GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

StArting off a 701st Macro Verse to Celebrate 42 months
of Blog Poem Witnessing for God.. as hey.. don’t yA like
A Meaning oF liFe.. likely only meaningful in totaLiTy
to mE.. and sUre.. 42.. is kinda related to thaT
iN sacred number cross many cultural ways..
so why not make meaning and purpose
iN MoVinG.. ConNecTing and creAtinG
in HoLy SacRed Way of HeARt and
SpiRiT exPreSsinG thaT heARt oF
EmoTioNs.. aS SpiRiT iN miNd
and boDy BaLanCinG soUL
to regulate EmoTions..
and inteGrATe seNses
like a finely tuned cognitive
executive functioning human
race car sports car.. iN super laser
focus and German Watch-like elegant
precision too.. and hmm.. got a Lucifer
Song by Alan Parsons that FiTs thiS theMe
oF the Meaning oF liFE to mE iN 42 months
aS a total of over 3.3 million words.. Ocean Poem
total SonG oF mY SoUL way.. too.. and it’s kinda nice
that the somewhat trusty Facebook Algorithm as Video
Slide Movie Production Assistant welcomes me with a
brief early Afternoon Labor Day workout-grind to come..
even if the embedding feature for blogs is hardly working
at all for the other photo muses from Facebook way.. but yes..
aGaiN iT’s aLL free so i’ll jUst go wiTh the Flow of River Waves
in Ocean Whole Poem Field of dreAMs waY as iF iT didn’t coMe
to the pARty.. aLL FrEEd as such.. it wouldn’t be nearly as much
fun Free.. hehe.. now.. as ’42 Fred Buffet oF aLL onE Can Eat Meaning
oF liFE’.. yes i kNow and FeeL thAT IS A very LonG title as such by hey..
what the heLL.. when the whole dam thing is sTiLL approaching 4.2 Million
words.. iF iT ain’t already tHeRE.. if yA eAT the wHoLe dAM thing.. including
comment snacks that eventuAlly make Novels out of Macro-Verses allone..;)
Hmm.. and now i say.. i’m saYinG moRe.. i’Ve fELt the meaning oF liFe all mY
liFE.. jUst haven’t been able to put iT into words and practice a meaning of LIFe
in mY liFE that makes Heaven noW unTiL the end of July 2013.. at age 53.. hmm..
better late than ever and never and now is alWays the best now oF aLL to geT the
practice of life done better and better iN all the HoLY and sAcred waYs liFE can go
and FeeL and SeNse and Be.. hehe.. so sure.. iT ain’t over ‘tiLL iT’s over so go ON..
and aLways do more while liFe lives long.. iN now forevermorenowmoreeverfor now..:)
And dVerse has a Haibun and Haiku prompt as one Force of Japanese strict Nature
Form to come for Monday poetry liNks now.. and i for oNe WiLL go with my usual..
Fredbun and Fredku Free verse way.. and sure mostly it will be about Nature but
yA see Nature is sAMe as GoD allthatis for mE.. so sure that could include
FucKinG everything.. anything.. and nothing at all in only metaphor of
course.. hmm.. sure.. i kNow and FeeL.. i’M way too complicated now
for most folks.. hmm.. but hey.. i for one lEarn thaT MakinG aLL
sacred and Fearlessly Loving Holy IS A continuing path(s) and
journey wHole getting better alWays noW aS
Heaven now.. per the iSREaL KinGdoM oF
God poTenTiAL.. in neuroplastic.. noW
and epigenetic wayS Now..
WiThiN.. DNA..
set free as
metaphor.. oF
Quantum unleashed
and reLeasED miNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL
ever more now.. NOW..
theRe ain’t no strict
juSt Do it
NoW as Victory
Nike symbol as Goddess
of VicTory too.. VictorY for the
WiN is WTF.. FTW i do.. how ’bout
yA.. fight team fight team team liGht NoW..
with words and paint and dAncE FeAT oF arT..:)
Hi.. Candice.. this makes me
wanna give you a hug.. so sure
tight online hugs as ‘the
women say’.. sMiLes..
i test as nurturer
sure.. not
a gift
from a father
but yes.. one from
Saint Mother as it
were and still is.. however..
it can’t last forever as the real
world calls for an outcast.. and add
in poor.. like eating peanut butter sandwiches
every day as an only staple of life afforded with
even three part time jobs.. and life is hard and lonely
same in a college where you no longer know anyone.. this
relates particularly to at least a lost year in college.. but
overall small towns have anchors for even some of
the most outcast oF all.. so i stayed for the
anchors as Lord knows immigrating
to Canada like you did would
have tested me in
the same way..
probably even
now.. as we are all social
animals who need that connection
and roles to live with each other.. nomadic
societies that moved as villages are normal still
evolving ways of human beings.. following subsistence
and shelter together away from harsh environmental elements
but anyone on their own moving to an entirely different country
is quite a challenge.. and many women of many different countries
do this today.. including my Friend Himali.. i readily admit i am not
that strong.. to uproot my former outcast status comfort
in my role now as town jester dancing guy as such..
much.. and i really had to earn that social
role in a fight at first for
a right to dance..
with folks
in charge then..
but ‘they’ got used to me..
instead of me getting used
to ‘them’ this go around.. and i
appreciate a social role i direct..
act.. and play as now.. instead of mastered
by the control of others through decades as
the modern slave world of work does over the
freedoms of so many folks.. but sure.. the social
connection is the meat of what makes life worth
living for most ‘regular’ folks in life.. and i am regular
enough to need a social role and that connection too
as much or even
more than
else.. as
the connection
of nurture is what
brought love to me and
keeps it that way all fuzzy
and warm.. like Bowling Alley
Cheers Life where Norm is Strange as Norm…
ironically so.. comfortable in my crazy own sKin.. Free..
Hope you live in a wonderful place now.. my friend.. i’M
thinKinG the U.K.. if i remember what you may have said before..
Yeah.. and i’LL use ‘Life in a Northern Town’ for this.. but wait..
nah.. i’LL use ‘Fast Car’.. working at the Bowling Center then..
close to minimum wage before they converted it into a
Federal Job.. living at home still at age 26.. still
with a 1970 Maverick with no AC or Heat..
dating a woman i met at the 2001 Club..
later to find out she was already
pregnant by someone else..
but i stayed as i was
so lonely..
she on welfare..
spent a few nights
at the projects.. ate
some welfare cheese
too.. as she had a little
girl too.. i bought my first
cheap apartment and had
the only second removed
four person family
i would
i’ve been
around my
friend.. and
it all ended up like this..
there is always room for
change.. there is ALWAYS
i Love you Friend..
with hugs of words..
as i know the place
of not only the lost
but the
poor in
spirit too..
waiting for a fast
car to escape in FliGht..
mine came in twinkle
toes of stars and fingers..
never ever would i have placed
myself here then.. beYond my wildest dreAms..
never give up.. and never stop dreaming.. my friend..:)
Smiles.. this didn’t make the comments section for
the post you just erased but i really liked it
and this is an additional benefit
of always
before post..
this one is for that one..;)
Hi.. again.. Candice.. A Baker’s dozen.. A Baker’s
mind.. 6 and a half
of brain
or more
of what
a soUl can
expand or retract
to be.. an act of mercy..
an act to restrain.. an
act to save.. a Baker’s
Act of prison for weeks
then days.. first @21
manic as expanded brain
can go.. and then at opposite
side of black hole soul brain..@47…
like i said..
been around
in that other comment
in that other place too..
and too.. both places of the mind that
wanders too far.. as sure.. all reaLiTy
that human constructs IS A Narrative story
of what they’ve been told and shown or what
they create for themselves.. the
rest is moving
and smaller
parts and tapestry
whole.. and then there
IS A inner UniVerse of hUman
soft and cozy.. wild and crazy now
and or dark and dim.. and a spectrum
oF aLL.. the inner Universe more complex
than any God Dam astronomer has ever seen
of space.. these stars of Neurons.. connected
as Stars above.. trillions of paths.. journeys of
memories that change at pace slow
and fast and
blur of
now.. to go places
where no one has gone
before.. still frontiers within
of Star Trek BRain
but now then..
the worst place
oF aLL is when it all
dies inside.. when the smiling
face of the schizophrenic looks like
heaven compared to a schizoid world..
when schizotypal magic thinking beats depersonalization
and dissociative identify disorder and beyond anhedonia
of no feeling at all.. where anxiety clamps down on
chest muscles and suffocates panic
attacks as death
as only
can do for false..
and real fears at
organic level of neuro-chemicals
and neuro-hormones the same..
where Alexithymia.. separates
language and emotion as well..
in empty place of hell..
where all of it is
an Invisible Universe
and sure.. pain disorders
the same that no one sees
but the person who lives in
an entire UniVerse of Hell within
now.. all trillions connections of
Neurons working as
a symphony
of devils eYes
real that view
flames that are
only cold and felt
by those who suffer
as the furniture and the
couches no more human
than the WALLS in the room..
where the sound of the AC vent
cannot be separated from self or
others different or same.. So how does
one paint the dark UniVerse of the soUL..
will labels from the APA do.. or will one have
to go to hell to see and feel it for oneself.. yes
you will.. yes you will.. as there are no windows in
hell.. there are no doors.. to get in or out..
all there is
is time
in hell
where a thousand
years is one second..
beyond any pain or feeling
or sensing of nothingness
that is nothing
at all
an electron..
a last one swirling
around a nucleus of life..
Ha.. and people ask me
why i am so happy.. been
there done it.. ain’t going back
to hell ever ever again.. once you’ve
been ThErE.. happiness IS A FucKinG Olympic
Sport you practice and never ever FucKinG GiVe uP..:)
And you know what.. when you get out.. you tale the entire
world in every way you can.. how to NOT go there the first time at
all.. and you only want to get a gift large enough to tale folks
what it’s like to be in hell.. only poetry can do the job..
or screams of paintings.. etc..
labels are just clothes
no sKin of HeLL..
and the most hilarious
part is folks think there is
a worst place than this after
life.. something as wimpy as
burning in fire for eternity or something
like that when you only wish someone would
douse you with flames to feel anything at all..
or at
to end
it all
the thing is
we are born to live.
we are born to live..
and this is what makes
hell the worst place ever
is you still have no choice but to live
without a trigger or another tool.. to an exit out..
and nah.. i didn’t mention the 19 medical disorders
including the worst pain known to humankind.. named
trigeminal neuralgia from wake to sleep.. for 66 months..
the dentist drill pain that never ended until i went to the
worst place of all in nothing.. and wished for
that pain to come
a feather
of heaven in hell..
there are places that people
go.. there are places that people
go.. that not even the bravest demon
of the soUL..
it has no label
but hell.. my friend..
nor does that gravity
of word do it justice for
what most folks think hell is..
and sure there IS A Song for this
named “Hail to the King’.. where
one has been both devil and hell
and there is no difference.. but Life..
and then one knows and feels who and
what God is..
all is connected..
all is interrelated
and the other place..
where there is no place
of that for either Devil AND Hell..
so.. I kiss the ground beneath me..
the sky above me.. the flesh that
moves in the night as dance.. and
the blood that warms my bones.. Hail
to the bones that feel my Friend.. ALIVE..
Stars oF eYes SuN that are no longer only duSt..
GoD sKeYes..
Now.. a happy change..
to Earth.. Wind and Fire..
Star.. and back to dVerse..
dOne the Fred Fu at the gym..
now for Fredbun and Fredku
and PoeTry witH
lInks to
about Stars..:)
And.. no more..
birds tarred in oiLed
in pits of HeLL
wE riSE.. We aLivE
We are Star BriGht.. HeAven nOW..
KinGdOm oF God WiThiN aLiVe weAre..:)
11:27 p.m…:)
Diatoms of Stars
in Moonlit waters
of Ocean spRay..
Lovers reflection
as salt water
skin.. gLows..
of eYes..
reflecting Love..:)
Fire fly
eYes stars
humans noW
love lit candles
wonders magic..
