at stake in whatever
the FucK job they tale ya.. ya have to do or whatever
FucKing Cultural/Religious tradition they tale ya.. ya
have to do whether iT is being celibate if you are a
priest.. or marrying someone for money that
miGht turn your FucKinG stomach from
first meet on the wedding night
date.. all paid off by the
daddy as such.. or
female genital
after covering them
up to their chest with dirt
and ground so they cannot
shield tHeir eYes from tortuous
Rocks.. to taling kids they cannot
use birth control.. or forcing them into
marriages or abortions after that shaming
them into believing having a child out of wed
lock is a sin less than killing the unborn child
they actually want.. so many FucKinG things
that Religions and Cultures.. overall.. sTiLL
Sponsor to bRing eXtreme Social
Stress to others.. been there
and done it.. died in
depression and
lived in life..
and FucK no iF
anyone WiLL ever put
this KaT out in a lightening
storm aGaiN in a cage with no way
to get out but to say NO.. FucK NO..
this bird flies free and will NEVER EVER
YOU.. AGAIN.. AS i Use
Love and GroW a
HeARt.. A SpiRit
and a mind and
BoDy BalanCinG
MoVinG.. ConnEcTinG
BeinG iN uSe iT in CreaTinG
ways that YOU WiLL never take
away aGain.. i’m FReED Bottom
LiNe.. And
iT reminds me oF
working at the Military
BowLinG Center for so many
years.. first passing out shoes..
just for sMILes and the money
just an after effect necessary for
basic subsistence and survival..
at close to minimum wage.. raiSinG
through the ranks to Supervisor.. Manager
to afford a home in mortgage way and nicer
car loan additions.. then saddled in.. and warm
and cozy.. with folks taling me.. oh.. you have three
college degrees you should be somewhere in a fancy
office.. a bigger home.. and even nicer car than what
you ride now.. and i’M thInking what the FucK do you
liVe for.. happiness in connecting to other human
beings like we do here at this Bowling Center
Now and still make a relatively comfortable
subsistence for the need be of that
in this culture now.. or do you think
status and more stuff of the
tools of culture to become
you is at the essence
of what is real
in this liFe now..
anyway.. worKinG for
the Government for the
Golden Handcuffs to retirement
and guaranteed Health and Life
Insurance for you and your family
for the rest of your life free so you
can really be free.. is a heavy handed
chain for sure once you get to 20 years
or so and close to the due date of free..
so the system had its way with me then
and i did the three new jobs in three
years or so that i had never done
before to stay afloat.. trapped
in an office behind computers
answering to everyone and
the computer at the
same now then..
and eventually
i blew my human
fuse and was no longer
even FucKinG human and
that only took about five years
stuck behind a computer then
and doing a zillion other duties
at the same now then.. humans
aren’t computers.. they must move..
connect and create to thrive or otherwise
they die a slow death of humanity in life..
and before they know it.. they no longer
enjoy music.. or even food.. they are
just a cog in a machine as stress
is cumulative in destroying bodily
systems over the span of
distance and space..
otherwise known
as time.. NoW
is the time to
say No and
FucKinG LiVe
as tRust me tHeRe
is nothing worse than
loSinG a heARt.. a SpiRit
A MiNd and Body BaLanCinG
soUl as Death in Life of Depression
if one has ever even gained THAT aT
aLL these days of mechanical cognition
stuck in the head ways of BeinG
SPooN-Fed from Birth stArting
With Barney the Purple
Dinosaur on TV..
rather than
Sticks and
Stones imaginary
Toys iN a HuMan
MiND and
iN BaLance
WiLL do iF seT
Free from Birth innately..
instinctually and intuitively
in Dream time Creativity.
NoW WitH NOW..
oh.. so FReED..:)
And SPeaKinG of Soldier oF God2’s.. three of my
favorite in history are Ellen of current TV
Show famE.. and Elton John
and Freddie Mercury
of Rock
and Roll
FamE.. in SeTTinG
hUmans Freer in MoVinG
ConnECTinG and CreaTinG
ways and liFtinG uP the out-casts
of society into maKinG these often
creative folks in Society FEEL LIKE
THEY FucKinG BeLOnG wITh much
to offer the HUman RAce as wHoLE
liFtinG uS aLL uP as WHolE as WeLL..
Well.. anyway.. sadly Freddie Mercury’s
Islam country of origin FAILED TO
FOR only his difference in
sexual orientation..
and sure Ellen
could easily
be covered to
her breasts and
stoned iN iRan iF
she lived over there
too.. and Elton John.. could
be killed for his sexual orientation too..
and that is why those folks over there ain’t
got much art to share wITh the rest of the
world now.. through oppression and repression
oF all associated WitH LuST that is the driving
Force of hUman Libido throughout the course
of the liFesPan as science shows noW..
anyway.. as stated clearly before
and just for more correLaTinG Continuing
‘Cause and Effect Evidence.. the blog post
that separated my way of Seeing LiFe wITh
God and Muslim’s way of Life in seeing
God as one who would approve
of Killing Elton John.. Ellen
and Freddie Mercury FUCKING
sure.. she defending those killed by
Isis but this so-called very loving woman
named SOHEIR would NOT oppose the Killing
of homosexuals in Muslim countries.. even including
some of my FucKinG relatives.. their is a so heired
thingy named Karma.. and sure one of her children
could easily turn out gay too.. and suffer the consequences
of her inability to go past A religion of hate and ignorance to the religion
of Unconditional Love iN Fearless God way as LiVinG Free as NaTuRe
uS when not controlled by the lies of psychopathic non-empathic
Hating fear.. but the short term result is already the Karma
of all the suffering across the lifespan by countries
clothed in ignorance
from head
to toe..
sadly never
feeling the skin
of God and Sun
one so freed from
head to toe.. Now..
