Cyberian Tiger River Leaves

SMiLes.. my FriEnd Zee..
i have a favorite tree.. in my
backyard.. named as Dogwood..
and yoUr poem reminds me here..
that the leaves are so green and uniForm
oF liFe in thriving way.. that i come to
notice it hardly at all in the Summer..
until a leave of life drifts to
the floor of Fall and
coming Winter
ground.. as staRt..
and sure enough
i take photos from
then on.. watching the
leaves in nostalgia way
with hope and faith and
of course 100% Nature belief
that sure.. leaves will come back again..
and the Beauty of that Love.. once
aGain can be taken for trust
and granted as the
leaves hOld
hands green
with hardly any
separation at all to
see the Sun Behind the tree
of life that truly was still living
when leaves of Love left in Trust way..
and strangely enough the human IS A Tree
in this way too.. sure.. as metaphor of poeTry
and pardon me if i have provided this science
story to you before.. but yes.. when love leaves..
the oxytocin neurohormone of social bonding goes
way way down.. and the Sun of Dopamine feelings rises
uP.. and drives the heARt.. the SpiRit and the mINd and
BoDy soUl forward to regain the Serotonin trust of
Neurochemical to go along with Dopamine as
social bonding warm and fuzzy
Neurohormone of oxytocin
rises once again..
the key here..
in understanding how
leaves go.. is to trust and
know as hope.. even if one
can feel neither of these or that
warm and cozy baby feeling of being
attached to love so fuzzy as cats purr
when making biscuits that are truly love now
that anyone can share.. without fear.. my friEnd..
sAdly though.. the human way has turned a card of
nomad.. where without a nuclear family of two.. one
can be the loneliest number oF aLL.. my FriEnd.. iN
Winter that never seems to end.. and yes.. that is
human nature my FriEnd.. and many human
beings who have said goodbye
to the hugs of village whole..
no longer can
on that
Tree of Love
that Dogwood..
that smiles a touch
of comfort.. of warm and
fuzzy that heals even romance
when romance comes and goes..
anyWay.. obviously you have both reason
and art.. and for some folks reaSon does hELp
a heARt to understand what may come of Full Dogwood
Trees with leaves that hold together where even the Sun
is forgotten
as LoVes
so warm
and fuzzy sweet..:)
i forgot the
theme SonG to
this as SonGs as
you do kNoW and
FeeL have a miGhty poWer
to heal.. even beyond words
of poEtry.. bilLions oF viewS on
YouTube do not lie to that HEALING POWER..
and.. oh yeah..
by the way..
cruX of
the story..
my wife is the
Dogwood Tree who
never sheds a leave oF aLL..
and i AM juST a lucky oNe..noW
as that allows me to blow leaves
oF Love everywHeRe i go.. noW..
aS the Dog
is behind
my SoUL.. heARt..
SpiRiT alWAys as LoVE noW…:)
WeLL.. the trUth and liGht iS.. i tend
to stay in a sweet mood most of the now..
a little to a lot focused.. but the emoTioNs
generated bY aLL thE DancE and poEtic eXpreS
SioNs i come to say and play as WorDs and SonG noW
oF DancE.. do deLiGht the hands and feat oF Y i.. from
toes to fingers that candy man bE.. Now glUes
oF sweet love truE.. with leaves of tree thaT
kNow no bounds of FeeLing se
aWay from Fearless
Love as i continue
to hand out
this candy
freely and
sure.. also in
a small tribute
here by A
way to
Chocolate Factory
and Gene Wilder..
and a promise i made
long ago for an unending
supply aS candy oF Love iN PoEtiC noteS
and stePs of SonG and WorDs.. aS total DanCinG FeaT..:)
So yes.. off to dVerse for a few liNks before eat and work-out comes
for night.. as a Quadrille prompt for the term ‘Leaves’ arrives
tHeir too.. in official restriction of 44 words.. wHole but
wHeRe i go WitH thaT.. at tHis point i.. have
no clue.. as the sweetS iN mE
of free continues
to drive
Leave notes..
duSty gRow..
parched fAll
With every leave
ThaT fAlls..
DrEaM GreeN iSREAL..:)
oF Leaves..
4 inch
oF misSinG LoVE..:)
Rest of liFE
IS A Fall
Trees.. GroWinG
bAck.. to born aGaiN..:)
Hope you are doing well
Victoria.. and sMiLes.. leaVinG
my comment on the next one
heAr.. as work-arounds
do come..
when finding
after searching
long enough it seems..:)
With every leave..
coveRinG twigs.. branches..
limbs and trunks thaT die as trees..
the sky
more.. blUes
of lifE StiLL
crisp azure
And iF i don’t
leave this keyboard
now.. i’LL be late
for the
and blood
work out
in Tree oF
ReaL liFE whOle
as my temple of iSReaL
spRinGS yeaR ’round iN alWays
LiVinG Leaves oF NoW i DancE FReED..:)
5:55 pm..
Back at 12:23 am..
8302016.. for
some more
oF poeTry SonGs..:)
RiSing leaves of faLL…
Holidays soon fall too..
Costumes of Halloween
smiling children’s tricks for
treats.. and sure when the last
leave is
in snow..
and leaves aGaiN..
perHaps for iSREAL2..:)
Leaves of school dance
bouquets pressed ‘tween
annual pages.. ugh.. oh!
Facebook pAges.. oh..
that hOld no flowerS olD..
Facebook has no memory
smeLLs oF Love goNe byE..:)
sheLLs as fossils leave
iMprints of liFe..
oF poeTry..
sAMe.. mY friEnd..:)
Leaves oF
the best
FaLL color liFe more..:)
Bring the
leaves.. faLL..
as cOld
hugs to me..:)
Whispering pine leaves
roaring louder through
of Love
that warms
a heArt of chocoLate..:)
sMiLes.. i
often tale
the young men
folk to win the art
of woman is way
of feat as steps
and fingers..
words of
warm the
heARt.. of Love..
as SonG and DancE.. leaves oF
original mating ritual beyond
stone.. trees..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd..
a soUl never leaves
a hEaRtH.. oF sonG..
and i’m guessing
the way your
flow noW
that you
have perfect
pitch and rhythm
and are a lovely singer too..
A iSREAL SonG neVer lieS liGht..:)
Side note.. i write
in many sublime
hidden meanings..
and i muST wonder
noW.. how many of the LOL
generation can understand
much of all thaT iS sublime..
far beyond
thE words oF
F Y i.. noW..
trUe.. without
perceiving more of
GoD iSREAL.. ya miGht
as well wrap/press a word named
God in a book.. no different.. three letters..
now then.. than an old stale bouquet
flower iN
a 3500
year old book..
and never even open
it up again.. if you
cannot see the fLoWer oF
God alive and Still GroWing
more beautiful than ever bEfore..
sad of how many
may never
see a much
fuller Flower face of
God than words.. so
stale and old in
books of
white.. BeYond
Words.. God Does LIVe.. flowS oN
iSREAL.. noW alWays aLL thaT iS..:)
Ah.. leaves
are changing
as we gRow older..
nah.. my knees are
no longer leaving a
place to run..
but i adapt
to struggle..
and dance
6000 miles.. smoothly..
closely to earth.. in 3 yrs..
a feather i could have never
been before leaves of run left..
and what comes nexT may be the
most epic dance oF aLL.. iSREAL..:)
Green leaves
of love
to BrOwn
oF old..
in a word
or book..:)
A place where
leaves never
fall.. a place
wHeRe no one
ever leaves..
a place
a fortress
of Love that
no one can break away..
diffiCult.. yes.. but possible
for soMe..
and perHaps
it stARTs as a slow
dance for OnE..
foR one..
as two hemispheres
of bRain join and
beComE friEnds
for ever.. noW…
hemiSpHeres Now..
of eARTh not withstanding2..:)
SMiLes.. the reptile
bRain.. sustains
uS aliVe..
when aLL
but the
wiLL to survivE oN MoRE..:)
1:33 am..
nite nite
and FoReSt
in morn..
Back at 2:38 pm..
on 8302016.. Soon..
New Moon approaching
on September 1st.. and more
on that approaching too..
and truly it
is always
a cool
to get
back to Nature
as Nature Deficit
Disorder is the misery
and suffering globAlly
as such taken aWay from
the Unity of God of NatuRe
noW.. sAdly iT may be forevernow
until the entire tribe of hUman BeinG
DancEs and SinGS NakEd hOlding hands
toGeTher aRound thE eARTh and perHaps
if wE KA’ed the Ki and Chi.. and averted
a meteor destroying all of Nature then
we once aGaiN would not be ashamed to
stand beFore God and allthatis sAMe
NatUre naKed children inNocent
in allthat
is to bEhOlD
aLiVe of ThaT is aLL..
however.. changes stArt
witH wE and smaLLer wiTh
mE and the cool change i’LL
be staring at the Full or New
moon like a lover wiLL all Free bE..
yes.. time for a cool.. change oF
Free in the Kingdom of Heaven now..
no longer is my life pre-arranged..
i for one heAR and are heRe..
thE CaLL of THe Wild
of GoD
and noW back
to dVerse as sure..
i’Ve been surrounded by
Leaves and Trees and River
sAMe.. as any Little River
Band of the Cyberian
Tiger River
for more
as GiVing
and Sharing NoW..:)
To wait for leaves..
Bliss when first twig breeds
a Bud to open Beauty..
ah.. but to
the Twig
as home
of liFe dArk..
Green to come..
is to never be alone..
as DArk of TwiG beComes
FriEnd of liGht and liFE sAMeallone..
and sure this could be a Budweiser
commercial too.. but wHo cares as
of NatUre
Twig and Leave…
liGht and dARk..
SHades of Grey
Full and New moon SAMe..
Hues of color.. never land forever more
oF TWiGliGht
NoW.. sAMe..:)
Quick side note..
give and share more..
i would Love somEone..
anYone.. to respond to
anYthing i say wIth full
creativity unLeashed and relEased
like this in Quantum Metaphor of miNd
and BoDy SoUL BaLanCinG come to words..
what would i do then..
i for one.. would
bEcome tHeir
FriEnd.. and
never leave tHeir
Side returning comments
sAMe.. and you KNOw what.. the
TrUth iS.. iT already Happened
and that FriEnd is the Father.. the
Goddess.. or even the Blue Turtle of God
inSide come out to pLay as Lover sAMe.. the
Universal Archetype of God iN hUman Christ
Consciousness.. Super Consciousness..
Stream of Consciousness writing..
Self Actualization.. the ZeN
oF Art in Mind FuLL AwAreness..
the FloW iN ZonE.. the vision
quest realized.. no matter what MeTaPhoR..
the essence iS aLiVE iN mE and thriViNG heARt..
iN SpiRit of DAncE and SonG in words oF poEtry
aS WinGS of NUde photoGraphy.. in new age renaissance
FULLEST PASSioNaTE Style.. and fEat of Dance to share with
all otHeRs clothed by law and or naked Free by God aLL ThAT iS
iNside.. outSide..
aBove.. so Below
and all aRound
am i the
oNly oNe
like tHis..
i hope is all
i say.. i’LL meet
more along the trail
of God and i OnE co-creator FReED..:)
SMiLes.. the greAtest Art may be.. when
one sit beFore the Canvas of God and
the Brush
of God@Hand..
