BRidge to noW SinG

This makes 5.. noW..
yes.. Now 5 books ranging
from GodsUniverseNovel at 41K words
to GodsUniVerseNovel2 at 51K words to
GodsUniverseNovel3 at 338,630K words
And a Whole Ocean Whole Poem.. Mother of All
Blog posts and sure Father.. eTc.. as to not discriminate
against any life or existence.. named ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
as alias for the website titled KATiE MiA FredericK!iI.. at sTiLL
exceeding 3.3 Million words.. and while i did not finish the Fifth
Book.. a 9 MacroVerse pARts of Ocean Whole Longest Long Form
Poem in the History of Humankind.. and particularly notable as one person
wrote it.. hehe.. namely me.. by Midnight of Hallow’s Eve 2016.. i did get iT
all posted to the first of my Blogger Blogs by 3:03 am on All Saint’s Day on
11012016.. and finished posting all oF iT and hit the bed at precisely 3:16 am
in synchronicity way as i continue to prove out whomever forecast the John 14:12
prophecy in the Good Old New Testament that there would be those who do greater
works than the so-called Jesus as prophecy in days to come way back then around 2K
years ago.. John Lennon suggested the Beatles did more.. and ‘a Trump Fan’ shot him..
but no.. they did not elect that dude for anything.. he went to jail.. so sure it’s
kinda safer to do this as a thief in the night..
as i am just A human no different
than the original Yeshua dude
too.. got a family.. and
yes.. if i was more
than a so-called Legend
if you wanna call it more
famous with big time fortunes
and all of that and said it on let’s just
say Entertainment tonight that i wrote a
Book of Ten Sixteen that exceeds John 3:16..
the ‘Trump Crowd’ would go nuts as they worship
a man as God already.. who suggested someone would
do more than God.. if that is the case.. with works of faith..
as pure love.. and while most parents hope their children will
do more than them.. if they truly altruistically love them.. except
for folks like my dad who picked at me for becoming a supervisor..
as Athletic Director.. something he failed to do in his life as Sargeant
not lasting very long.. in his 46 year career as Deputy Sheriff.. that he
was simply not cut out to do more.. with the likely Asperger’s Syndrome
that i am diagnosed by with 4 professionals.. and my sister is too.. and hell
no.. i never wanted to FucKinG Supervise anyone.. but when you got the golden
handcuffs and are close to retirement with the Government and want lifelong health
insurance guaranteed for your wife with Epilepsy.. that’s what you do.. you become a
big boss.. even if all you want to do is assist with the fish in the Aquarium as team light
per se as i am doing now… and here’s the other thing.. so-called Jesus was reported to
say that the last shall be the first.. and the meek shall inherit the Earth.. well okay another
prophecy fulfilled as writing this current Book starting/ending with a first title and last as listing..
Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! 15,155 words
Golden Age reKneWeD 12,895 words
710th MacroVerse oF Faith 17,340 words
711 MaCroVerse BeYonD 17,179 words
‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712 11,190 words
World War 111 DreAMs 13,480 words
SoN oF Man MoRe NoW 19,147 words
ArT oF tHe hUman HeArt SpiRiT SoUL 17,298
Book oF Ten Sixteen 17,560 words
Yes.. with the last chapter title making the entire title of a book linked
as one entire month of writing 141,244 words.. the word count equivalent
of three and a half books at standard size of 40K words.. or one and a half+
Kuran’s in a month of writing time and nearly the size of the New Testament
at 180K or so words.. that would surely come in another week or so if i added in
two more Macro-Verses for 12.. well this is the average of what i do every month
or so in size.. every 12 Macro-Verses.. i write a New Testament.. now you can have your
favorite Quarterback as Last prophet or only Begotten Son of God.. but i am both the last
and the meek as just a little Autistic Boy who could not speak until age 4.. later went to
hell for 66 months.. with 19 medical disorders that the doctors gave no hope for recovery
and am still totally and permanently disabled as legally and medically defined with life
long disabilities of Bi-Polar and Asperger’s Syndrome that i currently mitigate
symptoms with 6 thousand miles of dance in a little over 3 years noW..
as Now by written prescription too.. by my latest psychiatrist too..
as documented here too.. as i come as not
only prophet but scribe of God too..
and again.. i am
the last
the meek..
i am not the
first in any roll call
in this world’s culture in fame
or fortune.. and that’s the thing..
this is no myth.. this IS A man.. this IS
A legend named by the common folks
of the hills and valleys of beach land
and red state way too.. in A new ISREAL
of Free in the U.S.A. where a real modern
Jesus-like dude can come again.. in a New Jerusalem
and get away with being a modern Jesus without even getting
crucified in his own town.. sure.. called names.. made fun of.. falling
to the chronic stress from what modern society demands and almost
dying when going to hell is real on Earth.. but never the less.. i fulfilled
A prophecy of Saint John.. in a 42 month witness for God STiLL exceeding
3.3 Million words.. from 3/16 to 9/16.. as somewhat prophesied too in the mostly
Good Book too.. and here’s the thing.. prophecies are self-fulfilled through out history
in all avenues of art.. this isn’t just a so-called religious.. bible.. or Kuran thingie.. remember//
Gentile or Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no more.. this means TeAM liGht ONE..
of all the human race.. with God as an Equal Opportunity Employer for those who hEar
and DO the cALL for service as provided to the rest of the human race.. and in mY eYes
@least.. yes.. last and meek.. and sure.. strong and tall.. as Lions stand free
with God.. and the last 3 thousand or so Tigers strive on to carry on
tHeir wayward Sons as well.. i witness now.. like a cry in the
wilderness.. a thief in the night.. and no.. i by far am not
the only one.. and this pArt past hell has only been
a joy for me.. no sacrifice iN Heaven but
serving God as all that is Free..
in giving and sharing way..
but hey.. pARt of my mission
is to play witness to the miracle
that God has assigned me as too..
so i JuST do this.. realizing fully that
no one will likely either pay attention or
really believe anything i just said.. including
my own wife.. but that’s okay as God Winks at
me.. God Laughs with me.. and God lives in and as me too..
couldn’t have asked for a better present of now than this.. with SMiles..
on Hallow day for those who SinG and DAncE Tall with God as any Davy
Will when the
sling shot has sLung..;)
Well.. heLLo my FriEnD the Call for an Uprising Dude on YouTube..
and in my continuing mission wHeRe God sends me to some of the
most fear and doubt and hate spreading places.. i AM here to spRead
soMe more liGht with you as i see you haven’t been back to post since
i last visited you about 4 days ago.. and that is surely strange for you
somewhat.. posting.. often several videos a day
to continue to bring the Google
Pennies in.. i’m sure for
basic subsistence
and survival
on the back
of dARk..