SoFReEED jUst another
nAMe for GoD i AM aS WeLL..
NEWS.. as assessed by sociologists
by the year 2050.. God’s freedom WiLL
win out in Muslim countries as Freedom
iS tRuth and liGht thAT iScontagious WeLL
over the veil of Ignorance that is the Ancient
Lies of Religion and Cultures propagated sTiLL
but dying
out WitH
God’s Freedoms
LiVinG Within us
unleashed.. released
in bliss of Heaven NOW..
So in other words Gay folks
over ‘there’ by the year 2050
and women in Bikinis and even
less like Marilyn Monroe WiLL have
tHeir hey day soon.. from head to toe
and oh God.. oh God.. yes.. SO MUCH MORE..
AnyWay.. like ‘they’ AND
“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold,
it would be a merrier world.”
~~ J.R.R. Tolkien ~~
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.”
~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~
“My way of joking is to tell the truth. It’s the
funniest joke in the world.” — George Bernard Shaw
In SychroniCity’s SonG i’LL pick up the first..
the middle.. and the last
Pearl oF WisDom
and DancE and
SinG WitH thaT and
say what disgusted the
First Imperial oNward Christian
New World Soldiers per most of the
Old World Christian Monarchy then..
was/iS naked so-cAlled sAvaGes DanCing
’round the Campfire SinGinG a SonG
oF JoY iN onE WitH GreaT SpiriT
iN aLL LiVing ThingS cALLeD
God Now and even Love
LiVinG iN thE
StoNe theN
and noW
as thEn..
thE good
is i’
A Stone
A Rock
A RoLLing
oNe GaTheRinG
Moss as i Go NoW..
WitH no one WitH
tHe BaLLs to
i AM
Is Good..
And HeaLinG..
Everyone needs
A SunDay.. Now
And then.. WitH
SMiLes oN coursE noW..:)
And noW iN the transition.. poTenTiaLLy
iT seems. back to dVerse to respond to
some poEtry about Nature and Music
tHere too.. i WiLL to say herE noW
and FeeL.. and SensE the HeaLinG
poWer of SonG and MusiC iN vocal
chords.. oF EmoTionS ExpResSinG
heARt as spiRiT.. iN miNd noW and
BoDy SoUl BaLAnCinG noW..
sAMe as iN Piano/Guitar/
StRings.. etc.. too.. more..
and haha..! the Beatles
and tHeir reference
To Aleister CrowlEy’s
Book of The Law in this
most popular Real Album
Cover in Rock and Roll way
then.. TaKinG a SmOke getting
high and doing LSD substance
enhancers of hUman poTenTial
too as recommended by ‘Uncle
Albert’ of course2.. finding ways
to plug the WHoles of chaos
into something thaT God
Dam makes SeNse.. WeLL..
the TRuth iS.. as even science
Now sHowS noW huMan EmoTioN
NoW in subconscious way precedes aLL
so CaLLed Rational Conscious preplanning
New Cortical Reasoning of what came before
and what may come neXT.. Bottom LiNe iS when
wE human BeinGs lose the Ability to DancE and SinG
Free in Dream time of Imagination and Creativity MoVinG
and Connecting Free we die into that same alabaster Stone
Statue on that one most of famous Beatle’s Albums Named
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band then.. and the funeral
Proceedings in metaphor noW are jUSt a way to saY and FeeL..
Oh God.. wE reAlly Do wanna turn ya on out of Stone cold heARt
ways.. as even in the Stone the subatomic FloW iS sAMe aS iN animate
LiFe in Golden SpiraLinG potential God Flow 2 aS as We Flow UniVerse
Free as one sAMe A’Round thAT Naked Campfire moonlit Midnight FloW
iN ZonE oNe noW then NoW WitH God Naked.. wE sET Free iN noW sAMe..
alWays changing2 as Soldiers oF God2.. wE aLL Can bE when Turned oN
and bAcK
and sure as i’ve
often mentioned.. i look
very much like that stOne
statue in edifice of funeral
then.. but as they.. say.. reaLITy
iS much stranger than fiction
and sAMe as creaTinG
iT aS wE Go noW
real or more
illusion tHAN REaL..
i choose eXciTinG as
iT simPly turns me on..
liKe a lAMp oF God from
head to toe FReED noW..:)
And with a link to my First foray into the Life oF a Day
of FreEinG mY soUl no less
than my Cherokee and
Sioux indigenous
peoples too..
stARting with the
Divine Feminine spirit
of then what Carl Jung
Defines as the inner anima
of wE in hUman archetypal
way from the origin oF aLL wE
are noW.. and from that flowed
greater the wiLLful fearless animus
oF Y i noW.. that can be seen of
course in the nude art i do now..
much much greater
than what
i did then..