Fire Fly
Star liGht.. Star briGht..
so far aWay.. eYe viSion
too dull to see you..
sHades don’t hELp..
enough as seNsuaLitY
noW to be you inside..
outside.. above.. so
below and all aRound..
star stuff are wE.. eYes
Of LoVinG Star duSt.. every
star iF iT could.. Jealous
oF stars
aS oUr
God’s breaTh Now..
Stars.. DancE.. orbiT
HUmaN eYes..noW..:)
GreaTest star oF liGht NiTe..
Moon aBove.. ‘fore
science.. distances..
Love ‘gains
star moon
First of aLL..
Bioman aka Microman..
Hello.. i don’t think
the administrator(s)
had enough common ingenuity..
or perhaps technical ‘expertise’..
at dVerse.. to check your current post
here for the dVerse prompt.. to make
sure your last one didn’t post on the linkie..
by accident.. on the list as you don’t link often at dVerse…
‘They’ usually help newer folks with this…
Usually.. the last poem pasted..
remains there.. on the linkie list..
until it is changed to another link address..
this is the one they can’t find.. on the current linkie list…
Now.. back to your
nice Haibun about the
Southern Cross starry skies above…
People used
to treat folks like
stars enough to find/see them..
and allow them to fully clarify/verify..
and validate tHeir communication too..
i do Fredbun and Fredku
And Martial Arts Fred Fu..
the FucK aWay from
Form.. NoW..
Have a nice day..
with essence..
mY friEnd..:)
iS core
Star Force..:)
i worked for the Federal
Government for 25 years..
the form monster almost killed
me.. i left THAT so far bEhind…
noW.. i have
thE Yoda
Force bacK
as L i G H T..
aWay from the
dARk Force Form..
oF liGht
iS wHere it’S aT..;)
PerHaps.. the greAtest
star of hUman bEing
IS A star wHo shines
or not the
star of Love
comes back to them..
Star bright
Star Love
HUman Shines..:)
Cricket SinGs
SonGs of starliT
Voice.. WinGs
oFF SinG
lonEly fields
aS Night breaThes..
Rhythm.. beAT
and Song SinGs.. oN..
starliGht Cricket Bands..:)
SMiLes.. home far
enough away from
city liGhts to
see stARs
in Lone
skies away
from culture briGht…
PerHaps.. half the
magic is abSenT
ciTy liGht.. and Stress..:)
Star Nurturing
Star Monastery
sAme.. covers oF
Free rules oF led..
BrinGer oF
New noon nun
Freedom sAid..
Freedom SinGS
starlit moon
hAir reMains..:)
HUman sTars oF sHine
And absOrBinG liGht..
wiLd things shine..
morE LiGht..
Shy Stars
shy Stars..:)
Too far South for aurora sKies..
Gulf fire ceiLinG.. iN equinoX
Star Sun…
firE pasTel
coloRs oN sugaR
White Beach Love..
Emerald waters
fiRe bReath
Star oF SuN..:)
of Stars
vs.. Dreamtime
of hUman inner UniVerse..
form makes illusion of concrete
Stars form from DreAms of MiNd..
oh.. Horatio.. never visits a textbook..
or one step.. two step.. four+ step book
of methods to stay
on concrete
of beFoRe..
Miracles.. and
FruiT oF dreAms..
directly proportionate..
as Belief becomes iSREaL..
i would
be dead..;)
SMiLes.. thanks for this..
as i haven’t thOught about
my first kiss for perHaps a decade
or more.. and nah.. no first time
for the Alabama Girl
visiting a little
South in
for Virgin
boys who
only dreamed of Girls..
But only a kiss..
But only a kiss
and so much more FeeLinG..:)
Starry Starry
niGht.. as above
so beLow..;)
and the stars
oF sigNificance
aS 1 and 6 and 9
for one above.. below..
inside.. outside.. and all around
as 6 and 9 swirls Golden Spiral..
of Dancing
Feat wHo
Feats oF
UniVerse sWirL
iN BaLanCinG oF BeinG
OnE WiTh GoD oF NaTure
wHOle.. oh.. wHo new 42
iS in this
as liGht1..
sTiLL eVolVinG3
0ceAn wH0lE 4noW2..:)
Stars looKinG
Down uPon
EARTh sKeYes..
oh.. they eXclaim..
HUman eYes shiNe
BriGht HeArt too..
FeeL whAt
hUmans FeeL..
Star Children forGeT
thE BlesSinGs oF eYes
wHo FeeL.. more than sHine…
Starry Starry niGhts..
art without FeeLInG
iS oNly..
eARTh heARt..:)
MonKey arm
stay hiGh
aS liGht floaTs
hiGher BaLaNcinG
center of Gravity..
to moon
Sun says..
hiGher hiGheR
raise HoriZonS HiGheR..:)
Sooner hUmanS
reaLize NaturE
and God is onE
and sAMe.. sooner
humaNs are no longeR
doomed the do do bird
of duh
in harming
sKeYes oF
oNe and sAMe..
Apex fools
wHo kNoW
And FeeL no hoMe..:)
For those who
gRound the oxytocin
comfort receptors of feet
to Mother EartH and
see with
of sKeYes..
never are they
anywHeRe but
allone as
of HoMe..
Star liT
soils soUl Loves..:)
iN South Asia..
look up to imaginary
angles of connections
oF StarS in sky.. finding
sticks.. scratching sanskrit
alphabet copies of connections
oF sKy StarS.. iN sAnd..
and noW
wE sPeak
Star Language
as without Language
there are no Stars or
Skyscrapers of Angles
or even Angels.. aLL iS
lEft iS Essence oF GoD..
iT aLL stARs witH A prEhensile
thumb and digit oF FinGer.. noW
bits and bytes bEcoMe 10 fingers plaYinG
Keyboard oF SiGns thE sAMe.. wHeRe
iT aLL bEgan
as Digit of Finger
and Art of Thumb
comeS toGeTheR
Scratching Angels of skY..
iN sand.. now Digital Art aLiVe..
Star Language..
All caught
uP with
19 at 2:37
more when morn comes..;)
Hi.. Sherry Blue Sky.. and i muSt
say.. i sMiLe everynow.. i see/hear your
Username as when
wE so liberating
it can be.. and surely
the oTheR animals don’t spend
tHeiR lives over the worries
of hUman
are so illusory
and fabricated as social
glue of misery loves company..
in such a beautiful blue sky
gift that Nature is as God
sAMe to mE.. mY
to see
in A GRain of SAnd
sMile of a ChiLd..
purr of a cat..
and event
Lion who
captures a pARt
of the circle of liGht as LIFE..
and dArk with Pleasure and pain
to eAt.. to liVe…IS A kInG of NaTuRe..
aLL thIS gifT oF liFe moRE for
wE who come to see and feel
aLL aS sAcRed and HoLy
blood noW..
to pleAsure More..
sMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
Sherry BlUe skY.. liVe
iS PreSenT gifT for
those who
LoVe aLL liFe as Gift Now..:)
SMiLes.. perHaps.. noW..
my recent poEt exchange
with a new poet from
dVerse named
is in
order of Art here as rePeat..
HUman sTars oF sHine
And absOrBinG liGht..
wiLd things shine..
morE LiGht..
Shy Stars
shy Stars..:)
Brian replies..
I’m sure you’ve explained once upon a time,
but why write with parTIil CapS?
And i say in return..
Art of Free
Verse.. WiNks
With over
3.3 milLion
Words of LonGest
LonG Form Poem
Ever at the 701st
MacroVerse oF thaT
Ocean Whole
Poem wHerE
sEA LiFe at
Of the Ocean
Can gET
Lewis Carroll
Rabbit wHole
Strange and
Not everyone’s
Cup of tea but i’M
In iT for the Different
And never the SaMe
As i personAlly
Find inSame
A little
And now i say one line at a time
for what i currently feel my
literary device of changing
caps and little
letters mean
in a uniVerse
of a word
or the form
of a letter
or number
that hOlds the
essence of the UniVerse
wHole as weLL like the letter (meaning 42 too)
H.. that sure.. if one does the metaphor
work.. and cryptic meaSure.. could mean
two ones coming toGeTheR leFt and RiGht
HemisPheRe of the BraIN HoLdinG Hands
togeTheR for BaLanCinG miNd and boDy
H soUL.. 11 same symbol for east and west
hemispheRe oF GloBe coMinG toGeTheR
HOldinG hAnds toGeTher with North
and South Latitudes oNliNE
iN E-Ways noW..
sAMe for
two 11’s
22 sAme..
for fOur BaLaNcinG
all around the World as
Now.. but yA see iT iS a little
more than that iT is the reaLiTy
that all huMan siGn LanGuage is
metaphor iN only approximation of
the essence of GoD oF Nature reaLiTy
that lies beneath the TRuTh and liGht
and Dark and Lies of hUman symbols too
aWay from Greater lights of essence sTiLL
juSt waiting.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around.. to groW as OcEAn wHOle poEtry
oF aLL arT and sciEnce hOlding hands as H strong
noW for hUman poTenTiAl all as one big TenT to be
reAlized more and more and more and more.. and not
stuck in the literal dogma of poems interpreted this way
and not that way more.. for example..the F iN Bible/Kuran that of course
IS A tool(s) for social bonding more than actual essence oF TruTh and liGht..
and more on that in a while of course.. as the SonG oF mY SoUL moVeS oN..;)
And oh boy or girl.. etc.. and or whatever.. here is another here too..;)
Where Lady Nyo requests clarification
if i am writing a comment or a poem..
in response to her poetry..
so i say.. in return
to the comment
poem i
here as
repeated from earlier..
GreaTest star oF liGht NiTe..
Moon aBove.. ‘fore
science.. distances..
Love ‘gains
star moon
SMiLes my FriEnd.. Lady Nyo..
aLL i write is poEtry..
it’s kinda what iS
required when one
is currently wriTing the
Longest Long Form poEm
ever.. i find inspiration around
the world.. and you juSt happen
to be a current one on dVerse.. but
sure i alWays bRing deeper meanings on topic..
but you kNow/FeeL.. not all poeTry
is meant to be twitter
style and easy..
so when
i go this
deep iT
iS a meASure
of mY respect for
yOur poTential understanding..
and in this case.. i was seeing yOur
poem in a way wHere moon becomes
star and StiLL meets the requirement
of the prompt.. your paragraphs are
short.. it would be silly
for someone
to complain
about the total
length.. and they
will not ’cause you
are vanilla enough in form
of poetry to meet the overall grade..
sMiLes my FriEnd.. tHere IS A HiStory
bEhind different
and it
remembered more..
i already wrote the longest
long form poem in the history
of hUman Kind at over 3.3 million
words and in doing so witnessed
for the God of Nature.. and no..
no myths.. now for 42 months..
and have danced in public too..
3 years now for about 6K miles
at the ripe age.. 56.. i do things
most folks couldn’t imagine doing..
’cause i live noW as
aRt from fingers
to toes
of my liFe..
the deeper story
is i went to a literal
hell on earth for 66 months…
but the full story is actually about 12M
words online since Thanks Giving
day.. of November 26th 2010..
it could be safe now to
say that A “Beethoven..
or Einstein.. and
perhaps Whitman..