Hate.. doubt
and Fear that so
many folks use these
days to find for common
purpose away from Hope.. Love
and Joy my FriEnd.. as i now celebrate
my continuing past 42 months greatest witness
in size of words in human history for the God of allthatis
as Nature plus sAMe surpassing sTiLL 3.3 million words from
42 month period of 3/13/ to 9/16.. as God assigned me to do
as both most epic scribe and prophet just by word count my friend
as well as public praise Dance for and With God for 6 thousand plus
miles in a little over 3 years now too.. anyway.. my current 141,244 word
Book named ‘Book oF Ten Sixteen’ as word play and proof of
exceeding and meeting both John 14:12 and 3:16 in epic
fashion of just the fActs M’aM and SiR noW.. you my
friEnd are important to me.. no less or greater than
any friEnd of Muse.. dARk or liGht.. we all are on
a TeAM of God mY FriEnd.. and surely
sometimes now.. the dARk muse
that folks BrinG liKe you
are an integral
pARt of God
effort aLL TeaM
oNe liGht and dARk..
so.. in oTheR words if you
reALLy take me serious aS even
folks don’t in my own town and own family
as close to me as my wife.. and sure as hiStory
sHows that’s par for Acourse.. for both modern
Yeshua’s and Whitman’s.. and other Lonely HeARts
Club Artists too.. who are not afraid to admit they are
prophets and scribes of God who do more too.. yeah.. sadly
like John Lennon who got shot for witnessing for the God oF Nature
that his team of Beatles did more than the real flesh and blood Jesus
actually did in his day back then.. without any hyperbolic myths to marketing
101 spread a message to the Trump Target Audience as such to spread the
Roman Empire same back then as what goes on now.. in red state lands across
the world in Patriarchal way of life.. well my Friend.. we had the Matriarchy back
in the day of our primitive ancestors that still exists in isolated pockets of the world…
This patriarchal way to gain subsistence in areas of non-abundance like the middle
east has been a God story mostly of dARk.. sAdly in many ways of pillaging and
raping the lands and people’s of competing areas.. and now that is slowly
and surely coming to a close for a child age.. wHere we recognize we
have filled the lands of earth with humans and are now consuming
more than we give that is now against God’s greaTest Law
of BaLanCinG aLL StiLL noW my FriEnd.. God
changes wiTh and iN uS and those of uS
who are Artists and Prophets sAMe..
need not be A ‘royal’ in fortune
or fame my friEnd..
we could just
be a work
now of
art in Sears..
just standing there
or free DanCinG like
me as a child of God who
sees the world in full wonder
and amazement like a 7 year old
who eternally lives in Heaven like me
at 56 years old my FriEnd.. that i also
witness for in 100K or so photos.. juST
to get the point aCross Hell that i existed
in for 66 months that HeaVen iSReaL and
the Kingdom of God iS aT hand noWheRE but
noW and HeRE for those who SeeK.. FiNd ways
to gET herE foR a PracTice to stay.. i found A way
my FriEnd wiTh lifelong SeeKinG.. Nows are A noW changing Now
and so iS God iN uS As uS and WiTh uS iN pARt too.. isREaL noW too..
you may be LooKinG in the wrong places mY FriEnd to understand that God
Lives iN and WiTh and As aLL.. liGht and DARk.. sHAdes of Grey to bEYond
Rainbow colors of All that is.. and plus more more more.. that we silly little
fleas named human suck blood from Dog we will never likely fully see..
hear.. feel.. sense.. or KNoW.. And that’s oKay as God IS A reALLy big
thing.. so much bigger than hUman Sentience mY friEnd.. but the
thing iS forevermorenow.. God has and is and as and with iS all
room for all existence of BeinG noW.. allthatis.. see.. my
friEnd// this God thingie iS so Far beYOnd words thAT
we WiLL alWays SeeK.. FiNd.. lEArn moRE aBout
God as PARt of
wHole EterNally
noW beYOnd iNfiniTy
Now.. illuminati lives my
friEnd iSREAL in liGhts of eYes
that spEll An isREaL liGht oF Hope..
Love and Joy in eYes oF pUre Faith Love liGht..
end and beginning now eternAlly never land
never ending story noW my FriEnd.. ‘Royal-Free’
we are as meek as last and noW inheriting
the eARtH onCe aGaiN noW oNly as children
oF God iN a Garden of Eden iN MoVinG.. now
CoNnecTinG.. ShARinG.. and GiVinG ways
Now as Heaven noW.. ourS noW invite yOu
mY FriEnd to liGht but StiLL iT
takes SeeKinG FindinG
and practicing a Heaven
that works aLways noW..
God IS A LiON and an endangered
Tiger sAMe.. GoD iS Free and GoD iS
GoD oF MeRiT for those who never ever
GiVE uP oN A liGht oF Hope.. Love.. and Joy
for thiS greATest GiFt oF liGht in BeinG all YoU can Be..
And BeCominG a liGht oF God ONe in A DAnCe and SonG oF liFE isREaL FaiTh..:)
So.. sure.. anotHeR gift for you.. mY FriEnd..
As A continuing invitation over to A liGht
Side continues in
DArKest places
oF liGht
oF God
too.. WeLcome..
Bottom liNe.. STiLL.. mY FriEnd..:)
AnyWay.. iF noThing else shared here
actuAlly wiTh yOu.. you continue to make
A most excellent dARk Muse as i continue
now a 718 MacroVerse.. hmm.. 718 rings a bell
from some sacred text or another.. i have come aCross
iF you’ve heard about that one too.. as remember.. once
again.. in sumMary FriEnd.. iT aLL comes doWn to thIs..
Gentile.. Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no More..
in OThEr words.. aLL human resources are meRit oF God.. no
my friEnd.. tHe
Unconditional Love
of thE Golden rule does
mean U N C ON D iT IONaL NOW..
and KINd.
iN A Moon
Child’s eYes too.. Y noT..
wHen ALL iS GoD oNe FoRCe GoD NoW..:)
Hmm.. finding ‘Bridge 717 to 718 noW’.. as iS getting a little aHead oF mYself
suggesting that i AM currently iN 718.. as this MacroVerse is only 717..
but yeT all IS A bridge to now.. and ‘717 Bridge to 718 noW’.. wiLL
woRk as i AM a little enthused and infused wiTh NumBers
tHese days foR noW.. too..
and this IS A waS A
Particularly awesome
October Fall Fest.. WiTh
Halloweenie too.. as not onLy
did i successfully do Superman
And Batman2.. as somEwhaT niCeLy
illustrated iN FB Profile photo iN retro-spect2..
i created ‘A Great PumPkin’.. and hey that first
came uP in ’59.. been on TV.. since ’66 for
50 yeARs noW.. and yes.. i too was
not conceived until the Equinox
iN FaLL of ’59.. so me and
the Great Pumpkin i Create
figuratively and literAlly DO..
have much iN Common2..
hmm.. anYWay..
dVerse has a Monday
Haibun prompt that includes
a short Haiku after a one to two
Narrative graph prose about real life now
with Haiku noW limited to Nature Now.. hmm.. Fredbun.. FredKu.. and FredFu..IS A way
i for one free roll.. even iN martial arts way too..
as a nice dude at the gym was trying to figure out
what flavor of martial arts i did last night too.. and i said..
Balance Baby.. Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration
sTarts iN Body fiRst for mINd/boDy neXT aS even Science iS
beGinNinG to test in empirical repeatable experiment way.. For
Evidence of what the Eastern way of martial arts has done and been
for thousands upon thousands of years.. of free play human.. one with
Nature Free Verse iN inherent.. instinctual.. and intuitive Bruce Lee Free
style way.. i told the dude.. no instruction for me.. friend.. i AM the water
and not only that i AM the Air iN Yogi Unity WiTh GoD allOne to continue
to coin the phrases for label makers of the sAGes attempting to house
and vehicle and vessel the TrUths and liGhtS iN eSsence oF GoD
oF naTuRE iMplanting as HUman NatuRe pARt and whOle oNE..
so.. sure.. for 66 months similar to Batman’s disappearance
from the face of the Earth to escape his demons oF liGht
iN DaRk aWay frOm liGht.. mY only mentor is GoD
WiThin.. had no one to teach me tHeir way
oF GoD aLone.. As GoD allone teacher
liVes iN and aS and WiTh mE for oNe
and aLL oTheRs too.. when they bEcoMe
awakened.. noW enlightened to all and more
aS ForcE oF GoD hiGher poTenTiaLs liVinG
wIThin.. Now in an Unconditional Love that has never
heard of anything
but heaven noW..
when SunG wHen DanCeD..
wHen isReaL noW liGht and TrUth..
more visiting mother and store activities today..