The Evolution
oF the human MiNd
and BoDy BaLance continues
across the liFE Span as soUL when
FReED but when heArt and spiRit
FloW of sAMe as EmoTioNS expreSsinG
Real are bLocked by the Lies of modern
religions/cultures sAMe.. the priSon
of the alabaster Stone
human iS the
to ALL
hUman FReED
noW BacK anD aLivE
aGaiN WitH God Resurrected iN uS
NoW away from stone cold death as LiFe..
THAN what meets the eYes oF hUmans
who are asleep.. asleep.. and
so far.. so far.. from
tUrned on aGain
out of Ashes as the
pHoenix wE RiSes aGaiN
out of Death as Life REAL..:)
Now off to dVerse for
the Tuesday Prompt
on Writing poEtry
as SonG..
and sure
that’s the
way iT FloWs
iN sTreAM oF consciousness
Free WriTing no different reAlly
than the rest oF the UniVerse iN
uS Free as iS without the locks
and chains oF grammar
and such
as that..
hehe.. okay…
10:30 pm noW
aLL Set get ready
and on 06082016..
here i Go aGaiN..:)
Perchance a Dance WiLL
SinG per SonG a SinG
WiLL DancE As Cycle
goeS on iN First aS liGht
froM DaRk AS theN..
BiG BanG SinGs..
Country Loves of Road
Winding ’round wHere
weeds do SinG..
poKing out oF
barren Rocks..
they Love to
Dream in colors
more.. A SonG Roads
Love iN sweetest breathe..
pLaneT Loves as weeds bequeath..:)
NiGht roads
riDe the chase
oF Moon.. tHe face
iT bRinGs a backseat
loom.. broader SMiLes
a cheeky flume.. a patH
bEhind meMorable
yeS iN
Seagulls Sun a Spiral flue..
Sun don’t mNd
a fire of plume..
‘Round and
’round noW
Feathers fly..
Sun never goes
‘lone WitH
SMiLes.. Trump
Can’t carry a tune..
as he has no heARt.. no
SpiRit.. no BalanCinG
MiNd and BoDy
not sure
iF HiLLary
can/does either..
oh.. but the hilarity..
is that he is Hillary’s
best fRiEnd STilL by
running as sTinK StanK
Grinch.. New tHe TrumP
iS Green WitH Rot..
and no he WiLL
noT FeAst and DancE
WitH the wHo oN
Christmas neW
or InaguraTioN
Day as tHis IS A
CurSe oF SPeLL
and i AM noW
thE sorcerers
STonE that
Ah.. the beauty
of Unconditional
Love never coloRinG
haiR or do
that falls
or not
sHoulder liMe liGht..
And.. oh the Clothes
that carry BeautY iN
SilKen Cotton noW
Lore as GRace
and Oh God..
so many
BiLLs sPent
to carry Love..
Clothed without
a handle.. now.. for
woe.. ah..
Love StiLL
SinGS as ColoRed HAir..:)
Oh.. Lord yes..
a World of polar
opposite Loves as
Bad boy Bees gRow oN
to save the
Land.. to
Win the
buzz iS
change iS
as beta males
are now the
aS Love..
butT aT lEast
NatUre has a
sinCe noW
oF DrieduP
as Honey Desserts
leave Loves BEhind..;)
Ha!.. so true..
Fame a trap..
owns human
papers.. buys the
art.. sells the soUl
thAt iS thE Art..
hehe.. Art
iS Free
and so
are wE
wHo never seLL
iT to make a buck
out of luck aS
fAme losT iN
SoULS noW..
nah.. nah.. no
oNe Nada No
Bottom LiNe
for now Love
the One the Nature
yoU’re WiTh or simply
LoSe God For Now
so lost..
so long..
i’m getting
sleepy.. very
sleepy.. be back
for more when
11:41 pm..
5:50 pm..
and back to
the Tuesday
Music prompt
from dVerse noW..:)
To keep thE sPArk oF liGht
GloWinG.. through teens..
‘tween years of youth
and old.. does
require a DancE
and SonG oF LiFe
to stay young aT hEart..
SPiRitS eXpreSsinG
as such
miNd aNd
BoDy BalanCinG
soUl to yes..! move..!
connect.. create!
Panhandle Blues of Florida too..
From Defuniak to Quincy..
just much not to do..
for work for play
the woods
don’t say..
lives tHere aT aLL..
fortunate i.. a little
west.. with Navy Bases..
Beaches.. Tourism.. etc..
joBs to bE gaiNed and fUn
iN NAtuRe gaLore.. sUre.. i staYed
iN Paradise1.. and made A LiVinG
aT iT
Sand Free Dreams
Salt Water pours over
tan lines low..
LiVeS iN
Arms oF Love
RiSinG hiGh.. so..
loW.. hiGh.. rhythms
oF WAvEs liFtinG..
gyrating uP
and DowN
PleaSure SinGS
Seas.. oh.. so much
more.. SUnSet BlUes
the Love
iS gONe
SMiLes.. i understand
that the youth in China
are approaching a 90%
rate of wearing glasses..
so.. sure..
tHere is
a market
in near
Love SonGs..
mY friEnd..;)
Window pLates
oF liCense Now
to Love so Free..
Tags oF eYes
so geniune
pLease more..
oF Forever
no court
need noW
or deed bE..
iNside Loves..
without certification..
through eYes oF iSReaL..:)
Ah.. yeS.. emBrace
the day WitH SonGs
oF Lore.. the moRe
wE SinG A DanCe
oF LiFe NoW
oUr SUn
iN liGht
so BriGht..:)
i WitH Stone
Cold heArt2
requireD a diG
for sUre.. to unearth
a treAsure more than
death as LiFe..