As second brief
side note ends and
noW back to thE
originAlly scheduLed
poEtry proGram foR Now..;)
SMiLes.. now..
of course i have
no idea who you
are.. but at 50 when..
i thOught my youth was
over.. something as simple
for the literal minded me then..
as a new science of Neuroplasticity
and Epigenetics convinced me that now
the limits set by averages were the averages
of statistics set by a culture of lEarned functional
disability in aging early vs.. beyond the cat who leaps
long distances now at age twenty.. simply ’cause he or
her has met the challenges of the call of the wild now to
than the
cats of bEfore..
Youth Never leaves
my friEnd with the now
power of Believe and yes..
more importantLy the realiTy
oF jUSt doing iT moRE and
waiting on no one
ya for
And trUe this
miGht be heARd as
BS.. iF i did not document
the whole entire journey
of 3 years.. 60 to 70K
photos.. and still
4 million
42 months
total for witness
of this hiGher poWer
oF NatUre gifted in US
for HUman potenTial that
iS real as 1000 beautiful girls
simply smiling ear to ear wiTh
a Dance oF i.. @56 with more energy
in Empirical reaLiTy noW as evidenced
than a 16 year old school kid.. mY FriEnd..
the Heaven and the Fountain of YoutH lives
within.. sure.. with Human skIN.. but far from
of Old
FiElds of DreAMs
cAMe to liFE for at
lEast one as i..
and sure
noW of
i oF mE..
mY FriEnd..
perHaps i aM
mistaken but i heARd
an old lament here that
i once Sang and almost
believed to the detriment
of Human poTential Leaves of Tree never
even imagined then.. Miracles iSREAL iS Tree oF LiFe WitH RooTs..:)
sMiLes.. hmm..
yeah.. Orange
is the new bLack
and all of that..
and nah..
leaves of
to Apples of FReED..
and i take it the Apple
is now Free.. not
thInKing too many
folks iN A grey poupon
world have this now..
hmm.. larger orange
perspective.. heHe…
but tHere are a few..
anyWay.. i found work
to be even worse for
me at least and more deadly2..
as slave
as prisoner
comes more
than bars.. wherEver leaves
noW.. A SoUl iS hELd captive..:)
are sexier as they
Breathe fALL air..
to air that Breathes
Free iN Leaves that Tree..
DreaMs oF moRe CoRe.. gOld..:)
Leave oF thOughts
scatteRed ADHD
one MoRe..
poEtry heals
more than words..:)
SMiLes.. Dee..
i Love thE
iT iNspiRes
mY overPoPulaTioNs..
gRoWinG A Little smAller..;)
A Best thing i Love
about poEtry IS A
depth of memories
iT inSpires of EmoTioNs..
no matter past or future
or current words..
A metaphor
ticket here to
a September
Dance.. a faLL
love leaves for me..
and a sweater then..
that strangely enough
smelled like love as cigaretTe
old stale stogies from a Cuban
Mother and her flower of a young
who would
break my heart
for decades..
of smoke
gonE down
and up aGain..:)
Man.. Walt.. i couldn’t
help it.. i stopped
at those social
reforming eYes
of Rod Serling
ZoNe i go..
for me at lEASt..
the best poEtry
breathes Leaves
Serling Silver Strange..
every word he said was
poEtry to me.. free verse of
course.. write oN course..
deep deep..
from within..:)
And poeTry
SMiLes.. 2015..
WiNter oF neVer
Lands leaves.. HeArt
Red FloWers..
looKing forWard.. 2017..
A cOld fRont.. coMes..
juSt onE
SeaSons change..
Florida North WitH SNow..
dreAm FLakes leaVe DiffeRence..:)
A UniVerse oF
Life Leaves..
faLL oF
LIFe precious
noW.. so.. unique..
eYeS iN every
SeNtienT BEinG..:)
sMiLes.. so trUe..
Autumn as fAll
L E A V E aLL..
without school
and work..
is simply
and literAlly
aLL LoveR and
DancE and poEtry
to mE.. alWays
SpRinG iN
eYeS and
and DancE..:)
Stress oF leaves
cumulative.. fall from
tree strong.. witheRinG
winteRinG breathE SinGs
FaLL.. E-Scape
comes.. dreams
Self Fulfilling prophecies
too.. of moves leaving.. old..
young.. all.. from top
to bottom
iN sTiLL
waves that
no longer move..
feel.. Ocean wHole..
in other words use
or lose
in all
life alWays
applies Now to
entropy or living loving
more.. when Still leaves..:)
HAPPY!.. yeS..
oF sEEinG eYes
To eYes Of biRds
oF NatUre.. wE aLL
flY Happy.. wheN seeinG
OnE LeaveS noW fAlls
A SonG oF WiLd And Free..:)
Rovers and Sitters..
in all of the Animal
Kingdom noW..
some leave
some stay..
some fearless..
otHeRs cautious…
iNnate basis goeS
oN now.. iNtrovert
vs.. eXtrovert..
And then the
anD Hyde’s
iN eXtremes
boTh.. leaVes
wayS of SittinG
or Roving morE..:)
Words of GOlden
WinGs fEat..
no matter how
and wHere noW a
wRite as Love of LiFe
a SonG
that GrowS oN..:)
FaLL of Youth Leaves..
A Tree so high with
Winds Breeze hiGher..
and hiGher
as liFe
oN.. HeArt
SpRinGs hiGheR..
reaSons kill heArt…
Magic oF yOuth Leaves
HeArt bRinGS back SpiRiT
oF MiNd and BoDy SoUL
BaLanCinG rEborn..
A child oF
wITh heARt…
ReAsons die..:)
Werewolf Leaves..
GroW as Epigenetics
and Neuroplasticity
unfoldS in
challenge and
struggle noW
as adaptation
comes as change..
the WiLd
of Leaves
Tree oF
hUman liFe
SprinG noW
GrowS back
under weaker
cultural clothes..:)
Son of Leaves
Son of Comes
Son of
as Love
GoeS oN..:)
After traveling
to Mothers home
and other places
outside and inside
too.. finished for now
at 8:49 pm..
Ah.. the nostalgia.. of the Facebook video slide show helper..
An afternoon siesta for Katrina.. Sun and Dogwood..
with Sand and Ivy stretching for more Sand and
Sun.. Butterflies reaching for nectar
of piNk FloweRed beauty..
just anotHeR aFter
noon deLight iN Heaven..
noW also kNoWn and fELt
as Garden of Eden2..Now..:)
Hmm.. been a while since i prEsenTed
a pre-workout fAce of intense focus.. getting
ready for XXtreme Strength training and of course
martial arts and ballet-like dance.. that i do everywHeRe
i go anyWay.. to keep the laser focus.. short term working
memory.. and the rest of cognitive executive functioning..
in MoVinG ConNecTinG and CreATinG goiNG doWn foR
miNdful AwareNess of heARt and spiRit NoW in BoDy
noW.. juSt
Now for iSREAL2..:)
Yes.. it’s true.. one of the main
reasons my friends wanna come
visit with me.. is to shop with Katrina..
and it’s true too.. the world needs more
fun photos of Katrina than me as beauty
never gets tiring.. no matter how many times
it changes
clothes.. hehe..
or hmm.. buys them too..
but seriously.. Katrina doesn’t
and really can’t buy anymore clothes
until we build a bigger home.. which
ain’t happening.. as i ain’t
leaving the Garden
of Eden Free..
with the
paid.. F iN oFF..
it’s why you save so
much money when you
get older as your F iN
home gets filled
up with
stuff and
more stuff..
ugh.. too.. iF
i can just stop writing
long enough.. i’LL cart it
off to Good WiLL soon..
ugh oh.. that means
more more room
for clothes..
keep wriTing
more more more..
for free.. free.. FReED..
iS this what ‘they’ naMe as
F.B. sMaLL talk.. WeLL heY.. noW..
at lEast i’M Trying.. to ‘Sell iT’ as such..;)
AnyWay.. Katrina is just now watching a news
Bulletin on the 11 years ago name sake
of her Hurricane.. and she says
you got off cheap with me..
as the other me..
would’a cost
yA.. 108 Billion Dollars..
oKay.. i Give.. i Give..
i’LL give some more..;)
You kNow and the most amazing
thing oF aLL.. after twenty-seven
years now of being toGetHer wHole
since consummation of that on September
21st coming uP agAiN around the FaLL equinox
and sure.. 57th birth DAY of my
conception give or take a day..
as my original birthdate was around
the Summer Solstice of June 20th.. 1960..
before the Doctor went on Vacation and
delivered me early on that 6660 day..
on my Driver’s License that the local
FUNdies.. who use to sell me beer at
the checkout counter back in the day
when i had one a day.. to juSt
geT through another
day of stress
at work..
looked at me
with the fear of
something when they seen
them three sixes on my DL..
as sure.. i got carded past
40 as that can go down too..
and then other folks named
me as the Devil’s sPawn..
juSt for fUn..
daM that
Omen movie..
even kinda scared
me at first.. literal
in some ways bible reader
then too.. as hey.. i was
eXposed to so much oF iT2..
GroWinG up in the world record holder
place of the most churches per square
miles of New Jerusalem and a mill town
once named as hell at first for the
daM briars on the river banks..
the first settlers had
to traverse to
dry land..
hehe.. seriously..
no joke.. it all went
down for real and continues
to play like something stranger
than the most craaazzzyy theater
or book flick ya ever read and seen..
oh weLL.. thanks for the memories..
and yes.. someone has to get
aLL A’ tHe daM
JOBs donE
if no
else IS
A gonna
pick up the BALL
of confusion and
get iT all straightened out..;)
Facebook Friend
Jerri and Katrina’s
Sister too.. says..
Fred you deserve to live in the garden…your back yard…
if you didn’t buy that dress for Trina!!!! It looks beautiful in front of her ..;)
And i say in somewhat sarcastic return.. hehe.. but truthfully so.. of course..