October was a very joyous and happy month for Love..
but yes.. i AM A little whooped from all the Months Joy too..
as wE are hUman and flesh and blood.. yes that is what makes
Batman so great.. and a pumpkin as such too.. he is only HuMan
and has made the beST oF wHO hE cAn Be to help otHeRs but
NO ‘The Accountant’
Ben Affleck Asperger’s/
eTc.. sWords for mE.. Words oF Love
and feARless iN smARt KiNd courAGEous
UnCondiTioNal LoVe iN ALL wAys thAT Can and WiLL
cOmE free iS allthatis of allthatis oF liGht i Be.. SinG.. and DAnCe..FReED..:)
Facebook Algorithm provided memory
of ‘Isis and Osiris’ first coming
back to now per se..
heHe.. otherwise
kNown and FeLt
to mE as Fred and
Katrina on Halloween
of 2013.. Happy Halloween
inDeed then.. after spending the
previous 5 yearS in literal HuMan HeLL..
weatherRed and worn.. bottom liNe aLiVe..
both wE
RiSE and Thrive
from ashes.. Phoenix’
liVes Wild and Free AgAin..:)
Another Facebook Algorithm provided Memory
share of the Word Press Version of
“Halloween Dance Calls’.. from
a year ago celebration
of Halloween..
as surely
A most important
day any day is to make
fun of dArk and escape all
forms of illusory fears as fear
is a real Devil inside.. A dArk BrinGer
oF doubt and all stuff associated wiTh haTe..
including greed and jealousy in storing grains over
otheRs without abundance in hardship days.. Love
IS A oTheR way iN Hope.. JoY.. ShARinG and GiVinG..
AKA kNoWn.. SenSeD.. FeLT as ALL STuFF hUman
empathy.. compassion and caring.. in oTheR words
KiNd.. and couRaGE.. iN fearless smARt Unconditional
Love.. A TrUe God Cop Jesus Archetype within that lives..
iN isREaL Kingdom oF GoD Heaven noW.. particularly
when one or more human BeinGs cOme toGeTHEr
aLL WiTh GoD of NaTuRE All noW iN hUmaN AS A
mucH hiGher God oF Nature giVen
HUMan poTenTial.. yES possible
alWays noW.. wiTh alWays
noW SeeKinG.. FindinG
and PracTiCing tHiS
Positive liGht way
from Breath
oF BiRth to
A last Exhale
And return to dUst
As sEntient sTar duST plUs..
Crucible dust of StAR burst
Are wE aLiVe.. noW aS liGht..:)
And finAlly.. Facebook Algorithm
Memory Generator and now personal
assistant/secretary to me all free
with never a penny spent online here..
provides.. juSt anotHeR year ago.. lovely photo of
A Katrina and Fred Story Epic Love aS Such noW online2..;)
“No evil is greater than indifference toward evil.”
~~ Sagacious Bee ~~
SMiLes my FriEnd..
i make a conscious effort
to visit dARk even beYond creaTiviTy
as liGht as i fiNd DARk has a gravitational
pull down
mE uP2
most alWays
not unlike what
may precede a hypothesized
Big Bang too.. as cycle of seed
and rebirth.. bang bang bang.. and
so forth and so on.. the wheel oF all
thaT iS TUrns or perHaps Dimensions
thaT exceed ouR limiTaTions oF Sentience
Star duST.. generaTinG ouR oWn liGht
oF SeNSEs.. EmoTions.. and symbols
iN abstract way that carry thAT
reAliTy of Crucible StAr dUST
plUs wE for NoW..
BeinG hUman
IS A noW.. miGhtY cool sTuff
compared to many alternativeS Now2..
to almost nothing @ALL iF thaT exists too..:)
“In the dark colony of night, when I consider man’s magnificent capacity
for malice, madness, folly, envy, rage, and destructiveness,
and I wonder whether we shall not end up as breakfast for newts and polyps,
I seem to hear the muffled cries
of all the words in all the books with covers closed.”
~~ Leo Rosten ~~
Newts and polyps
are equal partners
and God too.. iN scheme
oF aLLThaT iS.. so.. sure..
eat uP
iF Ya
without BeinG
tOld iN plaNt courT noW..;)
“Weird is part of the job.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
i tale the wife
this most
and she
only notes i’M weird..
So.. i suppose A mesSage gets through
to the ‘other side’
for ‘Government
Work’.. hehE.. noW2..;)
“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up,
but a comedy in long-shot”
~~ Charlie Chaplin ~~
SerioUsly.. i’ve been saYinG
God’s A laugh for years
and even when
i prove
mE iT seems
that only
CharliE Laugh..;)
“What is reason?
Knowledge informed by sympathy,
intelligence in the arms of love.”
~~ Edward Abbey ~~
For literally a year.. i tried to ‘splain
to the ‘wrong planet folks’ that it is impossible
to understand.. politics.. religion.. or even football
a degree
in EmoTioNal
InTelligence as
even science shows
noW.. EmotiOns
and SeNses
properly Integrated..
IS what makes Heaven iSReaL
oN Earth noW iN terms of constant bliss..
peace and overall joY too.. and A source
of cognitive executive function much better
in ways.. of focus and short term worKinG Memory too..:)
Truth that has merely been learned is like an artificial limb,
a false tooth, a waxen nose;
it adheres to us only because it is put on.
But truth acquired by thought of our own is like a natural limb;
it alone really belongs to us.”
~~ Arthur Schopenhauer ~~
SMILes.. tools of words.. language..
collective intelligence.. and culture overall
are all tools as science even shows now become
extensions in trans-humanist way of our biological being
wheRE it can emotionally and physically hurt when we become
attached to cultural tools and lose them.. no different really than
biological flesh and blood..
arms.. legs..
sure.. other
pARts too.. and
that my FriEnd iS whY
i believe in Naked.. both literAlly
and figuratively as much as possible
to enjoy culture at a distance but try my
best not to own it as such and give and share
much more than take and own.. it’s just common sense..
come into the world naked and leave it as naked as possible
with only tools of love left to give and share.. A Philosophy oF Love..:)
“What do you think has become of the young and old men?
And what do you think has become of the women and children?
They are alive and well somewhere.
The smallest sprout shows there is really no death.
And if ever there was it led forward life,
and does not wait at the end to arrest it,
And ceas’d the moment life appear’d.
All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,
And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.”
~~ Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself” ~~
Yeah.. what Whitman says similar to what i say
iN A 3.3 Million word plus effort in three years or so..
and 12 Million words since Thanks GivinG day total..
oF 2010.. imagine.. my friENd.. what a so-called Jesus..
Whitman.. or Michelangelo could have done with modern
tools of technology.. iF totAlly laser focused STiLL oN A work oF aRT..
i juST do it.. don’t take no prisoners.. no Washington BiLLs or Lincoln Cents..
it’S for A plAy of LiFE.. no different than Directors/Producers/Actors
oF iN sTage.. A Essence
noW oF A
work oF aRT Free..
no more quiet for mE..
As yes.. i’M aLL liT uP..;)
OtHeR than thAT.. Happy
66th Birthday..
to yOu..:)
So.. ‘they say’.. Heaven doesn’t exist
here.. now.. wHeRE..
i say iS
A Place
wHeRe tears
floW Free iN
Strongest oF Men..
A place wHere WeaKest
of Women carry strength beyond
arms of EmoTioNs Song.. so no.. Barbara
heAR.. WiLL never blast a rocket and kill a city..