And afTer
iN ArcHaeoLogy
wHen youNg.. i mUSt
say a poEtress pen
wOrks better
than a
Sheet music dry speLL
in piano way from 12 to 47
for me iN ArT’S creative way..
read by instructions..
one note.. two note..
three beats..
LiVe bY
NoW SonG oF
SoUL FiNally
pLays more than
Someone else’s creative
WinGs.. ah.. to sprouT one’s
owN iS tRuLY HeaVen noW for
those who give more
than buy LiFE
Oh.. cool… reminds
me of the Guitar
Man that SonG
by Bread
thAT BrinGS
tHe heARt
LoVe arT
to LoVe’s
Roost more..:)
Funny.. how work..
CNN.. school..
and almost
any other
cognition activity
can take uS out of Love..
Creativity.. and even anxiety..
and sadness too.. but those
other pArts i Cherish iN aLL
thE dArk and liGht theY
comE noW..
as trUly
DArk noW
can be an even
greater motivating
Force for liGht oF aRt..
a Silver LiNinG.. i suppose..
when processing Loss..
oF anY
tyPe noW..:)
Inner UniVerse
exploreD outSiDe..
poEtry geneRaTinG
a world anew..
go wHeRe
no one
inSiDe aLiVe..:)
i’LL take this
in another direction
of the story of the
lonely sailors wife..
boots outside
a visitor..
a shipmate
to sAdly take
tHeir pLace..
some Love
liVes Stronger
aWay.. for otHeRs
Love liVes none
a stray..
juST memories
tHat iS aLL to lEarn
aNew of HuMan
NatUre dArk
DeJaVue.. perHaps..
hEar.. i reMember
anoTheR SonG
aBouT WitH
to tUrn thE
pillow oF Y i too..
aGaiN.. never findinG
cool but River Frog SongS
And cricketS sinG ouTsidE
thrU WinDoW iN WatErrAiR..:)
Fire and Ice..
opposites attrAct
dArk and liGht..
Storms do
brew afTer
BrinGs Summer
DreAMs pLace oF
LoVe.. breaKS iN WAvEs
shorEs oF LonELy cLouds..
allone.. rEcoverS.. RainBow
coMes BaCk morE GloWinG
ashEs GroW to FiRe aGaiN..:)
Grace of LiFe
a gift for sure..
desolate lone
stars with
far.. Rocks
without leaves
homes without
trees.. green iS
enough Grace
for me..
SMiLes.. a philosophy
class in ’78.. a BlUe
sKy trip to the
beach and
a DancE
oF Bar..
oh.. TrUly
ELO was/iS
correct.. God
iS BlUe.. oN
A SuNliT
aLL day
aNd niGht
matters not
what year
as LonG
as BLuE
SkY iNside
shines BriGht
iN God SonG anD
DancE YelloW oR
OH Lord..
the opposite of
Writer’s BLock..
iT frees WriTinG
to the point wHere
nothing else iS..
hmm.. tHere’s
alWays anuther
side to dArk
Flood oF
Words or
famine oF fLow..;)
SMiLes.. a memorial
day SonG.. don’t
miNd iF i
Do come
viSit iT
or Seventh..:)
WeLL i thInk that
about does hEr..
it’s 7:27 pm..
and now to
get this
online in Soldier
oF God2 FReED way
as beLow so aBove..:)
Hi.. Leah.. thanks again for the birthday wish..
and i’m guessing you mean the birthday wish
right before the email you sent i responded to
last as i’m not seeing an actual Email on
my actual birthday.. but never the less
again THANK YOU for the
birthday wish witH sMiLes..
And yes.. i Love alternating
fact of the matter with more
abstract thoughts as it keeps both
hemispheres oF bRain MoVinG iN waves
of synch as ocean whole as it wasn’t before
and is now.. thanks Goodness.. as before it was
like i was missing half an ocean oF a bRain then and
body wHole.. And truly that is how most folks i kNew
before saw me.. as very plastic in movement and with
a mind that resembled mostly a computer.. a lists maker..
and a general machine.. a commodity that got the problem
solver job done at hand.. and oh Lordy.. put me in a job requiring
those skills that have to be done.. and i might turn into a computer
and lose
mY heARt.. SpiRit
And mInd and BoDy
BaLanCinG soUL and shuffle
on by with very few words and
steps to move.. connect.. and create
like humanity does before trapped in
closed in spaces and cubicle hells but..
yes.. my special interest for decades was
survival and in keeping a job just purrfect
in analytical skills as iT ain’t easy liVing without
the ability to do the small talk to rise into social
circles to keep the political jobs that bow to charm
and grace of reciprocal communication of the good
old boys and girls of work place fare of leaning back
and knowing and feeling the others in the group have
your back.. nah.. i didn’t know the rules for that they
didn’t come in the book.. while i had my nose
stuck in many.. and in total laser focus
in lectures in school thAT otHeR
stuff was going on somewhere
other than the places
i traveled in mostly
alone then.. weLL..
anyway.. this online
experience.. and yes the
Wrong Planet one too.. has been
good for getting inside the heads of others
and practicing some output words too.. hehe..
to the tune of course of 11 Million plus now too..