Blake and more”
crossed your path
today.. now..
per empirical
measure of course..
as i ain’t in this for likes..
shares.. followers.. or a dollar
bill.. i am in this for the heaven of now
as Art as liFe.. and that my friEnd IS
A continuing Epic liFe practice noW..
and no.. i’m not REALLy crazy..;)
25 years of retired Government
service.. 3 college degrees.. best..
a beautiful loving wife who never ages..
and all that i document in the longest
long form poem ever better named
as SonG oF mY SoUL.. key being
it is
in all the
ways that comes..
including selfies with
1000 plus dancing girls..
anyWay.. now.. i don’t miNd
explaining.. writers bLock noW
is not in mY uniVerse.. mY friEnd
as use or lose applies to all stuff
animal life.. and i make the most of
every second of liFE.. maKinG iT aLL
holy and sacred from head to toe..
i find your
poetry inspiring..
and as i as me now..
the greaTest compliment
i could receive is if someone
responded to my poeTry with
the greAtest art at the moment
they could do.. but haha.. some folks
are worried about copyrighting art.. as
sure they feel like they own art.. nah.. i can
not sell
my soUL
like that
iT is free
for the sharing
and giving everywHere i go..
and that is the secret
of the epic
success of
my liFe FReED as ArT NoW all ’round..
mY FriEnd.. Giving and Sharing FREE..
and if tHeRe is ever anything you don’t like
you see me write here as you come back on
the dVerse trail.. you are welcome to delete
or even moderate me out.. as sure i’ve
experienced that too.. even
by the leader
of the band
and his
RiGhT hand
Haibun friend..
in short.. i copy
and paste to my
longest long form
continuing free verse
poem every now before i
press the post
post comment
i go.. now
in the 701st
of around a half
a Novel now or so
size in three days…
this.. another micro-
verse of that Macro-
Verse of Ocean wHole Poem..
has no
limits.. FriEnd..
SAdly.. some folks
i can’t..
i’Ve been to iSREAL heLL..
where all is limit and
there is no art @aLL..
i CAN..
i WiLL..
Do aLL MORE..noW..
witH Fearless LOVE..
tHeRe is nothing Luke
Warm aBout me.. as i’Ve
aLready been to n0thing @aLL..:)
So.. what next.. sure..
Now that’s a very positive title for a first few of very symbolic and cryptic
Macro-Verses as shared by the more cooperating Facebook
Algorithm.. that is once again
giving me access
to edit
new words
for memories
from three years ago..
for some algorithm bug
reason.. it seems.. i couldn’t
get access to my year ago.. profile
pic photo.. as memory yesterday with
my Bart Simpson Last Perfect Man
T-Shirt.. with Katrina and
Dance Friend
just for fun..
of course.. to write
some more poetry in
small talk way too..
as sure it
kinda deeply
symbolic and
cryptic around
here too.. hehe..
just a reminder that this
is art.. and i am just another
dude sitting in his underwear behind
a keyboard.. currently fresh out of potato chips
to snack on.. haha.. in other words i have no
delusions i am THE savior of the world..
as it will take an entire army
of saviors to
get a job
of saving
folks from real
iSREaL heLL today..
but sure there are folks
who are so.. so different who
have come along the way who have
helped with much toil and trouble in a lonely
hearts club band of sorts.. to help set people free
in ways.. of emotions.. senses.. and sexuality too..
and yes.. oh God.. Dogma too.. the paRt of human nature
that says if you do not believe and act on what i literally
tale you in written and spoken words you will
lose face in the social
group and
never get
a job and F iN
Starve to death..
and this is where Aleister
Crowley.. played a part last
century as the so-called Wickedest
Man in the World.. who believed in following
a true will in accordance with Nature’s Will too
aka God iF you WiLL too.. but yes.. Mr. Crowley
was challenged emotionally and empathically
of course.. as torturing small animals
when young.. and leaving
fellow mountain climbers
to die on snowy
death trails
does sTiLL
now show..
as if you didn’t
kNow/FeeL some folks are
born without the ability to feel
other folks pleasure.. now for the
compassion and feeling empathy
of feeling the pain of others in averse
way.. in fact.. some folks brains in innate
and organic way are so fucked up that to then/now
see other folks in pain brings them organic pleasure..
and yes.. the brain can be re-wired by environment of
social stresses to go this S and M Way of being too.. as
a somewhat twisted practice of life where pain and pleasure
becomes one.. but let’s remember the animal Kingdom as whole
as Cat Sex is not as fun for female cats as human animal women
sure.. and yes.. there are gang cat rapes.. as nature shows
all who are ‘gifted’ with penises with barbed tips that stick..
too.. the undomesticated cat.. is a wild one.. there is
no doubt about that any less than
big cats sure..
and yes..
even in human
beings the aggression
and pleasure centers are
closely related.. and it doesn’t
take too much to get that all messed
up for more pain than pleasure.. aggression..
yes.. raping warring ways of being.. when the Garden
of Love as empathy and compassion is not continually
watered from birth there on.. wars on soils.. spells
less empathy and compassion for those
who enter into a pact
of spilling
live by love
or die by the sword
is deeper than just metal
of words.. empty feelings.. cold
ways of raping and warring beings..
gives an explanation still of why there
is so much misery and suffering still promoted
in sections of Kuran and Bible still for the fair
gender as woman of the human race still..
Aleister was born this way into
a pastoring Christian
and without
fear and regret
and worry over being
accepted or not in the social
group gave him a certain cold
advantage out of the group warm
and fuzzy social empathy of singing
off the same sheet music of church no
matter how craaazzzzy in illogical ways
of reality it was.. like Love your enemy
and hate your children.. in the same
New Testament whole.. live
by the sword.. die by
the sword.. and
i bring a
sword and
not peace for all..
sure folks over look the
bad parts.. but when it starts
out as if you don’t believe we will
burn you at the stake.. or imprison
you or crucify you.. as still happens in
some extremists Islam ways.. you tend
to cooperate no matter how illogical and
out of reason written words are just to get
basic subsistence and survival from
day to day.. Religion by Force
works for obvious
reasons of
fears and
punishments and
to suggest there is
no compulsion in Muslim
religions is to truly have
a huge board in one’s eYes
bigger than the Titanic perhaps now sTiLL
but yes.. i have been witness to online friends
saying there is no compulsion for religion and
on the other side of the mouth say.. i’m not gonna
condemn the burying of Lesbian women to their
Chest in Iran.. so they cannot cover their eyes
when stoned to death.. pushing homosexual
folks over roofs.. and prison for
adultery after
you’ve been
at age 12 by
a 60 year old
man.. and such
as that as cattle to breed..
Aleister’s advantage was.. he
inherited his Dad’s bucks and did not
have to conform to what society said to
live.. he went out on a vision quest.. true.. without
much empathy and compassion but never the less back then..
he experimented with his human potential and even science
is vindicating in part some of what he found to increase human
potential.. particularly what he named as sex magic.. increasing
intent of change.. which as science shows now.. lust increases
dopamine creativity in the brain.. and that makes productivity
and results a more happening thing for now.. as action
karma will make consequences in a life fully lived iN
BaLanCinG oF lust and love entirely across
the life span.. and something
that just doesn’t
quit all together
after a couple starts
and stops in act of
making children.. hmm..
prudish ways of being.. like
saying lust is only for the procreative
acts.. don’t even understand tHeir greatest
God Given potential as a balance of lust
and love from wake to sleep across the
life span.. to be all that we
can be all the
nows that go
on in a real BaLAnCinG
Act of Heaven isREAL now..
hmm.. sure.. Aleister was all about
Freedom.. but when he contacted his
inner creative voice that he gave some kind
of Egyptian God beings a name for.. instead of
seeing it the essence of creativity whole as generated
by nature and nurture same in genetic memory too..
it was rather harsh.. as a psychopathic
non-prosocially emotional feeling
dude might be.. and do.. and act oN..
was not good
and for weak folks
when science clearly shows
now that compassion and empathy
in the social cooperation of human being
is the pARt that even allowed us to develop
written language.. collective intelligence and
culture as complex and crazy and good as it can get
now too..anyway.. when i first heard Sting.. the Singer
from the Police say he studied this man’s writings..
i kNew there had to be something deeper
than just another psychic reading
in an old falling down
building on the
outskirts of
town to
make a buck
for another meal
as such for charlatans
too.. and true.. he saw love
as the greater perfection of
human potential set free with
True Will as BeinG BaLanCinG
with Nature aLL.. but he was missing
the soft and tender pArts.. of kitty purrs
and puppy smiles.. no less really in some
ways as John Nash and his social game theory
that did not take fully into account the human
heARt… yes.. Mr. Crowley had some liGht stuff
mixed with dArk.. and perHaps the Beatles
secret name for Him as Sargent Pepper
as metaphor for the Devil’s
Chief of staff this
man who named
himself as anti-christ
embraced as part of his
cold and unfeeling nature too..
struggling with addiction as these
folks with this brain issue that is broke
often do too.. he was just another human
with ups and downs finding his way.. and in
his own way he did try to help folks in the way
he saw life then.. sadly though his promotion
of substance drugs to enhance the creative
experience of life.. has in part
motivated the
demise of
Rock and Roll
Musicians like Jim
Morrison and others
along the way.. the key is
as even he and Buddha says..
don’t take anyone’s words as the
gospel truth and light for you.. as an
individual.. if for no other reason than
science shows we are not cookie cutter
humans and what applies for happiness for
one person.. is fifty shades of grey for the other
one that they really cannot help.. and sometimes
cannot change.. understanding in cognitive empathy
is the other part of love that most folks fail to pursue..
to understand what makes folks tick is so much easier to
have compassion and empathy for all.. as truly.. empirically
speaking.. Mr. Crowley was born into A hell.. either innately
or something perhaps refrigerator parents helped
to grow.. Love is the Drug that feels as
well as helps too.. Love is the
Feeling that Fills
one up
from wake
to last eye lid
close of a liFe
fully felt in MoVinG
CoNNecTinG ways with
otHeRs in Creation Activity FuN..
with of course the struggles and grief
of loss that is part and parcel of actuAlly FeeLinG Love..
And yes.. the Catholic Church and early leaders like
Saint Augustine.. promoted a way of life
away from nature real
and suggesting
have original
sin too.. truth
and light be told..
there is more original
sins in books than Nature
ever does when Free as US..
more on this in the attached Macro-
Verse link too.. and so much more all over
free net too..
that trUly iS beCoMinG
more and more the SonG oF the
Entire Human Race SoUL.. for an
unabridged almost InfiNite light of hUman Bible NoW…
We live
in very
and freer days..
the best of days are now..
for those who seek.. find
and practice Heaven NoW..
settling juSt for what some
folks sAid thouSands of years
ago.. iS tRuly weak aS God Given hUman NaturE Now..:)
Casino Royale Wolf.. a Macro Verse Memory
from two years ago.. a year into monthly
trips at Biloxi Casinos by then..
and utilizing more
my iPhone5s camera
then to capture
Nature’s beauty wHole..
Human Freedom lives wiLd
from head to toe to eArth wHole..:)
And with all that said..
now for Sun and Sand
Dance and sure
for folks
as brave
as Sting..
i’m alWays
available to answer questions..
and hey.. i ain’t even effectively blind anymore..
and can hear music of beauty as well as seeing art oF liGht morE noW..
mY Way
more as
Heaven aLL NoW2..:)
Oh by the way..
per Ghost in the Machine..
and Sting’s 666 reference
to the great 666.. that Aleister
Crowley identified himself as such
that the Police and Sting show as
cover art on their.. album
in broken computer screen
symbols then now as such..
is likely at least
in reference
to Aleister
or someone
who teaches
very much like him..
perhaps like Captain Salt
of the future too.. remember..
Horatio.. liFe is more complicated
than science.. life IS A canvas and
tapestry of aRt.. wHere we are aLL actors
iN a play.. that has no iSREAL distance
space or time.. can i prove that.. nah..
it goes much much deeper into
a rabbit wHole
of Lewis
than i can
create foR Now..
i FeeL and SenSe
volumes more oF iNformation
deep deep within than i currently
can put into words.. but as ‘they’ say..
makes noW
more practice
and leaps of greater
understanding coMe as
aRt of HeARt.. SpiRiT
ExpresSinG sO muCh moRe
as miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL foR nOW more..
paths do
come paths
go and the
journeY of living
Loving Life fearlessly iS noW..
and 35 years ago to date on September
6th 1981.. 9061981.. is when my first
Vision Quest at age 21 was in full swing
then.. and sure that was the year this
song by
the police
came out
too.. Secret
Journey.. for mE
wide wake.. wiDe
open as Synchronicity now2..
i lived in a place and time
then wHere the only hope of finding
deeper meanings of liFe were through
musicians like the Police.. Rush.. Led
Zeppelin and Styx who not surprisingly
now most all had some connection
to the freer teachings
of Aleister
Crowley then..