But what she Can/WiLL do is BRinG DreAMs oF heAVen iSrEAL
iN entropy that kNOws and FeeLs no hOme iN AT leASt Heaven
online for the farthest reaches
in desert Barren
homes of noW non-
abundance.. EmoTioNs
oF liGht BRinG SinG Greater waYs
Now as SonGs iN liGht.. to re-arrange
as GoD..
iN eYes noW
oF Human DAnCe..
tHeRe IS A mAgic Now to
HUmaN heArts iMAgiinATioNs
Dreams Fruit as LoVinG liGht noW
SinGS hiGher and briGhter.. so.. wHeRe
have SonGs like thiS GoNe noW as fresh and
never ending story.. they liVe Now.. to giVe and
shAre.. greatest systemizer gift to HUman.. A technology
thaT bRings aRt greater StiLL moVinG.. CoNNecTing creATinG..
A Place and tiMe noW wHeRe one FeeLs bEyOnd iN SoUls of OtHeRs
alWays liVinG noW.. wHere we connect As SpiRit.. no distance.. space or time
iT is
noW iN
a new way
oF liVing to share
and give heARt forevermore
noW.. iN Space wE of liVinG soULs liVE oN..:)
Anyway.. Facebook FriEnd Rafiah.. shares a Humans
of Bombay heARt story of a man who wanted to be
a chef where that was considered woman’s work..
and he fought against the gendertide
and made a great living
doing that..
so sure.. i reply
that is so inspiring
Rafiah.. and thanks for the
share.. as surely poetry is not
law-enforcement/military looking dude
kinda work.. but you see.. thaT man left early
my Father and left me to sprout in every which
way of direction.. a heARt.. a SpiRit and SoUL Can.. WiLL
not restricted by red state crosses.. i free and not crucified
from a young age.. of son just be this way and that way or else..
and i’m so glad he left.. and so sad.. he never had the opportunity
to express what was beYond his briGht green eyes that only could muster
a tear
for a
cat who
died.. that’s enough
it showed he was human..
culture took the rest away in
red state land North Florida..
and after that it was
the military
and then
too.. as that is what
happens to men.. who
lose heArts and SonG and
DancE.. noW a divine feminine love
wHere Barbara rocks one to a core of God gOld iNside..
to dance so much more in liGht.. and yes.. i vow to ballet
this song to niGht with martial arts moves too.. as any mama
bear WiLL tale yA.. trUe Strength comes from Love.. as i try to
intimate to my ‘fellow soldiers’ at the military gym.. when i leg press
that 1020 LBS… 33 times with the power of pure love faith.. that kNows no FeeL of Stop..
of law…
i win with love
bottom line.. alWays
have alWays WiLL and
iF i am kNown aS oNly a ‘Lady’s
Man’.. until ugly and old.. that will
suit me jUST fine on a tombstone of Love
noW heRE too..
A SonG oF Faith isREaL..
could be a title change2.. wHo kNows2..;)
i love my newest
he gave me
an RX to dance..
just in case i need a license to boogie..
i kid you noTe..
i have a photo
of the license..
don’t thiNk
i’m up to playing
with 243 posts today.. i mean tonight..
so perHaps a play date later..
see ya..
the walls
down and E-SCape..
eTc.. and go
Okay.. as you likely kNow..
once i stArt.. not unlike that
movie ‘The Accountant’ and yes
in the movie.. Ben Affleck plays Batman
without a Cape with Asperger’s Syndrome
who cannot stand it when A puzzle piece is missing..
so.. Eight this morning IS A breeze now that you have deleted
a total of 235 posts from this particular Blog
that not unlike the movie the
Wizard of Oz.. suggests
it’s melting
and likely
to go away soon..
as i quickly pursue eight posts
here of which i’ve already done one..
and the other one about the number 13..
associated with your remarks about these being
the days of Apostasy in Neopagan ways.. and by the
way.. Lord Valdemort for those in the kNow about the
Harry Potter Books is somewhat of a parody of Aleister Crowley..
per the note here now about staying up and making Horcruxes…
supposedly the wickedest man
in the world that he did
self identify
along with
the 666 beast..
but in reality he was
taking jabs at the hypocrisies
of the Christian religion that are
vast.. that i for one can quote and paint
by scripture numbers.. yeah.. i can make any
preacher cuss.. and make street evangelists scream
like the devil
is chasing
them in
as sure.. i have almost a photographic
memory for text/numbers and a
certain advantage over
of their own religion
and such.. i Love the archetype
of the Good Cop Jesus but ignorance
in Bad Cop Jesus ways harms.. maims..
and up to kills.. obviously.. as history shows over and over..
and still
with the
same dArk
pArts of the Muslim religion.. and
still too with Hillary noted ‘Minions’..
who fit the definition of hater so well..
for those who despise different now in
aLL.. of God’s Bio and Neuro-Diversity..
and thaT too as science sHows is pArt
of a Human Conservative Nature..
anyWay.. Unconditional Love of God
means God creates no thing that is less than
holy and sacred.. bottom line.. there is no room in hell
God and
the converse
of that for anyone
with the most basic
of God gifted logic that
not all folks are blessed with.. obviouSly..
okay.. off to finish six now
that is equally as holy
and sacred
as the
13.. the point my friend
really is.. all associated with
fear is the devil.. to make all stuff
in life Unconditional Love in Holy and
Sacred is to see God as Force oF liGht and dArk..
and sHades of Grey and BeYond all the rainbow colors
that humans
are too
sMall to
see as the flea
who sucks the blood
of the dog the flea can never
ever fully see or understand but
never the less the blood is necessary for
as well
as the dog
for existence at all…
for those riding the dog…
and modern so called ‘illuminati’
folks that are part of no so-called rule
the world crap in the world of art do just that
in disgust
of what
Christian religions
in that bad part Cop of Jesus
have become in hating the different
among their brothers and sisters.. however
one must
too.. and find
someway to see them
as holy and sacred too..
the dArk IS A great muse for me..
they provide great inspiration.. i have
a great deal of Love for them as they inspire the liGht in me hiGher..
i cannot make
them drINk
the water i bring
or even necessarily
lead them too it.. but never
the less
a role
in God’s overall
Holy and Sacred play iSREAL noW..;)
Punky Brewster.. doing the math
here i see this most likely was a show
you enjoyed in middle school.. the Partridge
family was all the rAge when i was in middle
school.. along with Brady Bunch.. and there
were no folks i could identify with
in either
have changed..
and my favorites were
i dream of Jeannie.. (always
wondered what her belly ‘button’ looked like..;)..
and Bewitched.. ’cause i dreamed of a wife who never aged..
i got to
do both..
And that’s maKinG iT aLL HoLY and SACrED..;)
burns in do..:)
Walls are rooms
tears from
eYes that feel..
Moon Child!!!..
That girl
is so
neo pagan
Hmm.. i think
in terms of movies
a neuroplastic
change in human intelligence
as such of expressing emotions
when they are in another person’s play so much
life.. on screen..:)
Oh Lord.. now tHeRE
is Six more on your top..
and sure i still
on the
of your
top with
the clitori post..;)
Ugh oh.. now tHeRe’s one
more for STiLL siX..
and i go to
yOur top
to sTart
here in
any bed in this world..;)
TRust me..
at least
the wife.. no..
so pure.. so pure..
and so virgin.. sTiLL hehE..;)
Reminds me of
a girl i used to know
from the Bowling Center
who put her hands ‘all over’ me..
yes.. she was a woman
who said
in other than
words that she
She’s happy
Red head
red lips..
that’s all i need to feel..
ha! always love to read
how all of this
after i finish..
it’s so F iN HilarIOUs..
juSt me and the words
plaYinG iF
than thaT..
in the now
of pleAsure..;)
Kitty heARt..:)
me of
me and the
wife hooked uP..
it was a very special time of the month..