and oh God.. i used to feel so uncomfortable in my
own skin.. so afraid to take off the socks of my eXtra
sensitive feet.. and touch the earth of home..
but now i can.. now i can.. i am one finAlly
with earth.. sea.. and sky allone no
longer alone.. but yeah..
i used to do that at the
beach in those white warm
sands and fELt that then too..
and the sands are finally white
enough in my backyard to do it
aGaiN.. all naked free with no more
cultural restraints as cog in machine
to hold me back in
away from free..
but seriously.. on a flute
note of high and low.. i could
not trUlY meet the pan of peter..
if it wasn’t for Katrina.. and her O
CD iN precision of organizing all the
homeland activities for Pan to fly higher
as i of Fred Lore Peter this or Peter that
in Pan style everywhere i go.. fresh noW
out’a the foRest into Nike’s whirling
and twirling while everyone
else iS filling tHeir
garages with
Wal-crap to
the skies until the
garage sale comes in
estate after death.. ugh..
reminds me.. still need get rid
of all that stuff in my work-out room..
but i just keep panning away.. but yes..
at least now.. ‘they’ don’t say Fred.. what ya
say.. or Fred.. a man of few words.. or Fred the computer
head.. or such as that.. tHeRe is an art exhibit in the metro
area ever changing and hehe.. thaT iS me.. a reformed computer
to something new and something that no FucKinG Algorithm
Will EVER be able
to predict noW..
HAHA.. LiFe iS Good
when Free.. and my FriEnd
Leah.. you are still young.. a babe
at a decade and a half or so younger than
i.. NoW there is sTiLL 53 to come.. 60 and 70..
so forth and so on.. on the day.. that you WiLL
do whatever the FucK ya wanna do and jUSt
tale the rest of the World.. Love ya babe.. no matter
iF ya get me or not.. i’M gonna dance Naked
on your shoulders and Love
ya ’till ya hate the
energy aLL noW
oF Y i.. i Am JuSt
HiGh oN LiFE.. Afly
iN DanCe and SonG..
jUst another Artist
whose WinGS are
no longer
anyway.. folks
like your husband
are very fortunate to
have wives like you and
mine to take care oF all the
deTails while we do our special
interests so free.. so free.. like the
Bonobo.. who does the same in the
foRest just kicked back.. dipping his toes
in the
my FriEnd.. and i suppose
perhaps thaT iS hUman NatUre
at its freest wHere the gender roles
come as hunter and gatherer.. yin and
yang.. and all the spectrum ‘tween to
get the job done the best at hand
now.. but yeah.. the sWitch
to computer and
art sTill existS
iN me..
i’M FloWinG SpiRit
heARt SoUl iN ZonE
and NoW i hOpE
to keep iT that
way wITh aLL
the hELp i can geT..
WiNks.. as i soar across
the moon.. circle the Sun
and touch the stArs WitH KiSS oF Y i..
Nah.. no Fredache here for mE..
juSt seriously.. literally
back on the Wrong Planet
i had no FucKinG idea what
the EmoTioNal term
meant when
someone assessed
my piano music created
as juST thaT hehe.. fiNally
i Am whimsical mY FriEnd
Free FloWinG FoRest i.. i Go..
i RoW.. without a boat oF Y i..
jUSt the Water juSt tHe Air oF i AM..:)
So.. on Facebook.. one of those
cool new apps that relatives and
friEnds are sharing makes yOur profile
pics an Art Exhibit wHere the hiGh brow
among us are peruSing it.. and truly i Am A
voyeurs dream i guess.. of perUsing
the extra strange abstract
aRt among
and then
i say.. after
the finishED abstract ART
Selfie exhibit.. then and now..
Ps.. and oh God.. iT
would be frigGinG
hysteriaous iF
My nude art
was uP theRe..
iT would.. i used
to be so hung up and
uncomfortable in my own
skin.. appearing naked anyWay
could have easily been my greAtest
fear then.. but as ‘they’ say thIs IS A Soldier
oF God2 post.. and hell yes.. wHere the FucK
do you ThiNk/feel the moral of the story of King David
Dancing nearly naked in the streets of old Jerusalem
came from.. in Legend and or myth way iF not to teach
the lesSon oF tRue humiLITy without shame of standing
naked and even in more ‘vile’ art of stanDing Free For aLL
iN FReEDoM WiTH God now.. After scaring my FucKinG
self out of LiVinG LiFe for so many decades oF InHiBiTiOns
i was bound and determined never to GO back to ThAT FuCKinG
heLL oF pRisOn.. so like THaT Ice Princess in thaT FroZen
Movie did.. i LeT iT GO.. i took iT oFf down to grey old man
panty underwear.. and posted iT for all to
see online.. hehe.. even Facebook too..
and you can bet i Lost a few fRiEnds
along the way.. Even so called
family too.. as ‘no one’
wants to be associated
with the crazy Uncle
and or Aunt or
cousin hehe
noW huh..
or remember that
Jesus dude with the crown
of thorns.. not many folks who he
grew uP wITh stood by his side.. huh..
and sure KinG David had the advantage
of ruling member huh.. WeLL.. anyway.. here’s
the deal.. clothes are developed for the cold and
for some separation among insanely large groups
of HUmans in cities and such not evolved to nakedly
connect to more than 150 to 200 sets of EYes.. HiPs
and Breasts and such as that.. so we covered iT
aLL uP and some to the eYes and eArs of desert
sands and skies to keep the moisture in
from Arid Lands..