God is an equal
opportunity employer..
God doesn’t discriminate
against folks based on
how God makes
noW as both dArk and liGht..
never discount anyone has having
trUth and liGht and to yoUr best
future.. never discount anyone from
having liEs and dArk.. wE are all hUman
dArk and
liGht as that
iS Nature and God2..
1 bottom liNe noW STiLL2..:)
Still haven’t made it
to sun and sand dance..
but dVerse has a newest
Tuesday prompt with
inspiration as wishing
as its theme.. wishing
is the verbal act of believing
in positive thoughts of let it
be written too and it shall be done
as Kingdom come iSREAL noW for
those who still remember how to click
tHeir golden
spiral slippers
noW of fearless
Love toGetHeR
to make magic iSReaL
and sure as science shows
the act of belief per prayer of
what they name as placebo
pill is as real as the same
Nocebo effect that
in literal
can make
one sick in ways
of thoughts.. actions
and consequences too..
bottom line.. we have a lot
of say/do about the reality of WE..
what we BrinG to reAliTy all liT
uP iSREaL as real geTS noW..
make it all sacred and holy and
believe in miracles.. magic same..
do it with 100% no doubt and fear..
and faith.. hope… and belief the same..
and juST see what happens when lucid
waking Dreams come iSREAL.. if you haven’t
seen enough of them on my blogs over the last
42 months as i witness in real time now for GOD
oF naTure aLL you missed the wHOle point of this
that the hiGher power of God of Nature gifted in
human nature in terms of let it be written as
art for positive action and consequence
same is the stuff of miracles
of incredible
and more
amazing sTiLL..
anyway.. a few folks
have linked and i’LL get
a little sTart for beLiEve thEre
as thiS i what i do every now.. with
yes.. once aGAiN 100% Hope.. Faith
and Belief.. with zero illusory doubts
and fears.. with FEARLESS LOVE iSReaL
under WiLL of focus in cognitive executive
functioning in emotional regulation
and sensory integration
that MoVinG
and ConnEcTinG
and creAting
with ImAginAtiOn
tooLs of Art is what
a never ending story
of juST anoTheR mOOn
chiLd is all a’Bout too noW..;)
Life blooms with
wishes of Fearless
Hopeful Love..
in FaLL
of doubt
and illusory
fears growing
to hate.. Wishes
dream with never
doubt.. fear.. and hate..
FloWers Rose kNowS and
FeeLs onLy liGht oF Tidal Wave..:)
The sun’s sTilL ouT be back with
more Wishes..oFearless iSREALoVE..:)
2:28 pm.. 09062016
Facebook Friend Rafiah.. shares a status that says..
The fragrance in your home when
you are making a garlic cheese bread.
Heart Emoticon
And i say in return..
You remind
Me to eat..
Then later when dancing in sun and sand.. i visit her blog in smart phone way…
And then i say..
after coming inside..
with 10 fingers to play..
WeLL.. my friEnd…
hmm.. no more elegantly
painted and adorned Mehndi
for feat oF art as hands or feet
today.. actuAlly
September 3rd..
as for some
reason i never
get notifications
for your posts as
sure.. Fred alWays
comes back.. usuAlly
iN somewhat full bloom..
ah.. and yes.. sure.. youR Flower
Wilts and Blooms.. after all is said
and done.. Dr. WHo after all has
done that 12 times too.. coming
back even with a different face2..
ah.. but the essence of Face
is heARt mY friEnd.. Rafiah..
aS SpiRit eXpreSsinG EmoTioNs
oF heArt and miNd and boDy soUL
BaLanCinG isREAL now.. and it’s trUe..
the greaTEst droughts for flowers of wilt
produce the greAtest Colors of beauty too..
And that is what i like and love about my Rafiah
FriEnd.. sure.. her wilts are somewhat predictable
but her flower.. alWays comes back too.. to me too…
And by now you are finishing a full plate of Garlic Bread..
Merry and Happy will Rafiah be with a full tummy of cheese
with that Garlic Bread too.. anyWay.. like i said.. i wiLL share some with you..:)
The somewhat trusty Facebook Algorithm..
Assistant Brings another record
slide show event of my
Afternoon prelude to
store dance.. as
well as some actual
Dance related activities
at Super Walmart.. of course..
all still photos coming to my Macro-Verse
as well as i am still writing thaT as i speak now.. hehe..
what else.. OMG.. it is always so much fun to dance free
ya go like
a Dancing
Beast Mode Dude..;)
Facebook Friend Greg.. and Decades co-worker at
the Good Old Military Bowling Center at
the local Navy Station here..
provides a share of a Super-Yoga
exercise that has been circulating online
since about 2008 from a CBS Local Broad
cast station.. that’s basically a bunch of squats
without weights and your fingers holding the opposite..
left and right ear lobes.. to stimulate and balance miNd
and BoDy toGether aS oNe.. touted as therapy for ADHD.. etc..
and Autism too.. as science is truly showing the realiTy now
that the body keeps score in terms of cognitive executive
functioning in laser focus and greater short term
working memory too.. when an art of moving
all around free style comes into
a practice of every day life..
no FucKinG duh.. why do ya
think and feel some autistic kids
are already stimming around and on and on
twirling in free style whirls.. as they
AND INTUITIVELY AS SUCH.. but nah.. for years parents and teachers
have said sit and stand still.. no fidgeting.. quiet hands please.. be a good
little robot in your chair at school for 6 hours or so.. before ya go home and
vegetate in front of screens until it is time to go to sleep.. and start the
zombie still living dead routine all over again.. like a TwiLiGht
ZonE that is FUCKING ISREAL TODAY.. in most
local homes of children who live in
this brave and really ignorant
world of once what was
an invisible peoples of human
beings who moved like the big
cats on the Savannah or smaller
primates to capture prey and escape
predator.. by foraging.. in making little
to no noise on ground left foot.. right
foot in FucKinG YoGA everyday
balance.. and conserving
life giving calories
too.. by.. expending
the least amount of energy
in moving with gravity to get the
job of life done before the end of the
day comes and goes again.. and hell no..
this don’t take lessons and strict routines..
animals set free including humans are all real FucKinG
Free Verse MoVinG DanCinG BaLanCinG creatures noW when
set free.. full of emotions not repressed or oppressed
same in pro-social ways.. expressing a balance of desire
of lust and love the same.. and hell yes.. and hell no.. you don’t
have to learn this metaphor of Kundalini in a book.. more like
the video wisely says above.. it is the essence of the emotions
and senses set free in grace that most gender role stuck males
and cardboard women folks think is a woman’s gender role only
in life to move like this in grace and balance free to express emotions
and senses like an Arabian veiled dancer grinding her hips and belly
in dance for why may surely come for the reproduction and creativity
and greater productivity in life before… during.. and after the belly
dance too.. anyway.. suggesting that desire.. and lust and love
and all stuff associated with human is sinful or evil
or even original sin too.. is simply not
to be human and live in books
and words ancient and
the fall of human
who was simply in touch
with the source of Mother Nature
TrUe God and Same toGeThEr oNe noW
iN BaLanCinG lust and love for life
and sure a warrior spirit
of defense for the
gift of life
free too..
yeah.. baby.. as Austin
Powers might say.. i live
this free Kundalini RiSinG
Risen thingie in the free dance
everywHeRe i go.. where every cell
and peptide receptor for neurochemicals
and neurohormones same flow free from the
brain to the real Kundalini serpent that is
the vagal nerve from brain to gut.. listening
to higher vibration positive music.. and song
and making my entire body a groWinG synching
instrument of liGht As SinG and SonG and DancE
of God one running as river current all around my body
free to shine that light out into the Universe too.. aS SonG oF mY SoUL
GRows louder and louder.. and never ends now.. as energetic Force FReED..:)
Facebook Friend.. Michael..
shares another
super cool
En Name
for others
to use to for personal views..
and i take the test with the following
test score results all automatic
of course.. as folks
these days
ain’t too
thinking deeper
in the moment and
stuff like that.. hehe..
Success for me is
not success
Modern Culture for that..
anyWay.. ‘this’ graphic provided
by the En Name test thingie on FB..
fully illustrating artistic success in Japan
as translating the pen name Katie into what
it means
in Japanese
truly has deeper
meaning iN the graphic
art wHeRe the eye of i and the
exclamation of spirit blends seamlessly
with the canvas and God of Nature brush
aS oNe..
or in other
words it can
be difficult to
snatch the pebble
from my hand.. Grasshopper..
hehe.. with humor and lust for life too..
desiring all that is human liGht and MoVinG
from all that is hUman DaRk.. in ways of senses
and emotions that are associated with all stuff doubt
and hate..
and some great
successful philosopher
for art of human heARt and
SpiRiT exPreSsinG that hUman
heArt as mINd and BoDy sOul
eXclaimed and ‘splained in
BaLanCinG YiN and YanG
way even
per say..
and pray..
Ameen.. i say..:)
Hello.. dude.. who keeps calling for
an uprising on You Tube.. first.. of
all.. someone as fearful and hateful
as you will probably read this.. as it is
just too unusual to pass up.. hehe.. but regardless..
today.. you are going to be a muse for me.. in dArk way..
as TVC Mario.. has turned over
a leaf for light
it seems..
and i will continue
to monitor this light..
as all good watchmen and
women do.. and God’s court
reporters too.. and eventually
personally laud him for his efforts
of liGht as paRt of the longest long form
poem in history.. SonG oF mY SoUL.. also
serving Witness for God of Nature now for
42 months.. as words surpass 3.3 million
words of Praise and given Glory to the
God of Nature whole
in Yin
way too..
so sure.. in a way
you might even be famous
as soon as folks get smart enough
in years to come to understand all of
what i do in life for now.. as i’m kinda like
superman in a way.. but a thief in the night
instead.. of superman fame in the
modern world sense
of material
of course..
anyway.. i’ll leave
a link to my current
700th MacroVerse as
when i saw Mario hug that
little kitty at the end of his videos..
i knew and fELt he was onE lost sheep
iN dARk who had the potential of moving
into the brilliant liGht of the Good Cop Jesus
as human archetype developed over the ages
from Sages in the old world.. and sure.. refined
by ways of three to four hundred thousand
minor to major mistakes.. including
old testament ways..
and of course
only likely
two books in
the New Testament
as authored by Paul
in letters to the Ephesians
that are even not forgeries per say
too.. although in bible scholarship they
use another word so it won’t sound so
criminal.. if you will.. hehe.. and sure..
every pastor that goes to
a REAL Divinity
Bart Ehrman
from Princeton.. gets
these real facts about the
bible.. but some folks are too
pure inside.. like Bart.. to continue
on and hide it from the congregations…
as every coach of every football team knows
and feels to give a pep talk that focuses on the
pluses and ignores the negatives of go team go..
like Vince Lombardi did.. oh.. so well.. in the spirit
of win team.. win.. second to none.. in the spirit
of excellence that lasts far far after the
last victory song of school..
hmm… so yes.. my friEnd..
who i cannot find any
light of love
here on
you tube
channel.. not even
a shadow of love.. only
illusory fears.. doubts and
hate.. which true.. represents
the Bad Cop Jesus as literally
received in the New Testament in
Luke.. Chapter 17.. who says to follow
me you must hate your father and mother
and sisters and brothers and children too..
if their beliefs differ from what i teach.. and
yes.. who also says.. i do not bring peace i bring a sword..
well as you always try to intimidate folks here with your
big man sword.. saying come to my home and say that
to my face and there will be some kind of consequence…
haha.. of course you don’t show your face here.. so maybe
ya got some big conservative guns that are metal
instead of arms to go along
with your angry
voice here..
but as
artists like
Bruce Lee and
me.. we know/feel power
comes from grace and love
and never ever wearing yourself
out with adrenaline associated neurohormones
that just makes ya weaker after they go away..
where ya would never last 4 rounds in a
real martial arts contest with
a Bruce Lee
as such..
in a real fight
for your life my friend..