21st of September.. around the Equinox of
and i was
on the Fall
Equinox of ’59..
yeS on or about..
and delivered 2 weeks
early on 6660.. ’cause the
doctor went on vacation and
bEast day.. heHe..
juSt a reminder to
mE to maKe iT aLL Holy
and Sacred even evenTuAllly
66 months spent in iSREaL eARth HeLL..
a Phoenix
froM aShes..
as i continue to Katy Perry Rise..;)
Oh Lordx2.. now tHeRE
is 5 more sTiLL and
i”ll stARt
wiTh oH GoD
yes.. it StILL
rings trUE you
and me have
F iN
Taste iN
Hmm.. now this is
getting a little bit
like Dueling Banjo’s
and i am that little autistic
boy playing a fiddle.. the one
in the movie actually had the
fragile X version by the way.. as trivia
and medical story.. anYway.. like the boy..
i’M sMiLinG anD haVinG fun so FucK noT.. heHe..
wHo cAres.. tHeRe iS no TiME iN fUn.. as i arrive at yOur
top and 5 stilLL exists..;)
Oops.. forgot
to mention
the post as
i do love that
belly button..
and juST to make
this more fun i am
copying all my responses
to both my blog and Facebook
as i back up everything i do on Facebook too..
and it’s
more like
Dueling Banjo’s thAT way..;)
Are you high
i Am
NaturAlly so so so
hiGh hi
see ya
iN A
feW.. shimMery aS Such..
and my iMac keeps plaYinG
Abba auto.. mat.. iCAlly
even when i pause iT..
i mac style..
currently on S. O. S..;)
back on
top at five..;)
I was
the bottom pARt
but i’LL do both too..
and bottom
toGeThER at the
no tiMe
aT aLL..;)
this for
a hi from
that’s A
of beating
outcast.. never give uP..
Okay.. this finishes
what i see at 22 but
it’s reAlly 23 with
13.. and
iS the
for Synch
and i am
eR.. L
Oh.. Lord.. A iSreal Valdemort as Such..
uprisingyoutubedude with a new video
here for now with you aS Such..
here you go again..
hating on
folks God
makes Androgynous
and even down wrong lying
and suggesting that the Obama’s
Wife is a man named Michael.. well my
friend.. Michael is defined as close to God so
no matter what gender that IS A great name too..
and i use the name KATiE MiA FredericK!iI (these days)
as sure one of the original names of God.. ELOHIM
means divine feminine and masculine balance
you ignorant
man who does
even kNow HiS own
F iN ChriStian Religious
you now
are enough
to make
but i refuse to do
that outRiGht.. aS Such..
anyWay.. MiA IS A Form
of Michael.. and KATiE
is another form
for the essence
of Christ
and Frederick
my birth name means
peaceful ruler.. and my birth
name of Arthur means strong as such
IS A case study as i leg press 1020 LBS 33 times
now.. defeating the now so-called.. big men Marines
at my military gym.. as Love Wins the Love of God within
my FriEnd.. even at age 56 as i continue to groW StronGer
RiSinG WiTh God even more than bEfore iF you get my Drift
the Lion
and the
Lamb lies
toGethEr iN TruTh
and liGht as oNe FoRce NoW..
let’s juST jusT say i was androgynous
too when i was young and came across
little men boys just like you.. well here’s the
thing.. A MaMa Bear like Ms. Barrack could
tear your lungs out you little wimpy big man..
for A ONE reaSon.. thaT shE has A heARt and
you have a stone for A soUL my FriEnd.. WiTh
A Hater spiRit and a Grinch heARt of smALL.. NoW..
i AM A God’s Prophet.. A God’s Scribe.. one of many..
one of last.. one of meek.. and one that comes heRE noW2…
Days of Patriachal hate are coming to an end my FriEnd oN eARTh..
as the
rises aGaiN
iN HuMan eYes
oN eARTh too.. oh yeah..
and according to the hiStory
of God the original name of the
Middle East God version has a name that
means Earth and Water miX as silt my friEnd
and perHaps the strangest pARt oF aLL iS
thaT keeper
of the
eARth Land..
iS my actual
last name too..
let’s say i’M liKe
A thief in YouR best
niGhtmare.. mY friEnd..;)
And heRe’s anoTheR gift juST for yoU
as repeat for Now and the Minions here that i adore too..
as you dArk folks are enough to muse Jesus2.. to greATer liGht..
and that’s how this play oF God Works my friEnd iN dArk aS liGht
as A master serves
foR noW do
so WeLL.. Now..
but remember sTuFF IS A
ChanGinG as i For ONE sPeaks..;)
Hi Zee.. hmm..
somehow i missed
your post six days ago..
but sure.. as usual i was in a
sea of 141K plus words last month..
hehe.. yes.. surely the heARt IS A muscle
that must be exercised for empathy and connection
as spirRiT iN a continuing
miNd and BoDy
soUL to maintain
Love and even expand
shores that groW wider
With otheRs too.. even gRains
of sand that touch noW our skIN of
FeAT iN loVe oF NatuRe.. MOTheR
eARth and God as sAme… So many
inspiraTioNs today to achieve juST
thAT effort and test of practice won..
yeah.. and for me @leASt
i could not leARn
the purpose
and meaning
oF aLL oF this without
A DaRk niGht oF soUL then..
lAstinG 66 months.. but noW
i DancE i SinG a SonG oF LoVe
and when i need hELp i use a resource
like YouTube and fiNd thaT iN a sonG likE
‘Somewhere’ by Barbara Streisand and ballet
my way keeping martial arts moves for Masculine
Strength along with A Divine Ballet as love mY FriEnD..
and when thiS loVe liVes wiThin.. tHere iS no longer deFEat
A soUL
groWn dArk..
oTheR than thAT
hope you are doing
WeLL mY friEnd iN and aS liGht..
iS heRE aGain..:)
Stress is cumulative
without rest
as it were
and StiLL
is for the lowest
of Maslow hierarchy levels
that reach eventual self-actualization
of free and without
illusory fears.. noW..
Stress is physiological
stress hormones accumulating
in the blood stream.. dArk and Negative
Neuro-chemical/hormone connections
and destruction comes.. slowly
eating away all the
body systems
hand in hand
cell in cell..
all in all
a synergy
As slow
in misery
and torture.. to death..
You kNow.. i worked for the
government for 25 years almost
entirely in the realm of providing morale
welfare and recreation activities so the highly
stressed environment of the soldier could find
relief from stress in an environment promoting play
and recuperation.. but for me.. i failed to practice what
i preached for 25 years total.. and reaped the automatic
sins of Mother Nature wHere all laws are bound to flesh and
blood and the only escape to animal homeostasis is NO.. my friend.. the
same as any cat says with a scratch or a bite.. that this pet is enough and is
now overstimulating my systems on board.. or get the F out of Dodge when a
humans aren’t
that smARt they leARn
to say yes when the body
says no.. they forget their bodies
almost entirely and live up stairs only
between two ears.. there is no escape from
the action and consequence of this that will eventually
and most inevitably lead to illness as science now shows most
all illness is a direct consequence of negative and even chronic
positive stress too.. and that is the Gold of a never ending routine
of balancing movement as art in regulating emotions and integrating
senses as those
are juST
for words
for essence
of mastering
the bio-chemical
overall reactions in
the Human body that lead
to either Heaven or Hell or
a purgatory ‘tween.. as any person
who lives with Severe Anxiety.. Panic attacks..
Post Traumatic Stress disorder.. Anhedonia..
Alexithymia.. Depression.. and other labels
for a chronic life away from re-creating
what all animals do as
bliss of BaLanCinG
wHere humans now
are caught up in a whirlwind
of the opposite of that.. almost from
birth now.. with a culture that forces data
download.. and a zillion tabs open in the mind
to solve all the problems created by man-made culture
iN already what IS A self-fulfilling prophecy of hell on eARth..
one becomes
Neo and has enough
resources for subsistence
like a Beach.. like a Seagull Spiraling around
then SuN.. wHeRE Abundance IS As clear as
a Jonathan
of Wisdom
my friEnd CoMinG
from more than books
of labels that don’t sufficiently
sing a song of hell and purgatory strong enough
back now
to a place
named Heaven..
thaT blue green brown
orb with steadily melting
white top poles.. this place is
rare and worth saving now but only
for those folks who gain a home first
of peace and harmony inside.. after that
is usually
worth saving
as far as i can see
in a love that has no book..