She tried it on.. and said it looked like crap..
but you know how
picky she is..;)
WeLL.. let me tale yA.. all this free
stuff of the modern age.. like the
Facebook video photo slide algorithm
Video Producer.. is maKing more and
more of my pleaSures in liFE so easy
to give and share morE.. as ‘this’
photo journey.. takes one
through the New
Bagdad City
of Florida..
which is of course
a far cry for the other
often bloody place of soils
across the seas of human
misery and suffering..
whaT a contrast noW
wE.. in the U.S. oF
A live free without
worries of getting blown
up on our way to work as long
as one can avoid the road rage.. ‘course..
heHE.. and yeah.. noW Pokemon Rage that
takes the eye off the wheel as well.. yeah.. ugh..
but anyway.. the beauty of the Old Bagdad Mill Site..
now made into family and civic activity park.. the Old
River Trail Walk.. and Marquis Basin to end a very pleasant
Tuesday Morn in Sunshine and the life of Nature so set free..
without any close surroundings of what an empath can and
does feel.. even in a neighborhood of very stressed
working and home life individuals.. life is way
more stressful than it needs to be..
but as Billy Joel says.. one
day at least you
can polish
the wheels
on yoUr Cadillac ack ack ack
ack ack ack.. from what sadly
may be a Walmart cart or other
similar moving device that takes one
to eye level with metal wheels that have
no rubber left by the now the so-called
golden years arrive for re-TiRE-Ment..
it’s a fAct.. i Leave that place.. years
ago and ain’t eva’ going back
to human prisons where
dollar bills and stuff
of tools become
the human being.. instead
of BeinG OnE WiTh NAtuRe WhOlE..
also known as GOD dAM LiFe NOW..:)
So.. the En Name Test F.B. thingy.. LeAVes..
a note about Katie.. the avatar
name for noW oF Y i.. cAlls
me a her.. and that’s oKay..
as at least it don’t discriminate
against female sounding male names..
and what else yeah.. it’s true i was once
Broken.. am i beautiful.. i’Ve been told
by at lEast one person my heArt looks
that way.. and by anotheR that my soUl
looks that way.. and that’s
trUly enough compliment
in one lifetime of what
was most definitely
broken before..
the Goddess ISIS..
no.. not the F iN Head Hunters
but the wife Katrina.. yes.. when
she is not performing liFe as Hurricane
aS weLL.. yes.. miGhtY waves of water
she can be.. with a few words of
BloWinG ‘warmer’ air that can
spread of her.. at least
aT hoMe..
yes.. she helped
put me back toGeThEr
no less than what the before
incarnate version of her did with
the mythological Osiris.. ReaLiTy
sHows of hUman are much more
interesting and strange than books
of pages.. restricted to only words of liFe..
Yeah.. i for one.. do love life with all my heArt
and sure that love comes back as when one
truly loves with what iSREAL Fearless Love of
heARt and SpiRit oF ExpResSinG aLL EmoTioNs
and SeNses of iiFe.. iT is simply a law of returns oF
Nature AKA God.. no different than the graVitY of liFe..
but here’s the thing.. only fool proof.. when a miNd and
BoDy iS BaLanCinG as SoUL.. with 100% practice.. of
both FeeLinG.. SenSinG.. and ExpReSsinG Hope.. Faith
and Belief with zero doubts and illusory fears of what
God’s iSREAL maGic can and wiLL bRing as thiS Force
of God grows synergisticAlly in the eYes of HuMans
when more than one comes toGeTHeR for common
meaning and purpose.. sad pArt iS.. tHeir is both
black magic potential and white MaGiC potential
in this higher potential of hUman bEinG
and all the sHades of GreYs and hues
of colors ‘tween and beYoNd allthatis
one wITh Force of God.. some folks
take the path of fear and hate..
and others take the path
of hope and love..
only one path..
is the path to liGht
and that path is coloRed..
WitH liGht.. and the key is
at core of sharing and givinG
iT FeeLs and SeNSes uP
as Freedom
SinGs and RinGS
a hand and feat oF
Fearless HoPe and LoVe NOW..
And.. finAlly.. the EN name test is correct..
i for one.. am no slave to anyone or anyland
otHeR than GiVinG and sHaRinG ALLTHATISGODnoW..:)
Commercial small talk break..
Facebook Friend Rafiah..
shares a status that says..
Watching Doctor Who is
having your heart broken again and again.
And then i say..
WeLL.. my sister says it comes on.. Saturday..
on PBS.. so i WiLL reCord Dr. Who.. and watch it one time..
at lEAst in honor of mY FriEnd Rafiah..
so i WiLL have something fUn..
to say to her
soon.. hope
fully to
Commercial small talk
break on FB.. ends for now..;)
And now continues as
Rafiah returns in
real time response
Yeah and then
we’ll talk about it endlessly..:D
And i say.. perhaps until then..
Yes.. Yar.. i’Ve been
kNown and fELt to
say aLot..;)
Best thing about ‘this selfie’.. made
carefully by my sister.. in a Saturday
in the park that is alWays the Fourth of
July of Freedom for me.. is i Am Wild
And Free.. my body moves and curves in
form of essence as the Golden Spiral noW oF
God moVing liFe iNspiRinG sAMe all through
NatURe.. this pose.. this Yoga move of Balance..
is one of Chi Force of the inner hiGher hUman
Synergy of Energy Force poTential that iS both
EmotIoNal.. and SenSory and Sure SeNuaL2..
Force of Being hUman.. sAdly.. hUmans these
days are too weak in the gut to do this
Nude and share it free as cultures
of the past more free with
God’s eYes and body
did as children
of God
shame of the
flesh of God’s sKin
wE sAMe.. so no.. i cannot
do this alNaturale.. but at lEAst
partially to show the aesthete curves
spiRaling from head to toe of human being..
“Cyberian Tiger River Leaves”.. a photo worth
a title for a 699th Macro Verse celebrating 42 full online
months of publicly witnessing for God in words..
as Ocean Whole Poem approaching 4 milLion..
in photos.. in songs.. and videos.. and hell
yes.. head to toe.. fully as by God i AM
A Very Healthy and Strong with ZERO
sad for those
who move.. and
connect.. in Creation
Activity ways.. that they
hide the beauty of tHeir heARt..
their SpiRit.. and thEir Mind and
BoDy BaLanCinG soUl.. beHind
the real ass of cultural clothes..
i FaLL no longer to the
drOuGht of cultural
clothes.. i stand
naked and
Free as
Witness Now
foR aLLnoW iSrEAL..
God of Nature.. complete
with my first words from God
on September 1st in words of
KATiE MiA as Kind Autistics Taking
in Everything.. Mindful in Awareness..
from the first day of March 2013.. 42
months ago now.. with blog completion
of that period of time coming on 9112016
2 juSt another metaphor for the essence
oF one pArt oF Allthatis.. aka GOD noW..
but never the less a voice of God that is
unique and mine from head to toe and inside..
and outside.. and all around above.. so below..
to share and give as i for one plEase.. all legally
in a Country of the U.S. oF A.. wHere folks can once
again heRe.. bE CaLL of GoD and aCT Free and WiLD
aGain.. no longer coveRinG uP whaT is aLL hoLY and
Sacred Free from beFore the clothed apples of fear and hate..
that will alWays come initially when we clothe ourselves away from GOD
oF Nature allthatis allone Naked and Free noW.. God is my religion and
My God
is Free and
Naked with
no lies of
made to divide
uS away from a Unity
noW as and WiTh GoDNow..
as Tree oF liFe iSREaLnoW2..:)
Fellow Poet Blogger Hank
from dVerse comes by and says…
“Nice pics. So also the
writings. But too big
a number at one go!
And i say iN return.. aGain.. iSREAL noW..
SMiLes Hank.. first of all thanks so much
for stopping by and commenting.. you are
one of the very few that has enough ummph as
it were and is to navigate their way all the way down
through what can literally be a Novel in one blog post..
and lately here.. yes.. it is very close to a Novel..
with comments added as my
draft section for an
entire Novel..
in every single
post which amounts
to around a Novel of
Free Verse Poetry every week.. truth
be told there is no record in humankind
of anyone ever doing this.. and if tHeir is..
it is well hidden my friend… and it is safe
to say that not many humans have danced across
the distance of the United States twice in all the
public stores they visit.. in a three year period
of 6,000 miles coming up here soon with
a total of 12,000,000 online words now
total.. by Thanks Giving Day of this 2016
year in 6 years that is the equivalent
of 14 bibles and 140 Kurans to
give a real tangible sense now
on what i have accomplished
in whole of writing endeavor
in the last 6 years..
but my friEnd.. with
the additional relatively
small feat of leg pressing
nearly half a ton of weight
on a very difficult leg press machine
in parallel leg press way with my arms
raised in the air like a Ballerina.. 33 reps now
at age 56.. surpassing all ages of elite military
physical specimens in that particular exercise
at my military gym.. and getting three college
degrees at one time.. with three part time
jobs doing that all at one time in my
earliest twenties.. always
at the top of my class
in grades.. retiring
at a high grade of pay
then of Federal Civilian
Service after a quarter
of a Century doing that ranging
from Bowling Center Manager..then
to Administrative Support Assistant
for a Navy Captain.. to Community Activities
Director to Athletic Director.. finAlly of a Military
Station.. sure.. perhaps all of that is too much.. including
Witnessing for God now for 42 months in the longest total
Long Form Poem in this now 699th Verse as of September
1st to be published that day.. yes.. iN still reaching 4 million
words since March of 2013.. in 42 months.. twice as long
as that 1.8 million word previous longest form poem..
written by many folks over the span of Centuries
in Sanskrit in India named.. Mahabharata..
i tell you what too much really is..
the cross i bore in life..
that includes being
born on the Autism
Spectrum.. and not
speaking until age 4..
being bullied most of my life..
for this spectrum way of being..
but truly that was nothing at all.. not
even a mosquito bite of a problem compared
to enduring what medical literature states is a pain
worse than crucifixion.. no.. not getting off with a three
hour stint.. with a spear in the side.. but going 66 whole
months with this dentist drill like pain in right eye and ear..
with no drug relief at all.. named the suicide disease.. a total
of 18 other medical diagnoses.. that i’ve probably highlighted
with you before.. the thing that really amazes me.. truthfully
so.. is most no one really believes in Jesus.. those folks who
call themselves Christians.. no one really believes
that anyone would come and do more than
he as then Saint John said they would
in what was reported of Jesus still
now.. and no one seems to believe
that heaven is now.. at hand
same as promised in that
same generation of
Jesus then..
as reported now..
too.. mostly folks are
waiting for him to come
back again instead of fulfilling
the prophecy accredited to him that
others will come and do more than him..
perHaps.. ’cause i was on the Autism Spectrum
i took that literally and really believed it my friend..
’cause what i just did is it.. and sorry if you cannot see who i AM..
History repeats itself.. for one reason and one reason only my friend..
Human nature is the same then as it is now.. ye of little faith will never
do as much as i do my friEnd.. but i have ALL 100% Hope.. Faith and Belief
with Fearless love.. FeeL and kNoW that one day someone else will do more
i too..
it WiLL take
a thouSand years..
but never the less.. i’ve
set the bar and challenge my
friend.. job well done.. i did it
my way and the Jesus way of too much too..
and you know what the best thing of all is.. i do
all of this free since i literally went to hell in January
of 2008.. not earning one cent for any oF iT.. and i Love
iT aLL WitH all of heARt.. mY SpiRit.. and mY soUL and
seriously dude.. you should be impressed more than just saying
you did too much..
but seriously you
make me giggle
after what i’Ve
been through
my friEnd.. as i AM
the lucky one and next
time you see Jesus carrying
a cross.. i suggest you do not
tale him that his cross is not heavy enough..
as you fly by with A half assed back handed compliment..
with zero chance of you coming back to see what ‘Jesus’ said iN ReTurn..