that would come as grace
and power instead of fight
or flight fear.. i come with the
Golden Love of God as gifted to
Humans and Bonobos alike.. oh
yeah.. and saying human lust is evil..
is equally bad cop Jesus too.. as the Bonobo
is the most peaceful loving lusty primate who
almost never has to resort to violence to settle
disputes as they use all stuff associated with lust
to cure that part.. and that my friend.. is why folks
who don’t repress/oppress tHeir pro-social emotions
including.. lust that is associated with all pro-social
emotions when balanced with
love.. live most
like they
do at Hollywood
parties… haha.. in
real life now.. without
even any bucks.. fame
or success in the rave of
dance hall night.. any
way.. until you show
a spark of the Golden
Love of the Good Cop Jesus..
here.. perhaps you will stay as
a proven greatest lost sheep of all
in the modern age.. but no.. you are
far from alone.. like all the staunch supporters
of the Bad Cop Trump too.. as sure.. Misery STiLL
Loves FucKinG company.. conspiracy theories.. etc..
that means as long as you spread doubt..
fear.. and hate.. your you tube
pennies will keep
coming in..
but in case
you haven’t heard..
as ‘they’ recently spoke to
on Mario’s channel.. Youtube
is going to de-monetize
‘hater videos’ like this..
and sure the
is not
nearly as
popular in making
bucks in anything you
do.. for good reason.. the
reward is in the light itself
my friEnd.. for those with the
ability to see.. hear.. and feel
the most Brilliant liGht of all.. the
liGht oF Fearless Love of the Good Cop
Jesus who has finally come back to the
earth in millions of folks and more in a Rapture of Love
an invitation by me to the liGht is alWays open.. and let’s just
say.. you will likely never now who i am.. but sure.. i kNow who
you are.. mY FRiEnD.. oh yeah.. and you know the Verse in Saint
John.. that says there will be those who come to do greater
works than Jesus did.. let’s just say.. i did Moses..
in wandering 40 years the desert of patriarchal
lands from ages 13 to 53.. with little fearless
love and creativity
of life.. and the REAL
LIFE JOB.. and Jesus
life of living with a pain
worse than crucifixion named…
Trigeminal Neuralgia for 66 months
from wake to sleep.. among 18 or so
other medical hell disorders of the heARt..
the SPiRit.. and the SoUL too.. in the DarKer longer night
of the ISREAL HUMAN SOUL.. i did the dArk JOB my friend
and the liGht witness part.. that actually started in my own
hell as of Thanks Giving day.. on Nov.. 26th.. 2010 shortly
after that i put up my Baby photo avatar with the bright
blue eyes of hope and Love on Christmas day online..
and have written close to 12 million words.. mostly
still clearly documented online as well.. chances
are if there ever could be a real Jesus.. not
just oral tradition of 40 years.. after
what seems to be a Zealot’s death..
with all those mistakes..
it could be
me or even
you.. as it is never
too late to pick up a weapon
of Love as Art and spread good cheer now..
but got news for you.. it’s all about giving
and sharing.. as rarely does anyone
make money for spreading
fearless love
and liGht my
FriEnd.. saDly as
the devil green bLack
dollar has always shown
it is the root and art of darkness
of fear and hate.. my FRiEnD.. now don’t
get me wrong.. i was trapped in that cultural
greatest sin and necessity for that cultural mark
of the ‘beast’.. but as the good pArt of the book says..
God provides for the Ravens with Food and Drink.. i actually
have more from God than i could ever fathom asking for.. but
truly for one who trUly kNows and FeeLs the God oF Nature.. GoD
is Great and more mysterious than any word in any book forevermorenow.. mY FRIEND..
And as my FRiEnD.. Mark Twain says.. fiction has to make sense but reality doesn’t.. so
your own
iS alWays
A best
way to go..
with God as Co-Creator..
as actor.. producer and Director
as my other friend.. Nike says.. by Greek Goddess of VicTORY NOW!..:)
Back to the dVerse Prompt on Wishes..
and of course in my case the power
of DancE and SonG to
change the world
in whatever little
way i can..
but juST iMaGinE..
if i now can do the stuff
i do.. what the world would be
like if everyone tried their best now
to be a greatest fearless lover.. yes..
with the stamina that now makes
uS toGeTheR a greaTest Force
oF Star dust ashes come to
liFE as HuMan
and yES..
coME aliVe…
Stamina comes
from Fearless Love
when expreSsinG HeARt
as EmoTioNs/seNses.. unleashed
and released noW as spiRit comes
in greater liGhtEr ways of miNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG soUL For aLL toGetHer..
Hand iN Hand iN MoVinG
ConNecTinG and
ways now..
and with that
said.. onto some
more dVerse Wishes..
as poeTic lINks of course
and art as it comes back as LiGht..:)
SAdly an Earth that is glass left
less than half full.. but human sparks
around the world.. over floWinG as liGht
greater than dARk.. of doubt fear and all
emotions related to hate.. sure liGht is
the other place of over floWinG Chalice
oF Love.. words are not enough.. Now..
Love Dances
as flesh
and blood
when iSREAL
greaTesT from
head to toe.. as
alWays the history
of humanKinD showS noW
toGeTheR we Are as FlesH
and blood whOle.. words
are empty without
a dAncE
of juST
DoinG liFE isREAL..:)
And as a side note here.. note more..
the greatest cultures of humankind
from smaller to larger have always
Danced toGether with uplifting SonG
oF liFe IsREAl hand and feet
toGEther touching each
other allone..
the power of
Dance exceeds words
as words are only symbols
of isReaL liFE noW.. dAncE
and SonG of Voice are what
touch greatest when feLt and
seen more than shells of words one..
Words try.. they really try.. but never
ever will exceed the SonG and DancE oF Fearless LoVe isREAL
toGeTheR in a dAncE and SonG of HumaNity globAlly now..
when the clothes of words
are taken
more than
text of chalice
less that overflowing ReAL
of the human touch that isREaL..:)
There IS A road lined with
trees on both sides.. a distant
place of dreams new each
now.. a day
of present
that never
as fruition
more as wishes
become more than
arrears of yesteryearsnows..
and there was a day of great
darkness for me.. a hypnotherapist
psychologist attempting to trance me
believing that my pain would go away..
i looked in her fish tank and
saw those aquarium
walls of pain..
i looked to
the painting
of that road without
even a distant spark of hope..
and she told me about Milton Erickson..
in a wheel chair who said humans can
do whatever they believe to do next real..
basically the father of medical hypnosis
as insurance will pay for this therapy
as a proven one to work.. but
not without emotions as
i had lost mine..
there was
no way
for it to work..
as emotions are the glue
of iSREaL magic… the powers of human
that spark the impossible into miracles
iSREAL.. and trance is to let go of the
beta wave worry mind to go deeper
in letting unconscious positive
emotions nuanced rise
to closer
from alpha
to theta brain
wave mind now
guide and master
of what inspires next..
to be as what is fELt
comes to
be isReAL..
N o W as liFE..
i’ve lEarned now to
master trance by just
moving my body in flow
for seconds.. and the reason
i can leg press close to half a ton
for 33 times at my gym.. and write
all these words.. in flow with never
thinking at all.. is the deeper parT fearless as
me rises to fruition.. as this dream trance rises
the cream to the top of my existence.. fearless
love.. my friend.. comes deep deep deep from within..
thatT painting of those trees and that road now iS onE
that goes to inFinity more of MoVinG strength and creativity now..
as Stamina CreaTinG
for fearless
Love mY FriEnd..
never ever to be less than more now..
thanks for this prompt.. Mish.. it IS A gifT..:)
sMiLes.. my friEnd.. Glenn..
i never wished for material
success in ways of money or fame..
and now likes.. shares.. followers
or even youtube pennies..
all i wished
for is love
as art of liFE..
then now..
and all
my wishes
coMe true.. now..
and with never ever
worrying about gaining
stuff in ways of newest cars
and bigger homes..
the money
i wanted
to use it or not..
what i did wish for
was one day to create..
i never worried if someone
would like it or not.. just the
joy for making something new
beyond the same of all the books
i read before.. and the paintings that
seemed to only gain dust as pages as such..
i paint
a new world
everyday now..
one that most folks
have no way to fully see..
but that is life my friend.. we
all view our UniVerses different
in what we value and come to love or hate..
all i control
is the Fearless Art oF Love
i make and do.. and truly
what else could i wanna make
or do.. but fearless love.. and yes..
that is only the liGht of mY UniVerse..
i look to the wishes of my dad who bought
a lottery ticket everyday.. and never won his dream
of another bigger material thing.. for me.. the lottery
win is in the doing now and never ever any other wish than
best that
noW can be more..
as FeeLinG and SeNSinG
more as mindfully aware..
and sure.. the Nautilus who does
now all.. leaves a shell of more behind..
iSReaL NOW best iS my Prayer and Wish for ALL..:)
Well.. while a world where all the children could be
loved and free is a beautiful wish.. how ’bout the
folks who live in dArkness..
what about the man/woman..etc..
who is born
with no empathy
and compassion as
far as organic brain
disorder too.. wHo will
have compassion.. empathy
and unconditional fearless love..
even for Adolph Hitler too.. who likely
was born as God Given dark too.. sMiLes my
friend.. life is liGht and dArk.. and until we
learn to understand.. have compassion and empathy
for the darkest ones of us.. we will never rise higher
Hitler himself..
so the next time you
visit someone who is obviously
troubled.. try to help them more..
if they seem to be confused.. don’t
chastise them.. find a way to look deeper
and help them if you can.. like looking to your
right and seeing their current poetic link
and helping them along their way.. the
same as the difficulty you used
to have when you
had problems
linking too..
and sure..
i did too much..
and your wish was for
me to do as little as you..
to live inside the circle of
your UniVerse my Friend.. some of
us do less and some of do more.. but those
of us who would chop the Sycamore tree down
before it can reach its potential height.. are destroyers
of life
no less
no more
Hitler too..
it’s not as apparent
from the short term view
but from the top of a Sycamore
it is as clear as 6 million or more Jews..
and no.. i cannot post this on your site.. nor
would i identify you by name.. as i am just using
you as a parable of sorts without a name to show that
those who
rule creativity
smaller than
what it
can grow
are the
ax of the
Sycamore Tree..
my current friend
now of Dark muse too..
it’s okay.. you kNow and
feel not what you do.. tHeRe
is nothing new about that my friend..
as human nature is limited and expansive too..
history repeats itself again.. as a wash cycle with dArk and liGht clothes..
i prefer
to go
my FriEnd..
and i jusT
do it isREAL
now.. as reported
and suggested as words
of the humble human Jesus
in the Gospel of Thomas
vs. 37 wHere
the Good
cop pARt
of Jesus said
to see God living
within.. take one’s
cultural clothes off..
and tread on them totally
unashamed. so yes.. my friEnd..
what i bRinG here IS A Naked
TrUth and liGht with
Pocahontas at
mY side..
with ALL THE
and i do greater
my friend.. just
as Jesus forecast
of others who would
come after him too.. JUST DO..
who become Sycamore taller than
before.. by never giving up..
and never
to those
cut tHeir
trees of creativity down now.. too..
blessed are those.. who never give up..
of God
as Tree oF liFE noW..
and pyramid capstone same
as a somewhat perfect practice
as storm oF Fearless love now..
rising.. riSinG.. sTill ever more..
with all the faith and zero
of ye
faith less..
my FriEnd of
dArk muse foR noW2..:)
SMiLes.. the greaTest wishes
and prayers the same for
homeless Jesus’ i have met
on the side of the road are simply
to be fed and give/share love.. and as the
raven flew
there are
still humans
who gift the wish
and prayer the same
for food.. the essence is
the light and truth where
wishes and prayers are only
forms for
the essence
of the greatest
gifts of charity
empathy and
compassion that
sees neither gentile..
jew.. servant or free..
woman or man no more..
as wishes and prayers become
essence of God’s of Nature’s higher
potential in all of us.. now.. smiles.. all my wishes
come true as i have 100% faith.. hope.. and belief..