and oh God then2..
comes Victoria’s Secret
that really is.. cover it up
and i want it more.. more
more.. deeper and harder
please.. once the covers
come off.. and the
job really
tHere’s no FooLinG
God oF Mother NaTuRe..
there’s reAlly not.. a pearl
on the tip.. iS juSt a siGn
of reproduction to come..
and sure tHere IS A deeper
story noW to that for those
who ‘look’..
to come
at least..
anyway.. i progressed
from old man grey panties
to nothing at all in a blog titled
My Free Lance Stripper blog as
tongue in cheek oF hUman freest
expresSinG ARt.. and eventually
Google almost decided to take that
privilege half way down suggesting
that only nudes for art without any
erotic pArts were gonna be good
to go then.. so i privatized
that pARt and started
a new one based
on poEtry
to keep iT clear
that the Stripping words
from before was just a satirical
play on words.. and what i was
doing was FucKinG Art and oH
my God anyone who doesn’t realize
that human life at core iS erotic for
play of creativity and productive
wHole ain’t got a FucKinG KinG
David clue of what God oF NatUre
even created them to be at core..
as a super sexy mammal who does
the Wild thing.. any day of the year to
stay inspired more for survival today.. now..
a major cause of depression iS represSinG
and oppresSinG Human SeNsory and
EmoTionaL FeeLinGs and yes.. hell
yes.. that does include the
prickly pear ones
from head
to toe..
and whenever i see
folks covered from head
to toe.. hiding their humanity
no matter who they are around
the globe.. it ain’t hard to spot
the depression.. the scared eYes
who are longer FReED to FeeL the
Sun oF God from head to toe.. and as
i say.. until you have DanceD and SunG
Naked before the EYes of God FReED..
you have never ever even met
God fACE to FaCE now..
and when the
Gnostic Jesus
said until you strip your
clothes off.. you know the
cultural ones’.. huh.. for division
instead oF Unity.. you WilL never
FiNd the God Inside unTiL you are
not ashamed to bE GoD FReED..
and yes that old blog is still
set to private.. jusT in
case Google gets
another scared
hAir.. for
amendment ONE
rights not fully exercised..
But as Michelangelo says
the human nude is the hiGhest
ARTistic expression oF aLL of humanity
and the greaTest Sin is hiDinG that yes.
he and God and i are
sure correct
on that as to
be naked and
Free iS to FeeL God
aLL from head to toe..
and the rest oF Nature too..
wHere no pARt or FunCTioN
iS any less Holy and sacred than
the oThEr and that is why most all
Soldiers oF God2.. you know and FeeL
AND YOU TOO.. iF one day you too.. get the courage to put
old man
w o m a n
panties uP
iN FronT oF the
World FReED too..
but yeah.. wait until
you are financially independent..
’cause it doesn’t look good on your
resume in most jobs in Babylon today..
oh to be Free.. oh to be a REAL EMPLOYEE OF GOD..
‘Soldier oF God2
the full
title now
of what WilL
be the 675th
Macro wAvE Verse
of the LonGesT LonG
Form Poem ‘eva.. of course..
not even counting scores of thousands
of photos.. including the thousands or
so.. works of Nude Art that would
FeeL a Museum more than
the world
currently hold..
but hey.. online is
wHere Soldiers oF God FReED
can play as
A rare short
Macro Verse
iN Facebook
Memory way..
of only 50 words.. hehe..;)
SMiLes.. running
is for scared
of predator
and rarely
capturing prey
as invisible means
success for prey much
faster than human legs..
i ran for a decade until my hips..
and knees.. and the insteps of
my soul
ached.. and
oh God so
BoRinG until
the hiGh coMes..
but wait..! tHere is muSiC!
eXpreSsinG EmoTioN..! and
head phone way.. yes.. more
fully employed by runners today..
but why not dance.. and master
gravity in ballet way and martial arts
FloWiN ZonE.. never tiRinG never
trUly ouT oF BreathE aLWayS jOy
alWays eXciTing but sAdly
most folks
on rat
wheel cycles iN
sidewalks oF one way
walk or run
away noW..
emBraCe thE
DancE and SonG
oF liFe FreEr.. perHaps
iN Dance waves Ocean WHoLe..
oh.. butT to bE brave noW to stand
upon the World of the indigenous
a StreAM
oF feaT Of
beyOnd Words
as steps oF feet..
mY FriEnd.. Prajakta..
anyWay.. when you geT
older like me.. arthritis here
and tHere and the run oF liFe
not even reAlly possible anymore..
tHere iS an alternative sTiLL iN keeping
the flow of feet in balance as Friend
wIth gravity.. wHere eArth
beCoMes water
and we DanCE
thAT witH free floWinG
ease iN Balance.. trUly more
impressive than walKing oN wateR
as most anyone can do thAT WitH a
oF NoW..:)
SmiLes.. DogWood
FeeLs oF SpRinG
to coMe..
Dogs FeeL
thE breeze
of snoW..
We SinG
A Praise oF
aLL.. Dance
NatUre onE and aLL..