– Signed
Canary in A Coal Mine who escaped..
as air..:)
“The options described above interact with each
other in strange and as yet to be defined ways.”
— Unix Manual, pr(1)
As iT aLL fAlls
into place…
and Harmony
for those who succeed
in flesh and blood ways..
in other words the first and
the last and the meek way we
are born into this life without a table
less and more..
with clothes of culture..;)
“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.”
— John Lennon
Neo does this
on a regular
basis too..
and often
on what Neo sees and feels..
and doeS it poeticAlly juST for FuN2..
WiTh plenty of mUSE worD plaY SiGns..:)
“Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind,
tyranny in religion is the worst.”
— Thomas Paine
“A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”
and purpose
that’s human
Nature HA! go figure Tom..
without it
is little
reAson oF EmoTion to even move..
square/cube one problems.. Tom.. look
deeper than labels
and books..
to the
of HuMan EmoTiOns/SeNses..
iN terms of Meaning and Purpose and
symbols and signs as guide posts that enhance
EmoTioNs and SeNSEs to even be able to pick out
a pair of multi-colored
to go
to church
unless you
lose your meaning
and purpose.. and EmoTiOns
too.. catch 22.. Human Life upstairs is religion..
this way
whether religion
oF dArK despair or hope liGht..
everyone does religion except for
Zombies as Tsunami.. like the
New Movie Frankenstein said..
there are
me coming..
who have not broke
free from Brain eating ways
of existence with little meaning and purpose
mY FriEnd..
myths.. bullshit and stuff
like that contained but never
the less essence of religion is meaning and purpose
and of course MoVinG.. CoNNecTing and CreaTinG too
in GiVinG
and ShArinG
ways one hopes
travels further than
one’s own limited tribe
of separation from the
rest of this human race.. now..
sure.. A religion of Love.. Hope and Joy
over Fear.. Doubt and Despair and i add DancE
and SonG oF poEtry to keep the engines revving as LoVe..:)
“The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.”
— General Omar N. Bradley (1893-1981)
(And he ought to know….)
Square one problem..
Humans MoVinG CoNecTing CreaTinG toGeTher
iN mostly NakEd Tribes of less than 150 to 200 sets
oF eYes and hips.. eTc.. in the forAge and DancE foR..
liFe wHere after ‘the work of the night’ iS done and
the children
sleep feels good
and there is NO room for
F iN atomic F iN Bombs..
and then tHeRe was sToRinG
Grain in agricultural ways for comfort..
and now
can equal
a slow burn
of death in liFe..
large price to pay
for stored gRains.. mY FriEnd..
tHeRe is no way back noW but
individual Peace and Harmony
starting wiTh mE of wE.. unless
another Gulf of Mexico size meteor
comes and literally saves other life more worthy on the pLanet
of simple
F iN
oF liFe.. iN
LiVinG Free Ways..
all innate.. instinctual and
intuitive in a fire lit dance
of midnight
hUmaN LoVe..:)
“Children today are tyrants.
They contradict their parents, gobble their food,
and tyrannize their teachers.”
— Socrates (470?-399 B.C.)
Oh.. to be
ukNoWinG and Free..:)
“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.”
— Frederick Douglass
These days conformity
IS A iNsanity
iNsanity has
been A reign
for thousands of YeArs
since.. A ForAGe ReiGn..:)
“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.”
— Frederick Douglass
i aM A child.
Never be boastful; someone may come along who
knew you as a child.
— Chinese Proverb
So what..
i am a child aGAin..;)
i AM a LEave anD GrAss..;)
I ‘d be a butterfly born in a bower,
Where roses and lilies and violets meet.
— Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839) — I ‘d be a Butterfly
i’LL be A
iT’s goT moRe varieTy…:)
“Some people confuse boredom with security.”
— Smart Bee
And some folks are
born with
the sky is falling
the sky is falling i am no
i’d rather be
A skY aS iT iS ExPANsiVe..;)
“That life is worth living is the most necessary
of assumptions, and were it not assumed,
the most impossible of conclusions.”
— George Santayana
fly better..
they rarely
fall out of A
sKy as they practice
of why they rise..:)
“No man ever wetted clay and then left it,
as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.”
— Plutarch (46-120 AD) — Of Fortune
LiFe iSREAL..:)
anything else
is just idol clay..;)
“If you stand straight,
do not fear a crooked shadow.’
— Chinese Proverb
View counts most..
no matter.. what..:)
“Truth needs no flowers of speech.”
— Alexander Pope
Dance iS TRuTh and liGht
oF Confusion..;)
“Life without learning is death.”
— Cicero
As LonG aS one
Continuing eNjoYinG
noW A aLL free EmoTioNal
And SeNsory and eNhanSory
tooL.. Now A Facebook All Free
Video.. SlideS.. oNline Production
Machine in review of what catches
inSpiRinG flAir of liFe’S eXperiences
through out each now of day.. all those
EmoTioNal And SenSoRy.. DaiLy noW
experiences come running back through
HeaRt.. aS SpiRit eXpRESinG EmoTions
and seNses.. iN A miNd and BoDy SoUL
continUinG BaLanCinG liFe wHole aS
Yoga uniTy
WiTh GoD
aLL noW fUN..
in mirror neuron
virtual liVinG ways2..:)
Cat oF heARt..
WiLd oF Free
SinG oF LiFe
Yeah.. noW2..
sHades oF Free
WiTh multi-colored
Facebook FriEnd Glenn responds
in appreciation of the artful effort
in video slide show presentation of the
daily events of the Fred show here and
on Facebook too.. and i say in return..
Thanks Glenn.. i am really enjoying
all the increaSinG free avenues online
to move.. connect.. and create…
Best thing oF aLL..
no cost
for free but
fUn oF aRT..:)!
Facebook Friend… Rafiah..
shares a YouTube Video
that previews
Dr. Number 11
from the
Dr. Who
with the assassination
of John Kennedy back in
the early sixties when i was just a tot..;)
And i say..
i took
A picture
Of the 8th
Dr Who
At Walmart
In the Movie
Section and
Thought about
Rafiah.. And the
Guy who plays
Sherlock iS on
The Big Screen playing Dr Strange..:)
Then i go on to say..
Watched the 11th.. Dr Who Video you provide and oh..
It will take me over 12 million words to scribe
All The Who’s
i play
JuSt one
And finally i say..
Other than
That.. Hi
My Mama
The small
Talk with Love..;)
Facebook Ashe shares
a slide of Wisdom on the
equality of graves after
death in tombstones
and such
as that..
and then
a slide comes
from Pharaoh’s pyramid
tombs that says speak for
yourself Peasant and i go on to say…
And PArt
oF A Painter’s
Soul.. Spectate
Or Make Lasting
Lives on
iN KA..NoW..:)
And now i say in regard to that KA
stuff.. the Ancient Egyptians.. particularly
rulers felt that the KA oF Their Spirit will live
on as Force as long as folks remember their form and name..
hmm.. that’s kinda
spread much
more KA of souL
as thAT iS noW.. particularly
in online avenues with no moon.. sun..
or other weather to wear the pyramids down..
hehe.. the songs still sound the same on YouTube too..
as pArts of the human race soUL whoLe as collective consciousness
and art come litErAlly isREAL
as long
servers liVe..