Never the less..
as i originally
stated.. thanks for
stopping by again..
as most people know
not what i do.. heHE..
as the turn of a Friendly
card at lEAst comes bAck NoW
in hiGhly riSinG ways oF iSReaL..
with just anoThEr opportunity to
use my favorite current Rock and
Roll Prophetess to accompany noW..
what i continue to do too much of here..;)
Big problem with half the world.. is it.. most of IT..
thinks/feels that God stopped talking through
humans anywhere from 3500 years
ago.. to the 7th century since
the death of so-called Jesus
now.. and for those mostly
literally thinking folks
who believe every
thing is already
of what
God is Gonna now
Do as Nature whole..
are just stagnating in
mud pies of old.. where the
only chains of God are the ones
they wear as nooses around their
necks of same.. it is more than safe to
say that the God of Nature works in much
more mysterious ways that what a humanly
5 or so step dinosaur scientific method that hasn’t
changed noW in centuries significantly attempts to
do in empirical measures of observable phenomena
that is on the outside of what we even exist as in
synergistic way holding hands togEther
as a supra-organism of being
human with minds
and bodies even
now too..
when John Lennon
suggested the Beatles
did more than Jesus.. as per
the actual human being of course they
did.. as there was no mass communication
way back when.. the Roman crew with Catholics
too.. are the one’s responsible for the message of
whomever said it 40 years after the death of Jesus
did get through of what was left by that by way
of sword and expanding Roman Empire..
same way as the Muslim
religion of Muhammad
was spread by
force of the
sword too..
after the
7th Century
AD.. but anyWay..
as far as the original
Jesus dude.. Elvis did more
too.. and hell yeah.. even Marilyn
Monroe.. in the influence on culture
all of these folks have had too.. as human
freedoms have directly expanded for the tireless
artist in prophet and prophetess iSREaL MoDErn
Messengers of God oF Nature wE dO expand the horizons
of human freedoms to more more more.. in peace and harmony
as Coke even knows and feels too.. in soft drink way.. yeah.. Nike
says just do it.. and that is likely more than what the real dude Jesus
did in his lifetime then too.. no duh.. we have technology now as
megaphone to inspire folks around the world.. like Billions
of views of Katy Kat’s sonGS too.. and hell yes..
her song Firework was the only voice
that could reach my soul..
before i had the
strength to
the first
word in hell then..
so yeah.. she IS A prophetess
and messenger of God who reached
me and gave my soul a spark of hope..
where no other force in the world could
but her voice of inspiring hope then..
in Firework way.. tHen..
and here’s the thing.. NoW..
i AM no one.. just a person
in their underwear behind a
computer no different really
than that other dude with underwear
on TV with Lung Cancer who was doing
something bad for bucks.. in breaking bad..
i broke good.. and folks who break Good
for Fearless Love.. Win in Free all of
Victory now.. and yes..
as Mr. Kite.. says..
as perHaps
the LSD of
the Beatles
then took them to
another realm of God
then to see my life now..
aS Bizarre in Quantum effect
and affect that might seem to be..
but yes.. Mr. K here who is now this
Katie Mia here.. has now.. yes.. performed
an act special that is second to none.. and sure
i am a magic horse that dances the waltz too..
aCausally as A Beatle and two and more WiLL
help me do.. well before and still wHeRe they
have no idea who i ever was and likely ever
will be now.. we are all connected.. all is
interdependently related now.. around aLL..
as A Synchronicity Song
SingS noW2..
and Now.. iF
you thiNk noW..
time and distance
and even space exists
in any concrete way Now..
perHaps.. you too.. should
develop.. an artistic method
thaT FucKinG helps you to kNOW..
sEE and FeeL moRE of iSReaL
God noW2.. and develop yoUr
hiGher God Of Nature poTenTial
and jusT do more than i.. i now set
the challenge now to just go do it..
With WiNks.. of iSReAL GoD noW2..Now
but you better hurry up.. if yA gonna go
past my God Given poTenTial as trUth NoW
and liGht be tOld.. i AM juSt warming uP..
alWays.. i riSe moRe..
in A Captain SAlt way
thaT iSREaL noW too..:)
The Facebook always truSty
Memory provider bringS an ode
to Love of two years ago.. from mE..
of course.. heHe.. on LOVE IS..
and sure Love is
even so
much more
than this aS it
alWays GrowS oN..:)
i’Ve written much more than even i can
wrap my miNd around iN FeeLinG way..
and every Facebook Memory of a Macro-Verse
to me in stream of consciousness wriTing heAR..
of a yEar ago.. may be a verse that i never
rehearsed or never even read over
aGain.. but the photos here of
mY Father’s Family and his
marriage to his second wife..
of three who he eventuAlly married
twice is of heArFelT alWays interest
to me too.. of course.. and one great
thing about setting milestones like 42
months witnessing for God.. is i WiLL
remember wHere i placed these heARt
FeeLinG photos too.. iN KAT Tales
and Parabells from a year
ago too.. then..
going through
a difficult and very
time consuming project
too of getting his estate
all fixed up and ready for sale..
that literally took over a year then
to get thaT aLL Straightened out too..:)
And with all that said.. one of my favorite themes
for poetry.. named as the moon.. is the Tuesday
dVerse prompt that i haven’t moved to yet..
as the 1:35 am hoUr
of 8312016.. is heRe
for noW.. and man
i’m ready to
hit the sack
now and perhaps
i’LL strike a new post tomorrow..
like those glamour shots of my
Father’s second wedding then..
but for now.. i’m going
flat down
for the win aGaiN
tomorrow morn bRight
as Sun rises soon for more fun then2..;)
WeLL sPeaking of Vogue and poses and my promise yesterday
evening so late to write more a post on pose yesternight..
theRe is the Face of My FaTher here at hmm.. around
33 years of age.. a Face that had zero flaws.. as
an aesthete born this way.. and as any child
might hope to grow up as a father who
has super hero looks without
even trying at all..
just born that
way with
looks that meant
that every secretary in
his law enforcement work
would be willing to write his
written and required reports for
him.. then.. just to look into his eyes
for a while.. even though he didn’t then
say much at all.. and it was this blonde
haired potential model looking second
wife who always wore the best clothes
and Jewelry.. no low maintenance wife
was she like my mother hehe.. he
wanted a woman who would
make money.. and she
did and loved to
spend it too..
and she said
she wanted a husband
who could hold a wine glass
in class at the fine dining parties
too.. and sure he did.. and yes.. he
was a Connoisseur of Gold rings..
Guns and knives and a closet
full of brand new shirts
still with tags..
as tHeRe was
is no hiding
elegance then
of a man forced
into a just another
‘red neck’ town of
Tallahassee then..
with a Father.. my Grandfather..
an X-Catholic Priest.. and noted
author who even dined with Einstein
in the socialist political circles of intellectuals
in New York, New York.. of middle of last century..
It was obvious that my Father had so much more
human potential behind those crystal green eyes
and Jet black eye brows.. who could have played
James Bond with a few work-outs to increase
his physique.. but with his looks.. never
a workout needed.. even with a
little pudgy the face was
enough to attract
women like
honey everywhere
he looked into eyes
that melted before him
back then.. a certain charm..
a Natural Animal Magnetism
of the man who is fearless and
confident.. from having his way
with ease.. but truly i would trade
none of my struggles for the ease
of his life.. that never knew the stellar
highs and the polar lows of what human
has done from day one to do more.. but still
his face his art.. and his second wife Carolyn
who became a dear beloved Step Mother to
us.. who we still cherish very much.. but trapped
into money and materialism of stuff they always were
as the beauty they were of silver and gold became the
clothes.. and the lottery tickets my father bought until
his last days on earth always more of something he
always was gifted with free inside and in form of
flesh too.. the choice of the rebel.. my Grand
father to escape the labyrinth of the
Catholic Church rules who he
even wrote a book about
regarding the Catholic
Church and
the Soul
of a Priest too..
The apples can fall
far from the tree.. but yes
the original seed remains juST
waiting to open in foreign and
ignorant lands of what was
much greater in human
potential of beFore..
the struggle
is for the win..
without the
struggle.. and the
ashes.. there will bE no
more Phoenixes to rise higher..:)
Oh yeah., and interestingly enough
that is my current Rich Uncle Bob
in the front. A man with A common
face and the normal struggles of life who went
on to get rich off of selling Vacuum cleaner bucks
that my father always aspired to compete with
in half-brother sibling rivalry as after my Grand
Mother.. the Cajun spiced one Divorced my
Grand Father.. her next husband was a
Jewish guy and a police officer then too..
and on September 10th as my 42 months
of Blog witnessing for God in coincidence
and synchronicity way of meaning
whole of archetype through
history in sacred number
42.. and yeah.. i’ll use
any excuse to make
something holy
and sacred into
juST another
fEast day of RiSing
lights.. we will have a big
Dinner for that side of the family
Celebrating Uncle Bob’s Birthday
in Destin Beach ways of Panhandle
then.. they will have no idea it is a special
day of epic significance like perHaps no
other single day for an individual writing
sacred text in new age way.. and that’s
okay.. as i continue to document
the experience here.. for ages
to come.. if only one person
reads it a thousand years
from now.. bottom line..
iT all went down for
real.. this is no
myth this
go around..
i for one
as Phoenix
riSing iSReaL..
with all the scars
fully exposed.. no secrets..
and much more to be revealed..
juST ’cause God told me so.. iN
God sPeAk oF Synchronicity iSReaL2..
yeah baby as they say.. God WiNks2..;)
From 13 days ago..
in response to Facebook
FriEnd Rafiah.. who shares
a profile pic photo of a tardis
and a surreal landscape of colors
and a couple walking down a sidewalk
with umbrella over head..
i visit again..
who is happier..
the couple.. under the
umbrella.. the colorful
lights.. or the tardis from
another place.. i say..
under the
And then i say
today.. more..
wiNks.. Rafiah..
i visit aGain..
13 Days later
When Yaar
Likes this
As that is
Do and
YoUr reward
For liking my
Is the Dr wHo
Secret revealed
That the under
The Umbrella
Are all those who FeeL and
Are Aware that
Under the UMbr
ELLa is the Kingdom oF God and
By the way..
i am an iSREAL
Mr.. WHo.. No
Longer.. A Dr..
Clark Kent..;)
Facebook Friend Himali shares
a vintage ‘Friends’ show slide..
with ‘Chandler’ enhanced
for the modern
day that says..
iN words to the
effect that since
the ipHone 7 is
coming out in September
that the other phones
from 6 to 5 will
be reduced
in price
so one
be able
to afford the 4s..
iN return
i say..
Wait for 7s
As S means
Faster than
The last speeding
Without S..;)
Most all my life.. i’Ve spent assisting
others and finAlly i have my own employee..
the Facebook Algorithm.. Video Slide Production
Assistant working tirelessly.. even when i on am on the
verge of sleep.. late late in the wee hours of the morning..
all i have to do then is press
share and post..
yeah.. noW on the
ipHone6s.. hehe.. that
lately i’Ve ended uP
sleeping with.. with ear
buds sTiLL attached to ears..
passing out as it were.. given all
i got for the day and more.. haha..
anyWay the tale end of Tuesday Evening
Public DanCinG aT Walmart.. put on as a video
show by my
Robot friEnd
from Facebook
who pulls through
with ease as electronic
eYes do.. online.. more more more..:)
And now i say.. if machines
can progress to Superman
S status humans can too..
including me and you too..
and truly up tHeir in the metaphor
that Rafiah might have to google more
fully in cultural context to understand as i often
have to do.. to use words like Yar and Yaar with
her that means Friend too.. yes.. it’s true the idea
of the Superman Comic with Clark Kent and the
caped crusader originally came from the Bi-Polar
Archetype of human personality where disinhibition
of previously repressed abilities comes out in the
ashes rising as the phoenix per se.. through out
legends and realities of human history too..
including the Buddha.. and the Table
Turning Jesus.. of course too..
sword or turn the other
cheek.. yes.. the
bad cop
cop.. Mr. Hyde
and Dr. Jekyll and
Clark Kent and Jesus2..