never less than luke hot.. per se.. noW more true..
a wish
that has
no name
my friend but
God who lives within..
where ye of little faith never ever exists now..
where Happy anniversary is always now for
brothers and sisters who share the root and vine
of love
my friEnd..
as essence of TrUth and liGht..
but yes.. sure2.. Happy Anniversary in terms
of numbers to both you and your husband too..:)
Oh Lord.. a rabbit hole(s) without
a directory.. i’m kinda in
serious commenting
poetic mode..
so tHeRe
is the
i will go off course
here.. hehe.. as far
as free wishes do go..
anyWay.. my favorite
parts were the
Hiney God
for the
like the
Katrina one..
and then in a Wiccan
minute in the bible belt..
i could have gone much much
farther and much much deeper but
i am currently finishing the number 42
meaning for all stuff UniVerse.. etc..
so i must get back
do do
do dah
dah don’t
you love
that song
by the Police/Sting..
anYway.. hi.. Shawna
baby just ‘GodsUniVerse 42
HiTcHiKinG’ my way for a better
title for my 701st MacroVerse
thanks.. you aLways
inspiRe mY
You give great
creativity medicine jusT for me..
yeah.. and that thingie about your
husband saddling up or something like
that was asshat head way..
i never
miss the good
pArts of movies either..
i should have known by the
way that joon was the only
other one smart enough to
figure out
Bio and
or Micro man’s
post was but you first..
i am getting too serious4
i am slipping into A rational world2.. anY
waY.. see ya later when i finish that 42 thingie..;)
Hmm.. you juSt noW.. De..
reminded me of something
hEar.. i read A book.. don’t sweat
the small stuff but i didn’t have nearly
enough mastery
over mind
and body balance
to do that then..
hmm.. perHaps
fulfilling just A simple
wish of being wHoly iN
control within is truly
the meaning
of liFe
iN Mastery oF
control with relative trUe
Free WiLL oVer Fearless Love..
Thanks.. you just
me write
the meaning
of A liFe.. too..
aLL.. now.. A
in The Life..
i guess.. oh My
God.. i finAlly get
the answer to the question..
posed in that SonG.. by the Beatles
iN what they were reAlly trying to turn us on.. too..
In A
of E-Long Wish..;)
Wishes.. Prayers.. Hopes.. Dreams..
all these things and more.. then.. now..
and light
change over
nows never same..
hmm.. a path within..
tolerating different as all
is change.. open minds free..
a wish upon
A Star of sKeYes
alWays seeing different
neXt embRacEnoW FReED..:)
A carnival of life..
A cruise of happy
a life of storms
that float
a party of breeze
a wind secure of
please.. a place
where a feast
of rest
too.. living
as an Indian
on the Beach..
And Being Beach Free..:)
Every symbol
Every star.. now..
every gRain of sand..
potential muse for miracles..
Inside of human..
a liGht of
in more than
stuff.. essence
of muse as symbol
same.. hope.. faith
and belief.. emoTioNs
moving within.. inside..
outside.. above so below
and all around globe wE..
starry night iSreAL MaGiC
shooting star of LiFe Now..:)
Pererrations of wander
ease.. UniVerse pARts
wonder through
galaxy same..
BaLanCinG Planets
around Suns.. and Stars
of Galaxies swirling around
black hole Suns.. there are
no sidewalks in space..
only spiral
no straight line
angles of sky scraper
buildings aLL FloWinG FloWeRinG
MoTioNs aLL.. and what.. hUmans
reflections of all that is..
walk on sidewalks
and rarely
leaves wind
Grass sWaying
Spring Breeze..
A sourcE noW..
perHaps.. most aLL diSeAse..
hUman sidewalks.. no move with ease..
i wish for moRe floWers
oF MoVinG DancE..:)
if life were paint
by numbers.. all would
be a school.. all would be
pre-defined instructions for work..
all would
be a form
to fill
out from
A to Z and
only other symbols
too.. on pages of books..
and numbers
1 through
10 and
thru F
to grade results
already known and felt..
truly.. an iSReAL Zombie Apocalypse..
come to pre-determined random soup oF liFe..:)
In A dArkest
night of void..
one lEarns
the gift of knowledge..
the gift of those who love one long..
the gift of loving those the
same.. and the
gift of loss
oF all
of that..
IS A gift
to treasure
A greatest
wish.. to feel and
sense the gift of liFe..
all pales as nothing..
all lives as something..
Humans are blessed beyond wishes..
Humans live.. Humans live.. and can treaSure
a gift
of Life…
as long as
thaT gift IS A FeeLinG
SenSinG liFe iSREAL noW..:)
Now back.. after midnight on September.. 8th.. to
do some more wishes of poEtry at dVerse again..:)
i guess.. i never noticed
your age.. my friend.. as
22 seems so young for these
problems but i too.. remember 21
and endless more problems than this too..
what i will tale you.. this at age 56.. as sure each
human UniVerse perceived
is different too..
for me at least
and for the lesson
taught by many other
elders of mine then.. life
has limitless potential.. when
one finds their groove and niche
that works in life.. for me 53 years of
trials and tribulations on the Autism Spectrum
with bi-polar and up to 18 other life threatening
synergy of disorders including a real stint in hell
for 66 months with the worst assessed pain in
science known as type two trigeminal neuralgia
like a dentist drill without novocaine.. in my
case rendering sight and hearing ineffective
for anything for 33 months until each
word as a mountain of pain on
Thanksgiving day of 2010
starting one word
that is arriving
at 12 million
now 6 years in what
started as words to escape
pain that no drug would touch
to words of joy.. pain free at the
end of July 2013.. at age 53.. since
then i’ve written the longest long form
poem ever at over 3.3 million words.. but
sure.. i worked for the government for a quarter
of a century and am financially independent which
allows me to art free and dance too.. now 6K miles
everywhere i go in public too.. life can truly be limitless
once the material expectations of worldly success in
terms.. of dollar bills.. new age of likes.. follows..
shares.. the same.. in traps of perfectionist
thinking that sure as a straight
A student with three college
degrees.. i remember all
too well the
of not a blade
of grass out of place
too.. but now i revel at
imperfection and in the freedom
of that my form of essence is one
and same as elegant as planets orbit
suns my friEnd.. to be free one must find
a way first to be free of fear.. there are so
many ways to do that.. but now mind and body
balance in the first step of dance is what eventually
set me free in total emotional regulation.. sensory
integration.. as when the body becomes balanced
the mind naturally flows as two
hemispheres BaLaNCinG..
like a race-car
that is
finely tuned
for laser focus and
extreme short-term
working memory as cognitive
executive functioning super charged..
so sure.. when i see someone who has now been
in the anxiety of life.. that used to be so severe
that my Air Force Major Psychiatrist dealing with
combat fatigue veterans from the middle east said
he had never seen a worst case than mine.. ha.. i dance
in public now.. in front of hundreds of folks solo.. gone
from the days of fear.. to noted metro area dance
legend starting
that art
a grandpa
moses of dance
at age 53 then..
the poetry my friend
and 12 million words or so
now.. is just an excuse to rest
the Love of Dancing with real stars Feat..:)
SMiLes.. now..
my FriEnd.. then..
Emily self-published
all her poems in her
drawer.. lone..
now poetry allone..
is free and everywHeRe..
hmm.. i thiNk i’ll do it for free..
wish fulfilled always now.. online..
and sure.. i’LL save
30,000 printed
pages.. and
lots of trees..
that no
one would
buy.. anyWay..;)
i alWays love to say too..
life was/iS better before
the apple
of cultural
modern ways..
no luddite am i..
but stuff i never
need i’ll never
i’LL be
free from
consuming and
save the planet
more along the way..
a gift this life is.. Beauty
rings in aLL of NatuRe’s sKeYes
as Love in eYes that seem home in all of hEr.. ONE..:)
The wish
is granted..
on the first
green day
of life on earth..
the wish expanded
now with creature comforts
spilling over land filled mines..
The wish taken for granted.. the gift
is being raped more as creature comforts
spill over land filled mines of more.. the wish
can be taken back..
and grey
death with
only electrons
swirling star dust gain..
Life is the wish i love to keep..
the wish of before.. the gift of alWays now..:)
And now.. i say.. for the religions and political ideologies
that say raping the earth is okay for now.. and some who
say that now is curse
and death
is only
wake up
and smell life..
cherish it and never
look back to less than living now..
some folks will not listen.. but what i kNow/FeeL
for sure.. is folks in India.. more than anyone
else.. overALL it seems
as life
as living now..
Indians of all lands
are my kinda folks who love the Earth as
God as nature sAMe and one as self of Love..
they are
simply iSREaL folks
God’s flower children
as Nature GOD
sAMe wE Love
liGht liFe
sMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
in my life per science too..
i find that life spent in beta
worrying mind
is no
to power
the emotion of
belief.. moving
into alpha.. to theta
trance.. most anything
worthwhile as free art
comes achievable..
and material
and sure in that
way the battle is almost
A L W A Y S N O W more..
won for human happiness..
in MoVinG.. ConNecTing AnD
CreAtinG Free For aLL giving shaRinG now..:)
Hmm.. i’ve heard
that old English
proverb lots today..
about beggars/horsies..
and i must wonder iF it
came in the middle of the
bubonic plague or something..
as my
even science
shows the placebo
effect makes positive ThinKinG..
E M O T iONs oF Belief/hope/faith..
into action then consequence as reaLiTy..
and the opposite
voodoo nocebo
power can
make folks literally
sick from not wishing
better stuff come to be..
So let it be written.. perhaps even
more powerful.. as visual images become
not only set in mind but page.. of positive intent..
purpose and meaning.. chalice over flowing with
substance of belief as meaning.. or empty chalice
with nothing much inside but vacant ghost townS oLd..:)
WeLL.. a respite of beach
for me all the way through
school.. and early twenties..
until work and marriage
came and more
and more..
car loans..
and more dependence
as slave on more worries of
work.. until finally i escaped
back to that beach that was
no longer home until
my soUl recovered..
66 months later…
i am
now.. and
i ain’t going
anywHeRe but home now..
beach as i free sand.. sun
and fresh water flows in
veins now FReED..:)
Ah.. yes.. noW..
greaTest wish
alWays fulfilled..
prEsent oF now..
fully seen
and felt
Heaven now..
for me too.. alWays..
MoVinG.. CoNneCtinG
CreaTinG FReED.. most
everything else in culture is
only free muse for that to use
the devil you already kNow for pleaSure too..
iS Victory iN dArkESt liGht oF oTheRs.. sAdly STiLL..:)
What a world of heaven
could be when meaning
and purpose iS MoVinG
ConNecTinG CreaTinG
the only
cheap thrills
never include
a dollar bill.. wHere
social roles and Happiness
hOld hands as primitive folks
still do in the 20 most peaceful
small communities.. where give
and share is the only rule
of fearless love..
back dollar
bills have no devil life tHeRe..
i for one.. create my own life tHeRe..
and yes..
the evidence
all suggests as
documented as such..
it works.. it works.. juST liKe tHis..
with never work and only practice LiVinG arT..:)
Wishes have wings
of human
seNses.. STronG
and Free.. hUmans
practice these powers
as liGht over dArkness..
in all of life kind as couRAge..
don’t believe..
often fearful of the
dArk and cynical of the
liGht.. the essence kNows
and FeeLs no
liGht is liGht
dArk is Dark..
positive thoughts..
actions and consequences
and the reverse for the dARk
of liFe..
liGht hALL up SaME.. evernowmore.. LiGht..:)
Wishes Love Wisdom..
yes.. no..
rest as
and fortune..
NoW.. YeS..
Free begins
no.. yes..