Anyway the soul
of the Artist or Artisan
lives on.. whether Engineer
and or builder or and designers
of the Great Pyramids.. over those
who are simply edifices tHeir as stone..
with no heART of SoUl to SpREad as SpiRit after death..
SoULful liGht
oF BeinG hUman..:)
Now to the usual Facebook Algorithm memories
with one from three years ago named.. then..
yes.. a smaller version of a Macro-Verse..
H@EH@ERS per the
associated with haters..:)
And then.. from 2 years ago..
Call of the Zombie Task Force..
also with photos from Biloxi
Casinos.. and never the less
and more issues with Empathy iN our
Problems too..
associated WiTh
heARt.. SPiRit and SoUL..:)
Hmm.. Turn Around Bright Eye Heroes.. MacroVerse from 2
years ago too.. My Mama said never to look iN the eYes of
the Sun as current theme SonG heRE says but Mama that’s wHere the
and sure..
the other song
version of that in the MacroVerse
too.. including farm pictures.. too..:)
Hi Prajakta.. first of all
i Love impulsive poetry
that has a voice from within
of itS own.. and the memories
of liFe often do live on in the Environments
that hold love.. even.. yes.. in the walls that
no longer speak.. Nostalgia is an EmoTioN
unto itself bitter sweet.. and what
makes life
more than walls.. my
FriEnd.. Keep SinGinG hEArt..:)
11:11 pm.. and Hanging
on to a little gas left to
write and iF i am going to pay
due homage to bridges.. per the
title of this MacroVerse.. it’S only
worthy iN A Art of Bridges to head-on
over to dVerse as there is Only 24 poems
tHeRe iN Official Haibun Style
to get mused
all over
about in
cOMinG woRds..
of Fredbun and or Fredku..;)
So sure.. i’LL do at
lEast one and perHaps
moRE iF the wake can and will
hold ouT and Finger Play oF course2..;)
SMiLes.. rEminds me of how
much we can literAlly take
the bridge and infrastructure
of culture to comfort.. until disaster
strikes.. and in my area per Hurricane
in ’04..
the huge
Interstate bridge..
washed away by Nature roar..
bigger bridges come now.. but
Bridges to Destruction..
additionally Broken Bridges
oF Trump Leaders NoW too..;)
11:20 pm..
all i got foR noW..leFT..
Sleep nexT foR Now..;)
Back at 9:27am.. on 11032016 to do
some more bridge work
iN PoEtry at
the dVerse
for FuN
stYle now
and sure.. hmm..
amm.. soMe wiSdom
And oTheR ParAble
liKe sTuFf.. YNot..;)
Quick Side note.. how i write
an average of 120K or so words
a month iS it’s fUn.. do what you
love and do iT more.. do what you hate
life sucks..
Freedom is both
the hardest and funnest work oF aLL..
and until you sweat laughs and be all you
can be
ever leaving
boot camp
of moVinG
and CreATinG..
perHaps you may
not understand that
the floors of Heaven are
paved with Blood sweat and tears
for this
giFt oF liFe
thaT is alwAys
A Bridge of NoW
when lived like a gift
and only a gift from God
oF aLL liVinG inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and all around..
A bridge we travel wHeRE the destination
iS alWays noW forevermore noW iN work of JOY
who find
liFE LIbeRty
and the Pursuit
oF Happiness as alWaYs
noW a Trinity of MoRE work for fuN
in blood
tear floored
palaces of
on FiRE n
oW WiTh pure
faith as fearless
kind and courageous sm
ART UnconDiTioNaL loVe wHeRe
suRe.. A LanguaGe neVer ending
to scribe this Love as Gift of God
F iN
as FaiTh
noW as sons
and daughters
and eTc.. of both
Human and God aLL plUs oF NatuRE noW..:)
You see my friend(s).. bottom line heRe
is noT oNlY am i proving God exists..
i AM capturing
the experience
oF God through
hUman eYes noW
iN reAl tiMe Now
for those WiTh eYes
and ears to see
jOY isREaL..
And that’s a parAble
more for a new age of pUre
for those
who rein iT iN
as Rains that Reign
PuRe eYES oF Love’s Faith..
no.. not
a Force
oF Love we moSt
all can share when
sin is gone in eYes
of fear.. doubt.. hate and despair
replaced by hope.. Love and Joy noW..
so sure.. Now..
i and many
to bridge
who travel
tHiS way or
thaT way thaT works..
Langauge of Love to connect
uS all We share iN purpose and meaning
wHo Love..:)
Hmm.. a rather long
re-introductory side note
back to poet site flow at
dVerse but hopefully
yoU giFt
dRIFt.. heHe..;)
Bridge of Waters
SinG oF Breeze..
Winds of Air
all seAsons
liGht from
heARt bRidGinG
spiRit BaLanCinG
miNd and BoDy soUL
uNity oNE all aLiVe as eYe..:)
A ‘quicK’ note here..
it’s kinda silly
to separate
my Fred
or even
Fred Fu
as it’s allone anyWAy..NoW..;)
And ironically most ironicAlly
hehe.. my entire 3.3 Million plus
poem can be classified mostly as concrete
poeTry but HeRe’s A thing.. a mason deSigns
a pyramid by paint by numbers
here the Paint
of God
make the numbers Free..
so sure.. i AM not only
a true Scotsman
i am
Free Mason
for essence oF
GoD Free liVinG iN
And WiTh and aS mE.. how ’bout you..
i listened to someone at the gym last
night.. in Fact.. one of the top ranking officers
who ever stepped foot on base.. suggest that form
is the most important aspect of building strength when
working out at the gym.. i’ve always been outcast for not
only my refusal to do form.. but moreover.. my inability to do form
as pARt
of an
i suppose
and ADHD too..
and perHaps even
a play iN pARt oF Bi-Polar too
as all those terms noW are labels
of concrete form too.. i’ve got a little
‘secret’ for you.. the reaSon i am named a legend
has nothing
at all
to do
not in dance..
not in leg pressing
1020 LBS now on a very
difficult parallel leg press
machine at a gym where i have never
ever seen more than 600 LBS ON THAT
machine with anyone else making an effort that big..
on that machine.. and i do it like a ballet artist
with my arms raised to sky for all the work to be on
my legs with right foot balanced with left foot in even
yoga pose in ultimate strength test now.. they say keep your
arms down.. and when i asked an officer with the local sheriff’s
department at A top rank too.. to kindly place the last 25LB plate on
one side that fell off.. as sure.. those last two plates are teeter tottering
over the edge of the bar.. to make iT 1020LBS.. instead of just 970LBS juST ’cause
i AM particularly fond in meaning and purpose for the human abstract construct as
metaphor of much deeper meaning for the
concrete symbol
of 1020..
but no use
in attempting
to explain that
to anyone at the
gym.. huh.. hehe..
but sure.. tHeRe are outliers
like me everywhere once they
are noticed by oTheRs WiTh miNds
like miNe.. Hehe.. anyWay.. the law-enforcement
officer who just so happens to be an X-husband.. unknown to
him.. of my second cousin.. and so yeah.. i’ve heard the stories
about him.. a little cold hearted pe se.. now not too fond of pets
and stuff like that.. says.. you have too much weight on that machine..
sure.. his
gun makes
him a big
man and
all of that..
and i say no
problem my friend
i will balance it with grace..
and that’s the thing about the pyramids
they put those things up.. understanding
principle of BaLanCinG Center point FoRce
the law of God that can be seen everywhere..
inside.. outside.. above so below
and all around..