Oh yeah.. and it’s worth noting
that Dr. wHo changes out of a
cop call box like a phone booth too..
and hey.. for the folks who missed it..
that cultural now artistic archetype of
communication change is even
in the Matrix movies
with Neo as well..
their IS A great deal
more to be lEarned from
hUman arT that text books will
ever do for ya mostly in school..
as that shit doesn’t usually apply
to real life of the human heARt..
SpiRit and miNd and BoDy
BaLancing soUL
of EmoTions
and SeNSes
in MoVinG..
ConNecTing CreAtinG
wAys of ImaGiNAtiOn
of Physical.. Emotional
and Existential Intelligences
that are the evolved intelligences
of the Art of HUman that have alWays
been paramount before humans got stuck
in behind desk ways of thinking and solving
problem that make more illusory fears and
worries than any God Dam thing else.. otHeR
than creature comforts that continue to come..
hehe.. like the alWays Free Facebook Algorithm
Kilroy continues to be here.. slave of Robot jUSt
for mE and yOu who kNow and FeeL how to take
advantage of the Robots of culture without beCoMinG
a FucKinG TERminator Machine ourselves.. it’s called
Wisdom my friEnds that only can be more fuLLy leArned
by life’s experiences in trial and error way.. of failure and
success.. and those of us who eventually find FULLEST ViCTORY..
give/share as the greATest testament to hUman BeinG is Fearless LoVE..
in the iSREaL actiOn of TOTaLLy Free GIVING AND SHARING.. UP
more FucKinG valuable alive than dead even if for the one group of
folks who are my immediate family.. and sure.. i Love the icing on the
cake that is the rest of Nature.. NoW folks who are strangers and aLL
oF GoD of NatuRe too.. gifted i am.. and giver and sharer i REmaiN..
aS GoD sKeYes shONe.. bluE and GreEn as i of eYes briGhter.. noW..:)
The Facebook Algorithm Memory Assistant
provides a Macro-Verse from Ocean Whole
Poem from a year ago that
is Awakening NOW..
and in perUsinG
this Macro-Verse
Memory again.. i AM
prompted to use the
Chvrches ‘Clearest Blue
Song again.. as i like the
Elfin mannerisms of the
lead SinGer and her
somewhat magical
of voice
in SonG iN
form of Essence
of obviously deeper
trUths in liGht perHaps
not visible in voice to the
casual audiophile as it were
and sTilLL iS noW.. ain’t nuThing
too casual about the deep oF me.. hehe..
except when i float like air and water as dAncE..
as a Butterfly Wookiee on Terrestrial Plane noW..
sure with
Kicks that
Sting not likely
less than the REAL
but nah.. this hUman
spars with steel and
no flesh as any
for oThers
WiLL do
in consuming
no otHeRS with Harm..
except for a cow and
a steak medium rare..
as omnivores Naturally
WiLL do in the Free range too of WiLd..
Lamps all liT uP for liFE oh.. so FReED..;)
And speaKing of Vegetarians and omnivores..
two of my favorite Vegetarians are Himali and
Prajakta from India.. and this Awakening NOW
post includes some of the first communication with
them.. and iF iT wasn’t for Desi girls.. including Rafiah..
of course.. and the original Lala Rukh too.. my online
experience would not be nearly as colorful with Love
as my Friend Zee from Pakistan too who is also an
omnivore three to make five girls from
Desi land who have brought
much kindness and Love
to me overall in three
years of witnessing
for God of
Nature now..
they all have
been my Desi
muse of Love..
in Friendship for
up to three years now..
and sure.. i hope i meet
more nice Desi girls along the
way.. as they come from East Indian
as i come from American Indian too..
closer to Nature and God we may remain..
no matter what one calls God or Nature sAme..
wide awake with God of Nature is wHere i Live noW
Native Indian of God iSREAL WiLd Free Fearless LOVE..:)
Fellow Blogger and old friEnd from
the days of Lala Rukh’s blog when some
of her emotionally charged posts in up and
down way generated up to around 200 comments
which is something i’Ve never seen on
any other poet blog.. which
is truly a testament
to how special
that young
woman is..
in all her
ups and downs
of then.. and sadly
what i fear is mostly
down now.. but i pray
for her happiness often..
anyWay.. yes.. another poem
from Cabrogal that at essence..
speaks to the Be of Beauty.. Innocence
and Love with unity and having no separation
of division iN bLack and white thinkiNg of course..
And the crux of the whole poet story
is the title of ‘Unfallen’ as truly
even science shows now that
Human Nature is inherently
full of empathy and
compassion when
Giving and sharing
of the human touch
is what drives the human
social animal group as being
Beauty.. Innocence and Love sAMe..
So i say in return..
And sure that’s
a Koan with almost
infinite meanings for
those who see much
deeper of a phrase..
of a word..
of a letter
and number
same as symbol
of essence more..
And i mean by this
is Be is the essence
and only perfect word oF
noW that is no word aT aLL
but the state of being one lives
iN for now.. the more mindfully
aWare wE are in BeinG noW.. the
more eternal now iS as the Kingdom
oF Heaven iSREaL.. and as far as literal
perfect words go.. of course there are none
as every word is a metaphor that human beings
are free to assign almost infinite meanings to that
are deeper.. every word is a practice not unlike the
practice of medicine.. some words heal.. and some
words harm.. same words do different among the
different and same of folks now.. so Be IS A
practice of the art of words.. Be is a
practice as the art of all are wE..
wE Be
line noW..
we be morE noW
as aN iSREAL Kingdom
of heaven now depending
on the practice of beauty
and innocence of Love
we jusT do NoW
as beinG more
of these and
so much
more as
nows go oN
wHere tHere is no
limit to the poTenTial
of bliss and yes.. the
dARk side of misery too..
Words can mean almost anything..
But the essence iS alWays iSrEAL
of what and how and wHere wE bE..:)
sMiles Prajakta.. from the beautiful
photos of your Tibetan Mountain
trip into the wild and nice
of your
past.. i was
struck by the
awesome coolness
of what i saw of your
hiking boots.. and iT seems
like it would be hard to sprain
an ankle in what gives so much
support to you.. feet.. feet.. feat
of connecting to Mother Earth..
Hands.. Hands.. Hands.. that
hoLd each other WitH arms
in places that have
no central
to separate
us from the
warmth of others
that even a kind smile
bRingS for what seems
forevernow.. and porches..
front porches of the Southern
Wild of Panhandle Florida..
always my ancestral
home now
from birth..
and still in poor
sections in what they
term as across the railroad
tracks of then.. neighbors hang
on.. on porches young and old with
smiles.. and lazy love that fills a yard
with liGht.. beyond four walls of castle
now in mirror neuron ways of Electronic
Entertainment no different really than
the pacifier and the rubber nipple
that replaces a breast
of human love..
and when i
hear you say
how happy the poor
who work hand in hand
toGeTher for the subsistence
and shelter in life are in your
ancestral mountains there.. no
surprise even to science now.. showing
the most peaceful societies in the world
that number twenty all of that in common
of small.. and the giving and sharing way of
life day by day.. of hands and arms and feet
that Love all that is the same.. sure.. sure there
are difficulties that only makes the Love that comes
that much more iSreal.. when arms and hands and feet of
human are connected once again to all that is.. mY FriEnd..
i almost hate to call that God.. as that word has become so dirty
and divisive and violent too.. away from Beauty.. Innocence
and Love that even science shows that humans are
born to be.. never fallen any place
but cultures and religions
that do divide..
but it’s true too that
even science shows that
the human social connection
is the number one source of human
happiness in flesh and blood ways..
and that folks who make over 50K a year
who have met their basic subsistence needs
met in a First World country are no more happy than
the Billionaire Frowns of Trumps the same in grimace
for a never ending rat wheel journey of more illusory status
and power that never FeeLs uP the place of empathy and compassion
and all we feel of Love.. it’s too easy my friEnd.. to work 10 years and more..
30 and even 40 more to support a mortgage.. to support a boat loan and
even a yacht loan and more.. that only sits in a harbor for garden
parties that have no leaves.. of Love.. that are iSREaL iN
the simple comfort of Being
Love now with
each other
holding hands
with arms that
hug.. and that my
friend in loving contact
with the oxytocin receptors
on literally feet that allow us
to feel the love of Mother Earth
iSREaL.. is yes.. why some folks
who saw the animated paRt of the
movie.. Avatar.. that showed in Avatar
terms the death of our nature deficit disorder
in terms of first world problems.. was so much
to handle in the awakening to the slaves and prisons
they live in now.. already a depth of depression vague
that knows no home.. that yes.. some folks literally committed
suicide.. as the truth of the hell they learned they were.. was too
much to handle.. one more now.. there.. as there was no escape seen
for them back to a FoRest of Life that is real as FeeLinG LoVinG Touch..
sorry.. this is really long my friEnd.. but tHere IS A simple way out that is
in Being
LoVe aGaiN..
it just requires shedding
all these illusory clothes of
culture.. that have blinded
us to the liGht of what hUman
even iS as and ISReaL Beauty of Love..
the problems is there is nothing simple
about the illusions now my friEnd.. they
are we and we are they.. and the
way back is
iT noW..
when found..
beYond the
Castle Walls
of death as liFe..
as i’M sure any Tibetan
moNK would relate too iF
and when they come down
from the Mountain or Beach2..:)
And sure.. no different than Jesus.. the human.. then..
or Buddha.. Lao Tzu.. or even Mythical Krishna
or anyone else who truly believes and stands
for gentile.. jew.. servant.. free.. woman or
man no more for what those men
or myths originAlly then..
were in BeinG LovE..
iN loVinG oneself..
otHeRs and tHe
rest of NatUre
sAMe as God aLL
thaT iS.. coNsuming
no other more than
giving more than taking
the food and drink of subsistence
of liFe… sure.. i’M likely singing only
to A choir of ears.. but hey.. at lEAst
it’s a global one all for FReED.. and sure..
i have a hook.. of no one ever going long as this
online book.. as longest form poem ever Now..
for noW..
as a tool of
hand that will
last after ashes hand..
or even moth eaten books..
as tHeRe is no duSt online iSReAL..;)
WeLL.. dVerse as mentioned.. shortly..
earlier.. has a moon prompt for Tuesday
prompt of yesterday that i arrive now.. too..
to share some moon liGht of my own from
wHere that comes next.. reflections
of home of Sun
and moon
liVeS on
as words
a briGhter
Love Be noW.. i..
iN celebration of both
a literal and metaphorical
New Moon that WiLL arise
oN September 1st from the
first words that God gave me
of Nature wHole on a simple
status of what modern
as a Face
Book then..
with no clue
of what would
come next and only
wonder now.. of more
moon and sun-lit fresh
of midnight and noon more
of 9012016 celebration of
first public written words
in 42 months whole..
gifted to me from
God oF Nature
whole and
a celebration
of 42 months whole
of blog that reached
out farther after that
42 months ends for
then and now on 9112016..
bottom line Be the liGht shine on iSREAL..:)
Moon flight 101 to Iraq
war chest medals beat
to the synch of tribal instinct
for revenge and acquisition of
more territory for subsistence.. Space
race with Russia in ’69.. i wasn’t fooled
for even a second in ’01.. as i can see the lies
straight through the eyes of administration faces
and feel of talk back then.. and if that lie
could be hidden in the beginning of
the Internet age..
i must wonder
how far
can fly
to moon back
then.. i am no conspiracy
theorist.. i’ve access to all the Snopes
reports now.. that say we went.. then..
but there IS A intuitive feeling for
A BS meter that went up in ’01..
that comes back now
and then..
and wonders
how deep the lies
of tribal instinct can
go in mutual support
and top keeping secret ways
in lieu of prison sTiLL to hide
the biggest military secrets..
considered what it takes to
keep a country strong..
in a country already
in lies of
but oh.. in
another decade..
would anyone even
care if it was a lie.. considering
what we have fallen to as a Moon
of politics that IS a lie.. the iSREAL
moon cannot tale a lie.. but iN Moon
of human politics.. the Moon truthers
may be at least
on this one..
as lies of faux moons
and news hold old.. well..
i don’t believe in wasting
another penny on space travel..
there are too many folks that don’t
worship the gift of a blue orb moon here.. enough..
that lives more than rocks and rocks of old-lit nights..
yeah.. but sure the moon IS A romance i’ll never leave2..;)
Moonlit dresses
slip across bay..