Lovely Prajakta.. trUly
LovELy to comMune TunEs WitH
NatUre OnE iN WordS oF SonG
iN poEtry thUs or DancE oF feaT
iN NatUre’s water’s
Air.. iS to LiVe liGht
over dArk sAMe
as God allthatiS
a BlanKeT of Love
thaT kNows and FeeLs
no thing extra terrestrial
as aLL..
keY iS allThaT iS
iS allthatis.. no hUman
labels to priSon NatUre
iN i or uS or We all thaT iS FReED..:)
Money.. a tool..
but trUly a pRiSon
when iT becomes a way
oF liFe in consumerism instead
of GiVinG and shARinG goods we
Create to survive in TaKinG less
than GiVinG..
Oh.. the Green bLack
Dollar God as spoon
fed poiSon from
Diamond Rings..
big pick uP TrucKs
for 40K and more..
a plate of baked fish
and rice for thirty
bucks and
$9 glass
of Wine..
i giggle
i sMiLe
as i am
no FucKinG
paRt of that lie
of HuMan illusory
priSon.. and SAdly for
those not born poor as rich
in LEarNing thAT wealth iS iN
MoVinG.. ConnecTinG.. CreATinG
Joy within.. as GiVinG shAring way
more than TaKinG.. they have a very very
very hard tiMe of ever gaining peace of MiNd
in Body Balance SoUl.. of LoVinG every HoLy
Sacred pArt of NatUre’s BlankEt oF liFe Good as God
wHole.. away from misery and suffering of becoming the
tools as
green black
dollar dEvils WiLL
do to wE.. and oh the
traps.. even for we
folks who
need not
fill garages
with Wal-Crap
from ceiling to floors..
for example.. just for me
and wife alone.. Health Insurance
subsidized by Government retirement
and such.. of 10K a year for two.. and
2K to insure car and home.. for a thousand
bucks a month.. for what once was a full year
wages for a job x2 in minimum wages
back then.. anyway.. best advice
ever.. enjoy something as free
as you can away from
green black
of HeLL..
as when you
free yourself financially
from the prison of the dEvil
BiLL.. tHere WiLL be no one who
can control ya from God FReED iN
wE noW.. and haha.. to do it for free..
to move.. to connect. to create for
FReED.. means no one
can stop uS
noW from
DoiNG more
to Give to share
than has ‘EVA ‘EVA
iT FloWs iN ZoNe iT reAlly
jUst doS.. as God FReED bEhind
the backs oF folks no longer slave
to the green back Dollar Bill oF HeLL iN noW..
Ha! Freddy the Free Loader i am.. but i FucKinG
GiVe.. i FucKinG GiVe more than most could eva’
FReED..for God
For ALliVe iN noW..
and haha.. iF the reAL
Jesus WiLL come back
as thief in the niGht the reverse
would be TrUe too.. as he would
jUst give and not take.. and one
would neva’ notice him as special
as he would not be wearing the
Green Back DeViL oF
SMiLes.. soMe
born to reProduce..
Some born to art..
Some born
to ‘tween
the botH..
some deSires
strong some greaTer
than wrong.. what BRingS
uS to this placE noW.. dArk
or liGht.. Friend or Foe..
sounds of Irish
SpRingS liGht
So grEEn noW
chanGinG to
blUe to dArker
sHades of thiGhs
ukNown.. spIrit skY
rises for each noW as
more to kNown insPiRing
nExt moment’s pulse inhaLinG
exHales.. rest.. wateR bEcomes AiR
LungS exPand WitH LiFe.. from bElow
to aBove.. outSidE in.. and aLL A’round inPut
outpuT.. more IS A sHore oF Breeze allone..
fEar noT thE reaPers wheN
froM DeatH as LiFe..
“To demand ‘sense’ is the hallmark of nonsense.
Nature does not make sense.
Nothing makes sense.”
~~ Ayn Rand ~~
Typical sign of someone
liVinG in a head alone..
suggesting that nature
does not make
sense when
all oF human
Experience iS
seNses and EmoTioNs
to bE experienCinG noW and
eNjOYinG iT or noT as iS.. pleaSure
or pAin oF pAiNT noW iN dArk and liGht..
EveryThing makes sensE noW FeeLinG
NoW when iT aLL iS experienCinG noW
as seNseS and EmotiOnS NoW…
absTract conStructs
also kNown
iN head
ways oF
the Written
Word are iLLuSioN
iN Approximation in liE
oF eSSence oF RiveR
FloWinG as Change iN
ZonE oF reAL.. anyWay..
as many words as i sPeak
i take zero of them as seRious
and all’A SenSeS and FeeLinGS
underLYinG those words as Real
as real iS mY own multi-Verse as
iS alWays chanGinG noW as
feLt and SeNseD as StreAMs
oF Y i.. to RiVers Ocean
WHole allone.. yeah..
i liVed iN Ayn’s head
for a wHile and dam
sUre hatED that
HaLL oF sHeLLs
of words WitH little
to no liFe oF isRAel
SeNses FeeLinGs
thaT ARe REaL..
iN LiVinG noW..
oh.. to die
without liVing..
in those three encounters
of death oF miNe.. would have
been the end of nothing @aLL..