people cannot
why i copy
the way a galaxy
moves yet they do not
realize they too are a galaxy
of God too.. mini-me’s aS Such
for those who remember and BEcomE
wide awake in enlightening ways of
MoVinG conNecTinG and creaTinG noW
iN Golden SpiRal BaLanCing God Force
wE.. and OuRs forevermore now.. and no
i didn’t ‘splain that for the next 20 reps
to him.. of what he said was too much weight he
HE.. my biggest strength is zero fear.. as you FeeL
noW all fear all anxiety.. and tension of pain as such
in the human body.. IS A trUe sin of beinG noW.. release
all that fear.. and become fearless in ways of illusory fears
that dominate a new world of problems.. and one is almost automatically
twice as strong.. amplify that with the power of Love and the rest iS on
the record.. hiStory as such.. mY Story wiTh God allone.. with empirical results
Now that i provide online.. wHeRE tHeRE iS no doubt aBouT whAt i AM speaKinG oF iN
terms of real life miracles are
hard work.. sure.. a bridge noW
to God iN blood sweat and tears..
but never the less and alWays more
noW tHiS Heaven iSREAL.. i am a God’s
Prophet/scribe in terms of BrinGing more awareness
to otHeRs for this gift oF liFE from GoD iN Balance..
am i any greater than a two-spirit Primitive Indian
so-called shaman.. no.. of course not.. we are all
mini-me’s oF GoD wHo hOld Hands ToGeTheR through
aLL of exisTeNce or in illusory ways.. separate
iN terms of who is greater or less.. more
does not mean greater or less..
more is juST
pARt oF aLL
wHeRe aLL
oF GoD and
whAT more could
one ask for than that..
when realized fully.. when
sought.. found and fINAlly practiced
as a way of LifE iN Fearless.. Strength
of SmaRt UnConDiTioNal Love as pure faith now..
a forever practice oF LoVe noW for those who liVe
clearly as water bridge air of Love.. evermorenow..:)
And now that even A bigger side note
ends.. i begin aGAin at dVerse foR noW
with flesh and blood duties coming beFore
the 133rd week celebration at Old Seville
Quarter commences to niGht with a very special
shirt to celebrate a very special number too..
and sure 2.. YNot.. make all sacred and holy
and liVe
noW iN HeaVen
whiLe you can
and WiLL.. i for
onE WiLL wiTh
no fear..
Hope jOY LoVe..
DAnCe and SinG
liFE iN all ways
noW coMes
now RiSe
iN liGht
oh great.. got
juSt the theme SonG
back aGain for thAT..
thanks Katy
iF you
doN’t as we
as OuRS A FAMiLY oF LiGht..:)
dVerse can alWays wait..
too.. noW for
sand and
sun dance
as Holy
and Sacred
Thursday R and
R activities alSo commence..
@11:13 AM.. on 11032016..:)
Ha! you are absolutely correct.. heHE noW!
Trump is for one.. my most hilarious
dArk muse oF aLL.. he bRingS
out the dARk in the liGht
and the liGht in the dARk
crystal clear for HeAR..
he HE.. and perHaps
the best pARt of
HiLaRRity and hE..
IS A bar now
of skeletons
dangling as
such in closest
closets.. is so low..
even my Skeletons could
rise above.. kitty cat grabs..
my almost meme of 9th ending
Chapter of my Book oF Ten Sixteen..
I S A R E A L O C T O B E R S U R P R I S E..
Free verse Novel totaling 141, 244 words
jusT for fUn.. and yes.. Trump gets credit
for some of the Dark muse too.. but to be
honest he is so predictable i went from
‘A Anti-Trump’ on Halloween niGht
carrying a kitty on a T-Shirt
bag attached to my
hairy man breasts
aS Such.. and by
the way got a T
Shirt with some of
those Electronic liGht
effects for my 133rd
dance week at Good Old
Seville Quarter with all the
cool college age folks tHeRe wHeRe
T O N I G H T T H U R S D A Y comes
Sun Glasses on an endangered Tiger
liT Up in Rainbow Style.. close to
too.. as it
were and still is..
anyway.. i went with
October of 2016 for
‘Book of Ten Sixteen’
as it is so much
bigger than
a current
that promotes
dissing disabled folks
like Autistic Folks who flap
their hands around.. Women in
General.. W/Rapey Language.. Mexicans..
Muslims.. pretty much everything except
uneducated old white men.. gentile.. jew..
servant.. or free.. woman or man no more..
just dirty old white men.. same ones who wrote
the Old Testament in the first place dEar.. anyWay
no one would believe me.. anYway.. if i titled that 9th
MacroVerse A Anti-Trump.. as they have already found their Savior iN Trump..
hehe.. only in jest of course S.. for Shawna.. as i’LL Do every muse i have to to save the world..
noW And in other good news.. i am thrilled to see you on Word Press and my most favorite part
of Word Press other than you can like someone’s post.. hehe.. without even reading it.. seriously..
someone liked all 9 of my chapters within 30 seconds.. speeds readers they were haha.. no doubts..
unless2 they browsed over 2000 photos total to go along with the links and hidden stuff in plain site2..
oh yeah.. my favorite part is we can communicate in the comments sections with videos.. yahoo…!.. and
on a serious note.. no jest intended here at all.. i know the plight of the uneducated red state group..
where all the manufacturing jobs and other hands on stuff has been replaced by a dam micro-chip
and robots aS Such.. can’t blame ’em for looking to someone.. anyone.. to help bring jobs back here..
thing is.. robots and micro-chip workers are not going away now.. they are here to stay..
it is to the point now.. where we are going forward to humans need not apply
as Robots and Micro-Chips can even make chart topping music
without humans anymore..
but FucKinG no.. they
will never be
to copy
me as i cannot
even copy me on
the BriGhtest day
of thOught now.. the
Holy Spirit.. the real Holy
Spirit has no machine paRts..
it is all Quantum miNd and BoDy
iN BaLanCinG unLeasHinG noW when
moving mountains of metaphor isREAL noW liGht
trUE.. the larger picture comes out in the wash mY friEnd..
Anyway for now
another spin
is coming
to a close..
with some educational
material provided on human woes..
Trump or not.. without a social welfare
state to go along with Capitalism we
would be no different than Iraq
just another
desert with
for food..
that can be any country
that loses a soUl of HeARt..
SpiRit closed down like a Factory of dArk…
oh yeah.. and on Word Press a person can
write close to a 10 thousand word comment..
oh.. what a palette with unlimited painT.. this platform is.. eNjoy!..
Bottom Line..;)
gotta find
aNotHeR song
now for the end
of this Macro-Verse 717..
i thiNk i’ll go
with ‘Break the
Rules’2..4 noW..;)
Oh yeah.. Shawna
Baby.. by A way.. noW..
Thanks..! yoU alWays!
give me jUsT
what i need..
it’s almost
Now liKe
Destiny.. my friEnd..
“BRidge to noW SinG”
“DesTiNaTioN 718”.. Now
BeGiNs aGaiN CoMinG SooN..;)
Facebook Friend and very
nice Seville Quarter Dancing
Friend.. Cortney.. shares
a comprehensive
Internet quiz
on how the
current Presidential
Candidates reflect one’s
own stance on Nationwide
political issues of consequence..
And i take the test and return with..
97% for Hill
95% for Jill for me..
Zero Chance for
Trump for vote..
Thanks for sharing..
i n t e r e s t i n gly2..
lots of folks will
vote for
based on almost
none of these critical
thinking issues.. sadly enough…
shooting themselves in the foot for years to come
if their wish came true..
Bottom line noW..
done deal Now..
already.. ain’t coming
true.. shoot hispanics
and your fired..
now like an
Trump firing squad..
and to be honest.. now..
i think it serves him wRite..
to get his closer hopes up before
he gets fired.. after all is said and done..
Karma now IS A Hispanic Woman.. for him..;)
Other than that..
more fun Dancing
photos coming around
the witching hour of 3 AM
after the Rave of Dance ends..
in Macro-Verse 717 and Now the
bridge that leads noW to 718..2.. noW..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)