Moon follows closely
in side view way..
alWays a little
aHead before
hoping to
get more
in touch
with Moonlit Feel..:)
Strangely enough as
Moonlit Men WilL glow..
having to wear sHades
in night of metro dance..
and more.. then..
seeing ClearLY A
Supermoon.. theN..
aCross a Carpenter’s
Park.. i swooped in with
my wife.. ran across the field
where some teens were having
fun.. i don’t know if they have
ever seen a man at 233LBs with
shades on chase the moon at night
that fast.. but haha.. they all ran as fast
as they could to tHeir car.. locked the doors..
and a girl screamed oh my God we’re gonna die..
all for
the Love
of A Dancing
moon man.. then..
juSt to Capture the
liGht of Father moon..
with an iPhone5 back then
as werewolves hoWl.. and teens flee..
but the truth is.. if they couldn’t use tHeiR
eYes to see the moon for 66 months too..
they would
worship the
beauty of moon
like this too..
oh.. perspective
of the blind man
with finally now..
moon site.. moreS.. iN SiGht..:)
The Sun stays
the same rarely
changing in partial
to total eclipse.. now
ah.. the moon.. gifted
with eclipse.. partial and
full.. and better yet always
changing every night.. man
of moon i’LL be.. Sun of Same
be aGain..;)
Thumb NAil Moon
Men.. cold orbs
diM iN
fiLLing ways..
soUl hELd uP
in sky of dArk..
Hope comes more
as MoonS cross Nail..
come back to liGhter FuLL..:)
Make-up moon
face she colors more..
Plain Jane moon forgets
moon face.. FeeLinGs gRow
away from Moon.. noW..
FilLed in
wiTh cheese..
never mOld..;)
SMiLes my friEnd
Bio-man.. so true..
a moon WiLL
shine freely
on aLL
blog posts..
findS inSpiRatioN
oF liGht no matter
welcome or delete
sAMe.. heHe.. noW
as long as my moon shines
aS Love..:)
now oF
so sUrE…
oF coMinG bacK..:)
Nurturing liGht..
Mother Moon’s
tides oF loVinG
by dArk..
by cLouDS
buT onLY
oF liGht
home Love..:)
Ha.. love a good detective challenge..
there is a Full Moon named Bar
in Brighton of the United Kingdom
and sure.. the full moon iN
general.. is linked
with wild
and free..
children feral
as moonlight
wolves children..
so.. perhaps your
Grandfather made this
one up from similar free
associations.. of cultural
reaLiTy in moonliGht wayS..
in the United Kingdom of the
Full Moon Bar iN Brighton way..;)
Fur of the Werwolf Moon..
is going bald from waxing
men.. men wear cosmetics
in South Korea..
in the New
and in Japan
no wild thing urge
to connect the hair
of dog.. for pups to come..
Hmm.. oh wHere or wHere have
the werewolf FULL MOON men.. gone to pLay..;)
SMiLes.. iT bRinGs
mE great pleaSure
And FeeLinG iN A
DiversiTy of Moon-liT
Women soUls.. particularly
oN Dance Hall niGhtS as the
come out
more free to
play wild moonliFe2..;)
True.. A moon briGht
and full and even
dArk and new..
can be
iN sinew
A greAtest
of Killer and
iS for Animals
from A to Z.. Flesh
giving moon.. in nourishment
blood.. teeth sink for life.. death
comes under cLouds.. FuLL Moon
reminds of
oF FuLL..:)
DArk of Moon
Feeds Sun oF liGht..
liGht of Sun Feeds
Moon of DArk..
Moon Moral
LiGht FeedS..:)
Moon.. girl..
who always
comes back more..
Sun.. boy..
who chases
her away..
give uP..
so far..
oF Dance
and SonG
never end noW..:)
Hmm.. that finishes
15.. work-out for now..
@5:32 pm..
more to
come after thAt.
close to New Moon event..:)
Back at 11:31 pm.. about to cross
the dark side of the New Moon
into 09012016…
and more
Moon liNks
from dVerse
to come as long
as i can stay wide aWake.. hehe..
as yeah.. the moon is far from full
Butter Fly Moon FloWers
Eclipse Sun Flowers
iN sHade plAnt
folLow moon sKeYes..:)
Hmm.. haven’t
seen moon girl
lately in comments
here.. i thiNk
A dArk
side has
come for her
for awhile more..
i would smile but i
think it might be beYond..
moon buoys..
alWays SMiLes..
Ocean wHOle..
to thE dArk
siDe of the Moon..
and writing makes
A reAlly diM difference..
thOught i’D have something more to say..;)
Day of worries hidden in moonlight dreams..
Dreams of moonlit worries awaKe in eYes of sAMe..
Sane of worries..
illusory all..
trUe.. liGht
oF Moon says
back.. forget iT aLL
dreAm wide aWAke noW
frUit oF Moon BriGht..:)
Brian says in return..
“Thank you for the lovely poem.
I tried going to your blog but
all the photos crashed my computer..:(
i say in return..
Thanks my FriEnd..
Yes.. i too.. Occasionally
Have that issue.. Patiently
Waiting for technology to
Catch up to all i do.. After the photos..
I write on average.. A novel sized chap book
of poetry in two posts a week.. And most every
photo is directly associated.. Waiting for
The next more powerful.. i Mac.. But as
Mark Twain says.. Don’t wait to write down
what would other wise be lost forever..
Creativity is a blessing with no
guarantees for the life of it..
Thanks again.. My Friend..:)
Now to back to
the regularly
Moon Child cAlls
iN shadows BeyOnd
DArk oF SiDe..
so bLack..
BacK wHO..:)
Moon IS A D sized
a heArt
oF cAlm..
Sun.. triple
A.. without.. as
near.. Romance..;)
Hmm.. Made it to
12:10 am..
now for
line morE noW..;)
A Head full of Dreams.. safe to say
i have one.. and safe to say
Synchronicity says there IS A
SonG for this i will use twice
iN the 699th Macro-Verse..
titLed ‘Cyberian Tiger River
Leaves’.. tomorrow on
A New Moon.. 1st oF
September celebrating
only the stars of night
oN Dance niGht too..
for the 125th niGht
of doing that too.. wiTh
aLL the cool college age
folks from Old Seville Quarter..
A Head of Dreams i’LL stARt oFF
WiTh and a Head of Dreams i’LL go
on with at the now of the conclusion
oF that Macro-Verse celebrating as i’Ve
oft stated in the last few days.. the 42 month
since my first words deep within from the Kingdom
oF God that lives within me rose to the flower of stream
of consciousness writing as Rose of thOughts come to
the surface of much greater mindful awareness when
the below of subconscious thoughts and conscious
thoughts become one and the science and art
pArts of miNd and BoDy BaLaNCinG SoUL
gRoW that way to as streams and wave
oF Ocean WhoLe Poem SpiRit
expreSsing EmoTioNs and
SeNses and yes.. SensualiTy
wHOle too.. iN moVinG.. conNecting
and creAtinG ways of ImAgiNatiOn
and dreAMs coMe to FruiTioN noW2..:)
Super Heroes of Dance Song and HOPE.. and
yes.. more on the Super Hero Archetype
as Facebook Macro-Verse memories
progress here from 2014 to 2015..
and the best pArts about
this post are
Spring side
Bikini’s and
Beach Boardwalk
Major Pensacola Bikini
contest from two Summers
ago.. where G-String Bikini’s
eliminate all violent tendencies..
while men naturally become more
creative as the dopamine levels rise..
in accordance with the watch of female
fertile hips.. and females naturally become
more cooperative n response to males who are
becoming better looking all the time for the
instinct of what it means to survive..
at the most basic levels of what
truly innocence.. and beauty
and Love are related
to when beauty
innocence and
Love are
to all sensual
relations that hold
a smaller tribe of friendly
naked human beings together
in both metaphor torn from the
complexities of modern cultural
clothes.. and sure.. literally close
to naked in rear ways as far
as the greatest art
of human
in the art
of this Macro-Verse
shared that is every bit
as beautiful as what ‘they’
name as 72 Vestigial Virgins..
as over here you don’t have to
wait to at least see that in
flesh of art and blood
and all that
and jazz
that has
kept the
human race
creative.. productive..
and reproductive in growing way..:)
Macro-Verse Facebook provided
memory of a year ago.. with ‘Two
Wolves Ghost Dance Crazy Horse’..
and to quote the ending lines..
‘Dedicated to my Sioux
And Cherokee Ancestors
who live again
in eyes
and feat
of me
as DaNCE
Free Feet..
Brave as
FREE can be..
i am NOT a Ghost…
i am ‘Master Chief
Aghogday’.. i can prove
i exist.. seriously..
Google IT..
if you do
not believe..
i for ONE
let’s FACE
fACTS.. before
12K years or so
ago.. WELL are
indigenous peoples
in land of sharing
And moVing foraGinG
wheRe we take no more
than we give less and
much more than now.. therE
IN the RUN..
where true dominance
spells and feels color NOW..:)’
‘Watchman Matchbox Humans’..
From a year ago..
and small one at
stARt but one
that will grow much
larger by the next day
in ‘Matchbox Catches Fire’..
anyway.. considering i have
both literally and metaphorically
witnessed for God now for 42 months
stARting March the first of 2013..
yeah.. 03012013.. on Facebook
First as KATiE MiA became
Kind Autistics Taking in
Everything.. Mindful iN
Awareness where my
first blog post to come
on March 10, 2013..
would be the perspective
that the Holy Spirit driven
creativity of the father metaphor
or Goddess or as i say to get the
point across in metaphor.. even..
Blue Turtle.. as it is the essence
of this creative energy in higher
potential of God of Nature as
Human Nature that trUly
counts.. not the frigging
label to be worshipped
and hoarded by one
culture alone.. like
putting the essence
of God within.. in chains
and prisons of cultural words..
outside of what iSReaL inside
aLive.. jUsT waiting to come out
and play with the rest of humans
and God of nature outside.. above..
so below and all around too.. that truly
goes along well with that introduction of
the actor Charlie Chaplin.. per Cold Play.. from the movie..