Wisdom Love Wishes..:)
the first
poem to
make me
giggle.. yes..
now.. my only
day wish.. WiNks..
granted.. thanks..
it took about 15K..
or so words.. to find this place..;)
for every
wise genie..
wishes are heard..
equAlly.. dark and liGht For lEarn..:)
And that’s that
at 1:58 am.. 09082016..:)
So.. the En name test thingy..
assesses my percentage of
psychopath checklist traits at
50 percent and says i am in the normal
range.. and it’s true.. according to modern
pop psychology.. the only difference between
an X-Altruist or the archetype of super hero
and psychopath is the psychopath has no
pro-social empathy and compassion for
other living beings.. whereas the
X-Altruistic.. per archetype of
sure.. we’ll shorten that
to hero for now.. has
so much empathy and
compassion for others they
have problems separating that
from themselves.. and they end
up sometimes wearing themselves
down ’till they drain that love to the
very last giving drop.. with yes.. a potential
danger of changing from hero to villain too..
a common theme and meme in TV shows
and movies and books and other art too.. as
Human archetypes are real deals as seen in
mythology.. art.. and religions across the ages
and sAges too.. As Super Heroes iSREAL too..:)
“Give to the world
the best that you
have and the best
will come back to
Magnet art..
and Sunset
Beach.. along with
a photo of me and Katrina
as part of a Facebook Algorithm
Video Production Assistant seconds
short Wednesday After-noon pre-workout
video memory.. and the photo of Katrina and
i.. as Refrigerator Magnet art.. is taken.. me at
at age 37 and she at 27.. around 19 years
ago or so.. ago.. on the day of a 20th class
reunion for my high school.. and
nowhere near the confidence i
have now in mind and body
balance.. i had
quite a few drinks
to get up the social
courage to see my old
classmates.. some of who
were a little bit bully too..
and sure.. they said..
Fred.. you haven’t
changed and
i haven’t been
to another one
since then.. but sure..
i’ll go to the next one and
perhaps do a solo dance
at age 57 or 58 depending
on what month of May or later..
in ’18 they hold our 40th class
reunion.. amazing.. i thought before..
i would be feeling so old by now/then..
but no.. inside i feel younger and stronger
than ever before in my life as i have Yoga
Yogi Union with God of Nature alWays now..
and surely as far as i know and feel yet.. there
ain’t nothing near like that in life.. noW in terms
of anything else.. including all the FucKinG money
and material shit in the world.. that truly becomes
just shit when you at one in Yoga Union with God as
Modern Yogi or Yogiette man or woman can and will
be in the modern age.. come down from the Mountain..
out of the F iN Cave.. or off the Beach where the other
folks be and live..
so sure.. i gave my best then..
and got all the best back.. now
for free for free with GoD aLLonE..
and no.. my only son did not make it past
51 days.. but he will never be forgotten for
years to years to come.. as whose ever name
i put into my book of Ryan’s.. too.. will live ‘forever’
on servers in photos and words juST like this.. as
sure.. if ya wanna be remembered and teach some
good news to folks.. juST writE the longest long form
poem ever.. and someone will eventually count the words
one by one
as that is
what scribes
do.. who no longer
copy old sacred text..;)
Love sMiLES.. Macro-Verse Memory
from a year ago.. as the Facebook Algorithm
does its daily duty as super assistant for me too..
hmm.. 14,777 words.. seemed like a lot then as
most to that date in one blog post.. but 41K and 51K
would come after that in combo posts of Novel size..
and then a years worth of responding to every dVerse
prompt and link would make a 338,630 word Macro
Verse Novel named GodsUniVerseNovel 3 as
complements to 1 and 2 respectively
of 41 and 51K words as mentioned
above/below.. anyway.. this is
one of my
Macro-Verses too..
particularly.. a threesome
photo of Maggie.. Cortney and
Chelsea left to right.. as highlighted
and lauded as dance friends in last post too..
but i cannot honor them enough for making me
feel accepted in the Big Seville Quarter club first
in the Summer of 2014.. after doing that for just
3 months.. Chelsea the first regular dancing friend
and then Maggie.. and then Cortney.. i still
remember the first time i saw
her in the mall store
she worked and
they already
seen then..
and heard about
my public mall dance..
as Cortney exclaimed she
was so excited to see me there..
like i was somebody.. but i was
a dude who enjoyed dancing free..
and sure i have done ‘some stuff’ along
the way that is surely strange and far far
out of most any cultural box.. but they are
still dance friends to me in real life.. and every
time i see them.. they make me smile.. and OMG..
Maggie.. if she is Irish or something.. that girl can
dance so fast.. the last two times.. i had difficulty
making that first press of close to half a ton
in leg press way.. after dancing with
her on the previous night..
anyway.. so fun
it is to have
friends that
keep coming back
as love smiles as dance
as humans have always done
toGeTheR for non-verbal innocent
human love toGeThEr as one emotional
and sensory force of dance hall liGht.. hmm..
what else.. life is good.. life is good with SonG and DancE
and folks to move.. connect and create with free.. hmm.. the
meaning of life is to DancE and SinG toGetHEr with fun like this..:)
You kNow/FeeL if Jesus really said those words that folks would come and
do greater works then he.. sure.. Katy Perry has done it and many
others too.. in spreading unconditional love for all others too..
in fearless ways of billions of youtube inspirational views..
but i like to think.. if all people could come back
after being crucified in so many ways
after promoting gentile.. jew..
servant.. or free.. woman
or man.. disabled person..
or homosexual or what ever
difference that sets folks apart..
as fearless love gone away and
toGethER One.. that they could come
back in another life and just dance for fun..
and spread all the love they like for iSREAL
noW.. 2.. anyway.. i am here.. i am different
and i am juST doing iT no matter what..bottom
and top line
sAMe noW..
i AM FReED..:)
Human Nature.. so diVerse
and so unfair as to the lots
given in life and earned
as well..
glad i’ve
worn many shoes
dArk and liGht as it gives
me so much patience for the lot
of other folks.. and what i kNow/
FeeL for me.. is dreams come
true.. what
i FeeL/kNow
for me is beyond
nightmares can be
pARt of rEality too..
there is heaven here on
earth and beyond any imagination
worse of hell too.. and i was weak when
young and stronger than ever at 56.. with
more dances than ever in the dance halls of life..
Happily Married.. so sure.. even when i was dead
in life.. i couldn’t get mad at Nature for the gift of liFE..
in all the liGht and dArk that comes.. oh yeah.. and for Bi-polar
folks on the Autism Spectrum too.. and all those other functional
disabilities too.. but yes.. what i do know and feel.. no matter how
ye of little faith i had for a better day then.. it all changed like ice-cream
and steak all free every day.. but you see.. i didn’t forget the value of the
daRk niGht of the soUL either of challenge in life.. and that
is the secret of my happiness too..
to challenge myself in
dArk sTiLL as
weLL as liGht..
where i for one can
say.. on my death bed
kingdom come now iSREAL..
i lived.. i lived and what would i do iSREaL now
if ‘you’ lived like ‘you. were dying everyday now..
after you came back to life while living dead..
i think there is a song for that.. yes there is..
and everynow.. i fulfill the prophecy of that
SonG iN ReAL TiMe iSREaL NoW for sure…
bottom line..
change can
be the greATest
gift of aLL.. where a chalice
with no substance aT all
can overflow
liFe more..
what i thought was
literally impossible before..
is miracles every day now more..
but sure.. a friendly turn of a card has become
my life too.. flowing in a current of liGht one way.. home..
anyWay.. friEnd.. gigoid.. i hope home more.. becomes a light for you too..:)
WeLL.. noW.. mY forever
friend.. Lala Rukh.. liGht Love..
is in the MoVinG.. CoNnecTinG
and CreaTinG of LiFe and you speak
to all these qualities of life in the reminisce
you provide here from your youthful days of family..
and surely the warm and fuzzy feeling
of family is what we want
to retain from birth
to death
ah.. extended
villages of the human
history.. where all raised
the child as prize over ownership
of human slavery.. oh.. the days of
human nomads.. where once the village
traveled to escape the negative environmental
elements that would take the village away from
subsistence and survival.. now.. the days of nuclear
families even less than two to one.. living
in apartments of AC with
porches never
and couches
that have become
places where electronic
screens sing beyond
the lost voices
of humans
to each other
in SonG of Voice
and DancE of non-verbal
communication as even a flesh
and blood smile IS A hUman Dance..
mY friEnd.. so we reach out on these electronic
devices in prayer.. hopes.. wishes.. dreams.. and reminiscing
to days of old.. we wish to reclaim as liGht and Love once again
for the warm and fuzzy touch of the human village dancing
’round campfires of moon-lit nights.. hand-in-hand.. with
each oTheR and aLL that iS as anature beyond
as God all.. deep deep.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below and all around..
sMiLes mY FriEnd.. online..
visual images..
and words that
make the warm and fuzzy
human connection in all the
pro-social emotions that spRing
forth from art of hUman iMagiNation
and creatiVity is all liGht and Love that
refuses to yield to entropy as liGht moveS on…
timeless.. ageless.. no matter worn of flesh against
environmental elements.. the soul can grow unlimited
younger my friend no matter how old it is.. as bathed in liGhT
of the greaTesT gifts of hUman Love.. so sure.. liGht goes and
comes back.. and it makes me so happy.. to see you come back
again in jUST the span of a few days to spread some more force
as Love..
Happy liGht
my fRieNd Love
travels far.. far far.. to another
galaxy of hUman heARt.. spiRit
and SoUL groWing Ocean whOle with GoD onE..
Oh.. yeah..
and i hope
you enjoy
the liGht Force
SonG by J. Lo..
with Love..
and F as an..
alpha numerical
number 6 of golden
spiraling sixes forevermorenow..:)
sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Rytha Ephua..
from South Africa.. if my memory
serves me correct.. or perhaps
it is another pArt of
Africa or perhaps
i am totAlly
and you
live in the U.S.
but never the less
you are a global citizen
of the world of one Race
of human beings.. and i am
wondering here why i did not
at the poetry prompt on wishes..
@dVerse.. see this beautiful poem..
aS ‘Hallucination’ that we all will never
be unhappy again.. and yes.. my friEnd..
this is my wish and dream for all too.. and
i could not have written the words any better
than you.. so i will link this poem to my Newest
Macro-Verse number 701.. that i am naming
as part of the longest long form poem
ever still surpassing 3.3 million
words as ocean whole
for this
particular one at number 701..
as ‘GodsUniVerse 42 HiTcHiKinG’..
and at the very bottom.. i am going
to liNk your poem here.. as the meaning
of life.. For my friEnd.. The Meaning of liFe..
is truly the empathy and compassion that says
humans can have.. fearlessly and unconditionally
as Love for their fellow human beings.. it is in the
contact of Love that makes life worth living in flesh
and blood holds of hands… and words and visual images
online that attempt to approximate the beauty of all human
Love toGetHer..
i Love you FriEnd..
i don’t have to know you
well at all to Love you.. all
i have to kNow and FeeL is your
humanity.. the same DNA that i share
as gifted by God as all that is.. that we all
share at core.. of loving hands that say..
no separation.. from all that is..
we are all friends
and we all can
wish others
the best of
happiness as liGht and Love now..
so.. Spring forth a new light each now
my friEnd.. and may the liGht of yoUr Love
never dim any less than brilliant as A sMiLe
now from GOD’s Lamp gRoWinG briGhter as wE..:)
Ask God and
your wishes shAll
be granted.. but first
eliminate all illusory
AsK God
as liGht
for Love
as the only
wish and Love
WiLL Live as you..
and when any two human
beings connect as friEnds..
another Multi-Universe of God
is born.. no different reAlly than
when each human becomes
incarnate living
as paRt
of God wHOle2..
Clarity is in the Loving
all whole as LiFE.. Tragedy
iS in the separation from God whOle..
the first step iS in letting go of fear.. and
hOlding each oThers hands as Love.. and
perHaps a Happy Dance then.. free style as
God Flows in GolDen SpiRal Sixes as surely
the Golden mean found in essence of
Pyramids is what lives longer
than just a pharaoh here
or there.. who
wanted to
tHeiR KA spiRit
for ages to come..
no longer must we be
slaves to construct the KA..
as the actor.. from Producers
and Directors of other
a new age
has arisen..
where we are
the actors.. the producers
and co-creators WiTh God
to Direct our plays toGeTheR
like never beFore in this Greater
liGht wHere our culture and technology
brings the liGht of Nature hOlding hands
globAlly as Love groWs oN as floWers
iN all new ways as extension of
God’s hands
as greAtest
gift of hUman
Fearless Love..
so sure.. the meaning
of liFe can be also be found
noW in a Chinese Restaurant..
on a bathroom stall.. named
as King Buffet.. and sure..