Assessing reaLITy without the
written word oftenow makes
aLL thE seNse and FeeLing
ha! whaT iS thE
meaning and purpose
oF liFe.. TO FeeL and
noW to
escape the
words of written DEAD LiEs..:)
i was
A play out
Of her word..;)
And additionally i can usuAlly
find some truth in almost every philosophy
but all truth or liGht in that or mine of course
noT as tHeRe is endless more to lEarn to feel..
to sense.. bottom
line though
to earn..
and in this
way some of
Ayn’s words ring
true to me.. as wE liVe
in a naTure of Science in
action and consequence as
WeLL as the Art of Beauty iN
ExpreSsinG SpiRit of EmoTioN
iN MoVinG.. ConnecTinG.. CreATing
way.. and the worst of aLL philosophies
are those that say the world is fixed one noW
and same or we have the last word/way or we
have the only one with Good news and such
as that.. a pity reAlly that close to half the
world iS somewhat trapped in the
restriction oF thAT but never
the Less onE Force iN
all from above.. so
below.. inside.. outside
all around.. iS the way of
most religion and science too
noW at Core of interdependent
and interconnecting relationship
oF allthatis.. once.. one takes the
bearded philosophies of exclusion
out of the entire in and out piE oF
Art and Science noW.. aNyway..
human Freedom as aLL iN
Nature is Contagious
and as science shows
too.. the only reason
human’s have made iT thiS
far is the all innate altruistic
way of Golden Rule born as iS..
IT iS the human connection.. the DanCe
and SonG of Moving.. CreaTinG that makes
uS.. WHOle.. tHeRe is no disharmony oF a DAncE
and SonG oNe iN FloW iN zoNe.. but sadly.. too many
folks shuffle by iN liFE of do what they are tOld in old trees
of KNoWledge and rarely branch out as Free iN a Tree oF Life..
kNowledge is great.. and the Internet makeS thAT more unlimited
than ever now.. one can absorb it.. re-arrange it and spit iT new as
even Art too.. however.. pure creation.. in FloW iN ZonE oF WiLL iS
a magic River with unlimited Streams that come from Ocean oNe iN
all the struggles from the cycle of the origin of what continues to
be noW as
WheeL oF
Real contiNuinG
ForTunE’s SonG NoW..
i soaked up all the knowledge
i cared to.. over decades more..
Ayn bores mE noW anD i For oNe
WiLL to have more than science thOughts
oF InPut from BeFore.. but occasionally i visit
them.. jUst to remember i was tHere.. without much
substance of whaT iS more Real to me at Least as ARt..:)
SoMeone soMewHere
sAid tHere muSt be an
InVisible Sun that gets
uS through the dArkest
niGhts and i muSt saY..
thE musicK Artist Sting
iS precisely correct.. we
are mini-Suns.. many
galaXies of Stars one..
and UniVerse whOle
and more
as mini
mE’s noW..
sAdLY.. soMe manY..
noW have ForgotTen anD
sEparatED as SuN
oF UniVerse wHole
as We now wHo
remember iN
AndD dARk
FeY onE..:)
While the gloves stand out..
in the darker shadowS.. oNe
floats like a butterfly and Stings
like a Bee aS FloW iN zoNe oF Dance
steps then.. and others now… uNorthodox
at start like no other Boxer.. remembered at
end of LiFe as no other boxer.. too..
additionAlly.. speaKing..
perhaps the promulgator
oF Rap rhyming trash
taLKing to rile uP tHe
other side like no
Boxer before.. as
well.. WeLL.. iN thE
words of Richard Bach..
the Jonathan Livingston Seagull
author and book by the name of ONE..
Sports plays a role.. and of course others
have said this too.. in fulfilling the needs
and wants of the human tribal instinct..
better than outward aggression..
violence.. and even wars iN
KillinG others.. and
sAdly a sport of
trauma can lead
to permanent Brain
Injuries as iS the case
oF BoxerS and Football
players too.. so iN a way..
some do sacrifice tHeir lives
as Soldiers oF God2.. to keep
the rest oF uS out Of aggression..
violence.. and overall blood shed
ways now2.. So here’s to the Sports
heroes from A to Z.. the top ten and
more as they provide an alternative..
to flesh and blood loss
of the human race..
but StLL.. aGaiN..
Soccer iS even
better WitH less opportunity
Now for traumatic continuing Brain
Injury and a sport that most countries..
can relate to away from war towards peace..
to provide.. oh.. so.. much better.. an alternative way..:)
WeLL.. noW ending
dOwn heRe.. froM
uP tHeRe..
‘Soldier oF
GoD2 FReED’..
675th macro
wave verse of Ocean
WHoLe LonGeSt LonG
ForM pOeM ‘eva noW..
iN Apprisal oF aLL
i kNoW.. FeeL.. and
SeNsE.. oF aLL
TrUth and liGht
thaT iS aLL thaT iS
so.. CoMinG sTiLL
more fun photos somenow
after the 3 AM early
Rave Dance..
no different reAlly
than my Indigenous
Sioux and Cherokee
ancestors other than
i WiLL be clothed in
shorts and
in moonlit
liGhts of
Air iN SonG
oF DancE
iN eArs
oF LuSt
and LoVE
for LiFe oF
BaLanCinG iN mY
114th.. Dance Week
at Good Old Seville Quarter
WiTh aLL the Kool College
Age folks tHere wHere unKnoWinG
to tHem.. a Sacred CloWN.. ShAman..
SacRed Warrior of InDian Lore WiLL
once aGaiN be iN tHeir mysT iN cLOUds
oF Ghost DancE coMe aLive iN i foR
tHem.. to announce thE New
Age coMe FReED iS
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)