The Great Dictator too that is worth quoting verbatim here.. too..
The Great Dictator’s Speech..
“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone – if possible – Jew, Gentile – black man – white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness – not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way.
Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost….
The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men – cries out for universal brotherhood – for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world – millions of despairing men, women, and little children – victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people.
To those who can hear me, I say – do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed – the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish. …..
Soldiers! don’t give yourselves to brutes – men who despise you – enslave you – who regiment your lives – tell you what to do – what to think and what to feel! Who drill you – diet you – treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men – machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate – the unloved and the unnatural! Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!
In the 17th Chapter of St Luke it is written: “the Kingdom of God is within man” – not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people have the power – the power to create machines. The power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.
Then – in the name of democracy – let us use that power – let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world – a decent world that will give men a chance to work – that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will!
Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people! Now let us fight to fulfil that promise! Let us fight to free the world – to do away with national barriers – to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. Soldiers! in the name of democracy, let us all unite!”
And now i say.. amazing how many times ‘Jesus’
has come back to make this speech.. but the opposite
in words of Trumps are still held as truth and light
by Anti-Christ Christians still.. for his message
and not for his Dictatorship as created
by the Roman Empire Constantine
Dictators then and now..
and others of that
machine man
creed of
again.. yes.. then and
still now who would/will create walls against human freedoms)
Sadly the Kingdom of God has become a monarchy
in most religions.. wHere what is free in our
nature becomes chained in words
of books from thousands of years
ago.. to create is anew and
to renew.. not to stay
stagnate.. in
who attempt
to dictate the will
of God in Books that
lives within we juSt wanting
to come out and play to make
a better life for all with fearless Love..
anyway.. problem is when men become
the only and last prophets and men become
the only and last son of God.. when those are
tribal words for war to separate.. and no longer
unifying words by true men of God of Free that
lives within wE free.. so sure.. there is a test
in the old testament from Isiah 53.. for
how one will know when the
anointed one also
known as messiah
as messenger of
God will come to
set folks free..
well.. truth be told
as modern literature shows
in cross cultural ways around the
world.. it is only the human archetype
of hero.. expressed there in words as well..
the struggles and the light to come in the
much fuller human potential expressed
in both women and men to kingdom
come always now.. of bettering
the lot of human ways..
and sure i fit the mold
and so do many more
from then and now..
and just to make
the point to
one of my
friends who is a blogger
who thinks as close to half
the world does that Jesus is
not just a humble teacher who
says per Saint John’s reported
words that others will come to
do much greater works than
he.. as any empathic
and compassionate
humble trUe
and liGht
Man of
Love WiLL
relate.. the political
ways of the day in warring
ways to expand empires.. for taKing
subsistence and greater reproductive
rights and controls made Humble Jesus into
then a Soldier God.. that is totally ludicrous
as even words left in the New Testament
of a Son of man defy that to the very core
of what it means as last is first and first is
last and the humble ones shall inherit the
Kingdom of God.. as that simply means
back to Nature of God within without
the separation of cultural clothes
that take us away from the
God of Nature
within we
as human
Nature Free..
anyway.. me saying
i have witnessed for God
for 42 months fulfills no prophecy
except a self-fulfilled one by i.. taken
as a grain of salt.. or however one may
see that now.. but truth be told i’ve written
more than the equivalent of 14 bibles.. noW
in 6 years as of 12 million words this Thanks giving
day as my testament to witness of God equals at
least 4 Bibles and 140 Kurans in the last
42 months of… at 3.3 Million words that
would take 30,000 pages to print
as of estimate by Micro-Soft
Word.. i have come with
no sword.. i have come
with no myths of
miracles but what
i have and do come with
POTENTIAL.. God doesn’t need to do magic
tricks to prove that God iSREAL within.. it is
as FucKinG plain as 3.3 Million words written
in a little over three years now.. in a poem
in long form free verse style that is
longer than ones done before by
multitudes of folks over
centuries of effort..
laser focus
to keep
the story
going then
with multiple
human hands with
sanskrit markers of
way back when.. sure..
i have technology to help
me write.. as with a marker
and sand i can do a fraction of
this in centuries earlier.. however..
and this my Friends is a only a testament truly of what
amazing real life miracles are still to come as long as
we humans hold hands and unify for Balance and
anyWay.. truly that stuff of the old testament and
new is poetic.. but it was just a breath of a
Hurricane wind to come.. as Herme’s
wife Hermine breezes on in on
the Panhandle today too..
of the state of Florida..
and the state of
affairs of
hands as messengers
of God from day one to day
now and so much more to come..
sure you can stay left behind if ya like..
or you can continue a trip in the Kingdom
of Heaven of now.. if you pick up a weapon
of art and science.. and grow in Fearless Love..
and CouRAGE!..:)
So a quote from a year ago here..
about the Super heroes then and now STiLL..:)
“Oh Lynn! finAlly! you beat me to the
starting line.. and i am so appreciative
of this prompt.. and while i only
can come up with
15 words.. sorta
wayYYY short oF
Novella.. hehe!..
since i am the
only ‘Novella’
person here.. haha!..:)
yeah 40K words equals a
Novel and i’ve already done
24K in one day.. including
comments… but only 14K
GoLD in the main body.. AND
i am going to go a little ‘deeper’
here.. simply out of appreciation
that your prompt guides me tHere
and again.. please.. if it is too long..
since it may interrupt the flow of
shorter stuff.. do delete.. as you
know i lose nothing.. i believe
words in a certain way
are sacred so this
A quote(S):
Isaiah 53King James Version (KJV)
53 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?
2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.
‘OH.. i am told i am an ugly worm.. before and in no certain terms that i do not deserve to exist.’
3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
‘Yeah.. i did that for five years.. pariah from society.. and more or less before too.. here and thEre..’
4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
‘If it’s associated with pain.. grief.. and suffering.. been there done it.. in fAct i have the empathy.. both cognitive and affective.. of around 14.5 billion years.. and i am dead dam ALIVE serious about THAT.. now.. SMILES..;)’
5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
‘Yeah.. this modern culture STUFf almost kills me.. literally.. in waves of misery and suffering.. 66 months from waking to sleeping.’
6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.
‘True dAT…’
7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.
‘I did not speak until i am four.. and for 66 months i rarely speak aGain.. and the slaughter IS close at MY hand.. as some pain is worse than death as life..’
8 He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.
‘Yeah.. two times.. and worse than prison…’
9 And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
‘Yeah.. i mix with both.. and continue to do so.. done deal…’
10 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.
‘My seed is creativity.. and it spreads in Novella form each day.. smiles..:)’
11 He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.
12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.
‘I never ask for that.. and do not care to have it.. but sometimes one gets what one asks for without asking.. and that’s how GOD works.’
The bible is a wonderful book of poetry..
and these fables in the bible do reflect reality.. this IS A story for all superheroes.. similar.. that number in untold numbers of servants/soldiers only known to GOD.. unfortunately.. literally thinking folks have assigned this Truth and Light to ONLY ONE PERSON.. AND RESTRICTED IT AS SUCH… instead of remembering the hidden meaning.. that this IS A path that is a common GOD GIVEN human archetype.. to helping other human beings.. OUT OF MISERY AND SUFFERING.. and sadly it takes away from the path.. when one only says onE person has been there done it.. and that is precisely what Jesus IS speaking TO.. too.. when he says the Kingdom of Heaven IS NOW all around us for those with GOD eyes and ears to see and hear it AND many will come after him wHo will do greater Will and Deeds with Faith.. Hope.. and most importantly Belief in Just Doing IT NOW.. sadly many people are waiting for one man to come back from the dead.. when the real man Jesus is just hoping then.. before he gives his Life for SPREAD OF Truth and Light TO HELP ALL OTHERS.. that othErs will FULFILL HIS PROPHECY IN SELF FULFILLING WAY BY FINDING THIS INNER LIGHT OF GOD’S TRUTH INSIDE AND SHINING IT BRIGHTER THAN ANY ONE BEFORE.. and yes.. my dear friend Lynn.. that takes effort.. FOCUS.. AND THE job of JOB.. and sometimes a novELla
or two.. or MORE TOO..
and i say this with Love
as there is something
in your eyes that
you will
hear AND
SEE more
than most..:)
AND i will tale you this for sure.. from experience in
walking every now in HIS SHOES.. if ‘the REAL
JESUS’ COMES BACK NOW.. he will have
his messages deleted.. BANNED..
place he will find to speak
is on a solitary
isolated blog
but HA! after
one has
been crucified
in flesh and blood
life more than once
ha!X2 that is a piece
AND OTHERS.. i feel
you just miGHt
do it.. but not
can carry THAT
And i say.. sure enough two weeks
from this date.. the dVerse team would
delete me from that website.. for only
doing more and for only
itself once more..
where others could
not understand that
the Kingdom of Heaven
is now.. even on a deserted
Isle out of the cave from before..
of Plato and so many more who simply
escaped the chains and prisons of modern
cultural clothes.. it’s just nature friends.. and
nature is both science and art.. and this play
of actors we will repeat of course.. as human
nature stays.. and our potential grows or not..
i go..
i grow..
i juST do it
MoRe.. like Jesus said..
whomever reported that TrUth and liGht..
that is Nature too.. the Nature of God within..:)
AS i self-fulfill another prophecy for myself..
i owe my life to the God within of my
ancestors from the origin and
continuing now of
allthatis God
Now of
wRite on course..
my paternal grandmother
here.. Louise.. who did automatic
writing in bed.. reaching deep down
to the God within.. sure her prophecies
came true.. as we connect to the deeper
of our human potential that have no distance
time or space.. that is as much science as the
art of human being.. in Kingdom of God
within always exploring
more.. in ImAgiNaTiOn
and MoVinG.. coNnecting
and creaTing ways noW..
HOldinG Hands toGeTher
and never forgetting the gifts
and sacrifices our ancestors
have made to create the we
that is.. and in the photo stream
of my now coming Cyberian Tiger
River Leaves post heRe.. tHere
is a River Railroad Trestle
and a dirt white patch..
of the place of
land of
my Grandmother’s
100 year old shot gun
home that i was raised in
then to first see God face to
face in God speak to me before
i gained language to speak at age
three across the River then.. as God
came to me early as i had been here
forever and all was iSREaL.. sTiLL..
and i aM tHeRe aGain iN this Kingdom
of God within that never ends noW..
eternAlly now a drop of water..
a stream.. a River
to a Ocean
God whole
Field oF dreAM..
allthatis.. within..
inside.. outside.. above..
so below and all around..
as far as words will say and
so much more than that words will
never say.. the lesSon of A non-verbal
child of God ’till age 4.. who understands
that no words at all are required to see
to FeeL
God within
Facebook and Blogger Friend
Rafiah says in return
to a response
on one of
her previous
blog posts..
Angel Rafael is supposed to blow
trumpet on Judgement Day.