A Buffet of Love that
to die..
can be
found as pyramid
of 42 now.. ALIVE
And with that said.. this
draws to a close.. for now..
this number 701 Macro-Verse…
Now.. it’s Sacred R and R Holy
Thursday for me.. with some
other responsibilities to come..
but soon.. a Holy and Sacred Dance
with all the cool college age folks at
Good Old Seville Quarter for the 126th
week of doing that tonight.. Thursday night..
i spread liGht in all the ways i can.. simply ’cause i Love..
i Love fearlessly as liGht inside continues to shine brighter
as days go on and gRow as Love.. and sure.. you can too..
not easy in this modern age of so many worries of day
to day living.. but the wick is inside.. just
waiting for a spark
to liGht
Like a Hurricane FLamE..
of Love with cAlm center peAce..
more fun dance photos coming
on 09092016 around 3 am..:)
“Nifty,” he said. “Does it divide, or, multiply?”
“Nifty,” he said. “Does it divide, or, multiply?”
SMiLes.. interestingly per metaphor
of occult and Aleister Crowley’s
Book of the
Law that
is a puzzle to
be solved for truth
and light too.. about
a certain number.. let’s
just say.. ah.. the mysteries
of symbols untold aS KeYes
to the mysteries and secrets of
liFE but alWays an invitation to find
the trUths and liGhts alWays gifted
within.. in our DNA evolved as such
as all existence goeS oN for now..
hmm.. and when one is taling
stories this day one must
be ‘sexy’ in terms
of pushing
of cultural
norms to get
focus and attention
these days.. ha.. even
to write 12 million words per
se in close to 6 years now..
as one might divide and
multiply that
too.. like
6 K dance
miles in three
years that
comes out
to be
166.66 miles
per month.. oh my
God.. liGhTeNinG and thunder
comes and be’s that must mean
i AM iLLumiNatI.. hehe.. WeLL trUth
be told the iSREAL illuminati don’t work
for the green bLacK dollar bills nor for fame
or other illusory culture made substitutes for
the village that raises the child in giving sharing
ways.. with never owner ship of other human beings
in slavery ways of repressing and oppressing emoTioNs..
SenSuaLiTy and SexuAliTy Free.. well.. then as you kNow
came the storing of the grains.. populations wHeRe humans
are not evolved to connect to more STiLL than 150 to 200 sets or
so of friendly naked hips and eYes of unconditional Fearless love..
so.. Houston we have a problem even if we landed on the moon in
a tin can in ’69.. invaded countries to kill over 100K innocent folks
and now rebuild and fight new wars on blood of soil we initiate
for greed of storing Grain.. but haha.. not just the U.S.. any land.. out
of balance with our God of Nature given Human Nature balance..
so what to do.. tHeir will always be two wolves to feed
of pro-social vs con-social emotions as this
is the wolf of human too.. domesticated
or not.. wild to survive of reptilian
serpent brain is alive
waiting to
as no holds barred
when Nature as human
Nature moves out of BaLAnCinG
way of mInd and BoDy soUL holding
hands TogeThER or in blood shed to expand
territory and reproductive resources for survival..
even if that means the snake of war and rape to
go on.. it’s dirty business.. the dArk wolf pArt
of life.. but never the less dArk
and liGht are iSREAL aLL
as TrUth and liGht noW
too.. no need to
veil the ignorance
of the real Zombie
Apocalypse aS in IsREAL
original Greek terms to lift
the veil of ignorance from words
that no longer groW and evolve.. to
greater liGhts of empathy and compassion
in MoVinG.. ConNecTinG.. CreAtinG ways
of Fearless Love groWinG noW forevermore now..
Stronger as flAMe of LaMps shine bRighter than ever
before.. and sure.. i am currently enListinG global wide
assistance to determine the grand 42 meaning of
all that is existence.. and the SonG above seemed
even more appropriate in my Cherokee ancestors
legend of a Grandfather Chief’s Legend of two wolves
that once again.. is as real as the domesticated wolf of human..
but sure.. i must
add in my more
than two cents of senses
and emotions and sensuality
and other stuff at the end of
core inspiration to move
on to even greater
liGhts of Love..
and the next
quote inspires
the neXt part of
the continuing close
of 701st Macro Verse
of Ocean Whole poem..
as you’ve probably heard
oh.. my God.. over and over again..
is surpassing 3.3 million words.. GroWinG
more to 4 MilLion and more as nows go on..
but each micro-verse of that stands alone as
spread online in other avenues.. besides blogs..
so each micro-verse of total verse must provide
close to the whole to tale a story of wHole now..
wherever the mesSAge continues to grow..
mY Friend.. as inspired by lovely
people like you aLL
the world..
as hey.. i got
back uP of what i do
everyWheRe i go.. as
tHere is no Raid large enough
to get rid of the roach of i.. as sure..
they tend to last over Aeons as they say..
of more more more.. survival now.. alive..
as existence somehow more always now..
So to the
and more..
“The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
~~ Nelson Henderson ~~
And yeah.. you’ve heard versions of what’s to come..
but like the verses left from all the revisions.. scribe
mistakes on purpose and added in even
still two wolf version of the dude
named Jesus.. where
the bad Jesus cop will
make ya hate
ya mommy..
daddy.. children
and brothers and sisters
if they veer away from the
teacher’s thoughts.. to
forcing pigs off of
cliff’s with
of demons
inside.. To FucK
with Peace.. i come
with a sword and the
Good Wolf Jesus that says
love each other same as self
consuming each other no more
than food and drink.. love your
enemy ..and those who live by the
sword die by the sword.. voila.. the
two wolf story of the Cherokee Chief
come to fruition in New Testament dARk
and liGht.. clear as day.. but of course we
as huMan beings aspire the greATest light
all naturally and instinctually in our DNA if At
all possible to feed the Good Wolf inside alWays
and the fact that people can overlook the bad wolf
Jesus.. some people at least.. is evidence of the
greater liGht of HUman Good Wolf.. heARt..
SpiRit and SoUL as evidence
in pulpits
that only
Sing Hope
and Love from
the Good Wolf Jesus..
praise that white sHe wolf
of peace and harmony for all
to Kingdom come in the heaven
of now WhOle never ever separated
from eAch other with DanCinG.. SinGinG
Fearless Love.. oh my GOD.. i will now break
out in joYous DancE and SonG.. as soon as i
E-Scape this Keyboard and screen priSon as
Messenger of God StiLL visiting hell off and
on.. hehe.. but Love as Fearless is alWays
heaven now.. sure.. i can ignore the
bad wolf.. even in me..
as liGht
as Love
as Fearless now..
and continue on Feeding..
Feeding more Love as i go as Love..
now.. hmm.. this is getting long but
a 42 month witness of God of Nature
is kinda big.. considering how large
and diverse the world is in
and differences
of liGht and DArk
perceptions both
as TrUth and liGht
varies with mileAge
and wear and tear too..
yeah.. abundant environments
for resources as compared to barren
ones as far as naked and free goes..
compared to clothed in hell
of repression.. oppression
of human FeeLinGs
seNSEs.. and
oh.. the bloody hell of that
dARk realiTy iSReaL of the
God of Nature paRt of HUman..
not so kind too.. hmm.. only if
we can hOld hands toGEther
with our Good Wolf parTS
and give and share more
in abundance as metaphor
of course.. dancing naked holding
hands as fearless love around a
fire of midnight love that needs no
moonlight to liGht us up as Good Wolf wHole..
holy and sacred as greATest Gift of fearless Love
can live as WE Good Wolves wHOle.. hmm.. gotta
appt.. coming in P’Cola.. in 65 minutes must get moving
faster now to the next quote to say.. coming now.. NoW..
“The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
~~ Nelson Henderson ~~
oH.. cRap.. i ain’t got time to tale the story
better so i’ll have to quote my own
self from before of what
i said before here
just for
and giggles..
before i hit the
FriGGinG iNterstate
to the ‘hell’ out there..
“Stars are born to output and share liGht..
at least for as long
as they live..
and as dim as i once
was.. almost bLack
of liGht..
the saving
grace then was
to water a plant
to make
grow made
my life still
a star
matter how
dArk the candle
i felt iN bLack
then.. and
oh.. the saviors of the world..
and a story i love to tale a little
different as parables do.. when free
and not imprisoned by books.. pages..
paragraphs.. lines or words of print
of yesternows.. bound
by past authority
that no
longer should
exist.. for free..
so.. anyway.. sorry iF
you already heard it but
it will be different anyway..
hehe.. as free WiLL be
when unleashed
and released
as being
starliGht oF eYes
within.. a dusty road..
a little boy with no words..
disabled from birth without
the ability to speak.. but a lover
of growth.. in shape of trees..
a sapling brought home
by loving mother
then.. placed
on a counter
by a lamp that shines..
the boys sees green and
wants to see more.. so he
nurtures this PLANeT
the ability
to speak..
water he does..
fertilizing Love..
Sunshine hope
iN eYes of Loving
Kind.. fertile ground
outside.. dig a hole
to comfort roots..
spend time
and effort
caring Love
and the Tree rises
broad and sTrong..
and soon provides shade
for the front porch home..
Sidewalks come.. but tree
sTill bRanches out.. Flowers
come more beautiful than before..
Students from the local school who
study trees are amazed by the beauty
of this tree.. photos are taken.. shared..
and the boys eYes shine to see what his
Love inspires.. tree no longer needs boy
to grow strong now.. and the little
boy becomes ill and his life
goes dark..
Years later..
a shy young man iS
walking this sidewalk
of the boy’s home.. and
a most beautiful dark haired
girl approaches him.. with smiling
face.. the boys eyes liGht up but what
to say.. ah.. the center piece of conversation
iS standing tAll and floweRinG more beautiful
iT seems than ever before on this March Spring
day.. a spark of instant Love is in the air..
and that begins a Love that
will last ’till death..
the shy boy becomes
confident with the Love of
his wife.. joins the Military..
and even rises to the ranks
of politics then.. Love grows
and fearless Lives..
the boy is
now a
Strong man..
and makes a decision
as a leader of the world
that prevents World War III…
Life on the PlanT now iS saved..
So who is the savior.. the boy..
the man.. the girl.. the Loving
wife.. the parents.. the schools
providing education.. the tree
or the little disabled boy
and all the
from around the
world.. well the truth
iS aLL they are.. as theRe
is no i.. me but us and we
oF Life..
Moral of the
story.. water a tree
Of Life and see wHere
iN ocean
eYes free..:)”
Google.. is such an excellent
mesSage assistant.. less than
a second with keyword
of sapling
and the message
comes back again..
Namaste.. gigoid..:)
Of Naked
oF light
To shed the
Clothes of
Manmade culture..
Be one with God
Of all that is Nature
Allone Beauty Now..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Rytha..
YoUr Kind and Loving
Words inSpiRe me…
Sadly.. To me at
Least.. Some
Folks see liFe..
Mostly as
Numbers.. Others
Do Life Free Verse
For Love.. like
You and i..
And sure..
Those who
Rule over art..
Bring order
To potential
Anarchy and
My Spirit that
Will not be censored
Was Deleted and Banned
From linking at dVerse.. Too..
But.. i am A.. iSREAL Love flu that
Will not be cured by
The prison of
Ha! In
The online world..
THeRe is now always
Alternatives of ways
Away.. that chain
A Free Art of
Love.. i’D rather
Be allone with
Fearless Love than
To be
By rules..
Sure.. Love
Is the only
Law of A
i as I..
Like the
Of winds..
Calm Center
FLamE as a
HurriCanE noW..
My Lovely.. Kind FriEnd..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)