So what do it tell about
me I wonder..;)
And i say in thoughtful
and coming
Sand and
Sun DanCinG
Will come back
iN wiTh 9
One Finger
On SmArt
Deep within
WiLL let you
KNow FeeL
Okay.. i’m back and i have
to admit that your newest post
has made me lose some focus
’cause sure..
even Saints
have earthly pleasures
when the feet are adorned
as God’s Treasures.. but
truly in my eYes that
makes yoUr
and holy
as you shine
your God Given
liGht of woman’s
beauty that IS A greaTest
even scientific named force for
the creativity of male and the social
cooperation of female to make society
and a mix of lust and love work for Heaven now..
and even in the Bible the Jesus then was reported
to say that heaven would be on earth in his generation
and in that heaven then every one would be as friends
and there would be no marriage there.. as marriage
is for ownership and friends and love are for free..
as the village as alWays raised the child
as the prize with nothing
to own but
Love my Friend..
now back to Archangels
before i go visit some of the
most exotic feet i’ve ever seen
as what is adorned with beauty
is painted with a balance of love
and lust for more human progress..
only second perhaps to dark brown
eyes that are as deep as the ocean
blue my friend.. as love as love iSREAL..
Okay.. the Angel Rafael in my study of the
Quran is not noted there as to blow a trumpet
on Judgement day so my trusty wiki source says..
Israfil (Arabic: إسرافيل‎, translit. Isrāfīl, lit. ‘The Burning One’‎, alternate spellings: Israfel, Esrafil),[1] is the angel of the trumpet in Islam[2] though unnamed in the Qur’an and is the alternative name of the archangel Uriel for the Jewish people.[3] Along with Mikhail, Jibrail and Azrael, he is one of the four Islamic archangels.[1] Israfil will blow the trumpet from a holy rock in Jerusalem to announce the Day of Resurrection.[4] The trumpet is constantly poised at his lips, ready to be blown when God so orders. In Judeo-Christian biblical literature, Raphael is the counterpart of Isrāfīl.[4] Isrāfīl is usually shown as having a huge, hairy body; that is covered with mouths and tongues, and reaches from the seventh heaven to the throne of God. One wing protects his body, another shields him from God, while the other two extend east and west. He is overcome by sorrow and tears three times every day and every night at the sight of Hell.
Considering how hairy my body is and sure.. rather large compared to
Rafiah.. and how i use my left arm wing as a sign
of feral
as my own
body guard per se..
at least online hehe..
and sure my mouth and tongue
reaches far and wide.. both long
and fast my friend.. hmm.. this
archangel sounds a little
more like me than
you.. so that
must mean
you are my
assistant to
hold the
horn with my left
hand and give it a hard
blow at least in metaphor my friend..
Okay.. and interestingly enough in fundamentalist
lands of Southern Baptist religions they often talk
prejudice talk about black folks still on farms i visit..
and in the next sentence look forward to Gabriel’s trumpet
sounding for judgement day too.. when historically speaking
that’s not in the bible.. and in fact.. it originates in Negro spiritual
folk tradition.. closer to the slave days that fundamentalist Christians
supported by taking the old testament literally then.. same they do with
Homosexuals today.. but sure.. wearing different fiber clothes is allowed
and not allowed in the old Torah 613 commandments then for Jewish Law..
from old
good old
book of before..
anyway.. i Love all
religions as they address
the Inner Universe of human being
that can only be described adequately with
art.. like poetry.. dance.. song.. and paintings too..
all art in fAct.. as to take away the art of God’s heart..
is to only be left with he of patriarchal rules that make
others slaves of men.. my friend.. Repression of God Given
Human Nature.. Oppression of God Given Emotions.. Senses..
and yes.. of course.. sensuality too.. to control reproductive freedoms
that benefit the he of culture most without the art of female free.. my friend..
the divine feminine of love that can thrive in all human beings as Fearless love..
unless that
is trapped
in a ball
of chains
and prisons of now..
what else.. yes.. human
archetypes are real.. and
the Jungian human archetypes
have now gained credence even in
modern science.. in the Christian Religion
Archangel Michael is the protector.. Gabriel
is the messenger.. per poets.. and other artist
like that who give more of what living is all about..
in balance with God of course.. Uriel is pity of human..
and Rafael is healer my friend.. and sure you are what
they would call as pure as virgin.. in soul no matter what
male might defile you with even rape.. my friend.. as you
seek understanding and loving.. and that is the touch that heals my Angel
and Assistant friend.. Rafiah.. and sure i was 99 percent sure of that with your
words until i saw the love bright in your eyes.. and that sealed the deal
for me friend.. plus you haven’t left my side as friend online for two
and truly
in this grand
feat.. you are
the only one for me..
as far as really consistently
reaching out and touching my
heARt.. my spiRit.. and my SoUL..
and yeah.. those feet are touching
me in ways now.. that i didn’t expect
i must
but i have
nothing to
hide as you
might guess by now..
pretty delicate feet you have..
adorned with the beauty you
now feel inside.. and that my
friend will have you shining into
oldest of age eYes.. that say.. i Am
Woman.. hEar me roar i AM Free a child of GOD..;)
And now i move on to her next blog post..
that asks the question and i quote her..
Is prohibited
That’s what’s preached
What about saints then?
First i will tale.. you likely have
already heard at least once..
a longer second toe like
that means.. it seems now..
‘You are a leader and are
dynamic and resourceful’..
hehe.. and to ask a question
like ‘this’ is direct evidence of that..
smiles.. in every painted woman’s eYes
and every adorned woman’s foot with Mehndi
is the allure of the reproductive touch my friend..
that leads as science even shows to more creativity
and social cooperation among both genders.. and it
doesn’t matter what is clothed whatever is provided as
beauty and art has the same effect and amazingly even more..
smiles my friend.. what becomes taboo… and hidden but slightly
shown and adorned is the sexiest pArts of woman oF all.. well before
i met any of you women from countries over ‘here’ online.. the Arabian
veiled dancer.. in mystery and taboo.. was the sexiest thing ever..
there is no way for a ‘normal’ woman not to seduce men.. my
friend.. even when they are friends.. but it is love that
prevents anything to go on that is not consensual..
and that my friend is the balance of life..
it is okay to feel..
it is not okay to harm..
and you know what the
happiest parts of my life
were that i wished more than
ever could come back when i lost
all my emotions at age 47.. i screamed
to the ceiling in a voice of a demon.. so lost so
lost in a pit of dark that would never have light
for another 5 years or so.. until at least one tear
came back.. all i wanted to do.. was be back in my
Mother’s home.. and watch Alfred Hitchcock late at
night with my sister and her.. and feel the warm comfort
of unconditional and fearless love.. and my mother let me
have coffee.. it helped me focus then with ADHD that was no
diagnosis then.. and sure.. if you ever visited me that is the thing
i would love to do the most with you.. just watch a TV show and
know that you are there with me.. as friend.. sex is okay my friend but Love
now @lEast..
and you know/feel..
the most thing i would
love to have is a ‘normal’
family of children.. but that
was not in the play of cards for
me this go around.. no.. there is
nothing greater than a loving
family my friend.. and that
is where i for one
shine most one day
as wife.. as friend.. and mother too..
and when women want to do that now..
i can’t see any higher calling than Mother..
but it is a role that should never ever be
forced on any woman.. labor of love only..:)
You seem happy for now.. and that is
all i pray for you my friend.. Happy Angel/Saint Rafiah..
with her very pretty and Mehndi ADORned feat of Feet..:)
Facebook Friend Ned AKA gigoid.. who
is currently taking respite from Blogging..
says and i quote
his quote aGain..
“… But when he [the people’s champion] has disposed of foreign
enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them,
then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people
may require a leader.” — Plato (428-348? B.C.), “The Republic”
AdditionAlly Ned says..
And i go on to say in
meaSuRed poetic
free verse
And a hell and or a heaven
from anywhere else
but earth comes
place as this..
illusory plus fears = Hate..
best bed buddies in iSreal hell..;)
However.. humans are not evolved
to live in anything but small villages..
the hook for heaven is to stay small..
moving.. connecting.. and creating
toGetHer.. sharing and giving
as most.. every Facebook
page hopes to be
a vicarious
deep down like
that in avatar lands
approximating human life at
core of what’s even lost of all of that..:)
And now i say.. on to
Thursday Holy and Sacred
R and R activities as i am
already mused enough
for the day
to continue
on with
a dance
of liFe..
including.. more fun
dance photos coming to
this Macro-Verse post..
after the 125th dance week
is celebrated with all the cool
college age folks at Good Old
Seville Quarter.. while the wife of
Hermes in Wind Form Hermine blows
ashore.. close to where my Father’s side
of the Family lives in Tallahassee Florida..
and yes.. a year ago to date.. Hurricane
Fred.. namesake of both i and my father
was spinning off in the Atlantic too..
blow on as notes
As Mercury in fleet
footed Golden mesSage
way wiLL as weLL by foot and or
electronic lines of E-air mail2.. hehE..
in somewhat global reach now.. hAha..;)
Well.. it seems at this point.. E-scaping a life of stress in school..
and work.. Enduring 66 months of literal hell on earth.. writing now
yes.. 12 million words now online during 33 months of what i endured
in hell too.. approaching that many words on Thanks Giving day now too..
for 6 years.. and 33 months before that when i could not do a God dam thing
but think stuck in a head where too much dentist drill like pain was
in right eye and ear to do another dam thing but sit on
my patio and look out into space..
all day all day aghogday..
another ground hog day..
anyway.. this new testament
that i do always now for God..
of Nature all that is now.. and this
Ocean Whole Poem of at least 3.3 million
words that continues to grow.. and close to 5900 miles
of dancing every where i go in the general public.. soon
to meet A 6000 milestone this month in 3 years of doing that.. aS
WeLL.. is truly proof that i am great at Staying Alive and after Facing
the prospect of death every second for 66 months.. where every second
of life was worse than the prospect of life.. i must say than i am a tidal wave..
a tsunami.. and a Hurricane Fred of current Hermes Hermine way that will not
give up no matter what anyone else says or does.. and i must say after reviewing
my health records and Nude art of last year compared to this year.. being banned
from places i was never wanted ’cause of what i said or what i did or what i do and say
that is way too much for most folks to understand.. to accept.. or even F iN tolerate to
this point.. this Desert Isle of mind and body balance.. that i hold at home and online
too of Freedom’s SonG and DancE.. is truly a Garden of Eden and Heaven now
that is simply the freedom to be all of who i am no matter what the
FucK anyone else thinks or feels about that..
and it has been to my person.. great
benefit in increasing the
human potential
of my art from writing
to head to toe in dance
in all the ways that comes
too.. as SonG too.. thAT i have
been dismissed from communities online
ranging from Poetry Clubs to Online Autism
Communities the same.. ’cause what remains
now and then and forevermore now.. as long
as online lasts.. is this Nautilus Shell of more
and more that i continue to create as
stately mansions
for art as any
Oliver Wendell
Holmes.. Whitman
and other inspired artists
will do for free.. free is fearless
love.. unleashed and released..
staying alive is what i did and do
now iN F iN Epic Free way.. sure
i’M tripping baby.. but i master this
trip now.. with or without the approval
of anyone else now.. except for God
who has my back.. my front.. my insides..
outsides.. above so below and all around..
no fear baby.. no fear and love of freedom RinGS..
alWays LiVinG A
DancE and SonG FReED..
September 1st 2016 a day
to alWays remember like
every other day of Now FReED..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)